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The Three of Us


Guess what I just watched last night.

Everything throbbed. Izuku’s hands and arm were on fire. He’d barely made it three steps out of Recovery Girl’s room before stumbling. His legs trembled, bolts of electricity shooting up them. It left a strange tingling sensation in its wake, the effects of Recovery Girl’s Quirk still trying to combat the pain. Gasping, he fell against the wall, then hissed. Now his shoulder hurt too, dammit. He tried to shift to a better position, back to the wall now, and cradled his bandaged arm in his hand. He could feel the crookedness to his fingers beneath, along with the lingering tingles of pain. He gritted his teeth. Maybe it had been a bad idea to push himself that much. And in front of everyone too, god—

“Kacchan’s gonna kill me,” he muttered, the back of his head thumping to the wall as he closed his eyes. He probably should’ve thought more before pulling that kind of stunt in front of his explosive, hard-tempered boyfriend. He’d already been yelled at multiple times for letting his Quirk damage him like this. He wasn’t looking forward to it again. But…

He couldn’t bring himself to regret it. It had been for Todoroki.

Letting out a strained breath, he gazed down at his mended hands again. He couldn’t imagine what Todoroki’s life must’ve been like before coming to U.A., how much suffering he endured, how many times he must’ve felt worthless, nothing more than a pawn in his father’s sick game. But he needed to see. He needed to know that he could be so much more than a pawn, he could be something incredible, and it had nothing to do with Endeavor.

He may have had a vision of grandeur, but Todoroki had one too. And his would make him more of a hero than his father ever was.

“I don’t regret pushing him to see that,” Izuku breathed to himself. The image came, unbidden, of Todoroki just as his left side had burst into flames; tongues of bright orange leaping from his skin and mingling with the red fire of his hair. Izuku found himself closing his eyes again, face suddenly hot.

He’d looked so beautiful.


Izuku’s head snapped up, the familiar voice ringing out in the empty hall. His eyes widened when he saw Todoroki a few yards away, as if pulled from Izuku’s thoughts. They’d given him a change of clothes, probably because he’d burned through half of his own uniform during the match. He faced Izuku with bandages dotting his skin, expression unreadable. Izuku felt like he was being watched almost too closely by those bicolored eyes.

“T—Todoroki,” he stammered, managing a wobbly smile. He forced himself off of the wall and shuffled forward a few steps. “How’re you doing? I mean, they took care of you, right?”

“Yeah.” Todoroki’s voice didn’t change from that low, measured pitch. His eyes flicked over Izuku’s beaten form, as he stepped toward him, slow and almost…nervous? “What about you?”

“I’ve been better,” Izuku admitted. “But I’m okay, really.” Smiling wider, he lifted his hand and flexed his fingers. “See, it doesn’t hurt that bad.”

That near-blank expression didn’t leave Todoroki’s face, but the slightest curve appeared to his lips. “I’m glad.”

Feeling himself flush a bit, Izuku dropped his hand back to his side. “So…I guess I’m gonna get to watch you in the next mat—”

It happened too fast for him to react.

In a sudden burst of movement, Todoroki strode to him in three steps, lifted his hands to his face, and kissed him.

Izuku’s heart backflipped against his ribs. At first, there was a flash of light, and heat, and want, but—Kacchan. Guilt prickled somewhere beneath it all and he thought that he should pull away. But Todoroki’s grip on his jaw gentled until he was cradling Izuku’s face, thumbs stroking across his cheeks. After the first, hard press of his lips on Izuku’s, he let a gasp of air appear between them to whisper, “Izuku.”

A shiver leapt up Izuku’s spine and he forgot everything except the want to be in this moment, here, now. “Shouto,” he breathed back, wrapping his arms around Todoroki’s shoulders and angling his head to meet his mouth again.

Izuku parted his lips this time to taste his breaths, his tongue, and Shouto moaned quietly against him. He took Izuku by the waist, pulling him in, until there wasn’t a centimeter of space separating them. There was nothing but the press of their bodies together, the way they fit like they were made for this. Izuku inhaled a quick breath through his nose, not willing to break the kiss just yet. Shouto smelled amazing, a mix of sheer cold and ash that made Izuku lightheaded. He melted into Shouto’s arms and felt one of Shouto’s hands slide up his back to his hair, locking curls between his fingers. He never wanted to stop, and when Shouto broke the kiss, Izuku gave a small, disappointed whine. With lips still grazing his, Shouto whispered into his mouth, “I’m in love with you.” Izuku’s entire world trembled, and he didn’t know if it was falling apart or being pieced back together at the same time.

