i want a blown up one of these

i want so many pictures taken of me. i want pictures of me writing in journals. i want pictures of me reading. i want pics of me watching the sky and i want pictures of me being excited. i want pictures of me jumping up and down after hearing the best news ever and i want pictures of me having to fix my glasses. i want pictures of me with my hair being blown everywhere because of the wind and i want pictures of me so blurry that im not even sure what im doing in them. i want photos of me sitting on my bed with my phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other whilst laughing the hardest i’ve ever laughed. i want pictures of me looking out windows and pictures of me sitting on the floor with paint all over my hands in nothing but a long flannel. i want pictures of me running in all types of directions in fields. i want pictures of my facial expression the second someone calls my name. i want pictures of me dancing and jamming to music and i want photos of me when im in deep thought. i want pictures of me when im a mess and sobbing on the floor. i jus want so many pics of me doing things bc i wanna know what kind of person everyone else sees. i want to capture every raw moment.


As a contrast to the previous gifset, I wanted to make one with the classic video by Dr. Sophia Yin showing counter conditioning in action. This is a dog that had been displaying aggression severely enough to be up for euthanasia. The stimulus prompting aggression in this video is having his face blown on. While we don’t hear anything about the dog’s history, it’s pretty easy to assume that this is fear-related, as shoving your face at a dog’s face is pretty aggressive body language, a lot of smaller dogs have fear-related aggression due to their boundaries being ignored, and I don’t see any resource-guarding behavior.

You can’t draw a complete parallel, but there are a lot of similarities between this video of an aggressive dog and the video of the aggressive horse. This dog seems to be making a big aggressive display and then retreating, instead of continuing the attack with the intent of causing serious injury. The horse had its movement restricted to the round pen, and this dog has its movement restricted by a leash. Both are unhappy and dangerous animals.

Dr. Yin resolves the aggression by pairing the provocative stimulus (blowing on the dog’s face) with food. After only a few brief sessions and a bit of time, the dog no longer exhibits aggression when prompted. He doesn’t enjoy the stimulus (he still moves his head back and away, and there’s a bit of lip licking) but having his face blown on no longer provokes aggression. Instead you can see eagerness for the treatment and what looks like enjoyment of the exercise (tail wagging, what looks almost like a play bow or an attempt to get a reward with a behavior he was taught, ears forward, open relaxed mouth, looking up at her face). His emotional reaction and outward behavioral response are dramatically different.

I don’t present this as an example of why counter conditioning with food is a preferential miracle cure (dogs are a lot more likely to exhibit aggressive body language, so the horse probably had way more of a backlog of fear, whereas this guy’s fear could be worked around relatively quickly. I also wouldn’t ever recommend anyone tackle aggressive body language straight up with a leash restraining the dog, and definitely not by blowing into the dog’s face, where it’s so easy to get bit) BUT this shows a similar scenario, similar aggression, and a different protocol for resolving the problem that doesn’t involve the use of an aversive stimulus to work around aggression.

I know a woman who is a survivor of the holocaust. She often makes me rugalagh and sends it to my cousins grandma to give to me, or rather, her daughter makes it because she is very old, and she always asks for a few for me.

Four years ago she asked me to paint her story in succession. Of course, before I painted ANYTHING, I wanted the story first.

This woman saw some of the most horrific things. They were terrible, to the point where I had to decline in putting them on canvas.

In one of her stories, she told me how the women in camps, who were raped, then conceived, gave birth to a sport. By that I mean they took these babies, mother left out to bleed, and flung them from the garrison window, while men below took aim and fired repeatedly for target practice. They would laugh, and hold up half blown up, twitching newborns in their hands like prize game.

These men did this, because they were less than people to them. As Jewish women, they were about as good as the dirt under their feet.

She’s not big on media, and doesn’t watch much of it, but having talked to her not too long ago, she told me that the way the majority of trump supporters talked about Hispanic people… about African Americans… about Muslims- they consider these people as nothing more than pigs for slaughter. Dirt.

She’s terrified, as am I, for the american people.

She, out of everyone I know, understands what it’s like to not be considered human by your country.

I was told, that she had no doubts, that these white, disgusting men, who preech about preserving life and taking away women’s rights, are the sort of men who use babes as targets; as long as they aren’t one of them.

