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The Tumblr Poetry Aesthetic, or: the stars, the sea, Icarus, dark suburbia, and the (un)intentional pandering and ungrowth of the well-established

this conversation was initiated for me (madina) personally by giana @syrupbrat and stefan @travelingsalesman. epoch discussed this extensively in our discord chat, and the content of this post is mostly pulled out of that discussion.

When browsing through the usual tags used to promote one’s own writing on Tumblr, such as #inkstay, #spilled ink, #poets on tumblr, etc, we seem to drown in the sameness of everyone’s writing styles that it all is indistinct. It boils down to a haze of blah blah blah stars, blah blah blah yet another comparison to a Greek mythology figure, more love poetry, girl as dangerous, boy as god, alcohol is the only way we’ll survive.

These themes originated in what one might call the heydays of Peak™ tumblr poetry (this is starting to sound like a school essay & smh I can’t let this post go that direction), circa 2013(?)-2015. Most of it was documented in @nosebleedclub‘s “Memories of a Certain Spring: A Workbook” – Nosebleed Club was, in fact, what you would point at if you were asked in 2014 what “Tumblr writing” is (cue the emphasis on was, the evolution of NBC continues until now & I feel like a proud daughter about it). Multiple networks and groups have then spanned from that model, some which are still going until now, some abandoned and left to the dust – just so that you could be part of that “elite cool kids club”, whether the original one or not. the writers in the original collective also had their writing styles copied and/or plagiarized to capitalize off how prevalent and popular this aesthetic is but nvm that’s not my place to extensively rant about

I do love the stars. The sea, mythology, dangerous teenage gods, I love them all and I honestly would die for them (yes, the planets, ocean, and those tragic myths included) – but when people write about them just because they think it’ll be popular, just because it fits into the predefined box of what is proven to be well liked – an aesthetic that has since consumed us – exploration and experimentation dies, and that’s when it becomes dangerous. Everything posted will only be the product of rehashing and emulating what has been written and consumed before – shallow imageries without anything to say, without anything to make it yours. It got over-commercialized fast and crumbled. Let’s not even mention those who made a fake persona to make their poetry feel more “real” and authentic, those who write about drugs and alcohol w/o experiences backing them up and only stereotypes & what other people have written about it.

This phenomenon is further supported by Tumblr itself being a bad site in general bad platform for writing on its own – those notes, those likes and reblogs, really do shape up to define you, whether you’re conscious of it happening or not. We all crave for that feeling of being noticed because that’s just how it is. I myself can’t even say I never wrote something just for those notes, and I’m sure others that started out writing in Tumblr can say the same. If you don’t realize it yourself; if you don’t become self-conscious of the fact that really, Tumblr is a bubble, and do not actively seek out for anything new because you don’t see the need for it – you get stuck in it. Even if you wrote with the aesthetic that we all fell in love with, there’s a chance that you won’t get the recognition you think it deserved – it crushes you, and the cycle repeats again.

(this aesthetic, in turn, bled and drenched almost every tumblr roleplay until they all became the same and unrecognizable individually, whether with the usual tropes of characters: Sad Rich Girl With A Heart Of Gold. Bad Rich Boy With A Heart Of Gold. Gay Guy With A Bad Past So He’s Hypersexual Now – or situational: your edgy Welcome To This Small Suburban Town Where Everyone is a Supernatural Creature, or perhaps your This Is A Simulation of a Real Life Town for People Who Have No Lives)

Personally, I do believe in the existence of Bad Poetry – though “underdeveloped” is the word I prefer to use (maybe it’s just because I’m a softie and I can’t say outright that it’s bad, but let’s be real, bad poetry is bad poetry). No soul and nothing else to offer than just a few pretty words and fleeting concepts. Pseudo-profound bullshittery. u wanna get off it?

  • internalize the fact that we unconsciously seek for approval
  • get off tumblr for a while and write in your solitude 
  • consume more than u write.
  • explore & experiment upon different themes and structure. get out of your comfort zone in writing
  • write about your own memories and experiences, whether good or bad or interesting or not interesting, not what is deemed is consumable
  • turn to your culture and read up those local myths

– Honestly, I don’t know how because it cannot be forced. But recognizing that this exists will in turn make you think even more critically about your writing.

oh, that’s it – be critical. To the words that surround you & the words that come out of you.

