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Thank You

Yondu wakes up to warmth on his cheek. Last time he checked, he’d been floating in space with Peter clawing at his jacket. The boy’s screams got fainter as Yondu struggled to breathe. Eventually, everything just faded to black. But now, everything’s awash with a bright light.

“Wha’s goin’ on?” he slurs as he blinks. Hovering over him is a beautiful woman. Terran by the looks of it. She has long blonde hair that looks as gold as Ayesha’s headpiece. Her eyes, which examine him curiously, look familiar. A cerulean with little bits of sea green, like those on Xandar.

“Thank you,” the woman whispers in an ethereal tone.

“For what?” Yondu asks as she helps him sit up. He’s surprised that he’s not still floating in space. On the other hand, maybe he is and he’s just dreaming. Death could never be so kind to him.

“For saving my son.”

Peter’s mother

Yondu blinks a couple of time. Can’t wrap his mind around the fact that he’s staring right into the eyes of Peter’s dead mother. “Where am I? What the hell are you doin’ here?”

Meredith smiles at him, a soft little thing. “On Earth, we’d call this place heaven.” She gestures to the space around them.  "I don’t know what they’d call it in your culture.“

“We just call it death,” Yondu says with a roll of his eyes. “Surprised I didn’t end up in some kind of hell dimension.”

“It don’t matter now.” Meredith’s still smiling at him, which is unnerving. The only women who ever smiled at him either wanted to kill him or have sex with him. “What matters is that you saved my son.”

“Did what I had to do, ma'am.” Yondu can feel his cheeks heating up. Ravagers aren’t supposed to care, to be soft. But in his final moments with Peter, with his son, he rejected that notion. “Ego wasn’t gonna get a hold'da my boy like that.”

Meredith pats the spot on some sort of cloud. Asking Yondu to sit beside her. “I used to think he was an angel. Ego, I mean. I knew Peter was an angel the moment I held him.” Her blue eyes, just like Peter’s, go soft and glossy as she thinks of her son. “I didn’t realize until after I died just what a horrible creature he was. Knew in death that he was the one that killed me so that he could get Peter.”

“I didn't deliver him though. Cargo, Peter was. But he was good for thievin’ and fittin’ in'ta small spaces. Wasn’t gonna let the boys eat him if we could use ‘im.”

“Yondu.” Meredith puts a warm hand on his. Her voice still sounds ethereal, like melting Xandarian chocolate on one’s tongue. Her skin feels warm, like the sunlight on his home planet, which he can barely remember. “There are no lies here. I know the reason why you kept Peter. And I’m glad you did.”

Suddenly, there’s a noise from somewhere behind the two. Yondu spins around, one hand brushing his coat back to reveal where his arrow would be. If he still had it. His other hand goes in front of Meredith as if to protect her.

“Yondu, look.” Her hand settles at his elbow and pulls his arm away, pointing at something in the distance. It looks like a holoboard, but square and there’s a back to it. “It’s called a TV. We’ve got ‘em back on Earth.”

“What’s it doing?”

“I don’t know. Sometimes it shows me images or videos of Peter. It’s how I watched my baby grow up.” She points to the screen and grins. “Look, there he is.”

Yondu blinks and finds himself looking at Peter. And, what the fuck, that’s his body. It’s wrapped in the typical Ravager funeral fashion. Yondu imagines Kraglin had a hand in it because he’d never really let Peter see a funeral. Only when he sent someone into space via the airlock. 

“Why’’s he cryin’?” He knows it’s a stupid question the second it comes out of his mouth. Meredith whacks him over the head anyway.

“'Cause he just lost his biological father and his dad all in one go.” She shakes her head. “Have a heart, Yondu. No one’s judging you here.” She points to the TV. “Now hush. I wanna listen.”

“I told Gamora how when I was a kid I used to pretend David Hasselhoff was my dad,” Peter starts, his head bowed. Tears gather in the corner of his eyes, but he doesn’t cry. “He’s a singer and actor from earth, really famous guy. Yondu didn’t have a talking car, but he did have a flying arrow. He didn’t have a beautiful voice of an angel, but he did have the whistle of one.”

