i wanna see him wearing his glasses now

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Isak wears glasses, but he gets embarrassed to wear them because all of his friends who had glasses got contacts. But he wears them at home when it's just him and Even because Even tells him he looks cute and always kisses his forehead when he sees them. He's thinking that maybe now he'll start wearing them to school when he wakes up too late to put on his contacts.


the shape of your words

summary: “Oh, you beautiful bastard,” she said, grinning. “You amazing, beautiful bastard.”
fandom: boku no hero academia
pairing(s): bakugou katsuki/uraraka ochako.
character(s): bakugou katsuki, uraraka ochako, midoriya izuku, iida tenya, kirishima eijirou, and todoroki shouto.
words: 3.7k
warning(s): things you said meme, time range: school years until mid-20s.
notes: in the midst of midoriya/uraraka, i made this. SORRY. (not sorry. well, probably because other things.) also posted on ao3

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i’m not sure about everyone else, but i personally am in some dire need of happiness and peace.  being a louis girl, louis gives me this happiness i am so in need of and after this happened…

well.  can you blame me that the first thing i thought of was to make a glasses!louis post?  

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panicking during yours and Jackson's wedding ? c: and the rest of the members are trying to calm you down ~ love you ^ ^

“Baby, please! Just let me–”

“I swear to GOD, Jackson Wang if you even lay one finger nail on that doorknob this wedding is off!”

Silence followed your statement. You were breathing hard, while your mom was helping you with your veil that refused to stay on. Your sister, the made of honor, was wiping at your eyes with a tissue to keep your tears from ruining your make up.

“Wow, I don’t think he’s ever been that silent in his life.” Jr chuckled from his seat by the vanity. He was poking and prodding at the things on there. JB was sitting on the couch while Mark stood against the wall next to the door that your fiance was on the other side of.

“Jackson, you still alive out there?” Mark knocked on the door to try and get a response.

“Idiot! Don’t touch the door! My wedding is at stake!”

“Idiot?!” Mark exclaimed and looked at you. “___-ah, you know you can still get out of this. I know a guy that would be better for you than even Jackson.”

“Mark I’ll kill you! Baby don’t listen to him! There’s no one better than me!" You sniffle and look down at the floor letting your sister continue to wipe your tears. "Why is she quiet? You’re not really thinking about it are you?”

“She’s just crying, calm down.”

“Crying?? Baby, I don’t care, I’m coming in–”

“Jackson, stop!” You looked at the door in fear as he tried opening it. You shot a look to Mark and he motioned for JB to help him block the door. “If you see me in my dress our marriage could be over before it even begins! Do you want that?”

“Baby, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I just wanna know why you’re crying…do you not want to marry me?”

“No, that’s not it!”

“Then what is it?”

“…my flower girl is sick in the bathroom, the stylist messed up my hair which thanks to that my veil won’t stay on my head, I lost one of my contacts so now I have to wear my glasses…everything is just a mess.”

You could hear his loud hyena laugh from the other side of the door. “Is that all? Baby, those things are okay. I mean, your niece being sick isn’t, but they’re all things we can fix. Please don’t be sad. And don’t cry in there where I can’t come to you. Don’t cry where I can’t be with you.”

“What kind of drama is this…” Jr snorted, earning a glare from you.

“Now stop crying, this is your wedding day. You should be happy. At least I hope you’re happy. I know I am. Today’s the first day of the rest of my life with the woman I love most. And do you know who that is?”

You hadn’t noticed you had moved closer to the door until you had your head against it and was smiling to yourself. You looked down at your shoes, feeling embarrassed to be causing so much commotion. “I’m sorry, Jackson. I’m being really silly.”

“Silly or not, you’re mines now and forever. So hurry up and I’ll meet you at the alter in ten, alright?”

“You promise?”


“Alright! Let’s get this show on the road!” You left the door and walked back to your mother letting her put the finishing touches on you. The guys walked out letting you get ready as they met up with Jackson in the hall to begin the ceremony.

~ Ariel
I had too much fun writing this lol