i wanna thank ya

As far as all the rumblings about what is to come with Once…

One thing I’m thankful for is this. However this show does or does not end, this fandom will write through fic and illustrate through art infinite different versions that will inevitably be more nuanced, thoughtful and appropriate than anything we will ever see on our TVs. And while this sounds like a slam of A&E and the writing staff (which isn’t necessarily false) it’s just a fact. We care about the small moments as much as the big milestones and have the time and desire in our art to delve into them. We remember every tiny interaction and take time to tie up loose threads, maintain continuity and make sure there is a payoff for every crisis. There are simply too many characters and storylines and realms and curses and villains and heroes and lions and tigers and bears for A&E to focus on what we want all of the time. Thank god we have this space to do it for ourselves. I can’t wait to see what this fandom creates.


That being said, fuck up Emma Swan’s happy ending and I’m gonna riot.

D-11 to Lee Donghyuck’s 18th Birthday Bonus:
a gratitude post for Haechan.

Thank you for being you; and thank you for always showing your love to us 💖 Love you!

(I’ve always wanted to post this since months ago, but I think today’s the day. Thanks for the gift, Pudu! ✨)

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oh snap, it's okay! Can I request for forehead kisses for iwaoi/bokuaka/kurotsuki(choose any) instead? Your art is really nice, hehe

All cool friend! `v´ Since I already did forehead smoochies for IwaOi

I decided to go for your second option uvu And also because yay more owl smoochies <3

These two are so adorable, always a pleasure <3 So yeah friend thanks a lot for your request!! (AND your kind words, gee you’re so nice ;v;) Hope you like it :3c


I’m not very good at making comics so excuse the bad quality // I tried to shorten it a bit, but I guess it’s still a bit long huh //

So Asahi has a lot of baby Eevees because he takes care of pretty much any Pokemon he finds, and sometimes some of these Pokemon end up finding good new trainers! So of course I ended up having this idea pff // Ace will evolve into a Jolteon btw :3c

Maybe the idea is a little cheesy but // pff I can’t help it. This comic is supposed to happen before the “story” begins in this AU `v´ The Pokemon equivalent of a first year Noya forming a closer bond with second year Asahi, who ends up becoming his double battle partner later on~ :3c Asahi at this point still hasn’t become an actual breeder, and is referred to as “ace trainer” for being good at battles, as his Pokemon are always well taken-care of, in which case he is a power house to be recognized by his buddies. Though he doesn’t really have much confidence in himself as a trainer. Noya however sees great potential in him, and gets to the habit of visitting the place where he cares for his Pokemon - and stray Pokemon he helps out of the streets, because what a good guy right~ Details on the whole story will come up soon hopefully, I really want to work on this `v´ for now have a little cheesy comic explaining how Noya got a Pokemon again, because yes.

Wow I think I write a lot on these Pokemon AU captions // Sorry I get too excited ;v; But I hope y’all are enjoying the ideas I share!

[More Haikyuu Pokemon AU here!]


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(thanks :D !! but furreal, i can’t breathe…)

~i have been tagged~ @riddikulus-obsessions *dramatic bow* thank you

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1. Do you follow me? If so, why? What drove you to follow such a nutcase?

we share a lot of fandoms and a lil crazy makes things more fun

2. Favourite sport? Why?

I guess Baseball because it’s the sport i know the most about

3. How are you feeling right now?

tbh i have a headache BUT IM STILL HAPPY

4. What’s your favourite book?

moving right along~

5. If you were able to be a fictional character for a day, who would you be and why?

Yurio. Cause that lucky lil punk gets to hang with royalty 

6. What would you do if I showed up at your front door right now?

wrap you in a blanket and cook you food. as is protocol here on the moon. 