Yondu’s frozen in place. Meredith sniffles beside him and he reaches into his pocket. At least his handkerchief’s still there. “Thank you,” she whispers, blowing her nose.

“Both Yondu and David Hasselhoff went on kick-ass adventures and hooked up with hot women, and fought robots. I guess David Hasselhoff did kinda end up being my dad, after all. Only it was you, Yondu.”

“David Hasselhoff is really that special to the kid?”

“Used to talk about him all the time. Watched his show whenever it was on TV.” Meredith looks up at him with those baby blues and smiles. It’s that damn soft smile that could melt even the hardest of hearts. “I can’t see the resemblance physically, but you have the same heart.” She turns back to the TV. “He’s not done. I wanna hear this.”

“I had a pretty cool dad." A tear finally falls and Gamora grabs his hand. "What I’m trying to say here is… sometimes, that thing you’re searching for your whole life is right there by your side all along, and you don’t even know it.” Meredith watches as he rubs his thumb over the back of Gamora’s hand and smiles softly at her.

“I never thought I’d see the day,” Meredith whispers. “Well, I guess I didn’t, but I’m seein’ it now.”

“What?” Yondu squints. “I can’t see nothin’ important. I mean, that speech was mighty nice, but–”

“Look, Yondu.” The scene shifts and fireworks are exploding above the trail of Yondu’s ashes. He tears up a little bit, but his eyes follow Meredith’s finger to where Peter and Gamora are standing next to each other.

On the screen, Peter turns to Gamora. There’s something in her eyes that Yondu can’t read, but Meredith seems to understand.

“What?” Peter asks.

Gamora shakes her head. “Just… some unspoken thing.”

Meredith turns to Yondu. “Do you see it now?”

Yondu scratches his head. “I’m guessin’ it has to do with that unspoken thing.” It comes out as more of a question, but Meredith’s beaming at him. His heart soars and he wishes he could punch it in the face. If it had one.

“You’re a good man, Yondu.” Meredith’s voice sounds full of sincerity and maybe he doesn’t wanna punch his heart in the metaphorical face as much as he should be wanting to. She grabs his hand and squeezes. “Thank you. For taking care of my son.”

So, this came out Not really sure if I got Yondu’s voice right, but I wanted him to have some form of redeption after death. And Meredith is always just shoved to the side, so I brought her back. Yondu needs to be thanks for what he did. And who better to thank him than Peter’s mom. 

Hopefully you guys liked this!





Baby Steps

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader (eventually)

Word Count: 2062

Warnings: Mentions of past abuse, fluff

Notes: This is my first fic in a while and it’s a totally new fandom so I’m a little nervous about posting it! Not sure who to tag so… yeah! Hope you guys like it! Xox <3

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“Guys, c'mon,” Rick continued to press the point, earning him a sigh from both of you as he furrowed his brow. “She’s throwing this thing for us. We gotta be there.”

“No!” You and Daryl both emphasised the word for the umpteenth time, smirking at each other as Rick growled in irritation.

“Fine,” he mumbled in defeat, shaking his head as he walked away. “But hopefully y'all will see sense and show your faces.”

“Fat chance of that,” Daryl muttered as you perched on the bottom step next to him. “Whole thing’s stupid if ya ask me.”

“I didn’t,” You grinned as he quirked a brow in your direction, a small smile on his lips as he nudged your knee with his. “I dunno why Rick thinks we’ll show. I don’t even wanna be in this damn place.”

It was the truth too. Since you’d arrived in Alexandria, you’d felt uncomfortable here and you knew the archer felt the same. The only difference was that he had a better chance of fitting in than you did. You’d known Daryl and the rest of Rick’s little group a long time, finding them at the prison. You had been withdrawn and mistrusting of pretty much all of them for the longest time. Daryl had been the first to break through any of your barriers; he understood what it was like to feel the way you did. Hell, he still found it hard now. With his help, you’d managed to break down a few more barriers and let the others in too, eventually learning to love and trust them all like they were your own flesh and blood.

