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I just saw Dunkirk and it's truly art. So much action and thoughts into it. You have to watch and pay attention. It's amazing. It's phenomenal and deserves an Oscar. The production was so fucking well done and the cast did such a wonderful job. Christopher Nolan, job well done. It was a wonderful movie and I feel like crying and I wanna watch the masterpiece again. I don't mind seeing Fionn shit or pee. Or Harry be an asshole. Everything was so well done and I'm still in awe. Fucking amazing.

i agree. i’m gonna see it next weekend with my dad because i feel like it’s one of those movies you have to see again to fully appreciate all the little details, and his grandfather fought in the war doing what tom hardy’s character did, so i think he’ll feel an extra connection to it.

also, i really don’t feel like harry’s character was an asshole at all. i think the media made it out to be a very black and white perspective; he was just doing what he had to do to survive. he was a scared boy.

not to be headass but I really just wanna lay on somebody stomach and discover new music or critique old music and like
watch movies and laugh hella hard or just sit in a garden and talk about goals and shit
i wanna fall in love with the same person every day of my life. over and over and over again.

That new LEGO Ninjago movie trailer seriously showed us A LOT of differences from the original series.

Thanks for making an actual AU, LEGO. 😂

Just watched okja and i have a lot of emotions here have a list

-paul danos face when his long ass sentence is two syllables in korean and that moment of “for real?” “Yeah”

-actually all the quiet jokes slipped in very naturally it really gave this movie a wonderful tone i was constantly giggling

-honestly Mija is fearless and i wanna grow up to be that unstoppable

-i did squeal “Moaning Myrtle” a few times cause it was nice to see her corporeal

-everything about devon bostick (my jasper jordan heart was happy to see him again)

-Blonde and Silver are in love and essentially just photobombing gayness in the background of the entire film As Is Right

-silver needs to eat dear god please listen to your boyfriend and eat the freaking tomato

- Steven Yeun is likable even when hes a big ole lying liarpants and he should be in all the movies ever

-speaking of, i did not like That Scene where Steven wasnt having a great time (seemed unnecessary and cruel)

-okay wow yes now im getting into the uncomfortable this movie made me remember why i used to be a vegetarian holy shmokes (if it werent for health reasons id probably be back to that tonight cause dang)

-if you are easily triggered by rape implications mute the tv at the word “alfonso” and just walk away for five minutes take care of yourselves babes

-i did not know i could get so emotionally attached to a cgi pig monster but here we are

The movie kinda zooms through the whole part after Beast transforms and everyone’s just sorta like YAAAY but c’mon, that’s gotta be a huge shock to the system.  On his part, BOOM, human again after beastin’ it for like a decade, and meanwhile, five minutes ago Belle just watched him die.  I mean holy shit.

So bottom line I think maybe they’d just wanna hug it out for a few hours minutes.

Growing Up (Peter Parker)

word count: 967

prompt: Peter shows up at Reader’s apartment after a fight and Reader takes care of the wounded Spider-Man. Reader drops hints that they’re in love with Peter and the two end up talking about their future.

a/n: Because what teenagers don’t fear the future? I’m pretty sure this is the fluffiest thing I’ve written, but also it’s too real. 

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drunk boyfriend tag

summary: dan and phil get drunk and film the boyfriend tag (similar to what shane dawson did)

tags: alcohol, so much sweetness and cuteness your teeth will hurt, extreme fluff

by: angelboydjh on tumblr

word count: ~1.8k

first fic posted!! please, ignore any mistakes and reblog and like!! ilu!! send in requests for fics :-)


dan and phil got a little drunk. they originally got out some Ribena, which is completely unharmful, until dan spotted vodka on the kitchen counter, which they only keep for parties. its almost gone, with a half a bottle left, so dan thought of an idea.

“phil, lets get drunk.” phil looked at dan confused; dan never really likes drinking as much as he used to, hes grown, the satisfaction of being drunk doesnt really thrill as much, and its the same with phil.

“why?” asked phil, sipping his Ribena.

