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Stigma: Do you want to perpetuate it, or do you want to end it?

The thing with “all or nothing” thinking with ANY disability is you run over peoples’ autonomy.

Shut up and stop saying “well what about cancer?” Cancer is a disease that threatens life that should of course be cured! Degenerative conditions that make a person deteriorate over time should be researched and cured if the person with the condition wants it because the increasing needs and sudden changes in ability are hard on the person, maybe more so than caregivers.

Comparing disabilities or mental illnesses like blindness or autism or a spinal cord injury or bipolar disorder or PTSD to degenerative conditions or life-ending diseases like Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s or cancer is stigmatizing. It suggests our lives are not worth living unless we get a cure. Some may want a cure, but the choice should be the person alone, not society.

I just said the answer, but I’ll ask anyway. Do you know what the biggest problem is for all disabilities and illnesses (physical and mental) besides accessibility? 


Stigma is turning disabilities and mental illnesses into jokes, tropes and stereotypes. 

Stigma is ignoring disabled voices and focusing on caregivers instead of the people who really need the care and help.

Stigma is society taking its own beliefs about disability instead of hearing about it from disabled people, and sticking to its own beliefs instead of letting their wrong ideas be challenged.

Stigma is movies making the villain “crazy” with an unnamed mental illness who ends up either dead or in an asylum, which implies mentally ill people are dangerous or evil, and that the only way to be safe is to kill them or lock them up.

Stigma is “mental patient” being a Halloween costume.

Stigma is villains being disfigured or disabled to imply disability is something bad or evil. (Davros on Doctor Who is a GREAT example of this. He’s very similar to Stephen Hawking, except he can talk with his mouth and move one hand!)

Stigma is being asked “like Rain Man?” when I tell people I’m autistic because that is the only “autism” people know.

Stigma is being told I don’t know what I’m talking about when I talk about being autistic…and the person saying that is not. 

  • Look, non-autistic parents, I don’t know what your kid’s favorite snack is, who their favorite TV character is or what their favorite color is, but I know that marshmallows feel like a disgusting pulsing mess in my mouth, a rough shirt seam can feel like sandpaper rubbing blisters into my skin and a room full of people talking might as well be church bells clanging right next to my ears for all the sense the noise makes to me. 
  • It doesn’t matter if I can talk and your kid can’t, I understand what they are feeling in a way you, a person who is not autistic, *never* will.

Stigma is mentally ill people being dehumanized and mistreated because TV and movies teach society that they’re bad.

Stigma is turning mental illnesses into a threat, “Ohhh behave before they cart you off to the nuthouse!”

Stigma is able-bodied neurotypical people turning away from and ignoring those who are disabled and neuroatypical.

Stigma is people whose voices will never be heard being force-fed bleach until they vomit or poop bloody mucus, and nobody will ever know or bring their abusers to justice because their abuse is “treatment”.

Stigma is disabled lives being devalued so much that people who can’t save themselves are killed EVERY DAY because they’re “such a burden” and society thinks that is okay and shouldn’t count as murder.

The only way to beat stigma is to bring these things out in the open and let people who live those conditions talk. No, not caregivers, the actual people who have or are those conditions! 

Make people uncomfortable! TALK! That’s the ONLY way!!! 

Call out Hollywood when it uses mental illness to make characters evil or dangerous instead of it being a typical person who has a vendetta. 

Call out Hollywood when it makes a disabled character the villain!

Call out people who call autistic people the R-word or make fun of them!

Call out people who use the R-word on intellectually disabled people!

Call out charities like Autism Speaks that use fear mongering to raise funds for research that is not helping autistic people!

Call out abusive “therapies” that aim to make life easier for caregivers at the expense of the comfort and safety of the disabled or mentally ill person!

Call out news articles that “okay” the “mercy killings” of disabled or mentally ill people!

Call out stigma. Call it out. Be annoying. Don’t stand down. 

Keep talking. 


And notice stigma when you perpetuate it yourself, too. I probably do it a dozen times a day or more, and I have to say “hold on, girl, wtf did you just say?! Don’t say that! No!”

