i want a boy who looks at me the way that blue umbrella looks at the girl umbrella

Her First Apartment Ch.1

Ooooohhkaayyyy. Sit back and get comfortable this updated chapter is little over 3000 words.

Inukag college AU

I included what I had already posted before because of the added details and changes I put in so you should still read it all!

The woman fought with her umbrella as the wind threatened to douse her in the heavy sheets of rain. She watched the map on her phone as she spat her wild black tresses from her mouth. Her stomach demanded she stop somewhere dry to eat her snack, or better yet, find a restaurant. She continued on her journey by sheer willpower, ignoring her body’s needs. Stopping her in her tracks, she felt the object in her hand buzz. Her mother was checking in on her progress, wary of the weather conditions her daughter was traversing through on her search. Kagome shook her head as she continued to walk, her bare feet enjoying the small pools of spring rain lapping up at her ankles with every step. If it weren’t for the damn wind threatening to blow her over, she’d be skipping from puddle to puddle in joy. She wanted to keep her sandals dry and Koga had always said that the best traction is the skin on your heel. Perfect for wet weather.

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To the Beach!

Sorry about the delay, I wanted to watch episode 8 (I don’t have cable but I have canadian netflix) before I wrote this prompt. Thank you for the prompt, I always appreciate it! This is not entirely Jughead and Betty. I felt like I needed an interaction between Jughead and Joaquin because of that last episode.

It was a Thursday afternoon and four people sat in a circle in the student lounge of Riverdale High. Kevin Keller,  sat in a chair, staring at his phone and texting rapidly and giving his phone a goofy grin. In the chair next to him Archie Andrews, sat holding his guitar, but not playing, while staring at a wall on the other side of the room. Betty Cooper sat on the sofa, face buried in her Chemistry textbook, occasionally blowing loose strands of honey hair out of her face with frustration, while her boyfriend, Jughead Jones, sprawled with his long legs over her lap, reread To Kill a Mockingbird for probably the millionth time. Their silence was interrupted by a single loud clap. The sound came from a classy, perfectly coiffed, midnight haired girl in designer clothes. Veronica Lodge had arrived.

 Veronica placed a perfectly manicured hand on her slim hip, surveying each of her friends closely.

“We’re going to the beach on Saturday.” She declared. Archie looked at her and shrugged slightly.

“I don’t know if I’m up for it.” He sighed

“Well Archiekins, it was a statement not a choice. You’ve been brooding for so long you’re about to put Jughead out of business. You’re not going to get over Valerie by moping all the time.”

He winced slightly. Valerie had broken up with him two weeks ago, she had said she needed to focus on her music.

“V, I have to study, exams are next week!” Betty objected, Veronica turned to face her, rolling her dark eyes, in a way that was somehow still classy.

“B, you’ve been studying basically nonstop since September, you can take a day off. And that day off is going to be Saturday.” She turned her body to face the redhead who had started to pack up his guitar “Archiekins, you’re driving.”

“I don’t do beaches.” she whirled around to the raven haired boy who had finally spoken, he quirked an eyebrow at her.

“Well, Holden Caulfield, did you miss when I said it wasn’t a choice?”

She finally turned to face the only person who hadn’t spoken. Kevin simply raised his hands in mock surrender. Veronica turned on her heel to walk to her next class, before tossing her dark hair over her shoulder to look back and say one last thing,

“You can bring lover boy if you want.”


Saturday finally came and everyone piled into Veronica’s Rover, Archie behind the wheel. Everyone had gotten a chuckle out of Joaquin, who showed up in his leather jacket and a pair of neon green swim trunks. Veronica was in charge of the playlist, causing Jughead to roll his eyes on more than one occasion, but he couldn’t be too upset with Betty in a swimsuit curled at his side. Way too many bass heavy dance songs later, they had finally arrived. Veronica set up the umbrella, emblazoned with images of watermelon that Veronica had defended as “very summer!” Archie the towels and blankets, and Joaquin the cooler, as Kevin and Betty dragged Jughead into the water. Betty stopped suddenly, popping onto her toes to tug off Jughead’s beanie and toss it at Archie. He mumbled in mild discomfort before she grabbed him by the hand and tugged him into the lukewarm ocean. Veronica and Archie soon followed, Veronica testing out the water as Archie barreled in, diving headfirst. Jughead chuckled at the scene before he felt a torrent of water smack his chest.

“Did you splash me on purpose, Elizabeth Cooper?” Jughead mock glared at her.

“What if I did, Forsythe?” she said innocently, with a glint in her eye.

“That’s it, you’re going DOWN!” Jughead scooped up his girlfriend and began to wade deeper into the water, his girlfriend clutching at him and squealing. After they reached a point where the water was past Jughead’s navel, he flung his girlfriend into the water.

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Mr. Jones” Betty said mischievously, wading towards him. He was trying desperately not to drool at the sight of her beautiful body in that tiny blue swimsuit. He smirked at her, only to suddenly have a face full of water.

“A splash war? Really, Bets?”

The splash war ensued for several minutes, progressively getting closer and closer to their friends, Veronica screeching as she got splashed, Archie laughing at her misfortune only seconds before getting a face full of salt water himself. Jughead dove under the water as Betty tried to splash him again, coming up nearly pressed against her. Instead of splashing her, he wrapped his arms around her waist, smiling down at the giggling, out of breath woman before him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and bounced onto her tippy toes, creating ripples in the water around them as they kissed. Kevin let out a wolf whistle as Betty pulled back. Jughead’s pupils had blown and his hair was a mess. Betty couldn’t get enough of the sight. After a few moments of staring intensely, Betty broke the silence,

“At least I’m not the one ruining our moment this time.” They both chuckled.

“One sec love, I’m going to go get a drink.” He kissed the tip of her dripping wet nose before wading to the beach. He winced as his feet hit the hot sand. He noticed Joaquin was still sitting on the beach, texting.

Jughead grabbed a bottle of water out of the cooler, chugging a few gulps before flopping down on the green beach towel under the umbrella.

“Water’s nice.” He commented, looking at the other boy. Joaquin didn’t look up from his phone as he responded,

“I’m not a big swimmer.” Jughead shrugged,


A brief awkward silence ensued. Jughead took a few more sips of the cool water before trying again. He stared at the scene in the water, Veronica on Archie’s shoulders and Betty on Kevin’s, both trying to push each other into the water, all four laughing.

“Kevin is a good dude.” Joaquin looked up at his phone finally, taking in Jughead for a moment before nodding slowly. Jughead continued.

“You can get out you know. You’re young, and if I talk to my dad, they might let you out.”

“What if I don’t want out?” The response made Jughead shake his head. As he stood, he looked at Joaquin one more time,

“If you really care about Kev, you’ll at least consider it. I know what that life does to people. He deserves better, and I don’t know you, but you deserve better too. Everyone does. Just think about it, ok? You know where to find me.”

With that, Jughead dropped his empty water bottle into the trashbag and returned to the waiting arms of his girlfriend.

“What was that about?” Bety’s hand rose to gently caress his face, concern in her blue-green eyes.

“Just family stuff. It’s all good.”  He kissed her forehead, before running and tackling Archie to dunk him under the water.


A few hours later, after a small fire had been made, Betty and Jughead walked hand in hand down the beach, away from their chattering friends.

“I gave Joaquin an out.” Betty stopped, turning in front of her boyfriend to face him.

“Did he take it?” she asked tentatively, worried that he might suddenly clam up. Talking about the Serpents still wasn’t easy for him, even after she had met his father.

“Not exactly. I told him to think about it.” Jughead paused, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I don’t want him to wind up like my dad. Kevin deserves better than the life my mom had.”

Betty rubbed his arms, both warming and soothing.

“You’re a good guy, Juggie. You tried, he knows you’re there. But the next step is up to him.”

