i wanna punch you in the face with my mouth

My favourite things about the Saints row games:
-Boss is canonically bisexual/pansexual
-Boss is canonically agender
-You can be the first female president
-Nobody cares how you dress
-Nobody cares how you look
-Oleg you guys? He’s literally the best. Smart big ole guy!!!
-The whole fandom 💙
-The fact that Peirce is a very soft boi he’s just a baby he tried his best and boss loves him for that
- Boss being a giant nerd/goofball
-Johnny is very very gay for boss. Very gay.
-The fact boss loves their friends so much???? -Literally everyone is their friend????? -EVEN MATT AND MATT TRIED TO MURDER THEM???????
Thank u 4 listening. (Also feel free 2 add ur own)

svt as quotes from my videochat with @hughosh
  • seungcheol: "oh dude. hot diggity damn."
  • jeonghan: "i would choke myself with my own hair if i could. just take myself out."
  • jisoo: "i'm an avid spanish speaker"
  • jun: "awww we fisted."
  • soonyoung: "i bought this one piece necklace for my friend but she annoyed me so i'm not giving it to her."
  • wonwoo: "i took off my glasses cause i didn't want to face reality."
  • jihoon: "i chugged an entire cappuccino with 20 sugars in one minute."
  • dokyeom: "i failed both years of algebra. do you think i can count?"
  • mingyu: "don't put things in your mouth again."
  • minghao: "i sorta wanna punch him but then also kiss him. like seriously stab someone."
  • seungkwan: "i'm just not gonna speak. i'm gonna foil your plans. i'm gonna become hellen keller."
  • hansol: "i've had worse things done to me but thank you."
  • chan: "you're just nodding your head like a bitch. bobble-head bitch."

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jimon +being trapped together somwhere

“I cannot believe we have to do this. This is ridiculous. Why am I here, anyways? What help am I to the Institute? What is Alec thinking? I’m not a Shadowhunter-“ Simon’s rambling was stopped by Jace.

“Simon, if you don’t shut up I’m going to have you arrested by the Clave for suspicion of murder,” Jace threatened, glaring at Simon and pressing the elevator button over and over again. Simon wasn’t sure why he was doing that since it didn’t really make the elevator come any faster.

“Suspicion of murder?” Simon asked, confused.

“Yes, suspicion of trying to murder me by being so incredibly annoying,” Jace said, crossing his arms. “We’re gonna take another shot at trying to figure out who disabled the cameras when Luke attacked Valentine. And you’re here because Isabelle is responding to some demonic activity with Clary and we needed someone else to do the geeky tech stuff. We figured you’re a geek, so maybe you could give it a go.”

The elevator dinged and the doors opened, both of them stepping inside. Jace pressed the button for the basement and Simon shivered. Basements were where funny, scrawny, (and apparently geeky) guys like himself were killed in horror movies.

You need me? The almighty, all-knowing Shadowhunters need a vampire? You were so out of answers that you had to ask a Downworlder for help? Man, this is the greatest-“ Simon was going to have to have a serious talk with Jace about interrupting him.

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Mystic Messenger First Impressions - Via My 10yr Old Brother

Yoosung Kim: hmmm. Large forehead. Lifeless, dead eyes. Likes. Brushing his teeth..? smeegul. Just. Smeegul. Wears brown thing in hair? (they’re hair clips) oh. No teeth. Doesn’t have emotions. (what do you think his personality is like?) Just is one of those characters that is like this all the time *holds creepy eye contact for like a minute with a frown* and, triPPIN BALLZZ.

Zen: (we’ll do zen next) Zenyana from overwatch??? What??? (okay what do you think of him?) looks like he’s gonna shank you in ur sleep. (do you think he’s handsome?) no. hmmmm. Likes old person wallpaper. Never does up his buttons on his shirt, a.k.a. douche-bag. (do you think he’s a p r e t t y b o i) no. just. No. Too much white. (are you being racist???) no, are you? Tristan eyebrows. Vampire. T H I C C. Uh. *gasp* HIPPY PONYTAIL!!! He looks like that guy we always see in town! You know the one that’s always fat and sweaty and wears those glasses… (ZEN ISN’T FAT) no just the fact that he has a ponytail and a turtle neck. R O A S T E D.

