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Dark Protector

YAY! Another Darkiplier fic! 

Fic request: 
“Can I have another Darkiplier Fic? Some fluff. Where like, reader is being bullied and Dark kind of sees it happens and threatens them maybe. It’s okay if you don’t wanna do it. <3”

I wrote this so the reader was a high-schooler and Dark is a friend. Hope thats ok! 

Hope you enjoy!

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You rarely lied to him. He hated liars, and you were one of the few that refused him the truth. 
But something has been wearing you down. Tearing at the sides of your mind and turning your smile into a soft line. 
When he asked you to tell him what it was that was hurting you, you had simply replied with, 
“It’s nothing, Dark. I’m just tired.” 
That simple lie turned his uncertainty into anger.
There was defiantly something wrong. 
And Dark took it upon himself to find out what. It was lucky he did, because on the day he trailed your daily schedule to school, he witnessed something that made his blood boil. 
“Hey, look there’s the weirdo!” A group chuckled as you approached. Their eyes sneering. “What? Not going to say hello?”
You shouldered your bag and continued inside. As you passed them, one flicked out their foot, catching your shoe and making you trip. You caught yourself before stumbling to the dirt, but Dark could see the frustration flash in your eyes. 
For a moment, he thought you were going to say something. But the group turned to you, sensing the same thing. 
You shook your head, defeated, you stormed away with your shoulders slouched and the group laughed, hooting and scoffing. 
Dark retreated back as more students filed into the school. He kept near the school, watching from within the shadows as your day unfolded. 
The group harassed you whenever you crossed their path. Dark noticed how you rounded corners quickly, taking the long paths to your classes just to avoid them. 

Dark barely contained his anger when the group forced you into the “out of order” bathrooms and locked you inside. They had followed you from the school, cutting through the park you walk through to surround you.
They took your bag and fled as soon as you started banging on the doors. Sniggering, mocking your pleas of release.
Dark waited till the little pests disappeared before stepping into the rest-room. 
He sneered at the place, finding the smell disgusting and the cleanliness unsightly. A type of slime covered the floor, spilling from a clogged toilet with another “out of order” sign.
Dark approached the stall you were stuck in and tore the wooden door off it’s hinges. 
You jumped back in shock. Tears stained your eyes and you hastily wiped them away. 
“Dark? What are you doing here?” You asked. 
“Getting you out of this ungodly place,” Dark replied, throwing the broken door down in disgust. “Come on, I’m taking you home.” 
“Dark, did you follow me-” Dark cut you off by walking out of the rest-room.
He dusted off his suit as if he was riding the stench from the shiny fabric. His lips curled and he smoothed down the jacket as you exited the bathrooms. 
“They took my bag,” You said quietly. Too ashamed, hurt, to speak. 
Dark allowed his eyes to soften for a moment, but they were fueled by his anger as you wiped away a stray tear. 
“How long have they been harassing you?” Dark asked, “And don’t lie to me, (Y/N). I’ve had enough of your lies.” 
You fidgeted with your shirt, unable to look Dark in the eye. “A few months. This…This isn’t the first time they’ve locked me in something. Last time it was a locker.” 
Dark’s head twitched, but he breathed deeply, halting the movement before it escalated. 
“Do you know where they went?” Dark asked, his fingers curling. 
“They usually hang out by the bridge,” You told him. “Wait! Dark don’t hurt them!” 

Dark had already disappeared. 
He reappeared by a river, a stone bridge crossing it’s width. And leaning against the stone railing was the group of bullies. 
Dark approached them, setting a kind smile on his face. The first to notice him found nothing friendly about his smile. It was angry, predatory. 
“Which one of you took (Y/N)’s bag?” Dark asked when he was close enough. 
The leader stood forward, producing your bag in his hand. 
“I did, what of it?” He asked with a challenging grin. 
“I want it back,” Dark said. He lifted his hand, palm up and waited for the imbecile to give it to him. 
The boy scoffed and, with a flick of his arm, threw the bag over the side of the bridge and into the water. 
“Go get it, weirdo,” The boy laughed. 
Dark sighed and he moved in a blur. His hand took the front of the kid’s shirt and he lifted him into the air. 
Now, the bully dangled over the side of bridge, his feet kicking wildly as he screamed. 
“How about, you help me out and get it yourself.” Dark snarled. His fist opened and the boy plummeted into the water. 
Dark turned to the rest of the group, his eyes completely black and his head jerking. 
“As for the rest of you,” His voice crackled, a rumble that split mid-word. “You ever treat (Y/N) with anything less than the respect they deserve, I will personally see to your education!” 
The bridge trembled under their feet and Dark’s teeth flashed in a feral snarl. The group cowered before him. Paled and terrified. Dark stepped forward and in that space of a stride, the group sprinted away. Yelling apologizes and pleaing. 

You rounded the corner, just coming into view of the bridge as the group fled from Dark.
They were unharmed, but by the look on their faces, Dark might as well harmed them.
In the river, you saw the last bully climb the river-bed with your soaking bag in hand.
His whole body trembled as he approached Dark with your bag outstretched towards him.
“P-Please don’t hurt me,” The bully begged. Dark took your bag and his mouth twisted in a wicked smile.
“How fast can you run?” He asked, the air around him becoming heavy with pressure.
The boy whirled, stumbling over his own shoes in his haste to get away. Dark didn’t move until the bully had disappeared and you had stepped onto the path towards him. 
“Thank you,” You said, taking the bag. 
“Next time, my dear,” Dark purred. “Tell me when you’re being shoved around. I’ll be sure to put those insects in their place.”

