i want 2 get high so bad

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high school !!!!!

reputation analysis - 10000/10

1. …Ready For It: was never ready for it, but thank you taylor for your attempt at mentally and physcially preparing me

2. End Game: “reputation precedes both of us”, rap, and “A Team” all made an appearance in the same song??…

3. I Did Something Bad: makes me want to smash something

4. Don’t Blame Me: “lord save me my drug is my baby”. sooooo is she getting high cause of all the wine she’s been drinking?

5. Delicate: “HE MUST LIKE ME FOR ME!” YES this is everything my girl deserves

6. LWYMMD: sassiest song to ever exist

7. So It Goes…: he cant keep his wild eyes on the road. JK “autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place” >>> “all the pieces fall into place” lol sorry I can’t stop making references with this song

8. Gorgeous: DING

9. Getaway Car: “a circus ain’t a love story” “nothing good starts in a getaway car”… not gonna lie, this song kinda hits mah heart

10. King Of My Heart: beat drop real fast WOAH! Def makes me feel like driving around in my non-existent expensive car at  2am in NYC  

11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied: “deep blue but you painted me golden” and “I loved you in spite of deep fears that the world would divide us” and that’s all I have to say about that

12. Dress: AHHH how the anticipation is killing me. “everybody thinks they know us but they know nothing” THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! he is her LIFELINE. also umm… Taylor did you get a golden tattoo?

13. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: she used the word “shady”… oh wait I change my mind. THIS is the sassiest song to ever exist. DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE LAUGH!!

14. Call It What You Want: Absolute perfect song to listen to right before New Years Day. I will love this one forever

15. New Years Day: drumroll….. the most beautiful end to the most beautiful album. yasss gurl find you a man that cleans up with you after a party. THIS IS TRUE LOVE SOMEONE HOLD ME


So, let me explain this garbage. I watched Leap Year the other day and thought “I should write a fanfic based on this!” but then I remembered I can’t write so I decided to draw out my favourite scenes like comics starring my Ereri babies.

If you’ve never seen the movie, basically Levi wants to get engaged but Erwin isn’t getting the hint so Levi follows him to Ireland to propose on leap day, which is like some old tradition, but he gets stuck in bumfuck-nowhere and hires Eren to get him to Dublin and, of course, shenanigans ensues.

I just really wanted a sassy high-maintenance Levi and a charming kind-of-jerk Eren. This’ll probabably have several parts because there’s so many scenes I want to do…

Part 2/Part 3/Part 4

It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again:

There needs to be a Dishonored 2 DLC where you play as Jessamine and your only goal is to be seduce Corvo into a romance with you. 

Low chaos is earned when you’re super smooth and suave. No one suspects a thing because you’re so subtle and only Corvo really gets what’s going on and even then, he’s still not sure if you’re really trying to seduce him. 

High chaos comes with being a thirsty ass bitch trying to get that D, being basically like “paint me like one of your French girls” and the palace staff are pretending not to notice while Corvo is just internally screaming and being pulled along for the ride. 

Voltron High School Host Club

I was thinking about this last night re-watching Season 2.  Pidge is obviously our Haruhi, but the rest of the characters just don’t match up 100% so some things need shaking up.  here are my thoughts.

-Allura could be the founder of the club and its charismatic “princess”, but less airheaded than tamaki obvs.  I say this with love.  consider: she’s the reason the voltron team came together in the first place.  I think it’s appropriate.  and as an added bonus, you get Allura being a charming host to all genders!

-(Lance wants really bad to be a player and a possibly a leader but since he isn’t either of those, I’m sticking with Allura)

-side note: I’m kinda meh on shipping as a whole tho so I’m not really interested in carrying over parallel relationship stuff from OHSHC to this crossover/au thing?

-Shiro doesn’t quite fit “the cool, wild type” but he’s the closest thing we’ve got to a Mori and obviously he has his own appeal.  also he’s now apparently a high schooler?  idk, everyone is high schoolers now.  you heard it here first.

-I guess we could also age down Coran but I think it’s more likely he’s the club butler (or just Allura’s personal butler), so…

-no Hani equivalent but that’s fine with me tbh.  I like Hani but…yeah, don’t think we have or need a Voltron character to parallel that whole dynamic.

