i wanna see him wearing his glasses now

Preference 10: How You First Met


“Girl…help meeeee.” I hurriedly texted my best friend y/bff/n while sitting uncomfortably on a Starbucks couch.

I think this guy is checking me out and I don’t know what to doooooo”

Seriously, a guy just across me is looking at me head to foot. He was currently drinking, what–, a Chai Latte and surrounded with three other boys. I wasn’t really into these kind of things, like, those things were the guy checks you out and then he winks and you wink at him as well and then you bite your lip and then he signals you to come over so you make a move by going up to him while swaying your hips and then sitting on his lap then you ask him if he wants something to eat but then he refuses because he would most likely to eat you instea–


From: y/bff/n
“Oh…poor wittle y/n, scared to go up to boys…I bet he’s cute.”

I rolled my eyes. I mean, he’s kinda cute with his gray knitted beanie on his fluffy soft hair and stuff– *bzzz-bzzz*

From: y/bff/n
You can go up to him, ya know. No one’s really stopping you y/n. And I bet you like him too. You’re just not admitting it because you want to keep this ‘innocent’ personality still in you. Cmon girl, go get him.”

To: y/bff/n
“I mean…sure I guess. I’ll try. But don’t laugh at me if I mess up something!”

Without thinking furthermore, I stood up, stuffed my phone into my purse and–UGGHF

I was being pushed back into the couch.

Excuse m–oh.”

“What took you so long? I’ve been sending you these signs  that I’m interested in you and you still don’t get it?” He chuckles, he reached out his hands and I slowly accepted it, “m’Connor, by the way.”

“Uh…yeah, sorry, well um…h-hi! I’m Y/N.”


Well would you look at that.
How am I now supposed to go back to my apartment when– “

Great. So now people are looking at me like I’m deadass dumb.

I mumbled a little ‘sorry’ and kinda walked into a nearby restaurant. I was so pissed that I actually thought I was walking inside my apartment already. I lazily sat on the chair in a booth and settled myself on it. I let out a deep sigh and cursed, “Fu***ing rain.”

“Uh…excuse me miss?”

I nearly jumped the soul out of me. I wasn’t alone in this booth. “Who…what…I thought I was… wait.” I let out a stressful sigh. I can’t even look at this person on how ashamed I was. It’s even a guy, oh god. “Look,” I said while my head was resting at the palm of both of my hands. “Sorry for invading your, probably peaceful time here until I just showed up. Sorry for cursing, sorry for just–”

“No, no, stop. It’s alright.”

Without me noticing (which is probably what he wanted me to do), he grabbed both of my hand in his and took it away from my face. I looked up at him, and already saw his sparkling brown eyes fixed on mine. He sweetly smiled like nothing just happened. “You shouldn’t really be swearing too much in this place. Look at how quiet it is in here.”  He softly said. I turned my head to look around, and he was correct. Everything’s quite peaceful right now. I let out a little laugh, “Yeah..uh, well, you’re correct then.”

Then there was this silence between just the two of us. He was still staring at me and I was still staring at him. None of us had a problem with it, as well. “Your eyes are gorgeous.” he suddenly spoke. My eyes widen as the words repeated over and over my head. Yours are beautiful as–

Yours are beautiful as well.” 

Just mentally slapped myself.

The guy chuckled, noticing what just happened. He lifted his hand on the table for me to shake, “I’m Brad, by the way.”


“Would you believe it that we just gave each other compliments without even knowing what each other’s names were?” He said while scoffing. 

I replied, “Would you believe that I just sat here in this table like no one was here and just cursed in front of your face?” He laughed in response which made me laugh as well. This is gonna be a fresh start, isn’t it?


You were interviewing The Vamps. 

The Vamps.

You were such a big fan of them, and you were also there from the beginning. You watched their covers, went to their gigs and concerts, and you also got some merchandise from them as well. But of course, you didn’t worse them today because you thought It’ll be awkward. 

As the boys stepped into the white room with four leather chairs, you immediately stood up and walked over to them (without squealing in front of their faces).

“Good morning boys! My name is Y/N and I’ll be interviewing you today…if you don’t mind.” You tried to say smartly, but you were only wearing a grey sweater and skinny jeans…so not very approving to the ‘tried to say smartly” thing. Good thing the crew actually approved you wearing it. 

In surprise, they also greeted you happily and excitedly, like they really want to be interviewed at 10:00 AM. Plus, they’ve been interviewed three times today.

The interview was going on pretty smoothly and nicely. You asked them about their up coming album, their single ‘All Night’, and you kinda played some little games as well. But you couldn’t help but think why was Tristan keep looking at you? You scoffed on what you just thought. Of course they were all looking at you, because you’re the interviewer for god’s sake. But with him is…different. He was staring at you top to bottom, more like he’s checking you out (keep in mind that you were just wearing a sweatshirt and skinny jeans). 