But then


Izuku’s eyes shot open wide, a feeling like icy water doused over his body. He had to force himself to tear away from Shouto, gaze landing on the figure standing down the hall from them, watching them. His heart plummeted to the floor. He’d know those scorching eyes anywhere, the pop of angry sparks.

Katsuki glared first at Izuku, then at Shouto, a tangle of hurt and rage written across his face. As Izuku watched in horror, he jabbed a finger at Shouto. “You better have a damn good explanation, half-and-half bastard, before I blow your fucking face off!”

Beg For It (M)

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pairing: namjoon  x reader

word count: 2.6k
request: I’m so thirsty rn please do sub!namjoon with orgasm denial and blindfolds and all the other kink shit you can think off I’ll love you forever
a/n: oh shit man… Namjoon wasn’t exactly sub here but yeah I hope you like it anyway

⚠️ smut warning ⚠️

“What are you doing?” You ask, voice harsh as it fills the quiet room. You look down at Namjoon, frowning slightly as he tries to move his arms from the ties that are around. “Baby, I told you not to move. Why are you moving?”

Namjoon doesn’t answer, he only calms his actions down as he watches you walk round to the side of the bed that he was furthest from. You can hear his shallow breathing but it doesn’t change what you’re doing – you had a plan and it was going to be exacted whether Namjoon liked it or not.

He looked up at you, his eyes darkened. You may have feared that look if you were the one in his position, but you weren’t tonight. “Princess, what are you doing?”

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I've played the game and loved it (that ending though! Sob) I'm an Ignoct fan and I love their bond but I DESPISED the Astrals. How they only helped Noctis so he could die, not doing anything to help. Just letting things happen. What I want is you to PLEASE do is to write Ignis being angered at the gods because he loves noct and challenging the gods. (He can just confront Gentiana.) you can write around the end of the arguement. I just wanna see what you'll do. Please and thank you!

Ooh, this is new. Let’s see, let’s see.

So a mention of Ignoct. Got it!

“You treat him as if he’s nothing more then a chess piece.” He shook his head. “No, a puppet, who’s strings are pulled by your hands. And for what? Death as his reward? The lives of his loved ones taken, separated from them in one form or another?”

Ignis took a firm step forward, causing the Glacian to take a step back.

“You say you want the light restored, to assist the ‘King Of Kings in reclaiming his throne’ but that is nothing but lies.” He never felt so much anger as he did that very moment, being talked down by this being as if he were a infant who could not understand anything.

“It is not a lie.” Gentiana said calmly, though her eyebrows furrowed in disapproval of his accusation. “It is the Chosen King’s destiny to banish the darkness and restore light, to save his people and land. We want nothing more then to help the young king take his rightful place.”


He shouted furiously.

“It has been preordained by the Draconian.” She repeated more firmly then before. “Your king was chosen for this task and must complete his destiny or all light is lost.”

“So you’ve said, many times.” Pinching the bridge of his nose, as if it would alleviate the frustration he felt.

“And I shall say it again, the Chosen King must restore the light, that is what he was destined to do.”

“I refuse to accept it.”

“Your approval does not matter.”

“You and the rest of the six have more then toyed with humanity over these many centuries, Noctis shall not suffer with the fate of cleaning up after YOUR mess.”

He could feel that the Glacian was starting to become irritated with him, but it didn’t matter, what she and what the rest of the Astrals wanted did not matter. He did not serve them.

He shook his head slowly, looking at her with defiance.

“I will not allow him to walk this path.”

She frowned at him. “You do not have a choice, you must follow the will of the gods.”

He didn’t give her time to react when he summoned his daggers and dashed up to her, aiming the end of one at her throat. This caused her to open her eyes wide and finally look directly into his.

“I. Will. Not. Let. You. Touch him.”

