i wanna touch your hair

Because YES, I’m in love with this two!  💜💙 Freezewald is my obsession! 
And I love to imagine them to live together!
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I’m an idiot

Jason x reader imagine. You are a batkid and joined the Outlaws because of your boyfriend, Jason. It’s a quiet night at home but SHIT GOES DOWN cuz lets be real, you live with the 3 most melodramatic vigilantes on the planet. This is mostly fluff, but also some angst so prepare urself for a multitude of feels. 

It was one of those nights. You, Kori, and Roy were home resting from a long mission- while Jason was off to “put that motherfucking drug dealer down, with a hailstorm of bullets” as he so poetically stated before he left.  The three of you had settled down on the couch and were watching some cheesy rom com on HBO. As the film was droning on, your bored eyes wandered around the room, finally landing on Roy who was on his 3rd bowl of popcorn. In your tired state, your gaze settled on his ginger locks. It’s so beautiful you thought. You continued to stare at his hair with your mouth open- I wanna touch ittt. Run my hands through it, it’s so luscious, so beautiful. Ughh I so wanna braid it!!- your mind raced. Your once tired eyes lit up with gleeful determination. You gently nudged Kori who was sitting in between you and Roy. She turned around to give you a puzzled look. You leaned in quietly “Kori, oh my god, we have to braid Roy’s hair”. Your galactic friend looked even more puzzled as she asked “What is braiding?” “Oh my god Kori you have not lived” You said in a state of shock “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you. We just have to hold Roy down. There’s no way in hell he’s letting us touch his hair.” you continued. Kori was now completely intrigued by the proposition of braiding Roy’s hair and asked “What shall we do now?” You gently leaned past Kori’s shoulder to look at Roy who was loudly munching his popcorn and looking at the movie, oblivious to the plan his two teammates were concocting. “Ok- you continued to whisper “on the count of 3 we jump him. You hold his arms down and I’ll tie them with the scarf” you stated, motioning to the garment on the coffee table. Kori nodded seriously “I am ready.” “ok- you whispered excitedly “ one.. two.. THREE!!” Before that poor boy had a chance to process what was going on, Kori jumped and straddled him while pinning his arms down. You made a mad dash for the scarf and ran to tie his hands. “AAAHHH GUYS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING” Roy screamed. “It’s for the greater good Roy.” you exclaimed as

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This is your fault you gave me the idea

@classy-sassy-enjolrassy wrote a thing after we talked about drunk Enjolras and I’m crying

Grantaire flops face down on his sofa when he gets home from his opening shift at the café. You would think that getting up at 5 to open wouldn’t be that bad when you get free coffee but it is still 5am no matter how much glorious caffeine you have. Urchin jumps on his back and begins to do her odd kneading thing with her paws which would be almost sweet if she didn’t use her claws while she did it.

“Ok ok I get it you’re hungry” he grumbles slowly standing up so the cat can adjust so she’s perched on his shoulder. She wasn’t what you’d call a pretty cat with her sooty grey coat and missing ear but he had begrudgingly fallen in love with her after Jehan had asked him to watch the poor stray while he tried to find a home for it, and that was three years ago. After he fed her he managed to take his shoes off and collapse on his bed for a well-deserved nap when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He groaned but reached for it because knowing his friends someone was in jail.

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Moon Jongup by BAPDDEOK

anonymous asked:

HI! May i request a scenario with Kags? I have this idea (kinda canon?) that he has like the BEST abs and his s/o gets jealous whenever girls fawn about it bc they spent time at a beach once so like she doesnt want him to take his shirt off when there are other girls around is this oddly specific??? I just love kags so much??? Help me???


It was a general day at the beach: a warm sun, calming ocean, soft sand, and eight separate girls already admiring Kageyama’s abs. As many times as this happened, you were still jealous- jealous that other girls could get Kageyama’s attention easier and that they were even allowed to touch his abs… AND HIS HAIR??? Your blood boiled as you wanted to push away anyone else that even glanced at your boyfriend and keep him for yourself. Stomping over to Kageyama, you roughly sat next to him in the sand, making your presence known. As the last girl walked away from Kageyama, you spoke up.

“I think you should put your shirt back on… you’re going to get sunburned!”

“It’s okay,” he reassured, reaching into his bag, “we have sunscre-,”

“No we don’t,” you stated, gripping the sunscreen from his hand and throwing it far behind you into the sand.

“Oi, that was our only bottle of sunscreen, and I payed for it!” he said with a hurt voice.

“I’m sorry.”

There was a long silence between you both as you sat in the sand, peacefully listening to the waves in the distance.