Stigma: Do you want to perpetuate it, or do you want to end it?

zero-galaxy  asked:

Why do you think jurnos hated cuphead so much?

multiple reasons:

the difficulty and purposefully basing it off retro games are two factors

and the second, bigger factor as to why they hate it is because it disproves that they’re Gaming Tastemakers ™ now

game journalists make big deal about difficulty

it still breaks a million with no advertising while getting released on steam and probably one of the consoles with the lowest install base out of the biggest gaming companies that actually make consoles

then all of a sudden, they start concern trolling about cuphead POTENTIALLY being racist or HAVING THE SAME STYLE AS RACIST 30S CARTOONS GASP!!!!!

game journalists have shown time and time again that they have naked contempt for demographics that act contrary to what they want them to do and for developers that aren’t buddies with them and don’t try to suck up to them

they’re “too corporate” for these game journos cause they got a deal with microsoft!

I’d also wager that their indie game buddy nobodies are seething because they worked hard with a bunch of team members to make a game that’s competent, fleshed out, and fully realized and is a smash hit that isn’t some game about being a black maid in a country undergoing a socialist revolution or about finding out your sister’s gay by rummaging through your family’s shit after bait and switching that it’s gonna be a creepy unsettling horror game


Ember: Can we talk about it now? 

They stood outside on the empty street of their block, in front of Orion’s old grey pickup. 

Orion: Whatever you want. 

He rolled his eyes and went to open the door. 

Ember: Okay, well I just want to thank you for putting a good word in for me with Sa- I mean - The Oracle. That was really nice. I thought you hated me. 

Orion: I don’t hate anyone. 

Ember: Well I mean, the way you say that - sounds pretty - yah know? 

Orion: What? 

Ember: Never mind. 

Orion sighed and took his hand from the door. He looked down and rolled his sleeves down his palms, fiddling with them. Both of them shivered in the cold, and Ember noticed how vulnerable he looked all of a sudden - though he still glared at her. 

Orion: Look, I just didn’t want anything bad to happen to you okay? Like I said you were stupid to join. This job is dangerous. And fuck - like you have a family? And I mean, I get you want to protect them, but - agh. Look, I helped you out because I know what it feels like k? Plus like pulling a running away act won’t rid you of us. The Oracle…don’t let her fool you - she’s smart - she has ways. Betray her…and well…yeah. I don’t want to be responsible for some kids becoming orphans - at all. That’s something I really don’t want weighing on my mind. 

Ember: Oh…well thank you. Again. It really meant a lot. And I promise no more freaking out. I’m ready. 

Orion: Whatever yah say. Let’s head out then eh?  


There’s nothing I dislike more than being in a photo shoot where they say, ‘Be yourself.’ That’s not why I became an actress. That’s what I find so funny: that you become an actor, and all of a sudden, everyone wants to know about you. But I didn’t become an actor so I could show you me.

why did jughead decide to become a serpent? and when?

(holy balls this is long.) 

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first things first

In so many ways, Jughead’s decision to join the Serpents in 2x06 felt like a huge jump. In retrospect, there were, I think, three factors that ultimately led him to make that choice. 

He went from being a complete outsider, resistant to even being in the same proximity to them, to begrudgingly joining them at lunch so as to avoid getting the shit beat out of him (🎶 Isn’t it ironic, dontcha think?🎶), to actively seeking out a place in their ranks, all in the space of three episodes.

I know I felt like I had whiplash. Sure, they offered a plausible enough reason for his sudden change of heart - he wanted to try to deescalate the increasingly volatile feud between the northside and the southside. On the surface, it makes sense and is a high-stakes enough reason.

But thinking he could single handedly prevent Riverdale’s very own civil war, while noble, is, on his part, unfortunately: 

  • Naive
  • Arrogant
  • Short-sighted

And I feel like if we know anything about Jughead, it’s that he typically is not any of these things. He’s cynical. He’s filled to the brim with insecurity. And he’s observant, perhaps to a fault.

Except when it comes to his dad. 

