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wait mr ratburn is gay? i never considered this but honestly?? i feel like it makes sense.. i never paid much attention to him tho except i remember he made puppets??.. but i wanna hear ur reasoning i want to believe this

all the reasoning u need is right here:

this was mr ratburn in his youth. you see this? straight men cant do this. case CLOSED


Prompt: Hello my love!! Could you do a Steve Trevor Imagine where the reader is an Amazon warrior and when she goes to the real world steve calls her “her partner”. So one day when she first sees a baby she was like “where can u purchase one” and Steve tell her that it’s something you have to do with your partner. So the reader asks him when will they have a baby?? I don’t know if you understand it but it’s okay if u dont wanna do it❤️

AN: This was so much fun to write!!!!!!!!

Fandom: DC

    Man’s World was a funny place. It had changed greatly since you had last seen it. There were roaring machines and funny clothing, and it was so utterly different from what you remembered as a child. It was fascinating.

    “If you keep stopping to stare, you’re going to get run over.”

    You smile at Steve Trevor, and he gives small smile back before motioning with his head. You jog lightly to catch up, and fall into step beside him. “It’s changed so much.”

    His voice is soft, “When’s the last time you were here?”

    You smile, “I was a girl, no older than six. My mother had just fought for our freedom from our oppressors.” He gives you a confused stare, before he simply continues walking.

    That’s when it catches your eye. It’s small, and delicate, and smiling. You make it two steps, before Steve’s hand wraps around your arm and attempts to pull you away. You remain rooted to the spot. “It’s an infant. A baby.”


    “I have not seen one since Diana was given to us. Even then, I was not allowed to hold her. Do you think she’ll let me hold her?”

    “Considering she doesn’t know you, probably not.”

    “But I mean the child no harm.”

    Steve winces, “That doesn’t matter here. Mothers are protective of their children.” He takes your hand, and this time you let him lead you away.

    “Is there a place where I can get one? Like Hippolyta got Diana?”

    He stutters for a second before saying, “You can’t have a baby on your own. It’s something you do with your partner.”

    You smile, “Then where do we get ours?”

    He nearly trips, but you catch him by the coat before he hits the ground, “Excuse me?”

    You smile, “You called me your partner in that proceeding with all the men. Why can we not get a child when our mission is done? When this war is over?”

    His cheeks turn a bright red, and he stammers over his words, “Tell you what, why don’t we revisit this subject when we finish the mission.” And without another word he starts walking.

    You catch up, and take his hand, “I want a girl.”

    He stares at you, “Excuse me?”

    “A girl child. I think it will suit us.”

    He sighs, “We’ll save that for the same discussion.”

    You smile, and keep walking, the warmth of his hand reassuring you, and the thought of a child of your own pushing you forward.

more roto!!

trying to figure out the exact shape of Cumberbatch’s face, cause even if you’ve kinda figured it out in still images, movement is a WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY xD (animation 101) I think I’ve got a better understanding of how the eyes work now (this is prep for an animation that I wanna do, but shh don’t tell anyone xD)

third wheel [michael m. x reader]

prompt where michael x reader are dating but for some reason jeremy doesnt like the reader and the reader doesnt want to ruin their friendship so they end things and michael just loses it and jeremy sees hes fuked up and then goes to the reader to explain and jeremy and reader are friends and michael and reader are haply and everyone is happy!!! or whateves you wanna do with the prompt just like reader n’ jeremy beef lmao )

omg y e s i l oveit because jeremy. i love jeremy a lot guys

i said this in the tags but the dots at the end are typing dots which is why they’re bold


    Jeremy was looking at you. 