Trump supporters are scary, and Trump himself is going to kill so many that “don’t matter”.

Who ever fucking voted Trump, or third party “because i have morals, and they’re both eeeeevil”, can fucking get out of here. 

That woman said she has seen evil (she’s told me in morbid detail of that evil), and she could only say “I am watching it happen all over again.”

I’m not even american. I’m Canadian… but that doesn’t mean I didnt fucking cry for four hours. Thinking of all the people who are going to die, the possibility of a civil war, or ww3 backed by nukes and bombs… I am mourning for lives I hope are not lost. I wish for the best… but something better be done if shit hits the fucking fan.

Forgiveness (can you imagine)

*Hamilton spoilers*

So I saw Miguel Cervantes’ portrayal of Hamilton and I was absolutely. Blown. Away.

I could rave on and on about his inflection, his interpretation and his execution of the iconic role of Alexander Hamilton, but I want to talk about one moment.

During Quiet Uptown, there’s this amazing set up with Hamilton and Eliza in the center of the stage, standing just a foot apart as Alexander begs her to just let him stay by her side, to let him support her after the death of their son, an event that Alexander feels, in some way, responsible for.

You could FEEL the distance between them, both Cervantes and Ari Afsar did a wonderful job there and the stage was ACHING with this distance and the question “Will she…?”

Then, of course, there’s the beautiful moment of Eliza taking Alexanders hand (perhaps the first time since the Reynolds’ Pamphlet???) and Cervantes’ face just CRUMPLES.

Anyone, even those not as familiar with the play as I am, could understand Alexander’s thoughts from Cervantes’ face and I can honestly say that I’ve never seen as much raw emotion on an actors face as I did tonight.

He was relieved that Eliza was letting him BE there for her after his history of (some might say understandably) selfish behavior. He was destroyed by her forgiveness after his betrayal of her, seeing himself as unworthy of her hand and yet still in the position of receiving it. He was ashamed in some ways as the mother of his child reconnected with him over their sons death. And, finally, He began to heal in that moment, thankful to not have lost everything.

You saw Alexander Hamilton broken down and then reborn by Eliza all in a MOMENT and it was so powerful and beautiful and all thanks to Miguel Cervantes.

Stunning. Absolutely stunning, I can’t thank Cervantes, Afsar, or ANY of the cast enough for their powerful performances.

“When I was 5-8 years old, I’d go to Disney World EVERY summer, and I LOVED the Hunchback Of Notre Dame play. My all-time favourite Disney character was Clopin. I had a favourite Clopin in that show, and the last year I got to go, I wanted his autograph on a picture my mom had gotten blown up for me.However, he wasn’t in the show that day, and I got really upset, but my mom found one of the Cast Members and asked about him. He smiled and said he was at the park, and called him over to where we were. The guy went through the trouble of dressing up in the full costume to sign his autograph for me.To this day, Disney World is one of my favourite places to BE, and Clopin is STILL my all-time favourite Disney character.”

Set pics... possible BIG spoiler

Cast and crew released some set pics today. I think they are filming 5x13… and there was a slip up! Possible big spoiler was released by accident. Read at your own risk! I’ve added my speculations too. :) Cause that’s how I roll.

So… this is what Stephen posted.

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  • “Yeah, I wouldn’t drink the coffee.”
  • “I didn’t want that life for you.”
  • “Initiating the hack.”
  • “Tell me your thoughts, my friend.”
  • “I hope nobody saw that.”
  • “Having trouble keeping up?”
  • “You were one a legend… but now? Just a shell.”
  • “You know nothing.”
  • “Lots of memories of this place. They weren’t all bad.”
  • “What if I gave you a chance to undo the choices you’ve made?”
  • “You got the beat down.”
  • “You’re on my naughty list.”
  • “You look like a guy who needs someone blown up.”
  • “That was going great… until the end.”
  • “I think I’d like to travel more.”
  • “Our world is worth fighting for.”
  • “Nailed it.”
  • “I thought so.”
  • “I give it a ten.”
  • “Can I get your autograph?”
  • “Like shooting fish in a barrel.”
  • “You were not meant for greatness.”
  • “Push off.”
  • “One of these days, someone is gonna put an end to you.”
  • “I’ve got a long memory.”
  • “Leave this to a professional.”

