i wanna wrap him up and hug him

We aren't that young / hg

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My boyfriend Hayes had invited me to the beach with him and his friends. Hayes and I recently had told them about us dating, and we were nervous about their teasing. We thought we’d get it over with today.

“You ready babe?” Hayes asked me. He grabbed my hand as we sat in his jeep.
“Yeap. Let’s go.” I smiled and kissed him before getting out of the car. We held hands and walked towards everyone.
“Hey Y/N! I missed you girl!” Tez said hugging me. I smiled and hugged him back.
“Y/N! Come here and give your future brother in law a hug.” Nash yelled. I laughed and hugged him. I hugged everyone else and sat down next to Madison.

We were in a conversation about her music before Hayes interrupted.
“Hey babe, wanna go in the water with me?” He asked taking his shirt off.
“Sure.” I smiled and stood up to take off my jean shorts and tank top, revealing my black bikini. Hayes licked his lips and walked to me. He kissed me, wrapped his hands around me and resting his hands above my ass.
“Ok kids, that’s enough.” Skate teased. Everyone laughed, but Hayes and I rolled out eyes. Hayes smiled at me and grabbed my hand.

We ran into the water and he dove under. I laughed waiting for him and he pulled me under water. He kissed me and we floated above water. He pulled away, allowing us both to catch our breath. We smiled at each other and stood up. He pulled me to him and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back.
“Oh stop! Youre too young for that.” Nash said splashing us.
“We aren’t that young.” Hayes said annoyed.
“Ah man, c'mon. Let ‘em be.” Skate yelled.
“Yea you’re just jealous Hayes has a girlfriend.” Johnson yelled as well.
“Fine, I’m sorry. You know I love you guys. I’m just teasing.” Nash said. He left the water.

“Wanna give them something to talk about?” He asked, smirking at me. I smirked back. He moved his hands and grabbed my ass making me laugh. I pulled him down to kiss me. I heard Tez scream “get some hayes!”
We laughed into the kiss and pulled away. He moved his hands back to my hips and leaned his forehead on mine.
“I love you.” He told me for the first time. I smiled.
“I love you too.” I said before kissing him again.

Part 1 | Monday

Prompt: Could you do a Batmom story where somethings happens to her, for example she gets kidnapped or gets in a car accident and the kids and Bruce’s reactions? And like, she isn’t immediately fine. Maybe some happy flashbacks? Love your blog! Thanks doll!

A/N: Another little series!! And like always, Dick is first as he is the older of Bruce’s army of children! Enjoy ;))

“Hello, Mr Grayson.” The woman behind the reception desk greeted flirtatiously. For the first time ever, Dick ignored an approach from the opposite sex and made his way to the the usual room without another word. 

Dick inhaled a deep breath once he caught sight of you. His mom. His protector. The most important woman in his life. It looked as though you were merely sleeping, but he knew better. No matter how many times he wished you were dreaming about the rare family vacation in Paris and whatnot, he knew it was virtually impossible. Especially now that you were officially declared brain dead. 

Once he reached your bedside, Dick took your hand in his. The only thing telling him you were still somehow alive was the heat radiating off of you. It consumed him. But unlike the other times, it brought nothing but despair. Because he knew. He knew you were legally and medically gone. 

It’s been months since that teenaged girl ran you over with her car on the streets. Your other wounds would’ve healed perfectly through time, but the severe trauma to your brain was the nail in your coffin. Literally. But none of them could let you go. Not yet. They weren’t ready. Dick doubted they ever would be. 

“Hey, momma.” Dick said, forcing a small smile. You might not be able to hear or feel him, but you were still breathing. That was enough to keep him and the others going, if only for a little while. “I miss you. We all do. So fucking much.

The quiet volume he used to speak to you reminded him of his preteen days. The days when he would tiptoe to yours and Bruce’s room after a nightmare. He could vividly remember you never turning him away and always beckoning him into your warm, loving arms. 

Ten-year-old Dick quietly snuck out of his room. The hallway was dark, the only light guiding him was from the window. It was quiet, too quiet for his liking. The noise from outside made him fidget nervously and his body instinctively was tense and ready for any type of attack.

He paced down to the master bedroom, which was only a few doors down from his, luckily. Dick bit his lips and hesitantly grabbed ahold of the doorknob.

He slowly twisted it and walked inside, wincing when the sound of a loud creak entered his ear. Fortunately, Bruce was still on patrol or else his adoptive father would’ve no doubt threw a bat-dart at him already. When your safety was involved, the man could be quite frightening. More than usual, of course. 

Dick froze when he heard a tired groan. “Bruce?” You said confusingly. You fluttered your eyes open and averted them towards his direction. “You’re back earlier than usual.” 

“It’s not Bruce, mom.” Dick spoke up, trudging closer to you. He closed the door behind him and waited nervously from where he stood, not knowing if you’d turn him away or welcome him. He wasn’t a kid anymore. He was Robin now. He shouldn’t be frightened by stupid nightmares, but yet he was. 

“Little wing?” You murmured, sitting up. You smiled sleepily. “Come over here, Dickie. It’s alright.”

Dick internally sighed in relief before practically sprinting over to you and jumping onto the bed. He quickly went under the covers and grinned happily when he felt your arms wrap around his shoulders. 

You pulled him closer to your side, smiling fondly. “Nightmare?” You whispered, understandingly.

Dick pursed his lips and nodded. “I’m sorry for waking you up.” 

You chuckled and shifted so that he could comfortably lay his head on your chest. Running your hands through his jet black hair, you hugged him tighter. “Don’t be, sweetheart. Do you wanna tell me what your nightmare was about?”

“You.” Dick murmured, voice thick with fear. 

“Me?” You asked in disbelief. 

Dick hurriedly shook his head. “Y-you were kidnapped!” He tried to explain. “A-and Bruce and I didn’t make it to you in time save you! The Joker e-ended up k-killing you! I-I saw your b-body, mom! It was so real! It felt so real.

To calm your hysterical son, you nuzzled your nose in his hair and rubbed his back soothingly. “Sshh, it was just a dream, little wing. I’m right here and I’m not not going anywhere.”