Jughead pulled her into a tight embrace, leaving a lingering kiss on the top of her still wet, blond head.

“Thank you.” He whispered into her hair.

“For what?” she pulled back slightly so that she could see his face, while still staying in his arms.

“Keeping me afloat.” He said simply.

They shared a long, gentle kiss as the first shooting star of the summer fell in the sky above them.

Adrinette Monday Day Twenty

Today’s prompt is personality swap. Wasn’t sure how to draw it… so I did a little change up to parts of the Origins for a basic understand of how a personality swap!AU would work. Also, read the notes after the story for further ideas into this universe.

Oh, and for those who follow my *ahem* blog, I have posted another part to Nothing Else Matters.

Rating: K
Genre: Fluff
Pairing(s): Adrinette
Summary: Just a simple idea for Personality Swap Prompt.
Warning: No warnings… though, no offense to Chloé fans. There is still room for redemption in this swap idea of course! I just didn’t write that far.  

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Say my name

Deaf Marinette AU

Nope. Totally do not have a half-written one-shot. Totally.

Also, guess who’s sick times two


Marinette furrowed her brows as she saw the blond boy who was kneeling next to her chair, putting a gum on her seat. She patted Alya’s hand and saw what Marinette was pointing at.

“Hey! What are you doing to my friend’s chair?” The girl snapped

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Reveal #3- Questions


“Do NOT let me regret this,” Ladybug sternly warned as she wrote her civilian phone number on a napkin and handed it to Chat. She thought it was only fair that he can text her outside of the suit since they had been partners for almost two years now.

“You won’t, M’Lady,” Chat promised with a bow as he took the napkin in his hands. “I will text you tonight, M’Lady!” With that, they raced in different directions and de-transformed. “Do you think I should text her now?” Adrien asked his kwami as he walked back to the park where him and his friends were before the Akuma attack.

“Don’t care. I want cheese,” Plagg answered from inside Adrien’s jacket. The boy rolled his eyes before putting Ladybug’s number into his phone. For the rest of the short walk to the park, Adrien continued to debate whether to text her now or later on. He decided he had waited enough. He created a new chat as he greeted his four friends.

C: Hello, M’Lady! Isn’t this just a purrfect day? The sun is shining yet it cannot compare to you, bugaboo.

C: Purrhaps we could have a picnic just the two of us later ;)

He hit send and looked up to pay attention to his friends. Nino and Alya were debating whether Ladybug and Chat Noir actually went to their school. Both Adrien and Marinette were laughing at their antics before the blond notice the bluenette take out her phone. She stared at the screen with confusion before flicking her eyes to her crush. She returned to her screen and open her phone to read the message she had received while Adrien was focused on Alya and Nino. Alya noticed her friend flinched before she turned pale with her eyes wide. Moments later, the bluenette’s cheeks were bright red.

“Hey, girl. You alright?” Alya asked her best friend. Marinette had started to shake slightly before she nodded just a little, still staring at her phone. Alya leaned closer to Marinette to read over her shoulder but stared at a blank screen.

“I-I-I-I-I-I h-h-h-have to g-go home,” Marinette stuttered out before quickly standing and dashing out of the park.

“Is she going to be okay?” Adrien asked, staring after her.

“I hope so. I’m sure she’ll tell me what that was all about later,” Alya reassured before going back to her debate with Nino. Adrien felt his phone buzz.

L: You’re Adrien Agreste?!

C: How do you know?

L: My friend programmed your number into my phone over a year ago. I just never had the nerve to actually text you.

C: Oh… Does this mean I get to find you who you are under the mask, M’Lady?

There was a long pause and he began to think that was a no. She replied after a while, mostly arguing with her Kwami, and surprised him with her response.

L: Only if you can guess who I am. In all honesty, I’ve have a crush on your civilian self for over a year ago now. My Kwami said it was okay for you to ask me one thing about my civilian life per day.

C: Can we make this a little more interesting, bugaboo?

L: How so?

C: If I can guess your identity within a week, I get to take you on a date!

L: Fine, but if you don’t, you have to stop saying puns for a month.

C: Deal!

“Dude! Are you even listening?” Nino asked, catching the attention of the young model. Adrien gave a nervous laugh and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Sorry. I was distracted. What are we talking about?”

“Mari’s birthday this Friday,” Alya said. “We are going to throw her a surprise party. Her parents are already in on it!” Alya was practically bouncing with excitement. “Want to help with the party or not?”

“Of course I want to help! Mari is one of my friends. I want to celebrate her birthday too,” Adrien responded.

“Alright dude!” Nino cheered.

“You can distract Marinette while we get her party set up!” Alya planned. “Take her to, like, the movies or something. Or a long walk through the park. Or something like that. Anything that will keep her away from the bakery until we’re ready.” With that, the trio went to work on planning.


Within the five days that he has been talking to Ladybug through text he had learned that she likes Jagged Stone, fashion, is in his home room and chemistry classes, and has stood up against Chloe on several occasions. He had also deduced, by the things she had told him, that she has a very outgoing friend who is almost always by her side. He also found out that she does hang out with him a bit during the school day. That only left one girl if he actually thought about it, which he hadn’t. Instead, he was getting nervous over trying to figure out a birthday present for Marinette since her birthday was the next day.

C: M’Lady, I need help finding a present for a friend of mine.

L: Hmm…

L: What does he like and what’s the occasion?

C: SHE likes fashion and video games and hamsters. She stands up for others when Chloe goes and tries to put them down. When she isn’t a cute, stuttering mess, she is strong and confident.

‘Like you,’ Adrien thought.

C: She is really sweet but has a sassy side too.

‘Like you,’ Adrien repeated in his head.

C: since she became class president, she has been a great leader!

‘Just like you,’ Adrien thought again. He stopped as he pressed send.

“Hey, Plagg?” Adrien asked turning to his Kwami, who hummed a reply. “How many coincidences does it take before it’s no longer a coincidence?” The Kwami shrugged as he munched on his cheese.

L: It sounds like you might like her as more than a friend, chaton.

Adrien stared at the message from his lady and thought about his answer.

C: I think… I might have if I hadn’t fallen in love with you first, M’Lady.

C: Now! Back to the catastrophe at paw! It’s her birthday tomorrow and I want to get her something special.

He could practically see her rolling eyes as she read what he wrote. Ladybug didn’t answer for a bit. So Adrien went on talking about Marinette, slowly realizing that he was talking to her about herself.

C: You see, we didn’t start out as friends. She actually hated me because of a bubble gum misunderstanding. I tried to apologize to her but she didn’t listen to a word I said until one rainy day after school. I offered her my umbrella so she wouldn’t get wet on the way home and the umbrella closed on her.

C: Even though Nino was the first one to take me in as a friend, it was Mari who I first considered a friend.

C: Although, for the longest time I thought she still hated me for the gum incident since she couldn’t form a complete sentence in front me as Adrien. Yet when I would visit her as Chat, she was sassy and confident.

C: I over heard Chloe talking to Mari one time saying I would never date Mari. It confused me until I asked Nino about it.

C: He called me clueless.

L: You really are clueless.

L: As for a birthday present, I’m not sure. Knowing her, she probably wouldn’t ask for anything except to be able to hang out with her friends and family. Anyways, you should probably get some sleep so you can stay awake for our chemistry test tomorrow.

Adrien had forgotten about the test. He also had to get up early tomorrow to find a present for his lady’s birthday, even if she is trying to play it off as if she isn’t Marinette. With a quick goodnight text, the blonde placed his phone on the charger and went to bed. Except, he didn’t sleep much. Instead he stayed up, kicking himself over the fact that it was so obvious. Nino had told him about Marinette disappearing when an Akuma attacked before Ladybug showed up. He saw her EVERY DAY and still he didn’t see the similarities. Her black-blue hair, bluebell eyes, even the little bit of freckles that didn’t quite hide under her mask. Her leadership, kindness, loyalty, dislike of lies… They all are the same but he just didn’t see it until he actually started comparing his lady and his princess. Nino was right. He was clueless. Eventually Adrien slept.