707: *makes grossed out double chin face* ummm. You said he was handsome… no. BUMBLEBEE GLASSES. Looks like a chick.. No. MANCHICK. I thought he had starbucks in his hands. Like. A pumpkin spiced latte or something. Definitely a God fan, he’s in the Jesus fandom. He’s got lots of cracks on his outfits (wdym???) look! Crack, crack, crack. He’s all cracked up. Jk I was talking about the cracks on ur screen. He puts on a deep mysterious voice when really, he has a S Q U E A K Y squ eaky voice. Has red. Obsessed with bumblebee colours and transformers. (What do you think his occupation is?) what does that mean again? (Like his job.) augh. *grins evilly* hm, being a loser, pizza shop, or telemarketing. Who calls their kid 707 (it’s code name, he’s a hacker) Why don’t they call him hacker 707 then??? (THEY DO)

Jumin Han: (we’ll do Jumin now) Jumin??? Is he Jewish (he’s probably rich enough). Uhm, has a dirty cat. (that’s a stray, the other one is his cat) THAT ONE LOOKS LIKE A PILLOW (her name is Elizabeth the 3rd) ohoho WOW. Younger, skinnier, whiter, different hair coloured homer simpson. Again, looks high as balls. Why does everyone in this game look high? Dating website or a website to buy drugs… grey, again, lifeless dead eyes. Looks like he’s gonna punch you in the face “You wanna mess with me”. Likes hankies, specifically purple ones.

V: DEMONIC EYES. Old person mouth. Blue hair, yes, definitely blue hair. And a blue personality as well. She looks like she’s be an emo (SHE???) look! Boobs! One of those people who would say “man, I just robbed a bank with my emotions. My sadness was the get-away driver, and my anger took the money”. (SEE. NO BOOBS) still looks like a girl. *huffs* B O R I N G. why does he have a pimp stick? Or is that an umbrella? IS HE BLIND? (*nods*) ohhhh. OHHHHH. Well I’m gonna look an asshole. At least they’re not irl people. Very rich. Otherwise how would he get his pimp stick?

Rika: (Oh look it’s a picture of a snake!) ??? She’s got eyes the colour of shreks skin. ONIONS HAVE LAYERS DONKEY. Uh. Boring, boring, boring and boring. Butthole mouth. She’s looks like she’s going “Hehe, I just stole your credit card details and your boyfriend!” Allergic to peenor cheese (uuuuhhh, what do you mean by that..?) um. Uh. Things. You know queen. And she is the walrus god. 

Jaehee: (Opinions on queen Jaehee) uuhhh, business woman? Likes talking and typing about paper. Very small mouth. Dragon eyes. Likes purple binders. Why does everyone have purple things? Purple hankies, purple binders (Yoosung’s eyes are purple too) yep. Why does she have a um, neck thingie (Lanyon). Big forehead, again. (Do you think she’s pretty?) uhhh, no… not really.

Unknown/Saeran: Unknown smells, unknown sighs. *quotes unbreakable* It’s a silver gun, with a black grip. Is that a guy??? (yeah) Again, why has he got a woman’s shirt, pink hair and boobs. Did he get implants???.  (he’s just E D G Y) all I see is wannabee assassins creed. Punk. Goth. Emo.

So Which Ones Do You Think Are Gay:

Zen: uh no.

Yoosung: He looks like someone from final fantasy so yeah. Augh someone on tumblr is gonna roast me and say “bluh final fantasy is the best”

Jaehee: (what bout Jaehee, is she Gaehee???) Yes.

Jumin: (Does Jumin Han Is Gay???) No.


Rika: No. Cuz she’d be like someone who’s climbin in ur windows and stealin your bf.