Dick sniffled, hating how immature and childish he was acting. Nonetheless, he basked in your loving and motherly touches and slowed his rapid breathing.”I-I’m sorry.”

“Stop apologizing, Dick.” You smiled assuringly. “My father used to say that fear can not only hold us back, but it can drive us as well. It’s up to you whether or not you want it to control your life. And I highly advise you to listen to him. Quite the character, my father was. 

Dick lifted the corners of his lips into a small smile. “I wish I could’ve met him.” 

“I wish you could’ve too.” 

The pleasant silence that followed was peaceful. You were on the edge of falling asleep when Dick spoked up again. 

“Did you mean it?” He asked quietly. “When you said you weren’t going anywhere.”

He could see your soft smile through the darkness of the room. It was like a warm fire in the middle of the tundra, and it brought a sense of security, one Dick knew only you could bring. 

“We both know I can’t live forever, little wing.” The thought made his chest tighten in distress. “But,” you added, “I won’t go anywhere unless you’re ready, that I can promise you.”

Dick showed his happiness by cuddling closer to your side. You giggled and pressed a kiss to his temple. “Love you, momma.” He muttered exhaustingly. His eyes fought to stay open, but sleep, like death, was something you couldn’t escape without help. 

“I love you too, Dickie.” 

I just read a comment from a Korean fan that said “Is he a fool. Why does he smile even when he’s injuredㅜㅜㅠ According to his acquaintances, he’s too nice, so it makes them get frustrated watching himㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That’s why I like him even moreㅜㅠㅜ”

and now i’m sad because like he is so nice and sweet like he hugged Woojin day one and took him under his wing as his big brother figure, he kept a positive attitude about being a rapper having to sing, he taught the guys in B the Nayana dance, when he moved up to A he was so happy and smiled and clapped and pinched Woojin’s cheek when he saw he was in A too, during sorry sorry Hyunbin said either Daniel or Seongwoo should be center and most would kill to be center but he gave it up for Seongwoo, also during that time he was sick but kept practicing and working hard to put on a good performance, and when he got the least amount of votes he let his face fall for only a second before catching himself and laughed it off, during the eliminations when he saw his friends make it through he smiled and hugged them and gave them a thumbs up, and when Jisung made it into the top 4 he said oh my god and nearly fell out of his chair, then ran over to hug Jisung when he was going up to his seat, his reaction to being in the OP get ugly team was to hold in his giddy laughter and sit in the corner in the fetal position (lol) 

and now he’s the leader of the team, got hurt while practicing and still did the show smiling the whole time and was upset because he couldn’t lead the team well and he didn’t even let any of the fans there know he was injured like… I literally just wanna wrap him up in bubble wrap and blankets and hug him and never let him go he’s so sweet 

Sons of Lawrence #10

Summary:  Sons of Anarchy meets Supernatural. In this AU, the Winchesters run the most notorious biker gang in Lawrence. They traffic illegal drugs, weapons, and anything else that makes them money and keeps them on top.
Characters in this chapter: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester, Gadreel, Crowley
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Female Reader

Word Count: 1,344
Warnings: Language, angst, casual drug use.
Author’s Note: This series isn’t going to be light and fluffy. It will include explicit language, explicit sexual content, casual use of illegal drugs, explicit canon typical violence.
Miss the beginning?

It was after Mary had fallen asleep that you decided to tell John and Sam about Gadreel. Dean still hadn’t returned, but you couldn’t keep it to yourself any longer.

You were pulling a deep drag from your second cocaine-laced cigarette and your leg was bouncing nervously under the intense gaze from two very intimidating men.

“This man,” John started, voice rough with barely keeping his emotions under control. “You saw him?”

“Today,” you said tremulously. “He delivered a bouquet of flowers; lilies. They were my favorite, until…” your voice trailed off as you stood and showed them your scar-adorned stomach.

While both men had their share of scars, they hissed and winced as if they themselves felt the pain. Then, there eyebrows drew together and dark rage rolled into their eyes. Sam, who was sitting next to you, reached out and ran his thumb over the scar. You did your best not to wince -it still hurt every now and then- or pull away from his inquisitive touch.

“Serrated butcher knife,” you muttered, answering his unasked question. “Pushed it in to the hilt, and then pulled.” Using Sam’s finger, you demonstrated what happened.

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“Son of a bitch,” John snarled. “Until Gad is dealt with, you’re staying here, Y/N.”

Sam was nodding almost violently in agreement. “We won’t let you outta our sight.”

Your hands were shaking as you pulled your shirt down. “I don’t want to intrude. I mean…” you waved a hand in the direction of where Mary was sleeping.

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John stood, rounded the small table, and grabbed your shoulders. “You’re not intruding. Besides, you saved Mary. The least I could do is offer you a safe haven.” He pulled you into him and wrapped his arms around you, hugging you tightly, only to release you a moment later when the three of you heard Mary call out.

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Obsessed // KJ Apa

18 and 33 with kj please xx

[“You’re jealous over my celebrity crush?” + “I want you. Only you”]

Warnings: None

Word Count: 606

Characters: KJ Apa, Scott Patterson (mentioned)

A/N: Hello, my lovelies! So, I still have a few requests to go through. I try and do the one’s from the bottom of my inbox, but sometimes, I read a request, and I do get inspiration to write that specific one, but here you are. I still have a few prompt requests to do, so they will be coming along soon. X

—- —-

You and KJ were both sat up in his bed, a bowl of homemade mac and cheese in front of you both and Netflix playing on the TV. KJ had come home for a few days to see you and spend time with you before he went to see his family and then fly back out to start filming season 2 of Riverdale. So you had about five days to cram in as much time together as you could, so here you both were, sitting together and watching Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls had been a favourite of yours when you grew up, and you did indeed have your liking to once specific male character, but you wanted KJ to experience the adventure of watching this specific show (which he loved, but wouldn’t actually admit it to anyone) and that’s what your next conversation came up to.

