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have you ever been in love? part 2 - reggie mantle

word count: 2.596

warnings: swearing, 

plot: happens about 2 days after the Vday quiz and if I summarize more I give away the plot

a/n: so i wasn’t planning on writing a 2nd part for HYEBIL but it was heavily requested and it’s Ross’s bday so,,,it happened

“Who’s this guy?” The bright screen of a phone was pushed in your face, causing you to groan and close your eyes. “Sorry.” The guy next to you muttered before toning down the luminosity.

The first thing you saw upon opening your eyes was an Instagram picture of you and Reggie Mantle. He had his arm around you and there was a dashing smile on his face. You were kissing his cheek and looked happier than ever.

And you were happy.


“That’s Reggie, he was my boyfriend.” You spoke before pushing the phone away from your face.

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A Sadist’s Paradise - Pt. 3

Genre; hella smut

Length; 2,300+ words

Kink(s); Daddy kink, exhibitionism, sexual torture, sexual sadism, degradation, etc

Originally posted by shittyoongi

As your boyfriend slowly slid off you, he made his way over to his sadistic little toy box. 
“So my sweet little dongsaengs..” He purred to the younger men, only glancing back at them for a second- that dark, intimidating demeanour returning in an instant. “Do you like rope?” He asks, chuckling after as he rummages through the small chest for a moment- pulling out two separate wrapped up bundles of baby blue rope.  

Both men bite their lower lips anxiously as their Hyung walks over to them. “Don’t be nervous my sweet puppies…” Yoongi purrs as he swiftly ends up behind them.
“I promise we’ll all have lots of fun.” Gently runs the backs of his hands along their spines, “Now, put your hands behind your back for me." 

"Yes- Yes, Sir.” Jimin sweetly replies as his still semi-shy Hyung stays silent though they both comply with ease. 

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LA VLOG #1 - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Characters:Youtuber!Stiles, Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Reader.

Trying something new! It’s kinda short but it’s just for a test run.

Originally posted by dontgobrienmyheart

“Hey, guys! Stiles here! Today I’m out in LA for Vidcon! I hope to meet some of you guys here, I posted my schedule in the description.” The boy on the screen points down.

You were going to Vidcon today too, to meet the boy you’ve watched since YouTube first started. You’ve grown with him, and as weird as it sounds you feel like he’s one of your best friends.

You get dressed and open the video back up to screenshot his schedule.

The video resumes from the spot you left it last time. “Derek here is coming with me. Isn’t that right, Derek?” He looks at the older boy. Derek looks at him somewhat annoyed and looks to the camera nodding. “Scott should be around here somewhere?” Stiles says, looking around.

You smile, watching him look around. He was cute, you couldn’t deny that but there was something there. Something sort of ominous.

You’re in line with your ticket, looking around nervously. You should’ve come with a friend. You sigh and run a hand through your hair. You spot a head of dark hair and get up on your tiptoes. Your eyes widen. “Scott?” You yell and he whips around. You wave him over and he smiles.

“Do I know you?”

You shake your head. “No, I just wanted a picture.”

“A picture? With me?” He asks and you nod. He leans in and the two of you get a selfie.

“Who are you here to see?” He asks.

“Honestly, just Stiles.” You shrug and he laughs.

“Well, Derek and I will be walking around with him so I should see you again.”

You wave as he turns to leave. “Thanks for the picture!”

You finally get inside and you immediate go to look for Stiles. It’s almost impossible to find him with all of the crowds. You’re just about to give up when you head outside when you spot him.

You walk over and smile up at him.

“I was just thinking I wouldn’t see you again!” Scott laughs. “I never caught your name?”

“Oh, it’s Y/N. Nice to formally meet you.” He smiles and you shake hands.

Stiles watches the two of you talk. “Well, Y/N, wanna be in the vlog?”

You nod. “Hell yeah!”

He laughs and turns the camera on, showing you and him. “I met Y/N here at Vidcon! Say hi, Y/N.”

You throw up a peace smile and grin. “Hi, vlog!”

He turns the camera off and looks at you.

“Do you think it’s possible to get a picture?” You ask sweetly.

“Of course!” He laughs and you two take a picture. “You can stick around with us if you want.” Stiles points between him, Scott, and Derek and you nod.

“I’d love that.” You move over to Derek and get up on your tiptoes to try and reach his ear. He leans over to help you. “Picture?” You grin and he laughs. You broke Derek Hale. You’ve seen him on Stiles’ channel for years and he’s never smiled.

He leans down to reach your height and the two of you take a picture.

“We’re going to go grab lunch…wanna come?” Stiles asks and you nod. “Let’s go then.” You walk behind him and he waves you in between him and Scott.

“So, how long have you been watching my channel?” He asks and you shrug.

“Since you started.”

His eyes widen and he throws his arms up spastically. You catch Derek roll his eyes. “That’s frickin’ amazing! Kind of embarrassing but amazing!” You laugh and he wraps an arm around your shoulders. “How old are you?”

“Oh, I’m a senior…17”

“Me too…but you probably knew that.” He facepalms and you giggle at his cuteness.

“I get watching YouTube and stuff, but why me? I have no specific theme.” He raises an eyebrow.

“I uh…you know I love the skits you do, also the gaming part’s pretty great too.”

“Let me get your opinion then.” He says. “Facecam for gaming or no?”

You nod kind of aggressively. “Facecam. You’re too expressive not to have a facecam.”

Scott laughs. “I told you.”

Stiles waves him off and laughs. “I wanted someone who watched to tell me.”

“So, Y/N.” He pats your shoulder, his arm still around you. “Want to film a video with me?”
Chinese Food and Confessions (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You’ve been Lin’s friend for years and after a bottle of wine and some pressing questions you learn he’s in love with someone.

Word Count:1,904

Warnings: I’m getting increasingly more cliche so that’s a good one to start with. Drinking. Swearing.

A/N: Did anybody order a lame “you said you were in love and I’m too dense to realize you meant with me so I’ve been moping all week” fic? No? Well here, have this one on the house. Someone feel free to stop me at any time. You’re gonna keep getting these halfhearted ideas until I finish battling this one fic I’m working on. It’s angst. I’m bad at writing angst. I have a blurb I’ll post later to make up for how lame this one turned out though.

“C’mon, you have to tell me something! There has to be something I don’t know about you.” you pushed, swinging your legs up onto Lin’s lap. His hand wrapped around your calf, adjusting your placement. The wine in your glass sloshed around but managed to stay where it was - your couch eternally grateful for that.

“I think you know just about everything about me at this point. This game seems kind of moot.” Lin chuckled at you.

“Just about. But not everything.” you countered and he paused to think of something that might be enough to satisfy your sudden pressing need to know every deep, dark secret he had - which wasn’t many. His hand absentmindedly traced patterns on your leg as the thought.

“Alright, I have something but there’s conditions if I tell you.” Lin posed and you frowned.

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00:06 AM

Calum Hood - 3070 words (smut)

I want to celebrate my birthday with all of you with some Calum smut! 


“He’s so hot.” My friend Sarina mumbles as she swoons, her head rested heavily on her hand as the drool almost flowed past her lips. She was talking about Michael, the punk guy that for some reason hung out with the ‘cool’ kids. I thought he was cool though, I had spoken to him a few times during my English class. He wasn’t a jock and that was probably why I appreciated him that much. Everyone just thought that it was weird he hung out with their kind. 

