i wanna touch you too

‘Cause I wanna touch you, baby
And I wanna feel you, too
I wanna see the sunrise and your sins
Just me and you
Light it up, on the run
Let’s make love, tonight
Make it up, fall in love, try

But you’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here

I’ll hold you when things go wrong
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here

ZAYN  - Dusk till dawn

for your viewing pleasure, part two. | m

➵ characters: zico x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 2523
➵ summary: you and zico take things inside, and bring his phone with you too. 
➵ author’s note: i’m back to writing long af smuts again and this was my second smut of the day. and i have two other smuts coming up. smut, smut, smut. lord have mercy on me. 
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer
< part one.

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Dusk Till Dawn // Ziam AU

I have this “Dusk Till Dawn” Ziam music video/au in my head that I keep imagining when I listen to the song and I just need to get it out of my head before I forget. You can scroll past if you want~

  • The opening scene fades in from black with a night scene of Zayn running in panic and looking behind him (we’re not sure why yet)

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Magic - Auston Matthews #3

Originally posted by willynylanders

about/request: not a request, just my matthews thirst shining through and the fact that i work with athletes and sparked this idea literally at work, im terrible

warnings: cursing, a lot of sex, talking about sex, probably worse too also it probably sucks because i’m not really good at this ok

authors note: this is so dirty, it has everything bad in it, my god, turn back now 

word count: 1939

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fleeting moments when happy and toby touch each other (requested by sheisagenius)

Messy Drunk | Fionn Whitehead One Shot

Rating: PG-13 for mild swearing (I think??), drunk people and dirty talk
Requested: yes!
Summary: Usually Fionn is good at moderation, but it seems like with you, all of that goes out the window, his feelings for you have grown more than either of you knew, until one night when he lets it slip not so subtly that he likes you, his best friend, more than he should.


It had been a long night. My in a bad way, but in the sense that it was nearly two in the morning and everyone at the Dunkirk cast party was still going hard. You had been invited, of course, as a friend to Fionn, the two of you were best friends and you were happy to come out to support him after such a huge success.

But you were tired, you had only had enough alcohol to make you drowsy, not crazy and flirtatious like Fionn was acting now.

He had come out of the crowd on the dance floor with two cups, handing one two you and keeping one for himself, almost griping over his own feet on his trip over to you, who was standing still to the side of the dance floor. His slight blinder made him giggle and you smiled at how happy your friend appeared to be, even though he was drunk off his mind.

“YN, drink upppp,” he whined. “You’re not ev'n drunk yet, you should have fun like meee,” you laughed and rolled your eyes at your friends clear intoxication. “No, somebody has to look out for the lightweights who can’t hold their drinks,” you teased, making Fionn pout dramatically, his entire body dropping as he threw his head back.

“YN, I’m not a lightweight, I’ve told you, I just-” he couldn’t think of an excuse for his drunken state and you just nodded, making your skepticism blatantly clear. “Okay, sure, Finn,” he groaned and put his cup down beside the one he’d gotten for you that you’d put on a nearby coffee table.

“Please just dance with me, YN, you’re the most beautiful one here, and-” he hiccuped- “the best dancer, not even Harry can dance as good as you,” you laughed when he brought up his friend, clearly struggling to piece together coherent sentences.

“Fine, a few songs, and then were going to go upstairs to bed, alright?” You waited for him to reluctantly nod in response. The party had at this point moved to Harry’s house so you knew there would be at least one unoccupied guest room the two of you could crash in so you didn’t have to try and drive or call a Lyft or taxi.

Fionn envelopes your hand in his larger one and pulled you onto the dance floor, wrapping a hand around your waist to lead you to the center.

You wondered if Harry had already gone to bed, most likely. You knew that he would rather get up early than stay up late into the night drunk.

Fionn started off jumping up and down to the beat and you joined him, glad you’d taken off your heels hours before and put them in Harry’s room where they would go untouched.

After a few songs, you and Fionn grew more and more tired, and you reserved yourselves to swaying together to the beat, the floor still shaking along with the pulse of the music.

“YN,” Fionn spoke your name close to your ear so you could understand him over the noise. You nodded in response and continued.

