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Love Notes

Pairing: Dean x Castiel

Word Count: 1142

Prompt: “It all started when you found the love letters.”

Tags: Fluff, Tooth-Rotting Fluff!, Established Relationship, Canon Divergence, Humour, Romance, A Little Insecure Dean.

Summary: When Castiel finds some love letters in the bunker, Dean gets an Idea.

A/N: Written for @waywardmoeyy‘s 1K Fluff Fest; congrats on 1000 followers my dear! And many thanks to my darling @mrsgabrieltrickster for reading through x

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EXO reacting to finding pictures of them on your phone

*me after going on tumblr*

*me after going on instagram*

*me after every concert*

Here you go ~

- I do not own any of these GIFs unless stated otherwise -


*finds a pelvis pic*

*starts smirking*


*quickly looks around to see if anyone has seen the pictures* 

*protects the phone like an armadillo*


*sees a unglam selca of himself*


*sees an edit of him as a penguin and starts panicking*


“Jagi I know your secret”

*sends you a cute lopsided smile*


“good job fanfan”


“Why does she have over 500 pictures of me?”

*embarrassed unicorn is embarrassed*


*immediately runs to you and starts posing*

“Jagi, I think this side is better.”


“Jagiiiii ~ what’s this I see~?”

*knows what exactly it is but wants to tease you relentlessly*




“Why didn’t you take the picture of me while I was wearing Gucci?”




“wanna take pictures of some other parts of me?”

*activate the return of dirty Xiumin*



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Imagine B.A.P when they first ask you out


“Hey beautiful, you look really pretty today. I was wondering if maybe you would want to go and see a movie or something tonight” *smiles shyly*

“You. Me. Dinner. 6pm. Tonight. At a diner. I’ll pick you up. See you there, princess” *winks*

“Hey sweety, I was thinking if you’re not busy tonight… Maybe we can go and get some coffee… If you want” *looks at the ground shyly*

“Hello sugar, wanna go and eat? I know a great place. It’s cool if you say know I completly understand but I mean like, yeah, I think it would be really fun and-’ *rambling on and on nervously*

"Uh… H-Hey… D-Do you wanna… Uh… Do you like… Wanna go out sometime?” *palms get sweaty and becomes extremly nervous*

“Hey baby, want to go to the park? I can push you on the swings and join you going down the slide if you want” *side smiles and twiddles his thumbs*

(I don’t own these gifs)