i wanna see this again!

Alrighty, I’m slowly working on things with this blog and I apologize for that but work and school are the main villains boom boom but I’m still doodling traditionally and stuff so if ya wanna see that art then just here ya go: @p-mustacho
Okie dokie thank you for listening

concept that can just go ahead and die right now: “men fall for women who remind them of their mothers”

nopenopenope i am 100% sick of seeing this and officially never want to hear this again neither in fiction nor real life

not only does this force women into a caretaker role for their husbands it infantilizes men which should be insulting for them but TV seems to treat this as an excuse to incestuously rehash the “nagging wife” trope

so nope 👎 no more this is finished done not allowed i never wanna see it again never want to hear of it again 👋

bulk pt. 3


You know how it goes. Unless there’s more this may be the last bulk on here. I can always burp it on mod blog.


Well hopefully his reps comment will cool people off of the whole Dk thing. I don’t agree with the ppl who are saying it’s damage control. Do we think he gives an actual fuck about everyone else’s opinion on who he puts it in? His reps never denied his relationships with HC(who’s legit hbic) or CS. They’ve only done it for DK and EK because it was bullshit. I think that DK is a bit of a shit starter, and she should probably get that checked out but N is a grown ass man who can choose his friends

There is no way I can watch TWD tonight. Not sure I ever wanna see Norman on screen again. :-(

I know Normans people denied it but in your opinion do you think NR and DK are a thing (dating, FWB, or what have you)
I don’t think they are anything more then friends at this point

N is doing serious damage control. Didn’t he do this last time he got caught with that horrid woman?
He denied the make out rumors, I still don’t think that happened, but there were no pictures.

Mod am I allowed to ask you what you personally think about the statement of Norman’s reps? Do you think it’s true and we can trust it and finally let this whole debacle go or just damage control to keep his good image?
Of course your allowed. I personally think it’s the truth. He rarely has his reps deny anything so when they do I tend to think it’s legitimate. I trust it, but that’s just me, I know there’s a lot of people that don’t and that’s ok too. I’d love to let the whole thing go. To be honest I don’t think it’s damage control ever since the rumor first started his rep has taken a hit, if this were damage control it’s a bit late.

This whole DK business has earned Norman a permanent side eye from me.
That’ll happen

Any idea Mod why Eonline edited their denial story to now say an eyewitness saw them kissing, being playful and driving to a hotel?
Nope. Sounds shady tho

Mod, do YOU think we can believe what Norman’s reps said, that they are just friends or do you think it’s more like damage control because he caused some backlash and it was all over the medias?
I believe it. But everyone has their own view and belief since this has been going on for so long I know that it won’t change anything for some people.

wingedauthor  asked:

You know I feel like we'll be getting another Tsukiyama arc soon (and by soon I mean in the next Arc or two) because there's still a lot of mysteries surrounding his family. And a lot of development for him and Kaneki's relationship.

i mcfucking hope so!!! just put kaneki crew back together in general lmao :“D need all that good kaneki crew content…

i wanna see if kakuja tsukiyama will come up again, too…i wonder if that’s gonna happen w those v ppl going to clash w them. *prays he looks like a cool/creepy knight*


background Bucky (ft. Sam’s left arm)


i would listen to this stupid mix every day if it would bring you back. i would never listen to any good music ever again. but it won’t. how is it possible i’m never going to see you again? how can you be over? how is it possible i’m never going to do any weird things with you ever again? how can i have all this power, and i couldn’t hold on to you? the one time. the one time i needed it. what am i doing? jen. it’s not fair. dad says people are going to act like the world is ending now. maybe it is. it’s not the world. it’s just jen. jen’s world is over. now maybe everything will change.

supergirl: being super #2 (2017)

there’s a reason this pup has her own fans