“I wanna kiss you, love, not just here,” he put his finger on your bottom lip and applied slight pressure. “I wanna kiss ya all over, and let my hands feel everywhere on that gorgeous body ‘f yours,” your eyes widened, Fionn had never expressed any feelings besides those of friendship towards you up until now and you were having a hard time deciphering if it was repressed feelings or too many shots of vodka talking. “I wanna touch you so well that you scream my name and your legs shake,” he spoke again.

“Fionn, quit being dumb,” you laughed weakly, looking at your admittedly hot best friend.

“’M not bein’ dumb, YN, I like you, I want to touch you and make you feel good,” he said with a serious tone, pulling you close to his chest.

“I know you don’t like me the same way I just- I just, really, really like you, every time you wear my clothes when you sleep over I wanna take them right off and-” he pulled you close to his chest, his hands dangerously close to the curve of your ass. His voice was sadder now, but clearly he hadn’t been completely shut down by your words. You had no motivation left to try and silence him so you allowed him to keep talking, figuring that both of you would only faintly recall tonight’s conversation.
“I just- wanna touch ya, make ya feel better than any of those other punk ass boyfriends you’ve kept around for some reason, when you could just have me pleasin’ ya instead,”

His breath was hot and reeked of alcohol on your neck, he planted a gentle kiss to the spot. “I thought I’d grow out of it, that I’d stop wantin’ to taste you when I became famous, or when I started meeting other girls but I haven’t,” he said and he sounded significantly more sober than before.

“Finn,” you started, but he didn’t let you continue, shaking his head.

“No, YN, I could make ya feel so damn good if you just gave me the chance, I’d start here,” he tapped at your neck where he’d planted the kiss.

“And here,” his finger gently landed on your lips. It continued until his finger pointed over where your heart was and then over your ribs and your shoulders and your stomach.

Just as his hand was about to touch lower you grabbed his hand and held it firmly in your own, you’d gotten caught up in the moment and your thoughts that made you question is maybe you wanted Fionn in that way too.

“Finn, let’s get you to bed, okay? You’re piss-drunk, you don’t know what you’re saying now and you won’t remember it in the morning,” you said firmly, as a statement to him but also as a reminder to yourself not to be won over so quickly by his enticing words and touches.

“No, YN, you’ve been drivin’ me mad for years, ’ve wanted to have you for so long,” he said, allowing you to lead him off the dance floor and help him to the stairs that led to the upper level of the house.

You found a guest room and tucked Fionn into the large bed, walking down the hall to see what Harry was up to. Fionn had protested you leaving but you’d made a point that you would only be gone for a little bit, with a kiss to his head that made him lay back in the bed contentedly. He had always been a messy drunk, but this was a while new level, even for him.

You tapped on his door, seeing that the light was on in the room inside. When you heard Harry call out “come in,” you entered gingerly and saw him in bed with his laptop open.

“Working?” You questioned, Harry smiled and nodded. You shook your head. “You’re going to work yourself too hard,” you reprimanded. “Did you at least enjoy the party for a little while?” You motioned to the area outside the door. Harry shrugged slightly. “For a bit, yeah, where’s Finn at?”

You laughed slightly at the thought of your mutual friend that was intoxicating intoxicated in the next room.

“He’s black-out drunk in the bed in the guest room, I made him lay down when he started talking about how badly he wanted to touch me,” you laughed, trying to make the thought seem more ridiculous. You still weren’t sure how you felt about your friend after he confessed his feelings for you, you weren’t even sure that you trusted Fionn’s feelings, not tonight anyway.
Harry’s eyes widened. “He told you?”

Your eyes squinted slightly and your eyebrows lowered, sitting down on the side of Harry’s bed.

“He’s had this crush ‘n you for ages now, everyone’s been telling him to tell you but he keeps holdin’ back, he’s scared he’s gonna embarrass himself, lad should’ve just told you rather than doin’ it now when he can’t think straight,” Harry spoke softly and your head spun, this time due to the information that had just been unloaded onto you and not from alcohol.
“Fionn likes me?” You questioned, shocked. Harry nodded.

“Yeah, has for a while now, too, always tells everyone how beautiful you are, and how funny you are like we can’t already tell,” he laughs a bit, trying to make the atmosphere lighter.