His words now spoken in a low voice, a tad deeper then his normal tone, his face blank but his eyes were telling.

“I serve only one.” He said as he slowly pushed the end of the blade against her skin, not yet drawing blood.

“I will follow the will of only one.” He felt the temperature drop as the Glacian began to feel threatened but he wasn’t fazed.

“I will not allow Noctis to bend to the whims of gods who shine, not with benevolence, but with arrogance that destroys innocent lives when they gaze upon you.” He spat at her venomously, then pressed the tip against her skin firmly enough that a drop of blood appeared. At that instant, his hand was covered in ice, but still he did not react.

“I will be the enemy you will wish you hadn’t made.”He pulled alway from her, dismissing his blades, he turned and began to calmly walk towards the door.

“You…” he turned his head a bit but didn’t stop.

“You, just one man, would fight against the gods, knowing you are fated to fail?” She touched the spot where he drew blood, never looking away from him.

“I will fight against the gods for one reason only.” As he passed the table, he raised his frozen hand and swiftly brought it down against the table’s surface, destroying the ice incasing it.

It was only then he turned back to her.

“To protect my future king and beloved, from all that may hurt him.”

Gentiana could not hold back the soft gasp as she watched as the young Advisor’s eyes seem to glow with an ethereal light.

“My duty is to Noctis.“He said firmly, leaving no room for doubt.

“And no one will stop me from accomplishing that.”

(Sooooo? Eh? Good?)

No longer romanced companions react to Sole saying "You'll never see our child again." Beginning to pack and plan to move out of the commonwealth.  (+ Maxson, Des, Glory, Synth!Codsworth)

Here ya go anon! Thanks for the ask! This one was tough. I adore these characters and break-up things are rough. BUT I do like that I can switch between different emotions on different asks.So this was definitely cool to do.  No specific order, use ctrl+s if you’re looking for a specific character. Enjoy! (or ya know, get the tissues out ;) ).

“I get that you don’t want me around anymore but now, more than ever, we gotta stick together. She is our child. She needs us both.” Sole shook their head. “I can’t have you around anymore Preston!” “First of all you’re a mother for god’s sake. Think of her. She loves us both, she is lucky enough to still have both of her parents alive. Second; you broke it off with me. You said we’d grown apart and that it was my fault. I know I spent too much time saving people in your opinion. I realise that I can’t ever convince you that I care more about you than the Minutemen. But you have to realise I care more about her than anything.” “You weren’t even there when she first said daddy. You wouldn’t even be there to protect her because you wouldn’t fucking know.” That hurt. A lot. “ That’s low. And you think I don’t care?! You’re the general of the Minutemen! You from all people should realise how important it is to help people!” “WE HAVE OTHER MEN!” Preston walked closer to Sole. “I love her more than my own life. I love her even more than you. I know I already lost you, but I won’t lose her. If you are going and you’re taking her, I’m going too. But it’s best for her if we learn to live in the same settlement with her. It’s safer for her, too.” Sole hated how level-headed he was, even now. How even now he didn’t get really angry with them. “However it pains me to say this.. you’re right.”


Codsworth felt frozen in place. No. Not again. “But… mum you… you can’t. You can’t seriously mean that!” “Watch me.” Sole angrily kept packing. Codsworth felt felt a mix between anger and sadness as heattempted to get to Sole.. “No matter what went wrong between us, I still respect you greatly but I simply cannot let you do this! Look at young Shaun, he already lost a parent. Surely you do not intend to inflict the same kind of loss on our son?” “Are you implying that that was my fault?” “No! Not at all. My apologies. I didn’t mean to…” “Save it, Codsworth. We’re done.” Codsworth was on the verge of tears, watching Sole pack. “ May I remind you that I once waited 210 years for your return? If you need to leave now I will remain waiting for you. But I refuse to let you take our child into that dangerous word! It is simply irresponsible. He is safer here, and I refuse to lose someone else I love. I can’t.” The hurt on his face was so obvious that Sole stopped packing and sat down on the bed, hands in their hair. “You won’t have to. But something has to change.”