“One of my favourite “parental bonuses” in Disney films has to be one of the lesser known ones. As a child, I always wondered why Jock and Trusty wanted to propose to Lady towards the end of the film. Then I grew up and read the almost-confirmed theory that Lady become pregnant with Tramp and thus one of her friends would marry her to “save her honor”. Mind. Blown.”

Reblog of you think Enoch would be a full blown emo in the present.
-I mean, seriously. Nirvana, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Black Veil Brides, Fall Out Boy, all of the other punk and emo bands.
-Like imagine him playing the guitar and growing out his hair a little more.
-All the other kids would hate it but he would love it.
-Only shopping at Hot Topic and Spencers.
-staying up late at night on aestetic blogs on Tumblr.
-having a MySpace account even though it’s so outdated -“no one understands me!”
-“be quiet Enoch! It’s like three in the morning”
-“Miss P! Tell Enoch to turn down his music! I’m trying to sleep!”
-“oh shut up Horace. Just let me be me.”
-“when I was/ a young boy/ my father/ took me into the city/ to see a matching band-” “AND THE BAND FUCKING BROKE UP.”
-his phone wallpaper would be like a really sad quote or something
I want this to be cannon.

Unpopular Opinion:

I actually like Jieun?? Like whoa, crazy how could I with how she treated Bum, right? I should specify. I like her character. She seems realistically human to me and with a manhwa that’s got very little characters who are also all male, like, I like her? 

She is so fucking in love with Sangwoo that she nose dives straight into anger and irritation the second he’s brought up because she’s never felt like this towards someone before and it clearly annoys her. I mean, she’s blown up his phone, she snaps whenever one of her friends tease her about him being late  and gives shit to a handicapped guy who’s taking away the attention that she wants so badly. She’s acting like a middle schooler experiencing their first crush and it’s totally realistic for someone who seems like they’ve never fallen in love before. 

Y’all can hate her all you want, I get it. She was totally a cunt to Bum, so I understand where the hates coming from, but man I can’t bring myself to hate her.

The Practical Uses Of Slug Spit (Wonwoo x Mingyu Hogwarts AU Smut)

Summary: In all the drama their years at Hogwarts held for them, Mingyu and Wonwoo liked to… fly under the radar. They preferred to have their lives play out in private. All the deep discussions, chocolate sweet kisses, and cheek-pinking moments. Hogwarts AU. Boy x boy. Smut. 

(A/N: okay so i am the queen of getting carried away. i saw this prompt and i felt so inspired, i wanted to write something about it. i originally intended this just to be a little blurb but then it shaped up in my head and as i was writing it, it grew past a thousand words and it came to be a full blown scenario. a short one, but still. this is probably the fastest i’ve ever written something like this, and i honestly think this is the first piece on the blog with absolutely no reader character. but i still hope you all enjoy it. i really really enjoyed whipping this up quick, and i think it helped to get me back in the swing of writing all the time. plus, meanie is one of my favourite ships from seventeen. and i always love going crazy with my hogwarts aus. warnings for: extreme fluff, smut, gay smut, gayness, nutella, a brief jun cameo, and yeah. enjoy. -Tanisha<3)

“You’re in my spot.”

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So here’s another one of my drabbles but this one has smut. Yes, merciless smut. I hope you enjoy it (*^▽^)/

“Erennn.” Levi purred, licking a strip of Eren’s neck. “You’ve been a bad boy.”

“You know I’m going to have to punish you, right?” Levi pouted. Levi proceeded to tie Eren up, flipping Eren over on his stomach and tying his wrist and ankles together. He kissed his way down Eren’s body, appreciating and praising his body through nips, and kisses.

Eren moaned as hot breath was blown on his navel, his erection straining against his boxers. He panted, waiting and wanting.

Levi stood back and admired this beautiful creature in front of him, tied up and waiting for him to have his way with him. He walked back to Eren and leaned over his back and put his mouth by Eren’s ear.

“Remember our safe word?” Eren nodded, and Levi nibbled on Eren’s ear.

Levi rubbed his calloused hands on Eren’s ass, grabbing the perfect globes and squeezing, then smacked one of the cheeks and immediately rubbed the irritated skin. Eren gasped and mewled, thrusting his ass even more toward Levi.

“You’re such a dirty slut , and you know it too. Shoving your ass in another man’s direction.” Levi smacked Eren’s ass on the word ‘slut’. “You’d probably bend over for anyone, wouldn’t you, Eren?”