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forsythe pendleton jones iii

Jughead Jones has so little trust in others that he seems to almost push Betty away when she really starts to show her undying loyalty toward him. He cannot seem to fathom a reality in which someone would love him and not leave him, as so many amazing bloggers who understand him so much better than me have pointed out. 

So it’s sad and, again, ironic that the only person he seems to continually be willing to trust is FP, since FP is the one who has let him down the most. 

Despite years of evidence to the contrary, he has time and again let himself believe that his dad will get his shit together and they can be a family. He craves his father’s love so much that he is willing to forfeit the chance at living in a stable home, willing to live on his own in a dingy trailer, just so he can be closer to his father. He may not realize it, but it’s likely he’s doing that because it’s like love by proxy, right? 

It’s not that much of stretch, then, to think that he could have decided to join the Serpents because it’s really the ultimate way of fitting himself into his father’s life. 

But while I think Jughead’s eventual foray into Serpentdom was a direct result of his concern for Riverdale’s future, and likely subconsciously driven by his longing for FP, I think there was another reason that he finally took the plunge. And it’s the one I’m having the hardest time swallowing

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toni topaz

When we first met Jughead Jones, he was not a joiner. In fact, the only time he ever consciously signed up for anything was when Betty Cooper offered him a chance to be Riverdale’s very own Truman Capote. But even that was a partnership with one of his childhood friends, someone he was already obviously somewhat comfortable with (someone he arguably already had feelings for). There was a safety net at the Blue and Gold, is what I’m saying.

When Jughead transfers to Southside High, he says he wants to keep his head down and just get through. But literally the moment he steps inside the doors, Toni Topaz is there to welcome him. And it’s clear that, on some bigger, instinctual level, he is immediately drawn to her.

They bonded over a newspaper together. They bonded over true crime together. Hell, Toni literally walked in on Jughead and Betty making out in the newspaper office to bring the exact same settling-in swag as Betty. Looking back, the symbolism should have hit us over the heads then.  

But what we knew of Jughead then was that he only had eyes for Betty, and would never even consider being with someone else, so it was easy to dismiss it away as yet another “Betty and Jughead get interrupted by the Serpents” moment.

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There is nothing wrong, absolutely nothing wrong with Jughead making friends with another girl. Where it gets sticky, though, is that Jughead started to make room for Toni to occupy nearly every space in his life that his girlfriend already did. And in doing so, he left less room for Betty. 

The question, of course, is why? Do I think Jughead doesn’t love Betty? Absolutely not. Do I think Jughead loves Toni? At this point, it’s clear she means a lot to him - he was willing to risk getting arrested to save her during the raid. But I don’t think he is in love with her, no. 

But she now, in some ways, occupies a bigger part of Jughead’s life than Betty does. And he made active choices, intentional or not, to make that the case. 

At every turn, since he joined Southside High, he has sought out Toni’s advice, counsel, and support. She was, in so many ways, the biggest active participant in helping him join the Serpents. He simply would not have joined the Serpents if he didn’t have someone in their ranks that he felt close to. And that person, for better or worse, is Toni. It’s clear she still occupies a big place in his life, as even after she rejected him, his first priority during the raid was her safety, not his own.

It’s not easy to stomach, because it implies that something – someone – could come between Bughead, and relatively easily. But, to me, it’s the explanation that makes the most sense. Besides, Toni wasn’t the only thing that came between them, anyway.

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northside vs. southside

One final point on the whys of Jughead’s Serpent journey: So many of us have acknowledged that Jughead seemed to be joining the Serpents, at least in part, to protect his friends. He put himself in danger to make sure Archie, Betty, anyone who might suffer at the hands of Sweet Pea’s ever-growing rage at the northsiders, would be safe. And that is so admirable. 

But that’s where this all gets so confusing. Because before Betty sent Archie to break up with Jughead for her, before he’d felt like he’d lost hold of the parts of his life that were keeping him tethered to the northside, Toni told him this:

Toni: Jughead, it’s not ‘whatever.’ You join us, you gotta be willing to die for us. Because we will for you, and your northside friends, your girlfriend? You’re going to look up one day and they’re all going to be gone because that’s what happens when you join a gang. The Serpents are no exception. 