At that moment, Fionn peeped his head in through Harry’s bed room door and quietly called your name.

“YN, are you comin’ to bed? I miss ya,” he admitted softly and you stood up, smiling at Harry softly before taking Fionn’s hand and walking with him back to the guest room.

You’d tucked him into bed beneath the sheets and blankets when he grasped your wrist, halting your movement away from the bed.

“Stay, YN, I could- I could pleasure ya,” he sat up again and reached for your ass, his hands wrapping around you and pulling you close, starting to assuage your body. You had to force yourself away and reprimand your best friend.
“Fionn, we ca figure this all out in the morning, okay? But I’m not taking advantage of you when you’re drunk and might not even remember this in the morning,” you explained firmly and Fionn laid back down, sighing heavily. You laid down in bed next to him like you always did, he rolled over so his face was close to your own.

“Can I please just kiss you then, at least,” he pleaded. “Friends kiss each other all the time, it’ll be fine,” he spoke with a tone that carried a whining quality.

You couldn’t resist the urge to at least try what Fionn seemed so confident would work, and so you gave up fighting the want to kiss your friend and nodded, both of you leaning in, your lips meeting softly.

After an elongated kiss that was messy and giggly, the two of you broke apart and Fionn yawned. You mirrored his action and the two of you said your goodnights and began to fall asleep.

“YN?” Fionn called out quietly, causing you to peek out of one eye.

“Go to sleep, Finn,” you said, rolling over in the bed.

Finn took the opportunity to grab your waist and pull you closer. “I think I have a crush on you,” he admitted quietly, as if his behavior hadn’t given that away. You nodded. “I know, Finn, go to sleep.”

“Do you like me back?”

You didn’t know how to explain that you were unsure to your drunk friend. So you simply told him to go to sleep again, allowing him to envelop you in his gentle arms and fall asleep the way he’d wanted to for so long now.

You couldn’t help but think to yourself as you were drifting off- after the way your friend had made you feel tonight, maybe you wanted this too.

A Life For A Life - Bucky Barnes x Reader

Originally posted by buckysdiary

Summary: Bucky escapes Hydra with the help of a mysterious woman. As days go on since his escape, he remembers more and more. Once he remembers enough, he realizes the woman who saves his life is in danger.

I’m not so confident on this story & it kinda has a weird timeline but I spent too much on it this week to not post it / restarting a request kinda sucks

Request: Hi i love your work!! i was wondering if you could do a bucky x reader based on the song Dusk Till Dawn by Zayn ft Sia???
REQUESTED BY: @avengersbabe13

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 3,760k

[[ Check Out My Masterlist ]]

A/N: I’ve never written a story that goes along side the lyrics of a song, and I still have a few request that include songs. So, basically what I’m trying to say is they’ll be in this type of format because not only is it most comfortable for myself, but the easiest!
Also, this ones a little weird but I debated on going with a love story vs a story of them struggling (as described in the song), but i eventually went with this.

Request information is in my bio!

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Maybe something by the water;
                    w i t h   a   v i e w .

“did you really think i’d let you drown”
“given our history, can you blame me for being uncertain?”

» rated r | s

→ Min Yoongi x Reader x Park Jimin
→ Genre: Smut
→ Word Count: 2k+
→ Summary: Sex in public places weren’t really the norm for you like it was for them. So, when they told you they wanted to fool around in the movie theatre, you were skeptical at first but you slowly gave in.

A day at the movies was on the agenda for the day, maybe a little shopping… Well, it was anyway. You’d gotten yourself caught in Jimin and Yoongi’s web a little while ago when you met them at a party you were attending, though you weren’t complaining- no, you definitely weren’t. The sex was great but, the fact that most of the time it was in public because neither one could wait until you were home. They were into it more than you were but, you admitted the thrill of it all did make things a little more exciting though, you’d much rather do it in the safety of either one of your homes.

“I don’t know Jimin… What if-”

“Oh come on. You know it’ll be fun Noona,” Jimin smiles, even though it started to waver at the thought of you telling them no. Yoongi, however, shrugged you off. He knew you’d give in, it was only a matter of time.

“Maybe…” You said, handing the usher your tickets for them to tear. You watch her hand the tickets back to each of you as Jimin took your hand, forcing you to look him in the eyes.