“because why not! we have no meeting tomorrow, we are bored out of our minds, and itll be fun! we’ll even be safe, we can control each other well.” phil thought about it. he never really likes hangovers, who does? he gets them bad, and he knows dan gets them worse, but dan was right, they were extremely bored and had no meetings tomorrow. phil shrugged, and replied with a sure, causing dan to jump up with joy.

dan grabbed the bottle and went to phils room, closing the door, and sitting on his bed. he opens to bottle and pours a lot in his drink, doing the same to phil. there is now many 4 shots full left of the drink and dan was happy he rationed out well.

“wanna do a toast?” asked phil.

“with our vodka filled ribena?” chuckled dan. phil nodded, giggling a little.

“why not?” phil responded, and dan nodded agreeing. they lifted their glass cups up and they look at each other. “to us!”

dan laughed at the cliché, but echoed phil, and a clink noise was heard when the touched glasses. dan downed about half of his drink in that one sip, phil only taking a baby sip.

phil made a face, hating the taste of vodka. dan hid his disgust, looking at phil.

“now we wait.” dan took another sip, already feeling slightly dizzy.


dan was fully drunk. he was giggling, putting his head on phil, slurring his words, all of it.

phil was only tipsy. he didnt drink much yet, only about half of his drink. dan, of course, drank all of it, even the rest in the bottle!

“phil!” dan slurred out, and phil glanced over slowly, so he doesnt get dizzy, and raised his eyebrow. “we should do a boyfriend tag.”

phil thought about this. is he that drunk that he doesnt really care if they do one or not? yes. he doesnt really care, its not like itll be posted. phil knows better than that.

“sure.” phil got up to get his camera from the other side of the room, and dan plopped on the bed laughing at who knows what.

it took phil about 2 minutes to set up everything for filming, and an extra 5 minutes to find good goddamn questions.

he finally found some question, a total of twenty. he can barely read them because of his blurry vision, and since he didnt have neither his contacts or glasses on. so he grabbed his glasses from the bed side and put them on to see if itll help. nope. he took another sip of his drink and locked his phone. he’ll cross that bridge when he gets to it. he gets up and turns on the camera, praying to god its in focus.

“dan, its on, we are filming.” once those words left phils mouth, dan shot up from phils bed and looked at phil.

“okay, okay, okay, okay,” he kept repeating that until he finally was next to phil on the bed facing the camera. phil giggled at dan, dan looking at him with his red cheeks.

“okay, ready, babe?” asked phil, seeing double of dan. dan nodded, and smiled at phil and then at the camera.

“okay,” phil breathed in and then ‘took in his persona’.

“hey guys!” he said cheerfully, but all it did is make him dizzy. dan was like, on top of phil, so hes grateful that he was, or phil wouldve fallen over.

“im here with dan.” phil pointed at him, and dan waved, his white oversized cat shirt being exposed, and you could even see his naked legs, since hes wearing shorts. “we are doing the boyfriend tag.” phil said slowly, and dan nodded jumping up and down on the bed.

“phil is my boyfriend! boyfriend phil! philip lester, boyfriend!” he yelled, making phil giggle.

“okay, want ask the questions, or do u want me go ask them?” asked phil to dan.

“ask me the questions! then we will do it back!” dan suggested, and phil nodded encouragingly.

“okay, first question.” phil unlocked his phone and read it very carefully.

“when is my birthday?” he asked. “bonus points for the zodiac sign!”

“january 30th, that makes you a……” he strung out the 'a’ to think. “an Aquarius! aquarium.” he laughed, and phil chuckled.

“correct baby.” he leaned in to kiss dan, and dan kissed him, tasting of vodka and ribena.

“okay, now,” phil was going to go to the next question, but dan protested.

“now do mine! do mine!” dan pouted, crossing his arms.

“june 11th! youre a gemini.” phil stuttered out, making dan laugh.

“lucky guess.” he muttered jokingly.

“next question,” phil scrolled down the page. “where did i grow up?”

“im too drunk for this phil!!” he moaned out. “the north! thats all youre getting.”

“well, youre not wrong.” said phil. “ill give you the point.”

“what about me?” asked dan.

“the south.”

“ugh! exact place!”

