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I think this time, Taylor in the promo interview for Rolling Stone will not say she has a bedroom for Karlie who live 10 minutes away, she will say "And this my garden on my penthouse.. I renovated for Karlie kloss who is my friend .. do you wanna see her bedroom again?"

…. I want couples 73 questions @anna.

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Your thoughts on Taylor tweeting but not marching? Your thoughts on Karlie not saying anything about the march?

Ahhh, I’ve been waiting for this type of ask since yesterday. *cracks knuckles* *inserts here_are_my_thoughts_on_the_bullshit.jpg*

Taylor Swift could make it rain 100,000 checks at the Women’s March, chop off both her tittys, offer them as a sacrifice to Gloria Steinem, and take a shit on Trump’s new front porch, and people would still be calling her a “white feminist” or that she was doing it “for publicity.” The girl can’t win. Does this negate all her white feminist offenses of the past? Absolutely not. Do I think if she had spoken up and said something in favor of Hilary during the election that our white savior Taylor Allison Becky Swift would’ve saved us all? Also absolutely not. The girl can literally never say the right thing, no matter what position she takes/speaks up about. If she had marched, that particular march, wherever she attended, would’ve probably become all about Taylor, and not what it was actually about, so I’m honestly okay with her not going, but I think it’s nice she did say something. 

Which brings me to Karlie. Do I wish she had tweeted or gone to a march? Yes, that would’ve been nice. Do I think she is the devil incarnate because she didn’t? Or that she’s unsupportive? No. This whole narrative in the fandom (looking at the Kaylors, particularly) of “Taylor versus Karlie” “Karlie did something problematic! All hail Taylor” and “Taylor was problematic! Protect Karlie my sinless child!” is gross, and ironically, not even close to the feminist behavior standard ya’ll wanna hold these two to 24/7. Karlie is in Paris, I’m assuming for work, so calm the fuck down and live your life, which brings me to my final, and most important point.


I would genuinely like to know how many of you who I’ve seen criticizing Taylor Swift and/or Karlie Kloss got off your asses and went and marched yesterday? The people I’m seeing drag these two people (and other celebs) to hell and back on the internet, where did you march? Did you make a donation to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, or other organization that is in danger under Trump? Stop worrying about what people like Taylor and Karlie are doing, and worry about what YOU are doing. At the end of the day, if you’re relying on celebrities to be the only ones out trying to make a change with their voices, instead of getting out there yourself, then let’s be real, the issues you stay whining about them not representing enough must not be all that important to you.

What's going on in Nashville probably
  • Karlie: Heyyy!! Miss you so much, how's everything? Love your place!
  • Taylor: It's great, fandom is pretty calm right now.
  • Karlie: *petting Olivia*
  • Taylor: *smirks* Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  • Karlie:
  • Taylor:
  • Taylor: YAS BITCH YAS!
  • Karlie: *start taking pics of Olivia* Ok, I'll post it on Instagram now. What should I caption it?
  • Taylor: Just say you're in Nashville. They'll die instantly.
  • Karlie: Hahah good one! Ok done.
  • Taylor: Now sit here beside me. You don't wanna miss the best part.
  • Kaylor: And that's how it works, that's how you kill a fandom oohh oooohh *high five each other*
Stay Stay Stay

4th of July Fanfic 

“Come swim with me babe” Calvin begged wrapping an arm around Taylor giving her cheek a sloppy kiss as she flipped over some potatoes at the grill. 

Her friends at come to talk to her so she won’t alone but she really wanted to be where Calvin was, in the pool 

“Here’s the stuff you wanted” Ed said handing it to Taylor. she thanked him and he took another beer from the cooler and stood next to Gigi 

“Adam I’m cooking” she looked at him with an annoyed look on her face asking him to move away from her 

“Ok I’ll just stand over here” he said standing next to her friends.   

He got out his phone and took a picture of her. She turned at the exact right moment to look at him and he chuckled at the picture. 

“Are you taking pictures of her cooking. That’s creepy!” Gigi exclaimed looking over at his phone and she shook her head when she saw the picture   

“Babe I’m posting it!” he exclaimed with a big cute smile ignoring Gigi completely   

“Really out of all the ones you’ve taken of us you choose that one?” Taylor exclaimed shaking her head at him disapprovingly   

It was 4th of July and Taylor and Calvin were hosting a big party with all their friends. Everyone was in the pool, laughing and having a good time. It was the first time they had all of their friends together at a place and so far everyone was getting along. Taylor and Calvin were together for the most part but when they weren’t they were always looking over at the other. Despite their different schedules they always managed to spend time with each other. they decided to host this party on the 3rd because Calvin had to work and she wanted to spend as much possible time as she could with him. She loved him and everyone could tell just by the way she looked at him. Everyone was commenting on how happy they look together and Taylor couldn’t stop her cheek from turning deep red. 

“Do you want to eat burnt potatoes babe?” she asked him and he shrugged coming up from behind her He wrapped his arms tightly around her and lifted her up and smiled as he heard the sound of her giggles. 