“Look at me and tell me you don’t want to do this…” Jimin asked, concerned that you really didn’t want to.

“You don’t have to if you don’t feel comfortable but, just know…” Yoongi’s arm wraps around your waist as he smiles his usual gummy smile, moving closer so that his lips brushed against your ear. “You’ll give in, you always do…”

Yoongi smirks taking Jimin by the hand and pulling him through the theatre doors as you deep sigh. Did you really want that? You made sure to pick an R-Rated movie that you knew there wouldn’t be that many people in so it wouldn’t be that bad. You made it easy for them with the plaid skirt you’d decided to wear and the white crop top that stopped just above your navel. Compliments were thrown your way all day but, you knew they were trying to butter you up just for this.

“Are you coming or not?” Yoongi asked, standing in the middle of the hallway and you just followed behind them. Jimin was so cute, watching how excited he was as you saw Yoongi smile at the both of you. “Even though you will be in a little while.”

“Shutup,” Your eyes roll and you couldn’t help but smile. They had that effect on you and to be quite honest, you didn’t mind it either. He was right though, you gave in as you watched Jimin walk away to get popcorn and drinks from the concession stand.

Preview after preview, the movie hadn’t even started and they were already on you. Jimin and Yoongi resting their hands on both your thighs with both of their heads turned, staring at the movie screen. You continued to pop what little popcorn you had left into your mouth as Jimin and Yoongi traced little circles into your thigh. You unknowingly let out a groan, the surround sound of the action film on screen drowning you out. Thank God.

Jimin leaned in to whisper in your ear, his hand squeezing your thigh a little harder but, your eyes were still glued to the screen. You definitely didn’t want to make it too obvious what you were about to do but, you also wanted to see what was coming to theatres too.

Jimin and Yoongi sneaked glances at each other before Yoongi leaned into your side and smiling at Jimin. 

“Y/n…” Yoongi lips were so close, you could practically feel his icy breath on the side of your neck. He flicked his tongue against your earlobe and your body instantly responded, shuddering with the sudden contact. Although, the chill inside the movie theatre also played a part in it too. You knew what you were getting yourself into when you agreed to this little ‘date’. Jimin with Yoongi’s influence meant that they were always impatient but, they’d always made sure you wanted it just as much as they did. “Are you okay with this?”

“Yeah…” You nod, your hand placed on both of their hands. You’d most likely never get a chance like this again so why not capitalize on the given opportunity? You gave both of them a gentle smile as you turned your attention back to screen. There were a group of friends on the right side of you and a couple on the left with people two rows in front of you. You knew you were going to have to keep your voice down and his dirty talk would have to be kept to a minimum.

The lights began to dim with the start of the feature film and you felt the both of them lean into you, nibbling on you. Jimin’s lips found their way to your neck while Yoongi kept at your ear. You moan sweetly but immediately clasps your hands over your mouth.

You thought you’d feel uneasy about the whole situation but, to your surprise, you didn’t. Jimin and Yoongi always had a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. 

“J-Jimin~” You unexpectedly moaned, your hand traveling to grab ahold of each other theirs as Jimin’s tongue ran circles on your neck. Resting his hand on your mid-thigh, Jimin ran his tongue over the spot he knew would get you going as you tried to suppress the moan that threatened to leave your cherry lips.

Yoongi wanted you to be loud, to let the other know what the three of you were up to. He chuckled in your ear, his fingers traveled up your skirt, pressing little kisses along your jawline.

“Come here,” Yoongi pulled both armrests up as you lean back into his broad chest, his fingers curling underneath yours to pull you into a kiss. Jimin watched, giggly, pushing your right leg to the side and putting the other across his as he tucked his bottom lip between his teeth. He always enjoyed watching the two of you, running his fingers up your thigh. You were getting wetter by the second, they knew this but they also liked toying with you. 

“I want kisses too…” Jimin pouts, running his finger over your dampened panties. His voice barely came out like a whisper, making sure no one could hear him let alone figure out what exactly was going on. He turned his body slightly, before tugging to pull you into his arms as he kissed you impatiently. He made sure the others around you couldn’t see but, you didn’t care. You were too into the moment, feeling both of them against your cool skin.