Jughead: Consider me warned.

This could be read as, like he said, a warning to Jughead - a last chance to back out, a reminder of what is at stake. But it could have also been a test of some kind, a way to gauge his commitment. But no matter what, it did feel a bit like an ultimatum: choose the southside, and you will lose what holds you to the northside. 

Jughead was told that joining the Serpents could – likely would mean he would lose Archie and Betty. And he decided to join them anyway.

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betty cooper (and yes, archie andrews)

I still can’t figure out when Jughead made the choice to join the Serpents. Common logic says it was in 2x05, when he was sitting in the trailer alone, staring at the jacket, contemplating every possible path forward. 

But everything I’ve laid out above seems to indicate it may have been a subconscious choice he made way earlier than that – perhaps even when he first slipped that jacket on in 1x13.

At first, I thought he may have made the final decision to run the gauntlet after Betty broke up with Archie via text. But upon rewatching, I realized that Sweet Pea and the rest of the Serpents were on their way to Jughead’s to get the party started when Archie was there – so he must have already agreed to the final trial. 

That’s what makes this exchange between Jughead and Betty in 2x06 so confusing:

Jughead: Just go ahead and say it, Betty.

Betty: You said you weren’t going to join them, Jug.

Jughead: And you said you loved me, and then you dumped me, via Archie, which by the way? Way worse than via text.

In some ways, this is my favorite Bughead scene so far. Because, God, you can feel how devastated Jughead was by being blindsided the way he was. Because it shows the depth of their feelings for one another, even though they’re talking around it. And, as so many other, much smarter bloggers have pointed out, because it shows a tremendous amount of growth for Jughead because he’s able to express his sadness and anger without lashing out. 

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But it’s also… weird. Really weird. Because him joining the Serpents was not a thing that happened because Betty dumped him. Jughead was already more than halfway on his way to being a Serpent when he sat down with Betty in the diner. Not only did he not tell her he was doing it, he lied to her about where the wound on his hand came from. He had plenty of time to let her know the whys behind his decision, but again chose not to even tell her it was happening.

So to then turn around and insinuate this is… like I said, weird.

One of three things could be going on here: 

  • Jughead is side-stepping Betty’s (legitimate) frustration at his joining the Serpents despite having promised he wouldn’t because he feels guilty about keeping it from her. 
  • He had, in some way, already decided that he was going to lose them (based on his conversation with Toni), and Archie’s awful message from Betty felt like confirmation of that fact, so he tied the two together.
  • The cadence of this exchange wasn’t planned well, and made it seem like he was insinuating that Betty breaking up with him was the catalyst for his gang initiation when it was really “you said,”/”well, you said” argument.
  • The writers have no concept of their own timeline and genuinely think that Jughead only decided to join after Archie broke the bad news.

Everything we’ve seen so far seems to indicate that he made the choice long ago, for a combination of reasons, which had very little to do with Betty and Archie. He did this knowing that he could lose them - in some ways, by being deceitful, by seeking out a proxy for Betty on the southside, he was already pushing them away. 

But this makes it seem like the only reason he did it was because Betty and Archie broke his heart. 

And it’s throwing me, you guys, it’s throwing me so hard. Because I feel like for Jughead to really get himself to a good place again - and for his relationship with Betty to thrive - he needs to figure out what it is inside him that brought him to this place. 

So, what do you think? Did he decide to join the Serpents, really decide, after “the talk” with Archie? Or was he already all in long before he had his heart broken? And if so, what does that mean for him, and for Bughead, in the future? 

Kiss Me Like I’m Never Coming Back (Shiro x Reader)

AN: HI ok so this is my first writing peice for anything in a really long time. If you have and any tips or suggestions you would like to share I am super open to hear them, and I hope you guys (my literal 4 followers and the people in the tags) like this !! tysm !

Its been so awkward. Ever since Shiro confessed his true feelings towards me.

