i wanna steal that shirt from him

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Ok but I really enjoy the idea of Peter stealing clothing?? Like a jacket from Ned here, a hoodie dress from MJ there, and maybe even shirts from Tony? Like he doesn't give a fuck as long as it's comfy.

one day aunt may and peter are watching tv and may pulls a blanket over herself

“god, i just love this blanket. it’s so soft. i love soft things.”

peter side eyes her, and gets a devious smile on his face. “wanna see something cool?” he says.

the look on his face is weird and may suddenly gets a feeling of unease. “um…. sure?”

peter gets up and gestures for her to follow him, and now she’s even more concerned. he walks into his room and opens his closet, pulls out a stepping stool so he can reach the top shelf, and he pulls out a large beat up cardboard box that appears to be overflowing with clothing. she gets a closer look to see loads of hoodies, shirts, sweaters, jackets, pants, scarves, socks, gloves, mittens, earmuffs, even blankets and one pillow.

peter smiles, gazing at the box of items fondly. “i take soft things from people and put them here. they’re all so soft, may. i’m like a dragon but instead of collecting gold i collect all the soft stuff. this is my treasure.”

“peter, what the actual fuck.”

Troubled Theo [Theo Raeken x Reader]

AN: Hey, guys. Sooooo, I caught up on Teen Wolf and weeeeelll, Theo caught my eye and this happened. I will probably do more of Theo because he is just precious. And an asshole. What is it with me and hot af jerks, ughh!

Anyway, those waiting for Eric, be not afraid. I wont be abandoning him, I’m just a bit distracted. Because, goddamn, THEO, YOUR HAIR IS MY LYFE!!!

Summary: You caught sight of Theo coming out of the animal clinic late one night and decided to investigate, only to find out that he is practically homeless and sleeping in his truck. Oh, and something is obviously bothering him.

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You were just rounding the corner by the animal clinic when the sound of metal grating made you stop. You frowned, your curiosity climbing.

“Who’s at the clinic this late at night?” You wondered

It couldn’t be Scott or one of the Pack since you was just coming back from meeting them. And so, despite your better judgement, you parked your bike and waited.

And waited.

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Hi, do you know the fic where Stiles somehow ends up at a secret summer camp for werewolves but doesn't know obvi, and talia places him in a cabin far away from everyone so he doesn't find out and it's with derek. I think he ends up being dereks mate but dereks super mean to him and secretly steals his shirt? Thankyou and sorry that's all I remember 😂

@mis15o found this one for you!

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wanna wanna wolf by bleep0bleep

(1/1 I 3,893 I Teen I Sterek)

The boy looks like a dream, the way the sunlight streams through the open door, lighting up his silhouette as he strides into the cabin.
If Stiles didn’t already know he was bisexual he definitely would know now.
He closes his mouth. “Okay, dad, I changed my mind, I’ll stay for the summer,” he says hastily, and hangs up the phone.

“Whoa, look at how huge the bear is!” A little boy shouted, pointing to the bear lazily walking to drink water.

“It’s fat!” Tae said to the child, standing next to him and pointing as well.

“Tae..” You said lowly so only he could hear, pulling him by his shirt away from the boy.

“(Y/N),” He pouted, “Why are you taking me away from the children?”

“Because to their parents, I’m sure it seems like something else. Just keep it to a minimum,” You sheepishly told him.

“How is it weird?” He whined, “I just wanna talk to them—it’s not like I’m gonna steal them.”

“Their parents have different ideas,” You gently took him away, “How would you react if a twenty year old man walked up to him and tried to talk to him?”

“Take my children away.” He said blankly looking in front of him, “Take them to you.”

“Me?” You pointed to yourself, holding his hand.

“Of course, (Y/N)! Why wouldn’t I take them to their mother?”

“More than one?” You scoffed, “Hm, I don’t know about that Tae.”

“It’s fine, jagi.” He smiled, “They’ll be two years, and seven months.”

“When do you want them?” You asked, swinging your arms back and forth.

“In about ten years,”

“Yah, you think we’ll be married by then?” You scratched your head.

“I won’t have a baby without being married to you—so yes.” He nodded proudly, “You’ll see; one day.”

“Don’t mess with me,” You pushed his shoulder.

