i wanna win a thing yes

it won’t be like what you imagined. maybe you get the road trip to the beach with coffee in your hand and the radio playing, maybe you don’t. but happy shows up. it’s in a 2 AM game of jenga with your new college friends. it’s curling up for another marathon of netflix. it’s meeting the person who will be your best man at the wedding. it’s 4:45pm in the library when the girl in the study coral across from you quietly whispers “i’m going to set everything on fire” and then turns to you and asks if you wanna take a break for dinner (say yes, she’s very nice and you both need a moment away from the stress). it’s the mornings they have omelettes and in good books and in a puddle that looks cool. it’s sometimes picturesque, but more often it’s full-belly laughter at stupid things on the floor of your friend’s house while in the background someone is debating the best way to win settlers of catan. 

i know it gets dark early now and the tired is setting in and everything sort of feels blank and hazy and you want to spend ages staring at walls thinking of nothing

but happiness will find a way in. it will be small moments. look for them.

CLOSED: Bird Art Competition!

To celebrate my getting married next month I’ve been thinking of holding a competition for a little bit of fun.

Now, I wanted to do something that I would enjoy seeing but also that ANYONE can enter. Some of your birds don’t like their photos taken (I know mine doesn’t), and I know some people feel disinclined to enter art competitions because they feel that their drawings aren’t good enough.

Whilst yes this is an art competition, it’s NOT about who draws the best. Far from it. If you wanna win, make me laugh, make me smile, give me your worst.

There will be three categories to this competition, as following:

Blind Bird Drawing

With your eyes closed, draw a bird of your choice. Things are guaranteed to be out of place, and that it excellent. Please go only with your first drawing attempt, as that’s probably going to end up being the worst one (plus I don’t want to take up too much of your time).

Non-dominant Bird Drawing

With your non-dominant hand, draw a bird of your choice. These are honestly some of my favourites because they can end up so messed up. I myself am right handed, and my left handed drawing is even worse than my blind drawing. Even if you are ambidextrous you may have one hand that draws worse than the other. If not, then… well, there are two other entries you can make. Again, please only go with your first drawing attempt.

Bad Bird Drawing

Draw a bird of your choice… deliberately badly. If you suck at drawing, you can draw badly. If you’re great at art, you can draw badly. For this I don’t mind if you go over your drawing to ‘correct’ it, I want the stupidest derpiest bird you can manage.


  • You may only enter one drawing per category, and you are allowed to enter all three categories.
  • You may send another and ask to switch entry, but you still only get one entry. (although if you draw further pictures I won’t mind you sending them to me, just state that it is for fun rather than competition)
  • Obviously no vulgar content.
  • If you want to colour that’s up to you, but abide by the category rules if you choose to do so.
  • You do not have to be following me to submit an entry, anyone is welcome.
  • Entries must be submitted before midnight GMT on April 18th 2017.
  • Please send your entries via submit on my home page.
  • Winners will be announced after the 18th, possibly on the 19th.
  • Anonymous entries cannot win, but will still be accepted because I get it if you still wanna play but feel too embarrassed.


So what do you get for winning? …well… …a measly postcard. Like, I’ll try to pick out one with a nice design. And on that I will draw a bird of your choosing (species or individual), either in the styles of the categories of the competition or just a nice drawing (attempt). I will need some form of address to send the card to. If you’re uncomfortable revealing your address you may still enter, but if you win a runner up will be chosen in your stead. I will send to anywhere in the world, but be aware that it’s gonna take a hella long time.

Remember, I don’t want good drawings. This is just for a laugh, and if you make me smile then that’s points towards you. I will be judging along with my partner and posting winners and runners up when I get the time.

If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Good luck!

Edit: The competition is now closed! Thanks to everyone who entered, I will be deciding the winners later.

A Mess- Mitch Marner

Originally posted by willynylanders

Ok so after some careful thought and a lot of how this should go, we’re just going to say… Enjoy!

Warning: A couple of cusses, fluff

@schmerbach201110 Request: A one where Mitch marner messes up proposing


              You honestly thought Mitch was going to pee his pants.

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Neymar for Esporte Interativo

Game against Juventus

We have to believe that we can do it,The other day my dad told me one thing, that stayed in my head and it’s true. In front of us we have a different team, but Barcelona are the same team. And we can do it. We did it once and we can do it a second time. We have to give our maximum. If everything goes well, another comeback will happen. I believe in the team and in our power. Everything is lost so we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We have to go out onto the pitch and do our job. It’s very difficult, mainly when there’s a big score against you. Juve are a great team, a very well structured side and that’s why it will be difficult to turn things around. We have to run twice as much. If we have a 1% chance to pass, if there is one more game, it’s 99% running, 99% faith and 99% God’s willing of the goals which will come in.

Where he would like to play?

I’d love to play one day for Flamengo, with the Maracana full, in the Copa Libertadores.


Santos took me to court and I don’t know why, there are a lot of stories that people don’t know, some said I wanted to score a goal against them when we played against Barcelona in the Club World Cup. I have no obligation to congratulate them the day they celebrate their foundation, I don’t do what everyone else wants.


In the fourth (goal) Yes. I hoped for one more little gulp to give that pon, we almost got that flavor. And after a few minutes the penalty kick came out. I only remember at the time I got the ball to hit the penalty, at the time I was concentrating, I would only listen to someone saying that I only had five minutes to play. Then I already thought, “C…, I have to do this m…, if not I’ll f…”. Messi said: “You go.” I said, “Alright!” I just thought, “I have to do it so we can have at least a chance to try something extraordinary.” As soon as I scored the goal it was a total relief because it put us in the game. Already excited the whole stadium and everyone. And then the historic goal happened.

Assistance for the historic goal of Sergi Roberto

My first thought was not to be a hero, but to kick. But I saw two Barcelona players moving, which were Messi and Piqué. I had not seen Sergi Roberto. So much so that I play there for both. At the time, I thought it was Piqué who scored the goal. After that I saw Sergi Roberto coming in behind. Worse than in the game, I spoke to him (Sergi Roberto): “Enter the area that you will make the goal. Get in the area! ” Then he came in and scored.

