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Make fun of my kid? I'll get you back somehow.

So I am not sure if this belongs in @prorevenge, sense it wasn’t planned on my part. It kind of just fell in my lap. Feels more than petty, so here I am.

For a bit of background: My next door neighbor is/was a college student. She lives with our actual neighbor, her boyfriend. Typical crazy college kid. Weekend parties, drinking on her patio all hours of the night, and weird hours. You know the drill. I figured she was trying to experience college life, so why not? You do you lady!

Anyways one summer night last year she was sitting out on her back patio with her girlfriends doing their drunk thing. I am out wrapping up on some stuff with my toddler daughter. She at the time had a medical thing going on that caused her to walk a little weird. Nothing life altering and something that would heal with time. She did have a weeble waddle to her, especially when running. Sometimes she would fall right over. She was out running around with the dog and the ladies next door were waving and telling her how cute she was. All good.

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@sukikobold said:

I always want to see more acrobatic stuff with Raz. :)

It took awhile but here! Seriously, I love that there’s a plausible reason for Raz being so good at the platformer puzzles in Psychonauts. I wonder if he visits his family at the circus sometimes to perform super fancy stunts with some psychic abilities added in for extra showy-ness :’D My sister is also struggling through the Meat Circus level currently, and I couldn’t help drawing something for it Ovo;;; wish her luck

Also, kind of unrelated, I bet the Aquatos have circus animals. Like elephants. Or a tiger Raz has become really close with because one day he found out he could talk to her :’)

this is the only photo where there’s nothing drawn on it. the rest’s gonna be in the post

*tries to stay awake* I can finally say…My last prompt for the Lapidot Anniversary week is DONE ! It’s 2 AM, but …IT WAS WORTH IT. NOW LET’S BEGIN.

Now you’re probably wondering…

What the heck is this.

 I had another idea involving a selfie, but it was also involving asking my ex-roommate. Since I’m blue and he’s green it would have been easy…But he would have probably refused  and…well he doesn’t live here anymore. So I gave up huehue

Now lemme explain. I have a HUGE mineral collection and an awful lot of pets.

As you can see, i have several peridots and lapises (and it’s not even all of them- you’ll see later). And I…also have a small cinnamon rat called Steven - well, actually, Mordecai, but Steven is his other name cause I didn’t wanna choose-

“I think he saw me !!!”

He LOVES stealing my gemstones, especially my bracelets. I often takes photos of him with them (I also have a Sans with a aquamarine on his head buuut not for today). So I decided, for the Photo prompt, to take photos of him and make our favorite nerds interact with him.


I think Lapis is taking some…advantage of the situation…

And yes. Yes. He legit tried to eat the peridot. I had to take it because he wanted to flee with it.

Seems Peridot actually trust Rat Steven…

I first wanted to make stuff as detailed as this one but I had no time. So some of them are totally sketchy.

…Wait. I didn’t finish. I…didn’t introduce my mice !! 8D

Out of 5 mice. I have three females.

One day, I just showed the biggest one to my friends. A big, orange mouse, with a mark across her face. Since I showed her, all my friends calls her Jasper (she’s also a brute…so it’s actually perfect haha). Aaand.

The same hapenned to the two other mice.


I have two mice nicknamed “Lapis” (brown one) and “Peridot” (well..the one on the candle, also the smallest of the group). When I remembered this I immediatly took them out to take photos.

They’re extremely bonded (and I talk about all of them) but fun fact is that when I take one of these two out the other starts to follow hahaha.


actually she’s just trying to steal food but it’s still fun and cute

Yes, food because it took me a lot of time to take these photos but also a lot of mozarella so they’d stop randomly walking around on my desk.

yes Lap also tried to eat this bracelet…like wow i know it kinda looks like candy but wtf

“wth are you looking at you clod”

“spotted lmao”

And that’s. All. I could have put more picture and more detailed stuff but as I said before, I had no time.

In case you were wondering, the small rock are gifts from someone who found them near a volcano. There’s olivine on them~

And I didn’t buy the candles on purpose. I bought the blue one last year (there’s also some yellow on it :3) and I received the lime green one for my birthday (like the small bracelet, the olivines and the small lapis) last april and weeell seems it was the perfect moment <3 The decoration stayed like this since the day I took the photo, I…just find it beautiful like this. I just wear the bracelets but the rest never changed :’)

Well. I’m glad I’ve been part of this awesome event ! This relationship needed to be celebrated, these dorks are amazing and this ship doesn’t deserve all the stupid hate (which is weird because it’s also the most popular ?…). You can try and convince me but I will never change my mind about them. Peridot always looked to have a huge crush on Lapis to me, she just…looks like me when I like someone too much like it’s so obvious it looks like it’s written on the face XD

Now, I just need to add something to this huuuuuuge post: I talked about a cross over I made before the event. I will post it tomorrow ! Cuz I don’t know where it is and now I’m just gonna faint. I just wanted to post the last prompt before throwing myself in my bed.

Also Lapidot rules /o/ (and boop @lapidot-anniversary-week and @jenhedgehog …or @luclipse85 ? idk - hope it’s still ok to post now)

some lil javid moments in newsies live:
  • “you’re really good” aka the canon moment davey starts crushing on jack
  • when medda tells them to stay jack has a hand on davey’s shoulder and they both have hands on les’ shoulders like what a fucking family right there people
  • their need to get up in each other’s faces before world will know 
  • “you following me?” *jack immediately hides behind davey*
  • i really wished they chose a different angle for this moment but when jack says “you’re gonna wanna snap a picture of this!” he actually runs over to davey and it looks like grabs his shoulders but it cuts before u can tell
  • “Jack!” “I hear ya” before the main part of seize the day
  • them fighting wiesel’s guys together
  • davey’s face of relief when he sees jack in medda’s theatre
  • davey smacks jack on the ass with a newspaper in HD (2017) 
  • and he does this whilst saying one of the most iconic javid lines “there’s no escaping us pal, we’re inevitable”
  • not exactly little but in wwh reprise they changed the tone of davey and jack’s argument so it’s more angry/serious and just… that angst tho
  • davey pulling spot off jack when the fight breaks out in the rally
  • again not exactly little bc i never stfu about this but the Look Of Disappointment davey gives jack at the end of the rally and jack tries to call after him but davey runs off
  • that look of love davey gives jack when he says “it’s good to have you back”
  • all them glances in pulitzer’s office
  • jack looks so proud when davey says “so what does that make you?”
  • when roosevelt and jack shake hands and immediately he turns to davey like “omg ow”
  • when pulitzer asks to speak to jack alone you can hear davey say “i’m not-” and jack says “it’s okay” so i’m pretty sure davey is about to say “i’m not leaving you alone” or similar and honestly i cry  

So, I’m laying in bed, just kinda thinking, and I’m curious; what is cuddling really like? Like, can it be awkward or uncomfortable, or is it as good as people make it out to be? Maybe it gets hot too fast or you can’t stand staying in the same position for so long? Is it completely overhyped? I just really wanna know

Hi. I made a short Bangtan survey!

I wanna see if there’s a correlation between who you bias and who you ship, so, I made a very short survey. It’s only 3 questions and I’m looking to reach as many people as I can, so, please if you have 30 seconds, could you fill it in?

The survey is right here!

I’d really appreciate it if you reblogged this after filling it in as well, so I can reach even more people! Thank you ~ ♥

Saeran/UnknownXMC and vice versa.

The drawing application is getting so laggy it’s frustrating to use. Anyway, check it out, agree with me if you know Saeran needs some love! I wanna see more hearts from this guy rather than just a DLC one day. But this Choi twin is so cute, with looks so fragile but can actually kill you, cinnamon roll. Yes, before anyone can say, MC is not cannon MC but my OC.


