i wanna tweet guys

my friend: hey how r you doing lately!!!???
me, putting down a safety scissors that I just used to trim my eyebrows with: what

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"you can shake an apple" also implies intent and force. when you say "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" in reference to children being like their parents, it's a very different vibe than the image of someone trying to make an apple fall, almost as if to try and prove something? i mean, obviously those were the lyrics so maybe it's not that deep, but the addition of the third party to the apple falling process is suggestive. harry's ability to find spot on lyrics is truly amazing

Welcome, cerebral anon. I agree. I think that’s exactly what Harry was trying to say. He’s confirming babygate endgame has begun. They can and will shake this apple (Freddie) off the tree (Louis). It also evokes “family tree”. Meanwhile, the rest of the verse confirms Harry and Louis are still good. Better than good actually–highly committed.  

You can shake an apple off an apple tree
Shake-a, shake- sugar

↑ Freddie

But you’ll never shake me
No-sir-ee, uh, uh
I’m gonna stick like glue
Stick because I’m
Stuck on you

↑ Harry

Solidified by the fact that Harry has a long track record of sending highly of the moment messages via song lyrics. This is nice. I’m happy for them that this ordeal is gonna be over soon…finally.

Now, I’m patiently awaiting a coded message from Team Ziam regarding recent events. Come on guys. I know you wanna.

Caught - Matthew Espinosa Imagine

You were currently on Magcon with your boyfriend of 6 months Matt. He had invited you to come with him since he didn’t want to leave you alone at home while he was on tour. You were actually vine famous also. When you and Matt started dating he showed you Vine. And past 6 months you had about 3.4 million followers on Vine and about 2.9 million on twitter. 

Matt was currently in meet and greet area and so should you be but you needed to sit down for a while. You got back stage and sat down in a chair. You picked your phone out of your pocket and started scrolling through all your social media.

When you had been sitting there for 3 minutes you decided to go back and start taking photos again. You walked to the front and saw Mahogany on the stage playing some music. As you walked past the stage she winked you and you just smiled.

You were at your meet and greet station. You were between Matt and the Jacks. You looked at Matt and saw that he was enjoying every minute with his fans. He then looked at you and blinked you. You giggled and greeted a fan. You took some pictures and signed some stuff.

-3 hours later-

You were all taking the elevator upstairs to your rooms. All of the boys went first in and you and Mahogany last. You and Mahogany were really good friends and you two would bond really well. As you and Mahogany were scrolling through tagged pictures of you on Instagram that the fans had uploaded you felt hand slipping on your waist. You looked up and saw Matt smirking at you.

As the elevator stopped all of you got out.

“Hey dinner at 7” Taylor says as he walks into his room.

You all answer yes and go separated ways. You and Matt shared a room. He was still with his hand on your waist but with the other hand he was scrolling through his phone. As you walked into your room Matt laid down on the bed.

“Oh finally” he moaned.

(WARNING sexual content) 

“Matt we need to be ready after 15 minutes, we are going to dinner with them” you said as you walked into the bathroom with clothes that you were going to wear.

You walked out of the room and saw Matt laying on the bed.

“Matt!!!” you said as you walked towards him.

“Y/N lets skip dinner and have sex”

“Matt!!” you said as you sat down beside him.

“I’ve been craving you all day” He said placing his hand on your lower back.

“Come on give me something sexual” he groaned.

You turned around looking at the clock and seeing it was 18:50. Well why not, you thought as you crawled on top of him. You kissed him jawline. You started taking his pants of. You stopped kissing him and pulled his pants off as well as his boxers. You saw he was getting hard. You looked at him and smirked. He smirked back. You started pumping with your hands to tease him a little. 

“Come on y/n” he said throwing his head back.

You then inserted him inside your mouth. You started sucking and licking. You heard footsteps outside on the hallway but the guys were used to knock so you kept going. 