Free kicks in Barcelona

I always have the urge to hit . But there is a hierarchy. Of course the respect is maximum for Leo (Messi). Whenever fouls happen, he’s the official scout. Sometimes, I approach for, if you have any chance or opportunity, be focused to hit. It hits and hits very well. I just wanna get the ball in.

Be the best in the world

I don’tt think of being the best in the world. It is not something I prioritize. Of course I have a very big dream of one day to win the Golden Ball, but this comes naturally. It does not matter (the team) where I am, who I am, whether it is the best team or not. And yes my state, my gift, my game inside the field. If I’m okay, things will happen. And I’m feeling very good here in Barcelona. I’m happy here. Every player likes to play alongside the good players, alongside the best ones. Here I stand beside the best.

If he wasn’t Neymar, who would he like to be?

I would like to be many. There’s one by my side here (Zico). I didn’t see him playing, but my father saw. I also saw videos of him (laughs). I really like Messi. Of the ones I saw playing, he’s the best.

New generation of stars

I really like Griezmann, an excellent player. Gabriel Jesus, despite his age. I have a great affection for him, I’m very fond of how he plays. We played the Olympics together, in the Seleção too. He is a boy of great potential. I think this is what is going to get there around the world. And Dybala is the famous Argentine player. If you leave him alone, he will use it. On Wednesday, we can not make space. As they (Juventus) do not do with us, they do not give us space. The same thing.

Does Luis Enrique scold the team for crying?

No … I think it’s the game. It’s more about the timing, the player’s feeling. You have to feel, if you see that it’s not happening the way you want it, you have to change. That change of pressure. If they are pushing us, give a “bicão”. It is not ugly no. It is a pro football game that is a championship game. It’s ball forward and we’ll press there. But it’s the philosophy here, always was. To leave playing, to get the pass, to seek to play football. Only they are pressing us and we have to really look for another way out.

Supposedly there was 20 minutes reprimand that Luis Enrique gave Neymar, Mascherano and Pique

It was five, only (laughs). No, just kidding. There was no scolding for each player. It was the team. We played a bad game, the whole team. Everyone took it hard. It was not just a player. It was not directed at anyone.

2015 Champions League Final

The dream, I dreamed about. Of course I imagined it. But sometimes, in our life, things happen better than you think. He closed with a flourish the game, the championship. It was one of the best moments of my life. Where I exploded, I went there where my family and my friends were. I think it was all wonderful, yes.

Buffon is the best goalkeeper you’ve ever faced?

I think so. I think Buffon is the best I’ve ever faced. I have a goal against him. Not only one, I made another in Brazil (in the Confederations Cup 2013).

Champions 2015 Libertadores 2011 or 2016 Olympics?

In Maracanã. The penalty (of the final of the Olympic Games of 2016). The walk to the ball is … Oh my God. It’s the worst thing in life. It had to be closer. It had to be closer. You get the ball and it’s okay. It’s awful. Is very far. The walk … Look at the goal too small and the goalkeeper … My God from heaven. And I would say, “Where am I going to kick this ball?” Then I got the ball, positioned it, everything with my head down. Soon I looked and I saw the goal very big and the goalkeeper very small. It was supernatural. I said: “Wow!” Then it relaxed me. I thought, “You’re ready for this, you trained for it.” That’s where I was calm, I relaxed and managed to move the goalkeeper. It was not normal, because he never had a penalty like that. It was always something quicker than normal. But at that moment, that happened.

Do you consider Brazil a favorite for the World Cup?

I consider. Brazil has always been favorite in any competition that enters, by the level of players it has. And we, over the years, of all the years that I’ve been in the national team, always had good players and a good cast. But we could not find an identity, a way of playing, a Brazilian philosophy. And now, we did it. We were able to fit in. Despite having some rotations, you see that does not change the scheme, the way to play. It’s always the same thing. So, I think Tite was able to enforce this in the National Team.

Why did the Seleção change so much from Dunga to Tite?

I don’t know. I don’tt think Dunga is bad as a coach. On the contrary, I am very proud to have worked with him. A great person, always been very good to me. I don’tt know either, what happened about Tite having changed all that. I think it’s Tite’s merit to put confidence in every player, in every industry. To train a lot. I think it’s something different, yes. There is something different that attracts the attention of the players, and the player becomes more focused.

Is Tite on a level to be a Barcelona coach?

I think he (Tite) is on the level to be coach wherever he wants. I think it would indicate (Tite for Barcelona) yes.

Who will be the next coach of Barcelona?

I don’tt know, nobody knows yet. Simeone is a great coach. I think for big coaches, it doesn’t matter what team he goes to.

Tite in the Brazilian Team

Tite gives a lot of confidence to the players. He treats everyone the same. You don’t have any holders, you do not have any reservations. Treat everyone the same. There is no training of the starting team and the reserve team. He makes the second team train the same way as the first. Because you have a moment that you will need. During the game or when someone is suspended.

100% of the national team

No one expected. We did not expect it, but we trusted our team a lot because it is a very good team. We knew that if it fitted, it would be difficult to stop the Brazilian Team. Thank God everything worked out. I hope we remain undefeated for many years (laughs).

Being “the guy”

Sometimes yes sometimes no. I don’t like feel this way (“the guy”). I know my potential, I know what I can do for the Brazilian national team, and I’m pretty much the “guy” of the national team. But I do not like putting myself in this situation. I think it’s bad. It makes a difference, when you have quality players and are the team’s stars. You see by the crowd, to scream name and when you enter the field. I feel it. In Santos, I felt this a lot, because it was practically the same. And in Barcelona too. So I feel like “the guy”, it goes (laughs).

Against whom do you want to play the final of the 2018 World Cup?

Who do I want against? I want to be in the final, I don’t know against who. Let me see a selection … Germany! You’re in! But we’re going to play against them now, right? No matter (if is friendly), you have to win! I don’t even want to go to Argentina. It leaves Germany and Argentina in the semifinal and it’s all right.

Exaggerated charges and Chapecoense tragedy

It’s not even a matter of taking a break from social media. These charges … It’s bad to talk about tragedy (Chapecoense accident). It is very easy for you to come and speak “my feelings” for such a thing. It takes the place of families and children. Cleber Santana’s son and the Kempes son sent me a message, and I sent them a video. Even before posting anything. But nobody talks about it, either. Nobody knows what’s going on. So I do not like, in a tragedy, to come and talk. Because I put myself in the person’s place. “My feelings? OK thanks”. But I put myself in place. It’s complicated for you to be in this situation.

Football or Counter-Strike?

I’m better, I’m leveling up in CS. But my thing is football.

Expulsion against Malaga

It was my mistake. I do not mean by the red card, the second. Because it was a very fast move, and I ended up going very hard. There it was. I was wrong later. Then it was a mistake, but now I can think. There, not at the moment. I took a card because I’m going to tie the boot, losing the game with 15 minutes.

ALTL Part 44

gif is mine

Title: ALTL Part 44

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Lucifer, Castiel

Word count: 1,105

Warnings: none :D

A/N: It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means ;) Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much <3 <3

The Masterlist to this series can be found HERE!

A week later and things started to fall back into the normal pace of things.  Lucifer was still around, and still acting as if nothing had changed.  It was better that way, and it was even better that Gabriel didn’t mind.  Castiel continued to be himself as well.  It left you thinking how Balthazar would react.  You wondered if he would come around as often as he did before.

Gabriel burst through your bedroom door as you were getting dressed.  You both could hear Lucifer’s footfalls coming down the hall.  Gabriel quickly closed the door, not bothering to turn away from you.

“You’re still getting dressed cupcake,” Gabriel asked, raising an eyebrow.  “Are you okay?  Usually you are in the library by now, or on a case with Sam and Dean.”

“I’m fine Gabriel,” you insisted.  “I just got out of bed late.”  

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For your Friday shipping prompts: Uliro post-war living after Zarkon's defeat (or victory)

So basically this became like. Vacation not quite ‘living’ but. Yes. ANYWAY. THANK YOU. 

Leaning over the railing, Shiro counted the Holans that milled about the courtyard. Vacation was still a word he couldn’t quite grasp; the idea of relaxation for relaxations sake, to not always be on call, to not be itchy and uncertain and three steps from an adrenaline clash, was horribly foreign. Allura had demanded all of them take a vacation after Zarkon, that the quiet would do them good. It was – nice.

A warm palm pressed to the small of his back, trailing up to rest heavy between his shoulder blades. Shiro smiled at Ulaz, kicking out a foot to nudge against Ulaz’s shin. Ulaz nudged back, before he slipped both arms around Shiro’s waist, slotting them together, and rested his chin on Shiro’s head.

“What are you looking at?”

Shiro tilted his head up, grinning wider when Ulaz grumbled at him. “I’m counting Holans. They like to congregate in the central plaza every three hours and I don’t know why.”

“You left our room to count our hosts?” Ulaz asked, leaning heavier against Shiro so he, too, could survey the Holans. Shiro bowed under the weight, secure and caged in, Ulaz’s palms warm against Shiro’s middle. This too was – nice. An added bonus to vacation time. Shiro rolled his shoulders back, squirming until Ulaz gave in and snuggled him closer. Perfect.

“Wanna play a game?”

Ulaz whuffed against Shiro’s hair. “I would prefer you return to our room.”

“Winner gets to choose our next activity.”

That got Ulaz’s attention. Shiro didn’t have to be facing him to know Ulaz’s ears had quivered in interest. “What is the name of the game?”

Shiro grinned. “I-Spy.”

Send me a ship and I will write you a smol


Let’s talk for a second about this magnificent couple because, for the love of god, the way how Carter Bays and Craig Thomas treated Swarkles and their shippers is insulting. I mean… they basically fooled the world making us believe they were endgame. And now we have to believe that was all a joke? Hell no.

01x06. Slutty Pumpkin’ - This is what Ted told Robin “ one day you’re gonna meet a guy who’s gonna make you want to look like a complete idiot”.


External image



External image


01X14. Zip, Zip, Zip - I dare anyone to watch this episode and not thinking “ wow, they’re awesome together ”. This episode is the Swarkles manifesto. It’s everything that makes them them.

External image

Can you imagine Robin smoking cigars and play laser tag with Ted? Oh, wait, she’s not that person anymore. She’s a needy stepmother now. 

02x16. Stuff - So, Robin had to getting rid off their dogs because Ted saw in them her ex-boyfriends. What a mature behiavor, right? But he stole a smurf penis for her, so.. everything is legit and now I wonder if he’s gonna do the same in 2030, since she has her dogs again. The point is, who went with her to take the dogs to her aunt’s farm? Ted? No. Barney. ( rewatch the 08x05 episode). Barney who surprised her with PUPPIES when they got back together.

02x18. Moving Day - Are we really going to assume that Ted and Robin are meant to be when they weren’t even capable of living together? Are we really going to believe that? Yeah, of course. 

04x14. The Possimpible - Barney finished her video-resume and got her a job. She didn’t get deported in Canada thanks to him.

External image

But yeah, Barney has never done loving things for her…

04x20. Mosbius Designs - This is what Marshall told Barney about him and Robin: “ actually we both think (he and Lily) that you’re kinda perfect for each other ”.

This is what Robin said at the end of the episode:  “I used to describe my ideal guy as funny, smart, passionate, challenging.“ 

And now tell me that is not the description of Barney.

05x17. Of Course - Robin didn’t want to date anyone after her break-up with Barney. Which says a lot, because we all remember how, after her break-up with Ted, she got together with Gail? Kyle? Oh, right, GAEL. And how she accepted to date Don only when Barney told her ” you’re not just another number to me “ (how funny, tho, he has a daughter and her mom is, in fact, a number) and promised her that he wouldn’t have slept with Anita. In fact, the Superdate he organized, became a gift for Robin and Don.

But yeah, Barney has never done loving things for her. The return.

05x24. Doppelgangers - Robin got an important job offer in Chicago while she was dating Don. Love vs Career all over again. But what did she choose? She chose love. SHE FREAKING CHOSE LOVE. She chose a man who she was dating from less then a year. And now we are gonna believe that she didn’t fight and didn’t try to save her MARRIAGE? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

06x01. Big Days - Robin was still mourning over her break-up with Don and she, well.. she was a complete mess. And Barney teased her, saying that she used to be hot but not anymore. And Robin, hit in her pride, sundressed up. 

So we can easily say Barney helped her to move on. BUT HE HAS NEVER DONE LOVING THINGS FOR HER.

06x04. Subway Wars - Robin was depressed and sad because her life is a complete disaster. She wanted to win the race and guess what? Barney let her win.

Of course, now you know I have to say that HE HAS NEVER DONE LOVING THINGS FOR HER.

06x06. Baby Talk - Ted accused Robin of being an independent woman. He wanted a woman who NEEDED him. And Robin wasn’t exactly that. His words hurt her and when she got at Barney’s, he told her the opposite:

” you’re the least needy woman I’ve ever met. That’s awesome.  mean, no guy’s gonna say, “Who’s your daddy?” to Robin Scherbatsky.  You’re your own daddy. And mommy.  And weird survivalist uncle who lives in a cabin with a shotgun blaming stuff on the government. And that is what makes you the most amazing, strong and independent woman I’ve ever banged “.

And with who she did end up with? With the man who wanted her to be something she never was.

06x08. Natural History - Like Zip, Zip, Zip, this is a simply, amazing proof of how much these two have fun together and how much PERFECT they are as couple.

External image

06x21. Hopeless - Barney: ” Robin, you’re dating Ted “.

External image

Yeah, she’s so in love with him. And Barney’s answer to that? " My dad will be all, why don’t you marry Robin? You guys were cute together. Deep down you know you were never happier than when you were with her ”.

06x24. Challenge Accepted - Robin’s face when she realized that he was losing Barney because of Nora.

External image

Or maybe she was thinking “ damn, I want my blue french horn back ”.

07x01. The Best Man - This need explanations?

External image

Lily : “ you and Barney have the kind of chemistry that… just doesn’t go away ”. A great concept that got destroyed in 40 minutes during the Finale when they acted like two strangers. Oh yeah.

Robin: “ I know we didn’t work out the first time and I know it doesn’t make any sense but I can’t shake the feeling that we belong together”. Apparently she shook that feeling as soon as she divorced.

07x09. Disaster Averted - I can’t type anything meaningful because now I just wanna cry.


07x11. Tick, Tick, Tick - Barney saw Robin while this speech:

“When you meet the right person, you know it. You can’t stop thinking about them. They are your best friend, and your soulmate. You can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with them. No one and nothing else can compare”.

No one, except for the Wi-Fi.

07x12. Symphony Of Illumination - Robin didn’t want to have kids. Robin didn’t need to have kids to be happy. And the only time she imagined a future involving children… it was a future with Barney. (Look at these beautiful pieces of applepie).

External image

And of course, how did she end up? Raising another man’s kids. Okay.

07x17. No Pressure - They freaking gave the chance to T/R to get back together. AND THEY DIDN’T. And you know why?

So this is not gonna happen, is it? ”

“ Sorry ”.

“ It’s because of Barney ”.

BUT HEY, in 2030 it is gonna happen because… um… well… oh yes, they’re both alone and miserable. Perfect love story.

08x01. Farhampton - Barney kept all the stuff that reminded him of his relationship with Robin, who cried when she opened that box.

Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz, REMEMBER? Yes? Well, it was just bullshit. Have a good day.

08x06. Splitsville - So now it’s normal that a person who said this:

External image

suddenly was okay with losing the love of his life and getting back to chase women. Goodbye, character development. Goodbye, coherence.

08x12. The Final Page part 2 - Robin went to damn roof. ROBIN WENT THERE BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO BE WITH BARNEY. He proposed and she said YES. Remember when Kevin proposed? She doubted. Remember when she thought Ted was proposing? She said “ nononononononononononono, Ted you can’t do this to me, no no !”.


08x13. Band or Dj - For the first time, Robin’s dad apologized to her. And that thanks to Barney.

“ Barney made it happen. He must really love me ”.


08x14. Ring Up - The true power of the ring, when that special person to you looks brighter than anyone else. 

“ Robin realized the true power of the ring ”

External image

08x19. The Fortress - Funny quote from Robin: “ Relationships are about trust and compromise ”. Yet she forgot what compromise is, because with a right compromise, her marriage would have worked.

But hey, Barney in this episode was willing in giving in his apartment to find a new one with Robin. AND HE DIDN’T WANT TO BE ALONE AGAIN. Ha! Irony. But Robin refused it, because “ if I ask you to change too many things about yourself, you’re not gonna be the man I fell in love with ”.

09x01. The Locket - Barney: “ our wedding is gonna be legendary ”. Robin: “ no wait for it? " Barney: ” I’ve got you. I don’t have to wait for it anymore “.

09x02. Coming Back - Barney: ” I don’t need them to make me believe in true love. I’ve got you for that, now “ .


External image

09x08. The Lighthouse - ” Mom, I’m not marrying some future possibility of starting a family. I’m marrying a girl - who means more to me than kids. OR MY CAREER “.

But who apparently means less than WI-FI, right Carter and Craig? And guess what, he redeemed himself ‘cause of a kid. The only thing Robin couldn’t give him. Ha ha. Let’s all laugh. 

09x09. Platonish - Tracy: ” Do you wanna keep playing or do you wanna win? “ Barney : ” I wanna win “.


09x12. The Rehearsal Dinner - This was my favourite episode ever. Robin wanted to get married in Canada but it wasn’t possible. So Barney organized that BEAUTIFUL, TOUCHING surprise canadian rehearsal dinner. 

External image

External image


Excuse me while I’m in the verge of tears.

Okay, I’m fine. (No I’m not).

09x15. Unpause - " I love Robin more than I’ve ever loved anyone, and I’m going to do everything I can to make her happy. For a long time, deep down, I felt sort of.. broken? But I don’t feel that way, anymore. Robin has made me 100% awesome ”. 


Oh, friendly reminder he’s now broken again. You’re welcome.

09x22. The End Of The Aisle - They got married. Carter and Craig planned a T/R endgame from the beginning and still they made Swarkles get married. And we all believed in their love. BECAUSE THEIR FACES. THEY LOVED EACH OTHER. TELL ME WHEN ROBIN LOOKED AT TED IN THE SAME WAY SHE LOOKED AT BARNEY.