“Kageyama, put your shirt on.”

“No, it’s hot.”

“It would be better if you did. There are little kids around here, that’s inappropriate, plus the sun is very harsh on skin.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“You’re gonna get sunbur-”


Kageyama sighed, disappointed that he raised his voice and confused as to why you wanted for him to so badly put his shirt on. Was his body that ugly?

“Oi… why do you want my shirt on so badly?” he asked with a soft grumble.

Your face heated up into a red blush, and you turned away from his face, looking at the yellow sand. He scooted closer to you, wrapping his arm around you as his hand lifted up your chin. Even though your eyes averted from his strong gaze, it did not stop your heart from nearly beating out of your chest.

“Ugh fine,” Kageyama smiled gladly, knowing that he was about to get the truth out of you.

“Every time we go to the beach and you take your shirt off, girls instantly crowd around you, and they grab onto you so easily, and they… THEY EVEN GET TO TOUCH YOUR ABS AND YOUR HAIR! I wanna do that!”

“OI OI OI calm down.”
By this time, you were making a scene, people all over were looking at your pouting and Kageyama’s crazy methods to make you calm down.

Once you managed to control yourself, Kageyama started laughing a little bit.

“What’s so funny?”

“Why didn’t you tell me in the first place? If you wanted to touch me so badly, you could’ve just said so.” Kageyama ran his hand through his hair as he lied his body down in the sand, closing his eyes.

“Well… are you going to admire my body now, or are you just going to sit there?” he asked as he pulled you closer to him.

Needless to say, you both went home happy but extremely sunburned.

john lennon (Oct 9th 1940)

So, it’s your birthday again, isn’t it? You’re now a 77 years spirit in the sky, aren’t you?
I’m writing this little stupid letter sorrounded by flying handkerchiefs. I’ve got a cold. Every year I get a cold on your birthday, can you explain me why????
Anyway, John, thank you.
I can’t imagine my life without all those things and people that make me feel alive; you’re one of them, Johnny, you’re one of the most important. When out the blue you came to me, my life became better.
Thank you for all the wonderful things you did, you inspire me everyday to keep going on. Thank you for your words and your mind, thank you for your ideas, which are similiar to mine. Thank you for your songs, your voice, inciting and inviting me. Thank you for your love, your strength, your passion.
Thank you for being John.
My love for you is a limitless undying love, you know, that’s why I’m writing this, that’s why I’m here.
Half of what I said is probably meaningless, but I said it just to reach you, John. (I’m sorry, I love using quotes from your songs)

Too schmaltzy? I’m sorry, my friend, that’s what I feel when I talk about you; I feel so warm, so happy, I bet my eyes are sparlkling as I was watching a good movie.
 Yeah, I consider you my friend. (my bf - but i wish bf also meant boyfriend bc i want to kiss your damned face, i wanna touch your hair and know why people discuss about it if it’s ginger or not, i wanna give you roses, i wanna give you old records for your birthday and see your smile because you’d be the only person who listens to good music i know, i want to give you lemonade and say while you’re drinking it “oh no you’re a cannibal you’re drinking Lennonade!” but i can’t because you’re not here i can’t i can’t i can’t)

I’ve been too sweety again? Who cares.

Oh, I was inspired by Paul and I’ve bought a hamburger for you as a present, I hope you like it.

happy birthday to the dreamer, my inspiring marshmallow friend


Stop Touching My Hair - George Weasley Imagine


could I request a george x reader where he wants to braid the readers hair and keeps bugging her about it so she asks him why he says “because it’s super romantic and I’m really good at it”?

•A/n: I included a nightmare because the story wouldn’t be long enough with just him nagging about braiding the readers hair!•

•Warning: Nightmare containing mean words and Cuddling George!•

•(Y/f/n) = Your Friends Name•

~(Y/n)’s POV~

I woke up to a chill to find that George grabbed my blanket and wrapped himself tightly in it. I groaned hitting him on the shoulder “George” I whimpered tugging weakly on the blanket. It all started in the middle of the night, I had the most dreadful dream imaginable. It was pitch black and silent, I reached my hands out to try and grab some thing but couldn’t find anything. Then I heard one voice whispering something, soon it became louder but with more whispers going all around, everything still dark. A light above me lite the room revealing many known faces with anger and fear shown in there eyes. These people are my muggle neighbors, my muggle friends and the worst there can be… My own family. “Your a disgrace to this family. Becoming a freak like the rest of those idiots!” My dad screamed “She’s a witch!” I heard someone shout in the back. I shook my head trying to hide the fact that I really am one, I walk backwards but don’t make it far due to the huge white tub in back of me. Inside its filled with water and ice “Let’s kill her!” I heard a familiar voice yell, I turned around to see him. My own boyfriend standing amongst the angry mob. George Weasley. A wicked smile plastered on his face, he walks forward and puts his hands around my neck cutting off my airway “George. No. Please.” I whimpered my lungs burning for air “I always known that I was wasting my time with you. After this I’m going with Romilda Vane and we’re gonna live happily without you in our lives.” He said angrily tightening his grip on my neck making it harder for me to breath.