(Sorry it’s so long)

I have a question/request/ challenge. There are some seriously talented as hell editors in this fandom, everybody always giving marinette different haircuts and the what not. 

I’m wondering it if would even be possible for someone to do on of those edits with Nino where he actually has the fanon hair that everyone draws him with ( @tides-miraculous started it). there is like one scene where his hat is off. do you think somebody would actually be able to give him fanon hair? where its even just SLIGHTLY shaggier and not lame like his canon hair? #sorrynino

everybody tag your favorite editors, im curious to see if someone could do it i would love to see it.

(EDIT: an edit of his hair sorta shaggy under his hat brim, also 100 percent okay with me. I just wanna see 3d animated nino with fandom hair. please??)

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hey togami my friends wanna know if you have daddy kink because how you act personal i dont think you do but hey better safe than sorry

Firstly I don’t see why you would say this idiom for such a thing since it doesn’t concern you. Secondly, as I said, it doesn’t concern you so I’m failing to see why you would even ask such a thing to someone you don’t know. Were you raised in a barn?

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they just remind me of Spongebob and Patrick, it suits pretty well

Ink by @comyet

Error by @loverofpiggies

(i guess idea might be a little inspired by @puffrisk (??))

I thought Misha was going to spread love?

All he does is bash Donald Trump, and anyone involved in politics. He spends more time posting negativity than he does spreading love like he talked about doing when Hillary lost. I love the dude, but he is acting like a major sore loser. I have seen more negativity and hate from him than I have from Trump voters, or even other Hillary supporters.

Practice what you preach, you know? Be the change you wanna see? I don’t know.

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Ok so imagine that Keith and Lance both save Shiro together and after Shiro and Keith hug and talk alone. It's understandable for Lance because they both care a lot about each other, but he just feels so out of place and envious of that connection.

I love this, I just wanna say that before I add more. 

And now imagine, that the same thing happens to Lance. Everyone rushes to save him, they all give him hugs, and smile, and pat his back, but no one talks to him. No one wants to be alone with him. Hunk wants to hang with Pidge, Coran and Allura are doing something on the ship, and Keith and Shiro? Talking like always. So he goes and rests on the planet they’re in for awhile. He doesn’t really want to gp back. 

Out of the corner of his eyes, he sees someone. Its a galra, but a strange one. He has long white hair. This strange Galra talks to him, makes him feel better, makes him feel wanted in the first time in forever. He says that he would like too know more about  Lance. So Lance tells him. 

He doesn’t know that Keith is looking for him. He doesn’t know that Keith is searching for him. He doesn’t know that Keith has alerted the others that lance is gone. All he knows is that Keith finds him and the Galra, and yells at him. 

Lance doesn’t want to fight. Lance just wants to let go. But the Galra wants a fight, he yells at Keith for talking to Lance that way. He defends Lance too a T. When Keith starts telling off Lance for hanging out with him, Lance loses it. All that fire comes back, “Because ALL Galra are evil, aren’t they Keith?!”

He goes off, saying how the team doesn’t actually need him. How Keith and Shiro have each other, and Hunk and Pidge got one another, how Allura never liked him, and how Coran probably felt the same. He snaps. Utterly and compltely. And he cries, and the Galra catches him as he falls, comforting him. 

Keith is horrified. He made Lance cry. Lance, however, doesn’t want to deal with any of this. The Galra caries him back to the castle, much to everyone’s disapproval, Keith in toe. They need to talk about this. All of them needed to talk about this. 

The Galra introduces himself as Lotor once Lance is asleep in his bed. 

Stefán: [reading the text on the car] The travel agency that will change your life. Hey, we have to find out what their phone number is.

Steinunn: Oh, why?

Stefán: Because.

Steinunn: What do you mean?

Stefán. Because, I wanna try to get their number, a travel agency that changes my life, I have cancer, I’m gonna call them and ask ‘do you have trips for people like me?’ [laughs]

#ok i wanna talk about bellamy blake in this scene #look at his little smile #and his shock #the time it took to process and accept that someone #THANKED HIM #bellamy blake cannot believe that someone thanked him #cause he never once in his life got that #he thought it was his responsibility #to take care of his sister #of his people #and he gave #and he gave #and he gave #till there was nothing left #and never expected anything #and here comes clarke #who always sees him #and she thanks him #and do you see his face #he is trying to accept this thanks #cause he thinks he doesn’t deserve it #BUT MAYBE FOR A MOMENT THERE #for just a tiny moment #bellamy blake thought he deserved it #cause for once he managed to keep someone alive #this smol, fierce, as broken as he is girl #that always manages to get under his armor


Look at your face… Yes, that’s the face I wanted to see.

Your heart’s racing, no? I can see your hands shaking…haha…


That’s his story. You wanna hear mine? Hmm? FP was a mess. He was stealing from the company and selling stuff on the side. All things considered, I was pretty generous. [So generous you didn’t give him a second chance?] Of course I did! You have no idea how many times I bailed that man out of jail. Son … when someone is drowning, you can try to save them.

am sorry am just having a proud moment remembering when GD hurt his ankle and yet he didn’t postpone any show and did all his concerts on a cane and barely dancing but serving vocals and quality performance and everybody came to see him


he was literally using a cane

and got his men with him who came to support him

and he gave his all and did his choreography sitting…

and oh yes, all his concerts were totally sold out with a huge success

i hope to have even a bit of the success and respect he has in my career.