He was woken up the next morning by a hungry Kwami. He quickly went through his normal routine of getting ready for school before meeting Natalie for breakfast. Adrien was able to convince his father’s assistant to leave early so they could go to a jewelry store, Plagg had suggested cheese and jewelry that morning. Subtracting the cheese, Adrien decided to take his Kwami’s suggestion. He spent only twenty minutes when he saw the perfect gift and bought it. He was able to get to school a little early that morning, which gave him some time to think about Marinette, his lady. Adrien was then interrupted by Nino and Alya arriving at school. He greeted them and went over the plan one last time as he followed them into class. Right before the bell rang for class to begin, Marinette ran into the classroom. As soon as everyone saw her, the entire class, with the exception of Chloe and Sabrina, sang Happy Birthday to the young fashion designer. The bluenette’s face turns bright red with embarrassment. Within the week since she ran away from her friends at the park, Marinette had slowly stopped her stuttering in front of Adrien. Alya and Nino thinks that it’s just because she had finally gained a lot of courage but Marinette and Adrien knew the real reason. She had calmed down because her crush was her partner and one of her best friends.

Once the song ended, Marinette gave a shy thank you before quickly rushing to her seat. Adrien quickly took a piece of paper and wrote something down before folding it up. He kept it in his hand until the teacher finally turned away. Adrien quickly threw the folded paper over his head, making it land right in front of Marinette, who gave a quiet little squeak of surprise. The bluenette looked between the note and the blond boy in front of her just like at the park earlier that week before she hesitantly took the note and unfolded it. After reading the note, she smirked a Ladybug smirk.

I hope you don’t mind me stealing you away for our date after school today, M’Lady.

Marinette looked up to make sure the teacher was still looking away before grabbing a sparkly green pen to write.

I was wondering how long it would take you to figure it out, chaton.

She folded the paper back up neatly, waited for the teacher to turn back around, and then threw the paper back at the boy in front of her. The folded note bounced off his head, making him jump slightly, before it landed in front of him. Marinette muffled her laughter as he turned slightly to playfully glare at her. Alya and Nino noticed the transaction between the two and silently hoped the two would start dating after today. For the rest of class, Marinette and Adrien would pass the note back and forth, talking about when he figured it out and where they would go for their date. Marinette was so excited for after school, she was practically bouncing in her seat in her final class.


Adrien was leading Marinette back home after they went to the movies and lost Gorilla at the park. They even had time to patrol a little before Alya gave Adrien the okay to bring Marinette over. The two went inside the bakery, still talking about various things, until they get to the door that leads to the living room of Marinette’s house.

“I think our first date went purrfect, don’t you M’Lady?” Adrien asked as he bowed, grabbing her hand and placing a kiss on her knuckles. Marinette rolled her eyes at his pun, but playfully this time.

“I agree, kitty,” Marinette answered. The bluenette grabbed her keys and unlocked the door but before she could open it, Adrien pulled her away from the door and closer to him. “What are you doing?” Marinette squeaked out from surprise. The only answer she got was lips being gently placed upon her own lips. She returned the kiss but it was short lived when they heard squeals from behind the closed door. They broke apart, much to their disliking, and started at the door. “That sounded like both Alya and my mom,” Marinette whispered. Adrien chuckled before slowly letting her go so she could open the door. The first thing she noticed when Marinette opened the door was how many people were there. To be precise, her entire class with the exception of Chloe. Even Sabrina came to celebrate. Then she noticed the decorates and the music. To say the least, Marinette became very happy when she realized this was a birthday party for her. And so the party went on. Laughter filled the room as they sang, danced, played games, dared each other, ate, and so much more. After everyone had their fill on food and cake, it was time to open presents. Most of her classmates got her yarn, sewing supplies, threads, fabrics, and so on and so forth. Nino had gotten her two Jagged stone CDs while Alya got her a hamster plushy. Alya later told her that she took all of her Adrien posters down for Marinette in case she wanted some alone time with her boyfriend later, this made Marinette blush tremendously. Marinette’s parents had gotten her a new sewing machine since she kept complaining about her old one not working right. Finally, it was Adrien’s turn. He handed her the small box that was beautifully wrapped in pink with a red ribbon on it. The bluenette carefully opened it and her jaw dropped at the sight of it. It was a beautiful silver necklace with two charms on it. One charm was a ladybug with its wings partially open and the words ‘I love you’ engraved in between the red and black wings. The other was of a silver heart with a small diamond in it and the words ‘You’re my little Love Bug’ engraved at the center. Marinette blushed at the gift as she said a small thank you. As Adrien helped her put it on, Marinette couldn’t help but remember that moment when they were fighting with Lady Wifi.

Aw, how romantic. Tomcat’s come to save his love bug.

I’m not his love bug.

We’ll  come back to that later.

This was him coming back to that. She just knew it. She’s going to have to have a talk with him about that later, but for now she’ll just enjoy the company of those she cares about.

Her First Apartment Ch.1

Inukag college au
(Incomplete and will be posted on ff.net soon)