She once had the opportunity to sleep with him at one of Calum’s famous parties, only to start stuttering and walk away at record speed. Ever since then she had been drooling all over him. I, on the other hand, was way more into the tan jock with the breathtaking smile. Calum Hood. 

“You’re disgusting. He’s one of them.” Louise scrunches her nose and I chuckle, ripping my eyes from the popular table to cross my arms over my chest and turn my upper body towards my best friends. “Oh please didn’t you fuck Luke last year? He is head jock.” I accusingly point a finger towards Louise who immediately blushes a shameful red. “Shut up.”

“Let her drool. At least her legs stay closed.” I shrug my shoulders, taking a juicy, large bite out of my apple. “Watch your words, if I’m not mistaken you had a thing for Cal.”

I shrug my shoulders again, chewing my apple probably a bit disgusting, brows set in a frowning manner. “Over that.“  Oh, if only they knew. 

“What are you plans for your birthday tomorrow? Like you wanna go out or something?” Sar asks again, something that had been the choice of conversation of the last few days.

“I don’t know yet. I’m shit deep in assignments and I really have to catch up on studying. It’s been fucking long since I had a free afternoon.” I shrug my shoulders, ditching the clock house of my apple on Louise’s tray. The second the words left my lips I’m receiving scoffs from both my mates and I can’t help but roll my eyes. “It’s true!”

“Who the fuck is going to study on her birthday?” Louise groans loudly, throwing her hands up in exasperation before she pushes her tray to the side to lean her arms onto the table. “People who have their birthday in the middle of finals, maybe?” I chuckle dryly, my eyes once again trailing to the far table in the back, seeing Calum laugh loudly at something Luke has just whispered in his ear. He glimpses towards me and I merely stare at him, he does the same for a few short moments before turning his head back to his mates.

“So, any plans or not? Because I want to know if I should shave my legs for a special night out.” Sarina laughs heartily which immediately brings a smile to my own face. “You know what, I’ll think about it. It’s not like I’m going to study in the evening, right?” This brings up a round of cheers and I already curse inwardly for even granting them a maybe, because all I wanted was to be at home in comfortable clothes – and Calum between my legs maybe.

Sar and I bid Louise goodbye, who had an art history class right after lunch. I liked to drabble and write, but I wasn’t actually ever going to pursue a career in art. Seemed like a logical choice at the time to drop the course. I regretted it as soon as I heard Louise chant about all the shit she could do.

“We’re balls deep in shit, you know that, right?” I sigh out as soon as Louise is out of ear shot, turning my head towards my mate walking besides me. “Stop stressing about finals so much.” Sar laughs it off, pushing my shoulder just hard enough for me to lose my balance for a split second. “Well don’t you think it’s totally logical for someone our age to worry about a career and future?”
“We’re still in college, Y/n. You still have a whole year left, maybe even five more if you go for that graduate degree.” Sar points out, holding her bottle of coke towards me to get her point across.

“Don’t talk about that you’re giving me stomach aches.” I groan as I without a second thought start to rub my stomach in circles, trying to soothe the stress that had immediately formed there. “Sometimes I don’t understand how you ever were popular in high school. Have you met up with Cal lately?” Sar asks as nonchalantly as she can – which is not nonchalant at all, if you might wonder – as she stops in front of the closed door of the library.

“No, he didn’t even text me. I wonder if he noticed my subtle staring at lunch.” I laugh, I know I am anything but subtle and Louise and Sar don’t ever let me forget about it either.
“Maybe you should take up on Ashton’s proposition though. I mean he’s hot and he is willing.” Sarina emphasizes the willing part and I think back about the drummer with the mess on his head. “I’m actually contemplating it, isn’t that horrible? But instead of worrying about my sex life, ask Michael to meet up instead of sexting him the whole fucking day.”

The shade of red her cheeks immediately fill with is enough indication that I am right about the assumptions I had made a few weeks earlier. Sar starts stumbling over her words and I just hold up a hand to stop her. “Don’t worry about it. Make sure you get some.”
Sarina shyly smiles and nods her head. “I have a meeting for that project of Mr. Trevor, I’ll see you later?” Sar points to the library door, her body already turning to disappear through.

“Yeah, I’ll text you later.” I head for the back door of the long, deserted hallway, pushing my way through to stop with the harsh sunlight blinding me. I decide now is as good as time as any to have a smoke and I push through the back door, hands already digging through the front pocket of my bag in search for my lighter. Both girls know if there’s anything that I hate doing is going out for my birthday, because they always make a fucking big deal out of it. I’m just happy with a cake, some ice cream and a night in with some gossip.

I sit down against the brick wall, legs spread widely in front of me, bag leaning against my side as I blow the white smoke up into the air, my pointer finger and thumb swirling my phone in circles, awaiting Calum’s response. 

"I wondered where you wandered off to.”

“Right here. You didn’t text back.” I mumble in return, slowly opening my eyes and gazing up at the tall frame of Calum. “I’m here now.” He responds meagerly, his fingers brushing over his lips as he gazes off into the distance. “Apparently so.” I respond, pushing the nub into a crack of concrete to my right, slowly dragging it across the floor, spilling the tobacco everywhere. 

“Don’t be like that. What are you doing tonight?" Hopefully you. I answer immediately in my head, but I bite my lip and refrain myself, instead pushing myself up on my feet and brushing my bum off. "Not sure, stay in and watch a movie maybe?”

“Come over.” Calum immediately states, his hand reaching out to briefly touch my shoulder only to stop mere centimeters from me. “Cal, I’m not in the mood for Luke of Michael to see me and rumors to spread around here.” I roll my eyes, leaning my left shoulder against the wall so I was facing him. Calum merely smirks down at me, keeping still at first. 

“I’m alone tonight. They’re out to a football match.”

“Aren’t you the big football fan?” I chuckle, leaning more towards him as I let my hand rest against his plain white t-shirt. 

“I saw an opportunity and I had to take it. Come over at eight.” His hand slips along my neck, thumb gently tapping my jaw before he retreats and disappears around the corner, making it seem like this conversation never occurred. He is what I try to keep hidden anyway. 

“You, me and a chick flick tonight?” Louise questions as we walk down the stairs of the front porch, her head turning every so often as if she’s looking out for someone. “Sorry man, plans.” I dismiss her as curtly as I can, my fingers already digging through my bag for my Flounder keychain as we approach our cars. 

“Locking yourself in your room aren’t plans, Y/n. And you’re already ditching us tomorrow too, don’t deny it!” I roll my eyes as I press that button that opens the car from afar, slinging my back already off my shoulder, the strap clutched in my hand. “If I wanted them to be, they would. No I have to do something for my dad.” I decide that’s the best believable excuse I can come up with. “Oh alright. See you tomorrow then?” Louise stops at her own white Mini Cooper, keys dangling from her hand as she awaits my response. 

“I have class at ten, might see you at lunch.” I know that’s not what she’s talking about but I dismiss her as I wave at her, throwing my bag onto the passenger seat and get in, my fingers fumbling for my phone to see what Calum had texted. 

I can’t wait to see you. 