“ Did you really just say… did they really just say that?! FUCK OFF SOLE!” “You’ll be happy know that that’s exactly what I am doing. And I am taking her!” “Like hell you are! She is my daughter!” “OUR daughter” “FINE! Not just yours! I am not letting you kidnap her!” “Seriously, kidnap?” “YES”
“She is my child!” “Ours, remember? And what kind of bullshit reasoning is that?” “I made my decision Glory.”
“Look, I know you don’t like me right now, and the feeling’s mutual. But she deserves both her parents there for her. And I am not letting you take her to the most dangerous place out there!” Sole rolled their eyes. “I’ve managed worse.” Suuure. Bigshot saviour. What if she gets killed when you’re trying to keep yourself from getting murdered for a couple of caps? What if you get overrun on the run with a child? She’s not going anywhere.” Sole sighed ‘Fine. We’re staying.” 

Scribe Haylen

“Oh you’re just gonna leave? Our son isn’t worth you talking this through for you?!” “We’ve done enough talking, this isn’t working anymore!” “But this isn’t just about us. We have a child together! I will not let you take him.” “ He’s better off with me.” “Based on what?!” “Because YOU follow orders blindly!” “Oh I do?! Did I almost kill Danse just cause of who he really was?!” “I WASN’T GOING TO.” “Easy to say that now!” “And this is exactly why I’m done talking.” Haylen sighed. “Look, I know you wouldn’t. You didn’t. I wouldn’t have told you where to find him if I thought you would go through with it. But this is about my son too. I have every right to see him. And travelling out of the commonwealth is completely mental.“ Haylen was reaching her breaking point, and Sole noticed. She didn’t deserve this. “I’m not taking him.” Thank you.” “But we need to figure out some sort of solution.”


” Ya can’t be serious.” “Oh, I am.” “You wanna take mi daughter away from me? It’s not enough that you’re leavin’ me?” “She’s better off with me anyway.” Then the one thing Sole didn’t expect happened; Cait broke down entirely. “Tell me why I’m so easy to give up and then maybe I can fix it.” That struck a cord. All that Cait went through with her family, all that happened to her when she was with slavers, she finally thought she managed to find something good. That she got what she never thought she would… and now it’d be yanked away from her again. “I let ya see who I really was and you said you didn’t care but you just leave me like everyone else. And you’re taking mi kid too. I tried so hard to get it right. Maybe mi parents were right, maybe I am nothin’.” Sole kneeled down in front of her and held her. “I’m not leaving. I’m not taking her. But I can’t be with you anymore. But that’s not just your fault.”

He didn’t immediately know how to repond. In moments like this, it seemed like words abandoned him entirely. He snapped out of it just in time to stop Sole from walking out of the dor. “Let me go, Danse.” “I’m afraid I can’t do that.” Sole shot him a venomous look. “You can if you want to.” “ I understand that you may be upset over my lack of communication skills. It can still be hard for me to express my feelings. But don’t mistake this for not caring about my son.” “I can’t go on like this Danse.” “I’m not just going to walk away, Sole.” “That’s fine… I am.” For a moment they just stared at each other, point blank, waiting for one of them to say something. “ When I said that I do not intend to walk away I did mean you too. You are the second most important person in  my life. i’m sure that I deserve your anger… but no matter how much you despise me, I will always be there to proect you. And our son. You can’t stop me from doing that. I know you think I still act too much like a soldier, but I love you. And if you are willing to, I want to repair whatever damage between us that I can.” “For us to do that, you first need to stop shutting me out.” “I can only do that if you stay.” “Fine. For now.”


“ Okay, if that’s the way you want to play it.” Hancock ran to the door, locked it and dropped the key into his pants. “Now, there are two ways for us to work it out. One of them includes taking off my pants. So, where were we?” “UGH , you’re such a CHILD! You can’t lock me in here forever.” “Sure I can love, and ya know what I’m the mayor and I can have you arrested for attempted kidnapping.” “That’s justice to you?!“  “Well last time I checked you do intend to kidnap our little girl. But hey, I would have our daughter come to visit you because one of us is a decent person! You want to take her away, even though you know damn well I’m a good dad. She won’t even go to sleep unless I read her a story.” “You can’t even stay off the jet for her.” “Actually I’ve seriously started using it less. You know why; I don’t need to get high anymore. I need you and her to be happy and that’s enough for me. Yeah, I still kick back and relax sometimes, something you never used to have issues with may I add. But never around her. Leavin’ is your choice. I can’t and won’t force ya to stay. But there is no way I’ll let you take her. But I have a hunch you’re not really ready to give up either.“