“You like him?” KJ looked at you, eyebrows furrowed as he ate another mouthful of the pasta, chewing and swallowing slowly as he tried to comprehend why you liked such an ‘old’ character. “You were how old when you first watched this show?”

“I was 15. Mum had it recorded on tapes and I decided to watch it. And he isn’t old. It’s just like how some of the fans of Riverdale love Skeet or Luke!” You argued, putting the bowl of pasta on the bedside table and pausing the show, turning slightly to look at him. “Are you… You’re jealous over my celebrity crush?” You raised an eyebrow, seeing KJ bite his lip, getting off the bed and taking his empty cup, starting to walk towards the kitchen. “You’re jealous of Scott Patterson! Oh my gosh!” You giggled, following him into the kitchen and opening the fridge, grabbing a glass from the cupboard and placing it on the counter, pouring yourself and KJ a drink.

“I’m not jealous! I’m just… not too fond of your loving towards other males.” KJ sulked, grabbing the glass you had just refilled for him and sipped from it. You put the bottle of orange juice back in the fridge and turning to look at the brunette in front of you. You smiled slightly, flicking one of your braids back over your shoulder and shaking your head. “You’re cute.” You nodded, taking a sip from the glass and placing the counter.

“KJ, my darling boyfriend. I would just like to tell you this now, and you can record it if you wish to keep it for future reference, but I love you. And I’m not sure what that means to you, but it means that I want you. Only you.” You looked up at KJ, who was now grinning. He had put his glass down next to yours and brought you into a hug, his arms wrapped around your shoulders. He gently kissed your forehead, lips lingering for a few seconds, until you placed your hands on his cheeks, bringing him down for a gentle kiss.

“Wanna know something? Every time you let your beard grow out, I like to think you’re Scott Patterson.” You giggle, looking up to see his face scrunch up. KJ took a deep breath and started to mumble something. “I can’t hear you.” You trailed your fingers up and down his chest, looking up at him.

“I said,” KJ started, looking down at you, a small smirk on his face. “I said that sometimes I question my love for you.” He leant down, leaving a small kiss on your lips.

“Wanna go back to watching Gilmore Girls?”

“Only if you’re not going to obsess over the old guy again.”

You'll Be Okay, Lance

I posted this before on my side blog, but after Tumblr enabled the safe mode thing I deleted it. Now I’ve finally gotten around to reposting it here. Enjoy!


Quiznak, Lance thought. He picked his foot up and looked down with a wince. “At least I found it,” he muttered to himself. Lance bent down to retrieve his MP3 player from the ground. The screen was cracked and the button in the middle had popped off. He tried turning it on, but the device didn’t respond. “Aw, man.” Lance sighed and plopped down on his unmade bed. One of the only things he had left to remind him of his life back on Earth, was broken.

“What am I gonna do now,” he grumbled. There was no way he could fix it. Lance considered just throwing it away and attempting to move on. But, then he remembered something.

Remembered someone.

A certain friend who was great with gadgets, and just so happened to be right down the hall. “Pidge!” Lance exclaimed to no one in particular and jumped up. “She can fix it! Well, probably … hopefully.” Lance excitedly shoved the broken MP3 player in the pocket of his jacket and crept out of his room.

The castle was silent.

He knocked on Pidge’s door three times. The noise echoed in the quiet hallway. “I hope she’s not busy,” he wished aloud. A moment later the door slid open to reveal Pidge standing before him in her pajamas. She offered him a sleepy smile. “Oh, hey Lance. What’s up?”

“Uh…” He took note of her sleeping attire and immediately regretted coming to ask her for something. He hadn’t considered that she might be trying to sleep. It was late. Of course she wouldn’t want to help him right now.

“I’m sorry, were you getting ready for bed? I-I didn’t mean to bother you. I can just come back tomorrow,” he started to back up and turn away. His face felt hot. “No, Lance, it’s okay,” she called out and he stopped. “I was actually having some trouble sleeping,” she rubbed her eyes and readjusted her glasses. Little strands of hair stuck out in odd places around her head.

“Did you need something?” Lance felt relieved that she hadn’t turned him down. “Yeah,” he answered and took a deep breath to try and calm his nerves. “Actually there was something I was hoping you could help me with.” His fingers curled around the crushed object in his pocket.

“Sure. I’d be happy to.” Pidge led him into her room and the door closed behind them with a hiss. The only light source was the lamp that sat on top of the desk. One look at her bed and Lance could tell Pidge had been tossing and turning in the sheets. He wondered how long she’d been trying to get some sleep. He’d have to ask her later.

She sat down in her desk chair, leaned back, and propped her bare feet up on a stack of books by the bed. “Soooo, what do you need?” The drowsiness that had tainted her voice earlier was completely gone now. Lance reached in his pocket and brought out the reason he was there. Pidge held her hand out and Lance placed the small device in it.

“Yikes.” She looked it over then looked at him. “What happened to it?” Lance rubbed the back of his neck and explained. “So, you can fix it, right?” She scoffed and pushed her glasses up her nose. “Of course I can. I’ll have it better than new in no time.” Pidge swiveled around in her chair and began working on his MP3.

Lance sat down on the floor, legs stretched out in front, and rested his back against the bed. He watched her as she tinkered away. Lance had always secretly admired how smart she was. Back at the Garrison, he thought she was a little weird at first. Maybe because she was trying to pass as a boy. He chuckled at the thought of how many times he’d tried to set her up with a girl that had turned him down. Back then, Lance just couldn’t fathom why Pidge kept rejecting his efforts. But now he understood.

“What’s so funny?” Pidge looked at him for a moment waiting for an answer. Lance met her gaze. “Remember when you told everyone you were a girl?”

Pidge laughed, recalling the memory, and turned back around to continue working. “Yeah. Everyone was so cool about it,” she paused and glanced over her shoulder. “Except you. You totally freaked out.” Lance blushed. “Hey! How was I supposed to take it?”

Pidge shrugged.

“Well, what if I told you I was a girl? Hmm?” Almost immediately she answered with, “I could see that,” in a rather serious tone. “And I support your decisions completely,” she added. He could practically hear her smirking. The pink in Lance’s cheeks darkened. “Whatever,” he huffed.