To close this off: “its Everywhere like i get it . u wanna be a vampire cheerleader with a smile too big. i Get it . lets do something else” - @arckhaic

Things I’d like to see on Booklr
  • Reviews for backlist books. I don’t care if you’re reading something old for the first time. You just read Sabriel by Garth Nix? Or the Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta?  Or maybe Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz? DO A REVIEW FOR IT! Maybe it’s not the newest and hottest book right now, but there are so many older novels to discover and reviews help that!
  • Buzz for non-YA novels. I love the Young Adult genre/age group. But there’s a TON of books that aren’t Young Adult that would be fun to discuss and share! Occasionally we get non-YA books that get popular because of their appeal to the YA audience (The Night Circus, Shades of Magic, Song of Achilles, etc) but I wanna hear about more! Tell me about the mystery you’re reading, the poetry book you picked up, the old sci-fi series you found on sale! There’s a lot of books out there! If YA isn’t your thing, no worries, I still want to see blogs and posts for books outside that area!
  • Support Reviews. I’m just as guilty of this. I don’t tend to reblog or like reviews, even though I constantly skim, read, and look at what bloggers have to say. Reviews are essential to book blogging in general and great for the book industry! We should reblog and comment on them more! Show reviews your support, that you’re out there reading what they have to say, let them know if you pick up the book or not, share the review so others see it and maybe discover their next favorite book!
  • Discussion Posts. I know that some say that longer posts just don’t work on tumblr, but I love seeing discussion posts and reviews on booklr! Wordpress blogs are more likely to have discussion posts or just longer posts about books and stuff in the community, but I would love to see this stuff on here to. The fun thing about tumblr is it’s a very versatile blogging platform, from just reblogging to adding your own content into the community. Maybe we’ve all skipped over a long post because “TL;DR” but I think that reblogs and comments are perfect for talking and adding to discussion posts, so why don’t we all utilize it more?
  • Support non-English Readers! Every time I see a photo of a book that’s not in English, I notice that it has significantly fewer notes than of pictures of that book in English. I’m not sure what’s up with that? A lot of times you can recognize the book because the covers are the same, it just happens to have the title in Russian or Spanish or whatever language. Lots of people don’t read in English and that’s GREAT! There’s a lot of languages out there and those who read in their native language deserve support for their blog too! (Obviously)
  • REBLOG REBLOG REBLOG. bookavid used to talk about this sometimes, but likes aren’t always great for bloggers. I put a LOT of love and work into my blog and so does everyone else in the community. We work hard on posts, reviews, and photos! Reblog them if you like them! That lets us know you like what we’re doing and more people see it and we feel validated for our hard work. It’s always depressing when I post something and it gets 10 likes so I post it again and wonder if people don’t like it? Is it worth putting the work into if no one sees it or seems to care? I know some people try to stick to the theme of their blog but when you can, support bloggers and reblog instead of just liking it and scrolling on!

I know booklr has felt dead recently, but I’m not giving up until you pry this blog from my cold dead hands! Reach out, talk to people, let me know if you want me to check out your blog, talk to me about books, talk to other people about books, make posts even if you feel your blog is small and unimportant (it’s not, fyi). I love this community and I want to see it thriving again! I want to talk to you guys, hear your thoughts, get recommendations, and make friends


P.S. What do you want to see more of on booklr?? Comment, reblog, message me, let me know 😄

@the anon who struggles with being a lesbian and accepting herself

Your ask got lost while I was answering it. Thx tumblr for being such a reliable website. Many of us struggled or are struggling with the same feelings as you are. And much more have overcame this. Heteropatriarchy relies heavily on heteronormativity, which translates in heavy homophobia and lesbophobia. Yet lesbians have always existed. And we will always be there. Wanna know why ? Cause we are strong af. Strong af. We’re here. Living. Breathing. Loving. We overcome all this hate because we are love. Find your own circle of lesbians. Read lesbian poetry. Watch lesbian movies. Live with us, breathe with us, love with us. I guarantee you, you won’t feel as heavy as you felt before. Lesbians are love, and we make life easier. All the best to you 💖 Mod C.

Poetry (Vision)

Warnings: Fluff


A/N: Anything that is in BOLD and ITALICIZED is a line from a poet so all credit goes to them. 

“What are you doing Vision?” Curiosity probes your mind as Vision’s arm slyly wraps around your shoulder, pulling you closer against his chest. 

You had gone into the study to have some quiet time and read one of your favorite poets, Emily Dickinson, when your adorable boyfriend Vision decided to join you. 