“I’m not.” He put his arm around you, pulling you closer. “Even if it is a little over a year that we’ve been together, I can see it happening.”

“Why?” You looked up at him.

He cleared his throat, “W-Well, I always wanted to marry my first love and be with her forever.” He stated, getting a bit pale after. “I love you..”

You would joke around, saying I love you when you accidentally hurt each other while wrestling or something—but never serious. This was the first I love you.. “I love you, too.” You hugged him.


“Yes.” You nodded, smiling like an idiot at his baffled facial expression.

“So this means we’ll be together forever, get married, and have as many children as your body will let you!” He said loudly, making people turn around.

“Huh?” You furrowed your eyebrows, “As many as my body will let me?”

“Yeah!” He excitedly held you, “We’ll try for a baby all the time, and see if you get pregnant.”

“What do you mean by that?” You worriedly asked, being dragged to the map on a big board.

“That we’ll have sex without condoms, and I—you know—in you.” He cleaned up his language, seeing parents next to us with their children.

“Why are you so eager to have children?”

Tae was looking for something on the map, “Why do you ask so many questions?”

“Yah!” You punched his arm.

“Come on,” He intertwined your fingers together, taking you somewhere.

“Tae, I’m not sure if I want to end up with twenty kids.” You joked.

“Well, if your body wants~”

“Wow, look at the monkeys.” You said, watching them run around and swing on branches.

“Looks like you,” He poked your cheek.

“You look like that one then,” You pointed to the one running after the one he said you looked like with its arms up.

“Okay.” He began running exactly like it, going behind you and bumping you. You started blushing when people stared, “Lighten up,” He laughed, kissing your lips kindly. “Now, let’s continue out journey.” He announced, holding his finger up. You went through crowds, pulling Tae away from multiple toddlers—reminding him about your future children interacting with strangers. “Can’t I just ask?”

“If you really want to,” You shrugged.

“Excuse me,” He said to a young couple, pushing a stroller with an infant. “May I hug your son?” He pointed to the little boy balancing on the edge of some wood.

“Sure?” The woman said, confused on to why he would want to.

“Ah, thank you!” He bowed, running to the kid.

“I’m sorry..” You apologized for your boyfriend’s actions, “He really loves children.”

“I can see,” She giggled, watching the boy laugh at Tae’s expressions and jokes.

Your heart warmed up as you saw him make the boy laugh so easily, and make him instantly fall in love with him. “I’m a lion.” He touched his chest, “She’s a lioness.” He pointed at you, “We’re going to see them right now.”

Shaking your head, you crossed your arms against your chest smiling at your weirdo. “Should we head home?” The man asked the woman.

“I think we should. We’ve been here all day, and it’s getting darker and cooler.” She pulled a blanket over the baby, kissing her head lightly.

“May I see your baby?” You reluctantly asked, watching as she rubbed her eyes waking up from the kiss. The mother nodded, breathing a laugh as she watched you and Tae with her children. “Hi~” You cooed, making little noises as you jiggled her cheek. She responded with a gummy smile, and held your finger tightly.

“How old are they?” Tae asked, carrying the boy over to his father.

“My daughter is three months, and he’s three years.” The father answered, taking the boy from his arms.

“Cool! (Y/N)-ah, does she still smell new?” He asked, squatting down next to you. “She does!” He laughed, holding her hand. “Hello, I’m Tae~” He introduced himself, playing with her gently—making sure not to hurt her.

“She’s beautiful.” You complimented, wiggling your finger out of her grasp.

“I’m jealous..” Tae murmured, pinching her cheek. “Look at how adorable she is—like an angel. Why can’t we have a baby yet, (Y/N)?” He complained rather loudly.

“Thank you for the compliment,” The woman laughed lightly.

“You can always try to have one—that’s the best part.” The man winked at Tae as you two stood up.

Tae’s eyes filled with a devilish glare, “We’ve been married for a year now.” He said, holding your waist.

“Wow,” The woman whistled, “You two are so young.”

“We get that a lot—don’t we yeobo?”

“Why yes, we do.” You wrapped your arm around his waist as well playing on.

“Don’t you agree it’s about time we have one?” He asked the couple.