Yoongi’s warm hand made their way up your shirt this time, his fingertips slowly made a chill run down your body. “Yoongi…” Your voice barely a whisper as Jimin released your lips, smiling at Yoongi who pushed your shirt above your breast, exposing your black lace bra.

“So pretty…” Jimin mumbles as his eyes shifted from your chest to your eyes and back to Yoongi who simply nods.

“Yeah, She is,” Your began heating within the cold room as Yoongi fingers ghosted over your breast. Jimin moves his hand to play with your lining of your skirt and his fingers running circles on your stomach and causing it to unintentionally flex under his touch. “Fuck… I really wanna taste you right now.”

“I do too…” Jimin mumbled, continuing to smile. 

Your fingers instinctively ran through Jimin’s hair to pull him closer to you, feeling Yoongi’s hands roam all over your body. They knew how to touch you, what spots to caress to get you in the mood and today was no different. Though they couldn’t do what they really wanted, they opted for at least making you feel good through the duration of the film- well for most of it.

Yoongi hand slipped up your skirt, his lips finding yours again- this time a lot rougher than before. Your eyes flutter shut as his warm tongue swirled with yours, careful not to make too much noise. His hand found its way in between your lace panties as he ran his finger up and down your slit.

“You’re soaking wet babe…” Yoongi mentions as he took your bottom lip between his teeth to tug on it. You groaned and Jimin took the opportunity to kiss you, to silence you. He knew how loud you got when it came to them playing with you and the last thing you needed was the attention. Yoongi slips two fingers into you as your head fell back against Jimin’s shoulder. “So tight… Shit…”

Yoongi’s slender fingers pumped in and out of you as he watched you relentlessly. He loved seeing you this way and he wanted nothing more but, to give you exactly what you wanted. He wanted to taste you, to fuck you but that would have to wait for another time. Your walls clenched around his fingers and he knew you were getting close to your orgasm, watching your lips form the perfect ‘o’ shape.

“She’s the best thing that’s happened to us,” Jimin smiles, his fingers playing with the hem of your skirt as he waited for it to be his turn. Yoongi shifted your body slightly, careful not gain any attention from the people that surrounded the three of you. 

“Stop teasing me…” You breathlessly moaned, a little louder than anticipated as your eyes shifted to make sure that no one else caught on to it. Yoongi let out a tiny chuckle as Jimin pressed his fingertips into your thigh, sliding hand his closer to your core. He squeezed your inner thigh a little harder. Yoongi pumped his fingers faster as your senses became hazy and you felt your orgasm build in your stomach. 

“My turn…” Jimin exclaims as Yoongi removed his finger, allowing Jimin to continue where he left off. Jimin’s fingers found your slick entrance with his left-hand ghosting over your breast, squeezing it hard. His eyes wandered to Yoongi who sat back, taking in the sight of you being such a flustered mess as he bit his bottom lip.

“You’re such a naughty girl Y/n,” Jimin whispered into your ear as you bit down on your bottom lip to keep from squealing. Jimin scissored his fingers to open you up more but your walls clenched harder causing a groan to escape Jimin’s plump lips. 

“So fucking naughty,” Yoongi chuckled, his hand pressed over your mouth because he knew how you would get when you were close to coming. “In fact, I think she wants to come right here… Should we let her?” You moved to lean back into your chair, and opening your legs wider so that the both of them could see how much of a mess you made. Yoongi started to press kissing along your jawline as you grabbed at both their thighs. Squeezing Yoongi’s thigh harder to entice a tiny grunt from him.

Yoongi pressed his lips to your mouth so you wouldn’t moan out again. Your hands found their way on both of their laps as you rubbed the top of them, feeling their bulges shape against their jeans. You wanted nothing more but to take both of them in your mouth and tease them- like they had been doing to you the whole night but, that would have to wait until later. 

“I think we should…” Jimin mentioned, smiling at the both of you before pumping his fingers harder to bring you closer to the edge. You felt it in the pit of your stomach and your legs began to tremble and you knew the movie was coming close to ending. “Look how obedient she’s being.” You heard Jimin mumble.

You slumped back against the almost too comfortable chair, your hand traveled down to meet Jimin’s trying your best to get him to slow down. You knew you were about cum and they both knew it too. 