They sat in silence for a few minutes.

Lance couldn’t help but feel a bit awkward as he sat there on Pidge’s floor. Should he try to make conversation? He didn’t want to distract her from whatever she was doing, but the lack of communication was killing him. He had to say something.

Um … The weather’s been nice lately? No. We’re in space, and that’s stupid, he scolded himself.

Started any new projects lately?

How are things with your lion?

Learn any more Altean words?

Lance laid his head on the bed, racking his brain for something, anything really, that would strike up a conversation. Then, a previous question popped back into his head. Lance cleared his throat and spoke up.

“You uh, you said you were having trouble sleeping? Is everything okay?” She halted for a moment and threw her head back, letting out a long sigh. Pidge seemed to contemplate her words before speaking them.

“My brain always picks the most random times to go on overdrive. It’s like, as soon as I finally lay down, I get a million ideas all at once.” She leaned forward and resumed working. “Yeah, I know the feeling,” he said softly. Lately he’d been having problems sleeping too. And Lance just wasn’t Lance without his beauty rest.

“Well what about you?”

“Huh?” Lance stared at the back of her head and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“It is late, and you’re not even in your pj’s yet. What’s keeping you up?” Her voice sounded slightly concerned.

“Oh.” All of a sudden, a wave of sadness washed over him, and he felt as blue as his lion. What was keeping him up? Causing him to lose countless hours of sleep?

Lance was homesick. Simple as that.

He was glad Pidge wasn’t looking at him when he spoke. Her friendly smile probably would have been enough to make him cry right then and there. “I just, really miss Earth. My family, and my old friends.” Lance tried not to let his voice quiver. He chuckled to cover his uneasiness. “I think I even miss Iverson back at the Garrison.”

“Wow,” Pidge giggled, the sound making his heart feel a little less heavy, “you really do miss Earth.” He heard one final click before she turned around to face him. Pidge held out the MP3 in her palm. There were no more cracks in the screen and all the buttons fit exactly where they belonged. It looked like it had just come out of the box. He was going to ask her how she fixed it, but decided not to question the tiny miracle.

“That’s incredible,” Lance marveled, instantly feeling better. He stood up and took his device from her small hand eagerly. “An easy fix. It’s not that big of a deal.”

It was to Lance. Her act of kindness meant more to him than he could even comprehend.

“Thank you.” He tucked the MP3 player into his pocket. “It really means a lot Pidge.” Lance gave her a small, sad smile, then averted his eyes to the floor, not quite sure what else to say. Pidge lifted herself out of the chair to stand in front of him.

He didn’t need to say anything, she understood perfectly.

Pidge wrapped her arms around his waist tightly, and placed her small head on his chest. This took him completely by surprise and he started blushing.

“You’ll be okay, Lance. I know you will.” Her words were slightly muffled by his shirt. He didn’t realize how badly he needed a hug until he found himself enveloping Pidge in a warm embrace. Lance rested his cheek on top of her head and smiled. “Thanks again. I needed this.”

“Me too” she responded. They both sighed contentedly.

“Hey. Do you wanna, maybe, have a sleepover?” Pidge pulled away just enough to look up at him hopefully. Lance couldn’t suppress the smile that spread across his face.

“I’d like that. A lot.”

A/N: I just want my space babies to be happy, yaknowwhatimsayin? I cannot be the only one who would like to see some more Pidgance development. Maybe not necessarily in a romantic sense, but I feel like they would have a really great friendship. I think this ship needs a little more attention. But anyways … Until next time, my lovelies

À Triomphe - BTS AU

AU: Art Theif!Bangtan

Description:  You are a curator at one of the many museums in Paris, and have finally earned the bosses trust.  But after a strange meeting with a new coworker and his friends, you begin receiving messages from an unknown party.

Part:  Two / One / Three / Four / Five

Warnings:  Swearing, Slightly Suggestive.

Originally posted by melanielovesgaysempai

A sudden ping from your pocket broke your train of thought.  You hastily removed your phone from your coat and stared at the notification.

Text Message from Unknown number

You pondered the text, looking quizically as you read it

“hide the keys”

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Request: Happy teaching his child to ride a bicycle without training wheels. EXTRA FLUFF.


“Eat your eggs, love,” you told your daughter who sat at the kitchen table across from you, “Dad will be in here in a second.” She nodded and began to eat, you doing the same. Happy walked in from the shower, placing a kiss on each of your heads before grabbing his plate off of the counter.

“You busy today,” you asked as he sat down.

He shrugged, “Not much, just some club shit later on.”

“Yay,” your daughter said, earning a confused glance from her dad.

“What are you two plottin’? he asked, taking a drink of his orange juice.

“I wanna ride a bike without training wheels, daddy,” she said.

“Are you sure you’re old enough for that?” he asked, making you giggle.

“Despite you being in denial about your daughter growing up, she’s eight now, Hap. She‘s old enough,” you told him, walking over and wrapping your arms around his neck from behind, giving him a hug before turning to do the dishes.

Your daughter waited patiently, looking at Happy and purposely looking pouty until he spoke again, “Your mom tries to use that look on me too.”

You laughed, “And it works every time.”

Happy agreed before turning to your daughter, “Alright, I’ll teach you how to ride.” She squealed and wrapped her arms around her father’s neck before running to get dressed, leaving the two of you in the kitchen alone.

“You’re a good dad,” you told him as you finished up the dishes, “I had my doubts eight years ago, I’ll admit.”

He shrugged, leaning against the counter next to you, “Can’t say I blame ya for havin’ your doubts. I had mine too.”

You wrapped your arms around his torso, laying your head on his chest, “You’ve done good. Lord knows she thinks the world of you.” It was true. The moment your daughter was born, she was a daddy’s girl through and through, never wanting to be too far from him.

He sighed, “I’m only doin’ this so she can learn how to ride an actual bike when she’s sixteen.”

You rolled your eyes, “Don’t think so, Lowman.”

