i wanna see that so bad

Guys i’m sorry. I didn’t mean to draw such a depressed thing.. I can’t create anymore characters because something reminded me of what happened to me on friday. I can’t do anything, everything is so black and white. on the background was what they said to me. sorry if I make you worried or angry or sad or something. I just wanna get rid out off these bad feelings that happened

This happened on Friday. I was doing a work project and i need to concentrate but the classmate, They are so loud. So I asked them to be quiet down, then They said"FUCK OFF NOSEY BITCH" But i didn’t do anything wrong. Just asked them to be quiet down, Then I cried like 3 hours with my friend. I kept this feeling like 2 days now I still wanna cry whenever I think of it. and in the background you read, and you can see all of that what was they said to me. I’m sorry for making you worried once again, but I really want to get rid out of this feeling. I get more attention from teachers doesn’t mean that I am the meanest or I am being fake. I am what I am. I’m sorry if i do something wrong. I shouldn’t have asked you to quiet down. I’m so sorry.

I am such a bad classmate. Do what you want, cause someday i think I will end myself anyway, and one of the reason is going to be you. greedy damn piggy fat bitch, don’t be jealous.

Guy, I’m sorry for being annoying and always make you worried. I’m just too sensitive

i see everyone doing these goodbye posts, but for me it isn’t a goodbye because skam will forever be in my heart. But i still wanted to write something. I am bad with words so this won’t be long.

I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being by my side through these past months. I wish i could thank everyone separately but that really would take too long because there are so many people that i am thankful for. 

Thanks to skam and thanks to you i found a way to express myself, i found a way to create something, to share something from me. something that really was a lot of fun for me and meant/means a lot to me. I learned so much and will forever be thankful. 

Through skam I learned that I am not alone, and that it’s okay not to be perfect all the time. that everyone makes mistakes, that you should make mistakes to move forward, to learn something. 

I wish i would be better at expressing myself through words but i just am not but thank you so much, i hope you all know how much you mean to me <3 

like i said this is not goodbye, just a thank you post ((:

mommy-alexander  asked:

Osomatsu! So you want a kid.. But choro doesn't..?.how do you plan to convince him? And why?

Oso: Sort of, he’s just afraid of the process from seeing Ichimatsu deal with it. I just gotta get him to see it’s not so bad…maybe Karamatsu can help him! Or even Ichimatsu!
I just want a mini Osomatsu to do stuff with, the others are always caught up in their own stuff that I wanna do what I like with someone else!

tumblr servant is a godsend with a lot of useful functions but my primary use for it is this

so let’s say you’re a big fan of transformers so obviously you don’t want to blacklist #transformers, and you’ve got this cool friend kyle, but every single time kyle posts or reblogs something about transformers it’s just… it’s garbage. it’s a Bad Post. he has bad opinions and he should feel bad. you know that it’s petty shit but it irritates you every time you see one of his bad, bad transformers posts. but most of what he posts is awesome! you don’t wanna unfollow his ass! so you make a tumblr servant instead and even if he doesn’t tag shit about shit, if the word ‘transformers’ is in the post at all you will never see it. peace is restored on your dash. you are free.

you can also do a lot of other shit like dim posts or highlight posts or give you notifications etc etc etc but i mostly just hide Bad Fandom Opinions because i’m petty

lemme talk about Allura for a sec;

so y’all probably have seen this page from the vld comics;

But right now I wanna talk about this specifically

those cookies Allura is holding are French Macaroons which are an insanely difficult type of baked good. Everything from the delicate batter to the needed temperature regulation to the cream requires extreme precision. 

And we can see from this picture that Allura’s macaroons have pied/feet on then (the edges of the cookie) meaning that they have been baked properly. We can’t speak for the taste but it’s rare to have a good looking but bad tasting macaroons. Further, macaroons are an earth cookie. Meaning Allura had likely never made them before this. 

Allura is a baking savant confirmed


they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))

my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet

Theories (Peter Quill)

Pairing: Peter Quill x OC

Warnings: None…tiny, tiny spoiler for Vol. 2

A/N: This might be complete crap, but I desperately needed to write some Quill. I hammered this out earlier this morning and just did a quick edit, no rewriting. But hopefully it’s post worthy! I think a second part is in order? xD


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The sound of bickering voices drifted back from the cockpit, making me roll my eyes. I lowered the manuscript I was flipping through.

“Will you two morons cut it out already?” I hollered. I waited a beat, but the arguing went on. Probably hadn’t even heard me. Anyways, it wasn’t my job to break up the idiotic pissing contest that went on between Rocket and anyone he met. Or at the moment, Drax.

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Real Talk : Idols can't do shit.

I see why KPop idols don’t put their REAL selves out there, like letting fans know they actually turn up and drink, smoke, have sex (gasp!), like to party, are attracted to this or that woman, they have to act like innocent, little Angels 24/7 and be so rehearsed to please you little judgmental, annoying little snot nosed kids.

I see some (I hope I don’t make this situation even worse by even bringing it up sigh) kpop “fans” bitching about Vernon wearing a bottom diamond grill in his mouth and jamming to rap music, chilling with his friend, being his self, but Noooo some people (I wouldn’t call fans) are complaining claiming “Oh he’s drunk”, “Noo He’s drinking” “I’m disappointed” “I’m embarrassed” blah blah blah (he was not drinking in the video thooo so wtf? even if he was, he’s legal to drink now anyway so…)“He’s appropriating Blacks” (by wearing a grill in his mouth) ok first of all, everybody and their damn mama wear a grill in their mouth these days, I don’t give a fuck about that, you want to talk about REAL appropriation, people taking from us and claiming it as their own in the entertainment world, that’s real appropriation, people really throw that word around too lightly these days,  you need to look it up on youtube, it’s deeper than a damn bottom grill in his mouth, I don’t see him claiming shit, You really don’t know Vernon, who called people out on racism and has the wokest mom that called out the media on appropriating Black people and defends Black people so hard all the time on her account, so you not about to drag Vernon today Satan over a 12 second clip and make him seem like such a bad person for turning up, damn little nigga can’t turn up and have fun?

I wish these so called “fans” would stop judging these idols so harshly, and always trying to start drama, is your life that boring?

LET ‘HOOD ASS VERSON’ OUT HIS SHELL! DAMN! YOU WANNA SEE AN INNOCENT CHILD? GO TO THE PLAYGROUND! SHIIITTTT. and yes I fucking said HOOD ASS? You gonna get mad about that too? I don’t think we know the same Vernon? cuzzzz his ass ALWAYS been like THIS.