i wanna watch this asap

wondergirlnightwing  asked:

I've stepped away from ED too, but there's so many other characters on there that I like outside of Rbron. I adore Aaron, the Bartons and the Dingles so ofc I wanna watch for them but I also need to them break up Robrn asap. I need Aaron single for awhile and away from Robert. But Shelby would you start watching again once they split them up and give Aaron his our storyline with his friends and family again?

That’s the problem I’m having. There’s so many other characters that I love and I don’t want to give them up but I also can’t sit through full episodes anymore. I need someone to give me recaps of the episodes so I can watch things here and there of my favs.

I honestly don’t know? Probably? But then, it’s kind of a relief not to have this show eating my life? Not having watched it in two weeks, it feels nice? I’ve gotten to watch other shows and do other things? And I don’t wanna give that up?