College Au
The woman fought with her umbrella as the wind threatened to douse her in the heavy sheets of rain. She watched her phone as she spat her wild black tresses from her mouth. Her stomach demanded she stop somewhere dry to eat her snack, or better yet, find a restaurant. She continued on her journey by sheer willpower, ignoring her body’s needs. Stopping her in her tracks, she felt the object in her hand buzz. Her mother was checking in on her progress, wary of the weather conditions her daughter was traversing through on her search. Kagome shook her head as she continued to walk, her bare feet enjoying the small pools of spring rain lapping up at her ankles with every step. If it weren’t for the damn wind threatening to blow her over, she’d be skipping from puddle to puddle in joy. She wanted to keep her sandals dry and Koga had always said that the best traction is the skin on your heel. Perfect for wet weather.
Facing the wind, as she lifted her phone to her ear, the wind picked up, the hill sloped, and the road grew slick. One second she was saying hello to her mother, the next, her foot slipped forward from under her. With a yelp, her arm flung upward and she nearly did the splits if she hadn’t caught herself midway with her other hand. Within moments she felt the sting of her palm and foot and cursed inwardly. But what her nerves had noticed instantly, was the painful twist of her ankle. She sucked in a breath. Finally stable in her awkward position she put her now wet phone back to her ear, “I’m alright. I just slipped here.”
That was an understatement. After playing volleyball in high school, she knew when she’d twisted something. It didn’t seem too bad, but there was no way a doctor’s visit wasn’t in order.
“Are you okay? You bleeding?”
“No.” She replied through a painful hiss. She wasn’t lying. “Just stings.” She added as she managed to rise and get past the slick moss, favoring her ankle. No reason to worry her mother who was nearly ten hours away and could do nothing to help.
“Well, catch the bus and try again another day. I know we don’t have much time left, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try again on a dry day.”
She hung up after agreeing with her. The bus stop was more than a few blocks ahead though. Careful with every step, she traversed the pavement slowly, heading towards the first place to stop to her left. It was an apartment complex, but one she’d never seen when she’d searched online.
As she looked for the sign that would lead her to the office, she read, “Taisho Terraces”
What an odd name. But as she hobbled past parked cars, she glanced at the buildings and suddenly found it fitting. Every apartment had its own roof deck. The buildings were very fancy, reminding her of a roman style architecture. How she wished she could see how they looked in the warm sun.
Focusing back to the task at hand, she spotted the words ‘office’ straight ahead and limped over.
Just a few more steps….. she gripped the railing and with one arm, lifted herself up the first step, then dragged her favored leg up the second. It took twice as long as it normally would.
Finally at the platform beneath the a roof, she slid her umbrella down and shrunk it, shaking the drops off. Using the thing as a sort of crutch, she gripped the door handle and twisted, a crack of warmth emanating from within.
“Touga’s out! Come back la-” the boy was hit with the smell of wet human, and he peeked around the corner from the break room. There stood a tangled sopping young girl dressed in dark capris and a green t-shirt with no shoes and a black bag hanging long down her side. He didn’t know what to say. He knew not how, or why any human would even want to come-
“Erm. Can you help me?” She took a step and wobbled. At that, he noticed the smell of blood, and he was before her in blur, his hands firm against her chilled arms.
She shot a confused look at him, and took in his features. Ball cap, white hair, angled jaw line, dark thick eyebrows and …….. intense deep-set golden orbs the color of the gods. She blushed prettily at his proximity and good, albeit unusual, looks. Kagome didn’t mind the distraction from her suddenly inflamed ankle.
“You’re bleeding.” He stated. Though he was inwardly surprised that she hadn’t even sucked in a startled breath at his appearance.
“I am?” She lifted her palm, and noticed he was right. She had been bleeding after all.
He gave a sigh, knowing she was going to freak out at this, but he was too impatient to rummage around for the first aid kit.
She froze as she felt a warm calloused hand cup the back of her own. She relaxed after a moment, thinking that he was nearly inspecting it. Still….
But she didn’t have time to think further before a warm pair of lips met the heel of her palm with a slight sting at the contact.
He felt her stare and smelled her fear, but didn’t dare meet her eyes. His tongue met her flesh and he nearly groaned at the taste of sizzling blood, barely registering the fact that she had spiritual powers and a gasp from the young woman.
Despite her physically frozen state, her mind was running miles a minute. Was this some sort of sick kinky thing? She imagined his tongue traveling down her wrist and arm, inching closer and closer-
“There. Done.”
She creaked her eyes open, her mind’s eye searching her hand for pain. When finding none, she flexed it tentatively and opened her eyes wider at her perfectly flawless palm, not a nick of torn skin nor blood.
Drawing her hand to make a fist between her breasts, she glanced up shyly at her healer. His expression was devoid of emotion other than one cocked eyebrow, as if to say, well what did you expect idiot?
“Um. Thank you?”
He harrumphed, “You’re still bleeding.” And she immediately thought of her foot, but continued her stare at the unusual man before her.
Was it just her, or did his nose just twitch?
Gathering her wit, she waved her hand at him shooing-ly, “It’s just a scrape. No biggie!”
“I can’t have you making a mess on this carpet.” She heard him groan in annoyance, before she was swept off her feet, her forgotten umbrella falling to the blue carpet with a quiet thump.
Having only been carried this way twice before, the last time so long ago and by someone she now heavily disliked with a passion, she took comfort in the familiarity of the heat of another’s skin at her back and side, her arm reflexively around her healer’s neck as she was hurried across the room.
It ended all too soon as she was set down but she internally reprimanded herself for getting touchy-feely with someone she just met. She didn’t even know his name for christ’s sakes!
@artistefish @keichanz @kuddle-cakes @inunanna its not done yet but here ya go!

Body Heat

It’s 2:45AM and I want to write Ladrien. These moods are too rare to pass up.


Adrien Agreste stood in a nondescript alley, holding an umbrella. Fat snowflakes wafted from a darkened sky. City lights spread across the thick cloud cover to offer its citizens an extended dusk. The bitter cold seeped through Adrien’s gloves, his black wool overcoat, the blue scarf twined around his neck, and the turtleneck underneath. But he stayed rooted to the spot, moving only to keep warm.

Footsteps overhead. Right on schedule. He tilted the umbrella back and saw her land on the roof of the building in front of him. “Ladybug!”

She gasped. Her arms windmilled as she leaned backwards, then bent forward, then finally caught her balance. Her head whipped around, blue eyes wide. Adrien lifted a hand in greeting.

Ladybug hopped down from the roof and landed in front of him, her earnest smile instantly replenishing his dwindling supply of warmth. Adrien wondered if she realized how transparent she was when she looked at him. Unguarded happiness. An almost childlike glee. And in the same breath he felt a pang in his chest, because she never looked at Chat Noir that way.

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Ah so

I was watching the ML Orgins again, and you know how Adrien just fricken, runs in the locker room and transforms haphazardly? Well I suppose i wanted to try my hand at new dynamics if Marinette ran in looking for Alya.


Why did she run? Why did this girl just run into danger?? But this was why Alya would make a better Ladybug! she didn’t care she wasn’t scared! She wouldn’t mess everything up- Marinette caught movement in the locker room and she hoped beyond hope that Alya forgot something. 

Don’t worry Tikki…. Marinette was going to make this right and give you to a proper girl who could do the job of Ladybug better then screw up Marinette. The noirette pushed through the door and paused at voices…. She carefully walked over to see Chloe’s friend the model smiling into the locker. 

“Plagg! Claws out!” ….. No way…… She watched as the boy changed much like she did but green, the magic flowed around him and he looked so much more entusiastic about it… remembering back.. he was so ready to save people- how was he the same boy who stuck gum on her seat? The now Chat Noir smiled at the transformation and turned… green cat eyes catching Marinette and the girl froze…..

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something strange happened and my other post got deleted :(

so I’m just gonna post it again 

Anonymous whispered: hey can u do “ “I ordered pizza but the pizzeria got my order wrong so now I’m screaming at my really cute pizza delivery boy because I’m angry and very hungry” au for Percabeth?

not really sure how I ended up with this fluffy shit, but I hope this is what you needed

title is from Bet On It by Troy Bolton (sorry not sorry)

Bet On It

word count: 3k+
ship: percabeth
warnings: lots of nerdy flirting, also it’s 4am rn so this is a lot of redbull fueled writing

She’s starving by the time she gets home. Starving and tired and that’s not a good combination for Annabeth. She grips the steering wheel with vigor and starts humming to herself so she doesn’t fall asleep. She just prays that Piper made food back their apartment.

But Piper’s a lazy fuck and honestly, Annabeth should’ve known that by now.

“Rough day?” Piper asks after Annabeth had face planted into the couch cushion, cuddling up on her lap.

“The worst.” Her voice is muffled against the cotton shorts Piper’s wearing and Annabeth giggles at the little pineapple print on them. She thinks she might be a little delirious.

Piper runs her hands through her curls. “Wanna tell me about it?”

“You made nachos.” Annabeth states and stares at the empty plate sitting on the coffee table, remnants of melted cheese and chip crumbs making her stomach rumble for something to eat. She props herself up onto her for arms and stares at Piper. “Make some for me?” She pleads, using her best “I am your best friend and you love me and I’m tired and I would do it for you” face and hoping it’s enough to guilt her.

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Beat of the Music

Music Festival time!

The music was so loud that Natsu wasn’t sure his heartbeat would ever be the same. From that point on, it would always keep time to the base line of the current band’s song, of that he was sure.

He pushed his bandana up his forehead just enough to swipe the sweat that the fabric wasn’t catching, tugging it back in place before catching the straw between his teeth and taking a long pull of the ice water his sore throat was dying for.

The band was wrapping up their set, and off to the side stood the stage crew as they prepared to get ready for the next group on the lineup.

Natsu figured it was as good of time as any to head back to the others. Bracing himself, he began to push his way through the crowd, bumping shoulders with some seriously sweaty dudes while trying his best to not accidentally rub against some poor girl as he set out looking for his friends. He fist bumped one guy with hair longer than Gajeel’s on his way out of the heart of the crowd- not that he even knew the guy, but Natsu figured it’d be rude to ignore the gesture.

The others had opted to stay behind in their little makeshift camp, and truthfully, it was really only a few towels set out under the only source of shade that they could find. That’s where Natsu found them once he finally made it back.