He looked me in the eyes for a few seconds before submerging my in the ice cold water. I was able to fight my way to the surface a few times gasping for air but after that I was finished. The last thing I saw was everyone looking down at me, all wearing a smile, all of them laughing.
I woke up with someone shaking me roughly “(Y/n)! Wake up!” I heard someone scream in my ear, I opened my eyes a stood straight up. Tears falling down my cheeks, all my roommates were up, a look of worries deep in there eyes. My closest friend, (Y/f/n), went up to me and hugged me tightly “Shh, what happened?” She whispered in my ear. As my chin sat on her shoulder I saw one of my fellow roommates leave the room, but I didn’t care right now. I shook my head “I… I” I started but (Y/f/n) stopped me “you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to okay?” She told me pulling back from the hug and looking me straight in the eyes. “O-okay” I whispered tears leaving my eyes just thinking about the dream. I hugged her again and closed my eyes trying to calm down but it didn’t work, I just couldn’t stop. My eyes opened quickly when I heard the door slam open, and there he was, George, his red-flaming hair all messy, his eyes wide with a hint of fear in them. “(Y/n)” He said worriedly and ran straight to my bed, (Y/f/n) moved out of the way just in time before George engulfed me in a tight hug. I cried into his shirt, surely leaving tear stains on his red t-shirt.

I heard the door close and saw that my roommates have left the room so that me and George can be alone for right now. He stroked my hair softly, running his long fingers through my hair kissing my forehead. “You got me so worried. They told me you were screaming and crying.” He said sadly, his voice cracked, he’s probably crying. Whenever I would cry George would cry too, he just gets really sad when I’m sad but in the end he always makes me feel better. “But, tell me what happened?” He said sternly, cupping my face in his hands gently brushing his thumbs over my cheeks wiping the tears away. “It - It was dark. And t-there were people I-including y-you. A-and you d-drowned me and t-told me that y-you didn’t love m-me. Y-you left m-me.” I whispered, a flashback of George’s angry face popping into my mind. I felt a few more tears fall down my cheeks as I close my eyes tightly “Hey, look at me” George whispered soothingly. I opened my eyes and saw that his eyes were watering “(Y/n) I fucking love you, and that will never change as long I live. Today I love you and tomorrow I will still love you. Merlin, I’ll love you till this world is nothing but ash. In my dreams, we are going to grow old together, have a family together, and love each other for all eternity, and I hope that dream comes true.” He whispered a light smile on his face “George, how did I ever get so lucky?” I whispered coming closer to his face “I was about to ask you the same thing” he smirked smashing our lips together, our lips moved in harmony. I pulled back smiling “will you stay with me tonight?” I asked “of course I will” he grinned. We got in our usual position, him always being the big spoon and me the little spoon. He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist as I rested my hands over his squeezing his hands softly in mine. “Goodnight angel. Get some sleep” George whispered kissing my ear “Goodnight Georgie. I love you.” I whispered back “I love you too baby”.

Now back to where we left off, I woke up to find that George had hogged the blanket as usual. “George” I whimpered pulling weakly on the fluffy blanket, he groaned before wrapping his arms and legs around me tightly as if I were a teddy bear. “Better?” He asked groggily “better” I croaked burying my face into his chest breathing in his scent. It smelled kind and gently like being at home with a hint of manliness like cologne. I almost drifted off to sleep yet again before I heard the door slam open, me and George shot up looking to see who the intruder is but only to find George’s twin brother, Fred Weasley. “Come on lovebirds! Breakfast is waiting!” Fred teased, winking to me and George before swiftly leaving the room. I groaned as I got off the bed “I’ll be back, meet you in the common room in a few minutes, okay?” George said quickly “okay” I nodded, he pecked my lips before leaving the room. I slipped on a pair of blue jeans and a Gryffindor t-shirt, George got it for me. In the front it has the Gryffindor crest on it and on the back it say “I’m dating the beater!” with George’s team number and name. I think out of all the shirts I have this is my favorite shirt. I looked myself in the mirror and combed down my hair, I left it how it naturally is. I threw my bag over my shoulder and made my way downstairs into the common room. It was only a few seconds before George came tumbling down the stairs, his hair combed to the side as always. “That’s a cute shirt, where did you get it?” He asked a smirk on his face “I got it from you” I giggled “That shirt looks hot on you babe. Now, let’s go get some food. I’m starving!” George exclaimed grabbing my hand in his firmly.