-unless it’s a horribly hilarious subversion with Slav

-again, not a shipper, but in the place of Hikaru and Kaoru’s weird play-acted(?) “forbidden love” appeal (never my favorite thing anyway) you could always just…use Keith and Lance’s apparently-irresistible animosity instead?  just tsundere it up.  idk.  this one’s weird but it makes me laugh, mainly because I like the idea of the club guests acting like the fandom.

-alternately I know they have their own individual appeal–Keith’s tough-yet-vulnerable loner attitude, Lance’s special brand of charm based around corny pickup lines and fun-loving personality, they could totally rock it solo.

-Hunk is of course the only one without any clear parallels to make, b/c you don’t really…find characters like him portrayed as appealing in manga, for the most part?  or anywhere.  but WE’RE GONNA CHANGE THAT.  Hunk’s appeal comes from his strength, his kind nature, and his baking skills.  I guess he’s like…the husband-type??? is that a thing??? it is now.

-I had more thoughts than I expected!  I’m sure someone will turn up to suggest I shuffle the roles around some way, anyway, so who knows what will stick.

"Well that's a Relief" (James McAvoy Smut/Fluff)

A/N Getting some up today. I hope you like this.

Warnings: Unprotected Sex. (please use protection)

I needed something to do. I have been sitting at home for about 3 weeks straight heartbroken.
James and I broke up. But my best friend had to come over and cheer me up.
“Hello Darling I’m here” My best friend Ryan yelled.
“I’m in here.” Shouting from my bedroom.
“Your still in bed?” He asked.
“Yeah.” I said pulling the blanket over my head.
“We’re going out tonight.” He said pulling the blanket off my face.
“No. I don’t want to.” I said pulling back over my head.
“As your best friend. I have to find you a rebound and maybe me even a guy for me.” He said.
“Okay fine. But only for a little bit.” I say.
“Okay come on. I’m picking out your outfit. Go get a shower. You stink.” Ryan says walking over to my closet.
I get up and walk over to my bathroom. I undress and hop in the shower.
After I washed my hair and shaved every unwanted hair off my body I got out and blow dried my hair.
Ryan was downstairs waiting for me to get ready. After my makeup and hair was done I walked into my room to see a short black dress with some red heels.
“That man knows how to pick out an outfit.” I thought to myself.
I definitely felt self-conscious. The dress was tight. But I went to the club anyway.
We flashed our IDs to the bouncer and went into the club.
We went straight to the bar.
“What do you want?” The bartender asked.
Ryan said something that I had never heard of.
After we got our drinks we headed to the dance floor. We danced for about 2 hours. A few guys danced with me but they all got rejected.
Ryan was plastered and was talking to this group of girls when I saw James.
“Hey I’m gonna go.” I told Ryan.
He just slurred some words that I didn’t understand and went back to talking to the girls.
I walked out of the club but I felt someone watching me.
When I was home I walked in and tried to close the door but someone was in the way.
“So who is he?” James said bursting through the door.
“Who?” I ask.
“The guy you were with ” He yells shutting the door.
“He is just a friend.” I yell back.
“Oh yeah. Just a friend. So how long have you been with him?” He yells again.
“I’m not with him. He is my friend…” I was going to go on but out of nowhere James kissed me. He didn’t break the kiss as he pushed me against the wall.
“You have been a bad girl. You need to be punished.” He said to me.
I pulled on his shirt and he took it off. He unzipped my dress.
“You look so good.” He said as he started kissing my neck. I moaned as he reached my sweet spot.
“Jump.” He said. I did so and he walked us up to my room. He tossed me on the bed and took off his pants. Leaving both of us just in our underwear.
That didn’t last long as he unhooked my bra and pulled off my underwear.
“How bad do you want me?” He asked.
“James. I want you so bad. I need you inside me right now.” I moaned.
“Y/N your wish is my command.” He said as he pushed into me.
He thrusted slowly then gained speed as time went on.
“You feel so good.” He said.
I moaned in response. As soon as his thrusts started to get sloppy I know he was close. I started feeling a pit in my stomach.
“I’m close.” I said.
“Me too” He said.
“On three. 1..2..3..” He said.
We climaxed and rode out our highs.
He collapsed next to me and I fell asleep in his arms.
*the morning*
“Good morning Y/N” He said as I rolled over.
“Good morning.” I say stretching.
“You know that guy last night. His name is Ryan and he is gay.” I say laughing.
“Oh well I didn’t know that. Actually that’s kind of a relief.” He laughed.

