i wanna see him do this

okay but the other thing i loved about this was seeing all the vocal stuff harry does during it? singing the “wanna die” part from only angel and singing the “da da da da da da” part in woman during the instrumentals and going up the octave in esny and the falsetto in ftdt and the numerous note changes he did throughout mmith like when he went high on “thieves” or “hallwaaAaAy” or “doooOOoOo” or like when he went high on “and maybe we’ll work it…” …. im missing a lot of moments here but my point is seeing him play with his sounds and do changes and all that like… he has soo much talent and understanding with music and vocally he’s so strong it’s really fucking impressive


“Don’t worry about me.”

A “langst” comic I was doing a while ago, but idk if I’m gonna finish it so I just wanna post what I have.

If it isn’t clear enough, Lance is like fed up with a team decision or smth, and when allura runs after him he accidentally refers to her by his sisters name. My like personal dream is for Lance to see allura more like a sister instead of a romantic love interest, and to find comfort in having someone in space that reminds him of home, and the people waiting for him back on earth.

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Am I the only one who gets really turned on just by thinking about how strong Bucky is?

Omg I do, too!

I just wanna see a clip of him lifting something big in infinity war. 😩 he could probably throw me like a javelin

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Can you please stop acting like a teenager with your PDA reblogs with your bf. Text him like a normal couple. We don't need to see every single thing you guys talk about. I'd prefer to not have to scroll through 8 times.

Lmao “acting like a teenager”

I think I’ll continue posting how I want and interacting with my boyfriend if I want. Because this is my blog and if you don’t like it, feel free to click that unfollow. 😊

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Had a weird dream last night that I was at work, but I was in a park and it was all green and summery. Just as I was about to leave for my lunch break, Mark Hamill rolls up on a bicycle all like “Hey don’t go quite yet I wanna watch something with you!”

And so obviously I’m just like “Of course, Mark Hamill, anything for you.”

So we sit down on the bench and he pulls out a laptop and puts on Terminator 2 and says we need to watch it to see his cameo in the film.

And about halfway through I”m just like “Mark you’re not in this movie…” and he shushes me, laughs and says “No no no just wait until the end!“

so we do, we watch T2 to completion with no sign of him and then he just gets up and says “Yeah you were right I’m not in this movie I was just trying to hide from some people for a while, thanks for being a good sport though.“ and rides away.

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do you have like a must-read and/or introduction-ish list for luke fox? i really wanna read up on him but idk where to start

sure!!!!! if u wanna read all his appearances u can just go on the dcwiki and see appearances and for it to show it on a list and it’ll be there. 

  • batwing (he appears in #19 and takes over as the titular character )
  • batman eternal (he appears on-and-off!)
  • detective comics #943 - onwards

those r the key ones, he’s appeared in batgirl n52, rebirth rhato and rebirth bop (in the latter it was just a super small appearance tho like one panel only) plus a bunch of others.. again if u want the full list the wiki has it all.

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Uhm, do you take request for Itachi? If so, could you do Itachi as a boyfriend headcanons? Pretty please?

Itachi’s my fave, of course I do requests for him! I also particularly love trans man Itachi so if any of you wanna see headcanons and stuff for trans Itachi, send them my way!

  • So with Itachi, don’t expect a lot of PDA. He’s not as comfortable with doing anything remotely affectionate in public. Maybe a hand hold, maybe a quick cheek kiss? But nothing extreme like kissing/making out.
  • Very introverted so a lot of dates with him would be inside or private ones. Staying at his place to watch movies, read books, eat dinner, that kinda stuff. Going to the cafe at non-busy hours is also a favorite date of his.
  • He’s quiet, and he likes quiet. Again, being introverted affects a lot of his decisions as a person, so he’d be most comfortable with someone who respected his wishes to have a quiet, peaceful atmosphere and environment.
  • Devoted as hell, though. Once he’s realized he loves someone, there’s really no going back for him. 
  • He does listen to his s/o, he knows what they like and what they don’t, makes sure to gift them things they’d really enjoy and give them the right kind of snacks they crave. 
  • When in private, he can be more loving. Cuddling, hugging, sleeping together (sexually and non sexually), kissing, etc, expect a lot of that when no one’s looking at him and his s/o. 