Eren shook his head and Levi clicked his tongue, “Prove it, suck my cock, Eren.”

And so Eren does, he gets pulled by Levi and then he’s face-to-cock with a clothed-covered bulge. He mouths at the bulge and with skilled practice, unbutton Levi’s jeans with his mouth (a skill Levi praises him for).

Levi helps him there and pushes his jeans down to his ankles then leans back on his arms on the bed. Eren mouths again at the bulge and hears a sharp intake of breath, he hums in satisfaction which rewards him a groan of pleasure. Apparently Levi had enough teasing so he grabs the waistband of his black boxer briefs and shove them off his hips.

“Hurry the fuck up, Brat.” Levi chided.

“Pushy.” Eren mumbled with a tiny smirk on his face as he looked at Levi under his eyelashes.

“What was that, Brat?” Levi glared but soon lost all of his breath as Eren swallowed his cock in one go, his nose buried in the dark hair at the base of Levi’s dick.

Eren enjoying the musky scent of Levi, hummed in satisfaction. He pushed his tongue on the underside of Levi’s cock, hearing the hiss Levi released.

Levi grabbed a fistful of Eren’s hair and tugged which made Eren hum in approval and made Levi moan. Watching the Brat take his cock was making him lose it all too quickly and that wasn’t good. He tugged Eren up to eye level and kissed him, hard and firmly.

Eren automatically granted entrance to Levi when the black haired man licked his bottom lip. Their tongues battled for dominance but as always Levi won. The man licked at every crevice, not missing any space. He pulled back and a single string of saliva connected to both of their lips. Eren panted in lust and Levi smirked. Eren was suddenly hoisted up and was dropped onto a chair. He made a noise that nearly resembled a squeak, but he likes to think it was a manly squeak.

Levi adjusted the restraints on Eren, so instead of having his hands and feet tied together, he would have his hands tied behind the chair and his legs hoisted up to his chest then tied to the legs of the chair. His mouth practically watered at the sight of Eren so helpless and vulnerable. Levi would admit to being a bit of a masochist but Eren didn’t complain so it was all good. He sat in the chair in front of Eren’s and decided to stimulate the boy even more, he latched onto one of Eren’s pert nipple and he twisted and flicked and tugged. Eren was practically vibrating and withering underneath his touch that it took all his will power not to just fuck that perfect round ass. He was giving such wanton moans that Levi declared that was enough stimulation, Eren’s cock was weeping so much, all pink and swollen, begging to be touched, begging for release.

He grabbed the lube, that was on the bedside table, and put on a generous amount on his fingers. He circled the rim of Eren’s twitching hole then gently pushed his index finger in. Immediately heat surrounded his finger, he couldn’t wait to pound Eren until he wouldn’t be able to walk anymore. When Eren seemed to be ready for a second finger, Levi slowly inserted his middle finger and began scissoring.

Eren panted, moaned, mewled at the sensation of being stretched and it wasn’t enough. He needed Levi’s cock inside him, pounding him now.

“L-Levi..Please..Ngh…I-I need.."Eren sobbed.

"I know baby, I know what you need.” Levi cooed, removing his fingers from Eren with a squelching sound. He quickly removed the restraints from Eren and harshly grabbed and threw him on the bed. He climbed on top of Eren, stroking his cock over him. He chuckled when Eren let out an impatient whine.

He positioned himself, having already put some lube on his cock, and slowly pushed. Levi grunted at the instant heat, and Eren moaned, enjoying being stretched by Levi’s thick member.

Levi paused, letting Eren adjust at being penetrated. When Eren nodded, he began thrusting, slowly gaining speed each thrust. Levi switched angles, looking for a particular -

“Levi! Again, again. D-Do it again!” Eren cried, gripping onto the bed sheets for dear life.

Ah, there it is.

Levi pulled out until his tip was left then harshly snapped his hips forward, directly hitting Eren’s prostate. Eren screamed in pleasure, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes at the intense feeling.

Levi grabbed Eren’s cock and pumped him, in rhythm with his thrusts. He felt Eren’s balls tightened up so he pumped faster.

“Cum for me, Eren.” That sentence was what sent Eren over the edge. Semen covered Levi’s hand, and Eren’s chest.