It had taken a little bit of searching, considering the size of the crowd, but he knew he’d found them as soon as he saw the sun reflecting off the girls’ metallic, temporary tattoos.

“I’m surprised you made it back,” Gray laughed, his sunglasses slipping down his nose as he shot his friend a wicked grin. “I thought for sure the crowd surfing would’ve gotten the best of you.”

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This is a HUGE thank you to all the people who contributed to create this amazing show (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’ve been working on this ever since the episode came out and my heart broke and soared at the same time but I’ve waiting till now to post this because today comes out the last episode in France and I had to contribute to this scene. Oc I had to I mean this is probably one of the most emotional and perfect and amazing moments in a show ever. I specially love the parts in which the umbrella closes and the way Adrien says une amie as his face softens up cue me bawling and his world starts to change and the music omg the painfully beautiful music.

This drawings have a story that will go under the cut becasue it’s a little long. It’s not exactly a fic because I haven’t had time, more like the outline of it all and some details and lots of headcanons. I may write it entirely when I have time though :)

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anonymous asked:

maybe some aomine, akashi & kagami dating a curvy/thick girl who`s quite heavy and timid/shy and one day they`re going to the beach with the rest of their respective teams but when they get there she refuses to remove her sundress/other clothes she has over her swimsuit because she`s really selfconcious about wearing only a swim suit around all the other members and especially around their boyfriend:) (hopefully i made it before you close the ask box again,but if not I`ll send it in again later)

Akashi had allowed the team to have a beach day along with the promise of practice before hand. The ride there was hectic, unsettling, and nerve racking and not for the team but for you. You agreed to go and help Akashi run the drills but you were more concerned about showing your body in front of the guys. You were heavy and definitely were nowhere near any of the boys sizes but you still carried your weight well, the maxi dress you were wearing making you look classy. Thoughts and scenarios of ridicule and being ostracized from the group flooded your head and even though you sat somewhat quiet and reserved, your discouraging mind was turning miles a minute. Feeling the slow of the tires from the bus, your heart sped up in nervousness and you held your breath in anticipation.

“We’re here!” Hayama exclaimed, running first off the bus and forgetting his towel and sunscreen.

“Look at all the babes~” Nebuya said, laughing loudly and strutting off the bus behind Hayama.

Akashi and Mibuchi sighing simultaneously, each grabbed an item and gathered the rest of the materials the two boys left behind. Mibuchi and Mayazumi walked off the bus, hands full with books to read and umbrellas to lay under.

“_____.” Akashi called out to you, making you jump and whip around. A big black sun hat on your head and your beach bag on your shoulder.


“Did you remember a towel to lay on?” Akashi stated more than asked, although he already knew the answer as he peered into your towel-less bag.

“Oh crap, I forgot-”

“I brought one we could share.” He said as he held his hand out for you to take. Akashi was always prepared, but purposely took your towel out when you went to the bathroom so you would both share one.

“Oh, I thought I brought one. But thank you.” You said grabbing his hand. Your anxiety was rising by the second at the thought of laying next to him in a swimsuit. Akashi had never seen you in anything less than pajama pants and T-shirts so what would he say from seeing you so abruptly, and especially in public with his friends? Walking down the sandy road and slipping off your sandals when you got to the beach part, you felt the hot grains seeping between your toes and your feet sinking into the granules with every step. Grabbing the towel from your boyfriend and setting up your spot, Akashi gave the boys little time in setting up their spots and began calling out for them to hurry up.

“Ah, let’s go for a swim first!” Hayama yelled running over to Akashi who was standing and waiting for them to huddle around him. Nebuya and Mibuchi coming up behind Hayama, humming in agreeance.

“It would be nice to get relaxed first.” Reo interjected with a slight smile as he looked at the water longingly.

Laying on the towel and hearing the discussion, you tried to calm your nerves. The time was already past for you to remove your maxi dress for the boys were already in their swim trunks. Akashi looking at the water and seeing that nobody wanted to practice, sighed in defeat. You on the other hand were sighing in fear.

“_____?” Being pulled out of your thoughts you looked up to red eyes and a whole basketball team looking down at you.

“Hey guys.” You greeted confused.

“What’s going on?”

“We are swimming first. Will you come with us?” Akashi asked grabbing the bottles of sun screen and passing it around.

“Oh, no, I’m fine, thank you.” You gave a fake smile and grabbed your phone to preoccupy yourself.

“Oh, come on, _____-chan!! It won’t be the same without you!” Hayama whined, leaning down to look at you.

“Yeah, who else will go on my shoulders when we play chicken?” Nebuya asked teasingly.

“Shut up, Nebuya.” Akashi said sternly.

“She probably wants to spend time relaxing and trying to distress from the pains of dealing with all of you.” Reo said, hands on hips.

“Napping is good.” Mayazumi was already yawning and looking around for a shady spot to lie under.

Giggling at the boys bickering you stood up to speak.

“No, it’s not any of that. I.. I’m just…” You began trailing off.

“What, _____-chan?” Mibuchi asked looking concerned.

“I’m just unsure about this… about me..” You spoke softly and bashfully. Akashi, noticing your uncomfortableness, waked in front of you and took your hands in his.

“______,” he began, squeezing your hands to make you look at him.

“If you feel uncomfortable in your attire, that’s okay.” He said as the other boys nodded their heads in agreement.

“You can stay here in the shade and we will stay with you or you can swim and we will go. Either way, we will be with you.”

“Yeah,” Nebuya crackled placing his hand on the back of his head.

“I’m not the best swimmer anyway!”

“Yeah, ____-chan, I’m sure you look super hot anyway.” Hayama stated putting his arm around you.

Akashi’s hand was quick on Hayamas head but you were too busy laughing at them and trying to tie up your maxi dress to care. You wouldn’t fully undress but you would be sure to enjoy a bit of sun.


Aomine was standing on the volleyball court looking over at you sitting alone under the umbrella while Imayoshi and Wakamatsu passed the volleyball back and forth over the net. Too’s basketball team took a field day to practice on the water and Aomine brought you along mostly because he wanted to see you in a swimsuit but he also wanted to show off his hot girlfriend. You were heavier than Aomine’s previous girlfriends but he had always been attracted to heavier women and he was finally man enough to realize it and appreciate it. Looking at you looking reading through a magazine, he decided to come over and get you to come play with them. Walking over to make sure nothing was wrong, you felt a shadow come over you.

“Oi, _____!” Aomine called out, running over to you like the famous scene out of Baywatch. You sat there looking at him running, skin glowing from sweat and his blue hair bouncing in the wind.

“Y-Yes?” You asked, swallowing the lump in your throat that formed from watching your attractive boyfriend running towards you.

“What’re you doing sitting here? Come play volleyball. We need an extra player.” He said holding his hand out for you to take.

“And why are you still dressed? Aren’t you hot?” He questioned looking down at your jacket. You shrugged and commented a quick ‘I’m fine’ and went to grab your magazine again. Aomine grabbed the magazine and held it above your head.

“If you want this back, you gotta take the jacket off.” Aomine was sporting a smirk as he peered down at you. You tisked in anger and stood up ready to jump for it.

“Aomine give me the mag–” You started.


“Aomine seriously, come on, giv–” You jumped up to grab it.

“Take the jacket off.” Aomine replied pulling it out of your reach.

“Please, I just wan–” You began out of breath.


Huffing and tired of his games, you lost your composure and said what you really thought.

“Aomine!” You said sharply making him flinch back in surprise at your sharp tone.

“I don’t feel like I look okay in this swimsuit!” You yelled balling up you fists.

“I feel… I feel… I feet fat! My legs look big and so does my stomach and –”

You stopped ranting when you saw Aomine drop the magazine and close in on you. Aomine pulled you close into his arms kissed you hard. Smoothing his lips over yours and grabbing all over your body, making your mind go blank from his heavy hands. Pulling back to let your both breathe and regroup, Aomine pulled your face to look up at him.