“If you two agree on it,”

“What do you say?” He looked down at you.

“Why not?” You slightly laughed.

“Well, we should head home now then.” Tae kidded, “You have a beautiful family, sir. Thank you for letting us be with your children,” He waved.

“Bye.” With that, they left.

“Why’d you do that?” You put your head on his chest.

“I wanted to be funny,” He shrugged, “Let’s go see the lions now.” He held your hand again, walking the path you were before the distraction of the family. Soon enough, you got to them and Tae ran. “Look, (Y/N)! They have a lion and a lioness!” You walked over calmly, watching him jump in excitement as they licked each other’s ears. “It looks like he’s really enjoying her cleaning out his ears,” He chuckled, watching the lion’s head tilt and his eyes close.

“She doesn’t mind doing it either,” You added, watching the lioness lick his ear slowly with her eyes closed as well.

“Wow, look at that.” He leaned in, eyes filled with childlike wonder. “He’s licking her ears now; they take care of each other—isn’t that odd? It’s like a human relationship,”

“I don’t lick your ears,”

“Why do you joke so much,” He laughed, poking your head. “I meant that they take care of each other.”

“I know, I just wanted to be funny.”

“Yah, jagi! They’re looking at us!” He said, his rectangular smile forming as he turned to you. “That means your my lioness—the queen.” He pulled you into a tight embrace as you continued watching them. They stared back, but the lioness put her head on the lion’s shoulder. “They know..” He whispered.

markhyuck couple!au (pt.2)

part 2 heh (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

-part one is here: ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)


-not secretly actually

-he goes INSANE with holidays and anniversaries

-he pretends he doesnt care about anything bUT HOLIDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES WOWEE BOI

-he’s like that angry mom yelling at her children to hurry up when relatives are coming over

-except with nct dream

-birthdays are EXTREMELY important to him

-he threw mark a surprise party once and jisung worked so hard, he fell asleep halfway through the party

-but to be fair, hae was SO strict






-jaemin only sassed him to make hae say that but nO ONE TELL HIM

-when mark found out about the surprise party he started tearing up and was like “fuk my heart i love everybody so much”

-he asked who organized it but hae stopped everybody from responding by screaming “EVERYBODY”

-mark knew it was hae tho so he makes sure to give hae extra kisses when nobody is watching ♡

-i explained last time that they like cuddling but i didnt go in depth with it


-so hae’s always the smaller spoon, i said that last time

-he couldlve easily been the bigger spoon (theyre like the same height lmao) but he likes being the smaller spoon bc he really likes the warm and safe feeling he gets in his chest when mark hugs him close

-before they dated, hae always crawled into mark’s bed in the middle of the night if he couldnt sleep bc he was scared or worried about something

-mark let hae sleep beside him and wouldnt ever push hae to talk about something he didnt want to

-after going to him in the middle of the night so many times, he just began to saw mark as this safe haven he can always go to

-so whenever hae has a problem or is vvvv distressed, he always goes to mark

-but mark ends up always going to him bc he just knows when hae needs him

-they can communicate silently it’s tERRIFYING

-ok back to cuddling

-they cuddle whenever theyre together and alone (hae hates skinship, i said it last time)

-sometimes theyll watch like videos together in mark’s bed and theyll be cuddling

-and hae falls asleep or somethin

-mark really likes hugging him when he’s asleep bc hae becomes a big, warm teddy bear

-they probably go on pokemon go dates

-theyre EXTREMELY competitive when it comes to pokemon go


-mark usually laughs and shoves him and says “shut up” but boy

-he straight up screamed “FUCK YOU KIM DONGHYUCK IM LEAVING YOU” and ran away with his phone in his hand, desperately searching for farfetch’d

-he ended up falling over so hae tsked and promised he’d help him find one

-i STRONGLY STRONGLY think that mark babies the dream team a lot

-but sometimes he just needs someone to baby him ya feel??

-hae 10000000% babies him

-he makes sure that mark’s dresses appropriately for outside and sasses him if he doesnt

-”bitch ur wearing a sweater and it’s 30 degrees outside do you wanna fight me or smth”

-”lol fuk u hae” -mark, as he changes into a t-shirt


-he likes booping hae’s nose bc hae gets really mad

-BUT it looks like a lil kid getting mad bc they didnt get candy oMG!!!!