Levi grunted, hips stuttering at the feeling of Eren tightening around him. A couple of more thrusts, Levi released inside of Eren, riding his orgasm out. Once he was done, he pulled out, watching as the result of his release was leaking out of Eren’s twitching hole. He laid beside Eren, gathering him into his arms and holding him against his chest. Both men fell asleep and both feeling at painfully bliss.


“Rowena, sunshine. Where is Y/N?” you hear Castiel’s soft voice, but now it sounds totally different. Like Lucifer.

“I do not know, my lord,” Rowena answers, and you want to rush towards and say that you are here, but you are tied up. “Crowley hid her.”

“Rowena…” his voice becomes softer and nicer, so you realize that he is more than furious. Then it suddenly gets quiet, and, a second later, you hear the sound of a body falling on the ground. And that can mean only one thing - he read her thoughts and killed the witch. A second later the door into ‘your’ room is blown up. “Hey love,” you moan something, and he snaps his fingers, untying you.

“Hey, Luci,” you stand up, shaking from the week of constant sitting, and he catches you.

“Was that my doggy?”

“Your who again?”

“Doggy. Crowley,” he helps you walk out of the room, holding you with both hands.

“Yes,” you admit, feeling how Lucifer fills in with rage. “It’s ok, Lucifer.”

“Really? Let’s see how he will deal with my niceness,” you don’t dare tell him to let it go because you know that if Lucifer is full of hate, there is nothing that can possibly stop him from ‘paying back’ this debt. You walk into the throne room, as you are just keeping your hand on his elbow, perfectly knowing that you are walking next to the King. You never questioned that he is the King - since your very first meeting, you knew that the archangel will never be satisfied with something small, but needs the Kingdom.

“Your Majesty,” a random demon bows in front of Lucifer, and he turns to you, smiling as a little kid that finally got his new toys.

“I’m so proud of you,” you say out loud, and he grins.

“Thank you, Y/N,” he gently kisses your palm and heads to the throne, offering you a place on a smaller throne next to his. “Please, sit with me.”

“You are incredibly polite,” he winks at you and whispers loudly.

“I’m the King now. I need my Queen by my side,” you both laugh, and you realize that getting the power may have calmed him down for a while, so you can enjoy each other’s company until he decides to take over the Heaven.

I’m the king and you’re the queen.

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Author: Gore-writes
Characters: Negan x female reader
Words: 1,873
Warnings: Slight smut? Swearing, flirting, Negan’s filthly mouth. If sometimes else needs to be added let me know kindly!
Note: Feedback is greatly loved! This was based off a request I got from @ambroselunatic wanted a right-hand women to Negan fic! With a lil smut which I’m good at hah! Enjoy everyone! Also the title is from ‘Young god’ by Halsey!