Unknown/Saeran: Yes. (how much percent) He goes to the gay pub instead of the gay bar (why??) Because he exceeds over the gay bar, so he can get some- (stds) did you just say LSD?

V: No, because gay people- *laughs* I mean. Blind people, don’t know what gender they’re looking at. (HE’S BLIND NOT DEAF OR STUPID) 50/50 chance that he gay okay.

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"Damn Mari, why so many?"

“Damn Mari, why so many?”

Marinette’s eyes narrowed into little more than slits, mouth puckering dangerously as she dragged her gaze from the ice cream freezer to the man who dared try her today. He seized up in terror when he saw her expression, face draining of color, and had just opened his mouth (to apologize if he were smart) when Marinette beat him to the punch.

“You wanna know why I need this many cartons of ice cream?” she asked, voice low as to not make a scene in the middle of the supermarket but poisonous enough to have the same effect as screaming. “It’s because our child is in my stomach eating up all my nutrients while you enjoy not being a sore, hormonal mess.”

Blanching further, Nino gulped and nodded, whispering a hoarse“I’ll get you a cart, babe” as his nearly-due wife continued to stack frozen desserts atop her rounded belly

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your klunk hcs were so good! can I have some Pidge and Lance friendship hcs?

one time pidge called lance “matt” on accident and he hugged her for three whole hours. pidge swears she didn’t cry. she did. she’s very insistent that she didn’t cry, lance lets her think he believes her

lance is the first to know about all of pidge’s crushes!!

“ok, i know she tied you to a tree but– i still have the hugest crush on nyma. i have no idea if we’ll ever see her again ever but? holy shit. i’m such a lesbian” “yea she’s really pretty but pidge u should maybe probably keep in mind that you’re like nine” “excuse you i am nine and a half

they’re each other’s wingpeople! they never really asked each other to be but it’s just a thing that happens. they wanna help each other out. lance admittedly does a better job of wingmanning but pidge just sucks at talking to girls so his wingmanning never really works in the long run. he won’t give up though. he is leading #OperationGetPidgeAGF

they mess with each other a lot. one time pidge crawled around in the castle vents and pretended to be a ghost, but only when she knew it was only lance that could hear.

“lance, you’re my favorite.” “you should stop drinking tobasco sauce straight from the bottle.” “i changed my mind. hunk is my favorite now” “….hunk thinks you should stop drinking tobasco sauce straight from the bottle, too.” “yea he’s right this is a really unhealthy thing for me to be doing” (she never stopped.)

pidge, when lance isn’t around: “lance is really great, y'know? he’s just a generally really supportive person, and he’s easy to talk to, and he’s really thoughtful and he’s like. he’s my space brother” pidge, when lance is around: [the same exact thing but with lance crying in the background]

pidge sighs sadly exactly one time. lance, immediately: “ok who do i need to destroy. with words. like i’m not gonna hit anyone or anything but. who made you feel this way?? do you just wanna talk about it? i don’t have to fight anyone if you don’t want me to. but if you want me to i will. but not physically”

lance sighs sadly exactly one time. pidge, immediately: “okay lance i don’t care what you say i’m punching whoever made you sad in the fucking. stomach.” “no pidge it’s fi–” “i’m going to punch them in the stomach” “pidge.” “fine. in the face.” “pidge–

“hey pidge do you wanna see how many space gummy bears i can fit into my mouth at one time” “no” “i’m doing it anyway” “ok” (it was 41.)

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Everyone, tell us the most romantic, THE CUTEST moment of klance you've ever witnessed ♡♡♡☆

Pidge: Lance once said a really really stupid pick up to Keith and Keith just stared at him for a minute straight before laughing and saying “I love you you dumb piece of shit.” That’s like, goals.

Hunk: Lance made cupcakes for their one year anniversary and put candles in them and surprised Keith by coming up behind him and shouting “Happy One Year!” Then Keith turned around and said “I’m 20?” 

