i wanna steal this so badly

I'm getting tired.

I’m so fucking tired of people saying that we should share our culture.

Tired of people claiming to be us but they are so white washed (not even their skin tone) that they think everything a white person does to appropriate us is okay.

I’m tired of all the racist anon hate because people don’t understand why we have this blog.

Tired of pretendians claiming there is nothing wrong with people stealing our culture. The one we were murdered for practicing! The one we were fucking stolen from and put into fucking schools. The culture we couldn’t practice for fucking years because of people but it’s okay for others to practice our culture right?

I’m tired of people using our terms and pretendians tell us we’re stupid for being upset about it.

I’m tired of Pretendians.

Y'all wanna be us so badly but can’t even pronounce our names correctly.

Y'all wanna be us but never speak out on our problems. As an urban native I speak out on what I can without silencing the voices of my brothers and sisters on the Rez.

If y'all have a problem with our blog and what it stands for please fuck off. I’m so tired of the internal racism between our own people, and everyone. I’m so tired.

Mod L.