You and Daryl had an entirely different dynamic, however. The two of you had a bond you’d never experienced with anyone else before and that was probably the reason you’d fallen for him; he knew you. He got you and you got him. Of course, you’d never told him how you’d felt; you were both as awkward as one another in that regard. You were happy with how things were and having him as a friend was more than you could have ever asked for.

“What ya thinkin’ about?” He queried, your eyes finding his sky blue ones as you flushed. “You’ve gone real quiet, girl.”

“Nothin’,” you lied, shaking your hair over your shoulders as you gazed once more at your surroundings. Alexandria was beautiful and safe, but it still made you uneasy.

“Mhm,” Daryl acknowledged with a smirk, knowing you weren’t being entirely honest. “Did you hear anythin’ I said before you zoned on me?” You chuckled and shook your head, flashing him an apologetic smile as he continued. “I know you don’ wanna be here and you know I don’ wanna be but we gotta try. For Carol, Rick, Carl, Maggie, Glenn… all of ‘em. And for each other. I ain’t staying without you.”

His gaze turned to the floor, his confession making your eyes widen. “You know I ain’t leaving without you, Daryl. I just don’t feel like I fit here.”

“Give it time,” You watched him stand with a sigh, gazing down at you through his too-long fringe. “You’ll fit in just fine.”

He began walking toward the gate and you watched, standing and leaning against the railing as you called out to him. “Where you goin’, Dixon?”

“Out,” He called over his shoulder and you knew he was smiling, one of your own curving on your lips. “Don’t get into trouble while I’m gone.”

Rolling your eyes, your smirked and continued watching him walk away. Your eyes didn’t leave him until you saw him disappear through the gates. “Be safe, Daryl.”

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Too Hot To Handle: Chapter Eleven

So I kinda wrote a different kind of fanfiction. It’s nothing as in depth as my other fics so I am going to post it here. ENJOY!!

    ***Actor, Real Person Fanfiction, Walking Dead RPF***

Featuring: Jeffrey Dean Morgan X Original Female Character, Norman Reedus and others.. (FYI this is total fiction, as in I know nothing about JDMs life or that of his real SO and son etc. Because of this, for this work of fiction, they don’t exist. Jeffrey’s been a typical actor playboy dating fellow stars etc. This is written for sick daydreaming pleasure.)

Aria St. James is a busy woman with a thriving restaurant. She thought she had everything she needed until a few famous faces visit her dining room. A tall, dark and handsome actor decides Aria’s just what he’s been looking for.

Rating: Mature

“I wanna bring you with me to a get together at Norman’s place.” Jeffrey’s voice came through her phone, the man driving to the airport. “When we get back from Florida he’s throwing a pre filming barbecue. Nothing fancy, just cast and crew, their families.”
Aria bit her lip and stirred a pot of bordeaux sauce. “When is it?”
“It’ll be next weekend. Saturday.”
“Fuck.” She muttered, “I can’t. That’s the night of the wedding rehearsal dinner. They booked the whole place for the night. I can’t miss it.”
“Damn.” He replied, a horn honking in the background. “No worries doll. There’ll be more get togethers. I just wanted to show off my beautiful girl.”
Smirking, Aria teased,  “Jeez and here I thought you enjoyed my company but I’m just arm candy.“
His laugh rumbled through the phone and he drawled, “Babydoll, I more than enjoy your company. I just want everybody to see what a great fucking girl I got.”

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anonymous asked:

I heard madtown is having problems with their management, because of their ceo's arrest, do you have any update on their situation? With all the members lack of activities/absence, late updates in fc, jota's cryptic messages in fc, it's really disturbing and concerning, and sometimes annoying that no one can answer anything, like, do we even have anything to wait for?

Hi! I don’t have any updates on their situation, considering I don’t work for GNI so I’m just as clueless as you. BUT, based on my deductions as well as my knowledge of just how stubborn resilient the members are, I do strongly believe they are working on a self-produced full album. I know it’s hard to keep positive considering all the late postings of schedules and complete radio silence on V app for BufHo’s birthdays (though honestly I think this is more so BufHo’s request than shitty management considering how chill they are about their birthdays in general; I mean both of them solo broadcasts last year rather than a full bonanza), but our boys are nothing if not dedicated to music and determined to stay together at all costs.