You were peacefully sleeping, in your soft white bed. Wearing just a tank-top and black panties. You were having the most wonderful dream, that was before you were woken up by the sound of the door almost being blown off it’s hinges. You knew it was Negan, no one else could make such a stunning entrance. You opened your sleepy eyes and saw a male figure holding a bat, Lucille. Only one man around here carried a bat for a weapon and that was Negan. “We have a prob-well hello there.” He said with a cocky grin across that, really fucking pretty face. You gave out a soft hum and rolled onto my back so you could get a better view of him. “What?” You said, rubbing the sleep from my eyes. Negan gave out a chuckle before walking to the edge of your bed and crouched down to be face to face with you. “You look so fucking good.” Of course, he was thinking with the wrong head right now, when there was apparently a problem. “You big idiot I meant what is wrong? What is the fucking problem?” You pushed on his chest lightly. Sometimes this job was challenging, with Negan switching from one head to another at times. “Oh, fucking right.” He stood up, walking over to the coffee marker and started making coffee. “Well, a group killed a literal fuck-ton of our men.” You were shocked, had no words. You were always so on top of these things. You stood up from the edge of your bed and walked over to him, he was making fucking coffee at this time? You grabbed his arm and pulled him to look at him. “Who? Who fucking did it?” Your voice lowered, you were pissed. No one did this to you, and you were going to make them pay. “The group at Alexandria.” He simply said before handing you a cup of coffee. “We have no time for coffee Negan! We need to find them and fucking bash their faces in!”
“We can and fucking will, princess. But for now drink.” He used his gloved hand to tip the bottom of the cup up to your mouth. You drank some of it before swallowing and sighing. “I can’t believe I let this happen.” You blamed yourself, you were so watchful over these things. “You did nothing fucking wrong princess.” He took the coffee from you and sat it down onto the counter. “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of this.” He was about to leave before you grabbed his arm and pulled him closer to you. “No, fuck no. I’m going with you.” You were strong enough to do this, you wanted to make up for your mistake, your deadly mistake. Of course Negan probably wouldn’t let you. “My Queen doesn’t get herself into danger.” He said, you frowned and crossed your arms. “I’m not your Queen, you have five other women to give that title.” He chuckled before wrapping his arms around my waist. I wanted to go on his hunt for the fuckers who killed our men. So I pulled out the only thing I could. “Please..I promise I’ll stay by your side the whole fucking time, I won’t go off. Please Negan.”
“Fine princess, but you stay by me the whole fucking time.” He pulled away from you before heading the the door, gripping the knob. “Wait!” You shouted before blushing, knowing what you were about to say was risky. Negan looked at you cocking a brow. “D-Do you um…ur-like me?” On the inside you facepalmed at how stupid you must have sounded, Like a school girl with a crush on the flirty jock. You wanted to know after months of flirting if he really truly liked you, or if he just flirted with anything with tits. “Princess, princess princess. I didn’t know you were interested.”
“I’m not, I’m just curious.”
Negan chuckled, he didn’t believe you. And to be honest you didn’t believe you. “Princess, I’ve always liked you.” And with that, he opened the door and left. You were shocked to say the least. And, well you couldn’t help but be flattered by that. You thought about him while getting dressed, drinking the rest of your coffee and loaded your gun for tonight. You thought about it for hours until Simon knocked on your door, quickly shouting that you were leaving in five minutes with Negan in the RV. You agreed, maybe this was a chance to get closer to the top. Being his right-hand women wasn’t enough for a powerful women like you. Negan was the king, he needed a queen.
You were in the RV with Negan, as he drove along the bumpy road. You were sitting in the back booth, playing with your thumbs, getting ready. You had seen Negan kill before, walkers and people. But this time was different. “What are you going to do with them?” You asked out of curiosity. Negan chuckled and tapped the handle of Lucille, you knew what that meant. These people were about to meet the hard barbed bat named Lucille. You nodded, even though Negan couldn’t see you. You were to busy looking down that you didn’t even notice Negan pulling over into a wooded area. Where all of his men were waiting. You slid out of the booth and stood up and walked over to Negan, where he was now cleaning Lucille with a white piece of fabric. You stood behind the drivers seat and leaned over so you were close to Negan’s ear. You ran a finger down his jaw, and his rough salt and pepper beard before speaking. “I wanna watch.” You spoke softly, Negan tensed. “Aren’t you fucking scared?” He turned he head to look to the side, barely being able to see you. “No, it doesn’t make me scared. I’ve seen enough to not be scared of men anymore.” He ran his tongue over his teeth and kept cleaning the barbed wire of Lucille. “I like my females strong, you don’t take much fucking shit do you Y/N?” Your breathing became harder, faster. You wanted to keep it together, to prove you meant business. “No, I don’t. This world changed me, I don’t take orders from no man.” You ran both your hands down his chest, feeling the rough leather against your palms. Negan knew your past, he was the one who found you after all.
He stood up quickly and towered over you, you were rather short but strong as hell. “I’m your boss little princess.”
“I’m not like those whores you call wives, if you wanna fuck me, if you wanna make me yours. You agree that I’m just as fucking high as you. I’m the queen, anyone who gives me a funny look you take the iron to. I’m going out there with you, beside you, as your queen. Or, I can keep being your right-hand women and you will never get to lay a finger on me.” Negan was shocked, taken away by how strong you sounded, your voice not shaking one bit as you spoke. You looked down at the lump in his pants and smiled. “Do we have a fucking deal?” You held out your hand and grinned. He took it, he really fucking took your hand and shook it. Inside, you were screaming in happiness, you got to be with the man you fell in love with but still kept up with your standards. You were in love with Negan, and this way, everyone was happy. Then he did something you thought a man like him couldn’t do, he pulled you close to him and kissed you. “I’m the king and your the queen.” He spoke against your lips. Just as you were about to tell him to fuck you right then and there, you heard one of the men yell ‘Let’s meet the man.’ and then a knock. You grin looking at the door before Negan grabs Lucille and opens the door. “Pissing our pants yet?”
You stood beside him, smiling. Maybe you were just as sadistic as him. You enjoy watching him teach them a lesson. Most of the group were crying, shocked by Negan’s second kill. You watched everything. You met eyes with the leader, Rick. “I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Y/N.” You held out a hand to Rick, you waited for about five seconds before you felt Negan come up behind you. “I just tapped two of his people in the head princess, give the man a moment.” You smiled before walking back to the RV.
You waited for a good ten minutes. You stripped off muddy and bloody jacket, shirt, boots and pants so you were just in your underwear. A lace white bra and panties. You were about to slip off your bra before you heard Negan shout. “I’m going to go claim my prize now for kicking so much ass. Be back to grab you in a minute Rick.” Just as he finished his last word, he was opening the RV door, and quickly shut it behind him. When he noticed you sitting on the booth table, just wearing your underwear he spoke. “Ho-ly fuck.” He sat Lucille down next to the door before struting over to you. “You look damn good.” He licked his lips and leaned down to kiss you, but you put a finger to his lips. “Remember, I’m not a whore, don’t kiss me like one.” You removed your finger from his lips before leaning in to meet his lips. The kiss was filled with passion and love, rather then how you saw him kiss his wives, with lust rather then true love. You knew you were something else to him.
“Mmm, I like that.” You said groping your chest while Negan went down on you. The RV was filled with sounds of Negan licking and sucking on your pussy while pushing in two fingers into your hole. You couldn’t stay still, you needed something bigger in you. “Negan!” Your voice almost gave out when he sucked your clit into his mouth and lapped at it. He hummed against your pussy before you grabbed onto his hair and pulled him up from you. “This is very nice, but I need you inside me.” He grinned, his lips slick with your juices. He kissed up your body up to your neck before slipping just the tip into you. You pulled him down to kiss you, tasting your juice on his tongue and mouth. He was the biggest you’ve ever had inside of you, and it felt wonderful.
He rolled off of you after cumming and was panting heavliy. “Fucking fuck princess. That pussy is deadly.” You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t help but giggle. “I would perfer you not calling my pussy 'deadly’ but thank you.” He said kissing his cheek. “That was wonderful Negan.” You chuckled lowly. “We better get dressed.” You sighed out. Just as you were about to crawl off small bed in the RV you were pulled back down. “That prick can wait for me. My queen needs me.” Yes, this was going to be a great arrangement.

