i wanna sniff some glue

The Ramones’ wants

Aries: something to do

Taurus: be your boyfriend

Gemini: the airwaves

Cancer: you around

Leo: everything

Virgo: have some kicks

Libra: get some chicks

Scorpio: shock treatment

Sagittarius: sniff some glue

Capricorn: puke

Aquarius: steal from the rich and give to the poor

Pisces: be sedated


Classic New York punk bands, from Blondie to The Ramones to Richard Hell to Patti Smith, plus a few more obscure ones.

★ Richard Hell & the Voidoids - Blank Generation ★ Patti Smith - Ask the Angels ★ The Ramones - Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue ★ The Cramps - I’m Cramped ★ Wayne County and the Electric Chairs -Fuck Off ★ Blondie - X Offender ★ Cherry Vanilla - The Punk ★ New York Dolls - Trash ★ The Velvet Underground - I’m Waiting for the Man ★ Dead Boys - Ain’t Nothing to Do ★ The Mumps - Crocodile Tears ★ The Shirts - Teenage Crutch ★ Patti Smith - My Generation ★ Dead Boys - Hey Little Girl ★ The Ramones - 53rd & 3rd ★ The Dictators - Baby Let’s Twist ★ Cherry Vanilla - Foxy Bitch ★ The Velvet Underground - Rock & Roll ★ The Cramps - The Mad Daddy ★ Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - Chinese Rocks ★ Richard Hell & the Voidoids - You Gotta Move ★ The Fleshtones - American Beat ‘84 ★ New York Dolls - Subway Train ★ Talking Heads - Life During Wartime ★ Television - See No Evil ★ Mink DeVille - Little Girl ★ Blondie - Kung Fu Girls ★ The Fast - It’s Like Love ★ Talking Heads - Pulled Up ★ Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers - One Track Mind ★ Jayne County Meets the She Wolves - Max’s Kansas City ★

listen to it here x


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You can tell a lot about people by the type of music they listen to. 

Hit shuffle on your ipod, phone, iTunes, etc and write down the first twenty songs that come up. Tag ten people! 

One Rule: No Skipping!

  1. Ramones, Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
  2. Jean-Phillippe Rameau, Nouvelles Suites
  3. Queen, Flash’s Theme
  4. Moulin Rouge Soundtrack, El Tango De Roxanne
  5. Queen, Sail Away Sweet Sister
  6. Queen, The Night Comes Down
  7. Prince, 1999
  8. Green Day, 21 Guns
  9. Queen, Liar
  10. The Beatles, Rock And Roll Music
  11. Johann Sebastian Bach, Mass in B Minor, BWV 232: Sanctus & Pleni Sunt Coeli
  12. Prince, Little Red Corvette
  13. Franz Ferdinand, Right Action
  14. The Beatles, I’m Down
  15. Queens of the Stone Age, Go With the Flow
  16. The Beatles, Hallelujah, I Love Her So
  17. Queen, The Prophet’s Song
  18. The Cure (Marie Antoinette Soundtrack), Plainsong
  19. The Cure, The Lovecats
  20. Lana Del Rey (The Great Gatsby Soundtrack), Young and Beautiful

I have a lot of Queen on my iTunes!


Time Machine Special

Ramones Live at CBGB’s 1977 Pt1

1. Blitzkrieg Bop
2. Sheena is a Punk Rocker
3. Beat on the Brat
4. Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue

Sad sad new today we have lost the last original members of the Ramones. R.I.P. Thomas Erdelyi (born Erdélyi Tamás; January 29, 1949 – July 11, 2014), better known by his stage name Tommy Ramone.

Ramones Live at CBGB’s 1977 Pt2

1. Rockaway Beach
2. Cretin Hop
3. Oh, Oh, I Love Her So
4. Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World