i wanna see her dealing with it!

mkay here’s some gay ass cuphead stuff

featuring hildamaria and cagneyspectre buckle up guys n gals n nb pals

so for a while, hilda and cagney were dating. they were really close and honestly Really enjoyed each others’ company, but cagney eventually just. let out a Deep Sigh and told hilda he was gay and broke up with her

she was unusually okay with it? which seemed strange to cagney and bothered him a bit until she started being that Overly Supportive “Straight"™ Friend. then he realized exactly what was going on and just rolled with it

fast forward to hilda flying around on a cloud in isle three, right above the ocean, and she sees this huge fucking mermaid, who she just catches a glimpse of her face but that was all hilda needed to see. whoever this girl was, she was the most beautiful thing hilda has ever seen and she can’t help but stare at this woman who… is maybe avoiding eye contact? the mermaid’s hair is also moving which seems a little weird but hilda pays no mind to that bcs this girl is fucking beautiful

(please note maria saw hilda and her first thought was "wow i’m bi but i’m also a fkkcninf gorgon right now i can’t look at this chick unless i want a statue of her???”)

cue hilda rushing back to isle one to tell cagney what she just discovered, which is that she’s a Big Lesbian, but she’s so god damn fucking excited that she can’t spit the words out properly. cagney already knows so he’s just waiting (slightly im)patiently for hilda to spit it out. aftet about twenty minutes she finally yells “I’M LESBIAN” to which cagney replies, “close enough” and high fives her

another fast forward to hilda making her way to isle three to visit cala maria, when she spots spectre floating around. an unusual sight, he’s usually on the train with t-bone and co, so she takes this opportunity to say hi to him. she can barely ask “how are you” before spec bursts into tears, saying he misses cagney so much but doesn’t feel safe floating all the way to isle one by himself (he blund 🤷‍♀️). intially, hilda’s slighly confused, until spec explains he’s been dating cagney for a while. she asks how they met if he can’t get to isle one alone and with cagney being a mostly stationary flower. spectre gets about three words out before he starts sobbing abt how he wants to talk to cagney again

hilda sighs and tries to calm him down before briefly going to the docks to tell maria she’ll be right back, and takes spec to see cagney. the boys are ecstatic and hilda is happy for the gays

to this day she doesn’t know how the fuck spec and cagney met

and fast forward to how hilda lost her soul. she made a deal with the devil to give up her soul of it meant she could turn into the zodiac forms. she had always been fond of stars, but she mostly wanted this so she could turn into a mermaid (pisces) and be as close to maria as she wanted

she was never able to perfect her pisces form, as she was too afraid to get that close to the casino for fear of losing her soul for good, until cup n mug took care of double d. after that, she would be practicing with maria everyday until she perfected it.

maria cried with happiness to finally have some company in the water with her (other than stinky brineybeard)



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Chapter 5

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: fluff, smut, angst

╳ Summary: Being the Duff has really changed you.”“Excuse me, the Duff?” I asked, my voice rising a little at the end.“You know, the Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.”

No missed calls. No missed texts. Nothing.

It’s been 5 days since Jungkook and I’s little fling.  Most of my thoughts have been swarming around him. Disgusting, right? How am I supposed to act when I see him next? Am I supposed to act like it didn’t happen? Still treat him like the dick he is? But because I kind of liked it, should I act grateful? Okay, fuck that. The last option was too far. And I absolutely did not like it.

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I love seeing people write about DA companions as parents, but as a parent myself, let me be real here…it’s not all cuteness.
I wanna see Alistair having to change a blow out for the first time and it is the most shit he has ever seen and it came from such a tiny human being.
Iron Bull wiping puke off his face when he tried to play ‘toss the baby’ and it back fired.
Morrigan, who is breastfeeding Kieran, almost in tears because her nipples are so chapped they’re bleeding.
Cullen having to hear about his wife’s hemorrhoids and the amount of body fluid he will be dealing with.
Leliana finding random stains on her clothes and not even caring any more.
Cole rocking a sick little one, helping them get over their bad ear ache while their parents sleep because no one can survive being awake forever.
Fenris having to wrestle his child into clothes and accidently get a foot in the groin. Cassandra staring off into the void as she tries to concentrate but she is sooooo tired and hasn’t slept in 3 days and Maker have mercy, what is that smell?

And my favorite:
Having to identify the brown stain as chocolate or shit.

Parenthood is a scream. Literally.

ML Headcanons...

I’m still sick, so I just sleep and dream up headcannons…

  • MariChat scenario where Chat comes to visit after Mari has ONCE AGAIN stolen Adrien’s phone
  • Enchanted AU where the roles are thus: 
    • Adrien = Giselle (cause OMG he is such a flippin’ princess and I wanna see him sing a bunch of vermin to help him clean XD)
      • (although at the same time I see the appeal of Mari playing this role too, because cutting curtains into super cute outfits omfg)
    • Nino = Prince Edward (because fight me, that’s why)
    • Plagg = Pip (for obvious sass reasons)
    • Nathaniel = Nathaniel (LOLZ)
    • Chloe = Narissa (Don’t get me wrong, I believe in her redemption, but she would make the PERFECT Narissa so deal with it)
    • Marinette = Robert (because I see her being practical and rocking that “WTF Why are yousinging in the middle of the park?!” attitude)
    • Alya = Nancy (Because, again, FIGHT ME… also, that scene at the end where she throws away her phone… you don’t understand how much I NEED that)
    • Tikki = Morgan (because OMG CUTE!!! Plus, who else is gonna convince Mari to take a deranged man in a poofy gown standing on a billboard in the rain back to their apartment?!)
  • Ladrien or the OT4 engaged in a prank war (like, can you imagine omfg XD)
  • Chat/Adrien being harassed by a squirrel for no explainable reason (like, the little critter is just always there throwing nuts on him and tearing holes in his bag, etc)
  • Alya screaming incessantly the first week after she gets her miraculous everytime she sees any of the OT4 (they are all very worried)
    • Like, literally, Mari arrives to class late and Alya just screams wordlessly, scaring everyone
    • Alya goes over to Nino’s to hang out with him and Adrien and just shrieking like a banshee when she walks into the room
    • She never offers an explanation and pretends nothing has happened each time
    • Inside she is dying
  • Nino after he gets the turtle miraculous being easily unbalanced when pushed
    • Like, Chloe knocks into him and he falls on his back on the ground
    • And, for the life of him, no matter what he does he CAN. NOT. GET. UP.
    • Adrien is so confused as to why Nino is flailing around like an overturned roach
  • Marinette going to take Adrien some schoolwork he missed while he was out sick, except once she gets inside she gets lost and sees Gabriel turn into Hawkmoth
    • Cue freaking out and Ladybug kidnapping Adrien
  • MariChat truth or dare game, Mari dares him to do a pole dance using his baton
    • He does it
    • He is exceedingly good at it
    • Mari stuffs his belt with monopoly money
    • Life is good.

