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Hey FYI that "virus" post is way out of date and spreading it around is just causing panic for no reason over adware that is 3+ years old. Might wanna clarify that with your followers and start checking the original date on posts like that bc there's other old malware "PSA" posts that keep making the rounds including one on a virus that's been shut down for years. As a popular blog I highly recommend you factcheck before reblogging PSA stuff since so many people will see it from you.

Oh ok lol idk these this xD

The Return of the Gobblewonker


Fluffstravaganza commission for @transbirdetta who tumblr won’t let me tag. They wanted some Stan and Dipper bonding fluff. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks as always to @thesnadger for beta-ing, although I feel the need to point out that I came up with a pun in this story All By Myself.


Stan froze at the bottom of the stairs, one hand tightening instinctively around his coffee mug and the other curling into a fist. He cursed inwardly. Which one of them had raised the dead this time? One of the nerds most likely, although he wouldn’t entirely put it past Mabel to do it as an excuse for family bonding.

All right. He’d done this before. Admittedly, he hadn’t been in his underwear then, but there was nothing to be done about that now. He could probably take them by surprise as he entered the kitchen, which would buy him enough time to grab a blunt (or not-so-blunt, depending) implement off the wall. Then grab the kids and either queue up another karaoke song or break out the industrial-sized formaldehyde jug.

Really, the whole thing was just a nuisance.

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What's the situation with SPN blogs receiving hate? Is everyone okay? What is the Tumblr staff doing about it? And is there anything we can do?

As far as I’m aware, staff ain’t doing shit, but hey whats new right? ¬¬

As far as blogs go, I’ve seen some stunning masterposts of people needing support going round, so if you track the tag #affectedbyhate, there’s several people who know loads more than I do posting things that should explain it all. 

If you wanna do something, message someone with love who needs it. Keep it short so they’re not overwhelmed, and if they’ve posted that they’re ok, or there are too many messages to answer, then leave them be, but keep going. The more love we spread the better, as this bastard anon isn’t going to stop, apparently. I would be more graphic about the anon but I don’t think it’s very professional, and I try to watch my language in front of you kids. 

I’m posting for reference, and as always, any more information is welcome, either attached to this post or sent in so we can correct our posts. :)

Ray x