Electric Current - Jughead x Reader


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I wrote something that’s been in my head for a while. I’m sorry for my frequent departures lately. I hope to so 2 requests tomorrow night. Thanks for always reading. It’s appreciated. Happy Riverdale premiere.

Y/N walked through the grungy and beat up halls of Southside High unaware of the people around her. This had been her 6th school since she was 6 and her second high school. She knew by now not to get comfortable. Not to make any real friends - because what was the point. She just wanted to be left alone. However she would soon learn, that trying to act her age and to be around people who enjoyed her company wasn’t such a bad thing.

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Connor Murphy x Waitress!Reader Headcanons

a.n.: some hcs based on the waitress musical and deh bc I love both?? sorry if this is bad… it’s my first headcanon post. imagine it’s like 5-10 years in the future

• ok so connor comes into the diner one day high and hungry af
• u come over to ask what he wants to order
• “idk whatever tastes the best@
• so ofc you get him one of your famous pies
• while ur cutting a slice connor notices that u look really cute in your waitress outfit?? like he’s known you for all of 2 seconds but dang?? ur a cutie
• u come back to the table to give connor his pie and he snaps back into reality
• he notices u have a bit of a baby bump
• u take notice of this and “I’m about 3 months so far”
• “who’s the father?”
• “its a long story and I don’t really want to talk about it”
• awkward silence woWIE
• “can I get you anything else?”
• “no, sorry”
• fUNK connor just screwed up his chances with a really cute girl
• there’s only one way to make this better
• come in every day and try to win your heart ofc
• and that’s just what he does
• it becomes a daily routine, u get Connor a slice of pie and have small talk which turned into actual (and sometimes deep) conversations
• connor tells you his familial problems and you tell him the story of how you got pregnant (cue “The Negative” starting to play)
• dawn and becky totally have a bet going on how long before y’all get together
• as you get further into your pregnancy connor becomes extremely protective
• u have to reach up to get something ?? hahaha nO Connor will get it
• this also led to the accidental kiss incident™ and careless whisper playing on the jukebox oops
• that kiss leads to more kisses??
• you finish making a pie? boom. kiss. you fill up the mustard and ketchup bottles ?? smorch
• u don’t mind at all
• you’re in the middle of taking an order and shIR… your water breaks
• connor: Panic Mode Activate™
• connor makes u drop everything and y’all blast to the hospital
• when you get to your room the doctor rolls in
• “is this the father?” :-)
• you both blush
• before connor can say anything you say yes
• connor is stunned like you want him apart of your child’s life ?? What if he isn’t good enough ?? what if he turns out like his father ??
• you kiss him to reassure him
• “con, anyone would be lucky to have you as a dad”
• what did he ever do to deserve you??
• “ok now I need to get this child out of me because it hurts”
• you had a surprisingly smooth delivery
• connor loves your baby,, they look just like u but in little human form
• what a happy family y’all are
• scute

Glass drippin’ honey (NCT). Episode 1.

Pairing: NCT x Reader (giant mess with multiple options romance).

Characters: Reader, Ten, Yuta, Jaehyun, Winwin, Taeyong and Johnny.

Warnings: Cursing words, violence, death mention and sexual innuendos.

Modern angel/ Demon AU.

Note: Before you start reading this i want to say that this is a fanfic with about 16 episodes, so it is long. But you can count with one chapter every wednesday because it is fully written already.

Word counting:  1.485

Summary: The summer break after your high school graduation is coming to an end but an unexpected occurrence makes your life turn 180º. You get immersed into a new sphere where you can trust no one and the good and bad guys can’t almost be told apart.

Ep.1- Ep.2- Ep.3- Ep.4- Ep.5- Ep.6- Ep.7- Ep.8- Ep.9- Ep.10- Ep.11- Ep.12- Ep.13- Ep.14

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anonymous asked:

Be completely and brutally honest: if a student wants to get into a Chem major but isn't really good at math, are they doomed and should probably look for a different major?

Ok, honesty time: It doesn’t really matter. At all. It probably kind of depends on the field you go into, but you’ll learn whatever specialized math you need for that field when you’re actually in it, anyways. In college you should focus on getting the basic concepts and skills, and grades you need for anything after college.

I SUCKED at math. Seriously sucked. I only took 3 years in high school (algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2). No precalc. No calc. Nothing even remotely CLOSE to advanced. In college I did similarly, skipped out on math my first year (I was petrified since I was SO bad in high school) and then only took calc 1 and 2 and then the algebra based physics classes (I was scared of calc based). I’d say I’ve done pretty well for myself in chemistry so far, though I am organic/synthetic chem. 