When he put her down she turned her body slightly to look at him. “you’re wet and you got me all wet Adam!“ 

“Ooh that’s gross” Karlie said turning the potatoes and taking what Calvin said the completely wrong way. Calvin looked at Karlie confused and then realized what she meant. 

“Karlie! No. He didn’t mean it like that!” Taylor exclaimed shaking her head at her friends who took everything the wrong way 

“I don’t wanna be around you all if you’re saying or thinking stuff like that” Gigi said and everyone in the conversation agreed and left. 

Taylor scoffed and glared at Calvin. He just smiled widely and kissed the corner of her mouth his way of asking for forgiveness. She only shook her head. 

“I’ll watch the grill” Karlie offered "you’ve been working long enough. Go down there and make out" 

“See now you’re stuck with me” he said he whispered in her ear making shivers go down her spine taking her hand and leading her down to where more people were hanging out 

She turned around and let him wrap her up in his arms as he brought her closer into his embrace. She hid her head in his chest and he kissed her head. She felt at home and if she had it her way she’d stay in his arms forever. She listened to the sound of his heartbeat and kissed his chest gently.

“Alright come on babe it’s swim time!” he said after a few seconds of them just standing there   

She moved away so she could look at him “Noooo not yet Adam.”   

“Yes now please” he said pouting and she laughed standing on her tippy toes and kissing his pouted lips   

She kissed him quickly but he pulled her back for more. Then it was just them two in their own little world. Their lips moved together in sync as they continued to make out.  The laughter and the music in the background silenced and the people surrounding them all disappeared. Taylor pulled away hesitantly realizing someone was calling her name. 

“What?” she called back to Gigi who was on a float with Joe 

Calvin chuckled and wrapped his arms around her once more burying his head in her hair. She swore he couldn’t go a minute without touching her when they were together. They were like magnets and something always pulled them each other 

“Get a room!” Gigi called and everyone was now staring at them, Taylor moved away from Calvin and closer to the pool 

“you ruined our moment!” Calvin called back and Taylor slapped his chest shaking her head   

“What? She did!” he asked and everyone started laughing. Taylor smiled and Calvin kissed her cheek 

She saw her mom whisper something to her dad and he nodded. They were probably talking about how in love the couple was. Taylor had introduced Calvin to her parents a few months back and they adored him, it’s impossible not to. Her parents opinion mattered to her parents and thankfully he passed.

“Does this mean you’ll swim?” he asked when everyone stopped laughing 

She started walking towards the cooler and took his hand as she walked by him. He followed and tightened the grip on her hand.   

“I don’t wanna get my hair wet babe” she whined touching her hair “I’ll go get a drink”   

Calvin rolled his eyes “You’re hair? Really baby? I don’t care what you’re hair looks like. It’s beautiful in whatever style and if someone doesn’t like it it’s their problem”   

“Adam” she laughed at him being so defensive about her 

Most guys had too big of an ego to stand up for their girlfriend, They didn’t want to look bad in front of their friends. Calvin didn’t care about what other people thought. He cared about how people felt especially the ones that he loved.  Taylor deeply admired that about him.   

“You’re adorable you know that?” she turned around and stroked his cheek and looked into his eyes her heart skipped a beat as his hands moved down to her waist 

“You know you’re not so bad yourself” he joked picking up her by her legs as she screamed   

She disliked being picked up and he knew it too. He only did it if she was sleeping and he was carrying her upstairs or at times like this. He just wanted to swim but not without her. 

“Adam! No!!” She knew he was heading towards the pool. She held on tightly as he raced. He laughed when she screamed. 

“Look out coming through” he called and everyone turned and moved out of the way quickly “hold your nose baby" 

She did and he jumped in holding her still. They came up for air and everyone in the big pool cheered. Taylor pouted. Calvin brought her into his arms but she pushed him away jokingly. She splashed water at him so she could get away from him. 

“No go away! You threw me in!” she cried angrily but Calvin knew her well enough to know she was joking some people, however looked worried   

She swam away and he swam towards her. He was a little faster at swimming but that didn’t stop her. She would try to hide behind people but soon enough he’d find her 

“No No” she repeated still swimming and getting on her swimmer friend and high school bestt friend, Abigail’s  back   

“Abigail, swim and don’t let him get me!” she cried holding on as she looked to see Calvin coming closer 

“No fair!” Calvin cried but still didn’t give up 

 Abigail swam with her on her back  and as a fish in the water. After a long round of cat and mouse  Calvin managed to get her foot and he pulled her towards him. By this time she forgot why she was trying to run away form him in the first place and she wrapped her legs around him. 

“I hate you. Now my hair is messed up” she pouted and he chuckled kissing her lips quickly   

“I love you even hen you’re mad…mad mad”  he sang her song and she hugged him tightly laughing 

That song meant a lot to her. It was a personal song that was written on the kind of love she wanted. Looking at him, it looks like she had found it. He was different from all the guys she’s dated. None of them seemed to treat her right and it always ended badly.   

“Stay stay stay” she sang softly hoping that he would stay because she had been loving him for quite some time. 

She held onto him tighter. He noticed she was vulnerable because of her tone of voice and he knew she had a hard time opening up. He always made sure to listen to her and let he know it was ok to be open to him. He pushed some of her hair back and held her cheek staring lovingly at her before speaking again.  