Below the cut are my reasons for this conclusion!

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Omg how about a scenario where Kacchans son is competing in the UA sports festival (u can make the plot about anything)? ^.^

I’m happy when people give me freedom to think of plot and such but then I’m not so sure if what I wrote matches what they wanted so I hope you like this

When Katsuki arrived at the stadium he looked for a place to sit and when he finally managed to find a place from which he could see perfectly he was distracted by the green curly hair in front of him.

“Deku.” His eyes narrowed as he made his way towards Izuku and sat on the empty seat next to him.

“Oh, hi Kacchan.” Izuku was surprised for a second but then he smiled at Katsuki.

“Stop calling me this stupid nickname already.” Katsuki felt annoyed but then a sinister smirk appeared on his face. “Hey Deku, too bad your kid is one year younger than mine. I’d love to see my son beat the hell out of your offspring.” Izuku’s face changed and he looked at Katsuki filled with determination.

“My son won’t lose to yours.”

“Huh?” Now that Katsuki was triggered he jumped at Izuku. “Do you want to fight you damn nerd?” His voice was lost in the loud applauses coming from everywhere around him. Katsuki looked down and his eyes scouted the arena before pointing at a kid that had the same ash blond hair and angry red eyes as his. “That’s my boy!” Katsuki sat back with wide grin on his face and waited for the first round to be announced. The game was actually a race, just like the first time Katsuki participated in the sports festival but the obstacles were a bit different. When Katsuki’s son dashed and almost set on fire the people surrounding him Katsuki stood up and cheered for his son.

“That’s right! Kill those fucking weaklings if you have to.”

The boy was doing really well and after blasting a lot of the students while yelling “Move it extras.” he almost reached the finish line. In this moment Izuku realized how much Katsuki’s son took after him. Bakugou junior grinned widely when he was a few steps from the finish line but some sort of slime formed beneath his feet and he got stuck in one place unable to move. His eyes widened in surprise for a moment when he saw how four or five of the others passed him by.

“You think this can stop me?” Sparks came out of his hands and he pushed himself upwards while a few students got caught in his explosion. “Well no fucking way!” He flew straight for the finish line but disappointment was written all over his face when he saw how many have reached this destination before him. When the results were announced he was standing in seventh place.

“He’s just getting started! Do you hear me you fucking assholes?”

“Kacchan, calm down. Don’t forget we’re here to look out for some promising students and invite them to our agencies.”

“Shut your trap Deku!” Katsuki looked angrier than ever so Izuku decided it was best to leave him alone. After giving a little break to the students the game for the second round was announced. This time the students had to hunt down one another. All traps, ambushes and dirty tricks they could think of were permitted and as always only sixteen participants were allowed to continue. In this game most of the students chose to ambush or hide in hopes of not being found but Katsuki’s son was one of the few who strode freely across the field designated for the game.

“My son isn’t a fucking coward like the rest of this bunch.” Katsuki smirked having a content expression on his face until his son tripped and fell. “What the?” His son got back on his feet and looked around before continuing his way but he fell on his face once more.

“Where are you hiding, you fucking bastard? Show yourself!” The boy yelled so loud that everyone could hear him but he was so angry at the invisible force that made him trip he didn’t care one bit. Katsuki didn’t look any different from his son.

“Kick his fucking teeth in!”

“I’ll kick your fucking teeth in!” Both of them shouted at the same time and some people from the audience turned around to see which crazy person was losing his mind.

“The fuck are you looking at?!”

“Don’t mind him. His son is participating and he’s a little bit fired up.”

“A little bit my ass. Tell your friend to pipe down or to go home.”

“Why you…”

“Kacchan please stop it and sit down to watch your son.”

“Tch. Fine.” Katsuki sat down and kept quiet not so willingly. His son was throwing punches and explosions everywhere trying to find the bastard who made him trip. “This probably has something to do with the invisible bitch.”

“You mean Tooro?”

“The hell with her name! Do you know if this bitch has any children?”

“But Kacchan she was our classmate.” Katsuki furiously grinded his teeth and Izuku decided it’d be in his best interest to answer Katsuki’s question. “I think she had a boy and a girl.”