Until next time!

  • Vic: About time! I called you ages ago.
  • Robert: I know. I'm sorry.
  • Chrissie: The baby's fine.
  • Lawrence: And Rebecca?
  • Chrissie: They're keeping her in over night. They think the cramps were due to stress. But they want to make sure. She said you can all go home. She needs to rest.
  • Ronnie: Don't you wanna see her first?
  • Lawrence: Doesn't sound like she wants me to. (they leave)
  • Robert: Come on. I knew it would be a waste of time.
  • Aaron: Definitely all right though, yeah?
  • Robert: She said so, didn't she? (they leave)

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm wanting to try making an animatic but I lost my tablet pen so I need to try using traditional. Do you happen to have any tips on making tradi-animatics? (Or maybe explain the proccess as well since I'm such a noob :'))

Well there’s like two ways I could go about this. What I usually do, since my animatics are usually in a chibi style is that I draw all the art necessary on as many pages of paper as possible. As you see below I have extra arms/hands and that’s so when I edit this digitally I can just edit that arm on an already existing picture to make a new gesture w/o me having to draw it. Once I have all the art done I then scan it all and edit it on the computer. On my Youtube (Niansue) I have art streams where I go about working on animatics and comics and then I also have a video where I put it all together so if you wanna see that it’s there~ 

As for another other way to do the animatics you could make it so 1 piece of paper = 1 frame. I would do this in my regular art style since it’s hard to put all the art needed on 1 page but I haven’t actually done any animatics this way as the amount of paper needed to be scanned is quite a lot and I’m already lazy as it is ;;=3=) Here’s a frame from a scraped project and while I’ll never finish it was still a nice experience to learn from~ 

Anyways hoped this helped you~ I know starting something you’re fairly new at can be super intimidating but this is all for fun so just do whatever and as long as you like it then you’re good lol 

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Hey i saw you ship l@ncelot? it makes me super uncomf so i was gonna unfollow but i really like your blog and you're really nice and seem cool so i don't wanna do that. would it be too much to ask for you to tag it if/when you post it? so i can blacklist?

djjdksksk yeah. i’m not gonna deny it, everyone’s shitting and hating on me already, so i mean! hashtag yolo amirite lads! antis hate me already anyway

of course i’ll tag it bc i absolutely understand why it makes some ppl uncomfortable!!!! trust me, a lot of….. stuff i see for it makes me uncomfortable, too. miss me w that noncon shit kdkdkdkddk. i probably won’t post much of it anyway because i know how anxious it makes some people !!

i’m pretty strict about tagging ships bc i know not everyone likes the same stuff and i want ppl to be able to avoid what they don’t wanna see!! it’s no trouble at all thank u so much for being understanding and it means a lot that you like my blog!! 💖


Kalvin - “I mean it. You go in. See your baby. Leave. You don’t talk to my wife, you don’t look at my kids. You got that?”

Lawrence - “I get it, you’re a tough guy. Enough talking. I wanna see my daughter.”

Kalvin - “You go in when I say you can go in! You step one toe out of line and I’ll pull the plug on this whole thing. That baby may be yours by blood, but in a court of law she’s mine. I can make sure this is the last time you ever see her. Don’t cross me again. I promise you’ll regret it.”

Lawrence - “Alright man, alright! We’re both heated here. I know you don’t have to let me be here and I really do appreciate it. Honest to God, I just wanna see my little girl.”