External image

External image

So, now, Carter and Craig, we should forget all of this? We should forget all this fairytale and accept that they wouldn’t have worked together? That Robin never loved Barney as much as she loved Ted? That only a child would have made Barney change? NEVER. THIS was the real couple the show.  Two people who had a difficult childhood, two people who grew up and fell in love and change for the better. Two people who supported, loved each other for who they really were. THIS IS WHAT IS TRUE TO LIFE. Not a widower who kept chasing after his ex-girlfriend holding a stupid french horn since ever. Not a woman who was always proud of her independence and her dreams who suddenly found herself alone and desperate. Not a man who couldn’t change for the woman he always loved. 

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[jason mantzoukas voice] why are you screaming at me

but yes game over jessie wins i wanna fuck that white-oxford-shirt-wearing asshole so bad

Bring It

For @nea90sweetie 28 (shut up just shut up) 29 (again?) and 72 (is that a challenge?) with Hotch

“Go go go!” You cry as you hold down the button. “No!” You say flopping back onto the couch.
“Again?” Aaron says with a smirk looking back at you. You glare at him and he laughs triumphantly.
“Shut up. Just- shut up. Again. We’re going again.” You say hitting the A button to start the next race.
“I thought you were going to demolish me.” He says with a smirk.
“I didn’t think you’d be practicing.”
“Who says I was practicing?”
“Not true.”
“So if I pick a different racetrack you’ll have the same results?”
“Is that a challenge?”
“Hell yes it is.”
“Wanna make this interesting?” You say with a smirk knowing that Aaron can’t back down from a good challenge.
“What do you have in mind?”
“Loser serves winner breakfast in bed tomorrow morning.”
“If I win you’re wearing that red thing I like.” He grins at you.
“Oooh, upping the ante huh?” You laugh. “Fine. If I win you’re going to wear that old football jersey.”
“Deal.” He laughs. “Which track are we doing?”
“Rainbow Road.” He’s fast but he’s not accurate enough on the road, he’ll fall off more than once. It takes forever to get back onto the track so you can take your time. You just can’t fall off a bunch of times, you can beat him.
“So is this a one off or best out of three?”
“Best out of four. We’ll do one of the cup challenges. Whoever wins the cup wins the bet.”
“You’ve got a deal.” He grins then leans over and mutters, “You’re going to look so sexy serving me breakfast.” He catches your earlobe in his teeth.
“Quit trying to throw me off Hotchner. You’re going down.”
“Bring it.”

anonymous asked:

hi, so i love destiel, but it really bothers me how they're trying to vote destiel over a canon f/f ship that recently faced a huge blow. i really do feel that clexa needs this victory to show how the creators have hurt the lgbtq fans and queerbaited us (also because it's a CANON ship you know), all i'm asking is that maybe just for once, the spn fandom backs down and lets a canon, revolutionary f/f queer ship have the representation it deserves over a noncanon ship. do you get what i mean?


“All i’m asking is that maybe just for once, the spn fandom backs down and lets a canon, revolutionary f/f queer ship have the representation it deserves over a noncanon ship”

 Whoa, let me stop you right there. 

See here’s the thing; I watch the 100. I love Clexa. In fact, I’d pick Clexa over any other ship on the 100 any day. I personally think that it’s fucking rude, how Jason R handled this; there were other ways to go about it even if the actress won’t be available in the near future. I have all the respect in the world for this ship, and if Clexa wins the poll, I think it would be well deserved. 

But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to fight for our own ship. You wanna talk queerbaiting? Yes, let’s!

“The ship being canon’ aside, the Destiel fandom has had its fair share of it. Writers knowing what they’re doing to play Lgtb+ fans and leave them hanging, and knowing exactly how to do it. And they’ve done it for years with Destiel. 

Using romantic tropes for them, adding millions of ‘almost’ moments and tons of subtext, but never quite going there. Everybody knows what the fuck is going on: show runners, writers, fans, popular media sites have called the show out on it in lengthy articles. Yet they never deliver. 

Some of the most blatant examples:

( Misha played Cas feeling like a jilted lover, as asked by Jeremy Carver)

Or this, writers leading you on:

Or this, the exact same lines and tropes being used for a heterosexual couple on the exact same show:

Which brings me to this:

Or this because ‘hAHA’, everyone knows:

Or this:


Or this, even the actors exactly knowing what’s going on, even if it’s only ‘implied’:


Not to mention that ‘boner scene’ where Cas was viewed the way any love interest would:

Not to mention all of the other ridiculous unnecessary stares that were in no way platonic:

Besides, as I’ve explained before, the kind of queer baiting that’s going on with Destiel is so subtle but so very much there: [x]

Don’t get me wrong; I haven’t said a bad word about Clexa (I enjoy the ship, actually) and I wouldn’t do anything to sabotage them, but please don’t make people feel guilty for sticking up for their own ship. 

And I get it, the Clexa fandom is suffering right now (and with good reason) but even though Rothenberg was a dick about how he ended it, at least you guys got the confirmation that Clarke/Lexa had those kind of romantic feelings for each other, got an actual on screen kiss and a sex scene, whereas the Lgtb+ fans who’ve been loyal to SPN for years are still being called insane for seeing Destiel even after all of the above shit (and much more) has been happening for over freaking 8 years now. 

I’m not saying we have it worse, I’m not saying anyone has it worse. I’m just saying that, with all due respect, we are all fighting for our own ships and own representation. Sadly, Lgtb+ ships are still treated terribly in almost every fandom, but I think no one has to ‘back down’ from things that they’re passionate about. 

Clexa fans should vote for Clexa, Destiel fans should vote for Destiel, and I’m sorry if you disagree. 

I’m Yours

Title: I’m Yours

Pairing: Jonnor

Time/Age: Current

Summary: Jude and Connor go to the fair on a date but throughout the night Connor starts to get a little jealous.