Your eyes didn’t have to leave the lyrics of the poem in order to sense that beautiful smile of his. He was comforting, you didn’t mind his presence at all but you weren’t a slow learner either, he was going to make a pest of himself. 

He’s bored. 

“Hmmm, you’re into poetry now?” Your tone hinted a bit of surprise, but really you were challenging him. 

“I’ve always been into poetry dear, something I was born with in a sort of existence.” His hand starts to rub your shoulder softly in a relaxing matter. 

“Who’s your favorite?” Flipping the page, your eyes begin to scan the next brilliant lines of Dickinson’s poetry, in awe of how magnificent she wrote. 

There’s a moment of comfortable silence as Vision seems to think of who his favorite poet it, he even shifts in his seat but continues to keep you close to him. Smiling as you read, you couldn’t help but be in pure amusement of how much thought he seemed to be putting into this. 

“Oh how I love poetry.” Bringing the book up to your nose, you take a big sniff as if all the beautiful lines in the book would go up through your nose and into your mind, letting every beautiful word wrap around your brain. “It’s a beautiful piece of literature, makes me wanna write some not gonna lie.” 

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” 

You narrow your eyes, not looking at him. 

Did he just- 

No he didn’t- 

Yes he did. 

“Vision baby, did you just quote Dr. Seuss?” You tried to stifle a giggle, but your struggle to keep it in failed miserably. 

He chuckles also, leaning down to plant a gentle kiss on your head. “Yes darling I did, for Dr. Seuss is my favorite poet.” 

“But he’s a-

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.” 

Shaking your head in astonishment, you decide to play along with him. “Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you! Oh, how I love you but you drive me insane, there is definitely no one like you.” 

You still try to continue reading your book although Vision is making it hard, especially because of how he keeps caressing your shoulder. 

“Babe listen to this!” Flipping to one of your bookmarked pages, you read one of your favorite lines from the book. 

“You highlight certain parts of the book?”

“Yes! Now listen, Because I could not stop for death, He kindly stopped for me; The carriage held but just ourselves and immortality. God her writing is so lovely.” 

“Hmmm, Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” 

Slapping him playfully with your book, you decide it’s better to put it down now because you can’t focus anymore. Not that you minded, Vision is almost as good company as books. 


“What else you got, any pickup lines?” Not even trying to suppress your giggle, you shift on the couch so that you could see him. “Remember when you made love to me the other night?” 

This is going to be fun. 

“Yes darling, it was very romantic.” 

“Mmm when it was over, I felt a Funeral, in my Brain,

And Mourners to and fro. Has not the Power to Die. I am so in love with you.” 

Silencing him with a kiss, you two prepare for a very romantic night in the study surrounded by the many great authors who wrote amazing pieces of literature.

And poems… 

He’s grinning from ear to ear, enjoying this little game of yours. “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” 

Placing your hands on the collar of his sweater, you start to fumble with some of the buttons. 

Depart, before the host has slid. I don’t think it would be very proper of us to continue our little game in here, now would it?” 

Getting ready to get up from the couch, Vision grabs your hips and pulls you back down beside him. “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 

Your heart melts at how romantic he could make Dr. Seuss lines sound, leaning up you place your lips softly against his. “A Word that Breathes Distinctly.

“You know how I feel about the concept of ‘love’ darling and although I still don’t quite understand what it means I want you to know that I most certainly  feel something for you, something deep and if what I feel is love then I am immensely in love with you too.” 

Closing your eyes and smiling blissfully, your head snuggles against him. “Saying nothing sometimes says the most, if you do not understand it then you mustn’t force yourself to say it. I know how much you care about me.” You yawn as you reach for the little light on the desk next to the couch. 

“No sleeping, you can find magic wherever you look and although making magic in here wouldn’t be very proper…” 

Silencing him with a kiss, your hands continue to fumble with the buttons of his sweater. You couldn’t help but laugh and giggle at some of the sly remarks of poetry that would come out of his mouth whilst the two of you were undressing each other and fooling around. 

No matter how much poetry was surrounding you at this very moment, nothing was going to stop the very romantic love making night you two were about to pursue.