-hae probably gets jealous when mark gets shipped with another member

-”how dare u get shipped with MY boyfriend!! do our fans not see how PERFECT i am with him they can fiGHT ME!!!!”

-they probably recommeend music to each other

-mark NEVER gets jealous

-they probably do that thing where they try to steal things from each other

-like, mark will have his phone in his hand and hae will snATCH THAT SHIT

-and then mark will try to snatch it back and if he cant, he’ll like, grab hae’s phone

-they have each other’s phone for the rest of the day bc theyre too stubborn to return them

-mark probably texts stuff like ‘hey me hehehehehEHEHEHEHE’ and hae tells him to shut up

-sometimes theyll text from different rooms instead of talking face to face and when they do, theyll ocassionally yell out “SHUT UP” or “FUCK OFF” at each other

-sometimes they just fling pillows instead of screaming

-someone can ask them ANYTHING about the other and they already know the answer

-”oh hey mark do you know where hae is?”

-“lol no”

-“oh i was just gonna ask him what he wanted from starbucks”

-”venti caramel frap with a double shot of espresso and mint”

-”… ok”

-hae probably ‘borrows’ a lot of stuff from mark too

-he’ll see mark wearing a zipup hoodie one day and be like “omg can i wear that”

-mark’s just like “uh lol ok idc”

-he never gets the hoodie back

-they have a lot of inside jokes when each other and when they see something that reminds them of a certain inside joke, they look at each other IMMEDIATELY and burst out laughing

-if they ever get a dog together, theyll fight over who has to walk it

-”hae walk the dog”




-they end up walking it together

-like always

-tl;dr, still the dorkiest couple ever ♡

Jongin - Regret

why is he so sexy

Request, done! I originally planned it to be short and fluffy but heh, 

I hope you’ll like it…

I found him sitting down with Kris and some sophomores. Heseems to be having a great time with them. I sighed at that thought.

I was looking at my ex-boyfriend, Luhan. We broke up twoweeks ago when he accused me of cheating on him with Jongin, my best friend. I didn’t, and have never even looked at Jongin like that, for goodness’ sake! I have treated Jongin as a brother from another mother (but not with the same dad, please) and I don’t think anything can change that.

Jongin pokes my arm when he catches me looking at Luhan. “Hey, we’ve already agreed that—“

“No more looking at Luhan.” We both said in unison. “Yeah, Jongin. I get it, but really, I can’t help it either. I mean, we’ve been together for almost a year now. It’s not that easy to forget about him.” I whined at Jongin who was now shaking his head.

“I’ll make you forget, then.”

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Chilly Warmth; Jimin (M)

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(#1; 12 days of Christmas)

a/n: since christmas is here, i’ll be doing a 12 days of christmas in which i’ll post something up everyday from 25/12 to 02/01 :) hope you enjoy these before my updates become slow since school is starting^^ merry christmas!

genre: scenario; fluff, smut
word count: 1000+

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Guitarists (Michael Clifford)

REQUEST: Michael finding out that yn can play guitar and he gets a little turned on by it and they have sex or something. Idc just something where Michael says “you’re pretty good with that guitar.. what else can you do with your hands?”

Word Count: 1087

Rating: Not too bad, pretty vanilla

A/N: Hope you guys like it! - L

You loved the summer. The warm weather, the cold drinks, and having your boyfriend, Michael walking around most of the time without a shirt was always a plus. You were hanging out at his house, despite him being busy writing. You sat on the edge of the pool in his backyard, dangling your feet in the freezing water. You admired the beautiful day but quickly became bored and wondered what you’d be able to do without getting separated from the pool. You spotted Michael’s acoustic guitar resting on one of the lounges that was placed nearby the pool. You quickly ran over, snatching it before re-positioning yourself how you were before, except now with the guitar.

You hadn’t played for a few years but after messing around with a few chords, your fingers effortlessly played Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty while taking in the weather around you. You hummed along as you concentrated on remembering it. When you finished, you messed around with a few more melodies, trying to remember more.

“What other songs can you play?” A voice asked. You jumped, caught off guard as you turned and saw Michael (once again without a shirt,) leaning against the door frame from the house.