…as you can see, I have been on a lot of medication.

I may do some of these… but first I must get better… and find a job…

I am a tired turtle…

iluvharrypotterr  asked:

Can you do handcanons of Reddie meeting Mileven and reactions, friends or foes, El's reaction to a gay couple or something? If not, totally cool :)

i’ll try my best! (theyre not gonna ‘meet’ but ya know its fine):

- mike and el are out, holdin hands bein cute and they see richie and eddie holdin hands too and richie gives eddie a forehead kiss and eddies all like !!!!!!! and the blushing ensues

- el would be super chill with it tbh

- considering she doesn’t know anything about relationships or “social norms” so she wouldnt see the “big deal” around it

- mike would b freakin out

- hes worried abt el and what shes thinking

- el just like yeah w/e bro lets go get some eggos

- mike is still worried and tries to like, pull her away cus he doesnt rly wanna be the one to explain it to her

- els only question to herself is y they stopped holding hands when a group of older boys walked past them

- shes confused af and turns to mike

- mike looks @ her too and is like fffUCK WHAT AM I GONNA SAY?!?

- el looks puzzled n says “why did they stop holding hands?” shes coMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS

- mike is kinda shocked that she didnt ask why they were holding hands in the first place and is like, tryin to form words

- “uh because it isnt normal”

- mike realises what he said is lowk rude but did NOT mean for it to sound that way


- hes trying to go back on what he said hes so embarrassed and feels so bad he did NOT MEAN TO SAY IT LIKE THAT AAAA *internal screaming*

- el just furrows her eyebrows and says “but theyre like you and me. we’re holding hands too”

- mikes trying not to turn red like a goddamn tomato cus shes so pure and sweet so he just smiles and nods “exactly, just like us” he squeaks out, still embarrassed AF and trying not to die right then and there

- el just smiles and goes on to ask if they can get food

sorry i dont meant to portray el as a “child” or anything but realistically, her reaction would be that of a “child” who hasnt been socialised into thinking homosexuality is wrong by society (and theyre in the 80s sOO). n shes never been exposed to the stigma before si she’d just be curious!!


Y/N: I’m never going back to school fuck that I’m moving to Canada and changing my name!
F: what the fuck is wrong with her?!
D: you know that boy she’s been seeing? he told the whole school she has an std because she wouldn’t give him a blowjob.
L: *walks in* who’s not giving a blowjob?
C: definitely not the 10th grade girls. *smirks*
F: now is not the time I’ll deal with that later, the whole school thinks Y/N has an std!
I: well does she?
F/D: NO!
L: well who’s gonna talk to her?
everyone: *looks around*
L: fine I’ll do it, but if I get a bruise on my ass again someone owes me big time.

L: *knocks on door* hey uh wanna let me in, I know I’m your favorite.
Y/N: *opens door* what do you want my life, it sucks.
L: aw don’t say that, you’re a Gallagher we don’t give up because some asshole tells people we have stds, we flaunt those fake stds and give those assholes real ones!
Y/N: *laughs faintly*
L: that is the laugh of a girl who is about to ruin a boy’s life, just how it should be.

-requested by @ryleenstyles
-not my gif

My Babygirl-Part Four


“Okay babygirl, let’s just sleep, yeah? Sound good to you? Cause it sounds amazing to me.” Dean said as he bounced you in his arms.

It was Friday night and the beginning of a surprise weekend with you. It had been five months since your mom gave Dean the ultimatum of leaving the life to be your father or not being in your life at all; Dean chose the first option.

Sam and him hung up their hunting gear.

They locked up the bunker and moved into a two bedroom apartment in the town your mom lived in.

Sam worked at the local library while Dean got a job at a small auto shop in town.

Since then he had you every other weekend and every Monday and Wednesday night; and he loved every minute of it.

Being a dad brought Dean a joy he never thought he’d have. It gave him normalcy, it gave him a purpose he didn’t know he needed.

“Hey De! You back yet?” Sam shouted as he walked into the apartment.

“Yeah, in here.” Dean yelled back from his bedroom where your crib was.

Sam walked into Dean’s room and was surprised to see you there, “Hey there kiddo.” He said as he reached his arms forward, waving his fingers in a “gimme” motion, “What’re you doing here?”

Dean handed you over and you happily gripped onto your uncle’s hair. “Her mom had a date, asked if I could take her tonight.”

“You okay with that?” Sam questioned as he placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Yeah,” Dean replied with a shrug, “I’m not here for her, I’m here for Y/N.”

“But what if this guy becomes something more, like, step dad more?” Sam asked.

“Sam, I don’t wanna talk about it. That’s something we’ll deal with if it ever gets there. Besides, we’re the only men this little girl is ever gonna need. Right munchkin?” Dean said while tapping your nose.

You let out a giggle before reaching your arms out for your father who was quick to steal you away from your uncle’s arms. “See, only man she ever wants.”

Part Five

My mom and I playing Cuphead (Cala Maria)...
  • ----------
  • Me: hey sweetheart~ i heard you like bad cups, is that true?
  • Mom: Hang out with her and she will probably bet your soul to the devil
  • Me: you gotta admit thats a little bit kinky
  • -------------
  • Mom: *Dies*
  • Mom: Dang! those hips keeps distracting me!
  • (same tbh)
  • --------------
  • Me: Hey ma'! Would you like finger this boss to death?
  • Mom: shut up, what would i finger anyway? She is a mermaid!
  • Me: her gills~
  • Mom: you mean, like erotic asphixia?
  • Me: OMFG!!
  • -------------
  • Mom: Don't tell your dad anything of what i said
  • Me: why? She is a cartoon
  • Mom: his ego is that fragile, believe me.
  • --------------
  • Me: Can we parry her cheeks?
  • Mom: what? No!
  • Me: if i was her, after everything this tiny cups said i would be as pink as those fishes.
  • Mom: Mugman didn't said anything, we said all that shit
  • Mom: he is a gentleman
  • Mom: I think Cuphead would be the one with the tounge out and whouling like a wolf.
  • (mom's headcanons)
  • -----------------
  • Me: So basically...
  • Mom: ???
  • Me: You ship Cala and Mugman, right?
  • Mom: yes
  • Me: Internet will hate you
  • Mom: tell them to suck a d*ck, i ship what i want and if they want to start with all that "political correctens" bullshit there's pillows where they can whine like the crybabys they are.
  • Me: wow
  • Mom: i might be old, but i not stupid
  • Me: dropping thruts like a boss
  • Mom: you can't tell me they don't look cute togheter
  • -----------------
  • *Winning*
  • Us: YES!!
  • Mom: Suck our tiny ceramic d*cks!!
  • Me: O-o
  • -------------
  • Me: sooo, who you ship Cuphead with?
  • Mom: with a boot in the ass...
  • Me: ....
  • Mom: or with the fish fishing lady! She was cute
  • ------------------
  • Me: im making an OC based on you
  • Mom: seriously...
  • Me: yeah
  • Mom: i want to be a teapot!!
  • Me: :)
  • Mom: :D !!!!
  • -------------------------
  • Notes:
  • -As you can see we are gay for the marmaid
  • -My mom ships mugs and cala
  • -She is woke af
  • -She has her own headcanons
  • -And she wants to be a teapot
  • What you guys think? wanna see the oc when its finished?
Mama’s Boy