-Mod Jack

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1. Okay imagine. Thanksgiving dinner with the family, and every time you go to the restroom you text Sebastian things you wanna do to him when you get back. When you are in the kitchen with your mom, you see Sebastian headed to the restroom and smile a bit to yourself. You feel your phone vibrate in your back pocket, and your older sister grabs it. “You got a text love.” You never turned around so fast in your life. “Oh I can get it!” You reach for it and she backs up and opens it. “Holy shit.”

2. Her eyes got so big, and she looked at you in shock slowly handing your phone back. You grasp it, and you can feel your face get hot and everyone is looking at you. Your mom touches your shoulder. “What is it girls?” Your sister puts on a smile looking at you for a lie. “Oh, mom it’s nothing.” She gives you an worried look, but decides to leave it. Your sister grabbing your arm and dragging you to the hall. “WHY THE HELL IS HE-“ You slapped a hand over her mouth so fast, she started to fall

3. back. “Because we haven’t done anything over a month now, since Work has been time consuming. We are always too tired, tonight and tomorrow are our only nights off.” She gives you and understanding look, with a hint of sympathy for your sexual frustrations. “Oh, well uhm. Congrats for that lovely gem, also known as his huge cock.” As she said that Sebastian looked at you from behind her in fear. You wanted to kill your sister in that moment. She just patted your back and left you in the hall.

4. “Did your sister?” You facepalmed “yes. Yes she did.” He just looked at the floor with a blush spread across his face. “Oops, I thought you had your phone.” You grab his hand and hold it. “I did, but that won’t stop my sister from stealing it from me. She’s always been quite nosey.” He giggles a bit looking at you. “It’s okay doll, I just thought you’d be more worried.” He raps his arms around your waist “Why would I be?”

5. “Well because your sister saw my apparently ‘Huge cock.’ and is probably enjoying the thought of it.” You slap his shoulder and back away. “Shut up Seb, her husbands got her taken care of. Trust. Me.” He looks at you in confusion before he has a realization of what you mean. “You mean-“ you laugh and walk back to the kitchen. “Yup!”

Omg this had me screeching!! I loved this so much!

I’d have to kill my sis fam like I can’t let her keep going after that BECAUSE SHE’S A SUPER THOT. 

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How do u feel abt ppl drawing their self insert/oc w ur rick...

I -encourage- it!!! If you wanna draw or write a self insert/oc insert with my Rick C-886, DO IT. The only thing I ask is SHOW ME I WANNA SEE X3 ❤❤❤
“Why?” you may ask, that I want to see my Rick with everyone? Simple! Hes a Rock Star/God. His tickets are on the cheap side, and giveaways happen often. He loves VIP sessions after shows. He loves meeting new people, learning about them and their experiences. Hes also a horn dog but knows what “no” means. (Unless you want him to not know ;3) experiences in life is what makes you grow and learn, especially in the artist industry. Anyway sorry this simple answer turned into a novel! If you have any more questions SEND EM MY WAY ❤💜❤💜❤💜


he just wanted to see genji’s smile

In a year, (Mike) doesn’t really have anyone to impress anymore. Because, like, one they’re getting older, they’re not playing as much D&D, so he can’t really impress, you know, people on that level…

Dustin and Lucas, they wanna play video games. That’s the thing. And Mike can’t really impress anyone with finding a missing kid. He can’t impress anyone with getting a girl. He can’t really do anything. So he sort of turns into this loner who can’t really develop as a person.

I think he just stops, kind of, because he just feels like there’s no one there for him to fall back on…

(When he pairs up with an ailing Will) You could see the character sort of light up again, and be like ‘Oh, I found my place again… I can save someone again.

—  Finn Wolfhard on “Emo Mike”

Because no one plays with Min Min when it comes to food (∩˃o˂∩)♡

The boys with some queer-y flags :D
Let me know who you want me to do next, what what you headcanon their sexuality as/what’s portrayed in the show!

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Look, I know you think that you can use him as some sort of an interdimensional can opener, and that’s fine. But don’t act like you care about him, because you only care about what he can do for you. So if you wanna pretend, that’s fine. But me? I can hardly look at the kid. ‘Cause when I do, all I see is everybody we’ve lost. [Mom chose to take that shot at Lucifer. That is not on Jack.] And what about Cas? He manipulated him. He made him promises. Said “Paradise on Earth” and Cas bought it. And you know what that got him? It got him dead. Now you might be able to forget about that, but I can’t!