“i’ve been loving you for quite some time. No one else is gonna love you when you get mad mad mad” he sang with a smile and she glared at him   

“Hey!” she scolded and he looked at her as though he didn’t know what he said wrong but he tightened his grip on her so she couldn’t run away again “I think that’s it’s best if we both stay”   

They were just about to kiss and someone shouted “picture time" 

“let’s get a swan!” Calvin exclaimed reaching for one. he brought it towards her.
thought she could get on herself she liked making him work “please put me on there?” she pouted and he laughed shaking his head   

He stood up and lifted her up placing her on, letting her get comfortable and then getting on after and wrapping his legs around her tightly. She leaned back and looked at him   

“Picture in 3…2..1” Taylor kissed his cheek and he held onto her waist 

“I love you” he said out of the blue looking at her like she was the world 

“that was really random babe" 

“don’t you love me?" 

“of corse I do!" 

“One two three” he counted and Taylor looked at him confused and he brought them both underwater. He kissed her hoping she wouldn’t get mad when they came up for air. Sure enough when they came back up she pushed him under and was kissing him underwater. 

They floated around.  They splashed each other and played around. She got on his shoulders and played chicken fight with Gigi and Joe. They played around with their friends. 

“Dinner” Karlie called and everyone started to get out slowly. Taylor was on Calvin’s back giving his shoulders a rub from doing at least 30 min of non stop chicken fights with Joe and Gigi. 

“Carry me” she requested kissing his shoulders. He held on to her tightly as he stepped out of the pool. They would get food last and let their guest get food first. 

“Water was great huh?” Joe asked with Gigi at his side, trying to strike up an nice conversation   

“Yeah man it felt great.” he felt Taylor breathe on his ear and he tried to control himself   

Gigi had her phone out while Calvin struck up a conversation with Joe. Taylor smiled at the two men talking. Calvin had talked to her about him being there and how he felt. He didn’t care if he showed up places as long as she was comfortable 

Taylor heard the camera snap “Gigi!" 

“That’s not creepy” she said laughing and snatching it from her and trying not to make Calvin drop her 

“Babe what are you doing?” he asked her holding to her tightly so she wouldn’t fall of his back 

“get your phone from Gigi” she answered and he reached for it and grabbed it out of her hand “awww we look cute!" 

“I’m hungry!” Taylor exclaimed and Calvin chuckled stealing a kiss on her cheek 

“Excuse us we’re gonna go get some food” Calvin said politely to Joe and Gigi

He walked over to the line with her on his back. He was very strong and she weighted nothing so it was easy for him to carry her around. 

“can I get down?” she asked and he set her on the ground gently and pulled her to his side 

“Give me a kiss” he asked and she shook her head moving away from him

“Come on” he pulled her close and he held her as she still tried to escape but he kissed her cheek. 

She rested her head on his chest and he rested his chin on her head. She smiled never wanting to forget this moment. She was surrounded by all her friends by her family and by the man who loves her. What more could she ask for. 

“Stay” she whispered not sure if he heard her or not 

“I’ve been loving you for quite some time” he finished and she moved away to look at him then kiss him

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Showed my friend kaylor Vogue video
  • Me: here watch it *continue driving*
  • Her: *laughing her head off the whole time*
  • Me: which part you like the best?
  • Her: lol the part where they looked like they're about to eat each other if those cameras weren't there. The staring contest I mean.
  • Her: damn chill careful, yeah I came up with that, it's obvious. Are they like dating or something? I mean if they're not, they obviously have feelings for each other, man they're perfect.
  • Me: *holding up my tears* I don't wanna talk about it.

3 things I wanna say to Tay:

1. If you really love the person, you’ll put a ♡ sign and not a + sign

2. Your dominant side is showing. You wrote your name first.

3. Lastly, you’re copycat would never ever replace the sunshine. So…

Best wishes to your stunt. May you and Karlie be happy forever privately ;)

Im waiting for NR MV. Or the 6th album. KAYLOR feels literally in screaming color!

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Some of y'all Kaylor shippers are so certain that Taylor is dating Karlie - it’s actually ridiculous.

All i wanna say is, IF she was actually dating Karlie and wasn’t straight, trying to force someone to come forward with their sexuality is fucking rude okay, if she really was into girls and she wouldn’t want to admit that yet, then calm your asses and stop trying to force sexualities onto others and trying to get them to admit theirs if they aren’t comfortable.

With that being said, stop trashing her relationship with Calvin because you don’t agree with it as she doesn’t need YOUR consent and approval to be part of a relationship that she’s clearly comfortable in.

Taylor is surprised when Calvin unexpectedly shows up at her work. She wasn’t expecting to see him again after what happened the night of the party when she found out he was engaged to someone else. She was still heartbroken over the fact that Calvin moved on entirely from her. Why did Calvin want to see her again and what did he want from her? Will Taylor be able to move on from her feelings for him or is she going to be stuck feeling this way forever?

Word Count- 7840

Meant To Be- Tayvin Series (4/?)