    Not just looking - he was staring you down, and you didn’t really get why at first. The way his gaze lingered on you whenever you’d slide into the seat next to Michael and greet him with a kiss on the cheek, just blinking in the sight of the two of you. The way his grip would tighten around a fork or the strap of his backpack or a pencil when you’d press a quick kiss to Michael’s cheek. The way he’d greet you, voice shaking slightly at your sudden entrance as he said your name as if something was wrong with it and you and what did you do to him what’s wrong. Michael apparently didn’t see it, for he was enamored with you in every way - his hand always slipping into yours without a second thought and pulling you slightly closer so your shoulder would gently bump against his, apparently unable to feel the burning stare into his back - which was always the exact moment you realized Jeremy had been pushed back behind the two of you.

     And it affected everything. The awkward silence between you and Jeremy the moment Michael left the room; the delay in texts when it was just Jeremy asked what Michael was up to when the answer was that he was with you; the fact that Michael asked you if Jeremy seemed different, like someone was telling him what to do when he grew too distant, only for him to suddenly reappear, acting as if everything is alright even though his eyes would never meet yours and he just seemed so damn far away from you - and you noticed how he’d retreat from conversations if you and Michael started taking over with your own couple-y stories.

     So one day you hid in the bathroom during lunch - just as an experiment to see how Jeremy would react. You texted Michael you had something to do for a class before heading upstairs, away from where anyone could find you easily. When you saw Jeremy in the hall later, he was different. He was happier, more sure of what he was saying - the way it was with them before you and Michael started dating. So you started making excuses, either skipping lunch entirely or leaving early or “suddenly” having things to do when the three of you would hang out. Jeremy was happier, Michael got his best friend back in little, subtle ways, and you?

     You were conflicted. Could anyone blame you? Your boyfriend’s best friend didn’t like you-

    Holy shit.

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Mouthing off to Lance during one of your practices and he decides to push you harder to train. When he sees how genuinely angry you are, he doesn't say anything, just decides to let you use him. When you get aggressive, he maneuvers the two of you against a wall, flips you upside down, proceeding you to 69'ing each other, his arms tightly securing you against him. When you finally come, he lets you down. "Wanna talk or round two?" "What do you think?" You angrily mutter, assaulting his lips

I feel like he’d ask every round too until you decide to talk

Moaning Monday™

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As a Jamilton shipper, I do ship it from enemies to lovers, I can't stand hate sex because that's not what I wanna read. It's a lot of angst which I get tired of most of the time but I'm also tired of seeing all the hate, because if you think about it they might have hated each other but Jefferson never like actually told Hamilton he was worthless and hit him or something. and neither did Hamilton. I don't see why it deserves so much hate.

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This is a lil embarrassing but like have u ever considered Connor having an s/o that has like a rly caring/motherly side and loves to baby him/take care of him whenever he's having an issue and simply wants to make him feel better and hold him? I think about him a l o t I just wanna rub his back and talk to him

It’s not embarrassing at all! I definitely feel like Connor just needs someone to talk to and to care for him, and when you’re someone with a motherly side that’s just what you want to do as you can’t stand to see him feeling bad. Like Connor would really trust you and come to you for everything as you’re the only person who he thinks is truly there for him and he’s just love that you cared so much and he’d be so thankful for you?

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@highwarlockkareena @amorverus @alecsplushpillow @f-f-f-fight @meliorn @madzie-bane @lukemagnus my absolutely fav edit makers!!!! honestly, i stare at their edits for like long 10 minutes everytime i see it cause it's like woah, i wanna edit like this. they deserve lots of love and compliments about it ♥♥♥ and of course you, your coloring is super stunning and you do everything so perfectly, im in love with your colorful gifsets, your edits always brighten my dash♥ thanks for doing this!