 The way he stares at me instantly when I walk into the room, and points out in his head all the small things he loves about me before focusing on the conversation at hand. Or how he watches the way I fidget with my hands when my nerves are high, and thinks about holding them tightly in his to calm me.

 And God knows I wanted to feel the same way towards him but I just couldn’t find it in myself, it was just so, sudden. Maybe I was oblivious and it truly wasn’t as soon as it felt, but I just couldn’t bring myself to love him back the way he loves me. All the details about me, my eyes, my hair, the small scars that litter my body from events from when I was a child. He loves it all. 

I’m not saying I don’t love him. Just not to the level of intensity he does for me, and he doesn’t deserve someone like that. Especially with all hes been through. 

He’s leaving for a mission in a few earth days. And not a safe one that ventures to a “friendly” planet. Ive been trying not to think about it, but I find myself lying here wondering what would happen if he was gone. God the thought hurts. 

The sound of the sliding door and somewhat heavy footsteps fill the previously silent room and I instantly know its him. “Y/N?” He calls out for me and my body immediately cringes. I’m not ready too see him, I’m just so awkward. “Hey, Shiro.” I reluctantly reply without looking at him, I can tell that he sensed how hesitant the atmosphere around us is. “I can come back later if you’re too busy now.” He murmured as I shot up into a sitting position “No, no what is it that you need?” I say with a bit more confidence in my tone.

 He stiffly moves around the couch and sat beside me not making direct eye contact, but instead watching his hands as he fidgeted with his fingers. “I-I need to brief you on how dangerous our next mission is,” his words strike an unknown fear into my chest and butterflies stir in my stomach, I was already worried but his words have me teetering on the edge. “Were going after Zarkon directly, Pidge located his battlecruiser and were gonna try our best to destroy it, and him.” Fear is the only feeling I know at this moment in time. “Y/N I’m telling you this cause if anything happens too us, too me. I need you to carry on the legend of Voltron with Allura and Coran, this cant be where it all ends." 

 The moment he utters the words ‘this cant be where it all ends’ my body is on auto pilot, I instantly reach for his human hand and rub circles on it with my thumb, "Shiro.. its okay nothing will happen too you or the paladins… I promise.” I make eye contact with him for the first time this entire encounter and i feel his robotic arm wrap around me and forcefully pull me into a warm embrace and I automatically wrap my arms around his chest. Shiro and I sit there like that for what feels like hours just holding each other, as I start to feel wetness run down my neck onto my shoulders as his body starts to shake.

 I put my hands on his shoulders and push away from his gently so I can see his face and confirm my suspicion. The tough leader persona he had on a moment ago has completely shattered before my eyes as he is a sobbing mess in my arms. My hands instinctively goes to the white tuff of hair on his head and I run my fingers through it while making a shushing noise and repeating “Everyone will be okay,” as he sobs into my shoulder. 

I would give anything to see him smile right now, too ensure that he doesn’t feel like this. Once again I pull away from the embrace and rest my forehead against his watching teardrops run down his face as I wipe them away with the sleeve of my shirt. “I’m so scared I won’t come back this time.” Shiro whimpers between sobs as he puts his cold hands on my head and let’s out a shaky breath. I hold back tears of my own. He speaks again but this time it’s barely audible even though I’m inches away from his face “Y/N please, kiss me like I’m never coming back.”

 And in that instant I close the gap between us and gently wrap my arms around his neck as he slowly puts his robotic hand on my waist and his human one on the back of my head deepening the kiss. We both move together as one and I feel like I’m walking on a could, kissing Shiro is like a rush I’ve never felt before it’s both gentle and fierce. He makes me feel protected and loved and its a feeling I never want to cease. He pulls away gently and rests his forehead back against mine.

 I stick my tongue out at him “Ew,” I say jokingly letting out a breathy laugh “What?” He asks in a way that says he’s scared to hear the answer, “it’s just, you taste like that goo Coran keeps trying to feed us.” A blush forms on his face as he laughs and I wipe away a stray tear falling from his eye.

 "There’s that smile.“

What’s the deal with all the sparkling talk these days?

