i wanna take you there

im sejun as your boyfriend

victon boyfriends 1/7 - dedicated to @smoltaek

a/n: i’ve had this lying around half-finished for like three weeks jksdhds i’m sorry also psa to all my wanna one followers s t a n v i c t o n 

  • listen this dude looks incredibly hot and has this kind of ‘unapproachable’ vibe going on but actually he’s the biggest dork you’ll ever meet
  • like seriously he is a mess save him
  • he just wants the best for everyone he loves so that includes you
  • let me tell you when sejun falls for someone he falls so hard he probably breaks a few bones in the process
  • he’s really shy about showing his affection towards you when you first start dating
  • like he is stuck in an eternal inner dilemma about whether or not he should hold your hand or kiss your cheek
  • tends to be self-conscious about his appearance when he’s around you
  • like he’ll be constantly fixing his hair even though it literally doesn’t need any fixing
  • when you try to compliment him in order to calm him down a little he turns he whole thing around
  • “sejun you can stop fixing your bangs all the time you look great”
  • “oh god what are you saying baby you’re the good looking one like how are you so pretty please tell me i don’t deserve you you angel”
  • he gets very soft when you call him handsome
  • he might even blush the tiniest bit
  • likes to squish your cheeks
  • cuddles with sejun are a must
  • like he’ll just not get tired of it and wrap himself around you any chance he gets
  • his thighs
  • like damn if sejun doesn’t have some of the nicest thighs you’ve seen in your days
  • you dare him to carry you and do a hundred squats like he did with byungchan and he does it no problem
  • will give you piggy-back rides whenever you want
  • ok so you know those classic american romance movies with couples sharing a strawberry milkshake in a cute little diner? that’s you and sejun
  • like you know he’s an airhead but he’s actually very romantic when it comes down to it
  • tries to make dates memorable and special every single time
  • gets nervous and frustrated when things don’t go exactly as planned because he just wants to have a good time with you
  • sometimes his insecurities shine through his bright and dorky exterior
  • so be prepared because then sejun sulks a lot
  • thinks he’s not good enough for you
  • it takes a lot of hugs, soft kisses and whispered words of appreciation from you to cheer him up again
  • kisses the top of your head as a thank you
  • when you get sleepy while watching a movie or when the two of you go stargazing sejun will pull you into his lap, rock you back and forth gently and sing you a soft lullaby with that marvelous voice of his
  • melts a little when you fall asleep in his arms
  • definitely the type to start crying when you fight with him
  • it’s not that he’s overly emotional but he just loves you so much and can’t live with the fact that you’re mad at him
  • he’s also highkey scared about you leaving him but honestly why would you
  • and of course you can’t stand seeing him like that so you just pull him close and apologize quietly
  • and he holds you so, so tight
  • y’all probably make out for a little while after that
  • and making out with sejun is really nice
  • i’ve seen some other blogs say that sejun is very sensual and hey i don’t disagree i mean have you seen him in the eyez eyez mv
  • kissing when you’re making out is most likely very deep and passionate with his hands firmly gripping your hips or slowly running up and down your sides
  • and his gaze when he pulls away is just so intense it’s rude tf
  • needs to have you close to him at night
  • even if it’s incredibly hot out and both of you refuse to sleep with the covers on you can be sure that he’ll be clinging onto your frame like a koala
  • at some point you’ll just shove him away because he’s sweaty and you’re sweaty and the situation is slowly becoming unbearable
  • will whine in his sleep and wrap his arms around you again in unconscious protest
  • also the type to knee you in the stomach three times throughout the night
  • congrats you have a very needy and hot boyfriend so please treat him right because he’ll stay loyal to you for all eternity and honestly he just treasures you more than anything else in his life give sejun a lot of love pls
"I wanna take it slow"

“I’m really, really sorry for kissing you that night. I shouldn’t have done it and i won’t do it again, i promise. You’re going to be 18 in a couple of weeks, but I won’t touch you unless you want me to, even if you’re 18. I don’t want to take advantage of you, i don’t wanna come off creepy or needy. I wanna take it slow. As slow as you’d like it to be, even if that means that I can’t hold your hand for another 6 months. I don’t care, okay? You’re unbelievably important to me and I don’t wanna lose you. I can wait, hell, I can wait until I’m 90 if it’s necessary. Take your time. Don’t feel ashamed to wait. You don’t need to do anything just because you think I’ll get mad if you don’t. Because I won’t. Don’t feel pressured, okay? Promise?”

anonymous asked:

Um..Hello! I was wondering if you use those 3d models that are in some programs to help draw poses and stuff?