Reader x Klaus


Imagine: you had Klaus’ baby and now he’s all jealous of your relationship with his son. 


Word Count: 1591

“I still can’t believe you’re a mum!” Elena said, as she watched a little boy ice skating. “And, God, he looks like Klaus.”

You let out a small giggle.

Four years ago your whole life changed. One minute you were an ordinary witch who often helped out her best friends and the other you were bearing a miraculous child. And it had to be your biggest enemie’s kid as well, so everybody think you were helping him all along.

You shook your head, not actually believing how unlucky you were back then.

[4 years ago]

Shit.” You cursed, looking at the small pregnancy test in your hand. “Shit. Shit. Shit!”

About a month ago you had gotten into a fight with your older sister and left the house, wanting to get really drunk and forget about everything that was going on. It was not enough to have a chaotic home, you had to deal with the whole Original family at town. Some sort of freak wanted to kill your best friend and, surely, you stepped up to find a way to stop him.

At the Mystic Grill, you ordered the finest whiskey there, neat and no ice. It was a good sensation, the alcohol making its way through your throat.

“Aren’t you a little young to be drinking this?” A stranger asked, his voice tone light.

“You should mind your own business and leave me alone.” You replied, annoyed by his presence.

“I like the attitude. May I know your name, darling?”

“I don’t see why do you want to know my name.”

“Don’t be rude, love.”

You finally bothered to look at him and, heck, he was handsome. The stranger had beautiful blond curls, the kind you would not mind losing your fingers in it, blue eyes, like the wide ocean, a badly shaved beard and a devilish smile. Just looking at him made you skip a breath.

“It’s Y/N.”

“Oh, well, can I have the same drink Y/N ordered?”

“Are you sure you want that?” You asked, not caring if he was an inconvenient stranger. Perhaps it was exactly what you were needing.

“Sure, love, I would love to taste the flavour that is in your mouth now.”

You bit your lower lip and sipped your own drink, looking directly to him.

“Are you new in town? I don’t think I’ve seen you around before.”

“You could say that. I lived here long ago and now I’m coming back.”

“Ah, that’s nice.”

“And you?”

“I’m actually not from here. My mum and I moved a few years ago.”

And, as you got to know that stranger, you realised how much you were alike. He had the same awful childhood, his father hated him much like yours did hate you and a whole other bunch of things. That connection was decisive for accepting his invitation to go back to his place and have a more private conversation.

“So are you up for more drinking or will pass?”

“I think I’ll pass, I like drinking, but being sober is better.”

“Okay, if you say so.”

“You know, I think I didn’t ask your name, huh?”

“No, you haven’t. But it’s Klaus.”

“German name.”

“Sort of, comes from Niklaus.”

“It’s, hum, a unique name.”

You relaxed in the couch and looked directly at him. So far it had been a wonderful night and all you wanted was a suitable end for it. The blond slowly touched your knee and you gave him a smile, encouraging him to move forward.

“There’s something you need to know.” Klaus whispered, between kisses.

“You’re a vampire. Yeah, I know, save it, I’m a witch.”

“At least I’m not the only one keeping secrets.”

“Will you shut up?”

Giggling, he ceased the talking and went for it. Leaving you with a great memory and a goofy smile. Only if you knew you would end up pregnant. What would people think? And how the hell you were so stupid not to connect the dots and understand that was Klaus Mikaelson? Oh, damn it. You could see in how much trouble you were in, realising your friends would think you were lying about not knowing who he was back then. Oh, and how  you were supposed to tell Niklaus about this baby?

“I’m screwed.”

{a few months later}

“Klaus, you don’t have to follow my every step.”

“I’m just making sure my daughter is okay.”

“It could be a boy, you know.”

You sat in a nursing chair, rocking back and forward. Your hands were placed in a small bump, showing your five completed months of pregnancy. Klaus approached and knelt before you, putting his own hands over yours. The baby kicked and you smiled, for it was the first time it had ever did that with his father around.

The Original’s eyes were surprised and you removed your hands, letting him free to touch and feel it as long as he wished for it.

“Thank you, Y/N.”

“For what?”

“Giving me this amazing gift.”

“You have given me this too, Nik.”

“I love when you call me Nik.”

You blushed a little.

“And also when I make you embarrassed.”

This time both of you giggled, being interrupted by a ridiculous phone, which was ringing at its fullest. It would probably be the gang, wanting you to fix something. They trusted you to convince Klaus to give up making hybrids, but, sadly. That was out of reach.

“Oh, hello, Elena!”

“Give me that phone, Klaus.”

“She’s here, yes.”


“Okay, I’m handing it over.”

He stayed in the room, though, stroking your belly and talking to it with funny voices. You could not help but smile. That man would make a great father. A messed up one, of course, but also a really caring and loving one.

[4 years later]

“Henrik? We need to get going!” You called out for your son.

“Already, mama?”

“Yes, daddy is waiting for us. Don’t you want to see daddy?”

His eyes lightened up.

“I wanna see daddy!”

“Then let’s go!” You kissed his cheek and send him to get his stuff. “Thank you for the afternoon, Elena.”

“You’re welcome. And don’t disappear again, ok? Give me a call every now and then.”

“I’ll do that.”

“So how’s Klaus?”

“Causing trouble in New Orleans. There’s nothing new at that.”

“Good luck, then.” Elena stated, her eyes showing her curiosity.”I still don’t know how you deal with him.”

“He’s complicated, I admit it. But there’s light in him, Elena, every time he kisses me I’m sure of that.”

She smiled, agreeing silently with you. 

“If you say so, I believe it.”

“Now I really have to go, Henrik needs to eat. Bye, Elena.”

“Bye, Y/N.”