I grin at my phone and toss it on my bag before putting the car in gear. It was only an hour left before I had to be at Cal’s so I might better grab some dinner first. 

I’m munching on my Mc Donald’s drive through meal as I speed home. I know which roads to avoid when wanting to get home as fast as I can without losing my driver’s license and I use that route very, very frequently. A few days ago I had bought some new underwear and now would be as good of time as ever to show Cal the new merch.

“Whoa, what’s got you in such a hurry?” My dad chuckles as I push the door open roughly, speeding past him towards my room. I hadn’t expected him to be here already and right now I curse myself for deciding to come home. “Girls night with Louise and Sar. Might not come home, love you.” I mumble as I pull a clean shirt over my new black bra, my teddy bear clutched under my arm.

“Alright dear have fun. Don’t drink and drive.” I him in response and wave goodbye to my dad before disappearing from his sight. The teddy bear is thrown in the trunk, bag slung on the passenger seat.

Where are you??

I curse loudly as I see the time, myself not even being fashionably late anymore. Calum’s fraternity is only a few minutes away and ten minutes after his message, my finger presses the doorbell. “Finally.” Calum groans as he steps aside to let me in, my flat hand pressing against his chest to dismiss his grumpiness.

“Down, dog.” I grant the now angry looking Calum a smirk as I whip my head back around and disappear into the living room. I drop my lazy ass onto the sofa as Calum walks into the room, a frown set onto his lips. “Don’t I get a hello kiss?”
I roll my eyes and beckon him over, his tall, lean body leaning over mine as I press my lips to his. I pull him down by his neck and he lands half on top of me with a loud thud.

“Someone missed me.” Calum smirks as his face hovers only a few centimeters from mine, one of his stupid smirks on his features. I press my lips back to his, my tongue slowly dragging along his bottom, plump lip and he grants me access. Our kiss starts to get heated, Calum pushing me down onto the sofa, his large body covering mine like a blanket.
He slowly pulls away, his eyes fluttering open as he gazes down at me. “Well yeah, it’s been two weeks.”

“Did you fuck Ash during?” Calum kisses my jaw and slowly drags his lips down as his hands wander underneath my riled up t-shirt, but I hear the envy in his voice.
“How do you even know that?” I groan as I lift my upper body, granting him more access to explore the skin above my breasts. “Overheard you talking. Did you?”

“No. Why would it matter anyway?” I pull his face back up to level with mine but decide to distract him by unbuttoning his tight, black skinny jeans. Calum wasn’t one to have serious talks with but I realized that when I distracted him, he’d say anything that was on that troubled mind of his. “You’re mine.” He mumbles and presses our lips back together, my fingers now working on ridding him of his white shirt. Soon it flies to the floor besides us, my own following suit after. “Upstairs.” I mumble against his lips, pushing his chest to get him to go off of me.

He stands to his feet and hold his hand for me to grab and pulls me to my feet. “We’re alone, all this space to fuck you on. And you still want to go upstairs?” I let my pointer finger slither into the waistband of his boxers and pull, making the elastic slap against his pelvis. “I have all night, who says we have to stay in bed?” I wink and I hears Calum’s footsteps immediately behind me as I jog up the stairs towards Calum’s room.

As soon as he’s inside as well I’m pushed roughly against the door, his hands roaming over my hips, lips pressed feverishly against the pulse point on my neck. He rids me off my jeans in just a matter of seconds, his fingers immediately raising over my tender flesh to unclasp my bra and send that piece of clothing to the ground as well.

I push past Calum, letting myself fall onto his unmade bed, eyes slowly closing as I listen to Calum creeping closer. “I could watch you all night.” Calum breathes and I can just imagine him palming his cock through the confines of his boxer shorts.

I slowly open my eyes and sit back onto my knees on the edge of the bed, Calum standing right before me. “You’re such a sap.” I chuckle as I gaze up at him through my lashes.

“I want you.” I press my hands against his bum and pull him towards me, causing him to lose his footing and stumble forward. A hearty laugh leaves my lips as he sprawls out on top of the sheets and I swing my leg over his waist to straddle him. “Well I could watch this all night.”

Calum’s hands raise to cup my breasts and he gives them a gentle squeeze, my lip pulled between my teeth at his calloused touch. I slide off of him to rid him of his jeans, pulling his boxers along in one go. While I’m standing on the carpet, I slide my own knickers down my legs as Calum watches from the bed with hooded eyes.

I can’t wait anymore, it’s been two weeks and I have been craving him. I don’t give him time to protest about pleasuring me as I grab his erect cock between my fingers and slide  down onto him. Both Calum and I are groaning out, I hope his is in pure bliss just as I at this moment, and I need a moment before I can move. I start swiveling my hips, my head immediately thrown back as Calum’s fingertips press roughly into the flesh near my hips.

“Come on, faster Y/n.” Calum groans as he starts to guide my hips up and down to a rhythm that suits him best, my nails digging into his abdomen for leverage. Calum seems to can take it anymore and in a split second I’m flipped over on my back , hair sprawled out against the sheets. Calum slams into me immediately, my hands clutching the sheets in tight fists.

“Oh Cal – harder.” I breathe, throwing my head back as he pounds into me at a relentless pace.

Calum grunts in response and his thrust become quick and sharp, the sound of the headboard slamming against the wall the only extra sound resonating through the empty frat house. I’m already seeing stars and before I know it my fingernails are digging into his tan flesh on his shoulders, my legs tightly wound around his hips and my back arched, breasts pressing against his sweaty upper torso. “Cal – yes – I – “ I try to form a sentence but my orgasm hits me as hard as ever and I’m a moaning mess underneath him. Calum grunts out, picking up his pace which has become sloppier as he felt my walls contract around him, his movements still only a few minutes after, myself still coming down from my high.

Calum lets himself drop onto my sweat covered naked body for a second to catch his breath. It takes him a few moments to recover and when he does, he lifts himself back up to rest his weight on his arms. His eyes dart to the bedside table to my left and the tiniest of chuckles leaves his lips.

“Technically this is birthday sex.” Calum chuckles as he motions his head towards the alarm clock on his bedside table, my own head turning to look at the time. 00:06 AM.

“You remembered?” I sort of gasp out, my head sharply turned back to gaze up into Calum’s deep brown eyes. He kisses me slowly and retreats. “Well, you’re like my best friend. Of course I’d remember.” A small smile graces my lips and I mouth thank you, although I don’t think he’d notice. “So how about some birthday sex in the shower?” Calum grins and I laugh loudly, pushing him off of me and crawling off of the bed. “Are you coming?”  

All the love!
L. xox


You saw your phone screen lit up and you smiled widely when you saw the name of the caller next to a couple of hearts. You answered almost immediately adn you were greeted by a sweet “hello” from the other part. 

“Do you wanna come over? Everybody is gone and they won’t comeback until laterat night.”
“How sure are you? Because last time I had to hide in the closet for 20 minutes Woojin and I really don’t want to experience that again.”
“Yeah… sorry about that, but really they won’t. So… come? We can finally watch that horror movie you want.”
“Fine, count me in.”