“not fair, you didnt do that for me!”

“ugh, whatever.” dan pouted again.

“wipe that pout off your face princess.” phil whispered, grabbing dans chin.

“im just kidding philly!” dan kissed phil, getting him off guard.

“okay, next,” phil asked. “whats my middle name?”

“michael! these are too easy! i want harder ones. test me!” dan groaned out, and phil rolled his eyes.

“okay, okay,” phil said. he scrolled down to another website, which had different questions. “how about this: where was our first date?”

“EASY!” he yelled, throwing his hands up. “well, kinda,” he muttered. “its hard!”

“well, tell me.” phil said suggestively, leaning closer to dan.

“we first met of course at the train station,” he muttered out. “and then we went straight to your house, and, did things. does that count as a first date?” this took him way too long to say, as he was stuttering madly.

“yes, it does. great job, cutie.” phil said happily and leaned in for a kiss.

“okay, let me ask the question!” phil started to give him the phone, but dan refused, saying he wants go make one up.

“whats the first thing you notice about me?” he asked a bashful.

“your smile.” phil said simply. no explanation was needed to make dan feel all warm inside. dan covered his face and leaned on phils shoulder, grinning like mad.

once he got up, he looked at phil, seeing his wonderful, eyes.

“you know what mine is.” he muttered, almost inaudible. it was phils turn to blush. they lean in and kiss once again, but longer than before.

when they pulled apart, dan was seeing actual stars, and couldnt even understand what was happening, completely forgot about the video.

“oh my god, i love you so much.” he said in a shush tone, with phils hand on his cheek. they were only a few inches away from each other, and phil loved it. phil was exploding every inch of dans face, and so was dan. every moment phil made, it made him more dizzy and more dazed, but he didnt care.

within a few moments, they both locked eyes, and somehow, both remembered they were recording.

“uh, one more question,” phil stuttered out, as dan looked around for his almost empty drink. “okay, last question. what is my favorite color?”

“easy, blue.” dan said, as he drank his final sips of his drink before crushed it and threw it.

“hey!” phil protested, looking over at the cup.

“ill pick it ip later, babe.” dan slurred out almost incoherently. “whats mine?”

“easy, pink.” phil mocked. dan smiled softly, putting his arms around phils neck, phil put this hands on dans waist.

“what kind of pink?” he muttered, with his sloppy grin on his face, his curly hair perfect in tack still. (which surprised phil)

“pastel.” dan groaned jokingly, letting his head drop down onto phils shoulders.

“oh my god, i tried to trick you!” dan yelled.

“well, you didnt. 8 years of friendship pays off.” phil joked. dan put his head on phils shoulder, his head facing the camera.

“can we finish? i wanna cuddle with you watch disney movies.” phil chuckled and nodded.

“we’ll finish, lets do the outro.” phil tapped dan, so he can get up from his shoulder, but dan didnt move a muscle, indicating hes not moving.

“okay, well, goodbye everyone, please like a subscribe to me and dans channel, and our gaming channel! love you!” he waved and awkwardly looked at dan.

“i need to turn off that camera baby.” dan groaned and got up from phils shoulder. phil got up and turned off the camera, sitting right on his bed again next to dan.

“can we just cuddle?” phil can tell dan was getting tired, and getting all drained. he gets like this when hes drunk, but also after recording videos.

“of course, princess.” phil laid down, then wrapping his arms around dan who is not next to them. they peacefully fall asleep, with the lights on and phils snoring.


it was the morning, and phil is posting his premade video on lessamazingphil, just a quick vlog from florida. its taking surprisingly long to process, since its only 2 minutes, but phil didnt question it. its almost done, so phil went to go see dan, who has the worst hangover ever.

“how are you baby?” asked phil, laying next to dan.

“better, how bad was it?” he asked, and phil laughed.

“you were fine, not as bad as a few months ago, but you were not any better.” dan groaned, and at that moment his phone dinged. he unlocked his phone to see the notification, YouTube popping up, and it was phils new video.

“uh, phil.” dan said.

“yes?” phil hummed.

“you posted the wrong video.”