“Oh y/n” Matt moaned 

You reached with one of your hand up to his mouth and gave him a sign to keep it low by placing one finger on his lip. You then took the hand back.

Then suddenly you heard a knock on the door.

“Matt, Y/n? are you ready?” you heard Cameron say.

“Guys I know you are in there” he said again knocking on the door.

Matt trowed his head back. You felt he was about to get it but all of sudden the door was opened. You stood up and Matt was trying to hide his member, but that did not work really well. Cameron stood there with an O shaped mouth. He then putted his hands over his mouth as he was about to laugh and ran downstairs.

“CAM STOP” Matt yelled after him as he zipped his pants up.

You looked at the clock and saw it was 19:00. Shit.

Matt started running downstairs. You grabbed your phone and Matt’s phone and got to the bathroom to brush your teeth. After about 3 minutes you walked downstairs. As you walked into the lobby you saw Matt laying on top of Cameron and Cam was holding his phone in his hand and Matt trying it best to get the phone. You started walking near them as Aaron said

“There she is” pointing at you. You felt your cheeks turning red so you looked down at the floor.

“Hey y/n can you hook me up maybe?” Jack Gilinsky said as all the boys burst out laughing.

“GUYS” Matt said standing up and walked to you. He layed  his hand on you lower back as he whispered

“Finish this later on?”

You looked up and nooded. Suddenly your phone vibrated and you saw that Cameron had tagged you in a tweet saying:

“You guys don’t wanna know what I saw… #MattAndY/nGoneWild @ TheMattEspinosa @ Y/T/N”

You looked at the boys and they were already all looking at you two smirking. You rolled your eyes and all of you headed to dinner.



A/N: hope you enjoyed this One Part Imagine. I don’t know if I will keep going with the “Is he a ‘player’ ?” Imagine since I didn’t get much feedback on last part :/

Please send feedback on this one :) Because I love knowing what you think.

Anyways I do ships and no I don’t to it after how old you’re, I do it after how you look and your hobby’s. And also if you tell me you name I will find a ship name for you :)

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im gonna sound like a hater but that idkcash girl is sounding so narcissistic. im not stalking her tweets, im looking at what she has tweeted so i wont have to judge the twitter fandom bc “we dont know them" 

well i know enough. you are not "queen" 
mahogany is queen ok? 
but what’s really sad is the fact that she’s retweeting everyone calling her queen and saying we stalk her account when you screenshot our posts. is that stalk? please stop thinking you’re better than everyone else bc you’re a fan like everyone else and no one gives a shit how many followers you have. don’t even think about joining the tumblr fandom if you throw shade at us. i have a twitter to see what the guys tweet about, that’s all. i dont wanna join the twitter fandom. i really dont. im really done with that side bc some people think they’re so amazing bc they have follows from the guys. please explain to me what the hell you do. do you make imagines that sometimes take days in advance to create and reread them over 20 times to catch any errors? probably not. do you make edits that take countless hours to make and spend their time - that they could be using doing something else - to make them? i don’t think so. some of the fandom might. but really, the whole tumblr fandom genuinely cares about what they post. tweeting the guys hundreds of times is not work. it’s obsessiveness. sure you guys are creative with funny tweets, but is that it? it takes less than a few minutes to make those damn tweets when we work so hard to make our tumblrs presentable. we spend ours on our themes, just picking them is hard, but editing them is even harder. you have to learn about how to make things more suitable for you and cool tricks you can do to make your tumblr unique. you barely do anything on twitter but choose a picture for your profile and header. 

maybe the boys dont have tumblrs, but i’m sure they’d really appreciate our hard work. they follow thousands of fans, you do matter to them, but it’s not like they’re going to remember it. they love all of us, so don’t make yourself seem like the guys like the twitter fandom more bc they follow them. 

please do the tumblr fandom a favor a gtfo if you really dont like us bc we could care less about haters. i love this whole fandom but some god damn people just ruin it for others.