You placed Henrik’s staff at the back of the car and put him in his baby car seat, buckling him up. In a couple of minutes you were in the way home. A loud music playing and your son’s laughs were enough to make you happy.

The Compound seemed empty when you arrived.

“Nik? Are you home?”

“Over here.” You heard his voice coming from the kitchen. 

“Daddy!” Henrik ran, to hug his father. “I went ice skating with mama.”

“That’s great!”

“Are you cooking, Mr. Mikaelson?” You raised an eyebrow.

Aside the mess he made, the room smelt delicious. You knew Klaus was trying to bribe his son. Apparently, he was jealous of you and him, because your child would always seek your help, instead of his. A complete mother’s boy.

“Yes, I made your favourite, Rik.”

“Thanks, daddy.”

He looked at his father, curious, then came to you, pulling your shirt for you lean over, allowing him to whisper in your ear:

“Mama, I think dad is trying to enter out team.”

A loud laugh escaped your lips.

“Yeah, I think he is.”

“What are you two talking about?”

“Henrik was saying…”

“Mum! Don’t tell him, please.” He blushed. 

“Can I please know what’s going on? You never tell me anything!”

“I’m sorry, daddy. I just… Mama gets me in a way you don’t.”

Klaus took a deep breath, trying to keep his cool. You bit your lip, trying to hold a laugh as the Mikaelson looked like he was about to explode.

“I’m your father! You are supposed to look up to me.”

“Nik, don’t push him too much. He’ll let you in our team.”

“You have a team?”

His accent made the whole situation even cuter. You glanced over Klaus and back to the beautiful four year old blond you called son, winking at him. It was fun, to mess with the Mikaelson man.

“We do.”

“How can I join?”

“Well, there’s only two conditions:” Henrik said, raising two of his little fingers. “First mama has to allow it and second, you have to love her very much, like I do.”

“Well, the second one it’s covered." 

A proud smile was in your lips.

"So mama, are you letting daddy in?”

“Of course I am, otherwise your dad would die!”

The three of you laughed.

“Now, go eat that yummy pasta.”


Klaus put an arm around your waist and you leant in, enjoying his warmth. It was good that, even with all the trouble you had to face, you could still be a happy family, enjoying little pleasures such as arguing on who is more loved by your son.

“And, so you know, he adores you. You’re like a superhero to him.”

Klaus smiled and squeezed you even more into his embrace.

“I know.”

Scott Borchetta interview with Alan Cross for Canadian Music Week (April 2017)


AC: [talking about recognizing a special character] If you come into contact with a true superstar and there is a charisma that comes off of them effortlessly, the kind of person when they walk into the room and your back is to the door - you know they’re in the room…
SB: Yeah, I always say that colors in the room change, like if Steven Tyler walked in right now you’d be going […starts turning around…], Steven is here, okay, I got it… because it’s just that thing. And I’m sure any of you can remember a moment, whether you got to meet Mick Jagger or Taylor, and you just went: “WOW! There’s a lot more juice in this person than everybody else”.

AC: So you were gonna build “Big Machine” the way you thought a record label needed to be built, from ground up. And you had no office, no money, no staff, you had nothing except your eye on this 14-year-old girl. You were scouting this 14-year-old talent?
SB: Yeah, so the irony is I get a package, this is an October 2004 and my deal with Universal goes through September 2005, so I get Taylor’s package in October and I meet her November 2nd 2004, I was blown away… and I go to see her two nights later at the Bluebird Cafe, go to meet the family and I’m just completely knocked out by her being, how smart she was at 15-years-old, how incredible the songs were. And then I go back for a second meeting and say: “If you wanna be signed at Universal I will introduce you to the executives and try to help you get signed, but you need to know something - I’m leaving in a year, I’m gonna start my own label, don’t know what it’s called but I can make you one promise tonight - when I start it, you have a deal with me”. And they looked at me and  just kinda went […motions a blank stare…]. They go: “Wow, we finally found someone who gets her and he’s crazy”. So couple weeks later, Taylor had just turned 15, and she called me herself and said: “Hey, just wanna let you know I’ve made up my mind and I’m waiting for you”. And it wasn’t from a manager, wasn’t from a parent, and I said: “Well, you’ve made my day”.
AC: Why do you think she made that decision?
SB: I think because she have had a deal at RCA priors, she had a development deal and they did not believe in her songs and they were trying to get her to work with other songwriters, different producers and they didn’t feel that they understood her and I was immediately fascinated with her songs. And I didn’t realize it back then but, when she came into the office, she literally came into Universal and she played me a song, a second song, and for those of you who know Taylor’s music, the second song was “Picture To Burn” and I said that’s a hit song. And I think from that moment she thinks: “Okay, I think this guy gets me and understands my songs”. I’ve never once brought up to her idea of doing an outside song. So she know that I believe… at her being she’s a songwriter, yes - incredible at everything else, but in her being, the most important thing and 50 years from now when you look back at this moment they’ll go - oh, the Michelangelo of the moment was Taylor Swift.

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anonymous asked:

If you're in the mood to write some smut, I would love to read some dirty talking at a place where dirty talk shouldn't be happening and one gets very flustered and has to go "deal with this" and the other secretly follows them and walks in on them getting themself off and joins in yes please 😈

Maggie’s signed all the paperwork with Pam and she’s been given separate tours from Winn, Vasquez, J’onn, and, of course, from Alex.

She has, now, pretty much free reign to stroll through the DEO as she pleases.

Her own retinal scan and everything.

Usually, she uses it for Space Dad Approved Reasons.

Reasons like bursting in to help the DEO plan a defense against Cadmus, against Daxamites, against the U.S. military.

Reasons like bringing his Earth Daughter lunch because she knows Kara’s busy at CatCo and Alex will forget to eat otherwise.

Reasons like picking up Alex after a sixteen hour shift when she would otherwise forget that it’s well-past time to stop working and go home.

But sometimes?

Sometimes, Maggie uses her all-access pass to the DEO for reasons that make J’onn desperately wish his Earth daughters didn’t think so damn loudly.

Because Maggie steals behind Alex is Alex’s lab, and slips her hands around Alex’s hips.

“Mmmm, you look so damn fuckable like this, Danvers.”

Alex squeaks and jumps, her face immediately reddening, and Maggie studies her face carefully.

“That okay, Alex?”

Alex’s eyes shift around the lab, and her heady grin grows with each passing second of silence, of Maggie’s breath on her neck.

“Yeah,” she whispers, and feels more than sees Maggie grin.

“So what are you working on?” Maggie asks at a typical –  a socially acceptable, no-I’m-most-certainly-not-talking-my-girlfriend-nearly-to-orgasm – volume and tone as another couple of agents walk into the lab and nod at Agent Danvers and her girlfriend.