“what?” phil yelled a little too loudly for dan, as he backed away and gave phil his phone in just one beat.

“i uploaded our drunk boyfriend tag.” dans eyes widen.

“we filmed a video? no way, i dont remember this. did we kiss?”

“i was drunk too!”

“well, i would keep it up.”


“we already made this mistake once, lets just let them have what they want.”

i owe it all to you.

Word Count: 927

Pairing(s): Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: mentions of death, slight swearing

Summary: Reader is an actress who is cast in the second Spiderman film and is being interviewed in preparation of the release of the film. SO! MUCH! FLUFF!

Notes: This is a (not so) tiny follow up to this one shot that I posted a few days ago. I’m really surprised that you guys liked it so I wrote this in like an hour instead of going to bed. I’m so excited to watch the film today ahhh I’m gonna explode. Again, I would really love some feedback if you wanna drop something in my inbox or whatever. Okay, I’ll stop talking. ENJOY!! 

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In An Instant: Part Ten (END)

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

Word Count: 1.6K

A/N: I’m finally wrapping up this series. It didn’t quite go the way I had anticipated but I enjoyed it. Thank you to all of you extremely patient people who followed along with me. I’d love to hear what you thought of the series as a whole and what I should/shouldn’t do in future series. I love you all. Special thanks to my babe, @sebbytrash, for reading through this for me. I love you.

Catch up here!  **My Masterlist  ** Inspiration Fund

When you awoke that Saturday afternoon, a mere three weeks since you met the life ruiner, Bucky Barnes, your heart literally hurt. Who were you to stop a wedding? You barely knew this guy. There was nothing you could do.

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Best Nap Ever

Harrison Osterfield ~ Tom Holland Fan Club

Originally posted by wannawatchfriends

You find a nap buddy that doesn’t want to nap anymore as much as you beg him to.

Requested by: @tanovic54321 wanted a fluffy Harrison imagine so

Written By: Head Honcho - Zoe

Reader: Could be any

Warning: Fluff, long af

A/N: Inspired by the episode in FRIENDS when Joey and Ross take a nap together. Also, I called that ‘fancy’ chair that actors get (the wooden foldable chair with the black ‘padding’ a director’s chair. Idk, I googled what it was but it was just that.


“Gotta head to set.” Tom stretches as he stands up from your couch.

“Aw.” You frown, pausing the scary movie Tom thought it would be smart to watch. “You guys are going to leave me in such a vulnerable state?” You pout out your bottom lip as they make their way towards the door.

“Harrison can stay.” Tom offers, you smile while Haz’s eyes widen.

“Really?” You gape, holding a pillow to your chest.

“Yeah, yeah.” The brunette nods, sending a smirk to his friend. “I’ll shoot you a text if I need a coffee or something.” He hits his arm and walks out of the trailer, closing the door behind him.

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Was sent home today because of the flu (it came in like a wrecking ball, I tell you) and when my teacher led me to the door – telling me “If I take my eyes of you, you would probably try to sneak back in” – one of my classmates said behind my back “Sick again? Geez, she’s so weak!”.

It’s not like she was very quiet, and a few others started laughing, so both my teacher and I heard her. I felt ready to keel over, but I still said, “No, it’s okay” when my teacher wanted to turn around and call her out on it.

It’s not like I don’t appreciate the fact that my teacher would stand up for me. It’s just that I literally don’t care if they say stuff like that. That’s because of something my brother told me long ago.

I’ve always been a bit sickly. Probably because of my premature birth – being born three months too early means that lots of things didn’t have a chance to fully grow. Apart from some other little things, my immune system is much weaker than average, Thus, when I was little, I literally spent half of my time in different therapies or with trips to the doctor.

Now, it’s not easy to explain to little children why their classmate has to go see the doctor so often. So when I was in kindergarten, my peers often laughed at me or asked question that I couldn’t answer.

“Why are you always sick? Why do you limp? Why does the teacher have to help you walk up stairs?”

And then, finally, when I was five or six and sent home again because of having a fever, one of the children concluded loudly, “Is she more often sick than us because she’s weaker than us?”