“Dad, let’s go,” she begged, walking towards the front door, interrupting your playful banter with your husband.

You and Happy laughed as the two of you followed her out the door. You took a seat on the front porch as Happy and your daughter headed onto the road. The two of you had mutually decided on a house in a subdivision close to the clubhouse after the baby was born. You watched Happy work on getting the training wheels off your daughter’s bike while she watched with anticipation. You smiled as you watched him help her put her helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads on, wondering how you got so lucky.

Happy held the bike steady as she climbed on, “Please don’t let go, dad,” she said, her voice wavering just a little bit as Happy steadied the bike with her on it.

“I won’t let go until your ready baby girl, I promise,” he said, unaware that you had snapped a picture of them with your phone. He went through what she needed to do, including how to brake when she wanted to stop.

She took a few deep breaths before looking up at him, “I’m ready daddy. You can let me go.”

He let her go as she peddled, him running beside her the whole time.

“I don’t remember how to stop!” she screamed at Happy, beginning to cry. You were off the porch, running towards them when you heard that, but you stopped when you saw Happy grab her off of the bike right before it ran into some trashcans.

Happy moved to sit on the side of the road with your daughter in his lap when you made it to them and got down on your knees next to them.

“You caught me daddy,” she said, burying her face in his neck.

He held her close, “I’ll always catch you, baby.”


°WET° ft. 방탄소년단


“Jagiya! I’m here.” Jin yelled as he entered the house.

You were in the kitchen cooking up one of his favorite meals. Fried chicken, vegetables and rice.

“In here!” You called out to him.

A few seconds later, you saw your cute broad shouldered boyfriend standing in the doorframe. He had a huge smile on his face.

“This is why I love you. You cook for your man.” He came closer to you and began kissing your neck.

Even though you wanted to keep this going, you knew that you had to finish cooking or the house would burn down.

“Yah stop I have to finish the food.” You wiggled out of his grip.

“Fine but I’m not finished with you. I haven’t been here for two weeks and for two weeks I haven’t heard you scream my name.” He stared you down.

“Okay, but you’re only getting two rounds. Last time, I couldn’t walk for a week and I had to call out of work.”

“Two rounds it is. I just hope you can take it. I’ve been holding things in you know.” He licked his lips.

“I can.”


“Baby!” Kookie yelled into each of the rooms as he looked for you.

You were hiding from him hoping that you could get the chance to scare him. It was the month of Halloween so you were in the spirit.

“Jagiya are you here?! Where is she?” He asked himself as he stepped into the room that you were hiding in.

You jumped from behind the door and grabbed his shoulders.

“Oh shit!” He yelled.

“Omg Kookie what did you just say?” You couldn’t control your laughter.

His accent when he spoke English was the best. It was so sweet and innocent.

“You were hiding?!” He looked shocked but then began laughing with you.

“You scared me jagiya.” He pouted.

“Aw I’m sorry baby.” You hugged him.

“How sorry?” He smirked, looking down at you.

You could see a bulge in his grey shorts. He wanted it and you did to.

You slowly placed your hand on that bulge while looking him in the eye.

“I’m very very sorry.” You kissed his neck one time and then you started to walk out of the room, already knowing what was going to happen next.

Before you could even leave, he pulled your arm and pulled you close to him. Not that that was a surprise.

He back hugged you and pressed himself against your lower back. That made you want to tear him to peices right then and there.

“I wanna take you down.” He sung the Chris Brown song that turned you into a freak anytime you heard it.

You tilted your head to the side as jungkook nibbled your ear, causing you to secretly bite your lip. He turned you around and picked you up by your waist. You wrapped your legs around him and held on tight. You couldn’t control the smile that crept on your face. You were about to get some Kookie. It’s been two weeks since you last saw him.

He carried you to your bedroom, then closed and locked the door.

“Take it off.” He ordered.


You and Jimin had just came from the gym and were now entering your house. You both were drenched in sweat.

You were so happy since he had finally came to see you. The past two weeks was long enough.

“Ah Jagiya I’m tired.” He kissed your cheek and sat down next to you.

“Well you have to wash up so get some energy.” You laughed.

He sighed. “But Baby.”

Right when he said that, you shot him a death glare.

“Take one with me.” He said on his little whiny voice while moving closer to you.

You were cheesing hard. You two were on the same page. He wants the goodies.

“It’s been two weeks baby.” He pouted.

“I know.” You pretended to not be interested just to see how far he would go to get his way.

You got up and headed to your kitchen to grab a bottle of water.

Out of no where, you were pushed against the refrigerator. Jimin’s face was right in front of yours.

He began laughing when he saw your face but quickly put on his serious seducing face. You tried as hard as you could to not show any emotion whatsoever.

“I know that you want me as much as I want you.” He kissed your lips.

You accidentally let out a soft moan which caused Jimin to smirk. He knew what you were doing and he knew that it wasn’t going to work.

“Okay we won’t in the shower but just know that we’re not putting on clothes for a few hours since we’re gonna be busy.”

You began to blush. You thought fuck it. Stop with the act cause you know you want it just as bad as he does.

“Nah let’s do what you want.” You licked your lips.

He smiled so hard that his eyes were smiling. “There’s my girl.”

He grabbed your arm and pulled you into the bathroom.

“Don’t slip or fall.” You laughed.

“Baby I won’t. I still haven’t dropped you after all these times. I’m strong.” He flexed his muscles.

You nodded since he was right. Here comes the rollercoaster. Literally.


Namjoon was finally at your house after being gone for two weeks. He was helping you study but you were super tired of it and didn’t want to spend all of the time that you had with him studying.

You both had something else on your minds but neither of you wanted to say anything. You knew that you had to stop this.

“Joonie.” You put your pencil down.

“Hm.” He looked up from his textbook.

“Dont you think that we should be doing other things? I think I’ve studied enough.”

“Like what jagiya?” He put his book down and moved closer to you.

“Um I don’t know mayb-”

“Ahhh.” He smiled showing his dimples. “You’re bad babygirl.”

He unexpectedly grabbed your arm and dragged you to your bedroom.