Alex gulps and tries not to splutter through her explanation.

Maggie mmhmms in all the right places, and nods at all the right times, but the words that slip past her lips next have nothing to do with the molecular structure of Daxamite DNA.

“I wanna go home and grab your glasses and eat you out right here. While you’re wearing nothing but those glasses.”

Alex rapidly transforms her gasp into a cough, her moan into a clearing of her throat.

“Okay?” Maggie confirms, and Alex’s eyes flutter closed over her microscope, and she doesn’t move her body – though god, how she wants to – and she nods.

Maggie leans up on her tip toes and whispers, soft, hot, and low, right into Alex’s ear.

“Are you getting wet for me, Agent Danvers?” 

Alex nods, again almost imperceptibly, and she bites her lip as she changes slides.

“Good. Because I want to slip inside you and stretch you out until you can’t do anything but scream my name.”

Alex bites down on her lip harder to prevent the scream that she needs to let out right. The fuck. Now.

“I’m going to uh… check the progress of those latest blood samples. The ones we need for the… the study,” she announces in a most-certainly-not-thinking-about-my-girlfriend-fucking-me-right-now voice.

She adds, lower, to Maggie, “I have to go deal with this. You… you just… I…” She splutters and she blushes and she stares at Maggie’s lips and she forces her eyes away because she needs to deal with this. Now.

Maggie grins, and Maggie follows.

She loses track of her girlfriend for a moment, as she turns down another long DEO corridor, but she finds her in the first supply closet she finds, head tilted back, eyes fluttered closed, one hand bracing her body against a table, the other in her unzipped black pants.

Maggie’s name is on her parted, panting lips, and it’s one of the hottest, most beautiful things Maggie’s ever seen.

“Alex?” she asks, and her voice is softer, sweeter, than it had been a few minutes ago.

Alex’s eyes snap open and her body freezes before it relaxes – before she relaxes.

“Lock the door,” she rasps, and Maggie obeys, suddenly shy, suddenly wide-eyed. Suddenly in awe of the power of this woman; the raw desire this perfect, gorgeous woman has for… her.

Alex slips her hand out of her pants and steps toward the door; toward her girlfriend.

Her girlfriend who was just deriving a great deal of pleasure from teasing her, from driving her absolutely out of her mind. In her own lab.

And Alex Danvers? Is nothing if not competitive.

And she decides two can play at that game.

Maggie’s back is against the door and Alex’s chest is flush against hers before Maggie can react.

“Color?” Alex husks, pupils dilating dangerously, lovingly, needily, her hands loose – ready to either release or hold harder – on Maggie’s wrists, pinned above her head.

Maggie’s eyes drift up to where Alex has her hands pushed down, and she barely stifles a moan. “Green, Alex,” she whispers, and Alex’s hands tighten, and she brings her lips down to meet Maggie’s – hard and fierce and knowing exactly, exactly, exactly, what she wants.

Maggie grinds her hips forward as they kiss, as Alex keeps her hands immobile above her head. Desperate for pressure from Alex’s thigh, desperate to touch her, desperate, desperate, desperate.

But Alex chuckles into their kiss and she pulls her lower body away from Maggie’s. Her whine almost makes Alex relent – almost – but instead, she bends to nip at Maggie’s neck, to flit her tongue across Maggie’s earlobe, whispering huskily into her ear.

“You were having such a good time teasing me, Sawyer. You shouldn’t deal out what you can’t take, hmmm?”

“Alex,” Maggie whispers, helpless, writhing, desperate for Alex’s pressure between her legs, desperate for… for Alex.

She glances up at Maggie’s wrists, and asks again.

“All good?”

Maggie nods, biting her lip.

“Please, Al,” she begs, and Alex arches an eyebrow.

“Thought you wanted to fuck me in the DEO,” she rasps, and Maggie gasps raggedly as she gets her girlfriend’s meaning.

“Please, Agent Danvers,” she whispers. 

“Please what, Maggie?”

“Please let me touch you,” Maggie whines, and Alex drags her eyes up and down Maggie’s body and smirks as she presses a quick kiss to Maggie’s forehead.

“Is that all you want?” she demands, and Maggie shakes her head. “So tell me.”

“I want you to fuck me.” Alex waits. Maggie gulps. “I want you to fuck me, Agent Danvers.”

Alex grins and groans and takes one of her hands off of Maggie’s wrists, traipsing down her arms, her face, her throat, her chest, her torso, to the buckle of her belt. 

She sets her focus on that damn buckle, and the look of concentration, of raw desire, of pure focus and dedication, lights a very different kind of fire in Maggie’s core than the one already burning.

Before Alex can react, Maggie flips her so it’s Alex with her back against the door, Alex with her hands pinned above her head, Alex panting and whining and writhing for Maggie to press her body closer.

“That okay, Alex?” Maggie asks gently, and Alex nods once, twice, three times, over and over and over, because god, yes, it was alright. More than alright. 


“I’m pretty sure you came in here to um… deal with certain things, Agent Danvers,” Maggie tells her casually, her voice low, her voice dripping, her voice raw.

“I did, yeah,” Alex rasps, her voice gravel, her voice needy, her voice absolutely wrecked.

“And what were those things?”



Alex whines and writhes against the wall. “You fucking me.”

“Is that all?” Maggie’s eyes rake down Alex’s body as her hands hold Alex’s wrists steady.

“You going down on me.”

Maggie’s eyes roll to the back of her head for a moment, and she almost gives up the game then and there. But she started this, and dammit, she sees things through.

“Oh yeah?”

Alex nods and Alex squeaks, and it’s one of the most perfect sounds Maggie’s ever heard.

“And how were you going to deal with all that, Agent Danvers?”

Alex writhes and bites her lip and blushes, hard.

“You good, Ally?” Maggie asks, her voice softer, gentler, lighter, as she kisses Alex’s nose.

Alex smiles and nods.

“Please don’t stop.”

Maggie kisses her lips, gently at first, more needy as Alex parts her lips for her tongue eagerly.

“So? I asked you a question. You wanna be a good girl and answer for me?”

“I was… I was gonna touch myself.”

Maggie barely swallows a moan.

“Would you… would you want me to do that for you?”

Alex almost screams. “Yes.”

“Yes what?”

“Yes, please. Detective Sawyer. Please.”

“Please what?”

Alex whines in frustration, in excitement, in love.

“Please touch me, Mags. Please.”

“Anything for you, Alex.”

And when she takes one hand off of Alex’s wrists to slip under Alex’s pants, under Alex’s underwear, she moans at how soaked Alex is for her. She shifts so her thigh supports her hand between Alex’s legs, and she pauses, eyes locked on Alex’s face.