Hello to you :)

I do not use thoseeee.  95% of the time I do not even use references either (and you can tell pfft) cuz I don’t wanna take the time to look something up lol. 

But I mostly do not use 3D models because:

1. I am too lazy to try and figure out how to use stuff that will actually help me

2. Going through the struggle of trying to figure it out myself helps me learn and remember better for later so I can draw the poses I want quicker. It forces my hand to remember the way I stroke. (..heh..)

Plus, when I go back and look at something and think…wow, I figured that out all by myself makes me feel good and want to strive more!…*then I look back later and it’s actually horrible LOL*

I am in NO WAY saying using 3D models and stuff is not good to use! Every artist learns and retains skills differently. I will sometimes google clothes or poses to get a rough idea and such and I do study a lot of other artists work. 

When someone posts an art piece ..I study that shit. I stare at it for a long time and see how their lines move so I can hopefully engrave it into my brain with hopes it goes into my hand.

In the end, I would rather have my art look a little off it looks a lot off sometimes too lol and know that in the big picture I am in my own personal process of learning then to have a nicer piece that will not fully help with my learning.

God I hope that doesn’t sound like i’m bashing artists that use 3D models cuz I’m not TAT. This is just my own personal way of learning!

I hope that makes sense and doesn’t make me sound like a dick. lmao


random bromance moments for anon ☆

sooooo i found out that in the original version of A Link to the Past, Link has pink hair??? 

also my gf said that link is a nonbinary icon so thats just true


mmo boys interactions for anon ✩

Autumn ride together 🍂 Where are they going? 🍁

I'm On My Knee

Hi babes! This is a marshmallow-soft story about the reader and Tom having a special inside joke. That inside joke being Tom dramatically falling down onto one knee to tease her after she accidentally tells him that it’s always been how she wants to get proposed to. The inside joke makes the both of them think a lot about their future and cuteness ensues! I hope that you like it!

Side note: The film was everything I wanted it to be and more? It owns my entire heart? The cast did so well and I’m so happy for all of them and my heart is just overflowing with love and I’m going to see the film again tomorrow!

I’m On My Knee

“He makes me want to wear a white dress and walk down the aisle.” She murmured to her boyfriend, utterly and completely inebriated. “I want to learn how to cook so he can always come home to a hot meal. He makes me want to learn more so that I’ll always have new things to talk to him about, and he makes me want to take care of myself so that I can look good for him. I wanna read every book on the planet earth and watch every film, just so I have stories to tell him before we go to sleep. But, mostly, he makes me wanna wear a white dress and walk down the aisle.”

    Tom smiled, securing a strong arm around her waist before she had the opportunity to slip from the barstool she was trying to twirl on. Holding her still, he questioned, “anything else you want, darling?”

    Lurching forward, she twined her arms around his neck and moved to perch on his knee. She shoved her face into Tom’s neck and breathed in deeply, dragging her hands across the expanse of her boyfriend’s chest. He smelled of french cologne, the fabric of his shirt felt soft beneath her cheek, and she was so close to him that she could count the beats of his heart. “I love you.”

    Supporting her frame, Tom kissed the top of her head, “I love you more.” She sighed into his chest and Tom helped her to her feet, making sure that he still had her locked in his arms. “Let’s get you home now, drunky.”

“I want him on his knee like in the old films,” she added before she allowed Tom to guide her to their parked car.

    Truly, Tom felt the same way about her, but there was no way that he wouldn’t tease her about her intoxicated confession every chance he got. He’d been dreaming about how beautiful she’d look walking down the aisle to meet him since their third date and it comforted him that she seemed to feel the same way.

    She knew that she had majorly screwed up the next morning when Tom dropped down onto one knee, offering her a bottle of advil and a glass of water to soothe the pounding in her head that refused to be ignored.

    “On my knee, baby, just how you wanted!” Tom smiled, his curls flopping down in his eyes in the most endearing of ways. She hated that he looked so cute while he was so successfully embarrassing her.

    Groaning, she brought her hands up to cover her face, “Tom, stop! I told you that I was just drunk. Let it go!” She pleaded, blush spreading as far as the tips of her ears.

