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Hi hello, so South Korea just had a bad earthquake in Pohang and thankfully, there hasn’t been any casualties reported so far. But I wanna take a moment to remind everyone that while it’s completely okay to worry about your favorite idols, you guys need to remember there are other people who live in that country too. South Korea isn’t just Kpop idols. It’s not just BTS or EXO or Twice. There is an entire nation of strong people who will suffer during any disaster. So if you only worry whether your faves are okay, you’re completely disrespecting the Korean people and culture.

I saw a similar thing happen with the news of the civil agreement (I can’t remember the actual name) between China and South Korea. When I heard the news, I was absolutely overjoyed for several reasons, but mainly bc if a war were to break out between North Korea and everyone else, China would have South Korea’s back. But my friend was super excited because “this means Lay can come back to EXO!!!!!” And while yeah, that’s really great and exciting, they completely ignored what this meant for the people of Korea and the people of China as well.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, if you guys are going to call yourself stans of so and so group, you need remember to be conscious of the place they live in and the people who surround them. If you’re going to be a Kpop stan, you need be aware and have sympathy for not just your faves, but the great people of South Korea too.

does anyone ever think about the fact that keith and lance both likely feel like outsiders on team voltron?

we already know lance feels like a seventh wheel. he feels like he is below everyone else due to poor self esteem and insecurities. he feels like he doesn’t belong.

but keith, he probably feels the same way, albeit in a different light. he’s the only member on the team who is part galra, aka the alien race that for the most part has been a scourge on the universe’s prosperity. not only that, but he has been labeled as the team’s loner too. he isn’t good at social interactions and often times has opinions that nobody really ever agrees with on the team.

i really want to see them bond over this mutual feeling of “being the odd one out”. because i think they can find more common ground within their relationship if they realized they are not alone in this feeling