“Then it must be one of them.” Katsuki observed how his son went wild destroying everything around. No one came close to him maybe because of fear but by the end he didn’t hunt down anyone. He was allowed to proceed even though he didn’t do anything and this made him frustrated. Katsuki told his son about the time he won first place in the sports festival but he refused to accept it because in his opinion he didn’t deserve it. As far as he knew his son, there was a high possibility that the boy was thinking the same.

The boy was really like his father and after this disappointment he hoped to be paired with stronger opponents for the fights but unfortunately he didn’t see any of them as real competition and blasted all of them without having any mercy which granted him the right to fight for the first place. The boy he was up against could freeze things and create ice. According to his father a quirk like this one wasn’t hard to beat so when the teachers gave permission to start the fight he had no enthusiasm at all. He dodged all the ice attacks with ease and slowly approached his opponent before coming face to face with him.

“It’s all over.” He was ready to blast the other’s head off but he just smiled.

“Not quite yet.” Hot steam appeared out of nowhere burning the blond boy’s face and palms.

“What the fuck? Wasn’t your quirk controlling ice?” The other boy laughed.

“Since you asked so kindly I’ll tell you about my quirk. I can control water in all states as well as its temperature just like I turned this ice into steam. Do you get it now?”

“This doesn’t mean I can’t win.” Katsuki’s son jumped out of the steam and attacked head on but the other clicked his tongue while producing a strong stream that washed his opponent away.

“If you understood my quirk you should’ve been able to see this coming.” The blond boy managed to grab a piece of the ice that stuck out all over the place when he was about to step out of the arena’s line. “Don’t underestimate me if you have the intention to win.” When the water stopped there was no sign of the blond boy’s location. “It seems I’m this strong. I can’t even see where I sent you.”

“Who’s underestimating who?” Katsuki’s son was falling down from somewhere way above the other boy. “You never saw this coming, didn’t you?” The other boy was rendered speechless for a second but then he pulled himself together and sent a new stream of water against the blond who dodged it with a little help from his explosion that pushed him in the direction he wanted to go. “Finally someone worth using my full strength against.” He let himself fall down while he produced one explosion that was getting bigger with every second he was closing to the ground. The other boy sent water his way but when this wasn’t enough to stop the blond he resorted to something else. He shot hot water in hopes that the burns will stop the other but this didn’t happen. Katsuki’s son reached the ground making a big explosion that sent debris and bigger pieces of rock flying around. “Come at me with all you’ve got!” When the dust in the air settled the blond saw his opponent lying on the ground far from the arena. “Don’t tell me you were all talk. Get the hell up!”

“That’s my son down there!” Katsuki exclaimed proudly from the audience. “The boy’s a winner!” The same person from before turned around and looked at Katsuki.

“You know what son? I remember you from back then and I can tell your child is exactly the same as you.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“See for yourself.” The man pointed down and Katsuki saw how his son was blasting an explosion every time someone tried to get close to him and give him the medal for first place.

“I don’t need it! I want to fight a strong opponent. This weakling over there wasn’t a match for me. I already told you. Only when I win against someone stronger I’ll accept it!”

“Just shut up and take it.”

“I don’t wanna hear any word coming from you extras!”

“He bit me! What kind of crazy motherfucker are you?”

“I’m not sure if I want to see what the next Bakugou will be like. It seems you get wilder with every passing generation.”

“Do you want to fight you damn nerd?” Izuku shook his and waved his hands in front of him in order to show Katsuki he doesn’t. “He’ll bite them alright. Since they’re weaker than him.” Katsuki seemed pleased with the whole situation but Izuku could only sight and laugh nervously.





dear broadway

i don’t have money but i wanna see broadway shows like damn if you dont want us to see bootlegs fuckin give us professional recordings i cant pay a thousand dollars to travel up the whole east coast and stay in new york and buy a ticket on broadway hot damn lemme see a recording for $10 then you can make more money and make people happy

The art of the body - Chapter 2

Reader x Hoseok

Warnings: Swearing, sexual harassment (I think, nothing extreme)

Words: 2,301

Chapters: 1 , 3


“So class, that’s it for today, you can leave 5 minutes earlier”, the class cheered as they got to leave this hellhole earlier, the students rushed out as quick as they could. I packed my bags and was about to walk out with Jungkook until, “(y/n)”, I sighed before turning to face Mr Jung, “yes?”, “yes sir”, he corrected, “and you have detention you’re not going anywhere, if you refuse I’m sure the headteacher won’t mind speaking to you”. Oh god, he really did hate me after less than 24 hours, “I’ll go pick up the twins and food”, I thanked him and kissed his cheek before he walked off.