Shiro: Before they got together me and Keith had a sleepover and he said “I wanna punch Lance in the face, but like, gently and with my mouth.. Am I insane?” and then three days later Lance confided in me that he wanted to “Hit Keith really hard but not with my fists with my mouth cause I think I’m in love with him.” 

Allura: I saw Lance having a conversation with the Red Lion, and asking her all about Keith. Like his little quirks, what he’s like while flying, etc. It was so adorable, he was as excited interested as a child on their first day of school.

Matt: Keith came to me and Pidge’s sleepover and we were painting our nails right? And this kid, we got out the red polish just for him but then he goes “Uh, can I have uh, blue, instead?” 

Drabble Request - Lance

Author: mermaidinplaid
Warnings: This is kinda dirty lol
For @marvelfanuniverse

#29 “You totally moaned my name in your sleep.”

How the fuck did you end up sharing a hotel room with Lance Tucker? As olympic coaches, the two of you had been traveling, scouting out new recruits, and somewhere between this morning and right now-nearly twelve hours later-the hotel staff screwed up.

You and Lance originally had separate rooms, though right next to each other. Now, however, you had been checked out and someone else had already snatched up your living quarters. Twelve hours. Twelve hours was all it took for the rest of your weekend to get royally fucked up.

As you sat on the couch, as far away from Lance as possible, you shook your head in disbelief. You were stuck with the shithead beside you until another room became available and that just didn’t work for you. Lance was cocky, annoying, obnoxious…and unbelievably sexy.

“Still pissed huh?”

Lance was stretched out beside you, an arm over the back of the couch and his feet resting on the coffee table. He had already changed into sweatpants that hung too low on his hips and a tank top that showed off everything you were trying to ignore.

You scoffed and rolled your eyes “Yes, Lance. I need my own space.”

“I’ll sleep on the couch if ya want. Don’t wanna invade your space.”

He made finger quotes in the air and it took all your strength not to punch him in his perfect face.

“Oh shut your fucking mouth.”

Turning back to the television, you fully intended on pouring all of your attention into the movie on the screen. Then the couch sank in beside you. Looking towards Lance, you noticed he was closer than he had been before but he didn’t seem to notice.

Assuming he was just trying to be increasingly annoying, you ignored him. Which didn’t stop him for moving ever closer, inch by inch, until his arm was behind your head and your thighs were touching.

Your heart was racing, your stomach was spinning out of control, you could feel warmth expanding in your belly. Whatever this asshole was up to, it was working.

“Lance, what are you-”

As you turned to confront him, his lips met yours. Shock set in and your eyes went wide; but just as you were about to shove him away, your hormones snuck up on you.

You leaned into him, deepening the kiss. Without waiting for more of a response for him, you continued your journey, moving to your knees and pushing him slowly onto his back.

Lance moaned quietly and brushed his tongue over your lips, sucking in a breath when your tongue met his. Kissing Lance was like coming up for air after being underwater for far too long. It was refreshing and exhilarating and if you never stopped, that would be perfectly fine with you.

Lance’s hands slowly moved down your body to grab hold of your thighs, pulling you closer to him. He wanted you to feel what you were doing to him, and you did. You felt his rock hard length slide against you and that warmth in your belly turned to fire between your legs.

You took his face in your hands and kissed him harder, gently biting at his bottom lip as he continued to pull you back and forth over his length. Despite layers of clothing between you, you could feel your release creeping up quickly.


His name was nothing more than a breathless moan as you finally broke the kiss. You buried your face in his neck to try and muffle the sounds you were making.

“I can feel it, baby. I know you’re gonna come.”

You moaned loudly upon hearing his voice; it was dark and raspy and he just sounded…dirty.

“Do it. Come for me.”

That was all it took for you to fall apart. You grabbed hold of his hair and bit down on his shoulder to keep yourself quiet. Lance was finally slowing his motions, allowing you to come down from your high.

Keeping your face buried in his neck, you tried to understand what had just happened.

“You can look at me ya know.”

Lance was rubbing circles on your back and you felt him tug your shirt gently but you shook your head.

“Are you embarrassed?!”