You have had a crush on Woojin since forever, but he had been quite oblivious or so it seemed to you since he never gave you any signs that he would be into you. Recently, you had been supporting him on Produce 101 and as you approached him behind the scene after he was chosen, he did something that caught both of you by surprise. As you were hugging him and telling him how amazing he was and how proud you are of him, he cupped your face and gave you a sweet peck on the lips. 

“I realized that I feel empty whenever you are not around and I hope we can be together for a long time. I really like you and the time we spent apart had me thinking. I was quite unsure before and didn’t want to ruin our friendship. But I really do like you a lot, so would you like to… be my girlfriend?”

You smiled to yourself as you recalled that moment. That was the start of your relationship, but with Woojin’s newly found fame you two always had to sneak around and be aware of his fans and the papparazzi. You’ve been secretly dating for a little over 8 months now and even if sometimes it got terribly hard and you felt like giving up, Woojin was always next to you smiling and telling you everything will be fine.

His dorm was quiet this time and you have only been there twice: one was when Woojin invited you to spend some alone time, but it resulted in you hiding in the closet because the guys came home earlier and you only left after they fell asleep and the second one when his members invited you over to meet you because “we heard a lot about this guy’s best friend”.

“Hey, you came fast.” he hugged you and kissed your lips.
“It’s not very far from my home, you know. Do you got popcorn or some snack? I forgot to buy anything.” you laughed awkwardly and sat on the couch watching over Woojin who was placing his laptop on the table in front of you.
“I do, do you think I would invite you over if I didn’t, Y/N?”

He pressed “play” and you sat in silence watching the movie. Besides the voices of the actors and Woojin’s occasional “that’s so fake” and “it’s not even that scary”. You shushed him because you actually wanted to see the movie and have been dying to do so for the last couple of months. Woojin placed an arm around you whenever a scary scene came on and you laughed hitting his chest.

“If anything, I’m here to protect you, alright babe?” he gave you a toothy grin and hugged you closer. 

As the film progressed you could feel the tension building. It was almost the climax of the movie and the chase for the character’s life was still going. You heard a faint noise from the hallway, but when you turned your head there was nothing. Or more like you couldn’t see if there was anyone since all the lights were turned off and the only source was the laptop. You heard another faint crack of the floor and you squinted your eyes at the darkness behind you. 

“Did you hear anything, Woojin?”

He shook his head and suggested it was probably a sound effect from the movie. You nodded in agreement and continue watching the movie. As it got closer and closer to the climax, you were now watching the main actress run for her life. You felt a cold hand faintly touching your shoulder and you shrug it off. 

“Woojin stop, I really want to see this.”
“What are you talking about?”
“Stop touching my shoulder already! It’s getting annoying.”
you looked at him and saw him put both of his hands up in defense. 

Woojin let out a scream as he saw the hand still on your shoulder and you did the same, knocking the laptop off the table and the bowl of popcorn over as you jumped up from the couch. 

“WHAT THE FUCK?!” you yelled out almost crying before someone switched the light on. 

You saw Woojin’s members laughing loudly and you closed your eyes for a moment. 

“What the hell, guys?” Woojin called out.
“You guys were so cute cuddling on the couch.” Seungwoo said immitating you two with the help of Daniel.
“Have fun with your movie, kids!” Jisung yelled as he dragged everyone out from the living room.
“And use protection!” Seungwoo yelled out again as a pillow flew towards him hitting the back of his head. “You little rascals!” 

He gets the “de-aging,” or whatever they called it. The technology here is way too ahead to be anything but the future, but a spouse? A family? That can’t be true. Howard was right when he told Tony that no one would stick around.

Tony looks around the room, and scrunches down in his chair. They keep staring at him, why are they staring? Does he have something on his face?

“Are you alright?” The blond man, Clint, asks, and Tony gives a jerky nod.

“Sure, sure. Not every day you hear that you’re actually like forty years old and have a child even though you’re only sixteen, but yeah, I’m good. I’m great.”

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mp938368  asked:

Is there any way you can do some headcannons for Gladio getting ready for his wedding? I absolutely loved the wedding headcannons you did for Prompto, they were adorable! 😍

did I hear Gladio’s wedding? *cracks knuckles* man I’ve been looking forward to sharing these bad boys since the damn Prompto post. I have so many feelings about this. I love these boys. I love Gladio.

anywho, here they are! enjoy! :)

Prompto ; Ignis

Marriage Headcanons - Gladio:

  • No one is as excited for Gladio’s wedding as Gladio
  • No one
  • Tries to say that Iris’s enthusiasm is rubbing off on him
  • Has a “secret” wedding board on Pinterest
  • You’re always catching him scrolling through the app and adding things to it
  • When he notices the knowing smile you send his way every time you see what he’s doing, he immediately switches to King’s Knight. He keeps his composure like a champ
  • “Picking out colors again, honey?”
  • “As if. I’m just kicking Noct’s ass for the third time today. Wanna watch?”
  • You let it slide. He’ll keep it up all day, if he has to
  • He’s in charge of all of the floral arrangements – including your bouquet
  • He loves picking out flowers

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anonymous asked:

Bing gets a kid user who loves and adores him and would never wish for anything else

( This is the cutest thing in the god damn world. )

Bing looked over at the little girl tugging his hand, cocking his head in confusion.

She seemed to be tired, rubbing her face quietly. She was nearly eight, with blonde hair in two braids, and shining brown eyes.

“Um, Bing, can we watch a movie?”

Bing smiled softly at her, picking her up quietly. “Of course, Teddy! U wanna watch Beauty and the Beast again?”

Her face brightened immediately, eyes shining with a large nod. “Mhm!!! I want you to dance to Gaston again! That was fun! You’re better than Gaston any day!”

Bing started to laugh, swinging her around to set her down on the couch. He quickly crawled over to the TV and quickly connected to it wirelessly, before searching for the movie again.

“Hey, Bing?”

Bing looked up, nodding. “Yeah?”

“When I grow up, can we get married?”

Bing jolted, spluttering a bit. He’d adopted the little girl. Of course she was young and didn’t understand marriage that much.

Children usually at one point in their young life talked about marriage, whether saying they would marry their childhood friend or even their own parents.

He guessed it was like that.

He smiled and shook his head.

“Nah dudette, u gotta marry a human!” He giggled, before jumping to sit next to her.

Teddy pouted, before curling up close to Bing. She rested on him, before sitting up.

“I love you, Bing.” She spoke with finality, nodding forcefully before she sat back.

Bing stared down at her in shock as the beginning part of the movie’s first stong started to play, before he slowly pulled off his sunglasses and put them on Teddy.

She giggled and held the sides if the glasses. She looked up at him and stuck her tongue out.

“… I love u too, Teddy.”

“Yeah!!” She cheered, before getting up to sing along with the song, dancing around the living room.

“… I’m glad ur my user…” He whispered, before he got up to dance with her, singing the villagers’ parts as she pretended to be Belle.

This was why Bing liked being alive.

This was the reason he was happy.

warmth [evan h. x reader]


warnings; uh none so far. it’s v fluffy

          As winter traced its fingers down your spine, you bounced on your heels as you waited outside the school building, clutching your jacket closer to you in an attempt to warm yourself. You kept glancing back to the doors, maybe hoping to see Evan on his way out, but no such luck. Another breeze brushed past, leaves rustling down the sidewalk as you shivered once more. Soon enough, the doors opened behind you and then quick steps quickly approached.