“Please,” Alex confirms, and Maggie slips inside her. Alex screams, and Maggie kisses her, one hand holding her hands above her head and the other hand fucking her, swallowing Alex’s screams with her own tongue.

And when Alex cums all over Maggie’s fingers, all over her palm, it’s with Maggie’s name on her lips and Maggie’s breath in her mouth.

“That… that was…” Alex pants as she comes down from her high, as Maggie slips out of her and holds braces her wet hand against the door, leaning into Alex, holding her, stroking her cheek, her hair, with her clean hand.

Their foreheads touch, and they breathe.

Just breathe.

“Yeah. Yeah, it was.”

A quick rap at the door makes them both jump, makes them both adjust their clothes and their hair, makes Maggie casually hold one hand behind her back as Alex tugs the door open.

Vasquez is standing at attention, a shit-eating grin on her face, even as she refuses to quite meet either of their eyes.

“Ma’ams. Director Henshaw requests that if you must – and I quote – ‘behave like hormonal human teenagers at the workplace’, that you at least choose a room that has psychic dampeners so he doesn’t have to – and I quote again – ‘regret everything about his telepathic heritage.’ Ma’ams.”

Vasquez pivots and walks quickly away before she can snort with laughter at just how red badass Agent Alex Danvers’s face can get.

And all for the love of a girl.

Her Three Handsome Boys

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Characters: Y/n, John, Dean, Sam

Pairing: John x Y/n (FEMALE READER)

Warnings: Fluff, absolute fluff. Suit shopping, happiness, fluffffff!!!

Word Count: 542

Summary: Y/n takes the boys suit shopping.

A/N: Ok, more fluff for this series, cos I just wanna!! Hope u like it!!

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The Family They Deserve Masterlist

Y/n sat in the chair, waiting for him to come out.

She could feel her heart pounding, the thought of seeing him making her happier than she should’ve been.

Then again, of course she’d be giddy.

Who wouldn’t be right now?

“Come on! It doesn’t take this long to get dressed!”

Y/n heard the deep chuckling coming from in the dressing room.

“That why it takes you almost an hour to get ready?”

She rolled her eyes, even if he couldn’t see her.

But he did have a point.

Ever since they’d began actually going out into the town and not just staying cooped up in the cabin, John had been taking her on a lot of dates.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have tips for someone who wants to eat less meat but hates most vegetables.

This is gonna sound pretty stupid but eat more vegetables. Your tastes change soo much, sounds fake but I swear. I can use myself for an example - before going vegetarian I ate so much fast food like gross amount - so much cheese makes me cringe kinda now. Anyways, I’d avoid certain foods - like tomatoes and mushrooms and even avocado kinda heebed me out (i’m obsessed with avocado now). Like, I’d eat a huge bowl of just avocado tomato salsa now for dinner and I adore mushrooms. I use to like think these foods were “sides” to the meat and it takes a while to feel differently about that because that’s how most of us grew up, a huge chunk of meat and some greens on the side when that’s why our health is so horrible in most of the countries we live in. but anyways. Try and add certain things to your diet, things you wouldn’t typically - try new stuff. Is there a sauce you like a lot? try stirfrys. My girlfriend dislikes a lot of veggies too, shes big on fruit and i’d rather vegetables so it’s a struggle sometimes and I have to force feed her but over time she’s changed too, she’ll like ask for greens haha. So give it time - of course there’s things you won’t like ever, like I despise arugula and that’s never gonna change -but you’d be surprised at how much your taste buds and attitude change when you start to see food differently. I no longer even see meat as “food”. Things will change believe me. If you wanna write me back with some veggies you can at least deal with and I’ll dig up a bunch of recipes for you, if you’d like. Give it time, expand your horizons. 

But have you considered a onesided kidge scenario where Pidge has a crush on Keith and tries really hard to hide it but she’s completely transparent. At one point Keith confronts her about it and she tases him with her bayard and runs away.

Everything's Gonna be Alright

The TV was on, open to some news channel, and students were strewn about the room. Midoriya sat on the couch, discussing the pros and cons of highly defensive costumes with Kaminari and Kirishima. Ashido was on her phone, trying to ignore Mineta, who was pulling balls out of his head and tossing them at people around the room lazily. Jirou leaned against the coffee table and started flipping through channels, but stopped on another news channel when nothing interested her, until another report came in.

“Next up, an interview with Miss Mizu Kanada. Mizu Kanada will be the first transgender woman to play a leading role in a film by a major film company. Her quirk, Self-Hydro, allows her to manipulate the water contents of her body, making her an ideal actress for emotionally charged dramas. The film, One Small Step, is set to air on Ja-

“Agh, turn it off, will you, Jirou? I don’t wanna hear a story about some tranny.”

The room froze, and everyone slowly turned to look at Mineta. Even Todoroki couldn’t have made the room colder.

“Wh-what did you say?” Midoriya choked out the words, and Jirou could sense his anxiety rising.

“I said, I don’t wanna hear a story about some tranny,” Mineta repeated. “Those people are messed up in the head, thinking they’re some gender they aren’t.”

“What the hell, dude?! You can’t go saying that about people,” Kirishima stood up defensively, and Jirou soon did too, though she remained silent. She was fuming, but her throat had closed up from rage.

“Calm down, Kirishima, I’m saying the truth,” Mineta replied, too oblivious to realize no one was taking his side. “Men like that are just trying trick guys like us, you know? Who would want to go on a date only realize that she’s actually a he?”

The room exploded, people shouting at Mineta for his idiocy. The carpet beneath Todoroki’s feet began to smolder, and Dark Shadow had grown bigger than Jirou had ever seen it in the light. The couch was slowly dissolving under Ashido’s tight grip, and Yaoyorozu was already giving a lecture on the western construct of the gender binary, with Iida right behind her, nodding and corroborating her every word. But despite the loud bombardment of criticism around her, the only person Jirou had her eyes on was Midoriya. He was curled up in the corner of the couch, arms tightly wrapped around himself, as though trying to hide inside of himself. Tears streamed silently down his face, and Jirou could tell this wasn’t the first time he’d been in this position. Jirou had an idea growing in her head from his reaction, but refused to let her guesses cloud her judgement of him, whether she was right or not. She glanced at Kirishima, who had also been watching him, and they nodded as they slowly approached him.

Jirou kneeled down to his level, and in a soft voice said “Hey, Midoriya, wanna come to my room and get away from this?”

The boy gulped and nodded, slowly unwrapping himself from his self-imposed prison. Kirishima took his hand and pulled him to his feet, shielding him from the ferocious crowd as Jirou led the way to her room.