When he was the one answering your question, he was deeply looking at your soul…more like. You were trying to avoid his gaze, but sometimes he catchers you looking at him, which made him smirk every time. Is this really happening right now?

“Thanks guys for spending a little time with us!” You finally said after the camera turned off and the interview was finished. “Thank you for having us!” Tristan said first, before any of the boys, with a wink.  Tristan Evans just winked at me.

After you all said your goodbyes and thanks, you escorted them outside the room and held the door open for them. Tristan was so close to you that you were afraid that he can feel you breathe heavily. He placed his lips close to your ears before saying, 

“We just went to three different interviews earlier, with three different interviewers. But I think I should ask you a question now. 

Hang out with me?”


Aloha Daniel.”

Well aloha to you too, Oliver Vance.”

Okay, I now regret saying that. Oliver Vance alone sounds terrible.”

Agreed. What’s up?”

Oh right, so me and the boys are gonna go shopping today (not the girly kind of ‘shopping’). Wanna join? We’re gonna pick out a new guitar for Bradley as well.

James sighed. It was one of those days again.

Ugh, can’t rn dude. I’m in the place.”

Seriously dude. You keep going to that place like you’re some kind of a little schoolgirl! Nah, just kidding. You can do whatever you want. See you soon then.”

I was really expecting that you’ll say that, haha. ttyl.”


This wan’t really the first time he’d turn them down. James really just liked to, sometimes, go on a place where he can be quiet and without people bothering him too much. This guy’s a cheesy one, and he isn’t afraid to show it either.

As he stepped into his local library, he wrote his name and signed on a paper which has a sign above saying Sign In Here and greeted Mrs. Menchavez, the librarian. “G’morning Mrs. Menchavez.” James half whispered. The library was so freakishly quiet that you can hear someone tapping his nails on a wooden table. “Good morning to you too, James. Fourth time this week, eh?” James chuckled, “No regrets.”

“Do you have any new books today? Kinda running out on my list.” 

“Oh, yeah! We do have some new stuff. It was just delivered earlier this morning. I thought you’ll like it.” Mrs. Menchavez gave him a book which was called *open to interpretation*. “Thank you! I’ve heard things about this one, actually. I’ll be heading now.” “Okay, enjoy the book!” As he was about to go to his usual spot, Mrs. Menchavez grabbed his arm and pulled him back. “Mrs. Menchavez what are you–’

“I wanna tell you something, 

See that girl over there?” She pointed over the corner of the room. My eyes landed to this girl, wearing a plain white tee, tucked in a black skater skirt, black ankle boots, and a  pair of black reading glasses which frames her whole eye-area. “Yeah…she’s really pretty.” I whispered. After I said that I mentally slapped myself. I hope Mrs. Menchavez didn’t hear it–

“She’s new here in the library–” Phew.

–and since everyone knows each other well here, I wanted you two to get along as well.” My heart just jumped in excitement.

“Sure, yeah! I’ll go.”


Your POV

“Good morning Ms. You don’t  mind if I sit right here, yeah?” A male’s voice suddenly spoke which made me jump a little. I placed down my book at my lap, but still didn’t look at who was speaking. “Y-yeah.” 

Why did my voice cracked. Now it will be even more awkward for me to look at him.

The guy now sat at the seat in front of me and now I was really getting curious. So i slowly lifted my head up, to meet a pair of ocean eyes, quiff hair, and a sweet, breath-taking smile. “I’m James, nice to meet you.”


“So you’re new to this place?” ‘James’ said as he mentioned the library while looking around. “Yeah, I actually didn’t know there was a library here just a few blocks from my home.” I started to get comfortable with this person. He seems very kind and genuine…and very handsome as well, ngl.

You know what, good thing I ditched my friends just to be here.” You were a bit shocked. Normally guys would probably choose to go hang out with his friends rather than going to a library. “What?! Why?” You said while smiling with a bit of laughter here and there. Then he didn’t answer my question for a moment. He just smiled at me.

“Because…” He began,

“Because…what?” I said impatiently.

“Because then I won’t have the chance to meet you.” 


Anyways guys I watched Moana at the theaters a while back and literally died thx. 

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the shape of your words

summary: “Oh, you beautiful bastard,” she said, grinning. “You amazing, beautiful bastard.”
fandom: boku no hero academia
pairing(s): bakugou katsuki/uraraka ochako.
character(s): bakugou katsuki, uraraka ochako, midoriya izuku, iida tenya, kirishima eijirou, and todoroki shouto.
words: 3.7k
warning(s): things you said meme, time range: school years until mid-20s.
notes: in the midst of midoriya/uraraka, i made this. SORRY. (not sorry. well, probably because other things.) also posted on ao3

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i’m not sure about everyone else, but i personally am in some dire need of happiness and peace.  being a louis girl, louis gives me this happiness i am so in need of and after this happened…

well.  can you blame me that the first thing i thought of was to make a glasses!louis post?  