Words: 2.4k

Author Notes: So I’ve decided that starting on the first day of December, I’m going to write a different Jonnor prompt each day till Christmas. I’m going to call it ‘25 Days of Jonnor”. I know it isn’t even close to Christmas yet  but I would love it if you guys started requesting some Christmas/Winter prompts so I can start to write some ahead of time and have them edited. So if you could please request some prompts right here, it would be greatly appreciated!  ♥

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how much do you wanna bet that, after all this is over and cas's trauma is properly addressed (hey a girl can dream), dean is gonna start pulling the "I'm the only person in this room who hasn't said yes to the devil" card to try to win arguments with sam and cas?

Cas like, “Yeah but I’m the only one who never took the Mark of Cain.”

You ATE Purgatory.”

Things get really heated when they are fighting over which movie to all watch together >.>


You know me, I have soft spot for anything Jim-related and a few weeks back I followed him around and came across this. If you wanna win my heart, just mention Jim to me and you’re golden.

Yesterday, @solasismybae said the single most accurate thing, “Jim is Gunther from FRIENDS”. YES, YES, YES! Expect more Jimther posts! Thank you so much solasismybae! 

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do you think lindsey was one of stevie's great loves?

I do, absolutely. I mean…

“And I was very much the care-taker in that relationship, and I LOVED taking care of him. And I loved taking care of our house and, you know, all the things that women do when they love a man. You know, I washed his jeans and embroidered stupid moons and stars on the bottom of them, you know. I made sure that HE was perfect, you know.” - Stevie, 2003


“Stevie: Can I just add, in Stuttgart, to that little story since you do like to throw that in, that for five years previous to that I washed your jeans, sewed moons and stars on them, fringed them, ironed your t-shirts…

Lindsey: This is a new, um…

Stevie: …made the house beautiful, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, was a waitress AND a cleaning lady and ALSO loved you.

Lindsey: That’s right.

Stevie: So it wasn’t just a one-sided deal.

Lindsey: Did I say it was?

Stevie: No, but it kind of comes across like that. We’re letting you into the seriousness of this whole thing. I don’t think that…

Lindsey: So all this time…

Stevie: …they really wanna come in here.

Lindsey: So all this time that’s I’ve been saying ‘that’s love, baby’ you’ve been going, ‘hmph.’

Stevie: Kinda *laughs*.

Lindsey: I can’t win! Geez.  I did, I loved you with all my heart, didn’t I?

Stevie: I know.

Lindsey: Didn’t I?

Stevie: Yes, you did.

Lindsey: And you loved me too.

Stevie: And I did. And that’s why we went together into Fleetwood Mac.

Lindsey: That’s right.” - Without You intro, 2013

Over a Childish Game

Imagine losing a bet and having to do a sexy/lap dance for the three Durins

NOTE: This is not as dirty as it could have been but I was really happy with the ending so here ya go! 😊 

The hoard stank, rank and dirty, you had to hold your breath to keep from vomiting. Though it didn’t seem to bother any of your Company very much (or even at all). Each of them practically ran down into the hole and began exploring. “Look at this!” shouted Fili, his mature demeanor breaking over the pile of gold.

Most of the others came running over, feeling through the pile. “Nori, get a shovel,” said Gloìn. All but Thorin, who was searching through a pile of swords.

“I bet you’ll end up forgetting about all this,” you tested. There were still many, many miles to go. They might think about coming back and collecting their bounty, but with their short attention span, many things get in the way.

You start to walk out when Fili hollered after you, “Wanna bet?” His arms were overflowing with coins and various other items he uncovered.

“Yes.” You turned back after taking a deep breath of the slightly cleaner air. “I do want to bet. In fact, if I win, I get full access to whatever I want, whenever I want it.” You crossed your arms and stared him down.

“And if we win,” Kili put in, “We get whatever we want from you.” He smiled and slapped his brother on the back.

“Wait. Who’s ‘we’?”

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Kiss Me? - Austin Carlile and Jeremy McKinnon

Hi (: can you do an imagine with Austin Carlile and Jeremy McKinnon where their bands are touring together and you go with them. They both like you but you don’t know, so they have this secret agreement and said that they were going to compete and see who you would prefer but they cannot hog you until you decide. You can choose the ending. Thanks and sorry for my bad English love!

English was fine c: hope you like it, I know it’s not the best I’ve written but oh well… And more people voted for Austin to ‘win’ so.. (sorry anyone that wanted Jeremy)..

Austin POV

“She totally has a thing for me.” Jeremy brags. “You wish, obviously she likes me.” I grin. We’re talking about Y/N, one of the merch girls who’s been working for both of our bands. My band, Of Mice & Men, is touring with Jeremy’s: A Day To Remember. Me and Jeremy are good friends, so this tour has turned out pretty good so far. Except for the fact we’re both crushing on the same girl, it’s kind of a disaster. “See no, no girl would choose a dick like you.” Jeremy jokes. “Well, she would.” I smile. She’s been selling merchandise for my band for a while, and we’re fairly close friends. “Just cause she’s gone on a couple of dates with you doesn’t mean she has a thing for you.” I roll my eyes. “Er, obviously does.” He answers. “Did she kiss you?” I ask, knowing the answer. “No.” He mumbles. “Exactly. She likes me, face it.” We’re in silence for a few moments, before Jeremy suggests something.

"Okay. I have an idea to settle all of this.” He grins as if he’s planning something mischievous. “Competition. Between me and you.” I cock an eyebrow. “Whoever Y/N kisses first, they can date her.” He smirks. “Pft, you sure you wanna do that? I’m going to win.” I say, big headed. “Duh, yes.” He half smiles, offering his hand. “Bring it on, McKinnon.” I slap my hand against his, then we burst into laughter.


Frustrated by the heat, I run my hand through my hair. The one problem about being a merch girl: the heat gets to you. I was preparing the stand for tonight’s concert; it’s bound to be popular, but it’s extremely hot. “Want me to get you a drink?” Austin Carlile, the lead singer of Of Mice & Men, appears out of nowhere. “Yeah, thank you.” I smile. Austin is a close friend of mine, but for some reason, he’s been awfully nice recently. “There you go, doll.” He hands over a bottle of water. “Thanks.” I smile and blush. “No need to get all bashful.” He squeezes my cheeks. “Get off.” I giggle, trying to brush him off. “You don’t want me to really.” He chuckles before letting go. Taking a sip, I say thank you once again before he wanders off and stands with Jeremy McKinnon, the lead singer of A Day To Remember, the band OM&M are touring with.