I sat down at my place and got out my earphones and put them on, playing Miguel’s simple thing’s. I began doodling on a piece of paper and due to my music being loud, I didn’t hear Mr Jung.

“(y/n) are you listening?”, he asked as he was marking, he looked up and noticed my headphones. “No music allowed put it away”, he said as he took out my left earphone, I groaned, the music was probably the only thing that would get me through this hour. “Now would you like to tell me why you left yesterday when I was talking to you”, I continued to doodle, “because I had things to do”, “such as…?”, “none of your fucking business”, I was getting irritated with his questions and him. “Don’t you dare swear and answer my question!”, he raised his voice, it wasn’t very loud, but still made me jump, “i do not have to answer you damn question if I don’t want to!”, I screamed back, standing up. Then I realised how much taller he was than me, I was only around 5 foot. “Who do you think you are? Just because you’re a teacher in this shithole does not mean you have authority over me”, I spat out through my teeth, I had already had enough of this man after a day!

I was waiting for him to shout back and give me like a month in detention, but it never happened. Instead something completely unexpected happened. Mr Jung kissed me. His hands were cupping my face and lifting it up so he could reach my lips. I responded to the kiss, but after a few seconds I realised what I was doing.

“Stop”, I said as I pushed him off me, my face was flushed. “(y/n)-”, “I-i-i need to go”, my voice was unstable as I was still shocked at everything that just happened.

I arrived home, slamming the door shut and leaning against it. I closed my eyes, “oh god what am I going to do…”, I said to myself, “what are you going to do about what?”, I jumped at the voice of my mother, why was she home? “Oh erm…Just school work”, I said and moved away from the door, dropping my backpack and kicking off my shoes. “O-okay, erm…Aidan and Dina are having their dinner with Jungkook, in the kitchen and here”, I was confused when she handed me a small stack of money, didn’t she give me money yesterday?

“I know you must be stressing over school and looking after the kids, so here’s something”, “I don’t want-”, “just take it please, get yourself some clothes or makeup or whatever you want”, she shoved the money into my hand, just then a car horn came from outside, “I’ll see you later”. My mother kissed my forehead before she made her way outside to her new man.

I locked the door and made my way into the kitchen, as I was walking I counted the money she gave me. She handed me £100!?, to some people it may not seem to be a lot, but for me it was. I put the money in my skirt pocket and e there’s the kitchen, to see Kookie and the twins. “Hey”, I said as I kissed Dona and Aidan on their heads and Jungkook on his cheek, “(y/n)!, Kookie got us toys”, I gave Jungkook a shove, he knew I hated him spending money on things for the twins. “Oh did he now?, What did he get you?”, the twins went on to tell me about how Jungkook got them the 1000 piece Lego set and the dolls that they wanted.

After dinner I got the twins settled in front of the TV and helped Jungkook clean up the kitchen, “you know you didn’t have to get the twins the toys”, “I know, but I wanted to”, I dropped the cloth i was using to clean the table and sighed, “yeah that’s the problem, you always want to get them things, just wasting your money, do something that will benefit you with it”. Jungkook moved from the sink, drying his hands and came and wrapped his arms around me, “don’t get upset, I know you don’t like me getting them stuff, but it makes me happy seeing them happy. So please don’t get annoyed with me”, his chin was resting on my shoulder and he gave me his puppy dog face which made me giggle, “I’m not annoyed, just stop spending so much okay?”, “Okay”.