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Day 10 - Camping trip

Word count: 1990

mature content? yes/no

(This is for @tayvin-oneshots / @tayvinfanfiction ‘s Fanfiction Festival)


“Have you seen that dark blue dress?” I call at Adam, who is in the bathroom, collecting our toiletry. Adam and I are busy packing our bags, because we’re going on a camping trip tomorrow. Not just the two of us, but with a lot of friends. We’re leaving very early tomorrow.
“I think I saw it in one of the guest rooms earlier today babe!” He calls back. I walk over to the closest guest room and indeed, it’s on the bed. What is it even doing there. I’m not a good packer, I’m way to chaotic. Then I continue filling the bag with all those clothing pieces. I won’t even wear half of them, but you know, just to be sure. I always pack way to much. Adam walks into the room and puts the toiletry bags in one of the many bags.
“We’re taking way too much stuff…” He says frowning. 
“Yes we are.” I chuckle, looking at all the bags. We’re only going for five days.
“Are you almost done babe?” He asks me while zipping up one of the bags. 
“Yeah, just a few more things…” I say as I get distracted by some pieces of clothing I hadn’t seen earlier. Then Adam suddenly zips my bag up either.
“Hey, what are you doing?” I protest, “I wasn’t done yet!”
“Hmm, I think you are,” He smiles, “you’ve packed enough clothes for three year.” I bite on my lip. He’s actually right. I sigh deeply and put back the clothes I just picked. 
“Hey, you will be grateful later, I’m just helping you…” He says as he pulls me in his arms.
“I know, I know.” I mumble and I press my head against his chest. Then suddenly a yawn escapes from my lips. Adam frowns at me.
“You should go to sleep babe, I’ll finish packing.” He says. I want to protest but he insists on it. “You have to get up early tomorrow, Tay, you need sleep.”
Then he suddenly lifts me up in his arms and drags me to the master bedroom.
“Put me down,” I yell, “I know how to walk.”
“Yes you do, but you wouldn’t do it, so I had to.” He laughs. Then he puts me on the bed.
“Can I at least change clothes and brush my teeth?” I ask sarcastically.
“Ehh well, changing clothes is not a problem, but brushing your teeth is going to be slightly difficult…” He says, “because I already packed your toothbrush.”
“Well, then I guess I’m just going to change, or did you pack my pyjamas too?” I ask him, frowning my eyebrows.
“I actually did…” He says trying not to laugh.
“Are you kidding me? Where do I have to sleep in then?” I say slightly frustrated. Then Adam suddenly grabs the hem of his shirt and pulls it over his head. Then he tosses it to me.
“I hope it’s comfortable enough.” He says, his lips curving into a smile. I look at his perfect torso. But I need to focus my attention on something else, because once I’m going there, there is no way back. I pull my dress over my head and unclasp my bra. Then I put his shirt over my head. I crawl under the sheets, making myself comfortable.
“Goodnight Tay.” Adam kisses my forehead.
“Goodnight Adam.” I smile and press my lips onto his. 
Then he walks out of the room and turns off the lights. Within a minut I’m gone.


I wake up from the alarm clock, which starts to ring loudly. I groan softly and I reach my hand to the nightstand to turn it off. It’s only 7.00 am. Adam is lying behind me, his arms wrapped around my body. I roll myself over and press a kiss on his lips.
“Wake up sleepy head.” I say as he slowly wakes up. I get out of the bed and start looking for some comfortable clothes. We have a long car drive ahead of us. Adam yawns and gets up too. He walks to the closet and grabs some clothes, while tossing a sweater to me.
“Camo print? Really Adam?” I frown my eyebrows. He shrugs.
“It’s camo season babe,” He grins, “deal with it.” 
I laugh and I put on the sweater. It’s way too big for me, but it is comfortable. I think I’m able to spend the day in these. I put on some comfortable black jeans and then turn to Adam. He’s already put on some camo sweatpants with a black shirt.
“We’re matching babe.” He laughs.
“Wait, I need to capture it.” I smile as I grab my phone. We pose in front of the mirror and I take a photo. Then we go downstairs for breakfast. Not something complicated, because we don’t have that much time. Once we’re done we quickly do the dishes. After that we only have to wait until Karlie is here. She and Selena would pick us up. We both just fall down onto the couch as the doorbell rings. Adam and I exchange a look. We both get up, I go open the door and he goes grab our bags. Both Karlie and Selena hug me enthusiastic.
“Are you ready girl?” Karlie asks exited.
“Oh hell yes.” I grin widely. Then I give them both another hug and we start to jump excitingly like three little girls.
Then Adam walks into the hall with all the bags.
“Jeez Taylor, what are you planning on doing?” Selena asks frowning.
“Don’t judge okay? I wanted to make sure I’d have enough of everything.” I say.
“Well, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that.” She starts laughing.
“I tried to stop her, but that’s very hard you know. Once Taylor has something in mind, it’s hard to convince her of something else.” Adam says grinning.
“You’re supposed to be on my side!” I say to him, “Now let’s get into the car before you guys can make more jokes about my packing habits.” 
They all laugh, they clearly think it’s very funny. 