@highwarlockkareena - your gifs are amazing !!! i love everything you make and you seem like such a lovely person as well <3 ur love for raj is amazing as well i love how much you love him <333

@meliorn - you’re literally one of my fav gifmakers on here !! everything you make is absolutely gorgeous, and idk how you do it !!! it must be magic or somethin bc it’s just so so beautiful ????? you are so talented im in awe of everything you make !!!!! <3

@lukemagnus - i absolutely love your url !!!! like me @ the sh writers: give us the garrobane content we deserve !!! i love your blog and i love your theme so much !!!! you seem so lovely and nice and your edits are gorgeous !!! i also 100% associate u with jace/maia now and tbh …. Big Mood !!!! 

i’ve already done @amorverus, @alecsplushpillow, @f-f-f-fight, and @madzie-bane so they can have some extra love bc i love all those blogs !!!

and yael !! u already know how much i love you and your edits !! and thank you for your kind words !! they mean so so much <3

want one?

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1/3 Tbh what makes me the most upset about the fandom besides the obvious discourse is that /that/ side of fandom doesn't treat the cast as people and instead treats them the other side of a ship or the character themselves. And I feel like they don't appreciate the cast at all really (and if they do it's for a really shallow and dumb reason). Like for Yeun, that side of the fandom has him on a pedestal for not being a snake or some bs.

2/3 But for me (and I hope a lot of other fans) I genuinely appreciate him and wanna meet him because he’s a really, really, good actor (especially in an intense show like The Walking Dead) that I was excited when he was in VLD because he’s good at what he does and I wanna see him (and other twd actors in general, they all kinda are nonexistent outside of twd even though they are all bomb actors) in more movies/shows.

3/3 He also seems like a really chill and funny dude from the interviews he’s done (like his interviews with Conan are hilarious). So seeing that side of the fandom only really liking him because he hasn’t said anything about liking a particular ship or not irks me because he is more than just the other side of a ship and is a bomb ass actor with a wife and son like,,,,,,argh it just makes me mad tbh. (welp sorry this was long)


Antis just treat the cast like shit tbh and I don’t know why they’re even still here. Like this stupid discourse is nothing to do with the cast stop acting like they have some obligation to get involved bc they deadass don’t and stop trying to get them involved bc it’s nothing to do with them and they shouldn’t have to deal with the dumb shit


Bias selfie tag! It comes as a surprise to no one that my bias is JINKI and I lava (like the lava song!!) him a lot! (He’s eating right, y'all. I’m so happy!!)

I was tagged by @ukihyunnie aka the cutest sweetest bumblebee (IDK why bumblebee, I know UR a kihyun stan. You just!! Are!! A bumblebee!!)

I’m tagging: @1leeminhyuk @jooheontbh @honeyheonie (and anyone who feel comfortable sharing!)

Also!! Pls donut feel pressured to do this! I just wanna see more of your pretty!! Faces!!

Guys do you have any tips for whats legal?

Im going to town with mum tomorrow for ahopping, especially after whsts happened i wanna take my mind off things but im scared of seeing HIM because his college is the shopping centre.

If he tries anything i wanna have some form of defence


he just wanted to see genji’s smile


Because no one plays with Min Min when it comes to food (∩˃o˂∩)♡

Bts sexually punishing their baby girl for being pouty

Seokjin: “Don’t test my patience, princess or do you really want to explain all of your coworkers why you’re walking kinda funny?” Rough sex

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Namjoon: Are you for real? Say one more thing and I’m gonna slap that sexy ass so hard, you could see the imprint of my hand for weeks.” Spanking

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Yoongi: He just watches you calmely and says: “It seems like you never learn. Get on your knees and don’t you dare making a sound.” Moaning Denial

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Hoseok: “Please behave. I really don’t wanna punish you” you don’t listen to him. “Okay, I have no other choice” Overstimulation!

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Taehyung: “I’ll give you 3 seconds to change your mind and apologize…3..2..1.. Okay so if you insist on staying bratty-” Rough Doggy Style while pulling your hair

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Jimin: “You little brat. I’d reccomend an apology. No?! Well than that’s your own fault.” Choking!!

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Jungkook: “Say ‘I’m sorry, daddy’… What? You don’t want to? I warned you!” Ties you to the bed while eating you out. Orgasm Denial

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