I’d say don’t sweat it, if you want to do something and you love it, go for it. You’ll learn as you go and you’ll get good at the things you’re supposed to be good at. 

I went to the doctor yesterday for my physical and my blood pressure initially was 190/100.

I told them I was nervous and I hate the blood pressure cuff but they apparently don’t give two fucks.

The doctor came in all pissy and gloom and doom and essentially told me I was now considered Stage 2 hypertension and needed multiple meds to regulate my pressure.

I tried to explain my anxiety and white coat related anxiety and he was pretty persistent that white coat hypertension doesn’t make your pressure that high and that I was dying. I swear, he didn’t use those words but his face totally gave that impression.

I told him to give me the benefit of the doubt and take my pressure again and he didn’t really want to at first but I kinda persisted and then when they did it was 150/95 which is much more closer to my normal fat girl blood pressure.

However, because I had a high reading in the ER 3 weeks ago, he’s convinced I’m a walking stroke and of course that was all I needed to hear with my broken brain and now I’m just waiting to have my brain leak out of my head when it explodes from a stroke.

I have the pills in my house..I picked them up. However, I am still fighting the decision to actually take them. I know it’s stubborn but I also know I am 50 pounds over weight and haven’t worked out in months and I’m eating garbage and under so much stress I often think dying isn’t such a bad thing…so I just want to give the lifestyle change option one more chance.

If I go back to see him in 2 weeks after dieting and exercising and trying to get my head right and my pressure is still super high I swear on everything I have that I will take the fucking pills and shut the fuck up about it.

Until then…I am just going to walk my ass off, cut the garbage out and try to stay alive for the next 14 days doing shit my way.

This is either really smart…or really fucking stupid. I’ll let you know which next month.

What does a quality clinical psychology graduate program look like?

I’ve gotten a lot of asks about how to tell which programs- mostly clinical psych, but I think other sorts of mental health clinician training programs -are high quality programs, with training in evidence-based practice, with focus in both clinical work and research, that will lead to most students gaining the skills they need for their careers. And on the flip side, how to tell if a program is not so high quality. Thanks to the anons and @the-e-r for sending in their questions!

So here is a list to consider when evaluating a potential program. I think this will most highly apply when looking at clinical psychology and probably counseling psychology doctoral programs, but for other sorts of programs many things will also apply. 

  • Is the program accredited? 
    • APA-accreditation is the minimum standard. You need this to get many jobs, and it will be very difficult to get licensed without it. 
  • Is the program funded? If so, how?
    • If the program is a doctoral program and it is not funded, that is a huge red flag. I would discount it immediately. Master’s programs are often unfunded. How a doctoral program is funded will give you an indication of what the program’s priorities are and how it’s connected- is it mostly teaching? research? clinical practicum? a mix? 

  • Is the program attached to a university? If so, what kind?
    • If the program is “free standing,” aka not attached to any regular university, that’s also a huge red flag. I would recommend not applying to any of those schools. Although the particular school a program is attached to will not necessarily tell you how good the program itself is (like- PGSP-Stanford is okay but not funded and not as good as you would assume given it’s quasi-association with Stanford) but it gives you a starting reference point, particularly regarding the faculty and resources available to the program. 

  • How many students are admitted per year?
    • A quality clinical/counseling program typically admits between 5-15 people a year (sometimes but rarely less). Greater than that would be a red flag to me for any doctoral program, I would not consider a program that regularly admits 20 or more. (My guess is that this would vary depending on the master’s program).

  • What is the attrition rate?
    • Attrition is the number of students leaving the program for any reason, and should be listed on the program’s website. It can be tough since we’re talking such small class sizes- like if the program admits 8 and 2 leave, that’s 25%, which sounds big but may not be meaningful. So look at patterns over time. Are people often leaving? Does at least one person, or particularly, multiple people, leaving from every class admitted? That could indicate several red flags- a) they are cutting people after year 1 or 2 (and plan to do so), which is bad for you (and I just disagree with that practice); 2) students are leaving because the program is bad or at least one of the faculty are bad to work with; 3) the program is not good at selecting students to admit (and so picks students with bad fit or who aren’t ready or some other thing) and then might be doing a bad job helping those students. High attrition is a yellow flag, for me- something to investigate.