After the twins went to bed I got Jungkook to stay the night. Once he rang his parents, he got comfortable with me on the sofa. I slept on the sofa as well we didn’t have enough rooms, and storing my clothes wasn’t much of a problem as I didn’t have much so I shared a wardrobe with Dina. The sofa pulled out into a bed, thankfully. We both got comfortable under the covers, I layed on my side and Jungkook was behind me, his arms wrapped around my waist, his chest flush against my back. For most people doing this with your bestfriend seemed weird, but for me and Jungkook we both enjoyed it, it was a way of comfort for the both of us.

Jungkook was half asleep whereas I couldn’t shut mine. “Kookie?”, U whispered hoping he would hear, he hummed in response, “c-can I ask you something”, he hummed again. “What would you do if like…”, I thought about how to phrase it, “someone does something they’re not supposed to for legal reasons”, “what?”, he was confused by what I said, “like say if a teacher does something inappropriate with a student”. When I said this Jungkook instantly got up and rested on his forearm, but the other arm was still wrapped around my waist, “why? Has something happened (y/n)?”, I widened my eyes to make it seemed as if I was shocked at what he said, “what?!NO?! I’m just curious, gosh”, Jungkook let out a relieved ‘oh’, before laying back down and pulling me into him. “Well if it was happening I would tell the teacher and student to stop as it’s wrong and the teacher could just be taking advantage and the same back”, he paused before speaking up again, “but if it was a teacher doing it to you…oh god someone would have to hold me back because I swear to god I would kill that teacher”.

Last night told me that I was definitely not telling Jungkook what Mr Jung did. I was glad that I didn’t have art today, otherwise I would have missed a full day of school. I was going to miss today because I could have ran into him, but I took my chances and Thank God I didn’t see him once today. I also skipped detention, but told Jungkook I was staying so he was currently looking after the twins.

I was at the park, it was pretty far from home, but it had an amazing view. I was enjoying the view, not thinking about anything, until it began to fucking rain and I didn’t bring my coat as the weather woman told me it was going to be warm all day, with no chance of showers. Bullshit!

I got up and began running to the closest bus stop which was 5 minutes away. I waited under the shelter for a bus, hoping it would come soon, as of right now it was way too cold and because it got dark earlier, it was creepy.

It had been 10 minutes and the bus still haven’t arrived and as for the rain, that just got heavier. I sat down in the bench, hugging myself and that’s when I heard footsteps steps and voices. I looked in the direction of the voices to see a group of about 4 guys, in jackets or hoodies and were all wearing hats. I prayed they wouldn’t come to the bus stop, but I was unfortunate as they all piled into the stop. I moved to the end of the bench away from the guys, I had to admit they were quite good looking, but nonetheless scared me. I kept my eyes down, staring at my lap, screaming in my head for the bus to come.

“Oi…”, one of the males said, I kept my head down, “oi, I’m talking to you”, I looked up, to see the cutest one near me, whilst the rest were at the other end of the bus stop, “oh, erm…”, “how old are you?”, I didn’t want to answer, but say if he hurt me if I didn’t, “18”, “so you’re legal?”. I slowly nodded, “okay cool, give me your number then”, “n-no”, “what’d you say?”, he questioned walking closer. “No, I’m not giving you my number, I don’t know who you are”, the male just laughed before he lunged forward and grabbed my backpack from the bench. He opened it up and began rummaging through it, “what are you doing, give it back”, I got up and grabbed my bag, but he had a firm grip on it, “please give it back”. I continued to pull on it, even though it was no use as he was a lot stronger than me.

“Fine”, he said and let go off the bag, sending me flying back and onto the floor. My hands and behind stung as they broke my fall, my tears were flowing down my cheeks and everything that was in my bag was now scattered around me. “Ooh finally something I wanna see”, he was talking about my skirt that lifted as I fell, revealing my whole bottom half. I quickly pulled my skirt down, wiped my tears and began putting everything back in my backpack. Once done I stood up to leave only to be dragged back, “where are you going?”, he backed me up against the side of the bus stop, “show us more come on”, his hands were on my upper thigh travelling higher, hitching up my skirt. My tears weren’t stopping and i was pushing against his chest. Why didn’t I just go home, why did I have to go to the damn park! I mentally screamed at myself.