I don’t see what all the fuss is about or why everyone wants one all of a sudden. Is there something I’m missing here?

Proposal Story

You asked for it, so here’s the fully story of what led to the madness of Saturday night at RTXL.

For context, @cenizacaer and I had been planning the beauty and the beast crossover since about July time and eventually decided Yang would be the beast and Blake Belle. We were pretty hype for RTXL and doing a crossover we’d never seen done in cosplay before somehow. (Also our first date was to see Beauty and the Beast).

So cue about a month and a half before RTXL, I’ve basically got my costume together at this point other than my steampunk robo arm. I’m sitting in my flat chatting away to my sister, joking about how these outfits would be perfect for a cosplay proposal, but that it’s probably too soon for any of that. And she just flat out says “Well, why don’t you? If you’re so sure about it why care what other people might think?”

And suddenly a switch is flicked in my head. The only reason I’m delaying this is for the sake of other people’s opinions, and that’s no way to live or make decisions in my life. I’m sure of doing it now, I’m not even remotely nervous, because I know I’ve never felt more certain about a person or a choice in my life. I don’t really believe in soul mates, but how quickly I clicked with @cenizacaer and just how well we get along, it’s definitely made me reconsider that view.  

So all of a sudden I’m planning this proposal, down to the moment, exactly what I want to say. Not many people know this, but @cenizacaer‘s had a lot of people go in and out of her life without ever really committing or being steadfast when things got rough. It makes her worried that people she cares about will just leave when things get difficult. That was part of my decision, I wanted to show that I wasn’t fair weather, I was someone she could put all her faith in. 

Cue RTXL, I’ve got a ring, all of my group of friends that are with me know the plan and wait for the moment I’ve decided on Saturday night to give the signal. We’re taking these pictures beside the river after the con is over for the day, 

And by this point I’ve put the ring box in my pocket, just waiting for the right moment. 

And here I’m getting ready to, I’m waiting for @cenizacaer to stand up so I can start the whole speech, but the gurl doesn’t. She stays rooted even when I stand up and I’m like wtf is going on. All of our friends are standing watching in silence behind us. 

So Ceni straight up pulls out a ring box and I’m so confused and in disbelief. She starts with “This isn’t an engagement, it’s a promise.” Basically, she’s giving me a promise ring, and keeping one for herself, one gold, one silver. At this point my own script has gone out the window but I still go forward with my plan in a somehow smooth manner. 

I start with, “I’ve got a better question…” And yank the ring box from my pocket. Cue Ceni basically being unable to talk for the next minute (which is a very rare occurrence) 

Surprise, she said yes! Kinda, I think this kiss tells you all you need to know. One of the only actual scripted lines from my proposal I got in was “You’re the Yin to my Yang.” Followed by a wink. (Barb appreciated that the next day when we met her)

So basically my sister had been scheming for both of us the whole month before, keeping both of us in the dark to each other’s plans, until this absolutely perfect, fairy tale moment, where we both end up planning to do the thing at the exact same time. It’s honestly the most crazy thing that’s ever happened to me but I couldn’t be happier for how it happened.


love doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints
it takes and it takes and it takes

So BTS just did an interview within which Namjoon referred to them being sad about ‘not having a boyfriend or girlfriend’. He may well have been referring to people in general but the interviewer followed up by saying ‘You mentioned about wanting boyfriends or girlfriends’ and there was absolutely no reaction from them or anything. I know it seems insignificant but I just want to talk about this for a second.

With me, and I know a lot of other LGBTQ+ people too, there’s always this thought in the back of your mind when you make new friends or even when you get into certain artists. If they’re not outwardly supportive or active in LGBT issues there’s this constant worry that one day they’ll say something or do something and just turn out to be homophobic. It’s happened to me a few times where I’ve made friends or got into artists and one day they say something awful and it fucking hurts. A lot. All of a sudden your whole perception of this person is ruined and someone you thought was awesome turns out to actually not at all respect your existence??? And it’s always made me put up a guard with people. And I know it sounds so fucking stupid and overdramatic because they’re just a group or whatever but if you are someone who loves music and musicians you do get attached to the artist and the idea of them in your head and it can be really upsetting. So having him say that and having them not have any sort of reaction or funny comment about the boyfriend point just feels like a fucking weight being lifted. It’s really reassuring to know that they probably are on your side and that you aren’t supporting someone who doesn’t support you.