  • What’s the graduation rate?
    • This is the flip-side of attrition- you want people who are admitted to be largely successfully getting through that program and getting to a job. 

  • How many graduates get pass the EPPP and get licensed?
    • Nearly every graduate of a doctoral clinical or counseling program should successfully get licensed. It’s really pretty rare that a clinical/counseling psychologist would not need or want to get licensed (even if they are researchers), and if the rate is low it usually means a) the program is bad in general or b) the program is very research focused and fails students in the clinical area. 

  • What is the internship match rate? (For APA-accredited programs?) How does the program support students to get an internship?
    • You want an APA-accredited match rate of at least 90%. I would throw out all the programs with less than 85% (and really be very cautious until you get to 90-95%- most of the good programs are at least the low 90s). You want students who are matching on their first round, to internships that meet their training goals. The program should be helping students to achieve this by helping them find good internships, put together their materials, practice for interviews, etc. 

  • Where do graduates go after graduation- both short term (like postdoc) and long term? How does the program help students get where they want to go?
    • Graduates of a good program should leave the program with a job, in their field, in their speciality, that they want. Do not accept a program where people end up in bullshit jobs after 3-7 (or more!) years of post-college education. Make sure some of these graduates are doing the kinds of things you think you might want to do. 

  • How does mentorship work?
    • There are multiple kinds of mentorship models in doctoral programs. Most quality clinical and counseling psychology doctoral programs have students matched to a mentor from the beginning, that they will work with throughout grad school. That’s a green flag. It’s not necessarily bad if the program has another mentorship model, but there needs to be some kind of model. Some of the low quality schools have basically no mentorship model, which makes it hard to conduct research, develop as a professional and make networking connections. 
  • What does a typical week look like for a student?
    • Talk to the program, and to individual students, about what typical weeks are like. This will give you an idea, again, about what the program’s priorities are for students. How much research time? How much clinical time? How diverse is it- do students get to create their own schedules to achieve their own goals? Is one teaching because they want to be a professor at a liberal arts school while the other is doing an extra practica at a school because they have a interest in development? That’s a green flag. If students are overworked and not getting to the things that matter to them- that’s a red flag. If they are spending a lot of time doing clinical work but not a lot of time getting clinical training- that’s a red flag. 
  • What is the practica and who does the clinical training?
    • In a quality school, clinical practica should be diverse. Students should train in multiple settings with multiple populations under multiple supervisors. They should learn multiple techniques, and those techniques should be evidence-based. They should be able to clearly explain how to they train their students and why. It’s a red flag if students are only in the department clinic. It’s a red flag if training is mostly or entirely disconnected from the department. It’s a yellow flag if faculty do none of the clinical training- it can sometimes indicate the faculty are totally research focused, which can impair the connection between science and practice. 

  • What are the faculty’s theoretical orientations? What is their training background? Their interests?
    • Who the faculty are will give you a sense of what they want the students to learn and to be as professionals. I tend to think a diversity of interests- research interests and clinical expertise -is important because it maximizes student access to resources. 

  • What kind of research resources are there in the program? What kind of expectations do they have for students?
    • A program that prioritizes research should have resources available to students to aid them in that, whether that’s personnel (stats experts, for example), materials (an fMRI or stats software) or money. 

  • What are typical topics for master’s theses and dissertations? Where is data collected? What kinds of resources are there for students to aid them in research?
    • By getting a sense of what’s usually done, you’ll know what the real resources are, and how prioritized research really is. If people are often doing undergrad surveys, then that’s a red flag. If people are doing complex research using a variety of procedures in a variety of populations- particularly clinical populations -that’s a huge green flag. But ask what’s available now, for you, given your interests, because access to resources and communities changes all the time. 

  • What conferences do students typically go to? Is there any funding for conferences?
    • Conferences that programs go to will give you a sense of their priorities and interests. Do they go to APA? ABCT? APS? Does each lab go to a speciality conference for their area? There isn’t necessarily a wrong answer, but a good program will be involved with at least one conference and it should line up with your interests. They should also pay you to go- that’s a green flag. 