You didn’t say anything so Lance lifted you off of his chest. You straddled his lap, his cock throbbing between your legs and finally looked at him. His pupils were blown large and he was looking at you in a way he never had before.

“Don’t be embarrassed. That was fucking hot.”

You giggled and shook your head “What the fuck just happened, Lance?”

Lance was wearing his guilty look now, this look you knew very well.

“Okay so…I kinda checked you out of your room.”

Your eyes went wide “I’m sorry. You did what?”

“I had to! It was the only way to get you to spend actual time with me. Ya know, outside of work.”

You put your head in your hands and just sat there. You didn’t know for how long but when you looked up, Lance looked like he genuinely felt bad.

“Why, Lance? Did you know?”

“Uh, did I know what?”

You smacked his chest lightly “Don’t be stupid.”

Lance groaned and put his hands on your hips “Okay…well…I just heard you last night so I kinda assumed.”

Now you were just confused “You heard what exactly?”

Lance laughed and turned slightly red “Now it’s your turn to not be stupid. I heard you last night, taking care of yourself. You said my name.”

You couldn’t breathe and your voice squeaked when you spoke “Um I didn’t do that last night. I went to sleep.”

Lance didn’t look convinced “You don’t have to deny it.”

You stayed silent and bit your lip.

“Oh my god. You aren’t lying. So you were sleeping!” Lance threw back his head and barked out a laugh “You totally moaned my name in your sleep.”

“Jesus fucking christ.”

You leaned forward and hid your face in his chest.

“Good dream, I take it.”

His chest muffled your voice “Shut the fuck up, Tucker.”

You felt Lance’s fingers dig into your ass and sat up quickly.

“Tell me about it. Maybe I can make it come true.”

It took maybe half a second for what he said to register before you were laughing. Really laughing. Tears rolling down your face laughing.

“I’m sorry, that was awful, even for me.”

“Yes, Lance,” you put your hand to your chest as you calmed yourself “it was.”

Lance pulled you towards him and kissed your lips gently.

“Are you gonna tell me about it anyway?”

You kissed him again and started moving down the couch.

“Why don’t I show you instead?”

Growing On Me (Dalton Castle x reader) (Pt 2 of “More Than Just Feathers.)

** Authors note: Shout out to @wwesmutdonedirtcheap for helping me bring some steamy Dalton into this fic!

Also if you haven’t already checked it out, here’s PART ONE

Over the passing months, not only had I gotten to know “Dalton”, but the man behind him, Brett.

   Sure the joking personality of “Dalton” would blur the line, but he was incredibly sweet, and soft spoken. Not to mention smart, and ridiculously charming. He was more than just the flamboyant man in spandex.

He had shared stories about his life before wrestling. How he majored in theater while balancing practicing for nationals, and how his wrestling coach was a total basket case. He opened up about everything, so I thought.

(Dalton’s POV)

    How I had managed to never bump into Y/N before was astounding to me. Sure I’d heard the guys talk about her, but their conversations hardly did her personality justice. She was just, perfect. Funny, sweet, and hell, she could keep up with just about anything I talked about. Similar taste in music, movies, and the girl could recite Shakespeare like nobody’s business.

God, she was growing on me. No matter what, I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

    Wednesday’s were usually calm before the crowd filed in. Between setup and running a few things with Ian, it was my job today to direct promos. I loved watching some of my best friends bring their characters to life.

    Standing beside the camera in the promo area, I flipped through the sheets on the clipboard and I couldn’t stop the dumb grin from spreading across my face.

    Dalton and the boys were the last ones to film.

“Well, well, well!” The loud clap of hands echoed throughout the room, and when I looked up, I was met with bright purple and blue spandex and a myriad of feathers. “Let’s do this, shall we?” His voice was smooth as he smirked and shot a wink over at me, making me blush.

Alright, so you’re shooting on Jay today. I think you can handle the rest.” I grinned, giving him full reign on his promo.

He looked between his boys, quirking an eyebrow before nodding at the camera.