Anyway sorry for ranting about such a tiny thing but its 1AM and I’ve been having weird feelings about LGBTQ+ stuff and this just put a little spring in my step so I thought I’d share it. Peace.


I wanted to draw that ‘I’m a barista at Starbucks and I can never spell your name right, how about you write it down for me and also maybe give me your number?’ au (x) for a long time but in Nyx’s POV. And I finally did it! YAY!

I tried to used the Sexy Librarian Nyx (x) (x) coz I’m pretty sure he needs his caffeine and the cute barista who keeps messing up his name…on purpose.

;the touch of silk (m)

pairing: min yoongi x reader, sugar daddy! yoongi, vampire! yoongi
genre/warnings: smut, romance, blood mentions, but nothing too crazy, dirty talk, dom! Yoongi
words: 14,221

:: summary— in a world where vampires coexist with the living, there are many humans looking for a cheap thrill…you’re ashamed to admit you’re curious too, putting to good use a dating app you find…but Min Yoongi is nothing like you imagined a vampire to be…

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THOR: RAGNAROK Period AU After Lord Odin, founder of Odin & Sons Gold Company, passed away from a mysterious illness, Thor Odinson is forced to come back from his two-year sabbatical to Asgard Hall as rightful heir of the land and the business. This immediately puts him at odds with his adopted brother Loki who, until then, was overseeing the property and operations (to little success) as the acting heir. Friction sparks between both brothers when Thor suspects Loki of his involvement with their father’s sudden demise—until an unexpected visitor, a woman named Hela, changes the game and claims to be their estranged eldest sister and the rightful heir of Lord Odin.


“ Ẃ̨͞h̶́o̡ ̴do ̸̸y̷̡o͝u͘ ͠t̸͢h҉҉̀i̶̛nk͘͝ ̧͏yo̵̧u̧'̧̛ve̡͘ ͡͏̧b̢́͡e͟͞ȩn̡͠ ̶w̡a̧̛͝t̨͜c̴͜h̵i̶̛n̢̡͝g҉̡̨ t҉͠h͏̡i̡̛͘s̵҉ ̴́͡e̴͟ņ̵tį̢ŕ҉͏e̡̕͡ ̡͞ti̛m̢̛e̵?̵̧ ”


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TFP, Team Prime getting their first awesome hug, in their holoform, from reader~ I have a mighty need for hugs, and I want them to feel the awesomeness of hugs ♡

Same here!!!  I love holomatter hugs!!!  <3 <3 <3

Optimus Prime:  To be completely honest, he doesn’t really get the appeal of hugs, but he does know how important they are to humans.  He considers it an honor that you put your trust in him so completely and consider him to be one of your closest friends.  It probably won’t do a thing for him, he decides, but if it will make you happy he’s more than willing to let you give him a hug.  The minute you wrap your arms around him though, he goes stiff.  You look up in confusion to see him standing stock still and gazing down at you wide-eyed, with a faint, red flush creeping over his face.  “Is anything wrong?” you ask with a trace of worry.  His voice is uncharacteristically tight as he manages a strangled “no…”

Ratchet:  It’s best if you give him a spontaneous, spur of the moment hug in his holomatter form, as he probably wouldn’t break out his avatar just for a hug.  He’s surprised and more than a little flustered when you wrap your arms around him, but he doesn’t do anything besides let out a muffled, half-hearted grumble under his breath.  He’s not really one for openly showing affection, but he has to admit that it’s… rather nice.  Just don’t ever do that when he’s working.  He gradually warms up to the idea as time passes, however.  On those particularly rare occasions when he’s in a good mood, he’ll actually seek you out to spin you around in a hug while laughing warmly. (If he’s feeling extra bold, he’ll even sneak in a kiss while he does it.  It makes him chuckle to see you blush.)  