          “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to keep you waiting or anything, I should have texted you-” Evan stopped next to you, speaking rapidly in-between breaths, “it’s just that I had to finish a test for math and I couldn’t text you because the teacher would have-”

        You tugged at your jacket again, “it’s fine, Ev. I understand.”

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Brownies (Michael x Heere!Reader)

A/N: Requested by anon!! Gender neutral, too. I realized a few of my works are gender neutral, I’m prolly gonna mark them next time I do my masterlist! Enjoy my first Michael oneshot :))

W/c: 1758

The Three Musketeers. The Golden Trio. The Three Amigos.

That was always you, your brother and Michael Mell, for as long as you could remember.

You guys had matching costumes every single year on Halloween, played Mario Kart every day after school, and camped out in the Heere backyard eating junk food whenever someone had a bad day. You were only a year younger, but they never treated you as such. Michael and Jeremy viewed you as an equal; they even let you be player one, once in a blue moon.

It was a dream come true.

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fitzsimmonsy  asked:

your opinion on jyn erso! :)


I hope my general opinion of Jyn is pretty clear on this blog. But I’ll try to express it better. There are so many things I love about this character. 

I love that she is not the usual instantly appealing female protagonist. Because generally I feel like female protagonists tend to be written as either the hero who is good and true and kind to everyone, or the hardened, kickass warrior who reluctantly goes on to save the world.

Jyn is human. Less of an ideal and thus more relatable.

I also love how subtle she is. Fandom likes to describe her as this tiny ball of rage ready to fight anyone at any time but I don’t see her that way. I see her as extremely guarded and careful in the way she expresses her emotions. Jyn is quiet and observing throughout the whole movie. I don’t believe anything she does is because she can’t control her emotions (the exception might be when Cassian has to hold her back from finishing off Krennic). I think this shows perfectly when she is practically trembling with suppressed emotions after Galen’s death, yet she confronts Cassian in a calm and collected manner which I’m so impressed by every time I watch it.

I love how Jyn starts out trying to appear cool and indifferent through what she says, while her actions consistently prove otherwise. I like that she’s not trying to please everyone around her, but everything she does shows us how much she cares.

I love that she’s a main character who is allowed to be terrible at expressing herself verbally. Because that shit is hard, yet most protagonists never struggle with it. Jyn does. Cassian is the eloquent one. Jyn has her ‘the time to fight is now’ moment, but aside from that she mostly has a hard time with it. The speech she gives to the soldiers on the way to Scarif is a little awkward, really. But I love it, because it’s Jyn and it’s sincere and heartfelt.

I could keep this list going, I really could. I love how much of a survivor she is. I love that after being abandoned by everyone she’s ever loved and fighting to survive by herself for five years, Jyn is still all heart. She’s immediately protective of Cassian. She doesn’t even hesitate in using her own body to shield a little girl, then Cassian, then K-2SO in the span of three minutes. She accepts Bodhi, Baze and Chirrut as friends right away. Jyn is all heart.

I’m gonna leave this for now. Please, if any followers want to add anything though I’d love to read it!

(Send me a  “your opinion on ______”)

Just a Bet

I happily sighed as I unlocked the door to my house. School had been killing me today. We were going to have exams very soon, and I just didn’t feel ready for that. Neither mom or dad had arrived home, which meant that I had the whole house to myself, which I was really grateful for! I slowly made my way up the stairs. Immediately as I got into my room I went over to my window and opened it to let in some fresh air to make me relax. Afterward, I went into my bathroom, where I changed into a sweater dress and knee high socks. I removed my makeup and pulled my hair up into a messy bun. 

I yawned as I looked at myself in the mirror, I really looked tired, but I was tired, so why even think about it? I went back to my room, where I decided to relax a little before I had to start making my homework, therefore I decided to paint my nails. I decided to paint them black with small details, but as I was painting my nails loud music started playing from the neighbors’ house, which made me sigh loudly as I rolled my eyes. I knew it was Justin, who was playing the loud music, and he only did it to piss me off! You could say Justin and I were friends, but only outside of school. Our friendship was a love/hate kind of friendship, but we did enjoy each others company.  Bu Justin was the typical bad boy who got all the girls and didn’t do his homework. I was the good girl who did all her homework, and I went to bed a reasonable time!

I harshly got up from my chair, then I went over to my window only to see Justin standing there in only a towel.

“OMG, can’t you put on your clothes in your bathroom after you’ve showered” I shrieked as I covered my eyes. “Aww, come om Y/N, you know you don’t mind me changing in here” he cheekily said, which made me roll my eyes. “I so do not! And please turn down the music, I’m trying to relax in here” I strictly told him, then I started to leave, but Justin’s next words caught me off guard.

“I could always come over and show you another way to relax,” he said, I could practically see the smirk on his face, which made me furious. “I would rather die than be in the same room as you!” I told him, I then showed him my middle finger and went back over to my desk, where I continued to paint my nails. I happily sighed as I heard Justin turn down the music. I finished painting my nails, and then I waited for them to dry, which luckily didn’t take long. I stood up from my chair and turned around. I immediately started screaming as I saw someone lying on my bed. I stopped screaming as I realized it was Justin.

“What are you doing in my room?!” I asked him as I grabbed one of my pillows and threw it onto him. “Your words hurt me before, princess” Justin ignored my question and got up from my bed, and it wasn’t until then that I realized he was only wearing sweatpants, no shirt! I immediately covered my eyes and turned around.

“Will you please leave my room? I need to do my homework?” I asked Justin with a sigh. Justin just chuckled and soon after I felt arms wrap around my waist. I gasped and tried to get out of the arms, but they just wrapped around me tighter.

“You know, you look really good in just a sweater and socks” Justin whispered in my ear. I could feel like breath on my neck, and surprisingly it felt really nice. I soon came back to reality, when I felt Justin’s lips connect with my neck. I pushed my elbow directly into his stomach, which made him let go and groan in pain.

“Why would you do that?! I was just trying to be nice!” he exclaimed, which made me roll my eyes. “You were not just being nice! You really thought I was that naive? I am not going to sleep with you because I don’t like you” I told him. I crossed my arms over my chest and stared directly at Justin. Before I could even acknowledge what was happening, Justin was walking towards me. I started to walk backward, but unfortunately, I hit my wall, which made Justin smirk.

“Trapped, are we?” he asked me, which made me roll my eyes. “Can’t you just go back to your own room and stop bothering me?” I asked him, clearly ignoring his question. “Where would the fun be in that?” he asked me as he placed both of his hands above my face on the wall. He charmingly smiled as he bit down on his lip, but this wasn’t his real smile. I had seen his real smile, which he only used around his family, especially his little brother and little sister. “What are you staring at?” Justin asked as he furrowed his eyebrows. “Nothing” I lightly mumbled as I continued to study his face. I hadn’t ever noticed the mole he had on his right cheek or the mole under his left eye, but I certainly did now, and they made him look even more perfect.

I got awakened from my trance by Justin’s piercing laugh. “You know, if you like me this much, you can just tell me,” he said while he continued to laugh. I rolled my eyes and pushed him away. Justin knew I had a crush on him, and he just loved to tease me with it. “Shut up,” I told him. I laid down on my bed and grabbed my phone to check Instagram.

