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wait trans marco is canon??????

Essentially. They haven’t said the word “transgender” and may or may not ever be allowed to, but in yesterday’s episode “Heinous,” Marco is essentially ‘outed’ to her parents as Miss Heinous comes to her house and explains that Princess Marco started an uprising in St. Olga’s, and demands justice. Marco is consistently gendered as female throughout the episode by everyone but her parents, even in the beginning when she’s not in the princess getup (Heinous actually compliments her ‘super cute new haircut.’) 

It’s then confirmed that Marco has been continuing to inspire wayward princesses to resist their oppressors as Princess Marco, and has willfully encouraged and known about this and maintained this persona without her parents’ or Star’s knowledge, and she refers to herself as “Ya girl Marco” happily before being reminded about Heinous’s existence. After the episode ends and everyone is safe, Marco, her family, and Star have a game night, and Marco says something like, “Can I stay in the dress?”

The entire episode is also peppered with coming-out double entendres, where Marco’s parents say things like “Is there anything else we should know?” “I’m not sure we should be mad,” etc., and then afterwards it being implied they were talking about their child inciting the rebellion in St. O’s, and aren’t paying attention to the Princess thing.

Heinous isn’t in the Season 2 finale but still has some cliffhangers related to her plotline so Marco will most likely start being gendered as female in regular, non-St. O’s related episodes after some more plot with her happens in season 3, for now she’s still mostly closeted.

tl;dr Marco has been secretly presenting as female part-time since halfway through Season 1 and is undeniably coded as a closeted trans girl at this point, will almost certainly properly transition over the course of Season 3. 


Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz

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Otayuri's song is Lana Del Rey's new Song "love" it is so beautiful just like the ship ----

uhm yes okay please go listen to it here because it’s actually breathtaking

“But you get ready, you get all dressed up
To go nowhere in particular
Back to work or the coffee shop
It don’t matter because it’s enough
To be young and in love.”

Consider a goddamn montage of these two cruising around on Beka’s motorbike, bathed in the golden sunset skies of Almaty, Yuri resting his head on Otabek’s back and just realising fuck he’s in love.

Everything’s new and exciting and do-or-die, because it’s their first time and they swear no one’s ever felt so strongly about another person as they feel about each other in the history of time and just

young love, my guys

“Deeper than blood
Greater than love
Theirs is a union
The ‘Demon’
 and the Goddess” [LISTEN]

  1. Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love
  2. Within Temptation - Lost
  3. Amanda Lee - Erased OP/ED
  4. Thousand Foot Krutch - Hurt
  5. Bastille - Skulls
  6. Nightwish - Forever Yours
  7. Radical Face - Welcome Home, Son
  8. The Unforgiven II - Metallica 
  9. Two Steps From Hell - His Brightest Star Was You
  10. Nightwish - Alpenglow
  11. Katie Herzig - Human Too
  12. Wolf Alice - Silk
  13. Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream
  14. Future World Music - Eternal Love
  15. Blue Oyster Cult - Veteran Of The Psychic Wars
  16. Red - Pieces
  17. Starset - Halo

A revamped fanmix dedicated to my favorite space-faring pair, John and Cortana. 


ok, so here are all the new characters we’ve learned about in the past 2 days:

mirembe and kimiko, former overwatch agents who were present during the same time as ana. both probably around her age or 10 years younger ; efi oladele, an 11 year old genius who creates robots and AI; and (possibly) anchora, an omnic tank hero created by efi, but shes a leak so we cant be 100% sure

doomfist still doesnt have pictures but he is confirmed to not be an omnic, theres also a greek character whos voice actor has been found but no other details for now.

Okay but we know Roxy used to drink a lot, right?

Imagine once she got better she still has all these drink glasses
She brews tea in a wine glass
She pours cough syrup in a shot glass
Dirk comes over in the morning to visit her and she’s sitting on the couch, eating cereal and milk out of a giant margarita glass, offers him a champagne flute of chocolate milk
She won’t go near alcohol but serves everyone wine glasses full of hot cocoa and marshmallows, there’s vodka bottles being used as flower vases, bottle corks for cat toys
Imagine Roxy getting better and being healthy and making the best of a bad past to make a better life for herself

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You know you're a little overrated? Especially your small thing to two giants series, it isn't even that good

Firstly, I don’t think I’d say that I am ‘overrated’. At this point I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve the amount of followers that I have, every time my follower count goes up I’m shocked that more people are choosing to follow me.

Secondly, Small Thing to Two Giants isn’t for everyone. Not everyone reads or enjoys poly fics and that’s okay. And hey maybe it isn’t that great, but a lot of people enjoy the concept and the dynamic that I have written about. You don’t have to like STTTG, no one is telling you you have to enjoy it. So instead of telling me ‘it isn’t even that good’ perhaps you could give me some actual constructive criticism explaining why you don’t like the series?