Somehow, that scared me. I was too young to understand why I was so different than other children, but I understood that I was. And the thought of being weak, being a burden to others because of that, really scared the hell out of me.

It’s no wonder I was crying when I arrived home – my parents were still at work, and I would have to ask my big brother to tell them I was sick yet again. And still I was so, so scared that I’m weak and a burden.

My brother almost dropped his plate of food when he saw me limping into the room, crying loudly and with cheeks red of fever. “Little sis! What happened?!”

“I’m sick again!” I managed somehow, hiccupping like crazy. Everything hurt, which made me cry even harder.

“Hey, hey, shhhh, it’s okay, everything is okay,” lifting me up, my brother placed me on the couch, tucked me in and went to get everything. By now, it was almost routine between us – lots of water to drink, a cold wet cloth against my fevered skin, and some movies to watch so I wouldn’t get bored.

But even then, I couldn’t stop crying.

“Does it hurt so much?” My brother was at a complete loss, dabbing my face with the wet cloth. “Should we go see the doctor?”

“N-No!” I cried even harder – now I had to go see the doctor again? That made me even weaker, right? “I d-don’t wanna be weak!”

The dabbing stopped, and my brother lifted me up gently, tugging me into his lap. He was frowning as he cradled my face in both hands and asked softly, “Baby girl, who said you’re weak?”

“I’m s-sick so often because I’m too weak, right? The others said so…”

“Well, the others are fucking stupid, then.”

That shut me up pretty quickly and I sniffled with wide eyes. We had been taught not to swear, and that was the first time my brother had ever looked angry.

“Now listen here,” my brother adjusted me so that he could hold me with one arm, the other hand taking up the cloth again to press it against my heated forehead. “You’re the opposite of weak, okay? You’re a fighter. In fact, baby girl – you’re fighting right now.”

“I… I am?”

“Sure you are! Did nobody ever tell you?” Looking around, my brother waved me closer, whispering quietly as if it was a secret “Being sick is actually being in a fight, you know?”

Really?” I was transfixed by that, but I would never have doubted my big brother. I had spent a long, long time believing that everything he said was true.

“It is! You know, the illness? That’s actually a tiny, tiny little army of viruses that’s attacking you. They’re so tiny, you can’t even see them!” He showed me how tiny by pressing forefinger and thump together, nodding all the while. “And you and your body, you have to fight this tiny army. And that’s why everything hurts so much – because you’re taking hits while fighting. But you fight back, and you win, and then you get better. Every time. You see, little sis, you’re like, a knight! A brave knight fighting many armies. The others? They’re not that strong. They couldn’t fight so many armies and still win. So don’t listen to them, alright?”

“Alright,” I agreed solemnly, eyes falling closed as sleep creeped up on me.

“That’s my brave girl. And now, the little knight goes to sleep, so that she can fight with new strength later.”

It was the last time that I thought of myself as weak for being sick so often. From then on, every time I felt bad – be it because of an average illness or depression – I thought of the whole thing as a battle that I have to fight and win.

The whole thing is not even that silly. Think about it – especially those who are somehow fighting their own battles right now. You’re fighting, now or then or in the future. Even though you’re probably feeling terrible, you don’t give up, but keep on going, keep on fighting back whatever makes you feel horrible. How is that supposed to be weak? That’s the opposite of weak! It takes strength and courage to fight. You’re not weak, everyone – you’re super strong and brave, and amazing in general.

Don’t let anybody tell you you’re weak when in reality, you’re a fighter.

Baby Steps - Jughead Jones Imagine (Riverdale)

Originally posted by diltons

Warnings: None 

Request: Anon: Can you please do 27 and 28 with jughead? 

27. “Isn’t he just the cutest?” 

28. “I want a child.” 

Summary: Jughead is helping the reader babysit their baby brother and they start to talk about themselves as a couple.

A/N: I’m sorry it isn’t as romantic as either one of us had hoped but I do hope you enjoy it anon!! Xx 

Little (B/N) had just turned 3 and he was such a happy little kid. Everyone in Riverdale adored him, he even had Jughead wrapped around his little finger. So when you were asked to babysit him, Jughead immediately volunteered to help. So here you are playing with (B/N) in you lounge room, waiting for Jughead to arrive. 