Once the bags are in the car, which caused a lot of trouble because it almost didn’t fit, we go on our way. Adam and I are sitting in the back. Selena and I are singing along with the music enthusiastically. I can see Karlie and Adam exchanging some frowning looks. Adam starts laughing when I do some very dramatic looking hair flips.

On our way we stop at a Starbucks to grab some coffee. Otherwise we probably wouldn’t be able to stay awake. Karlie actually drives the whole way, saying that she doesn’t trust anybody else with her car. Halfway through our journey, I manage to fall asleep, despite the coffee I drank.

Around three hours later, Adam softly shakes my shoulder.
“Tay, wake up, we’re here.” He whispers. I open my eyes and I find myself hanging against Adam’s chest. I stretch and go sit normally. The car has stopped driving and we’re on some parking lot in the woods. We’re surrounded by threes and plants and it’s so beautiful. The sunlight falls through the treetops, which makes it look like a fairytale. We all get out of the car and walk towards the reception building. Karlie arranges everything with the woman behind the desk and we get assigned a camping spot. We have to walk, but luckily there is this cart we can use for our luggage.

But then we have to pitch the tents. Luckily, Selena and Adam both have some camping experience, so we’re not having too much trouble with that. Karlie and Selena share a tent and Adam and I share the other tent.
It’s already late in the afternoon when we’re done with everything. So we decide to freshen up a little and go out for dinner. There is this cute little restaurant on the camping where we’re going to eat.
“I like your clothes by the way.” Karlie grins at me. I look surprised.
“Well, thanks.” I manage to say.
“I told you.” Adam whispers into my ear, wide grinning.
“It’s cute that you guys are matching.” Selena continues. I let out a chuckle. Luckily there are no paparazzi here, because the internet would actually go crazy when they’d see we are wearing matching clothes. I smile at that thought.

The food we had was actually amazing. We’re on our way back to the tents now. We’re all exhausted, we’ve had a long day behind. We’ve already made plans for tomorrow, we want to hike and visit the waterfalls. For now we just wanna go to bed. We take a quick shower, change our clothes, brush our teeth and then go to our tents. I hug Karlie and Selena goodbye and Adam and I go inside our tent. It’s not very big, but it’s enough for just the two of us. I snuggle up against his chest.
“I can’t believe that you’re actually tired, you’ve slept like three hours in the car.” He says surprised. I look up at him.
“Well, if you’ve made other plans…” I smirk at him.
“Hmm, not yet, but that can change at any minute” he smirks back at me.
Then I press my lips against his. He immediately answers my kiss and soon our tongues are dancing around each other. I climb on Adam’s body. He moves his hands to my waist and presses me closer. I place my hands against his bare chest. Then his hands move to the hem of my, well actually his but I’m wearing it,  shirt and pulls it over my head. Our naked skin presses against each other and a shiver runs down my spine. He rolls us over so that he’s on top.
I moan softly as he kisses my neck. Then he starts moving his lips down to my breasts and I can’t hold back a soft gasp.
“Sssh, we’ve got neighbours babe.” He smirks. I let out a chuckle.
“They’re probably asleep already,” I say, “I hope…”
Adam continues kissing my body. His lips are moving down my belly.
He has reached the hem of my lacy red underwear, he starts playing with it.
“Stop teasing me.” I groan.
Then he pulls my panties down and starts rubbing my clit softly. I let out a moan. Then he suddenly slides a finger inside me. I’m wet enough already. I press my hips up and place my hand over my mouth to cover another moan. 
Then I pull him back up, because I know I’m on the edge already.
“I need you inside me.” I say with a husky tone in my voice.
“Oh yeah?” He smirks and starts kissing my jawline.
“Adam, please.” I breathe out. I move my hands down until I reached the hem of his briefs. I pull them down and I can feel his hard member pressing against my thigh. I let out a gasp. Then I suddenly feel him inside me, he starts thrusting in and out in a normal pace.
“Harder, Adam, faster.” I moan. He does exactly what I say and increases the pace a little. I can feel my walls tighten and I know that I’m on the edge of my orgasm.
“Adam, I’m coming.” I groan.
“Me too, babe.” he says huskily. 
Then I feel a warm feeling running through my body. My body instinctively presses up against his, my hips pressing against his. My hands grabbing his hair. Then I feel him releasing inside me.

He falls next to me on the “mattress”. You can’t really describe it as a mattress, it’s almost as hard as the actual ground. He pulls me in his arms, I make myself comfortable against his chest.
“I love you, Tay.” He whispers to my hair, pressing a soft kiss on it.
“I love you too, Adam.” I mumble, before falling asleep.







