i wanna see my billie woah

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Full name: Billy Evans Castro

Gender: Femaaaale

Zodiac sign: Taurus, my b-day is the 16 of May if you wanna know (~w~)/

Crush (and why): oh, I have a REALLY BIIIIIIIIIIG CRUSH on Lysander 🙀 oh boi, where do I start… At first I thought he was a ghost… yeah, that’s very common when you first meet someone xD I was very curious about him, and some day he offered to help me with a class. Woah, you should see him talk about poetry, hes very passionate. Evenually I fell in love, I don’t know how, he’s very sweet and caring, and talented, and funny, and intelligent and patient and …

Favorite Color: Blue!

Favorite band/singer: I love jazz, and I love Bill Evans 

Favorite Food: Ramen!  ミ ゚Д゚彡

Last movie watched: Hidden Figures

Describes yourself in five words: funny, extroverted, hard-working, talkative, friendly

First Kiss: Once I met this guy in the beach… what was his name… Dake! I was soooooo bored and he showed up and offered me an ice-cream (lololol saying it like that it seems like I would go with any guy who offered me sweets xDD). He told me if I would like to go surfing and it seemed fun. By that time I had just moved to the city so I was kinda alone. He kissed me and it was okay, but I didn’t see him again so I forgot about that (the ice-cream was really good though)

Make a Wish just for yourself: I want to travel to space someday ~

Today’s clothes: