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Nulogosork 1983

Okay so I’ve seen people talking about 1983 alternative universe but I haven’t seen anyone mention Night Vale’s Russian Sister City: Nulogosork.

Nulogosork got stuck in 1983, remember? Night Vale kept sending letters but Nulogosork’s replies were always in 1983 until they lost contact in 1997 (for NV anyway). Apart from the fact that according to a Night Vale Journal Article in a submarine that turned up, Nulogosork was destroyed by an atomic bomb in late September 1983. But Cecil found the article for the same date (Sept 24th) and it was a completely different headline.

There’s definitely an alternative universe that ended, or was at least partially destroyed, in 1983 and some of the wreckage is leaking through into Night Vale. I wanna analyse it more later with other episodes mentioning alternative universes, but I want to point out now that it has something to do with the sea. Ash Beach with a mysterious sea brings memories, a seafaring submarine arrives impossibly in the Sand Wastes. The sea is washing up bits of a world that ended in 1983.

I like to think that Carlos wasn’t turning Cecil down before they got together, so much as he just was so absorbed with science that he didn’t realize what was happening. 

For example: 

Carlos: Cecil, you need to tell everyone that the trees will eat people!

Cecil: Neat! I’ll broadcast it. Also, wanna get dinner/coffee/go make out?

Carlos: *looks at science notes confused* No, no, I can’t. I need to figure this out.

Then hours later, he lays down in bed and closes his eyes and replays the day’s events in his head and comes to the horrible realization that he accidentally turned down the guy he liked and just goes “…fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck”.

  • Aries: This week's theme for Aries is "BURNING". And believe me, it's going to apply to a lot of things.
  • Taurus: Tonight is the night for you to face her. You will slip out into the cool twilight air, dry grass crackling under your feet. She will be waiting for you, under the willow tree. Do not be afraid, but be wary. Speak to her. Let her know the truth. Let her know that you want your tax refund back.
  • Gemini: Het naderende ruimtevaartuig. Bereid je voor op oorlog.
  • Cancer: Not really interested in you this week. Maybe next time.
  • Leo: You know who else is a Leo? The person on your roof.
  • Virgo: The Void God-Being HUNTOKAR wants to take you to dinner. Do not accept! He is a notoriously bad tipper. It's fucking embarrassing.
  • Libra: God those scales, those dripping, weeping antlers. The moaning coming from the air around you. Come here often?
  • Scorpio: If anyone is a precious cinnamon bun, it's definitely youuuuuuur dog.
  • Sagittarius: Heh heh, your future is funny.
  • Capricorn: It's okay. Breath. Breath. Calm down. Is this your first time being turned into a bird?
  • Aquarius: Hhhhnnnngggggghhhhhhh. Bbbrrrrrrrrrppppppppppp. Oooooowwwwwwwwwww.
  • Pisces: Oh my god. Don't look. I know you wanna look, but don't. It's pretty nasty. Like, really gross. Ew.

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Imagine Bucky flat out does not sleep. Only catnaps and only when Steve is around; he's a supersoldier, he can get by with that. But it creeps everyone out.

“Hey, you haven’t slept since five timezones ago,” Natasha says, waking from her rough sleep. Helicarriers don’t a good night’s sleep make. “Wanna take a nap before we’re up to our elbows in terrible people with guns?”

“Nah,” Bucky says. “I’ll sleep when the mission’s over.”

True to his word, Bucky manages fifteen minutes on the helicarrier, or exactly an early episode of Welcome to Night Vale, which Natasha has been getting into. Then he’s up and alert again.

“You need more than that,” Natasha says. “Sleep, I mean.”

“I’ll get more later,” Bucky shrugs. Natasha purses her lips, and turns back to her laptop.