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Your little DJ exposed. taytaysbeard.)tumblr.)com/post/140426250489/the-staged-massage-parlor-pics

OMG the love of my life finally wrote. I was wondering how were you doing honey, you disappeared from my inbox since I made that public post asking you to stay away from my blog. I had missed you so much @taytaysbeard 

But firstly let me ask you something, this is the severalth time you’ve sent me a message for me to check your theories about that parlor incident. I mean, why so pressed honey? It’s March and you’re stuck on something that happened in September? Oh cos u truly thought that Tayvin would be over in October. Firstly let me say how much you’ve let me down cos that assumption wasn’t even yours, you read that from talvinproofs on Twitter and you skipped a little thing that person said, Taylor is in fact STRAIGHT! But i’ve noticed you love skipping stuff that that don’t fit your theories,  like when you were sure “the beard would be shaved in January” when Taylor was liking break up lyrics, right? Lyrics she wrote while dating Karlie right? But still even though she was still liking Tayvin stuff, she was still preparing us for the break up. Sure Jan! As if Taylor didn’t know it herself she would release another single..cos that’s why this PR stunt is going on, right? Please correct me if I’m wrong…

Originally posted by giphy

If you see the video, you can notice the paps could have been following him just like they follow him to the gym and he looks at them the same while going inside of the gym. For the paps to get a clear shot of his face going on, cos probably Calvin’s next move to make them believe he’s having an affair with his trainer? Here u go, I just helped you to write your next post. Thank me later, it’s okay. I’m generous like that. Okay? 

If Tayvin was over cos they didn’t appear in public for a few, but your ship is going strong despite them not even being in the same city for months? Sure sure, makes as much sense as the rest of your theories.

Originally posted by tayvns

 Now either ignore this just like your friends ignore such stuff that “open holes in your ship” right? Or say how it wasn’t you. If it weren’t you, I wouldn’t have predicted this honey! Oh do what u do best, stop writing as soon as you see this. Like the last time.

I hope Karlie invites you and the gang to her engagement! Wanna place bets she’s going to get engaged first? Hope you’ll be alright then, you’re too emotionally invested in this! Wishing u a lovely day

Originally posted by feelsocloseto-tayvin

EDIT PS: That LITTLE DJ is bigger than all of you combined will ever be sweetheart!

Kaylor: Sept 25, 2015

For September 25, 2015

Good morning fandom! If you’ve missed out on Kaylor yesterday, this is the post for you.

Here’s what we’ve got for Kaylor

  • Karlie is discovered to be a fast mover, not even months into her and Taylor’s friendship, she dubs them as “soul mates”, straight from an interview (x / x)
  • The fandom, experiences a new wave of homophobia, this time subtly targeted (x). It hurts the same nonetheless, and here are the killer responses from the fandom. (x / x / x / x)
  • Wattpad is still riding high on the Kaylor sails, and they’ve chosen five fics (which I think is subjective) that best reflect the realness of Kaylor (x)
  • Jen (@femmetay) got herself some cute anons who support Kaylor, yet somehow  these anons miss some of the important points the fandom fight for (x / x). It’s not just about shipping. Don’t worry, Jen’s response is on point, as usual. Erin (@kaylornation) got her fair share of anons too (x)
  • The non-appearance of Calvin Harris the first night of the Nashville show leaves some people bitter, and they try to hammer the point of Kaylor not seeing each other—don’t worry though! Mighty Megan saves the day…again ;) (x)

I’m gonna throw in a quote, just to keep you #thirsty:

“Because you have to ignore all those things if you want to  convince yourself that Taylor and Karlie have drifted apart.  I know the intention of your message was negative, but it  genuinely made me smile. And that’s because your insecurity  speaks volumes…”


  • As usual, home girl delivers. She brought out three guest performers last night, and damn oh damn, home girl’s vocals slayed:

Don’t wanna miss a thing (x)
Love me like you mean it (x)
When you say nothing at all (x / x)

  • She also killed the fandom with her autumn wear. If I’m being honest, I think the Kaylor fandom was too busy drooling over BF Taylor, no offense meant ;) (x / x)


  • Sunshine was seen in Aspen, Colorado Thursday night. It’s nice to see Karlie not squatting down in a picture, for a change (x). One day isn’t enough though, Karlie was spotted in the sunny state again yesterday morning. (x / x)
  • If that didn’t pique your interest, maybe this Instagrammed photo of Karlie will (x). It’s captioned #FlexFriday (which was last night), but it’s in New York. What was our wonderful sunshine doing posting pics of her in New York when she was spotted in Aspen? Well…you know what it could possibly mean, stay woke people! (x)
  • Anyway, here’s Karlie in Sona Gasparian’s YouTube video, being her usual Sunshine-y self. No words are needed. (x)

Outside Kaylor News that might interest you

  • Lily Aldridge attended the concert last night. (x)
  • And Colbie Caillat (co-singer of Taylor’s song, Breathe) was also spotted! Sadly, there’s no Breathe to look forward to…maybe next time, though. (x)
  • A fan on twitter trolls the whole fandom into thinking Calvin Harris was in Nashville, but it turns out to be false. Still worth it to read the response of a certain fan, though. (x)
Day 6 - A barbecue (with Karlie)

Word count: 2370

mature content? yes/no


Karlie and I were just coming out of the gym together. We worked out for like an hour anti was a though training today. I can barely feel my legs right now. Karlie and I walk to the car that’s waiting for us. Meanwhile we’re being photographed by many paparazzi. I wave and smile to them before getting into the car. I often get the question why I’m being so nice to all those rude people who won’t give you any privacy. But you know, I just can’t be this mean person who makes a snotty comment on what they’re doing. I mean, it’s their job, just like this is my job. Although, I sometimes get kinda annoyed by them. Sometimes I’m just having a bad day and then I just want to be left alone. But there’s nothing I can do about it. It’s my life, and I don’t mind that. Despite a few insecurities that I have, I love it.