“You wanna come don’t you princess?” Yoongi purred, practically enticing you to respond but you knew your voice would come out as a whimper and he’d have you begging for more. 

Suddenly, Yoongi grabs Jimin’s hand to get him to stop as you looked toward the both of them with disappointment gleaming within your (e/c) eyes. Yoongi turned your head to face him as he smirks.

You didn’t want to let him win this one but, you were so damn close and you just wanted to come. So you decided to play his little game…. For now.

“Please Yoongi,” You pulled him closer to moan in his ear as he looked down at you. You were definitely a sight for sore eyes.

“As you wish baby girl.”

Yoongi began rubbing circles around your clit, letting go of Jimin’s hand so he could continue to pump them within your needy heat. Your head fell backward as the heat began to rise within you, your body yearning for that sweet release you knew was coming soon.

“I’m about to—“ Panting at the oncoming release, your body began trembling as Yoongi continued to whisper in your ear, pushing you to finally let go. You moaned louder with each graze against your G-spot and you couldn’t help but buck your hips against both their hands as they smirked down at you.

The movie went into an action sequence and you took that as an opportunity to let out some of the whimpers and moans you’d been holding onto as you chewed your bottom lip, careful not to be louder than intended.

“Cum for us…” The both of them whispered in your ear and your body couldn’t help but obey. You’d been holding on to it for so long that when you finally did, your body trembled underneath them and your hands moved to grab both of their wrists, leaning back against the chair.

“Y-Yoongi—“ You tried to moan, completely forgetting where you were as Jimin moved to place his hand over your mouth.

“If you want everyone here to knew just how naughty you are…” Jimin started before licking the shell of your ear, which turned you on more. “Then keep moaning out like that…”


“Bite it…” Yoongi tells you, biting down on Jimin’s tiny fingers as it was his turn to moan for you.

Your body was a mess, cursing and moaning loud as your high finally hitting you as your walls pulse around his fingers. Both of them watched you intensively. You pulled Yoongi close by his neck, leaning in to kiss him hard and feeling Jimin kiss on your neck.

“Shit…” You mumbled… Pulling your skirt and shirt down and watching the both of them lick your juices off their fingers.

You get up and the both of them follow you with their eyes, confused as to what you were doing.

“Where are you going?” Jimin asked, looking up at you with Yoongi smirking because he knew exactly what you were doing.

“I don’t wanna watch the movie anymore… come on.”

The both of them moved from their seats as they followed you out of the movie theatre, their fingers intertwined with yours as you made your way back to your apartment.

NSFW: Romy Head-Canon #1

Back in the early days of their relationship at Xavier’s. Back when Gambit and Rogue had nothing between them except horrible sexual tension, and a growing affection towards the other. 

Back when 85% of their interactions would end with Remy looking at Rogue like:

And Rogue, always unwilling to take him up on his word, feeling that any involvement between the two of them would be unfair to him, considering, would just avoid looking at him in the eye like:

At first, quite some time before Remy ever sees her vulnerable. Before he realises that her reluctance to let him in has more to do with how she feels about herself, than what she thinks of him as a man. Back when he’s only ever seen her as a brassy, beautiful, teasing spitfire, it’s hard for him not to take it personally. He doesn’t see the very real element of “I don’t even want to try and touch you because I’m gonna fuck it up, and then all this, the most exciting interaction I’ve ever had with a man, will end with you hating me” in Rogue’s wariness and indecision. 

He’s too busy perceiving the “I just don’t wanna touch YOU”, and with the borderline painful, white hot attraction between them being a very real, undeniable, solid thing, added to the low opinion he has about himself(low in the “I’m-a-good-person-that-deserves-good-things” department) He’s like: “…Oh?

And so he’s like “I don’t need this”, because we all know that Rogue did start as the personification of Fort Knox to him. That while, initially, he did really wanted Rogue to love him, he never intended to fall in love right back. So he obviously fights it for a while at one point. So, conflicted feelings or not, he goes to a bar one night:

He’s on the prowl, playing the game he’s so good at. Wins a few rounds of cards, has a few drinks, and finds himself some pleasant company for the evening:

He doesn’t really know how to feel afterwards. He got the immediate satisfaction he was looking for, and he’s not tied down to anyone, or owes anything to anybody... but he still feels some kind of way about it.