“Do you wanna do something?” Justin asked as he laid down beside me. I shrugged my shoulders and continued to look through Instagram. I liked a few pictures here and there until I felt Justin move closer to me. “What are you doing?” I asked him with a chuckle. “I wanna see your hot friends in bikinis, too” he whined which made me roll my eyes. “If you wanna look at someone wearing practically nothing, then you should go hang out with Brielle,” I told him with a scoff. “But I would rather hang out with you,” he told me, then he grabbed my phone and locked it. “Can’t we watch a movie or something?” he asked me as he started to pout. “Justin, it’s Friday night, don’t you have a party to attend or something?” I asked him. Justin immediately shook his head smiled at me. “I mean the guys invited me to this party tonight, but I don’t really feel like going,” he told me, then he laid down again. “You seriously would rather spend your Friday night with me?” I asked him as I laughed in disbelief. “Yeah, why is it that funny? Don’t you want me here?” he asked me, then he got on top of me, which caught me off guard. Justin pinned my hands above my face and cheekily smiled at me. “Of course I want you here, I’m just a little surprised that you would rather spend the night with me rather than party with your friends and then go home with some random girl,” I told him. “I wanna spend my time with you. I realized I haven’t been the best friend lately, and I would really like to make up for that” he told me. I smiled at him, then I awkwardly hugged, since we were laying in my bed, it was a little hard…

As we were hugging, Justin’s phone started ringing. Justin sighed, then he took his phone out of his pocket and looked at the caller. “I gotta take this,” he told me, which I immediately nodded to. Justin stood up and answered the phone, where he greeted the caller.

“DUDE, where are you?!” the guy on the phone said. “I’m kind of busy right now, and I’m not coming to the party tonight, I already told you that,” he told the guy. I don’t think he knew that I was able to hear their conversation, but the next thing that was said really revealed me. “Oh, you’re hanging with that nerd again, have you fucked her yet, like you said you would?” the guy laughed, and I immediately gasped loudly. Was I really just someone that Justin wanted to sleep with, then leave?

Justin heard me gasp, and he immediately turned around and looked at me with wide eyes. “I gotta go,” he said, then he ended the call. “Y/N, what you just heard wasn’t true!” he said as he came over to me again. “I promise you, you’re not a bet, it was just something he said in pure fun” he continued. “As I recall, the guy on the phone didn’t say anything about me being a bet,” I told him. My blood was slowly starting to boil, how could he?! When Justin didn’t answer, I immediately knew all the answers to my unspoken questions. “You’re disgusting, get out of my room, right now!” I told him with a raised voice. “Y/N, I promise it’s not what it seems like!” Justin pleaded, which made me laugh in disbelief. I was on the brink of crying.

“Would you just please get out of my room?” I told him as the tears started streaming down my cheeks. “NOW!” I yelled as he didn’t move. Justin sighed, then he turned and climbed out of the window to his own room. “Whatever” he quietly whispered, and before you could even say another word, I had closed my window and pulled the curtains down. I was heartbroken, I actually thought I had made a friend, a friend that I could actually trust, but I guess not…

Part 2 ♡♥︎

Thank you for reading this imagine. I hope you enjoyed reading it? Comment for a part 2 💜  This imagine is also posted on my Instagram @SmallJustinBieberImagines 💕

Wicked Game - Tom Holland Imagine

Okay guys this is long omg. You are an actress in this one. I made you besties with Dylan O’Brien and Sophie Turner because why not?

Originally posted by stallingdemons


“I think I fell for her.” That was what Tom said at his award speech. You were speechless to say at least…

It all started a year ago. It was the international friends day so you, Dylan O'Brien and Sophie Turner -you guys were so close friends basically a squad- were on Ellen Show. Being Hollywood’s friendship goals Ellen thought that you guys would be great guests. But you weren’t the only friend gang on the show. Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield were there too. You never met them in person but Sophie was always fangirling over them. You were the first stage guests. You guys talked with Ellen about how you met -You met Dylan at age 13 being a neighbour and with Sophie at X-Men: Apocalypse set-, funny moments of your relationship -“One time (Y/N) shot me on the leg with a freakin’ arrow! Not intentionally ofcourse”, “I love vinning so much and everything about (Y/N) is basically in my vine page”, “For Dylan’s first date I disguised and went with him to the cafe to give him cues about how to act”, “When I was gonna buy my apartment we basically visit every apartment on sale with Dyl and Sophie. I liked that perticular one with 2 bedrooms but Dyl said ‘No it doesnt have enough space’ and i was like 'what do you mean there are 2 bedrooms!’. Dyl looked at me and said 'Yeah exactly, one will be yours and other one will probably snatched by Sophie. Where am I gonna put my stuff?’ So I ended up buying 3 bedroom house because they are basically always in my house.”“One time Sophie got drunk and stole all of my boxers and sell them on the internet.”

And then Tom and Harrison came. You guys meet briefly but you thought that Tom was so handsome. But that was it. You guys made eye contact two or three times after the show you just briefly said goodbye. You instictly turned your head to look at him again when you are walking the opposite side and again, eye contact.
2 months after that your squad and your 2 dogs were having a picnic at the park. One familiar voice said “Hey guys what’s up!” It was Harrison, Tom was following. Eventually they sat and you had picnic together. Tom asked you questions -a lot. You, being a bubbly person, answered all of his questions. You talked about how you are the only person in the house who does actual house work “These two are not even taking the garbage. Im basically a young single mom with two kids!” and etc. But Sophie saw the opportunity and said “You know what (Y/N) you are basically single for 5 months today!” You turned to her with wild eyes but she was smirking to you. Harrison got the point and said “Omg you too? Tom is single for like 4 months!” You were blushing because you were actually a very shy person. You couldn’t even look at Tom… Sophie saw your uncomfort and laughed, “You remember the time that I tricked you to come with me to a double date? You basically hated the guy?” You nodded your head silently. Sophie turned to Tom and Harrison and started her story. “I said I dont want to go alone to this date and basically begged her to come with me. She did but when she came she saw that it was actually a double date. For not being rude she stayed with us for an hour but that kid got no luck. He was a little rude to the waiter and boom, she hated him instantly. She is so into gentlemen..” Harrison played along. “Tom is such a gentlemen always ready to service. He hates when girls basically throw themselves on him because he thinks that’s not a lady should act.” 

At the end of the day when you were saying your goodbyes Tom hugged you and you hugged him back, still a little shy. He looked at your face with a concern in his eyes. He looked like he was trying to decide on something. In the end he took off his phone and asked you for your number.