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***Spoilers! Do not read if you do not keep up with the Durarara Light Novel.*

I wanted to compile the things we know about Mikado in Durarara!!SH. Please add to this if you have additional information.

•A year and a half has gone by since the events in Durarara
•Mikado was held back one year due to his coma (making him a senior in the same grade (and class?) as Aoba.
•He’s dating Anri Sonohara
•He’s still friendly with Aoba
•He’s no longer the leader of the Blue Squares (And neither is Aoba)
•He wears glasses now.
•Apparently he can see his cell phone just fine without glasses.

Side note: Mikado appears to have become more sinister looking from this picture. This is the only image of his face in SH, yet I’ve never seen such a mysterious look on Mikado’s face. Even before SH, Mikado always had a bright, cheerful, and innocent smile. It looks like Mikado is still plotting something and I’m interested in seeing more from him.

puckingaces  asked:

h/c that jason read so much in the manor during his robin days (despite alfred always telling him to rest his eyes because 'come on al! just ten more minutes i wanna see how it ends' and then its 4 am in the morning and jason. forgot to sleep) that he had to wear glasses and that was fixed after his dip in the pit but after jay started to fix his relationship with the fam, his vision got messed up again since he has access to the library again and can reach the books on the the top shelf now

imagine jason struggling as robin because he can’t see and he can’t really wear glasses so bruce teaches him how to wear lenses only when he’s robin though. 

jason being too shy about wearing his glasses in public so bruce wears glasses as well.

imayshahai  asked:

panicking during yours and Jackson's wedding ? c: and the rest of the members are trying to calm you down ~ love you ^ ^

“Baby, please! Just let me–”

“I swear to GOD, Jackson Wang if you even lay one finger nail on that doorknob this wedding is off!”

Silence followed your statement. You were breathing hard, while your mom was helping you with your veil that refused to stay on. Your sister, the made of honor, was wiping at your eyes with a tissue to keep your tears from ruining your make up.

“Wow, I don’t think he’s ever been that silent in his life.” Jr chuckled from his seat by the vanity. He was poking and prodding at the things on there. JB was sitting on the couch while Mark stood against the wall next to the door that your fiance was on the other side of.

“Jackson, you still alive out there?” Mark knocked on the door to try and get a response.

“Idiot! Don’t touch the door! My wedding is at stake!”

“Idiot?!” Mark exclaimed and looked at you. “___-ah, you know you can still get out of this. I know a guy that would be better for you than even Jackson.”

“Mark I’ll kill you! Baby don’t listen to him! There’s no one better than me!" You sniffle and look down at the floor letting your sister continue to wipe your tears. "Why is she quiet? You’re not really thinking about it are you?”

“She’s just crying, calm down.”

“Crying?? Baby, I don’t care, I’m coming in–”

“Jackson, stop!” You looked at the door in fear as he tried opening it. You shot a look to Mark and he motioned for JB to help him block the door. “If you see me in my dress our marriage could be over before it even begins! Do you want that?”

“Baby, I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I just wanna know why you’re crying…do you not want to marry me?”

“No, that’s not it!”

“Then what is it?”

“…my flower girl is sick in the bathroom, the stylist messed up my hair which thanks to that my veil won’t stay on my head, I lost one of my contacts so now I have to wear my glasses…everything is just a mess.”

You could hear his loud hyena laugh from the other side of the door. “Is that all? Baby, those things are okay. I mean, your niece being sick isn’t, but they’re all things we can fix. Please don’t be sad. And don’t cry in there where I can’t come to you. Don’t cry where I can’t be with you.”

“What kind of drama is this…” Jr snorted, earning a glare from you.

“Now stop crying, this is your wedding day. You should be happy. At least I hope you’re happy. I know I am. Today’s the first day of the rest of my life with the woman I love most. And do you know who that is?”

You hadn’t noticed you had moved closer to the door until you had your head against it and was smiling to yourself. You looked down at your shoes, feeling embarrassed to be causing so much commotion. “I’m sorry, Jackson. I’m being really silly.”

“Silly or not, you’re mines now and forever. So hurry up and I’ll meet you at the alter in ten, alright?”

“You promise?”


“Alright! Let’s get this show on the road!” You left the door and walked back to your mother letting her put the finishing touches on you. The guys walked out letting you get ready as they met up with Jackson in the hall to begin the ceremony.

~ Ariel
I had too much fun writing this lol