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ive made a survey which asks you to rate every single (released) top song out of 10 and it would be super cool if you could answer it!!

ill need at least a couple hundred people to answer it so results are more accurate (considering there are so many songs) so once i have a p decent amount of results ill publish a complete ranked list of twenty one pilots songs based on fan opinions!!

hi guys sorry for making another money post but we’re in a bad place again.  we made our water bill but our car broke down(its over 20 yrs old) and we have to pay for it to get fixed because we only have one car and my dad has to have it to get to his oncologist next week and i need it to see my psychologist, neurologist and therapist. we also need help with next months rent 

we have literally 0 income, my mother is disabled and has had two hip replacements and can barely walk, my dad has nasopharyngeal cancer - he is currently in remission but no dcotor in our area has much if any experience with this kind of cancer because its so so rare and he can barely hear, the vision his one eye is totally distorted and he’s in constant pain, i have ocd, depression, severe anxiety, ptsd and schizophrenia… we cannot work

the only money we get are from donations or the minor disability checks my dad gets 

we dont have have cell phones or anything

if youd like to help us make rent and get us to our doctors(my dad NEEDS to see his oncologist, if his cancer comes back  and maybe go grocery shopping if we have enough then,,,

my paypal is phyxate123@gmail.com


the most cheesiest collection of natepat monster aus bc how perfect can these two be for one, amiright

1. Ghosts

Mat knows he’s not afraid of the paranormal; why go into the business if he was? He’s been investigating occurrences in LA for a good two years and loves nothing more than getting to the bottom of the paranormal. Even places out of LA he’s gone to because of this business.

But when he says he’s not afraid, this maybe the one time he is. Well, afraid isn’t the word, more like curiously speechless.

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anonymous asked:

Hi, Mari. How are you? 😊 I hope you're doing fine. I see you haven't been active in Tumblr lately? I just hope you're okay. *I wanna hug you* I miss youuu.~

hi! I’m really sorry for disappearing like that, my intention was to make a post giving you guys an explanation, but I decided I didn’t want to give this matter too much attention. To give you a brief version of it, I basically need some time away from tumblr because of irl issues, specifically health related stuff. My mind hasn’t been in the best place these past few weeks so I just figured it’d be best to deal with that outside of this blog ^^’

I suppose you can call this an indefinite hiatus, since I doubt I’ll be around for bangtan’s comeback (I’ll still support them though!) and I have exams right afterwards, so dealing with all this stuff plus exams will already be more than enough. I might return by november / december, but I’m not sure. Anyways, thank you for leaving me a message, it does mean a lot that you noticed my absence. And I’m already working on getting better so don’t worry too much about me! hope you’re okay and I will miss you too :)

Hopes for tomorrow’s DR3 ep:
-Juzo is alive, even if only for a moment, and Munakata tells him how much he means to him
-Hiro and Togami are alive and well, and they reunite with the other DR1 survivors (and mourn Kyoko)
-We get an update on the DRAE kids, including everyone’s (least?) favourite NEET
-We discover Ryota’s NG code and it’s something really central to the plot
-Toko and Komaru show up again (and join everyone in-person too??? pls??????)
-Junko either shows up in a flashback and/or her third and HOPEFULLY FINAL form