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: in the manga ace of diamond, more widely known as daiya no ace, miyuki kazuya is introduced as a catcher who is captivated by sawamura's displeasure against the lack of camaraderie shown by azuma kiyokuni, going so far as to volunteer to be a catcher for a guy he's never met. in fact, the mangaka yuji terajima has admitted in an interview that sawamura and miyuki's first meeting was incredibly shoujo-esque in nature. miyuki initially wants sawamura to get hit so he'd loosen up, but sawamura's basic instincts causes miyuki to switch tactics. he then goes on to say "i'm pretty interested in you! so let's take out that monster together as a couple!" which is obviously a teasing joke but the fact that his mind even wanders there as a joke makes one wonder if his mind was purely on baseball. finally, before they resume their challenge against azuma, miyuki calls sawamura partner and sawamura is clearly blown away by the simple term. eventually, the two manage to work together to beat azuma and sawamura is enchanted by the pitches that he threw that day, going as far to state "those pitches would change my life" in the first chapter. miyuki inspired sawamura to join the seidou baseball team as sawamura wants to play baseball with someone as incredible as miyuki. throughout the series, it's clear that miyuki and sawamura are attuned to each other in a way that no other battery could ever be. they both have an incredible level of respect for each other on the field; sawamura is completely faithful to miyuki's catcher sense while miyuki is constantly astounded and amazed by how much sawamura is growing. the only time that sawamura has shaken off a sign from miyuki has been to get over his yips, and miyuki understands him perfectly to ask for the pitch that eventually wins them the game. additionally, miyuki is very touchy with sawamura, constantly slinging an arm around his shoulders or giving him tiny, physical encouragements/comfort. the latter can be seen when he presses his hand against the small of sawamura's back when it is revealed that sawamura has yips, which is one example of many. furthermore, in the chapter where sawamura overcomes his yips, miyuki refers to sawamura as a sprout of a great big "eye-catching flower". he then goes on to state that sawamura's "flower" is "small for now, but very strong." "what kind of flower will bloom in the future is up to you." this demonstrates that miyuki has great faith in sawamura's potential and believes that he will be able to catch up to furuya or even surpass him to become the ace. in conclusion, it is completely devastating to see sawamura and miyuki do a great big mating dance around each other when one of them should just bite the bullet and ask the other out.

