i want a bb gun

Me: Wow that’s a sharp knife. Why does it have holes?

Family friend: Oh, so they bleed out faster! :D

anonymous asked:

possible prompt: jimin using his flawless shooter skills in a carnival game to win tae yet another lion plushie and insisting that he gets the big lion when the guy at the stand keeps trying to give him a small one

plink. plink. plink. plink 

the stall owner blinks as jimin knocks down ten ducks in a row with frightening accuracy. he’s more of a knife type of person but he’s used a gun before.

“i want the lion!” taehyung says brightly as jimin lowers the bb gun. “yayayayay!”

the man sighs and takes a lion plushie down. “here – “

“the big one!” taehyung pouts and the man frowns. 

“but – “ a bb gun bullet whizzes three centimeters in front of his nose and rips through the tent behind him. the man stops dead, eyes wide. 

“oops,” jimin says. “my bad. can we get the big lion?” 

with the giant lion plushie tucked under taehyung’s arm, the duo walk away hand-in-hand. taehyung even tosses a wave behind him and the man shudders. 

“you’re the best, jiminnie!” taehyung grins and jimin squeezes his hand and smirks a little. 

“i know.”