He knew that you were a shy person. So he had to find a way to ask you out without making you uncomfortable and Dylan was up for a helping hand. When Tom saw Dylan’s livefeed on Instagram he opened it. There was (Y/N), Sophie and Dylan. Looking nervously at a laptop screen.
Dylan; “Ok guys this is the big day. We are waiting to find out if (Y/N) been accepted to the Brown University. Results will be announced few minutes later.” Tom waited, he didn’t even turn his head when Harrison asked him what he is watching. Moments later he saw (Y/N)’s eyes go wild and she started to jump. Sophie hugged her and Dylan was smiling brightly. “She got it guys, my smart ass pumpkin just got it!” And with that Tom immediately sent you a text.
“Congrats (y/n)! I saw Dylan’s live feed. I know you probably gonna celebrate it with your people but I really wanna take you out for a celebration. Only if you want too ofcourse” He opened the live feed again and there (Y/N) was, looking at her phone, blushing and smiling brightly.
Celebration with Tom was more like a date. You searched for the right dress for HOURS. Sophie did your makeup because let’s face that you are suck at it. Dylan was waiting in the living room to see the results. After hours of preparation you were finally ready. Dylan saw you and gave you his man hug thing. “You look amazing. He’s gonna blown away.” Door bell rang, you opened. There was Tom, in a suit, amazingly good looking. He saw you and you could swear that his eyes shine. After moments of silence he took your hand and took it to his lips, kissed it gently. You smiled when he offered you his arm. You knew that you gonna spend a great night with this total gentleman. You went to a dinner, talked about everything. He was funny, smart, talented and gentle. After the dinner he insisted on walking with you to your place. While you were walking without saying a word he took your hand into his. You turned your head to him and you smiled at each other.
And it was the BAFTA’s. Tom won the award, he was making a speech. You were so happy for him but you definately wasn’t expected what was coming. He thanked everyone for the award. And then he stopped, he was looking like he is trying to gather his thoughts. “Having this award is one of the best things that ever happened to me. My life was getting beter everyday for the past 3 months. Being the spider-man is great! But it doesn’t mean that you need to be a super hero to get the girl you like. There is this amazing girl sitting in the table number 17. I got a chance to meet her nearly a year ago. At first meeting I was struck by her beauty. I talked about her to Harrison for weeks. When we met again I got to know her better and saw that she is not only good looking, she is great person too. Smart, loving, funny, talented. I even got the chance to celebrate her accomplishments with her. I dont really know how she feels about me but, I- I think I fell for her.” He was looking deep in your eyes and your heart skipped a beat. After his speech he got off from the stage and came to you, you were in the balcony to get some air after his confession. He softly held your hand and without saying anything lean and kissed you. It was you guys first kiss and it was so gentle, so soft, so amazing. You wrapped your arms around his neck. He was holding your waist, gently but firmly, like he was never thinking about letting you go. You smiled in the kiss, your head on his shoulder and took his scent into you. He kissed top of your head and hold you in his arms. It was really the happiest day of your life.

But it wasn’t the end of the night. You knew you have to do something equally brave to him. So after both of you went back to your tables you asked Sophie to talked to the attendants. It was your way of saying ‘I love you’ So you were at the stage, holding a mic. And you started to sing while looking in his eyes, smiling;

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.
It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that I’d meet somebody like you.
And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you.

No, I don’t want to fall in love 
No, I don’t want to fall in love
With you, with you

What a wicked game you play to make me feel this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to let me dream of you.
What a wicked thing to say, you never felt this way.
What a wicked thing to do, to make me dream of you

And I wanna fall in love
No, I wanna fall in love
With you.

The world was on fire and no one could save me but you.
It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do.
I never dreamed that I’d love somebody like you.
And I never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you,

No, I wanna fall in love 
No, I wanna fall in love
With you
With you

It was Tom’s turn to be speechless and smiling like an idiot. You can see RDJ and other Avengers members was patting his back tho…

Jughead and Juliet (Jughead x Reader Request)

Request: ‘Jughead x reader where the reader is from a rival gang and FP has hurt her family (killed her dad maybe? Was framed for it maybe idk?) but she is falling for Jughead and he for her (kinda romeo and Juliet with all the sneaking around but I would prefer if no one died at the end 😂)’ - @yourjughead​.

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Reader, FP Jones.

Warnings: Kissed, Implied sex

Word Count: 2121

Notes: Sorry this took forever, I’ve had an illness, a birthday and holidays to deal so it’s not left much time to write. I did have other plans for this request but it would have taken longer, I hope this works for you. I progressed their relationship a bit and changed the way the gang hurt the other. Also y/d/n = your dad’s name.


Originally posted by iseeparadiseinyoureyes

‘Shhh, Jughead, my Mom can’t know you’re here.’ He smirked at me, pushing me against the wall.

‘I can’t take it anymore, I have to kiss you.’ He planted his lips forcefully on mine, I kissed back passionately. His hands clasped my cheeks gently, while his lips kissed down my neck. I smiled at his touch, I’d waited for this for days. The joys of dating a boy from the rival gang.

‘You know I haven’t waited all this time, just for kisses.’ I whispered. He raised his eyebrows at me and I simply nodded back. I pulled him by the hand to my bedroom, minding to be careful with every step. We’d memorised the squeaky parts of the floor by now, Jughead tiptoed around each spot. As we entered my room, I quickly looked out to the hallway making sure we hadn’t woke my Mom.  We only had to worry about her since my Dad was always out late with the Eagles. I shut the door and turned to Jughead.

‘The coast is clear. Now where were we?’

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➺ 100wtsily | #55 + #66

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: marshmallow fluff; best friend!au

Warnings: none

Word count: 947 words

Prompts:  #55. “I don’t mind.” + #66. “Stay over.” | source

Note: Just a little something to combat my writer’s block. This is for @war-of-hormoan and @rnjmnster. Thanks to @thoughtssilent and @thules for beta-ing it and I hope you enjoy!

[masterlist] [100wtsily masterlist]

Nerdjoon: ‘hey, wanna come over and watch a movie?’

You: ‘yeah sure. i’ll bring snacks.’

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Taehyung’s adventures with baby Park; Part 2

S/N is officially a year and six months old now, he can walk and talk and even pout in the selfies and pictures you guys take. As proud parents you guys were really happy but needed a break too. You had taken a maternity/paternity leave during the first 6 months but joined back and it’s been hectic, juggling between work and family and all the time you’re with baby Park. Jimin took a leave when baby Park was born but had to start recording after three months for their comeback was near. Though baby Park is really calm and talks less but he is a very well behaved baby at that but we all need a little break from life. So our greatest of great ever, Kim gucci-boih Taehyung and fellow accomplice Jeon man-boy Jeongguk arranged a date and offered to babysit baby Park for the time being. Jimin and you, gave it a good thought and agreed to it.

Taehyung and Jeongguk reached earlier than you guys had planned. You were still getting ready when Jimin went to answer the door.

“Hey you guys ready?” Taehyung asked enthusiastically.

You smiled brushing your hair, “Um yeah, almost, but wait I need to dress S/N”

“No need, we’re not going out, we’ll stay in”

“I know, but still, have to change his diaper”

Taehyung nodded as Jeongguk sat on the couch watching S/N playing on the floor with his toys.

Jimin put on his denim jacket and collected his wallet and phone while you changed baby Park’s diaper.

“Okay, so his food is in the kitchen, I’ve left sticky notes all over so you know what to do but anything and you give me a call, aye?”

“Of course! Now leave you two, have a great time,” Taehyung replied pushing you both out of the door.

“Yah take car–” Jimin was cut off mid sentence as Taehyung slammed the door shut on his face.

Jeongguk was still seated on the couch, watching baby Park quietly.

“You do realize he’s not made of wax and you can touch him?”

“Oh no no, hell no, I can’t risk it, I ain’t touching him or coming near him”

“Are you even for real?”