“You know I’m usually the one to ask for this.” He chuckled.

He came closer to you, motioning for you to unbutton his shirt. and so you did.

“I missed you.” He said.

You pulled him on top of you and rolled the both of you over so that he was now on the bottom.

“I missed you to.” You climbed on top of him and softly pecked his lips. “Tonight I’m in control.”

He liked the idea so much that he let out a little squeal. You never did this.


“Yah stop chasing me!” You yelled as you ran as fast as you could.

V was chasing you around your house. You both wore fuzzy socks and your floors were made of smooth wood.

“Then give me a kiss!” He finally caught you and turned you around.

You sucked your lips in and dodged your head when he tried to kiss you.

“Nope you ate my food I’m not giving you nothing!” You wiggled out of his grip and tried to run away but he pulled you back.

“Jagiya I’m sorry!” He pouted while back hugging you.

“Sorry doesn’t cut it.” You said.

“I will buy you more fo-”

You quickly turned around, grabbed his shirt and pulled his lips to yours. That was all that you needed to hear.

“Oh my God!” He dramatically yelled.

You pushed him on the couch and straddled him. His facial expression quickly changed into a more wanting one.

“Tae Tae?” You asked while softly stroking his hair.

“Yeah baby?” He was mesmerized.

“How long are you going to be here?”

“I can stay the night but then I have to go in the morning.” He rubbed your thighs and slowly licked his lips.

“Come on.” You demanded as you grabbed his hand and dragged him into your bedroom.

“Jagiya jagiya jagiya.” He said as he took off his shirt.

He sat on the bed and watched you as you took off your dress reveling your black lingerie that he bought for you.

“Ah you finally wore it.” He got up and pulled you onto him.

You nodded. “Now take it off.”


“Baby you can almost dance as good as me!” Hobie laughed as he sat down next to you.

You two were in the practice room and just got finished dancing.

“Oh whatever I dance better than you.” You teased and poked his chest.

He smirked. “Oh yea?”

You nodded. Confident about your statement.

He stood up, grabbed your hand and pulled you up to your feet.

Realizing that you hadn’t kissed him yet you pulled him close by his sleeves and let your lips meet his in a soft manner.

“What was that for?” He had a huge blushing smile on his face.

“I haven’t you kissed you all day.” You shrugged.

He went to the corner of the room and got his things leaving you confused. Then, he took your hand and literally dragged you out of the building.

“Baby what are you doing?” You asked.

He stopped at his car’s passenger door and opened it for you. You got in, still confused.

When he got in, you could see his face and how his breathing pattern was a mess.

“You know what else we haven’t done today?” He asked.

“Um no.” You furrowed your eyebrows.

He grabbed your hand closest to him and put it where Hobie Jr was located.

Your eyes widened and then you got what he meant which caused you to laugh.

“Drive then. We do only have tonight.”

He started the car and kissed your forehead.

“Jagiya?” He began driving.


“When you’re screaming my name scream ‘Hoseok’ instead of hobi so that the neighbor’s know my real name.”


You slowly opened your eyes. Beside you lied a sleepy Yoongi. You rolled over and checked the time. It was midnight and you were hungry. Not for food but for Yoongi.

You knew that he was most likely going to have to leave in the morning and who knows when he’ll be back.

You haven’t been slayed by Yoongi in two weeks and your body was aching for him to.

Yoongi is a freak and you know that he’ll give you what you want at any time. Especially if it’s something that he loves to give you.

You softly tapped his chest. “Yoongi.”

He didn’t even budge.

“Yoongi.” You repeatedly tapped him but he still didn’t wake up. Was he even alive?

“Yoongi wake up!” You yelled.

He jumped and quickly opened his eyes. “What is it y/n?”

His deep and raspy sleepy voice got you even more worked up.

You just looked at him. Something you always did that turned into a signal to show that
that you wanted it.

“Send me to Hong Kong?” You did a little bit of aeygo.

He stretched and sat up. “That’s why we went to sleep. Energy.”

He was on the same page as you.

“Come sit.” He patted his lap.

You climbed on top of him and leaned forward as he gripped your butt and began leaving wet kisses on your neck. It was like neither of you were even sleep.

“It’s been two weeks right?” He asked.

“Yes.” You said as you tugged on his shirt.

He put up his arms so that you could take it off. “Well, we have a lot of making up to do.”


not seeing your man in two weeks because of his crazy schedule can turn you into an automatic freak when your eyes are finally planted on him–vise versa.

this is nothing really. just a little scenario that i made in oct of ‘16.

Don't Tell

Bruce Banner X Reader

Request Prompt:
They aren’t a couple, and Bruce takes care of drunken reader? Or the reader after they got their wisdom teeths out and is still on drugs? Please *-*

Warnings: Reader is druuuuunk

Bruce frowned at the gibberish text he received from Tony as he walked down the hallway. He knew he shouldn’t of left Tony alone to ‘celebrate’ his latest achievement. He sighed as he mentally tried to prepare himself for whatever he’d have to face.

He steeled himself and opened the door, eyes flicking around the room before finally landing on Tony.

Who was currently out cold on the couch, his arm limply dangled to the floor with his phone laying on the ground. That he was prepared to see, what he wasn’t prepared to see was Y/N. she was half laying on a foot stool and across the floor, bottle in hand.

“Heeeey Bruce!” She giggled as she saw him and waved.

“Y/N? Wh-what are you doing here?” He approached her cautiously.

“Tony asked me to celebrate with him!”

“Y/N… Maybe you should stop now.” He nervously glanced at all the empty bottles surrounding the two of them. He laid Tony in a more comfortable position on the couch before he turned his attention back to Y/N.

“Whaaaat?” She sounded so shocked. “Nonono it’s fine, we’re fine! It’s fun!” She giggled again. Her cheeks were red and Bruce wasn’t sure if it was the odd angle she was laying at or the intoxication.

“Well, lets… Help you up okay?” He bent down, blushing just the slightest as he hoisted her up.

“Hey Bruce? Bruuuce? Brucebruce? Bruciebru?”