“I’m trying to remember.” You laughed, tucking a hair behind your ear before setting the guitar beside you. “And don’t scare me like that again unless you want your guitar getting a bit of a wash.” You joked, getting up and taking the guitar by it’s neck, placing it back on the lounge.

“What boggles my mind is the fact that my girlfriend didn’t tell her guitarist boyfriend that she could play.” He wondered, crossing his arms as you walked back up to him.

“I didn’t wanna steal your thunder.” You teased, ducking under where his arm was propped up, walking into the kitchen. You walked to the counter, opening the cupboard to get a cup.

“But look what you did, surprising me like that…” He whined. As you went to turn around, Michael pressed himself against you, his hands holding the counter and trapping you. You felt something digging into your back and couldn’t help but laugh a bit.

“Michael, is there anything that doesn’t turn you on?” You joked, squeezing around to face him again. You saw his face twist at the friction and tried containing your laughter.

“That’s not the point. The point is I have a problem that needs to be taken care of and I have a few ideas of what else I’d like seeing you do with those hands.” He smirked. He grabbed your smaller hands, interlocking his fingers in between yours.

You rolled your eyes jokingly as you moved around. Michael’s grip was a lot less stronger than before so you pulled away from your previous spot, dropping one of his hands and dragging him towards his living room. You pushed him to sit down on the couch before sitting on his lap, straddling him. You gently rocked your hips against him as you connected your lips to his. The kiss was heated but still delicate.

You wiggled around, moving so you weren’t sitting on Michael’s crotch. Your hands went to his waistband but he started making disapproving sounds, pulling away. His hands went to the bottom of your shirt, tearing it off before struggling to do the same with your shorts. He nodded, indicating you could get on with your original plans and you chuckled, wiggling his sweatpants off, his boxers coming off too.

You started kissing his neck as your hand delicately grazed him. You felt him shiver under your touch, causing you to smirk. You brought your other hand to him, covering him with both of your hands. You brushed over his tip with your thumb, wiping off a bit of pre-cum before bringing your thumb to your mouth and licking it off. He stared at you, lustfully as you brought your hand back down and started stroking him. Your other hand went to his balls, playing with them. You jacked him off faster, moans escaping his mouth as he throbbed in your hand. You continued at the same pace as you maneuvered off of him, getting on your knees. He let out a long moan as he released, painting your chest with his cum.

You squealed as Michael grabbed your waist, throwing you onto your back on the couch before climbing over you. He brought his lips back to yours, his hands travelling around to your back and unclasping your bra before chucking it at the floor. He hooked his fingers into your panties, throwing them somewhere else as well. He grabbed his dick, pumping it a few times before positioning himself over you. He shot you a questioning glance, making sure you were ready, to which you nodded in response.

He pushed himself into you, causing you to let out a shaky breath. He stayed there for a bit, whispering sweet nothings in your ear as you adjusted to his size.

“You’re so tight.” Michael breathed out as he started up his pace. “You’re so sexy babe. Let it all out.” He encouraged as you bit your lip, trying to hold in your moans. Michael kissed you, causing you to moan into his mouth. He deepened the kiss, smirking proudly at your reaction to him.

His pace slowed down slightly as he throbbed inside of you. You clenched around him as a familiar feeling started taking over. You moaned out, grabbing Michael’s hair as you rode out your high, Michael’s not being too far behind. Michael hovered over you for a few minutes as you both regained your breath before he collapsed beside you, almost squishing you.

He cuddled into your side as you two stayed quiet for a few minutes before an idea popped into your head. You jumped up, grabbing the throw blanket on the couch and quickly covering yourself before running back outside. Michael was yelling, asking where you left to but you knew his lazy self would still be in the same position as he was a few seconds before on the couch. You grabbed his guitar again before running back inside and sitting on the floor across from him.

“What are you doing?” He asked, raising his eyebrow suspiciously.

“Guitars, boobs and me; Your three favorites.” You winked, shrugging the blanket off your top half. He lazily smiled, propping himself against the arm of the couch and crossing his arms.

“And you wonder why I get turned on so easily.” He joked, biting his lip as he watched you play more songs you somehow remembered.