So he comes back to the mansion well into the night. Unsettled. 

She pops up into his mind, and he decides to climb up her balcony. Just to get a peek of her, through the glass doors, while she sleeps before heading back to his room and pass out.

His eyes allow him to get a look of this instead:

Now, he’s fantasised about her many, many times before, but he’s always taken those for what they are; fantasies. What he wants her to be. Taking her powers into account, he knows she must deal with her frustration somehow, but, impossibly enough, he hadn’t actually pictured this. Rogue is always pushing him away, telling him to “knock that off”, avoiding his advances, closing the window on his fingers before the mood develops into something remotely close to anything substantial, and it’s easy to get the idea that she’s really just…. unaffected. Not that into it. At least not as much as he is. Her interest in him is, many times, left up to suggestion.

So seeing her like this, he’s just:

This is the first time he truly realises how monumentally affected she actually is. That she is a sexual woman, with very real sexual desires, that has to cope with, constantly, being reluctantly infantilized, regardless of her age or the way she looks, because, logically, no one wants to make the ‘involuntary celibate’ uncomfortable with what she can’t have, and no one really knows how to proceed with her particular situation.

He goes to his room that night, painfully bothered, takes care of it, and dreams:

To this day, recalling that moment of accidental voyeurism leaves him like:


Dusk Til Dawn

Part 2 of the Liam Playlist series is here! Absolutely love this song so I was super pumped to write it. I won’t have service for the next 4 days but I will continue to write the other parts when I get back. Hope you all enjoy this!

Characters: Liam x Reader

Warnings: None 


Originally posted by apollosdawntreader

Not tryna be in that
Not tryna be cool
Just tryna be in this
Tell me how you choose
Can you feel why you’re in this
Can you feel it through
All of the windows
Inside this room

The constant whirring of the machinery rattled against my head. The heavy steps of the mutant supernatural grew louder and louder with every step. Fingertips wrapped around my biceps, the pressure hard enough that it was certain it would leave a bruise. My heart felt like jumping out of my body. My throat closing up, struggling to breathe with every passing moment. My fragile body hit the chair with a clank. The leather buckles tightened around my throat, ankles and wrists.
“Please let me go. I’m not what you’re looking for, I promise!” My voice hoarse from screaming for help. Adrenaline took over and i thrashed around, trying to break free from the ever tightening cuffs. A sliver of metal flashed in the corner of peripheral vision. The buzzing and whirring rang throughout my head and a sharp prick made me tense. The walls around me became smaller and smaller, the room drifting from side to side in front of me. 

“Liam, please find me” I breathed out, before unconsciousness took a hold of my body.


“Liam, please find me.” The hoarse voice echoed through the dark, gloomy tunnels. Its her. Its (Y/N). I whipped around and i looked at Scott. His face froze, his eyebrows intertwining together with concern. My feet seemed to move before my brain had time to process what was going on and the even slaps of my feet hitting the puddled cement filled the tunnels.
“Liam wait! We don’t know if its a trap or not!” Scott called after me.
“Scott she could be dying. We need to hurry because we may not make it there in time. I can feel it.” My breathing quickened the more I thought about losing her. I became more frantic the longer I stood still, my mind racing at 100 miles /hr over anything and everything. “If she dies, i don’t see a point in living anymore. She’s my everything…” I quickly turned around, running to wherever my feet would take me. All that was going through my mind was that I needed to save her before it was too late. 

‘Cause I wanna touch you, baby
And I wanna feel you, too
I wanna see the sunrise and your sins
Just me and you
Light it up, on the run
Let’s make love, tonight
Make it up, fall in love, try


My mouth opened suddenly, taking in the much needed oxygen. I grabbed at the air in front of me, prying myself out of its grip. The more i moved, the more the person gripped at my flailing body.
“(Y/N)! Stop! Its me, you’re safe. You’re safe.” The voice hummed in my ear, but it wasn’t any voice. I could never forget this one.
“Liam you came,” I managed to say in between huffs of breath, “I thought i was going to die.” Tears welled in my eyes, thinking of all the horrible outcomes Liam didn’t turn up.
“Of course I did. i wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened to you.” His arm wrapped around the back of my shoulders tighter, bringing me closer to his chest from my cradled position. No matter how tight he held me, i couldn’t seem to get close enough to force myself to believe that this was all real. His cologne filled my nose, making me smile. Liam breathed into my neck and his large hands ran through my knotted and tangled hair.
“Please don’t ever leave me, I couldn’t live without you.” He whispered.
“I wouldn’t dare to do such a thing. You’ll never be alone.” My hand gently ran across the back of his neck, struggling to believe that he was right here, holding me.

