i wanna see this show

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honestly mad sweeney not wearing crop tops is homophobia bc im gay and i wanna see him in a crop top

me showing up at bryan and co.’s house demanding they turn up the gay and get both mad sweeney and shadow moon in crop tops! 

@/mnet where’s the full version of eunki’s peformance???

i 📣 do 📣 not 📣 stan 📣 sebastian 📣 i 📣 am 📣 just 📣 exicited 📣 to 📣 see 📣 him 📣 because 📣 he’s 📣 the 📣 villian 📣 of 📣 the 📣 last 📣 books 📣 of 📣 tmi 📣 and 📣 he’s 📣 an 📣 interesting 📣 character 📣

anyway here’s the best omake in the entire series

I just watched the new Samurai Jack trailer, and when I saw blood, ACTUAL BLOOD, I realized there was something… kinda low-key surreal about it. On one hand, due to modern cartoons that push the edge and the fandoms of such that push the edge over the cliff, I’m kinda unfazed. On the other hand, watching the original Samurai Jack, it’s like they go out of their way to censor the bloodshed, by using robots and oil instead. Seeing Jack get stabbed is something to be expected in angsty fanart, but for it to be actually canon??? Holy frick.

This is gonna be a fricking experience man.


he’s. shaking.

he’s just standing there. fukcign shaking. 

hallucinating about watching his baby brother die while his flesh melts off his body and his younger self tells him he’s a horrible person.

Yugi + co don’t even know anything’s wrong.

someone help this kid

Take a Break
Anthony Lee Medina

Before everyone asks about trading, I only have act 2. Long story short, somebody walked out at intermission (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) and i asked for their ticket. That said, I don’t have his part before/during My Shot or Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us. I wish I did though 😭

Donald Webber Jr (Hamilton), Lexi Lawson (Eliza), Anthony Lee Medina (Phillip)

If you’re still interested in it, you can find me here: darrehcrisstrades.weebly.com

enough - songs of confrontation and frustration

take me or leave me - rent // america - west side story // enough - in the heights // why stay? / a promise - next to normal // leave me alone - side show // bitch / slut / liar / whore - the toxic avenger // what the fuck now, lizzie? - lizzie // i hate you - if/then // see i’m smiling - the last five years // we do not belong together - sunday in the park with george // promise - bare: a pop opera // no more - see what i wanna see // your fault / last midnight - into the woods // why did i listen to that man? - urinetown // waiting - the addams family // if i didn’t believe in you - the last five years // solano avenue - here lies love // telephone wire - fun home // what is this feeling? - wicked //