“Listen, ____.” He began while cupping your face.

“You look hot. Really hot… In whatever you wear. So come over in whatever you want and enjoy the day… With me.” He said looking to the side with a light blush on his cheeks.

“So don’t worry and let’s go play.” Aomine said with a light smile and grabbed your hand, pulling you along.


You had finally made it. The beach was here and so was all of the Seirin basketball team. You had been didn’t think this statement with nice sentiments but with the opposite. Kagami and the team were already in their swimsuits, talking and laughing, while you sat with your coverup on, pulling it together to keep covered. Nobody said anything, but you stuck out like a sore thumb being the only one who was dressed at the beach. Standing off to the side, you waited for. Kagami to set up your towel and umbrella so you could lay down.

“ _____?” Kagami called out to you.

“Did you remember a swimsuit?” He asked eyeing you over to see if you had one on underneath your coverup, only to become more confused at the yellow peeking through the holes of the outfit.

“Yeah, I did, it’s just a bit early for swimming.” Kagami opened his mouth to ask what you meant but then was cut off by Riko running over and putting her arms around you in a friendly hug.

“Are you ready to swim?” She asked excitedly, moving her hands to the strings holding your cover up together.

“No!” You exclaimed, swatting her hands away. Riko frowned in confusion and looked up at you in questioning, wondering what she did wrong.

“What’s wrong, _____-chan?” Kagami stood next to her confused as well, listening intently to your answer. Upon seeing the rest of the team looking for you all and wanting to avoid further embarrassment, you decided to give a quick explanation.

“My swimsuit is too tight is all.” You said sheepishly, laughing to lighten the situation. Riko placed her hands on her hips and giggled.

“Silly! That’s it? Come on, I’m sure you look fine.” Riko said drawing out her last word in a playful manner. Kagami while looking away and blushing, scratched his cheek in nervousness.

“Yeah, _____. You… You l-look fine.” He stuttered and cleared his throat at the end.

“You think so?” You asked with a frown on your face and uncertainty in your voice.

“Yeah-” They answered in unison, chuckling lightly.

“Come on, _____. You look hot and I’m sure everyone is more focused on having a beach day than how much you weigh.” Kagami said with a reassuring smile and grabbed your hand. Riko nodded her head in aggreeance.

“Yeah! Besides, we need curvy babes like you out here.” Riko added grabbing your other hand.

The Red Dress (An Adrienette Fanfiction)

Marinette almost fainted on the spot, but managed to put out a smile.

“Momma, I can’t be late! I’m suppose to meet Alya at her house so we can go!” Marinette says as her mother, Sabrine, takes more photos of her daughter. Tonight was the Grand Hero’s Ball, a ball that was honored for Ladybug and Chat Noir, who have been saving Paris for a year now. Everyone is expecting the two heroes to appear, so Marinette desperately wanted to spend time with her friends there before she goes to transform. She is wearing a light blue satin dress with flats, her hair tied up in a nice bun. Her mom just wouldn’t let her go.

“Please, you have enough photos!” Sabrine laughs, and puts away the camera. She then goes up to hug her daughter.

“Have a good time, sweetheart! Tell me all about it when you come back. Maybe even get a picture of Ladybug and Chat Noir for me?” Marinette laughed slightly, and hugged her mother back. “Sure, but I think Alya can handle all the pictures.”

Finally Marinette waved to her mother one last goodbye before she ran out the doors and out to meet her friend. Almost halfway to her house, Marinette’s phone rang. She answered it quickly.


“Hey girl! Look I’m sorry if you are almost here, but Nino offered me a ride just a few minutes ago. I’m on my way now.” Marinette’s smile fell, and she stood there for a moment.

“Oh, um well that’s nice. I’ll just be heading there now, I guess.” She tried to sound as happy as she could, but she really wanted to go with her best friend to the event, even if she will see her there.

“We’ll see you there Mari!” And the line went dead. Marinette sighed as she put away her phone. She started walking again, thinking about the day after taking Animan’s akuma, where she found out Alya and Nino were becoming a thing. A couple. She said in her mind. Marinette shook her head, as rain started pouring down softly. She tried running faster, but the ground was getting slippery as the rain came harder. Marinette looked at her dress in disgust. It was soaked, she couldn’t go to the dance like this. Finally she ran over under a umbrella table at a nearby closed resturant. She looked around desperately, hoping someone could stop and pick her up and take her to the dance. But there was nobody in sight- they were all at the party.

The party that was for me, Ladybug. And I’m not even there.

“Marinette! What are you doing over there?” Looking up, Marinette sees a limo, and Adrien with the window rolled down. He looked happy to see her, but also concerned. Marinette just stood there, figuring out what to say.

“I-Uh, You see I was waiting- to um, party to the go- I mean.. Ugh, I meant GO to the PARTY….” Marinette’s hand reached her face, hiding herself from embarrassment from her crush. Adrien stared at her for a second, and laughed slightly. “You mean the one for Ladybug and Chat Noir? I-I was heading there now.” Adrien then took a second to look at Marinette and her soaked dress.

“Need a ride, there is room in here for two!” He smiled his warm smile, and looked at her with thoughtful eyes. Marinette stared at him for a moment. That face reminded her of the one he gave her the day they first met, when he told her about removing the gum from her seat, the one Chloe obviously put there for her. She remembered his soft words, how he never went to school, never had any friends. She remembered the touch of his hand, and the softness in his eyes.

She remembered falling in love with him.

“Uh, yes of course! I would love to you and ride- RIDE with you..” She added softly, quickly running through the now pouring rain. Adrien swiftly opened the door for her to get inside the car, and Marinette being herself, practically jumped into the car. Adrien shut the door as Marinette took her seat. She has never been in a limo before, and has never ride with Adrien before. This was all new, and she was excited- Until she looked at her outfit.

“Oh no… “ She said sadly. Adrien looked at her curiously as Gorilla started driving to the hotel. He looked at Marinette’s lost hope, and then her dress.

“Marinette, I’m sorry. I could have passed you sooner, before the rain started- even if I didn’t know you were just standing there.” She sighed, and didn’t say anything back. Adrien looked out the window for a moment, and then checked the time. It was almost 7pm. They still had time.

“Gorilla, please turn around. Go back to the mansion.” Marinette looked up at the driver, and then to the boy next to her. He just smiled.

“Wh-what? But the dance-”

“Marinette, I’m sure the dance can wait… and you need a new dress. I don’t want you to be freezing cold all night.” She looked at him stunned. He said that in a way she knew that he cared about her, even if it was just as a friend. Marinette smiled.

“Of- Of course.. Yea..” She said, blushing. Adrien just smiled more. By the time they got to the mansion, Adrien got out an umbrella, and helped Marinette out of the car.

“We won’t be too long!” The boy said to the driver. Gorilla didn’t move a muscle.

The two teens ran through the rain, Adrien holding the umbrella moreover Marinette than himself. She silently said yes to herself as they got inside the huge home of Adrien Agreste. She looked around at the marble staircase and floors, the bright white walls. Looking over at her, and seeing her face in awe made Adrien laugh.

“Come on, Mari. Let’s get you a new dress.” He takes her hand by surprise, and Marinette makes a slight gasp, but smiles softly as he guides her to a room inside the home. Its an old storage room, almost all the way in the back of the mansion. Adrien opened the door, his smile slightly disappearing as they entered the room. He closed the door as Marinette looks around the room. It looks like a plain old room, not like his room when she visited as Ladybug, or the grand entrance. It looked simple, like it didn’t belong. Adrien walked over to a shelf, and reached for a box at the almost last shelf, and brought it down. Marinette looked at it, and saw the box was named as, “Mother”. She stood there silently as Adrien opened the box. Inside was full of things like jewelry, shoes, clothes, anything that didn’t belong to Adrien nor his father, Gabriel Agreste. Adrien hunted through the box as he sat on the ground, Marinette following him, her eyes full of curiosity.