7. What time is it?


8. What’s the smallest town you’ve heard of and what’s the population?

off the top of my head? Jerome, AZ pop, 450

9. D’you like plaid? [Flannel, plaid, y’know, same thing [kinda]]


10. what‘s the last fan fiction you read? Who’s the author?

last fic i read was a re-read,  ‘Destined’ a Ninjago fanfic by illyria Lives on Fanfic.net (omg its soooo good)

11. How do you feel about Dylan O’Brien? [This is really random, sorry, I’m just a hoe for him at the moment and I don’t know why]

well tbh i didnt know who he was before the Maze Runner series but i think he’s cute and he’s pretty funny


1. Weirdest music you listen to?

2. Latest you’ve ever stayed up?

3. What would your name be if you switched genders?

4.How many languages do you speak? Which ones?

5.Math or science?

6. The last thing you licked?

7. The last thing that licked YOU?

8. Favorite bug?

9. Heaven or Hell? 

10. Are these questions dumb?

11. Weapon of choice for a war with hamsters?

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Happy Birthday @incaseyouart 💕

If you asked me a year ago if i will ever draw myself, I would have said no. But if its the only way we can ever be in the same picture, I’ll draw myself standing next to you over and over again to remind me even if we live all the way across the ocean from each other, art and internet can keep us together. Thank you for being you and the biggest ray of light in my life. Happy birthday, my special bean :’)! You mean so much to me and more!!!

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Ya'll have gave me the idea to make my own type of blog with my friend. I don't think it will go well since we aren't exactly known artists but I WANNA THANK YA'LL MODS FOR GIVING US THE INSPIRATION

I hope we get to see your art on our dashes one of these days ^u^

burthday is over…thank u guys for bejng so kind… just wrow…. the most birthday wishes i received…. i feel very loved rn…;-;
ngl i feel like drawing ty art for ppl who sent me smhtg ((its kinda silly bc theyre gifts to me but Ya Know!!!!!!!!)) so if i have time ill draw smthg hopefully!!! i dont wanna make promises bc ya Know…thanks again lads!!!! gnight luv u!!!!

I think that Bramblestar and Squirrelflight should have two little toms, named Firekit and Goldenkit.

Firekit is small and shy and quiet, nothing at all like his namesake, but has his flame-colored coat. His eyes are the amber of his father’s, and he has a small white dash on his chest. He originally feels inadequate and insecure, not sure how he’s going to live up to the reputation of his grandfather. Eventually he realizes he can follow his own destiny and becomes a fantastic hunter, earning the name Firestorm, after both his maternal grandparents.

Goldenkit is larger, with broad shoulders and amber eyes and thick fur- but he is born with only three legs, his front right one having never formed below the shoulder. Unlike most other young cats, he doesn’t strive to be like Bramblestar or Lionblaze, but instead admires Brightheart, who he idolizes for her courage and kindness and dignity in living with her scars. When he becomes an apprentice, he is given Brightheart as a mentor, and the two develop an incredibly close bond, best friends in less than a moon. Goldenpaw becomes Goldenclaw, an incredibly powerful warrior named after both his paternal grandparents.

On the night Brightheart dies of old age, Goldenclaw comes to Ivystar (who is totally leader at this point) and suggests a new addition to the Warrior Code: no kit, regardless of any disabilities, will be denied the insurmountable right to train as and become a warrior.

Goldenclaw dies at a ripe old age, expecting his parents or even Brightheart to welcome him into StarClan. Instead he is greeted by a small, fluffy white kit with starlit blue eyes. The kit grins widely, and makes several movements with his paws and tail. He stops, realizing there’s no way the warrior would understand the language he’d learned in StarClan, and puts his paws down.

The kit grinned widely, gratitude flowing in waves from his starry body. “M’ Snowkit,” he spoke with difficulty, slurred and hoarse but strong and powerful. “An’ I wanna thank ya.”

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i used to be so close minded when it came to the LGBTQ+ community because of my upbringing - thank you for changing that

oh i wanna hug ya!! i’m so happy i could help you out and so proud of you for opening your mind to it!