“But that’s not gonna happen.” “I am packing already. “ Des came to stand between the backpack and Sole. “I said; it’s not gonna happen. And you aren’t going anywhere. If I have to put a guard in front of your door 24/7 then that’s what I’ll do.” “I thought you were a freedom fighter.” “Yes, but I’m also a mother. And my child will get to know both of his parents. And I will tell you why; I’ve seen too many kids out there who lost a parent, who were abandoned or sold by their parents, and I will not let that happen to mine if I can help it. This isn’t just about you and me. It’s about the three of us now.” She took the stance that reminded Sole that she was more than just their ex, she was a leader. She could inspire people and make them see her side of the story. Nevertheless, she had a point. “That won’t be necessary. I overstepped my boundaries in threatening to take him away. I’m sorry Des.”


Curie was still relatively unfamiliar with the feeling of anger, but she definitely could identify this as being precisely that. “Non! I won’t let you. Zhat little human is my child too!” “You can’t protect her as well as I can.” “I could say zhe zhame zhing about you! You cannot cure any disease or heal her if she gets wounded! And iit is more dangerous zho take her out there!” “Curie, I can’t be here with you anymore.” “But why can’t she?!” “I can’t leave my daughter behind!” “So I have zho? She is safest with us both!”  “Do you have a better suggestion?” “Yes! I zho! We talk about this! We are both her parents. We owe zhis zho her.”  “I made my decision.” “ Just know you’ll have zho go zhrough me first if you want to zhake her away. She is safest here. She is happy here. And you want to zhake her happiness away?” She did have a point there. “No… of course not.”

Deacon grabbed Sole’s hand as a way to stop them from packing. “ This isn’t  funny anymore Sole.” Sole yanked back their hand while hissing “I’m not kidding, Deacon.” Sole walked to get some clothes out of the drawers. “I don’t need second-guessing from you.” “ Hey, I’m not being the kind of scumbag who’s begging to get his ass kicked, Sole!” “HAH! I’d love to watch you try.” “If you think I won’t fight to save my kid, you’ve got me all wrong. “ Sole shook their head. “Look, if you’re done with me, be my guest and leave. Forget about the good you could do for the railroad and just take off. But if you do that, you’ll have to leave her with me. Because the only way you’ll take her away from me is over my dead body. Comprende?” Sole kept going. “What happened to us? We used to be the murder bunnies, savin’ the commonwealth. “ Sole shook their head. Deacon tried to grab their hands again, this time with more success. “Sole… I can’t take not knowing if you’re alive. If she’s alive. And I don’t want my girl growing up without me to teach her all about disguises and sarcasm. Don’t do this.” Sole calmed down a bit. “Okay. I’m not taking her away.” “That’s all I’m asking for.” 

“It appears we’ve arrived at an impasse. I won’t allow you to take away my daughter but we cannot agree on how to raise her.” “I am serious. I’m leaving. And she’s coming with me.” “She’s not.” “You think she won’t choose to go with me? That she’ll choose for her rigid father instead?” “I love her.” “You’re not there for her.” “I am when I can be.” Maxson didn’t only have the best interests of his daughter in mind when he tried to reason Sole out of leaving. He realised they were a great asset tot he Brotherhood, and reminded them of their duties. “if you won’t stay for my sake, stay for your brothers and sisters.” “Oh, well obviously I quit. You really think I’m gonna take orders from you after this?” “May I remind you that you never have been exceptional at that, Sentinel?” he spat at them. “Riiight, cause I don’t do the dirty work for you without question.” “I am your superior.” “You’re barely even capable to keep yourself in check.” “That’s why I named you my second in command.” “Really, not just cause you’ve got a thing for Sentinels.” “Watch your step, Sentinel. I can make you fall just as fast as I raised you.” Sole squinted and stood right in front of them, locking eyes. “You didn’t raise me. If anything I raised the Brotherhood.” Maxson lost it, puchding the wall of the Prydwin and heaving. “Damnit Sole, I need you. And my daughter. You’re the things that keep me sane.” “Then change.”