Finally, Adrien pulled out a bright red dress, with black trimming on the bottom. He also pulled out a black bow, and gave it to Marinette.

“This.. This was my mother’s dress. She wore it on the day my father proposed to her. At least that’s why she told me.. before she left.” Marinette frowned and without warning him, hugged Adrien tightly. He froze in surprise, and accepted the hug.

“Adrien, this is beautiful.. But, I can’t just take the dress and use it for tonight. I’m fine with wearing the one I have…” She said, looking down at her dress, which was not looking any better as it dried. Adrien shook his head, and placed his hands on her shoulders.

He smiled at her gently, while Marinette looked at him in awe. He laughed. “It’s okay, Mari. My mother would have liked you. She would have lent you the dress.” He handed the fabric and the bow to her, and smiled more.

“Wear it.”

Marinette looked at the dress and back at Adrien, for what seemed a long time. Then she smiled at him and nodded. “Okay.” Adrien nodded as well, and helped Marinette stand, and led her out of the room, and closed the door behind her. “I’ll take you to our guest bathroom so you can change. But you have to hurry, or else we’ll be late.” Marinette giggled, as they reached the bathroom. She quickly went inside and as she shut the door, she heard Adrien.

“I’ll be waiting in the limo!” And then she heard footsteps walk away, and very distantly, a door open and close. She sighed with happiness and looked at the dress. The bright red color reminded her of her Ladybug costume. She smirked. Tikki came flying from her purse and giggled.

“Someone must be very happy!” Marinette laughed as she started to take off her jacket.

“I’m more than happy Tikki!” She exclaimed. Tikki nodded in approval she she flew back into Marinette’s purse as the girl took of her clothes, and put on the dress. Surprisingly it fit- and she realized how short Adrien’s mother really was. She looked into the mirror and fixed her hair, placing the bow with the bun. Smiling with confidence, Marinette grabbed her purse and ran out the bathroom and out the door, quickly before Mrs. Agreste’s dress got soaked as well.

Adrien waiting in the car for what seemed like hours, even if it’s only been three minutes since he left Marinette in the house. He wondered what was taking her so long. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye, he saw a flash of red, and blue-ish black hair. Marinette was running as fast as she could out of the mansion, slamming the door behind her, and she was almost to the car. He smiled as he opened the door for her, but as she was about to step in, she lost her footing on the concrete and slipped- right into his arms. Marinette blushed as she looked up into Adrien’s bright emerald eyes. He looked into hers, and blushed as well. Pulling her into the car, Marinette shut the door behind her, and sat right next to him. Adrien looked at her in awe. He never thought she looked better than she did right now, in his mother’s dress. He was happy she liked the dress.

“You- You look amazing Marinette.” She just blushed even more and he laughed. “Let’s go to the party!” Marinette smiled and nodded, happy she saw Adrien just at the right time.

The party was already filled with people by the time they got there. The rain finally slowed to a soft drizzle as Adrien helped Marinette out of the limo, waving goodbye to Gorilla, who drove off without a word. Marinette smiled at him.

“I want to thank you for the dress. I wasn’t keen on wearing it.. because it’s your mom’s..” She said as they started walking into the hotel. He laughed. “No, it’s alright Marinette. You look amazing in it. My mom would have loved to see you in it. Like I said, knowing her, she would like you a lot. You know she liked to design clothes, help my father a lot when he needed it.” Marinette nodded in disbelief as she thinks about how Adrien is comparing her to his mom. She felt, special.

As they finally entered the doorway to the ballroom, where all the action was happening, and the autograph booth was waiting for the both of them for when they transform, Adrien looked at Marinette.

“Mari.. Can I say that-”

“ADRIEN! Come here! Finally you made it! I was worried you wouldn’t show up!” They both turned as they saw Chloe in a floor length white gown, waving across the ballroom with her father, and Mr. Agreste. Adrien sighed and smiled softer at Marinette, who was about to explode because of Chloe interrupting him.

“Sorry, duty calls. Ill talk to you later tonight!” He smiled and turned to walk into the room. For one second he stopped, and turned towards Marinette and laughed.

“I just wanted to tell you that you look oddly familiar in that red color. Almost like Ladybug.” He winked at her and left her standing at the entrance of the room. Marinette was left speechless.

“You look oddly familiar in that red color. Almost like Ladybug.” She repeated in her head. 

Marinette almost fainted on the spot, but managed to put out a smile. 


AHH Okay. I hope you liked this, because it took me all day, and I know the beginning was kind of weak because I was still deciding on where the story was going. It was going to be Adrienette/Ladynoir, but I went full out Adrienette. That ship is my third favorite out of the four, but after the origin episodes, I think that it will replace Marichat (for now until we get awesome marichat moments in season 2) 

But yea, I hope you enjoy! Please share this around and give me feedback on what you thought of it! Thanks!! 

How Evil Masterminds Pass Their Time

Ok so I think I have a sore throat so I ain’t feelin’ so good but I only have three weeks until finals and I have to start hitting the books so I’m gonna try to squeeze in as many fics I can before then. Requests are still open.

This particular oneshot was based on this headcanon. A special thank you to my friend @rhaedarofworlds for reminding me (twice) to write this as I asked. (Go follow her. She’s awesome).

So here it is. (I have no idea how to be funny while writing or funny in general so pretend this made you cry tears of laughter okay ?) :

Being Hawkmoth was tiring. It wasn’t the stress of having to control over emotional teenagers. Thinking about it Hawkmoth had no idea why he kept choosing teenagers for capturing the Miraculous. They obviously had little respect for his authority (or any other adult’s for that matter). They thought they knew what they were doing and outright disobeyed his orders. In the end they got what they wanted, once Ladybug freed them they felt loads better having destressed themselves and Hawkmoth was left pinching the bridgr of his nose and shaking his head while angrily cursing Ladybug and Chat Noir while yelling his own variation of ‘Curse You Perry The Platypus’ in a far more dignified manner than Doofensmirtz. (Sue him if he looked to other cartoonish evil masterminds to get his creative villainous juices flowing).

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Warm Up

a/n This was supposed to be a blurb but then I went over board. There’s no smut but maybe I’ll do a part 2

pairing: Reader (Y/N) + Michael

word count: 1.5k+

Twenty minutes. That’s how late you were. You were supposed to meet your friend for coffee twenty minutes ago. To be fair, this wasn’t the latest you’ve ever been, one time you were an hour late for lunch. Sure this wasn’t one of your best qualities, but everyone who knew you seemed to overlook it. You just hoped your friend was still waiting for you at the coffee shop and hadn’t left yet. Slipping on your shoes and grabbing your blue umbrella you sprinted out the door, pausing only to lock up behind you. The sky had been overcast all day and you could only hope that the rain held off, you didn’t want to be any later than you already were. You made it about halfway down the street when the sky opened up and it started to rain.

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Rain, I Don't Mind

Thank you so much to the lovely Marcela for sending me this prompt: “Killian and Emma have been best friends for a long time but they secretly love each other and then they declare their love to each other and they kiss under the rain.”

Summary: Five rainy days over the course of almost two decades change the lives of Emma Swan and Killian Jones forever. CS Modern AU.

Words: 8,750+ (This got away from me.)


6th Grade

Emma stood at the bus stop shivering from the cold rain pelting her body. Her new foster parents had left for work early that morning without so much as a “goodbye” or “good luck on your first day,” so Emma was left to scrounge up her own breakfast.  When she noticed it was raining outside, she searched the house for an umbrella, but turned up empty-handed. Part of her was hoping the bus would arrive soon, giving her a reprieve from the cold drops, another part though hoped it would never come.

