i wanna to me!


Fanboy Wonho is honestly the purest and sweetest


look at this team! we’re gonna do great

  • Jaehwan: i'm sorry i just sneezed and liked your post.
  • Minhyun: and commented “damn daddy” on all my selfies?
  • Jaehwan: i have the flu

The boys with some queer-y flags :D
Let me know who you want me to do next, what what you headcanon their sexuality as/what’s portrayed in the show!

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Okay,here is the character,that killed my, Infinite,the worst enemy in Sonic forces!!!
This sketch took me a whole afternoon… uhhh….but he is finally finished. (Fact: I still can’t draw hands!)
I listened to this song: https://youtu.be/XKjOJuPjiu4 (I actually don’t like rap music,but this sounds good and my fav line is:“So look around you and tell me what you really see!”)
Infinite (Sonic forces)by Sega
Art by me


This illustration is so hard to take a photo of because of the silver accents and dark gradient 😭

Anyways, I’m surprised there aren’t as many people talking about People of Earth? The writing is absolutely clever and funny, but is absolutely serious when it needs to be. The cast is amazing and diverse, including unique women and LGBT characters. Also aliens are in this show. There’s aliens. Please watch it man

Ive been thinkin bout my love of post apocalypse settings, and started thinkin of one for boku no hero academia but like…. Soft post apocalyptic.

Like, there’s no zombies. No constant threat of someone rushing in and laying waste to you. No toxins or chemicals or some sort of nuclear aftermath tinting all the plants and the world dull greys and browns.

The earth has had time to heal from whatever chaos struck down thousands of people and made great cities tumble. Years and years have passed. Theres grass and plants and life growing in between, over top of the wreckage. Nature has taken over most man made things, in a way.

Kirishima lives on the outskirts of a fallen city, with slanted and broken, shattered concrete towers constantly on the horizon if he looks over the trees that had grown around it. He lives alone in a small cabin, with his garden, in the middle of the woods. Hes alone most time, but stays occupied; patching up his home, tending to the garden out back, setting snares and traps or hunting for game.

Idk just… a soft apocalypse full of plants and life. Humans are fewer and rare, electricity and gas are even rarer. But theres still remnants of before