Love is everything. And that’s all we know about it. ~ Emily Dickinson

We are all a little weird and life is a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. ~ Dr. Seuss 


The first time I watched Boy in Love, when Jin shoves the girl against the locker and Yoongi kind of harasses her, I was uncomfortable. I thought “wtf seriously” but since I love them so much and am an ARMY to the very core, I overlooked it. I tried to.
And then I watched WoH and that too, looked like they were eve teasing (let’s not even start about the objectifying lyrics) but then I overlooked it again because babies.

Now, BigHit released an apology about the issue and I was so damn glad that they did so that the little pang of disappointment I have both, in myself and BigHit is now gone but then I see people commenting stuff like there was no need for an apology and that they didn’t do any harm and then I lose my shit.

Do people even know how much influence popular culture has on viewers? BTS is a group with one of the largest fanbases in the world and they get like 20-50 million views in one music video and a lot of their fans are boys and the message that is being sent out is ‘omg look at bts, they are so cool and they get the girl in the end too’.

People who are comparing this with sexual lyrics in female idols’ songs are so utterly blinded because there is nothing wrong with sexual lyrics. There is nothing wrong with Yoongi saying that my tongue will make you come, but it is wrong when he is clearly being the way he is being with the girl in the video.

People comparing this with other hip hop artists don’t understand that two wrongs don’t make a right. For example : I do enjoy Simon D’s music but that too has some sexist lyrics and I would never say that those are OK either. Sadly, a lot of popular hip hop has too much sexism. But people who are going around saying that ‘of course BTS have such lyrics they are rap based or hip hop based’, rap means rhythm and poetry and if your poetry is “girls are like equations, I just wanna do them” then idk what to say to you. But for a lot of us fans poetry is lines like “when you think you are about to crash, that’s when you accelerate”.

You can’t blindly love and support someone. If you don’t point out their flaws, then you may not actually love them. I understand that a lot of the posts on twitter were definitely harsh and were probably by haters but just by reading them, I knew not all were. I love BTS more than words can explain. They have helped me through a difficult phase in life (they are still doing it) and so many people have already told me that I’m a hater just because I find a few flaws in two of their songs. But guess w
hat, I don’t need anyone’s validation. I know that I’m an ARMY and I love BTS.

sloppywithwords  asked:

Hi im new to tumblr and i write poetry. Would you mind reading the one I have posted and giving me feed back? I'm not sure if I wanna post more yet.

Your poem has amazing rhythm to it and reads perfectly. I love the story behind it and your ability to expression it.

I absolutely think you should continue writing poetry and publishing it here on tumblr. If you are truly passionate about your work and showcasing it, don’t let anything stop you. ❤️

One day, I thought to myself, I wanted to be loved by a poet. I could picture it all, being his muse, his inspiration, his most beautiful poem. When the day didn’t come sooner, I decided to be my own poet but alas! I had no inspiration, no spark. Only my past where I found the ashes of an old flame. I stared at it and I suddenly felt a bitterness in me rising. It tasted like vomit so, lest I ruin myself, I took a step back but when I parted my lips, words came out in place of disgusting things. I had no time to think, only to write and so I did. I poured it all out, all the bitter broken poetry and I made it all about him. But as I look back and see the impact of those words, I now want nothing more to do with a poet’s love. Because when a poet falls in love, he will engrave your every perfection, but when a poet falls out of love, he will engrave your every mistake.
—  //my thoughts on poetry //pls dont kill me if you dont agree //i still wanna live

I haven’t felt this alone in a long time,
So alone that the only people
Talking to me are the voices in my mind,
The voices of self doubt,
And depression,
Keep pressing on
My eardrums,
I have a headache now,
And I feel numb…

I feel numb and dumb,
Dumb and numb,
Unattractive and scum,
Numb scum,
And unattractive some,
On the inside I feel worst,
Than the dirtiest cheapest one dollar,
Whore who sells her body more and more,
Just for,
A little score,
Of crack,
And to get some liquor,
From the corner store…

I look up at the sky,
And ask why,
For I can’t lie,
This life you gave me,
I just feel like I wasting it all away,
I’m pissing it all away,
And I know there is someone who
Died this past year,
Who deserves to be here,
More than I…

I call you out on your bullshit
Of keeping me alive,
But you’ll never come down here
And look at me eye to eye,
And tell me why…

Why do others die,
When I’ve longed for the plug to be
Pulled for the longest of time?

I guess you wouldn’t know how I feel,
I’m just a wanna be poet,
You wouldn’t waste your time,
Reading my piss-poor rhymes…

Maybe thats why…

—  JihbazFubyok