Emma missed Maine, and she desperately wanted to go back. Her foster parents there were no better than these new ones. Still, she had been used to her life there. She had friends at school, she knew her teachers and neighbors, and she felt comfortable in the small town. Boston was large, foreign and frightening. To make matters worse, she knew absolutely no one in the whole city. Emma did not want to be the new kid again. She knew what that entailed and was not looking forward to eating lunch alone, sitting awkwardly at the back of the class, and going completely unnoticed in the hallways.

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Oh fuck I never even thought of a title for this (Tentative)

Prompt: I brought my new kitten to school hold her him please while I kick this guy’s ass (From the Good Kid/Troublemaker AU prompt list).

Pairing: NaruHina

Rating: T

Words: 4000+

AN: So, I started this two months ago and it’s been rotting away on my computer. ;^; My bad…

It was the third time this week Hinata found herself staring into his golden eyes for at least a few minutes before he broke contact, seemingly unimpressed with her. When she’d reach out to him, he’d walk off – leaving her to stare at the spot on the street corner that he liked to call his own.

The orange tabby had almost made her late to class on multiple occasions as she always stopped to watch him day after day. She couldn’t help it, he was just so cute and she wanted to make sure nothing horrible ever happened to him.

Hinata wanted to take him to the Inuzuka’s animal shelter so that maybe he’d have a better home but the kitten would always run off as she stuck her hand out towards him. Maybe it was the way she was approaching it? Maybe the kitten just had to come to her instead of her forcing herself upon him. She remembered reading somewhere that cats were more reserved creatures.

Offering food also seemed like a good idea. The poor thing must have been hungry out there all on his lonesome. He’d probably grow fonder of her if she had some treats or something. But what would she even feed him? She had never owned a cat before, and although Kiba boasted about his animal prowess, he only knew things about dogs and wasn’t much of a cat person.

Hinata let out a small sigh, listening to the soft pitter-patter of rain on the window of her classroom. That poor kitten must have been cold too. The rain was horrendous this morning but it was beginning to let up now. Hopefully he’d be alright.

“Ah, Hinata’s sighing? It’s said that when a girl sighs to herself like that, it’s usually over unrequited feelings of love.”

A rosy color tinted the brunette’s cheeks as she looked up to see her friend Yamanaka Ino standing by her desk with a cat-like grin. She was a very smart girl who worked part-time in her parent’s flower shop. On top of that, Ino was very pretty and pretty popular around the school – especially with that blonde hair of hers.

Under school regulations, hair dying was strictly forbidden. Ino’s hair, however, was naturally blonde and she reveled in all the attention it obtained. It also prompted her to talk about her ancestry. Apparently, Ino’s grandmother on her father’s side was French while her grandfather was Japanese. Everyone seemed to be enthralled by the fact that she was part French; including Hinata.

She shook her head vehemently, waving her hands in front of her to tell her friend ‘no.’ “Y-you’re mistaken! It’s not about a boy or anything like that!”

The blonde let out a light laugh. “Relax Hinata. I was just poking fun at you. No harm done, right?” Hinata breathed a sigh of relief, placing her hand to her chest as Ino folded her arms behind her. “So, if it’s not about a boy, what is it? Is something bothering you?”

Although quick to tease her friends, Ino was someone you could always confide in since she was always ready to help anyone in need. Hinata really admired her for it. “It’s this kitten I see every day before school starts. He’s so tiny and always by himself but I’m afraid he might get hurt if he stays out there any longer. Every time I try to reach him, he runs away.”

Ino hummed in thought for a moment. “Hmm, seems like quite the dilemma… and it’s a baby too, huh? I wonder what happened to its mother.” Hinata didn’t even think about that! What did happen to his mother? Surely she wouldn’t let him roam around by himself. It was a mother’s instinct to take care of her young. Something must have happened to her, and it made the drive to save that kitten even stronger.

Clenching her fists, Hinata shot Ino a look of determination. “I have to save that kitten. I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. I’d feel terri-”

A loud crashing sound stopped Hinata mid-sentence as she was startled by it. There were a few shrill screams from the next classroom over followed by grunting and the sound of a few more items falling over. Most of the students from her class had rushed out to see what was going on. Hinata would have stayed put if it hadn’t been for Ino begging her to tag along to check what was going on in classroom 2-3.

Although she couldn’t see anything, the voices were clear as day. “I’ll fucking mop the floor with your ass, don’t play with me kid!” The voice was gruff and mean sounding; it sent shivers up Hinata’s spine. Oh no, whoever they were, they were fighting.

She didn’t take kindly to that type of behavior very well. People should have been able to speak about their problems and work with one another to overcome them… not beat each other to a bloody pulp. Suddenly, one of their teacher’s voices rung out in the cluttered halls. “That’s enough! Uzumaki-san, Kimura-san – stop this at once!”

“Oh boy, I should have known.” Ino mumbled. Hinata blinked. Known what? Should she have known too? When she shot her blonde friend an inquiring look, she continued. “Uzumaki Naruto from class 2-3 – that guy likes to pick fights with everyone, and he’s such a troublemaker too!”

When the fight was broken up, Hinata caught a good look at the infamous Uzumaki Naruto being escorted to the principal’s office and realized that she did recognize his face around the school. Unkempt blond locks, bright blue eyes always scanning the room for a fight, strange whisker marks on his cheeks; he was the textbook definition of a delinquent – something she was warned by countless people not to associate herself with.

His face was quite bruised up from his scuffle with his other classmate but it looked to Hinata that this Kimura person had it a lot worse than Naruto. What gave Hinata quite the eerie feeling in the pit of her stomach was when she saw Naruto give a toothy grin after the fact.

Maybe keeping her distance from him was a good idea.

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I met you at a really crappy summer job but now it's kinda fun until one day someone gives me a prophecy to save the world with you bellarke au

I may have watched The way way back before writing this. And it may have resulted in a silly, plot-less oneshot, but at least it’s cute? Thanks to @cupcakesandtv for the quick re-read :)

saving the world wasn’t in the job description | ao3

At first, Clarke thought there could be nothing crueler than working at a waterpark and not being able to spend her day lazing under the sun and enjoying the water slides. Now, though, she marveled at her own naiveté.

It was barely 8am and the coffee machine at their improvised office had broken. Again. Clarke was betting her money on Murphy – that jerk had something against her getting her daily dose of caffeine. She glared at the coffee machine as if it had personally offended her and pressed the on button one last time, before giving up and filching one of Lincoln’s energy bars. They tasted awful but were her only choice if she wanted to be at least semi-coherent for the morning crowd.

She changed into her blue t-shirt, the bold lettering on the back labeling her as one of the staff, and twisted her hair up in a messy bun. Munching on the last of the bar, she attached the walkie-talkie to her shorts and went to check for fallen leaves in the pools.

God knew that was the worst thing she was hoping to have to clean up today – she dreaded any repeats of that one memorable morning when she stumbled over a discarded pair of speedos and the top piece of a girl’s swimsuit. Needless to say she stayed as far away from entering the water as she could.

On the way to the tool shed, Clarke spied tan hands and dark hair and frowned – Bellamy was busy setting up the fancier lounge chairs next to Raven’s snack bar; it seemed he was working the same shift as hers. Well, so much for her spending her break trying to get drunk on Raven’s non-alcoholic cocktails.

It wasn’t that she and Bellamy disliked each other per say, it was just that they got off on a wrong foot and now every conversation they had was a bit too much on the awkward side for Clarke’s taste.

He raised his head just as she was getting the leaf skimmer and their eyes met.

Clarke waved after staring at him stupidly and after a moment he nodded back and went back to ignoring her existence.

Just great, why did she even bother to begin with?  

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