But you’ll never be alone
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here
I’ll hold you when things go wrong
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn
Baby, I’m right here

♥♠ Week: Day 2

( Caramel )

Hide sighed contentedly and closed his eyes as he sunk further into the warm water of the hotspring. His skin tingled throughout his body as the healing properties of the water worked their magic. Kaneki sighed beside him a few feet away, crossing his arms over the edge of the hot spring and laying his head on them. As relaxed as they were, it killed them both to be away from each other, even at this distance. But this was a public bathhouse, and Kaneki knew there would be sneers of disgust if they touched too much or lingered next to each other for too long. Kaneki hated that. Hated that he had to keep his love quiet and in control in this small town. He wished he wasn’t so complicit with this unspoken rule society had forced upon them both.

“I can hear you brooding over there, ya know.” Hide called out with a chuckle.

Kaneki could practically hear the smile in his beloved’s voice. Hide opened his eyes and turned his head to face Kaneki, noticing that Kaneki was already staring at him. They kept soft eye contact for a few minutes, feeling that insistent urge to draw near one another again. To come closer and stroke each others’ cheek, to lay their heads on their shoulders. Hide had always been a touchy person, not that Kaneki had ever minded. But since the start of their relationship, they had let years of want melt away their inhibitions. They were never seen with their hands off of each other among friends. They were a tangle of limbs at night before going to sleep, and in the morning when they were just waking up. Hide felt that itch in the pit of his stomach to pepper Kaneki in kisses for the fifth time that day.

All, unfortunately, during the day. In public. With people staring and probably judging them and carrying cameras around their necks.

“I wanna touch you.” Kaneki murmured.  

Hide frowned and mentally restrained himself from tackling Kaneki into a hug.

“I wanna touch you, too, baby.” Hide replied, shifting a little to better face Kaneki.

Hide was already feeling himself give in to Kaneki’s plea. Before Hide could even think about crawling over to his lover, a family of three brothers and a father made their way into the open. Hide smiled apologetically and sunk further away from Kaneki. Kaneki could see how much it hurt Hide to be denied another chance for intimacy with his boyfriend. They both stayed silent and stole careful, occasional glances at one another for as long as they could before they decided to leave for their room twenty minutes later. At least they’d finally be alone there. When Kaneki was sure the coast was clear of any prying eyes in the changing rooms, he pinned Hide to a locker and ground their hips together. Hide choked on a moan and felt his knees wobble. He hadn’t realized he’d been this wond up until now.

Hide also hadn’t realized Kaneki had meant *this* when he’d mentioned wanting to touch Hide earlier. Hide snuck a hard, wet kiss before quickly pulling away and loosening his robes to hide his growing erection. Kaneki licked his lips, not helping Hide stay level-headed, and ushered them away to their room. Before going inside, Hide flipped the sign on their door to DO NOT DISTURB. No longer being patient, Kaneki let his lust consume him as he practically dragged Hide onto the ground. Hide managed to let out a laugh as Kaneki set about wrapping Hide’s legs around his waist. Kaneki was normally a shy boy, but when he got in the mood, he turned primal (much to Hide’s delight). Groaning as he felt both their erections rub against each other, Kaneki felt his teeth click against Hide’s as they roughly kissed one another again. Hide pulled away shortly, panting, and cupped Kaneki’s cheek with a smile.

“No more getting away… to the countryside for our t… time off, huh?”

“No.” Kaneki uttered, his voice husky as he stared longingly into Hide’s warm, caramel eyes.

“Good. Cause I can’t… s-stand being away from you for… this long.” Hide whispered, pulling Kaneki down hurriedly.