Jirou closed the door softly behind and let out a quiet sigh, thankful to be away from the noise, though she was glad it was there as well. Despite her quirk and penchant for hard rock, she wasn’t one for noisy crowds. But she’d put up with this for hours if it meant Mineta got what was coming to him. Kirishima led Midoriya, still shaking with his arms wrapped tight around himself, to her bed as he sat beside him, and Jirou turned her chair from her desk and faced the two. Midoriya’s breaths were shuddery, and she could here him muttering to himself, trying to control his breathing. Though he was still shaking a bit, Midoriya gave them a wavering smile.

“Th-thanks a lot, g-guys. I really needed to g-get out of there.”

“It’s no problem, bro. Anything to help out a friend,” Kirishima gave him his signature shark-tooth grin, and his smile grew just a bit wider. But Jirou was still concerned. Midoriya’s breathing still hadn’t returned to normal, and his hands seemed to be grabbing at something on his chest.

“Midoriya, is we can do to help right now? Play music, find a teacher…”

“Actually, could you get me something to drink?”

“Yeah, sure,” Jirou hopped to her feet and went to her mini fridge. “Any requests?”

“No, anything is fine,” He gave her a smile, but she knew there was something else he wanted to say. She grabbed a seltzer and handed it to him, but he didn’t open it right away. Instead, he stared at his hands, going numb from the cold can. “Actually, guys, there’s something I wanna tell you.”

Midoriya took a deep breath, and said, “I’m… trans. I’m a trans guy.”

Kirishima grabbed his shoulder, surprising Midoriya. “Thanks for telling us, man. I’m glad you trust us.”

Jirou sent him her warmest smile, one she saved for moments like these. “Same here. And know we’ve always got your back.”

Midoriya stared in wide-eyed astonishment, as if he wasn’t expecting such calm understanding and support. Then began to cry. “Thank you guys so much! I was so scared to come out to the class, I was worried Kacchan would out me before I was ready or no one would support me or they’d make me stay in a girl’s dorm or I’d ha-”

“Woah, calm down there, buddy,” Kirishima patted him lightly on the back. “Nothing to worry about. We won’t say a word till you’re ready.”

How sweet, thought Jirou, but she began to remember what brought them to her room in the first place. “Midoriya, is there anything you want us to do about Mineta? I don’t wanna out you to a teacher or anything, but someone’s gotta hear about this.”

Midoriya’s smile didn’t fade at her question, and Jirou was glad he was calm enough to take the next step. “I… think I’ll tell Mr. Aizawa. Or All Might. They both know. I don’t know what’s gonna happen to Mineta, but honestly… knowing he thinks that about me, I don’t feel safe living a few doors down from someone who thinks I’m in the wrong dorm.”

“Do you want me to get one of them now?”

“No, I’ll find one of them later. Thank you. But,” he turned to Kirishima. “There is something I want to ask. You were the first person to stand up, or say something. Even when you weren’t sure if someone was gonna agree with Mineta, even when you didn’t know there was a trans person in the room, you still stood up for what was right. Why?”

Kirishima blushed, humbled by the compliment. “Ah, well… I gotta little sister who’s trans, see? And she’s like, the most important person in my life. There are things that she’s done to live as herself that I could probably never do. So, when he said that, it was like a punch to the gut. My sister is a real girl, no matter what fuckwads like Mineta say.” Then, as an afterthought, “Excuse my language.”

Midoriya nodded, happy to hear he had experience as an ally. At least he didn’t have to worry about him asking invasive questions. And seeing as Jirou was a rather private person herself, he didn’t feel like he would have to worry about her either. Bakugou already knew, of course, and he was forever thankful it was the one thing about him Bakugou never beat him up over. Of course, he knew Mineta would never let him see the end of it if he ever found out, which Midoriya did not plan on letting happen. That left 15 classmates to worry about.

Jirou could see the fear hadn’t completely left his face yet, lines of worry creasing around his eyes. She desperately reached for something to say, but she knew this was new to her, and she didn’t want to mess up. “Uh, Midoriya… I’ve never really had experience with this kinda thing, but, I just wanna know that I will always back you up on this, no matter what you want to do. I’m sure Kirishima agrees.” He nodded vigorously in agreement. “If anyone in our class gives you a problem, just let us know, and we can deal with them. Even Bakugou. And especially Mineta.” She punched her palm for emphasis.

Midoriya shook his head with a small chuckle. “Thank you, Jirou, but don’t don’t think that will be necessary. I hope it won’t be. Everyone was so pissed at Mineta, at least I know they don’t hate trans people. I just hope they don’t mind their classmate being trans. But let’s forget this for now. I’ll let them deal with Mineta out there. For now, I’m just happy to know I have some friends on my side. Could I… do you guys mind if I ask for a hug?” He asked shyly.

Kirishima’s eyes sparkled like he’d gotten his hero license. He swung his arm around Midoriya, pulling him close, and grabbed Jirou’s sleeve and dragged her to her bed, squeezing the pair with all his might. “I’m always here if you need a hug Midoriya!” Was he… crying?

Jirou was so baffled by her classmate’s tears, she couldn’t help but laugh. “So much for your ‘manly’ image, eh, Kirishima?”

“Hey, what’s unmanly about crying? Midoriya cries all the time, and he’s the manliest guy I know!”

Midoriya was so stunned by the comment, he began to laugh through the joyful tears springing from his eyes, and soon, the three friends were laughing their heads off, not a care in the world. And Midoriya knew, somehow, everything would be okay.

in regards to those defending ali’s words

i tried to keep my petty queen away but there is still discourse going on. this is the last guide i’m making about this situation and i’m not gonna be nice about it. it’s terrible that any of this needs to be said.

for the people who keep harping that ali ‘said in four years’ or saying ‘he can also hit me up in four years’, shut the mother loving fuck up. if you are looking at a fourteen year old kid and thinking to yourself that you can’t wait until he’s legal, you are most likely having sexual thoughts about him. that is NOT a leap in logic. someone staring at finn wolfhard and thinking he’s handsome is one thing. to a lot of people, he looks handsome/is good looking. BUT. BUT BUT BUT. when you start fantasizing about him at the age of eighteen, knowing that he’ll be legal, your thoughts!!! are not pure!!! the fact that some people have the fucking balls to state this desire out loud, especially adults, IS SICK. keep those thoughts to yourself. don’t voice them out loud. THE COMMENT WAS INAPPROPRIATE. THE FACT THAT SOME PEOPLE CAN’T ADMIT TO THAT WITHOUT A ‘BUT’ IS WRONG.