I admire Austin from the safe distance of my stand. He’s such a great guy, I’m almost sure he’s perfect in every aspect imaginable. He’s funny, caring, intelligent, talented… Not to mention he’s gorgeous. I find myself resting on my hand staring at him as he chats away to Jeremy. I quickly snap myself out of it as Austin turns my way. Waving his hand, I wave back sheepishly, probably blushing. His eyes divert from me back to Jeremy, then back to me. He licks over his teeth and smirks before turning away again, leaving me smiling dreamingly to myself.

Before I know it, Jeremy’s standing in front of me. “Hey.” I smile warmly at him. “Y/N,” He states. “Would you want to go out again tonight? After the show, you know, maybe go and chill at a quiet place?” He suggests. “I’d love to.” I nod my head. “Good, we’ll talk later.” He clicks his tongue before walking off again. Jeremy has become a close friend from this tour too, man he is the funniest guy you’ll ever meet. We’ve gone out on a few dates together during this tour - nothing serious has happened though.

Sometimes I find myself torn between who I like more out of Jeremy and Austin; Jeremy has the best personality and is an amazing man, yet Austin seems to be irresistible all over. I can’t say that I haven’t imagined what it would be like dating either of them, that would be a huge lie. I day dream about it, all the time.

Later On That Day

Luckily, the heat has died down as the day has got longer, making it more bearable. However, something odd has been going on today. Austin and Jeremy, moreover Austin, have been hanging around me practically all day. Austin has been offering to get me drinks and things to eat, he’s been incredibly kind. Again, which is kinda weird. He’s even had rare moments where he’s picked me up and swirled me in the air, or given me piggy backs. So, it’s weird, but a good weird. Jeremy has been organising what we’d be doing tonight. As the rest of his band were going out, he suggested we could just hang and watch a movie in his tour bus. I agreed looking forward to it, I loved spending time with him.

That Night

Finishing, the films credits flash up on the screen. Dozily, I sit up from laying on Jeremy’s shoulder. “Did you like it?” He asks. I think back to the film, Law Abiding Citizens. “Of course I liked it, it had Gerard Butler in it.” I half smile then swipe my hair out of my face. “He’s about twice your age.” He rolls his eyes sarcastically. “You’re like twice my age, and I still go on dates with you, you old man.” I tease as I stand up. “Y/N, I’m three years older than you.” He mutters, raising his eyebrows. “Yeah, sure you are.” I squint my eyes questionably with a hint of sarcasm. “Yes, I am.” He heaves himself up from the chair. “Just, shut up.” I giggle, losing the will to argue pointlessly. “Make me.” He grins, standing wearily close to me. Curving his arms around my waist, he presses my body against his. That escalated quickly. For some reason, I feel a sense of tension between us, and a sudden urge to kiss him. “I don’t know what you mean.” I say, trying to click myself out the trance. “Mhm, I’m pretty sure you do.” He tilts his head and smiles. Something about his tone of voice seems so tempting…

Leaning down, I feel Jeremy’s face approaching mine. I’m frozen; I don’t know how to react. My lips feel Jeremy’s faint breaths, and I swear my heart stops. Just at the time Jeremy is about to kiss me, a huge voice hollers from the door way.

“Hold up! That’s against the rules!” Austin appears from the floor. Startlingly, I jump away from Jeremy. “Why the fuck were you crouching on the god damn floor? How long had you been there?” Jeremy asks him, folding his arms, not seeming surprised. “Uh, all night actually…” Austin sniggers as if it’s funny. “What were you doing?” Jeremy frowns. “Watching you two, to make sure you didn’t do anything wrong.” Austin replies as if he hasn’t just done the weirdest thing imaginable. I look at him in astonishment, what the hell is going on? “But yeah, man, that is so against the rules.” He becomes more serious. “What rules? There was no rules.” Jeremy turns to him, looking impatient. “Rules?” I repeat, looking at them both confused.

Being ignored, they continue their little talk. “You said who Y/N kisses first.” Austin sucks his cheeks in looking at Jeremy. “What?” I mutter, not sounding amused at all. The hell have these idiots been planning? Austin delivers a side smirk and waits for Jeremy to answer. “She was about to, and you sabotaged it.” Jeremy raises his voice. I can tell the argument isn’t serious, yet still has some significance. “No, you were about to kiss her.” Austin rolls his eyes as if it’s obvious.

“What the fuck are you two talking about?” I demand. Hopelessly, Austin shrugs with a smile. So I turn to Jeremy. He gives Austin a bewildered look. “Go on, tell her.” Austin says. Hesitating, Jeremy shrugs his shoulders. “Me, and Austin…” He breaks off. For a moment, I could’ve sworn he was about to admit they were gay. “We’re having a… Competition.” He makes odd gestures with his hands. “What sort of competition?” I ask wearily. “Who, whoever…” He rubs the back of his neck awkwardly. “Whoever kisses you first… Gets to have you…” He mutters the words hesitantly.

I blink, wondering if they’re serious. “Are you kidding me?” I say, staring at the two blankly. “No…” Jeremy’s voice becomes higher as if he’s trying to sound harmless. “A game? You guys are playing a stupid, pathetic little game?” My tone becomes pissed off as my irritation grows. “Not a game, but…” Jeremy shrugs. “And the winner gets to have me?” I yell. “You will never, ever fucking have me. Treating me like I’m some sort of object that you can win in an idiotic competition.” I almost spit the words. I look at them both in disgust. I take back every nice word I’ve ever said. “God, you’re both such immature little boys!” I stammer, pushing past Jeremy heading to the door.

“Oh, come on Y/N, it was just a little fun.” Jeremy says shrugging with a grin on his face. “Fun is not the word I would use. Now get that stupid smirk off your stupid little face and go fuck off and find a girl who likes to be toyed with by some incompetent fools.” I humph. “Fine, fuck off out of my bus then.” He mutters impatiently. “Gladly.” I hiss, before turning around and crashing into Austin. “Get out of my way!” I yell at him, shoving him with all my strength then thundering out of ADTR’s tour bus.