“Yes Y/N?” He bit his lip as he righted her on the floor to sit up.

“I’m smashed! Heheh get it? Cause Hulk smash!” She snorted a laugh as she flexed her muscles and roared.

Bruce chewed on his lip nervously, he had never seen Y/N drunk before. She usually abstained from drinking at most of the larger parties Tony had thrown.

“That’s funny, Y/N.” He watched as she started to tilt her head, her body started to grow limp. Bruce didn’t have the heart to leave her like that. Tony? He probably deserved it. But he couldn’t just leave the secret object of his affection like that.

“Y/N, I’m gonna take you to bed okay?” He bent down at her and snapped his fingers in front of her.

She looked up at him, eyes hazed over.

“Noooo, I’m fhiine.” She tried to push him away from her but she didn’t do very well.

“…….. Hey Y/N? Could I have a hug?” He held his arms out to her.

Her attitude instantly changed and she smiled wrapping her arms around his neck. Bruce then hoisted her up once more while she was safely clinging to him.

He began walking down the hallway to her room.

“Mmmgh Bruce? My head feels spinny.” She clutched him tighter.

“You’ll be okay soon okay? I’m gonna take care of you.”

“Brruuuce?” She cooed out again after pressing her forehead against his neck.

“Wanna hear a secret?”

“Okay what?” Bruce couldn’t help but smile slightly, she was so sweet and he felt the overwhelming urge to protect her. His stomach churned at the thought of her laying on that foot stool all night. He entered her bedroom, laying her down on her bed and pulling her shoes off.

“I have a crush on Bruce.” She giggled again and sighed dreamily.

Bruce dropped her shoe to the ground as his eyes widened. He looked down at her. “Wh-what?”

“Shhhhhh!” She giggled again. “Don’t tell Bruce!!” She grinned and pulled the blankets around her, rolling herself into a cocoon and closing her eyes.

“I… Yeah, okay. I won’t tell him.” Bruce quietly left her room with a smile on his face.

Tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow afternoon he’d ask her if she wanted to have tea with him.

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Can I have some hc of Bakugou and how he would react with a s/o that just can't be fazed by him? So every time he is screaming or threatening his classmates his s/o just goes and cuddles him and they won't let go until he shuts up. (He could just push them off but he doesn't want to hurt him so he gets super frustrated)


Bakugou Katsuki

  • The first time it happens, the boy doesn’t know what to do. One second he’s yelling at Izuku and the next his arms are clamped down to his sides because s/o wrapped themself around him in a bear hug!
  • Lots of blushing because no one really gets close physically to Bakugou other than fights and he’s so not used to this amount of affection.
  • “If you don’t stop yelling Bakugou, then I’ll have to think of a way to make you quiet.” Is what his significant other would say suggestively to him.
  • Wanting so bad to push them away because too many people are looking at him but being torn since he doesn’t want to offend his s/o.
  • Sometimes he’ll just admit defeat and hug back. It’s not so bad after all having his s/o so close to him.
  • The s/o kissing him to shut him up after yelling too loudly and he blushes so heavily.
  • Classmates hiding behind s/o or threatening to tell the s/o if Bakugou does anything to them.
Request: Nightmare

Request: please write a story about breaking up with Juice because he cheated on the reader with Ima

It’s a sad imagine in the beginning, but give it a chance.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: cheating 

Originally posted by carlos-juanortiz

Everyone looked at him as Juice entered the clubhouse. He told himself to keep his head high and just walk to a bedroom on the back of the club. The bag he was carrying seemed to weigh a ton. He had found it by the door when he got home; Y/N had packed it for him. He heard his girl in the kitchen and, in a normal day, he would walk to her, wrap his arms around Y/N and breathe her scent in. Instead of doing it, he grabbed the bag and turned around to leave the house.

Juice had thought he could go through all the club and personal issues. Everything would be alright, as long as he had Y/N by his side. Juice knew nothing could be that perfect and he had been just waiting for the day Y/N would get tired of his silent and clingy self. What woman would live with someone like him for so long? Who would bear the things he couldn’t explain and be there for him anyhow? No, that person didn’t exist. His worst nightmare had come true; he had lost the only person who could keep him from losing his mind.    

“Are you okay sweetheart?”, he felt Gemma’s hand on his shoulder but didn’t stop to look at her.

“Yeah”, Juice just mumbled and kept walking through the hallway. He was passing by the bathroom when Ima opened the door, raising an eyebrow at him. He ignored her; that girl was always around, trying to get in Jax’s bed though he had an old lady. He found a room and tossed his bag on the bed. He looked at it and knew he wouldn’t sleep that night, he couldn’t sleep alone anymore, he was used to Y/N’s warm body against his, wrapped in his embrace. Juice slammed the door behind him and walked back to the bar where his brothers didn’t ask any questions, just let him drink.


Someone was trying to knock down his door. Juice’s head was spinning and hurting, and the knocks on his door sounded louder than they actually were.

“What?”, Juice growled as he tried to get up.

“Juice”, a sweet voice came through the door, “It’s me. Open the door”

“Y/N”, he blinked, pressing a hand on his temple.

“Gemma convinced me to come over and talk to you”, she admitted, “She’s right and I was so angry, I wasn’t thinking. Let’s talk Juice”

“Babe”, he whispered and stumbled on his way to the door. Juice opened it and Y/N smiled at him, but then her smile faded when she looked at his drunk self.

“You are naked”, she hissed and pushed the door open. Juice looked down and saw it was true, he was naked and hadn’t noticed it. Y/N entered the bedroom and then sobbed, “How could you? I thought I was wrong and we could fix this, but no… Here”. Y/N took off the ring he had given to her when they got engaged, “I’ll send the rest of your stuff”, she walked by him as Juice still tried to understand what was going on, “You’re an asshole Juice”

“Y/N!”, he called her, but Y/N marched through the hallway and he couldn’t follow her, he was naked. Juice looked around, trying to find his pants and then he noticed them on the floor, next to a dress. He frowned and looked at the bed. He saw the blond hair and her face. Ima was in his bed. Juice understood then what had happened and why Y/N was furious. His back hit the wall and he slid to the floor, crying. He had lost everything.