We made our way to the Great Hall and sat down at Gryffindor table with the rest of our house. Breakfast was going normally until I started to put jam on my toast, as I was spreading jam I felt hands stroke my hair. I looked to the side to see that George was touching my hair, “Um. Georgie whats wrong?” I asked moving my head to the side a little “Can I braid your hair?” He asked “no, not right now. Maybe later” I told him a little confused “okay” he said sadly. I continued on with breakfast but I couldn’t take it anymore no matter how many times I told George ‘Later!’ He still wouldn’t get it “George! Stop touching my hair!” I exclaimed “but I wanna braid your hair!” He whined “I said later” I stated “but it is later” he pouted “it’s only been five minutes Georgie! Later, I promise okay?” I told him. He nodded returning to his plate, what is going on with him today? After breakfast we went to our first period classroom, Transfiguration, once we entered me and George sat down in some empty seats in the back because me and George are not big fans for front row seats in classrooms. I took out a blank piece of parchment and a quill, starting to write down the notes that were on the board. It was only a few seconds of peace before George started to touch my hair again!

“George” I mumbled “yes?” He asked, I looked at him “can you please stop touching my hair?” I whispered “why? I wan-” “Mr. Weasley is there something more important than my lesson for you to be talking to Miss. (Y/l/n)?” Professor Mcgonagall scolded, George’s mouth was open, he quickly closed his mouth and shook his head “I’m sorry” he muttered. After that Mcgonagall went on about how to turn your pet into a water goblet, I looked over to George to see that he looked sad. I didn’t want to talk to him now because I know that Mcgonagall will catch us so, I wait and wait till the lesson is over. Me and George are in the huge crowd going towards black lake, Headmaster Dumbledore had granted the whole school a period off because of the great weather today. So, people thought the best way to spend the free period was to dip our feet in the lake or just lay on the green grass letting the warmth of the sun heat them. I grab George’s hand and drag him towards the lake, we sit on the edge of the grass just about where the water comes up to. I take off my shoes and submerge my feet in the warm water, I look at George to see that he’s looking down. I sighed taking my feet out of the water and crisscrossing them in front of me. “George? Why do you wanna braid my hair?” I asked “because it’s super romantic and I’m really good at it” he pouted crossing his arms “fine” I said smiling. George is just to adorable to ignore. “What?” His head shot straight up “I said fine, you can braid my hair. I want everyone to know how romantic you are” I giggled, a wide smile grew on his face. He scooted behind me and pecked me on the cheek making me blush, I put my feet back in the water and enjoy.

Sometimes it felt as if George was doing it wrong, but I let him do whatever he want. After a few minutes he says “done” I take my feet out of the water and take out a small mirror I kept in my pocket. Right when I look at it the only words that come out of my mouth is “Wow” George French braided my hair from the top to the bottom perfectly. I literally found no flaw in it “Whoa, Georgie! Where did you learn to do that? Even I can’t braid!” I exclaimed putting the mirror down. “Over the summer I saw Ginny braiding her hair and I asked her how she was doing it. She said she’ll teach me because it’s romantic and that I can do it on you” he smiled “well, your a very good braider Mr. Weasley” I smirked “I only braid the most beautifulest girls there are, which is only you” he grinned. I smiled leaning forward and attaching our lips together. “Get a room!” I heard someone shout, we both pulled back to see Fred fake gagging with Lee Jordan. George waved them off and started to kiss me again, ever since that day I think George has been braiding my hair every single day.


  • *Arin and Dan both singing*
  • Arin : I wanna touch your hair!
  • Dan: That's very thoughtful!
  • Arin: Thank you for sayin so!
  • Dan: Think you'll find it soft and manageable!
  • Arin: No, it's greasy!
  • Dan: *stops singing* No it's not-it's not greasy!
  • Arin: *still singing* It's greasy and gross!
  • Dan: *still not singing* Don't spread hair rumors about me!


Uhmmm… sorry for the delay! (。>ㅅ<。)ゴメンネ I thought I could go on with this thing while I was in Japan but then the school started, I ended up in the top class and literally lost all my free time. Yesterday I thought it was about time to go on so here you are the first part of the maniac scenario. Enjoy!


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