     Towards the end of the night, I only had a few minor thing to wrap up. Making my way down the long hall of the venue, I stifled an annoyed groan as I saw Bobby leaned against the wall near his dressing room.

     He was always trying to hard, and honestly, he had a bit of a “Gaston” complex. I’d give him credit, he was funny, but his obnoxious flirting was too much and he couldn’t take a hint.

“Well, look at you, PYT.” He grinned, holding his arms out.

“Hey, Fish.” I tried my best to give a friendly smile, hoping to brush past him, but with my luck, he stepped in my way.

“Where ya goin’? We didn’t even get a chance to chat before the show.” He pouted, twirling the end of his mustache.

“Yeah, I just had a lot of things to take care of.” I deadpanned, glancing up at him with an unimpressed expression.

“Well, since I caught you. I was wondering,” His voice went a bit higher, flirty grin on his face. “If you maybe wanna get out of here and grab a drink?”

(Dalton’s POV)

It was odd that (Y/N) didn’t return my text. I figured she was busy, but a part of me got worried. So, I went off to find her.

Making my way through the halls, I stopped just behind the corner as I heard Bobby’s voice.

I stayed quiet, rolling my eyes at his attempt to hit on (Y/N). She clearly wasn’t interested in him. … Was she? At the thought, I felt a tinge of jealously in my gut. 

Yeah, he was one of my best friends, but he needed to back off.

 “I, I think I’ll have to pass. Sorry.” I turned him down, watching his expression drop as he crossed his arms.

     As he went to open his mouth, Dalton appeared from around the corner, making me let out a silent sigh in relief.

“Well, isn’t it my favorite two amigos?!” He grinned, walking over and wrapping an arm around my waist, tinge of irritation in his voice.

What was he doing?

     I awkwardly glanced up to find Dalton shooting daggers into his best friend, arm tightening around my waist.

“I was just asking Y/N if she’d maybe wanna go for drinks later.” Bobby shrugged, holding his hands up with a snarky smile.

     All I could do was sink against Dalton’s side, and by the way his arm held me close, it was like he knew that I was uncomfortable at Bobby’s clear advance.

“Well, it’s been a pretty long day for ya, huh, Y/N?” Dalton cooed, glancing down at me with caring brown eyes.

     Bobby’s jaw clenched tightly and Dalton let go of me for a minute to take a step forward.

“I’m gonna take her back to the hotel, she needs to rest up.” Dalton’s voice was low and almost too calm, making my stomach flip.

What the hell was going on?

“I’ll text you later then. I gotta find Colt and see if he wants to room tonight.” Bobby rolled his eyes before stomping off.

     The walk back to the car was quiet, and so was the majority of the ride back to the hotel but Dalton’s hand never left mine. His grip was gentle yet tight, but I knew that something was off.

The way he’d practically glared at Bobby, especially when any other time he was perfectly fine around him.  Not to mention the attitude that Bobby had with him.

(Dalton’s POV)

I couldn’t find the words to describe how I felt. Relieved because she’d turned him down? Pissed because he wouldn’t back off? Because he knew that I had feelings for Y/N but yet he still came onto her?

I stood by my actions to step in. I could tell that she wasn’t comfortable and I knew I needed to do something.

Sure, I’d have her back no matter what but this? This was a different feeling. I…

I loved her.

We’d been driving in silence for about a half hour, the only noise was the quiet music playing over the radio from his plugged in phone.

                        “I want to shake you off but you just won’t go,

                 And you’re all over me but I don’t want anyone to know,

                   That you’re attached to me, that’s how you’ve grown..”

The lyrics were accompanied by acoustic guitar, and were something I could try to focus on instead of the tense silence.

    A few minutes later, I was broken from my reverie of the passing scenery outside of the window by another gentle squeeze of my hand.

“You okay?” His voice was barely a whisper as he glanced over at me for a second before turning his attention back to the road.

“Y-yeah. Just,” I paused, chewing my lip. “Just thinking.” I sighed, leaning my head back against the seat.