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so i sent this letter to harry via @eversincencwyork​ when she and @hlstardust​ went to his show in nashville. we were told that he’d get it, but i’m not sure if he did, and i’d like very much for him to see it. if you could pls reblog this post and/or retweet this tweet, i’d appreciate it so much. 

dear harry,

i’ve written this letter at least 7 times since may and every time it’s been a bit different because there’s just so much i’d like to say to you but there’s not enough time in the world for me to do that. (sorry for all the lowercase in advance because aesthetic – i actually hand wrote this first but i couldn’t mail it in time and i wanted to say something after the first concert so i have to type it – and also sorry for my rambling because there will probably be lots. chances are you’ll never get this but it can’t hurt to try, right? i’ve wanted to see you for half a decade now, but that doesn’t seem like it’s gonna happen, so this is my best shot. anyway.) previous letters were just me talking about how much i love the album and how much i love you and all the things that you do, but i think you’ve seen a lot of that already, so i’ll tell you a story about how you and one direction changed my life for the better & how much of myself i owe to you.

first, hi. i’m syeda (sa-ee-duh) and i’m 19 years old. i was born in pakistan and i moved to america in 2009, when i was 11. at first, it was exhilarating. being in a new country, finally being able to live with my dad as a proper family, learning so many new things. then 3 months later, school started and i experienced racism and xenophobia and islamophobia for what felt like the first time. (it wasn’t the first time; my little 9 yr old brother was stopped and searched and questioned at the airport bc he had a ‘suspicious name’) i didn’t know what those fancy words meant at the time & a lot of people my age still don’t know what xenophobia is, but anyway. in 2011, a girl in my social studies class said to me that sometimes she forgets i’m muslim because “you don’t wear that thing on your head and you don’t do bad things.” she said this when we were discussing 9/11 and it was a slap in the face. i’d lived in a muslim country all my life & i didn’t know muslims were known for doing “bad things.” and what she said about me not wearing a hijab made me feel ashamed. i wanted to wear it, but i was afraid of standing out even more, of everyone knowing i’m different – being able to see that i’m different. so i told my mom i wore it but i took it off as soon as i was on the school bus because kids like her made me feel embarrassed about being who i am. those comments never stopped. sometimes they were said jokingly, almost flippantly, as a generalization. sometimes they were directed at me personally. soon, america stopped being a safe haven & i kind of wanted to die. or, more accurately, i just didn’t wanna live & deal with those people all the time. they made me feel dirty in my own skin.

then you came along. around that same time, everyone was suddenly talked about one direction and one day i googled the words and found a live performance of what makes you beautiful. i watched it and absolutely adored the song and i remember looking at all 5 of you in your coordinated outfits and wondering how i’d ever remember all your names and tell you apart. (half a decade later, i can tell you all apart by your hands and i mean that in the least creepy way possible.) things didn’t magically get better, but now i had something in this ugly country that always cheered me up, so i clung to the band of 5 best friends, especially zayn. i saw a bit of myself (a pakistani muslim) in him and i felt hopeful about my future; if he could take on the world and have such incredible support, then i’d be fine. i saw the hate he received, too, and still does to this day, and it made me love him more and made me fiercely protective of him, of you all. so i held on tight to one direction, whenever things got tough, to see what you’d achieve next. every day and every minute has been so worth it, getting to see you all grow up with me and change the world for the better, i can’t even begin to explain to you. one direction has been my anchor for half a decade now & i have no words to properly say thanks.

all 5 of you have taught me a lot, helped me through a lot of shit, but you, harry, have a very, very special place in my heart, and i think you’ve held my hand through life more than any of the other boys, even zayn. you were 16 when you got thrown into this whirlwind & you’ve been nothing but kind and gracious throughout it all, even when others have been shit to you, and that is such an inspiration to me. “be a lover, choose love, give love,” and “treat people with kindness,” have genuinely become my life mottos and every single day i try to live by them. every day there’s a moment where i think to myself, “what would harry do?” and i consider myself so fucking lucky to have that. you’ve encouraged fans to pick someone who’s supportive – and that’s one of the best bits of advice i’ve ever heard. you continue to show your love and support for the lgbtq+ community and, harry, i’m crying while typing this because i cannot possibly describe to you what i feel when i see you on stage, prancing around waving rainbow flags. you grew out your hair and you paint your nails and i’ve seen young boys doing that now because they saw you do it – and they didn’t realize boys were allowed to have their nails painted. you don’t conform to gender roles, you’re always unabashedly yourself, you’re always supporting young girls and i just – all i can say is thank you. knowing you stand up for your fans, especially the girls who are always mocked by the media, and seeing you wear shirts that say women are smarter, and watching you have female opening acts for your shows makes me so, so fucking happy and so proud. i’ve seen you be completely yourself for years now and it helped me be myself. watching you and hearing the things you said to us made me confident enough to start wearing the hijab and now i wear it all the time. you’re the reason i don’t really give a damn anymore what people think of me, you’re the reason i’m able to tell my friends i’m biromantic, you’re the reason i strive to be a kinder person every day i wake up. there’s so many of us out there thinking, “i wanna be like him when i grow up,” and the crazy thing is, for a lot of us, you’re not that much older. you’re only 23, just four years older than me, and you’ve achieved so much and there’s so much more you’re going to do and i cannot wait.

i’m gonna wrap this up. thank you. thank you for every single thing that you do. thank you for always being you, for never conforming to people’s beliefs and expectations about you. thank you for bringing light into my life and making me want to love myself. thank you for being the reason i met my best friends (who live in 4 different states in america, in brazil, and in england) and one of them will bring this to your show and try to get it to you. i’ve had some of the best memories with them, including listening to your album together on a group call as soon as it was released and watching your first concert online. you have been so so kind to me and i am so incredibly proud of everything you stand for. i’m sorry i haven’t been able to see you, but maybe someday i will. fingers crossed. until then, thank you, thank you, thank you. i feel honored to have you in my life, harry styles, and i love you so very much. when you called us your best friends, i was sat on my bed at 1 a.m. crying my eyes out because i always think of you as my best friend, as my older brother, as my teeny tiny rose petal. hearing you call us your best friends made me feel too much and i’m still crying. i love you loads and i hope one day i get to tell you that in person.

(if by some miracle this ends up in your hands, please do me a favour and maybe send me a thumbs up on instagram @syeda.kn so i know – not that i’ll be holding my breath. also please send my love to louis, liam, and niall. i’m very patiently waiting for 1d to come back and tour mitam. you guys promised me.)

p.s. i have a question. why did you put ‘truly, madly, deeply’ and ‘irresistible’ on the target version and only release them in america? why did you let your two purest songs die? they deserve better.

all the love always & forever, 

syeda ♡ (sept. 23, 2017)