I gave up on trying to push him away as I was trapped now, I closed my eyes and let him continue to touch me. I felt his breath against my neck indicating he was moving closer. I was waiting for his lips to touch my neck, but I felt nothing, instead I heard shouting and something slamming against the side.

“What the fu-”, “don’t fucking touch her”, my eyes shot open when I heard the voice of the man I was avoiding all day, “who the hell are you”, “me?! I’m her boyfriend”, Mr Jung had him pressed up against the side, holding 

the neck of his hoodie. “If I see you again and you’re doing the same shit to anyone, I will fucking beat you to a pulp”, Mr Jung threatened him before letting go and grabbing me roughly by the wrist and dragging me away.

Once we were far enough he let go of my wrist and his face completely changed, “I apologise for what happened back there (y/n) and also for dragging you”, I shook my head and wiped the tears that wouldn’t stop, “a-and about yesterday-”, I cut him off, right now I just wanted to go home, wash away the feeling of that guy’s dirty hands and go to sleep. “Sir-”, “call me Hoseok”, “I just want to go home”, I said as I continued to sob. “Okay, come”. Hoseok led me to his car and before I got in he gave me his coat as I was shivering.

I had fallen asleep after I told Hoseok where I lived and woken when we arrived, “(y/n), is this your house?”, he asked as he shook me. My eyes fluttered opened as I got up and stared out to see if it was my home we arrived at, “oh, yeah…Thank you si-Hoseok”, I corrected myself. Hoseok smiled at me, “no problem, you should probably get inside your parents must be worried”, if only he knew. I took of his coat and got out the car, but before shutting the door I apologised, “I’m sorry for being rude to you”, he just shook his head lightly as he carried on smiling, “it’s fine, let’s just forget about that whole ordeal and about the detention. Goodnight (y/n)”, “Night”.

“Where the fuck were you?!”, Jungkook screamed when I entered the house. He was shirtless in just a pair of sweatpants he kept here. “Hush…” I said as I removed my bag and shoes and grabbed Jungkook by the waist, pulling him back onto the sofa, “I just want to sleep and forget today”, I closed my eyes and snuggled into Jungkook’s side. “Did something ha-”, “please”. Jungkook knew something bad happened and decided not ask about it now.

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Okay so today I watched 3x05 of the 100 with my friend (just a casual viewer FYI) and he literally never stops talking throughout the whole episodes whenever we watch the 100 and it kinda bugs me because he doesn’t pay attention to the show for more than 30 seconds (because I wanna make him invested in the show as much as I am, but I can’t for the life of me. Ugh. Sue me) BUT the Bellarke scene comes and HE. GOES. SILENT. the minute Octavia opens the door for Bellamy. And so, you know that the Bellarke scene lasts 4 minutes right? He didn’t say anything THE WHOLE DAMN TIME. HE WAS SO TAKEN ABACK BY THE INTENSITY AND ALL THOSE DIFFERENT FEELINGS BELL AND CLARKE PORTRAYED, THAT HE DIDNT WANNA GET DISTRACTED. I was paying attention to him cause I wanted to see his reaction and he was SO into the moment. The only time he talked was when Bellamy took Clarke’s hands and Clarke smiled at him. He turned to me and he said “please, tell me she got through to him and he’s gonna stop, that now he’s on her side?” And that my friends, is the power of Bellarke :) And all thanks to Bob and Eliza’s acting!! These two made a VERY blabbering person go speechless!

ems-eggs  asked:

Did we ever find out the reason behind the alias "A"? Was it because of Mona and then Charlottes relationship to Ali or could A.D. be the real reason behind the identity of "A"?


That would mean that AD contacted Mona to begin the game YEARS ago or else how did Mona know to use that as her name? I can picture the amazing flashback in the series finale; we discover who AD is, and then there’s a flashback where we see AD and Mona meeting and AD says “wanna play a game?”

Gosh it would make the whole entire show make sense because Mona barely had a motive (other than Ali’s bullying and she wanted Hanna back…)

They can use AD to explain everything. They can use AD to redeem this show, I’m so excited!!! This is all going to end so damn well. What a twist.