“You were the one person in this world I could count on, and now you threaten to take away my boy?” “I’m doing what needs to be done.” “You’re just trying to get me where it hurts aren’t you?” Sole shook their head. “You’ve been threatening that if I didn’t change, you’d be gone. Well I’m makin’ it easy on you! I’m going instead.” “You are NOT taking him.” ‘I’m better at defending him!” “Like you defended your previous kid?!” That one was a slap in the face, well more like a wrecking ball in the face. Piper realised that was a low move. “Sorry Blue… that was uncalled for. “ “Save it Piper.” Sole just started to pack more angrily. “Well it’s important for me to see my son!” “OUR son!” Exactly. You have no right to take him away from me. I know you and many others  think I’m a bitch, but now I am a bitch for the sake of my family. You’re just proving how selfish you’ve become if you want to risk her getting killed over your pride.” “Fine.” 

Nick Valentine:
“ So that’s it, huh? You’re just gonna walk away from your problems?” “Ah, shows you’re a detective Nick. Great observation skills.” Sole continued to throw things into the suitcase. “How ‘bout we hear the real victim here out.” Valentine left the room. “NICK what the hell do you think you’re…!” Sole’s voice trailed off as he returned with their daughter. She looked scared. Sole kneeled to the toddler’s height and pulled her into a hug. “I’m so sorry. I’m not angry at you.” Sole hated Nick for bringing her into this. He looked back at Nick, who also knelt down. “Daddy, what’s going on.” “They want to take you on a trip. But then you won’t see daddy anymore.” The girl’s eyes grew wide in shock as they looked back at Sole. “No!” She started to cry and held Sole. “That’s low Nick. Dragging her into this.” “You did. Now you know why if she is going, I’m going. This isn’t just about us. Get over yourself and act like a damn parent.” Sole stroked the kid’s hair. “Shhh… he’s just joking. We’re not going anywhere.” However this method hurt Sole, they had to admit it was the perfect way to snap them out of this. Nick was right. This wasn’t just about their issues. 

“ Oh, cut the crap. We fight! It’s what we do when there’s a problem. You tell me when I’m being an arrogant son of a bitch and I tell you when you’re being a pain in the ass.“ “Ooh, watch the cursing MacCready.” “I’ve dealt with this crap for long enough, you are not taking her. It’s not too late for us to work this out, we’ve done it before. But I NEVER , EVER AGAIN, want to hear you say you’re gonna take away my kid.” “What if I do think it’s too late for us.” “Then think about her. She’s worth more than two fighting parents forcing her to choose betwene them. You know how much I care about you two. You know that I would do anything for her and Duncan. So you need to back off.” “She is my child too.” “And that’s why you have to stay. For her. I’ve done that journey and I know damn well that one person and a kid is a recipe for disaster. I’m not abandoning her… and neither are you.” Sole knew that no mater how much of a pain in the ass MacCready could be, he was a fantastic dad. “I hate it when you’re right.” 


“I can’t take this anymore. If you intend to do this, then you’re just going to have to take me with you.” “The whole point of me doing this is getting away from you. So give me one good reason why. “Because you are making these poor choices out of ignorance. I might have been unsure of having a child, but now I am a father she has become important to me. The institute used to be my life, now she is..” Sole threw him a venomous look. “You just want her so you can have the next heir tot he throne ready.” “You know that to be a lie. There are some things I won’t accept. Taking my daughter away is most certainly one of those things.” Sole continued packing. “ It would pain me to physically stop you from taking her, but know that I will if you force my hand.” “Is that a threat?” “Only if it proves to be necessary to save my daughter.” “Like I would hurt her.” “Making such a foolish decision would be equal to risking her life out of spite.” 

Good Morning

Okay as promised I said I would write a breakfast fic. I smooshed all of the requests into this one, so I hope you like it.

I’m sorry I didn’t get this out yesterday, but it was a pretty hectic day for me! I hope you still want to read it and still enjoy it. Its a nice, fluffly, happy little tale ;). Thanks! Love you! Always- J.

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