“Jughead coming?“ A little voices asks beneath you. 

“Yes bubba, he’s coming soon, he’s probably gone to get some food," 


“No sweetie, not for us. I’ll buy you some when I get home from school tomorrow. Ok?" 

“Ok,” and he goes back to playing with his train set. The sound of your doorbell interrupts play time. 

“Come in!“ You shout getting up from your cramped position on the floor. 

“Juggy!!” You hear the 3 year old shout. 

“Hey bud,“ he responds scooping him up into his arm, "Guess what I brought you?” He asks holding up a Pop’s bag. 

“Pop’s!!“ He starts giggling, ”(Y/N) said that you weren’t going to bring anything.“ 

“Well I couldn’t leave my little bud hanging, could I?" 

“No!” (B/N) giggles.

“Come on boys, we can’t get any crumbs on the carpet. Mum would kill me,“ you interrupt, setting the table. The boys laugh as they walk (or in your brother’s case, run) into the room. After you eat all the food (and pay Jughead for half of the Pop’s), you all migrate to the lounge room. 

“You wanna watch a movie baby?” You ask to the excitable child. He races over to the DVD collection and picks out ‘Ice Age’

“Really (B/N/N)? Ice age? Again?“ Jughead mocks at your brother while settling into the middle of the couch. After putting the movie in you sit down next to your boyfriend while your brother cuddles up to him on the other side. At the end of the movie you check on your brother only to see him fast asleep. 

“Isn’t he just the cutest?” You softly ask as Jughead moves his arm from your shoulders to pick up your brother. 

“No, no I can do that,“ you say reaching for your brother. 

“(Y/N) sit down, I’ve got him I’ll be back in a sec,” he smiles to you. True to his word he returns almost as quickly as he left. 

“Your so good with him, he idolises you,“ you tell him as he re-enters the room.

“Yea well he’s a good kid,” and after a brief pause, “and has a very good taste in idols." 

“Oh shut up!” You giggle, cuddling up to him. He looks down at you smirking. 

“You’re not too bad with him either,“ he leans down to kiss you. You stop him just before his lips reach yours. 

“Seriously though, how do you do it?” He rolls his eyes. 

“I want a child.“ He simply answers before closing the space between you two. After a few kisses you lean away. 

“Wait, you want a child?” humour lacing your voice.

“Yea, that’s what I just said.“  

“Huh,” and you just sit in silence thinking.

“(Y/N)…what are you thinking about?“  

“The future, us, school,” he kisses you.

“Well you won’t need to worry about us, I’m not leaving your side any time soon,“ he kisses you between each sentence, "your grades are impeccable,” he kisses you jaw and moves back up to look into your eyes, “and you have an amazing family who love you. You have nothing to worry about.” You kiss him again before the jingle of keys interrupts your moment with Jughead. 

“Hey kids, how’d it go?“ 

“It went great, he’s currently asleep so we’ll have about…” you check the time, “20 minutes before he wakes up." 

“That gives me enough time to nearly fix up dinner, Jughead are you staying for dinner?" 

“Sure Mrs. (L/N), I would love to stay for dinner.” You smile at him and cuddle into him. You may be a fairly new couple, but you always start with baby steps before you learn to walk. And it seems it was (B/N)’s steps that brought you to your significant other. 

A/N: Y/N = Your name, B/N = Brother’s name, B/N/N = Brother’s nickname Let me know what you think!!!

Just saw the anime film 'Your Name' in theaters.

 I have never been more stressed out and on the edge of Goddamn seat then the last 30 mins of that movie. This Film was F*CKIN BEAUTIFUL. The animation was gorgeous and I really wanna watch Summer wars and Digimon the movie again cause the animation reminded of it.The movie was amazing even though those last minutes had me so Goddamn tense. I’d honestly give this film a Spill/Double Toasted Rating of HIGH Full price and highly recommend people go see it in theaters. 

