i want 2 cry because his face

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He'd be the worst disciplinarian e v e r the minute his kid gives Warren those "I'm so sorry" teary eyes he melts & is just like "no no no don't cry it's okay do you wanna go get some ice cream?" "Warren! Our child punched another kid we're not (1/2)

going to reward such inappropriate behavior" “But babe look at their face! How can you say no to that face?” “I recognize that guilt-ridden face because it’s the same one you give me when you want me to–” “gO UPSTAIRS RIGHT NOW YOU’RE GROUNDED”

warren would be like cady’s dad in mean girls when she’s grounded and her mother comes home and asks him where she is and he says that she’s out and her mother is like ????? and he asks “they’re not supposed to go out when they’re grounded?” or something like that


Here we go part 2 of Kiho friendship that i talked about here 

The most important thing i forgot to talk about was that V app broadcast during rush era where wonho cried. That broadcast will always fu** me up in some kind of way because of how caring kihyun was to wonho.

As you know wonho started crying because he thought monsta x weren’t giving us the fans everything and also thought they were disappointing us by not winning on music shows. When wonho hid his face on the wall kihyun was patting wonho’s back and massaging his shoulder to comfort him.


the whole broadcast he stay very close to wonho,he made sure wonho was ok 

when they sat down to talk about their feelings kihyun sat right in front of wonho and kept checking back and forth if wonho was ok or not

he asked for tissue from the members and gave wonho tissue to wipe his tears 

when wonho came forward to the camera he said some comforting words like “oh handsome” ( i wish i can show you guys this with subs but mxsubs yt channel got deleted so i can’t but it’s the ss below)


After this broadcast ended i was literally in a puddle of emotions because of these two. Kihyun was so caring and so supportive and it just makes me think WOW they are really close. oNE LAST THING is that we all know wonho is like a cry baby and the way kihyun comforted him look like they probably have cried like this before debut and kihyun look so experienced at handling wonho. idk if im saying this right.I WILL NEVER NOT BE OK WITH THIS BROADCAST and i hate how i forgot the most important thing! 

second is monsta x wrote a new year plan to do each month in 2016 and kihyun wrote that in july 2016 he wants to go on a bike ride with wonho and he wants to go as far away as possible before it gets too hot  (brb crying)

give me a scene mirroring animan where after a battle with an akuma ladybug and chat noir are both so exhausted and ladybug just… wraps chat in the biggest hug ever because she thought she’d lost him—he threw himself into danger again damn it—and she holds him so tight, squeezing him and burying her head in his neck… it takes chat a moment to come down to earth because “holy heck ladybug is hugging me” but he just hugs her back even tighter and nuzzles his face into her hair and they stand there for a while, caught in each other’s arms and never wanting to let go

ladybug tells chat to never, ever scare her like that again and with a tired smile chat says, “i purromise, my lady”

and either 1. they both just start laughing because they’re so thankful everything is over and they’re so tired or 2. ladybug just starts crying because “god chat almost got himself killed and here he is making puns and i CARE ABOUT HIM SO MUCH AND THAT SCARED ME”

i just.. want,, ladybug to let chat know she really cares about him and needs him and loves him in her own way

Today I was subbing at a Montessori school in a class with kids aged 2.5-6ish (they group together kids of a broader range of ages and abilities than traditional schools). One of the older girls was a little separate on the playground, crying because her friend wanted to play with another girl instead of her. A younger boy in her class cheerily approached, told her to “let all the sads out” into his cupped hand so he could get rid of them. She told him to go away and hid her face further into her knees. The little boy said “well I’m gonna do it anyway.”  He then put his hands above her head, made a “shooop” sound, turned as if holding an invisible ball and tossed his hands away with a triumphant yell, commanding the sads to not come back.

She resumed playing with some other kids a short time later. The faith healing psychotherapy was a success.