  • What other sorts of training experiences does the program offer? (Outside of regular classes) Seminars? Clinical training? Do they have speciality “tracks” or “minors”? Do they have connections with other departments? Do they bring in speakers from other schools? Do they do professional development seminars?  
    • A quality program should offer other training and professional development experiences, although what those might be will vary. But sometimes low quality programs use things kinds of things- especially “minors” or similar things -to sell the idea that their program is better than others. Watch that carefully. Sometimes a program with a “minor” or whatever does a have special training experience, which is great- but a “minor” will not be recognized beyond a line on your CV, so take it as a training experience and not anything more. 

Shabbat shalom

What a wicked week.

We never open wine unless we have guests but I needed a glass (or two). I have a nice buzz going and whew. SO GLAD this week is over.

Just high impact. AD was sick. I didn’t like J very much. Started my period (which is probably why I didn’t like J very much). But it was just late enough for me to panic and pee on stick. Kids had a hearing screening in the city. I got a lovely migraine from the high hormone birth control. We went to some Halloween event where a friend’s mom told me that adopting the kids would ruin our lives. Just lots of fun stuff.

But it’s Shabbat. And I like J again (mostly) and he’s curled up next to me learning some boring af bored game. It’s predictable and comforting and I love it.

High hormone birth control. My bleeding has stopped so I should probably get off it because the migraines and it just seems bad for you. I have low hormone and could likely skip my period altogether. Or I could just get off birth control. It’s not like we can conceive without help anyway. But honestly, I don’t want to take the chance. During my panic earlier this week I was thinking melodramatic thoughts like my life would be over, my body would be (more) ruined, and Gd please no. I guess I’m not ready for baby #2.

Oy. My brain hurts. I just typed a bunch of stuff and deleted it. The kids blah blah judgmental adults blah blah the system blah blah blah blah blah. Nothing new.

Oh! That bitch that yelled at me at pick up last month? I forgot my double stroller for drop off today (we use two single strollers while out as a family sometimes) and panicked. She was parked next to me and offered to push a stroller. And she was so unbelievably nice. We talked about foster care and her divorce and step kids (it’s a long walk, I fucking hate it) and she even apologized at one point for being unfriendly. I could have kissed her feet. And that was probably the only good moment from this week.


“Don’t eat all your candy at once!”
“Trick or treat!”
“Let me check those before you eat them.”
“Wait, we get candy? I guess it can’t be that bad then.”
“There’s so many treats here, I’ll die of sugar high.”
“Here, try this. Tell me if it’s any good.”
“Did you want to go on the carriage ride?”
“I’ve heard the haunted woods are to die for!”
“Bobbing for apples? How childish.”
“You’re just scared you’ll lose.”
“There’s so many booths. What should we do first!?”
“We should get our fortune told!”
“What do you mean you don’t believe in that stuff!?”
“Ghosts? Where!?”
“Stop messing with me!”
“The decorations are beautiful!”
“What!? No, I’m not buying that for you!”
“Come on, don’t make me beg.”
“Would you stop jumping out and scaring people!?”
“If you scare me one more time I’m pushing you into the springs!”
“Look at how cute this is!”
“Can we stop and get a drink?”
“Ooooh, we can go get our fortune told!”
“The air smells wonderful…”
“These clothes are soooo cute!”
“Archery? Gods, I’m so awful at that.”
“Think we should buy a love potion?”
“Maybe they have a potion to fix your attitude.”
“Those apples look so good.”
“Candied apples, candied beets, candied candy –”

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Errybody so stressed out...

The world is so incredibly huge and there’s so much I want to see and do and learn. Whilst I make a lot of experiences in medicine I could never have otherwise, it’s also very time consuming. Sometimes as I sit over my books I worry that medicine will prevent me from discovering the world more than it allows me to learn about it. It just stresses me out that I may never get a year off to travel the world or that I’ll be so tired after work every day that I’ll just slump down in front of the tv. - anon

  • See the cool thing about medicine is that it compensates you well enough that if you’re smart with your money and your time, you can take time off and travel the world. You could go practice medicine on a volunteer basis overseas and experience new cultures. Medicine can be the thing you use to explore the world rather than keeping you from it. Also you can tailor your hours and schedule to get the work/life balance you want. Yes, you have to put in crazy hours in training, but it’s not a requirement once you’re out in the real world. But also, remember that there are careers in medicine besides being a doctor that will allow for a better work/life balance, so don’t rule out those options either.  -WMD