Basically A Greaser [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Okay so I’ve been obsessed with Grease lately and got this nice fluffy idea. I hope you guys like it because I really loved writing it. Thanks loves! <3
(It’s a bit of a shorter one)


It was days like this that you cherish. The days off where Jason wants nothing more than to be around you. Touching you. Whether it be an arm around your waist or hanging on your shoulders. He just wanted the reassurance that you’re there.

Days off could be spent multiple ways. Sometimes it’s errands. Others it’s maybe hanging out at the mall or a walk in the park. Visiting his family at the manor or meeting up with yours.

But then there’s your most favorite, just spending the day locked in the apartment. Reading or having movie marathons. Today it was all about movies. You and Jason had gone through probably about half the movies on Netflix by now, or at least it felt that way.

Snacks were scattered around the coffee table along with some open movie cases. Having started with DVDs. Jason had both arms around your shoulders, hugging you into his chest. Your arms were wrapped around his waist, head laying on his slowly rising and falling chest. Listening to the sound of his heartbeat as the credits began to scroll on the screen, having just finished Pirates of the Caribbean.

Sighing you pulled out of his grasp to grab the remote. He whined as you did so, missing your warmth even though you were both under a rather fluffy blanket. His arms tightened around your waist, not allowing you any farther. Giggling you turned to him, “Jay, I need to get the remote.” Gesturing to the table. His response was tugging you toward him. Grinning you cupped his face and pecked his lips. “What do you wanna watch? Modern or Classic?” Stroking your thumb over his cheekbone.

Jason leaned into your touch. Humming at the sensation, “Hmm, Classic.” Turning his head to kiss your palm. Wiggling away again he allowed you to snatch up the remote. Leaning against his chest you began to scroll through movies. Multiple titles passed by the screen until one of your favorites showed itself. “Oh my god! Jay! Can we watch Grease?” Facing him excitedly. He chuckled at your reaction and childlike giddiness. “I’ve never seen it”

“You what?!” Yelling at him. “Nope, why?”

“It’s only the best movie ever! John Travolta as Zuko just yes! And the music!! Oh god! How have you not seen it?” Dumbfounded by the fact he hadn’t watched such a classic. Jason just shrugged. Squinting at him you turned back to the screen and nestled in his chest again, saying “we’re watching it” while hitting the play button.

He threaded his fingers through your hair as the movie opened. Your eyes never tore away from the screen throughout the entire movie. Jason laughing at your singing to all of the songs. Specifically Greased Lightning and You’re The One That I Want. Also your endless babbling about how perfectly they portrayed a Greaser in Danny Zuko, and the dancing, those hips.

Jason would laugh whenever you’d ask him if he could do that, or if he’d attempt to.

“Don’t laugh, you’re basically a real life version of Danny Zuko himself.” Looking up to meet his blue hues. “Really? How so?” Cocking an eyebrow at you curiously.

“Well there’s the jet black hair, light blue eyes, strong arms,” your hand trailed through his hair before moving down to cup the side of his face and stroke just under his eye, and finally trailing down his arm, “the leather obsession, motorcycle, interest in cars, smoking, being in love with an amazing women that loves you just the same.” He grinned at your last statement.

“Yeah, she is pretty amazing.” Mumbling before connecting his lips to yours. “So, if I’m Danny Zuko. Then you’re Sandy.” A wolfish smirk made it’s way onto his lips.

“I guess..” Raising a suspicious eyebrow at him, knowing that look. “Well, that costume party at the manor is coming up. How about we go as the leads?” You liked the idea but you could sense a catch. “You want me to wear a 1960s dress?” asking hopefully.


You gave him an unamused expression, “You want me to wear leather pants?” He laughed at the statement. “It’d be sexy” whispering, his lips just barely grazing the shell of your ear. Sighing you turned to meet his eyes, loving the idea of him dressed as Zuko, “I’ll think about it.” Mumbling before reaching for the remote to find the next movie.

“You could model it for me.” Hearing the smirk in his voice. “Keep it up and it’s never going to happen.” Shaking your head while feeling the vibration of a chuckle in his chest.

Smiling you tighten your grip on his waist, snuggling further into his chest. Thinking about the idea Jason had proposed. Who knows, maybe it could be fun. In more way than one.