“Pff, the training today was rough huh.” Karlie says when the car starts driving.
“Yes it was. I think I’m going to feel this one for like two weeks.” I laugh. 
Then my phone starts to ring. I grab it out of my back and see that it’s Adam.
“Do you mind if I take this one?” I ask Karlie.
“No of course, go ahead, I won’t listen” She smiles. Of course she will, I know that too. She probably also saw that it was Adam. I press the green button.
“Adam, hi!” I say. 
“Hi babe, how are you doing?” It feels good to hear his voice. I love the way he talks, with his perfect Scottish accent, which is also incredibly sexy.
“I’m fine. I’m just done with a gym session with Karlie. We are on our way home now.” I answer him. On the background I can hear some music. I think he’s trying out some new remixes or something.
“Oh that’s great. I hope you have some energy left though, because there is this barbecue tonight with some of my friends and lots of other people. I would love it if you would wanna come. You can bring some friends too, if you want.” He sounds hopeful.
“Wait a second.” I say to Adam, as I then turn to Karlie.
“What do you think of a barbecue tonight? Please say yes.” I ask her.
“Hmm tonight… Sounds good, I’m in.” She agrees. I hold the phone to my ear again.
“Karlie and I are coming, can you text me the address?” I ask Adam.
“Sure, if you can be there around six it would be great. I’m really looking forward to see you again, I miss you babe.” He says softly.
“I miss you too… See you tonight babe.” I smile at the thought of that. He greets me goodbye too and then I hang up the phone. 

Meanwhile the car stops at my place and Karlie and I both get out of the car. We get into my house and make ourselves comfortable on the couch.
“Grey’s anatomy or Law and Order?” I ask her. We both don’t really feel like doing anything active after the workout of today.
“Grey’s anatomy.” Karlie says and I start to make everything ready.

We’re just in the middle of our marathon as Karlie suddenly jumps up from the couch. I look at her surprised. 
“Tay it’s already 5pm, we need to get dressed.” She calls.
“What? Is it already that late?” I frown. Time flies when you’re having a good time… I lift Olivia up from my lap and put her on the ground. Then I stand up either. We go upstairs and look for some nice clothes.
“I don’t think we have time to step by at your place, you can borrow something from me.” I say to Karlie.
“Thank you.” She says as she dives into my closet either. My wardrobe is pretty big, so there are enough clothes to choose from. I go for some black high-waisted jeans with a white crop top and white heels. Karlie picks some dark blue jeans and a black top and flats. She’s still taller then me. It’s almost unbelievable. We apply some makeup, just a little, not too much. We don’t wanna look over the top. When we’re finally done, we look perfect for a barbecue. Our looks are very casual, but somehow they’re also very glamorous.
It’s already 5.45pm, which means that we’ll have to leave immediately. My driver is already waiting for us in the car and I give him the address that Adam texted me earlier this day. On our way, Karlie and I jam along to some songs on the radio and I also suddenly come up with a perfect line she could use in a song. But in all the hurry I forgot my phone at home, so I couldn’t write it down. Fortunately, my driver handed me his phone so I could text it to myself. Then we finally arrived at the address Adam said the barbecue would be. It was ten minutes past six, but I didn’t think that was a problem, since Adam asked if we could be here around six.

We walk to the front door of the house and we can already hear music coming from the backyard. A tall guy that I’ve never seen before opens the door for us.
“And you are?” I asks with an admiring look in his eyes as he scans our bodies.
I can feel my cheeks turning pink.
“I’m Karlie and this is Taylor, we’re invited by Adam.” Karlie says eventually.
“Or Calvin, I don’t know how you guys call him.” She adds.
“Ooohhh,” He starts to smile a little, “So you’re his mysterious girlfriend?”
“Ehh, no I think you mean Taylor by that.” Karlie says as she nods her head in my direction. Hi lays his eyes on me again. 
“Oh well, anyway, come in.” He smiles at us. I smile back politely as I enter the room. Karlie follows me.
“Do you know him?” She asks softly.
“I have no idea.” We both laugh.
“Taylor!” I hear a familiar voice from behind me. I turn around to see where it’s coming from. Then I see Adam walking up to me with a wide grin on his face.
“Hi babe, I missed you.” He whispers as he pulls me into a tight hug. I wrap my arms around his waist and pull him closer. He presses a kiss against my hear. Then I lift my head up and he presses a soft kiss against my lips. I pull myself out of the hug and he lets one arm hang around my shoulder.
“Hi Karlie.” He greets her and he smiles to her. They know each other pretty well too. We’ve been hanging out a lot together with the all of us and they always seem to get together pretty well. I think it’s nice, tho.
“Hi Adam, nice to see you.” She smiles.