Look I’m Team Acceptance but occasionally when I see dumb ass fuck antis still try to go “LOLZ Beth brain was blown out her head. She’s dead.” I want to roll my eyes so damn hard they end up correcting themselves back to 20/20 vision.

Like no asshats, Beth can come back alive because it’s called a) Real Life because it has happened to many real human beings in the real world and B) which is the big one so I’m gonna slowly spell it out for you:  F.I.C.T.I.O.N meaning the writer can have it be that Jesus himself came down from the heavens above, placed his hand upon Beth’s head and cured her with a touch because that’s how he’s gonna have Beth Greene survive. 

So I say to any Team Delusional members, when anti comes to your inbox to start this boring repetitive shit argument again, you link them to this video (originally from YT channel Game Theory) leave it at that, and make them those anti’s look like the dumb dipshits they are.

some soc modern au(?)

* nina and matthias share a place out in the country (nina wanted an apartment in the city but the look on matthias’s face when they saw the house made her heart melt)
* sometimes jesper wakes up in the middle of the night to find wylan playing the flute or the piano but he doesn’t say anything because he never hears wylan play like this during the day so he just listens until wylan crawls back into bed with him
* inej finds a little coffee shop when she accidentally took a wrong turn and now goes in there every morning to read a bit
* she has glasses
* kaz thinks it’s adorable but doesn’t say anything
* nina always finds out about plays and concerts that are in town and makes everyone dress up and go with her
* they all look flawless
* when they see a really good symphony one day wylan gets blown away by the flutes and decides he wants to be in a symphony
* “wait you mean i have to audition?!” “yes wylan, that’s how you get into a symphony” “you know maybe i’ll just be a soloist”
* kaz sometimes just leaves the house to go on walks without telling inej and she doesn’t even worry because she knows he’ll be fine
* matthias never takes his life for granted and when he’s feeling happy he just walks up to nina and sweeps her off her feet and it’s the cutest thing ever
* jesper knows if wylan’s had a bad day so he always takes him to a movie or something and wylan knows if jesper’s had a bad day so he just makes cookies and hugs him a lot to make him feel better
* colm fahey discovers snapchat
* “jesper, how do you do the face thing?” “da, i’ve already told you, tap and hold” “it’s not working” “because you’re not doing it right!”
* he always sends nina selfies and stuff he’s doing and she finds it hilarious but also adorable
* one day kaz decides to take inej out to dinner
* inej is actually kind of suspicious like he’s never done this before
* he claims he was just in it for the good food but no
* imonadatewithinejimonadatewithinej she looks so pretty???
* he can’t get over the fact that she just looks so nice like the lighting is perfect and everything and he kinda wants to kiss her but they’re in public and also consent
* nina wants to take inej shopping but jesper wants to come too and now everyone’s shopping together and no one really knows how but it makes nina super happy
* “oh my god jesper you would look amazing in this lipstick”
* but jesper’s never actually worn makeup before and he’s super excited
* nina gives him a full on makeover and he looks perfect
* wylan’s secretly going insane because jesus christ jesper looks awesome
* but he’s happy when jesper takes off the makeup because come on jesper’s a work of art
* inej gets into wearing sundresses
* she invites the whole crew to have a picnic because she and kaz have this huge beautiful backyard surrounded by forest
* nina and matthias bring these adorable little sandwiches that took over an hour to make correctly
* like nina was yelling at matthias while he was laughing at her
* “matthias, they have to be perfect triangles!!!”
* jesper and wylan bring cookies and nearly burned the house down trying to bake them but it was actually a really cute bonding experience
* inej and kaz quietly roll out a blanket and inej makes tea and they wait for the others to show up
* it’s a nice sunny afternoon and everyone’s pretty happy to be around each other