I can’t believe their immaturity, treating me like I’m some thing they can play with. All this time I thought they were decent men - ha. Turns out they’re just boys who can’t control themselves from acting seven. I shake my head to myself. I really thought they were better than that - especially Austin. But no, clearly not, every guy must be some asshole who just wants to show off their girl like a prize.

Soon enough, I stop myself to calm down. I’ve wandered clear from the tour buses to a huge oak tree on the edge of their parking field. My thoughts are like thunder, roaring inside my head. I still can’t believe it. But I press my back to the tree and slide down, pulling my knees to my chest. Resting my head against the tree, I close my eyes and let the calmness of the quiet night settle in. I listen to the wind howl as it flows over the trees, the leaves rustle harmlessly. My breathing softens. I hear the clicks on the crickets hiding in the grass of the field.

I don’t know how long I’ve been here, but I’m still dozily resting against the tree, eyes closed. My legs have now stretched out and my arms are flopping on the floor.

"Hello.” I hear a voice next to me. Immediately, my eyes widen and I launch my body across the floor sideways, only to be laughed at. “Austin.” I scowl at the man, cackling, against the tree. “You could’ve warned me you were there.” I mutter, trying to hide my embarrassment. “I said hello.” Austin grins hopefully. I shrug and try to cover my face; his smile is unbelievably contagious.

“Anyway, I just wanted to check up on you to see if you were alright. You seemed quite angry about what Jeremy said…” He quiets his tone. “Whatever.” I say, I’ve given up the will to be angry now. “Are you sure you’re okay? I mean, the whole competition thing, it wasn’t serious…” He says. I understand how awkward Austin must feel, he’s not the type of guy to take anything seriously. So he must feel strange right now trying to talk to me without bursting into laughter. “Don’t talk about it.” I say simply. “Y/N, don’t be like that. You’re right, we were just being immature boys,” I look at him and raise an eyebrow. “Yes, you were.” I growl. “But.” He widens his eyes, giving me the look to shut up. “In all honesty, it wasn’t just a game. And I mean that. McKinnon and I just got competitive, and I know it’s silly and we shouldn’t of tried to settle it like that, we both should’ve just asked you.” He looks at me sympathetically, his back is now against the same tree next to me.

"Asked me what?” I ask, frowning at him. Awkwardly, he rubs the back of his neck.“Me and McKinnon, right?” He nods his head. “You and Jeremy… Yes?” I say impatiently. “We both like you.” He says, seeming to lift a weight off of his shoulders. “You like me? Wow, and this whole time I thought you guys hated me on tour.” I say sarcastically with a smile and shove him. “Now seriously, tell me.” I add with a pleading look in my eyes. “I’m being serious, Y/N. Me and McKinnon both like you. Like like you.” He turns from staring out into the field to look at me. “You… like me?” I ask, not helping but sounding confused. Hopelessly, Austin nods his head with a smile. My heart stops.

"At least, I like you like that. I’m not sure if McKinnon really does, or whether he decided he did after he found out I had feelings for you.” He half smiles. “Austin, I-” He interrupts me. “No, don’t go saying how stupid we were, I know we was. We should’ve just asked and prevented this whole argument from happening.” He shrugs against the tree. “I wasn’t going to say that,” I say. “But yes, you were stupid, really stupid.” I smile in his direction. “Shut up.” He says as we return smiles at each other.

"But what I was actually going to say was that, that I have feelings for you too.” I say bashfully. “You do?” He asks, looking down to me. “Haven’t I made it obvious yet?” I giggle. “Well, what about those dates you’ve had with McKinnon?” Austin frowns. “They were more like mate-dates.” I reply. “Mate-dates?” He repeats. “Yeah, you know, two friends hanging out. Not as in the couple type of going out.” I say. “Then why did you guys nearly kiss tonight?” He asks, I shrug. “I guess it was the heat of the moment.” I half smile, confused with myself. “It was the heat of the moment..” Austin begins to sing the song by Asia to me. “Shut up, you oaf.” I slap his shoulder playfully. “How about you make me.” He smirks with a wink. “Really? Same pick up line as Jeremy?” I raise my eyebrows. “I couldn’t think quick enough, okay?” He pretends to sound upset. “Mhm, okay.” I laugh it off.

"But Y/N?” He says as he shuffles closer to me. “Yes?” I say, subconscious of the closeness. “Kiss me?” He licks over his lips, grins with his teeth and tilts his head. Irresistible.

Softly, he cups my face with his warm hands and brings my head to his before eagerly pressing our lips together. His lips grip to my top lip as he motions his head towards mind. His hands trace down from my face to my waist as mine lock around his neck. Kissing me carefully, he pulls my body even closer to his and I slide onto his lap. His hands caress my waist gracefully, creating perfect movement between us. As I press his back against the tree, my hands fiddle with the collar of his shirt.

Our lips part. My forehead tilts onto his as he breathes gently over my lips. “Oh, Y/N.” He smiles as his fingers trace my jawline. “I love you.” He murmurs.

Congratulations! You've been chosen to represent your district for the annual Hunger Games!

Aries – “HELL YES! SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN! You better believe I’m gonna win this thing.”

Taurus - “Can someone die of overeating? The food here is heavenly. What a way to go.”

Gemini - “At least give me a chance to get laid before sending me out there!”

Cancer - “MOMMY!”

Leo - “Okay. Show face. Smile and wave, smile and wave. It’s all about the image. YOU WILL LOVE ME BECAUSE I DON’T WANNA DIE, DAMNIT.”

Virgo - “Shit. I only have a 0.05% chance of surviving this.”

Libra - “Oh god, this is really happening. I can’t believe it. Of all the people out there…oh dear, I’m gonna faint.”

Scorpio - “…” *internally screaming*

Sagittarius - “You all better watch out. I’m like a ninja. You won’t even see me coming.”

Capricorn - “Glory or death? Like I even have a choice.”

Aquarius - “SO THIS IS HOW MY LIFE ENDS. Oh, cruel world.”

Pisces - “I really am sorry, but you all have to die now.”


Just a warm up before I start another story. xP


That’s what you do if you’re in a place like that - you’re there to be a champion. No different from a gymnast studying with Bela Karolyi: at a certain point you’re daft to do it if you aren’t going to win.
-Tori Amos