Sooooo. I miss my mermaid hair. I wanna go back, but I can’t pick a color (or colors) lol

I’ve had quite a few shades of blue and green and everything in-between (some of these pics might look like it’s the same color, but it’s not!), blue plus pink or purple, purple-ish, various shades of red and copper, white (that last one, even though you can’t really see), and a dark pink but I couldn’t find pic XD

Aaaanyway…. suggestions please? I don’t mind doing a couple of colors at once, but not things like rainbow hair and such cause they’re quite high-maintenance and I don’t have the time for that right now :/

(also most of these pics are terrible and/or old and not meant to be shared with the world, but they’re the ones in which the color was more clearly visible, so pls don’t judge me XD)

Penpal Application

Name: Julia
Age: 18 turning 19 on June 16
Location: Florida, United States
What type of craft you practice: green witchery, herbalism, tarot, runes
Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Herbs, art, music, crystals
Dislikes: Alcohol, mean people
Contact method: tumblr: wowitsjulia instagram: juliaextreme
You MUST state what type of communication you are looking for (someone to talk to on tumblr, text, or snailmail.
A photo of yourself (optional): on mobile so can’t put in a picture but check my Instagram juliaextreme if you wanna see pictures of me
Fun facts about yourself: I have my own small business called wildwood herbs, I love nature, I smoke sometimes, I’m very sensitive
What are you looking for in a pen pal? Someone to build a lasting friendship with, someone who will make witchy pocket letters, someone who will trade letters and herbs/ etc
Age/Gender/Location preference of your penpal: preferably female aged 18-22

  • Me: I wanna read this story/consume this media
  • Brain: ...But it makes you nervous.
  • Me: I wanna see it because it seems like it has some cool ideas, and people rave about it.
  • Brain: Understood, but it makes you anxious because you can't quite turn me off after you see it.
  • Me: It should be cool. If I keep seeing it, it won't impact me as much.
  • Brain: it only kind of works like that in circumstances that are not this one
  • Me: It'll be fine.
  • Brain: Sure.
  • Later :
  • Brain: so i'm gonna provide some very detailed retellings of all the things in that story that disturbed you
  • Me: I'll just, uh... get off the computer.
Hi I'm Kate

I still ship Klance, bacause I dont only see whats on the surface.

Im not forcing anyone to ship it, or forcing you to keep shipping it, because thats your decision.

I still love Voltron, and if you for some reason start to hate it because of its fandom and not because of the show. I’m sorry for saying this but that is just shallow.

Can we please let that blackmail thingy die down? Because honestly it wont be a big deal unless we make it a big deal.

Hi, once again I’m Kate and i will still be the same as i was before all of this happened.

Have a nice day. :) Oh and for anyone who might think I’m saying this because of Klance, honestly I support all ships but it cant be helped if I like one more than the other. Bye

@ask-bendyboo had found the studio!

“Come on, you never wanna see who it is! Can’t you allow yourself to meet one person besides me?”

“Starlight, you’re asking for me to set you on fire at this point. I told you a million times, mistakes like me shouldn’t be introduced to others. It’s better if my existence is kept between the two of us for as long as possible.”

“Aaaah, fine!” he vigorously waves his hands in front of his face, not willing to perish via burning. “I-I’ll leave you be then, see who it is myself…” The space demon sighed, leaving the room, calling out to whoever was around. “Hello? Is someone there?”

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I drew Fanart for this but it was in Furry style because I can't draw humans ;u; would you still wanna see it or should I keep it locked away-

(( i dont care if it’s pony, furry, alien, fuck even building styled, it’s art! And you actually spent time and effort into it! SHOW ME!

ok. oof. ive had some time to mellow out and im so sorry for worrying everyone. (really- it was wrong of me to put myself out there like that and be so damn dramatic)

 thank you all so much for your support. i know my issue is i just kinda gotta slow down sometimes. and i cant just. pretend to be perfectly mentally on top of shit when im not. and maybe i cant always be at 100% when im tackling an issue and thats gonna affect what i do.

im gonna work on it and do my best to do better. i dont wanna jerk everyones emotions around. i want to be a positive influence and a good friend. im gonna be chill for real. and i still want to be here. but i still may have to evaluate how i go about things on here, and between people, and all that to see where i can do better.

sorry guys. you’re all fantastic. 🐊

uhhhh so yeah