i wanna win!!


He has a 99.99% chance of stealing yo girl

things I need:

the series as told by texts Viktor sends Chris cause damn it he needs someone to have bro-talk with:

  • Chris the onsen Yuri mentioned is so pretty and the food is so good! I am in heaven you should come over!!
  • Chris I think I read out chemistry wrong for some reason Yuri won’t let me spend the night with him and I wanted to talk more!!
  • ok so Makkachin loves Yuri already which is just, the #1 requirement of course, but now Makkachin gets to sleep with Yuri while I don’t!!!
  • so we bath together everyday and I wanna consider that a win but like, strangers bath together all the time over here so it’s a bit of a hollow victory… his ass is great though
  • I asked and he is single!!! he didn’t comment on his exes so I’m guessing he doesn’t have any so that means I have to do better than usual like, first experience should be at least decent right?
  • I re-watched the video of him skating my program and I’m really sure that he was skating for this girl Yuko who is really nice and her daughters are really big fans… but does that mean he was into her at the time? or maybe before? his best friends are married to each other so I know it’s like that now but should I be worried?
  • the good: I always get to be on the family reunions; cons: my Japanese is still crap and his parents don’t have very good English…
  • people in this town are really nice? like yeah people took pictures of us during the first week but now no one minds us? they just say hi everyday? this is so neat you should visit someday
  • I tried bonding on something besides skating and got my ass beat on Mortal Combat X, wtf is up with those graphics?
  • I literally could not sleep the rest of the night cause he was very excited about showing me his music for the new program (it is very good so be ready), but he did that by jumping on my bed, straddling me and looming over me while wearing shorts… do I need to explain?
  • ok so maybe the reason I hug him in front of the press was cause a bunch of skaters younger than me were drooling over him but can you blame me?
  • I think we are oddly similar when drunk which is kinda good but not really what will make people think we are real professionals
  • CHRIS LOVED SEEING YOU IN CHINA!! yes that was our first kiss, yes I know we are advancing slower than expected, but I might as well be walking on cloud 9 so who cares!!
  • oh so you heard I left Russia, no we didn’t have a fight, but Makkachin got sick and Yuri loves us so much that he convinced me to go over to Makkachin instead of staying and doing my job as coach… Chris when would anyone else do that? who else would love me enough for that? I just… I knew I was a goner but I need to make this permanent ok
  • I have been carrying a ring since we left Japan and saying that I’m waiting for the finals to be over is just me being a coward ok I can admit it you don’t have to say it
  • yes Chris we did get engaged that same night, no I did not propose first cause as usual he keeps surprising me, if this is our lives from now then I am really blessed
  • we will crush you today no matter how much I love you old friend, so watch out for my fiance ;)

Happy Birthday Haruka-sensei! ^^  @skillshotlabs

Acacia flower: confined love
Azalea flower: “please take care of yourself for me”
Gardenias: sweetness, purity

I had this idea in mind before I greeted him and it was a happy surprise to see him say the exact words I found in the flower language meaning of Azalea flowers.

*jongin finishes his speech*

*BBH wants someone else to speak as well*

Everyone looks at Jongdae

Jongdae: I came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

Mob Psycho 100 fight meme: who should you fight?

Kageyama “Mob” Shigeo:

  • um why the fuck would you wanna fight this boy
  • literally he’s the nicest person on earth and he’s already beating himself up plentily enough is there any reason at all
  • I mean if he does fight you one-on-one seriously then you’d lose. there’s no alternative. you can’t win
  • well considering any fight he ever participates in ends with him befriending a buncha people I can understand why you’d wanna fight him. but this boy is also rly easy to be friend with why would you go the hard way.

Kageyama Ritsu

  • as long as he has his shit together he’s gonna win. and this is the boy who has his shit together in captivity of a bona fide psychic organisation. 
  • but you will have a chance if you use bugs
  • but then you have to remember that touching ritsu equals dragging mob into this and he’ll be serious about it. and you know how that’d go so

Reigen Arataka

  • bring earmuffs and keep your aim true. don’t let the arms distract you
  • also you’ll need a lot of luck because that is where he will almost always one up you

Hanazawa Teruki

  • you’re not gonna win unless you’re mob
  • you’re not even gonna be able to get a rise out of him now so what’s the point
  • isn’t he fun enough to observe from armlength why must you fight him all you’re gonna get is defeat and a lecture from a 14 yo kid do you want that

Suzuki Shou

  • no sorry you dont have a chance. this boy sees you and already knows if you want to fight him or not. he’s gonna be ruthless on you without actually doing any harm. he has an army of psychics twice his age. if you have a way to go up against that please tell me
  • unless you somehow can make him loathe you, then maybe he’d slip. not guaranteed tho


  • please fight this bitch
  • us commonners dont stand a chance of winning but it’d still be worth it
  • just fucking quantity over quality if we can even land a hit I’d die happy