Hiya W! I’m having a bit of trouble at the moment, I just feel lost. I’m 2/3 through my degree, and I have spent my time mucking around or struggling with the work, and getting marks that won’t allow me into medicine. I’ve struggled with what to I want to do, and I’ve realised too late that my heart is set on med. I live in a country where weighted entry to med exists (sig harder for me to get in), and large emphasis is placed on grades. I don’t rly know what I’m asking, but do you have advice:) - anon

  • Hmm, I’m not sure if I have any great advice because I don’t know how the systems work in other countries. But is it possible for you to apply in another country? Or take some time to re-do some classes and bring your grades up? Is there another medical-type career you can pursue with your current grades? Have you looked into all your options? And if this is something you are dead set on, are you willing to give up the time it may take to remediate and start some things over so you can make the better grades? -WMD

I’m a pre-med and doing okay-ish academically. Only thing is I got 2 test grades back that are less than stunning. I know the obvious answer is to stop wallowing in self-pity and work harder. Problem is, getting a poor grade makes me so ashamed, I shy away from the class. It’s been this way since high school – I would get a bad grade and just want to hide. I know it’ll get worse– Orgo is on the horizon, med school is rough, and being an MD is harsh. How do I lose this attitude & push forward? -anon

  • Here friend, this is the post for you. Read it, meditate on it, print it out and put it on your dorm wall next to your Bob Marley poster. And then when you’ve been working hard and you lose your motivation to study, check out this post
  • Two test grades are not the end of your life or career. Ask any med student or doctor on Tumblr–we all got bad test grades here and there. You need to figure out a more healthy place to get your self worth besides some numbers a teacher gives you, and focus on doing your best and not worrying about the number so much. 

The amount of attention u’ll get just for wearing a headwrap is so ridiculous lmaoo. I remember wearing a headwrap outside for the first time and being so anxious that people would stare at me or laugh at me. And they actually did do that, but what i learned is that not all of them mean it in a bad way (the staring) and some of them actually are just fascinated about headwraps🙄. For example today, a lot of people were staring at me everywhere I walked by and 2 people even asked me for a picture lol. The old me would get so insecure and uncomfortable but now I don’t even care anymore lmaoo, people can stare as much as they want, whether they mean it in a good or bad way. That won’t stop me from wearing my djala👸🏿💁🏿 IG: @pendadoucouree

Quick overview

Lyn is like the one red hero whos incredibly popular but always off the radar. She’s incredibly fast with base 37 and has a great weapon with built in desperation to use said speed. She just faces one problem. Attack. It’s not that its bad but she wishes it was a little higher. However luckily she has the skills to make up for it. In fact Lyn’s very odd with skills she wants some very niche picks so you won’t have to sacrifice hinatas for her. She’s just as good as may of the other high tier reds just getting your hands on her is incredibly hard.

Base set

So like I mention Lyn has a incredibly good weapon in Sol Katti. Well it’s kinda double edged in some ways but still, essentially she has desperation 2 built into it. This is incredible as it frees up her B slot which most people assume to use Vantage since she can double first on enemy phase right? Nope Like the desperation it is, it’s only on unit phase where its active. As for her special she has Astra… Astra is a lacking skill especially with her mediocre attack, change it out for something, or use Galeforce on a team with a dancer to clean up teams. She also has defiant attack a skill normally useless but Lyn is one of few units who loves this skill. It ties so well with her weapon and enables her to gain +7 something she really wants. Finally Spur speed is a good support skill though you may need something else depending on your team.

Lyns biggest strength is her weapon, anything which helps with this greatly improves her damage output. Despite her amazing speed giving her Brash assault is a good idea as you can double every unit who can’t counter you and activate desperation which makes them follow up.Vantage is a good option as you can protect yourself from units with the helpful +7 attack if under 50%.  As for assists ardent sacrifice and reciprocal aid help her get low quickly.

Suggested set

The thin lyn of life n death

+Atk/spd - Hp/res

Sol katti, Reciprocal aid, Luna/Galeforce

Defiant attack 3/Life and death 3, Brash assault 3/Vantage 3, Any c skill

So yeah pretty much everything from her standard kit works well. Luna is her best choice of special but galeforce is an option, however she can’t use it as well as like Cordelia. Defiant attack gives her +7 when low which with brash assault is a huge boost to her offence however Life and death boosts her speed as well and enables more doubles against units who can’t counter. As such Vantage is a better choice the higher her speed climbs especially if using +speed. Finally any C skill will do her but notable mentions are hone speed and threaten defence, to either buff allies or weaken foes to help increase her damage out put.