Juice felt a hand gently rubbing his chest and someone telling him to open his eyes. He did what the voice had told and his eyes met Y/N’s. She was seated on the bed they shared, her brow creased.

“Breathe Juan, breathe”, she said, still rubbing his chest, “It was a nightmare babe, only a nightmare”

Juice looked around and recognized their bedroom. He was sweaty and must have been tossing and turning in bed, waking up Y/N. He tried to slow down his breath, looking inside her eyes and feeling her hand on his chest. Y/N smiled when she noticed he had calmed down and leaned to kiss him.

“It was only a nightmare babe, only a bad dream”, she whispered, resting her forehead against his. Juice sighed and wrapped his arms around her. Y/N caressed his cheeks, “Do you wanna talk about it?”

“It was another version of the same nightmare, the worst of all”, Juice hugged her tighter, “Losing you”

“I told you babe”, Y/N kissed his chest and cuddled with him to sleep, “It was just a nightmare, because that will never, ever happen. I’m not going anywhere”

Cold - Part 2

Originally posted by hanichul

Table of Contents: Part 1 | Part 2

Genre: angst

Pairing: Kim Doyoung x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: *REQUESTED* You’re engaged but you’ve never felt so alone.

Four years later…

“Mommy, help!”

You rushed to your son’s side, nearly tripping over one of his toys. With a sigh, you bent down to pick up the toy. “Jaemin, I thought we were supposed to clean all of the toys last night…”

“Sorry, mommy…”

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What’s The Deal? (MiniCat Superhero AU)

Craig and Tyler are currently dating and every so often, Tyler ends up having to cancel their dates. A few times turns into way too many times and Craig can’t help but wonder what Tyler is doing that involves him having to cancel so many dates. What is Tyler doing? Why is he lying? Can Craig even trust him anymore?

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stay || luke hemmings

I don’t love you anymore.” It rings in Luke’s ears, and it has been for days.

It didn’t matter where he was or who he was with, he’d hear it and zone out. But no one brought it up, they just let him be.

He didn’t talk about it, but everyone knew. Everyone knew she left him, and she did it with the harshest words he had ever heard.

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klunk and a bunch of cuddling bc lance is homesick and :c

A/N: I have literally never written an OT3 before ahzjxbdhsjdj what is writing???

Lance stared at the ceiling. He closed his eyes. One second, two seconds, three seconds passed. He opened his eyes. 

He couldn’t fall asleep again. Lance sat up and sighed. He wiped his face with his hands. It was wet.  


Lance stared at his hands. He didn’t remember crying.  Had he been crying in his sleep? Lance frowned and wiped his face with the sleeve of his pajamas. 

He let his hands fall onto his bed and stared at the sheets. He looked at his pajamas and finally he looked around the room. 

He was still in space, still miles away from Earth. Miles away from home. This room liked nothing like the one back at the house where his family was. He wondered if they missed him as much as he missed them. How were they holding up? 

Lance looked at the door. He stared at it for a moment before kicking off his covers and jumping out of bed. He put on his blue lion slippers before making his way to the door and opened the door.

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I love this tho

The stiff knock on the door made McCree jump out of his boots.

It was 3AM what was somebody doing knocking on the door!

Grabbing his gun just to be safe McCree slowly approached the door

“Who’s there?” He asks softly yet extremely sternly


“The hell?” McCree whispered before opening the door and jumping back to see Reaper. Supposedly one of Talons leaders instantly making him pull the gun to reapers forehead “Not here Reyes. I got six lil ones i put to bed i don’t need em waken up to see what i did to ya”


upon closer inspection reaper was gripping his chest intently as blood seeped out of it as well as a few spots on his arms that were bleeding as well

“You look like a shit show in every sense of the word”

“Save it Dead-Eye. You gotta. H-Help me” He says coughing and almost falling on McCree

“Fine. Jus get outta that damn cloak. I dont need ma kids havin nightmares because of ya sorry ass”

“F-Fine fine” He says throwing his cloak to the side and doing his best to make it over to the couch sitting down and taking in a couple sharp breaths of pain

“Jus relax and dont make to much noise Reyes, I ain’t no pro at the meds and stuff. But i think i got ya covered”

The next morning you wake up and notice your husbands…absence in bed laughing a little knowing he is probably just making himself some coffee

But seeing him asleep on the ground surrounded by your medical equipment as well as a bloody man that you knew all too well

Biting your lip to keep yourself from yelping you just shake McCree awake “Babe. What is happening here?”

“Oh…yea” He says yawning “well…Gabe showed up hurt. And I told em I’d help. I aint no master of meds so you might wanna finish what i started”

“Jesse. I don’t…fine as long as he is Gabriel not Reaper…”

After about an hour of wrapping and stitching Gabriel came out with McCree’s daughters “Huh? Papa whats going on?” Gabriel asks making Gabe hop up a little

“Are those your guys”

“Yes, Gabe…This is Gabriel Reyes McCree. Our son” You smile as Gabriel walks up to him “So your uncle Gabe! I always wanted to meet you!” He says hugging him making Gabriel look at the child in awh

“He is gonna stay for a while right? I wanna ask him a ton of things!”

Gabe looked at you and McCree with a lack of what to do before you nod a little bit making McCree smile a tiny bit.

This was becoming a strange family dynamic

anonymous asked:

(I really like Donna so...) Donna meets Cas for the first time and she's very excited as she'd heard so much about him. After a while of talking to him, while laughing at something he said or did, she bursts out with "you're so funny and sweet, I see why Dean likes you" and Cas just... freezes and sweats and his brain turns into a computer loading screen

So, like a combination of this:


and this?

Yep, I can totally see it. And Donna, seeing his utter surprise, would wrap him up in a great big hug and say, “aw sweetie I’m so sorry, I thought you knew…” And she’d end up giving him advice to just make a move on Dean “because I wanna see you both be happy and I’ll be old, blind and deaf by the time that boy gets his head out of his ass so you’re gonna have to make the first move.”