Bumblebee:  He’s over the moon if you mention that you’d like to give him a hug in his holomatter form!  In fact, he’s been going over in his head for weeks the best way to broach the idea himself. He’s a bit nervous at first, truth be told, rocking on his heels and fidgeting with his hands, but that all falls away the instant you put your arms around him.  It’s like he hears choirs of angels singing in his head.  He blushes and buries his head into your shoulder with repressed chuckles.  He can’t get enough of how good you smell.  He’s never been able to pick up on it before, but it’s absolutely intoxicating. He’s definitely going to try and make this a regular thing.

Arcee:  She teases you lightly about it when you bring up the idea, but she also knows just how affectionate you are (it’s one of her favorite things about you.)  She’s a bit caught off guard by the embrace at first, but slowly relaxes into it with a soft smile.  There are only about a handful of people in the entire galaxy that can get her to smile like that.  Arcee decides that these holomatter hugs, as you call them, aren’t half bad.  She likes that she’s able to let her guard down around you (and the fact that you’re so soft and pretty doesn’t hurt either.)

Bulkhead:  He’s thrilled when you suggest the idea.  He’s a very affectionate by nature, and this way he doesn’t have to worry about accidentally crushing you (even if he’s still quite a bit larger than you in holomatter form.)  He picks you up and swingings you around while laughing boisterously.  This is the best he’s felt in weeks!  And, wow!  You’re so soft!  He had no idea skin on skin contact could feel this good.  From then on, he’ll always try to initiate affection with you in his holomatter avatar – anything from a playful head rub to a gentle hand on your shoulder (though his favorites will always be big, bear hugs.)

Wheeljack:  He’s no stranger to your affections, but he doesn’t really see the point of bringing his holomatter avatar into the mix.  (If he’s honest with himself, he likes the fact that he’s big enough to scoop you up in his hands when you want a hug.)  He’s not gonna say no to you however, so if you really want to hug him in his holomatter form, he’ll let you hug him.  Before you do however, he takes a moment to appreciate you from this new angle. (He always knew you were pretty, but he’s never really gotten a good look at your feature before.  Maybe this holomatter thing isn’t half bad.)  His form fits against yours like it was made for this.  He likes to wrap his arms around you and pull you tightly against his chest while he places soft kisses on top of your head.

Smokescreen:  He’s a bit skeptical of the idea at first.  He’s never actually used a holomatter avatar before.  He’s used to you hugging him all the time in robot mode, but the idea of being relatively the same size as you weirds him out a bit. (Not that he thinks you’re weird or anything!  He thinks you’re a perfectly acceptable size for your species!  That is, um…)  After a bit of convincing, he somewhat grudgingly pulls out his holomatter form. He’s already a bit embarrassed, but if you tell him how handsome he looks like this, he’ll practically die on the spot.  All of his doubts and worries melt away however, the minute you hold him.  You can feel something pulsing rapidly inside his chest as his skin begins to heat up far more than normal.  (Oh, no!  They’re even cuter up close!)  If you put your head on his shoulder (or worse, kiss him) his entire form dissipates in a flash of static and he has to practically flee the base in order to cool down.

Ultra Magnus:  A… “hug”? He doesn’t understand.  What is a hug?  You smile playfully as you tell him that you can only show him if he uses his avatar.  He raises an optic ridge.  Normally he doesn’t allow anyone to give him orders, except for Optimus, but you seem so earnest and sincere (plus, he’d never say so out loud, but you happen to be his favorite out of all the humans.)  He looks at you expectantly once he pulls out his avatar, waiting for you to show him this strange Earth custom called a “hug”.  You grin as you place both your arms around him and nuzzle your face in his chest.  Ultra Magnus freezes and blushes up to his ears.  T-this is highly irregular!  He’s thrown people in the brig for less.  But then again, you aren’t exactly under his jurisdiction… plus you aren’t familiar with Cybertronian customs… and you are kind of cute…  Maybe he can let it go, just this once…