“So, where are we actually?” I point my gaze at Adam.
“We’re at Charlie’s place, he’s a friend of mine.” He answers. “Are you girls hungry by the way? There is food outside, come on.” He grabs my hand and leads me outside, I grab Karlie’s hand so that I don’t lose her. There are a lot of people here. Adam takes us to the tables with food and hands us two plates.
“Eat whatever and as much you want.” He grins. We both grab some food and then search a place to sit. We end up at a table with some other guys. They are really nice to us, and especially Karlie seems to get along with them really well. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder, I immediately turn around. It’s Adam.
“Taylor, this is Charlie, my friend.” He smiles at me. “He basically begged me to show you to him, so yeah. I think that says enough about his personality.”
“Hi Charlie, I’m Taylor.” I stand up and shake his hand.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Taylor Swift.” He smirks. Then he lifts my hand to his mouth and presses a kiss on it. I let out a chuckle and Adam hits him on his shoulder.
“Back off a little, yeah?” He says, but his lips are curved into a smile. 

Then he wraps his arm around my shoulder and he leads me to another place. I glance at Karlie, but she seems to enjoy herself with the guys really well.
“Where are we going?” I ask him curiously.
“You’ll see.” He smiles and he pulls me even closer. I press my face against his chest and I take a deep breath. I can smell his cologne and I sigh softly.
“I really missed you babe.” I say to him.
“I missed you too Tay.” He mumbles against my hair.
Then he suddenly stops walking. We’re in the back of the yard, having a view on the water. We’re away from all the other people, there’s nobody here.

“I just wanted to be alone with you.” He says. Then he goes sit down on the grass and he pulls me down too. I’m sitting in-between his legs, my back resting against his chest. He presses a kiss onto my hear. Then he moves his lips to my ear, to my jawline and to my neck. There he starts sucking gently on my skin. I let out a soft gasp and I lift my head a little to give him more space.
“It feels so good to be able to touch you,” He whispers, “I don’t want to miss you anymore. I wanna be with you all the time.”
“Well, you are the one that’s away all the time…” I chuckle, “You could also just stay the next time.”
He groans softly against my skin.
“You know I can’t, but I have to say, it’s an interesting suggestion…” He smiles.
Then I turn around, so that I’m sitting on his lap, my legs wrapped around his waist. I press my lips onto his and he immediately reacts. His feel his tongue sliding over my lower lip. I open my mouth a little and our tongues start dancing around each other. Then I pull away.
“Stay, Adam.” I say in a husky tone, half smiling. He groans again and presses his lips back onto mine. He falls softly into the grass, me lying on top of his chest. Then I move my lips to his neck and start kissing him there softly. He let’s out gasp rolls us over so that he’s on top. He moves his hand to my thigh, which causes me to let out a soft moan. His fingers walk all up to the hem of my underwear.
“Adam…” It’s all I can say right now. He presses his lips against my neck and starts sucking gently on a sensitive place. His hands still not moving.
“Maybe… Maybe we shouldn’t do this here.” My voice sounds weak.
“Why not?” He groans against my skin. A shiver runs down my spine. I can’t even think clearly anymore.
“Come home, with me.” I say, with a pleading look in my eyes. “Please.”
“Babe…” He begins. But I interrupt him and start pulling him away a little.
“Adam, I can’t think of anything else but you. I can’t take my mind of you, no matter where I go. I just need you to be with me. I need you for longer then the few hours you’re actually spending with me. I need you in my life. I just can’t live without you.” I halt my breath. Tears are welling up in my eyes and I try to keep them in. I don’t even know why I’m almost crying, it’s ridiculous. But Adam has already seen it.
“Hey, Tay, don’t cry,” He looks at me, his gaze filled with concern. “I’m so sorry babe. I didn’t know you were feeling this way… I’m so stupid.” I can tell that he’s hurt and that he feels guilty.
“It’s not your fault, I just, I don’t know why I said that, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” A tear runs down my face. I sweep it away with the back of my hand.
“No babe, you’re able to tell me how you feel, always. And… I think you’re right. It really affects me to see you like this, to see you hurt. I can’t stand the thought of you being hurt. It’s the worst thing I can think of. I will do everything to make it up to you.” He looks me into the eyes. His blue eyes filled with pain. Then he takes my face into his hands and he places his forehead against mine.
“I love you, Taylor. No matter what happens.” He whispers.
Another tear rolls down my cheek, and then I can’t hold it back anymore. I just let it all come out. Everything I’ve been holding back for the past weeks, is all coming out right now. Adam takes me into his strong arms and whispers sweet words to my hair. I feel so safe with him. It feels so right.
“I’m just afraid of losing you,” I say when I’m a little calmed down, “I’ve been through it before. People get bored of me and they just leave. But I really love you, I just don’t want to lose you, ever.” I look him into the eyes.
“Taylor… I can’t imagine a life without you. You basically are my life. I will never let go of you. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Then he presses his lips against mine, before I can say anything. Then he pulls back a little.
“I love you, Taylor Alison Swift.” He smiles and I can feel my lips curve into a little smile too.
“I love you too, Adam Richard Wiles.” I whisper. Then he pulls me into his arms.

We sit there, by the water, together. We talk, laugh, kiss and watch the beautiful sunset together. I’m blessed to have him in my life.


Weeeeelllll that escalated super quickly, what even. This turned out waaaay different than I had planned. I hope you liked it anyway, byeee.