i wanna rob

MUSIC: Sizzy Rocket - I Wanna Rob

Emerging on the scene straight out of Las Vegas, spitfire Sizzy Rocket has released the powerful and energetic brand new track, “I Wanna Rob." 

Perfectly combining elements of pop and alternative rock, if this powerful tune is any indication of whats to come, we predict big things for this chicks future. Stream after the jump:

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This just hit Earmilk so it’s pretty much guaranteed some level of notoriety. What’s even more interesting is that Cara Salimando showed her some love on her Facebook feed. Now THAT got my attention.

As far as first impressions go, Sizzy Rocket’s definitely got mine. Powerful, in your face but still accessible. The production on this is especially noteworthy. It’s definitely got the hallmarks of a rock track but there’s more than a hint of hip-hop as well (watch out for the hi-hats in the chorus).

This is the right kind of fuel for rage.