    Her boyfriend feigned hurt feelings, “well, if you were truly joking, guess I’m out of here. Gotta go get me a girl who’s in it for the long haul.” Tom joked as he moved to walk out the door.

    “Tom,” she whined before rushing forward to keep him in place with a hug. “Stop being so dumb and help me make pancakes. You flip them better than I do.”

    Smiling down at her, Tom took of her hands within his own and pressed a kiss to her knuckles, “One day, I’ll be way more than just your boyfriend who flips pancakes better than you do. One day, I’ll be your husband who flips pancakes better than you do.” Tom laughed, picking her up to spin her around the kitchen.

    She was happy that Tom was focused on not dropping her or running into anything because she was even pinker than she’d thought previously possible and she was positive that the smile on her face was so huge that her face would crack into halves. It didn’t matter that she didn’t have the greatest job, it didn’t matter that she was absolute shit at math, in fact, she couldn’t think of anything that mattered to her more than what Tom had just said. He was planning on a future with her and she was so elated that she spent the entire rest of her week floating from place to place on a bed made of cotton candy clouds.

    The next time Tom dropped to one knee for her, it was in the flower shop while she was sifting through bins of tulip bouquets for their friend’s dinner party. “Because I love you,” Tom said, holding out a bundle of daisies.

    Rolling her eyes, she took the flowers and bent forward to kiss Tom tenderly on the mouth. “Because I love you,” she repeated back to him before taking both bouquets to the register while Tom struggled to free his wallet before she could pay for her daisies.

    The time after that, Tom fell to one knee when she had come home with smudged mascara and tears dripping from the corners of her eyes. Hurrying off the couch, he dropped to one knee in front of her, pulling her to perch softly onto his popped knee. “What’s the matter darling?”

    Shrugging her shoulders, her lower lip trembled and she merely hid her face in Tom’s neck.  Stroking her hair and mumbling the words to ‘Moon River’ into her ears, Tom waited for her to tell him what was upsetting her. He did his best to search his mind for anything he could’ve done, anything her friend’s could’ve done, anything at home that could have upset her and came back with nothing. Tom briefly had a fleeting feeling that he was failing as her husband until it clicked in his brain that he hadn’t ever gotten down on one knee before her to present her with an actual ring.

    That night, while she snuggled into the crook of his arm, her face hidden so close to his neck that Tom could feel her lips press into his skin, he looked up some photos of rings. Each time Tom found a particularly nice ring, he’d zoom in and envision it on her lovely hands. Looking down at her hand that was loosely curled around his waist, he murmured to her sleeping form, “nobody, not even the rain,has such small hands.” His girl had been on an E.E. Cummings kick and clearly the poetry she read aloud to him had rubbed off on Tom.

    Placing his phone back into it’s charging station on their nightable, Tom laid down and  made sure to lace his fingers through her own before he shut eyes to sleep, agreeing with E. E. Cummings  that nobody had such small hands. Such small hands that a glittering ring would only compliment.

    The next weekend, as she and Tom strolled through the supermarket to grab some fresh vegetables and fruit, and maybe a loaf of bread to go along with dinner, Tom spotted the baked goods aisle. Getting completely sidetracked, Tom stood staring at the pastries while she carried on in search of the produce section. Glancing at her retreating figure and then back at the deserts, Tom grabbed an armful of cookies, cinnamon rolls and cupcakes before hurrying after her.

    Her eyes widened when she saw her boyfriend nearly skipping towards her, arms overflowing with pastries. “Tom,” she started, cocking her hip and raising her brows, “that is ridiculous. Pick one thing, we already have too many snacks as it is!”

    “No, no, darling, you don’t get it. We’d leave the cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and we could eat the cookies as a snack, and then the cupcakes could be after dinner.” Tom tried to ration.

    “Tom, I’ll eat them all and then get bigger and you know I’m trying to look good this summer!” She whined, shaking her head and silently pleading for Tom to at least put one of the items he was holding back.

    Shuffling the food around in his arms, Tom attempted to clutch all the food with only one hand. Gently moving her hair away from her eyes, Tom kissed her temple. “Darling, you know that you’re perfect. There’s nothing wrong with how you look, and nothing would be wrong with how you look even if you decided to inhale the entire pastry department on your own. I love the way you think, how kind you are to others, and you’re one of the smartest and least arrogant people that I know! I love you for your heart, and your brain. I thank the universe every night for your lungs and your kidneys, because they make you. You’re sweet-ass body just happens a perk of loving you.”