“No, I’m just careful”

Time flew by and soon it was lunch time, Taehyung fed baby Park as Jeongguk made funny faces to make him laugh. Soon baby Park reclined to his power nap. After having their lunch, just when Taehyung thought they could relax now, he heard S/N crying.

“Gguk can you?”

“Hold him when he’s crying? Are you kidding me? What if I hurt him? What if I hold him wrong?”

“Jesus, why did I even bring you with me,” Taehyung grumbled and walked to S/N frowning, “Hey baby, what’s wrong?”

S/N cried harder pouting as he extended his arms towards Taehyung to be picked up. Taehyung picked him up immediately as he rocked him. He walking around the room humming but all to no avail.

After a while Jeongguk heard S/N’s giggles and let a sigh of relief. He was scrolling through his feed on Twitter (believe me they see everything) when suddenly Taehyung appeared, his face marred with his rectangle smile as bright as ever and S/N playing with the hems of his hoodie.

“Gguk gguk watch this!” Taehyung exclaimed before turning to S/N, “You wanna play the aeroplane game buddy? Yeah?” He asked nodding and smiling before throwing him up in the air and catching him making S/N go into a fit of giggles.

Jeongguk stood up immediately as he gaped at Taehyung wide eyed, “Are you shitt– kidding me? You could’ve hurt him!!”

“Chill gguk, I’ll not let him fall” Taehyung reassured before throwing S/ N up in the air again, but S/N hit his head slightly on the headboard above them. Taehyung caught him and watched him in pure horror.

“WHAT THE FU- DUCK! SEE THIS IS WHAT I WAS TALKING ABOUT” Jeongguk panicked as he came to them and started rubbing S/N’s head. Though S/N wasn’t crying but they both were horrified as they watched a small bump forming on his forehead.

“Hyung will execute us…” Jeongguk reminded Taehyung exactly what was replaying in his mind.

Taehyung kept quiet the whole time not knowing what to tell Jimin and you.

“We.. Uh.. We won’t tell them!” Taehyung suggested.

“Bang bang” S/N murmured playing with his fingers.

“Oh dear, I forgot he can speak, he’ll rat me out”

“Tae appa bang bang,” S/N mumbled again.

“It’s cute,” Jeongguk chuckled.

“I swear I’ll kill you.”

“Hey it’s your fault.”

“Bu–” Taehyung froze as he heard the doorbell.

“I’m outta here,” Jeongguk announced grabbing his laptop bag and walked to the door and opened it.

“Hey guys, had nice time? Good, bye,” He walked out without even letting you or Jimin answer.

Jimin called for Jeongguk but he was already gone.

“What happened?” You asked curious.

Jimin just shrugged as he made his way inside, you shrugged it off and followed.

“Oh hey Taehyung, hey baby, did you’ve a great time with Tae and Ggukie appa?”

Taehyung handed you S/N and walked out too, closing the door behind him.

“Whats up with these two?” You furrowed your eyebrows holding S/N.

“Weird, don’t worry, I’ll see to them tomorrow, let’s freshen up”

After Jimin freshened up, you handed him S/N and went for a shower for it was a pretty hot day out today.

Jimin sat down with S/N on the floor with his toys when he noticed the bump. He chuckled realizing why the two younger boys looked so terrified. You came out after a while and Jimin explained the whole situation which made you both laugh. It was normal for kids to get hurt and it was just a bump, he wasn’t seriously hurt but Jimin decided to prank Taehyung. He grabbed his phone from the nightstand and started texting.

It was probably 20 minutes when you guys heard the doorbell. You opened it to see a breathless Taehyung panting, courtesy of your husband.

“Wh-where is S/N?” He managed to ask.

“Hey babe, calm down he’s in our room with Jimin,” You barely finished when Taehyung had already set out for your room, he had a mortified look plastered on his face.

“Tae appa!” S/N smiled.

“Oh lord, are you okay?” He picked up S/N checking him from up to down, “Can you tell me all the alphabets?”

S/N nodded and started going through the 26 alphabets, stopping here and there sometimes to remember them correctly, “–X.. Y.. Z!”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow at Jimin, “He looks okay to me?”

Jimin bursted out laughing, “You actually bought that!”

Taehyung sighed hiding his face, “What the hell Jimin!! You know how much I love this kid, I was scared for life here okay! You punk!”

“See it was Y/N’s plan,” Jimin shrugged.

“Jesus Jimin, you’ve no shame do you?” you asked crossing your arms.

“Excuse me?”

“You legit have a song which goes caught in a lie” You said in a sing song voice.

“Yah, that was five years ago!”

“I’m killing you both nonetheless.” Taehyung announced and high fived with S/N.

Masterlist // Part 1

- Admin Chim

Rated: G

Summary: Mike and Eleven have a movie night…that ends on an unexpected note.

“You two behave yourselves now,” Dustin razzed as he clattered up the stairs from Mike’s basement with the other boys.

“Yeah, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,” Lucas gleefully joined in, only a few steps behind him on the stairs.

“Shut up, Lucas,” Mike threw back, blushing in spite of himself.

The other boys laughed hilariously.

“See ya later, Mike.” Will was bringing up the rear, and merely grinned without adding a comment. “Bye, El!”

“Bye,” she called back from the couch as she and Mike returned his wave.

Bye, El,” Lucas and Dustin chimed on their way out the door, drawling her name and making exaggerated kissy noises before giggling together madly.

Mike shook his head and met her eyes sheepishly as he went to go join her on the couch. She was sitting with her back against the armrest, a magazine splayed open across her upraised knees, and she returned his gaze with a corner of her lips turned up, unsure whether to be exasperated or amused at their friends.

“Sorry that took so long. I really didn’t think that campaign would last that long,” he apologized, sitting next to her feet, and turning sideways on the cushion to face her. “Were you totally bored?”

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Fictober - Pumpkin Patch (Blackwatch!Genji)

Have a bit of whiny Blackwatch family out of pure self-indulgence. <D


“This is stupid,” Genji grumbled, peering out the vehicle’s back window.

“It’ll be fun,” McCree replied from the front passenger’s seat, “Now shut the fuck up.”

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Somewhere in Neverland (Ashton Irwin)

Having never been to Disneyland before, to say you were excited was a bit of an understatement. You and your two best friends wanted to spend time together since you never really got to anymore with them going to different colleges across the country, so you were obviously the first to agree to the mini vacation. They’d been the ones to suggest going to Disney – they knew you’d always wanted to go – and now, here you were: you, Leah, and Kara walking around the park in search of all your favorite characters.

You’d met every character you’d grown up on and even the ones that were newer to the Disney family.

Well… All but one.

Near the end of the day, you were starting to get discouraged about your search. You hadn’t seen Peter Pan all day and he was the one character you were really excited to meet.

Your friends could sense your mood change and insisted you all go get some ice cream to make you feel better. You did – you could never go wrong with ice cream – and while you were sitting at a table, Leah and Kara had gone to the bathroom.

As they were coming back, you saw their eyes widen and a huge smile form on their faces as you got up. You raised an eyebrow as you made your way over to them. Once you were fairly close, you opened your mouth to ask them what was up when you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned and your heart skipped a beat, instantly smiling at Peter Pan.

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