    Tom kissed her one last time before dropping down onto one knee before her, “c’mon angel, please?” He asked one last time.

    Rolling her eyes at her boyfriend’s cheesiness, she placed the cupcakes and the cinnamon rolls in her basket before leading Tom over to the fruit and asking him to pick out the crunchiest apples for their salad.

    When Tom fell to one knee again, it was after she had gone shopping with her friends and was currently modeling her new purchases at his request. She had exited the bathroom in which she was changing in, wearing an extremely short, white dress that left very little, if anything to Tom’s imagination. The dress was littered with small, red roses and had straps that were tied into a bow. As she twirled for him, Tom could see that the straps were the only thing holding her new dress together and by the time that she’d stopped her spinning, Tom was on one knee.

    “Should I take this off myself or do you wanna get up off the floor and help me?” She giggled, toying with the bow sitting atop her shoulder blade.

    As Tom carefully untied her dress and watched it fall to the ground, he muttered, “pretty ring would go nice with the roses.”

    She could barely hear what Tom had said, let alone comprehend it, as he began to pepper her exposed body with warm kisses. Stuttering out an barely audible, “uh-huh,” as Tom mouthed over the sensitive spot she had just beneath her ear.

    As time went on, “I’m on my knee,” became a phrase that she would hear from Tom almost as frequently as he said “I love you.” He’d drop to his knee in public, private, essentially everywhere they went. She was nearly convinced that Tom on his knee wouldn’t ever mean anything other than their inside joke, but little did she know how Tom feeling.

    Each time he dropped down onto one knee before her, it always made him long to obtain a ring to present her with. Considering that he was on his knee for her essentially everyday now, so much so that even the press was completely desensitized to photos of Tom on his knee before his girl, he was legitimately out and about looking for rings.

    He’d recruited his mother to assist with the search, begged Harrison, Jacob, his brothers, his father, and even her mother to help him with the search, but none of them could find a ring that Tom felt was worthy of her hands. Each time someone would send him a photo of a ring that left Tom dissatisfied, which was often, he’d simply send back the verse from ‘Somewhere I Have Never Traveled, Gladly Beyond,’ regarding the smallest of hands. At this point, nobody was sure what he meant. Once Harrison had tried to clarify what exactly the rain having tiny hands had to do with the ring search, but he came back describing a look of genuine craziness in his best mate’s eyes and decided to drop it.

    It was only after Tom had wandering into an antique shop with his mother that he found something perfect for her. The wedding ring was vintage and even came with an engagement ring, and after Tom had spent countless hours on the weekend thrifting and wandering in an out of hidden gem shops with his girl, he knew that she’d love it.

    Tom could only hide the ring for about a week. He was utter and complete shit at hiding things, especially from her, and the ring felt as if it was burning a hole through his pocket. He couldn’t wait to let the whole world know that she was going to his forever and he’d be hers for just as long. Tom just needed to create the perfect moment.

    Luckily for him, the perfect moment came the very next morning. Tom trailed behind her, kissing the back of her neck softly as she laughed and threaded her fingers up through his curls. They were deep within the poetry section of the most massive library Tom had ever seen and when she reached up to grab a novel, Tom felt as if the wind got knocked out of him. In her hands sat a copy of E. E. Cummings collected poems and while she sifted through the pages, Tom prayed inwardly to the universe for her to read the poem that he knew was destined to be hers.

    Not allowing her time to chose a poem, Tom dropped down to one knee while her back was still turned on him. Digging the ring out from the confines of his pocket, he could only get the last few lines of the poem out. “I do not know what it is about you that closes and opens; only something in me understands the voice in your eyes is deeper than all roses.”

    As Tom neared the end of the poem, she turned and opened her mouth to say the last verse with him. “Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.” She smiled, completely prepared to meet Tom’s eyes as she finally faced him.

    At first, the only thing her mind could register was that her boyfriend was on his knee, as always. It took her a second to take in the ring that glittered off of the library’s bright ceiling chandelier. Pressing a hand over her lips, she struggled to breath, her small hands gripping the open poetry book in her hands. “Do you mean it, Tom?” She questioned, her eyes flicking down to the ring he was presenting her with.

    His eyes were glassy in the light, and Tom smiled, “course I do, darling. I’m on my knee after all.”


i know you probably wanted naegi to be badass also, but i couldn’t get this image out of the brain, so, here u go my fella~