    Another moment of silence.

“Thank you.” I softly spoke up, shyly glancing over at his clenched jaw expression still tense.

“For what?” His voice held a bit of curiosity.

I took a second to think before I spoke, “For rescuing me from Bobby.”  I gave a small smile, but his tense expression didn’t falter.

“It was nothin’. I could tell that you were tired.” He gave a half shrug, pulling his hand away from mine, and the loss of his touch made my heart sink.

Did I say something wrong?

I just decided to stay quiet for the rest of the drive. Only the occasional glance back and forth and the awkward shift in my seat.

  I had had just about enough of the silence. Not only had it made me feel like I had done something wrong, but also made me feel upset that he was keeping something from me.

    Once the elevator doors opened to the floor both of us were staying on, I slung my backpack over my shoulder walking beside him to my room.

“Here we are.”  He stopped in front of my door, with a small smile as he swept his arm out, but there was a look of sadness in his big brown eyes.

    Mustering some confidence, I looked up at him with serious eyes.

“M’not letting you go until you tell me what’s been bugging you. Ever since you ran into me and Bobby earlier you’ve been silent.” I spoke matter of factly. crossing my arms.

His expression completely changed, eyes going wide for a moment before casting down to the carpeted floor.

“It was nothing, promise.” His lips formed into a small pout, and that’s how I knew for sure that he was lying to me.

The door shut a little too loudly behind us as I drug him by his hand into the room.

“What are you-?” He asked, shocked expression as I sat on the edge of the bed, frustrated tears beginning to form in my eyes.

Why didn’t he trust me?

    I took a deep breath, gaining my composure before standing up across from him.

“Brett..” I sighed, using his real name so he knew that I wasn’t playing around.

    As his name left my lips, his demeanor completely shrank. Shoulders drooping, brown eyes full of something between nervousness and sadness.

“I’m not asking you to give me the whole story. I just, I just wanna know what’s been bothering you tonight. Was it me talking to Bobby? Did I do something?”

 I heard my voice crack, and immediately he took both of my hands into his larger, warmer ones. His frame slightly arching down so those big brown eyes met mine.

“What? No. God no. You didn’t- shit.” He cooed, babbling as he shook his head, hands giving mine a gentle squeeze.

    Taking his hands away from mine, he placed them on my shoulders, guiding me to sit back on the edge of the bed.

“Y/N,” He whispered, eyes never leaving mine. “You didn’t do anything. I-I just,” He paused, thumbs hesitantly moving to thumb the tears away that had escaped from my eyes, callused skin rough in comparison to his gentleness.

“I can’t stand the thought of you with Bobby. I mean- I see the way he constantly looks at you. A-and the way he talks about you? It makes me wanna punch him in the face. He… he doesn’t deserve you. You know how hard it is to watch someone else try to take away the person you’re in love with?”  His words got faster as he babbled, eyes nervously searching over my face, and my mouth that had dropped open from his admission.

I blinked a few times, processing what he’d just said and he must have noticed my shock, making a nervous expression dance over his face, and even more so in his eyes.

“I-I never ever saw Bobby in that way. Honestly? I only tolerate him because he’s your friend. He… he isn’t who I want. What I want. He’s…. Not you.”  My voice was almost a whisper as I babbled, bright blush spread across my entire face.

    When I finally glanced back up at him, the shade of brown in his eyes was a little darker, but his gaze still tender.

“I’m in love with y-”

 I cut him off, closing the distance between us and pressing my lips to his. I felt like a schoolgirl, all shy and meek, but I did it anyway. His mouth slowly opened, his tongue pushing my lips apart and I sank dreamily into his warm arms. His hands slid up and down my back, almost comfortingly.

Our mouths parted and I giggled, looking up into those dark brown eyes I loved so much.

“With you,” he breathed out with a grin that stretched across his face.

“Me too,” I managed to respond, as he grip around my lower back grew tighter.

“Can you say it?” he laughed, pressing his forehead against mine.

“I’m in love with you,” I whispered, running my hands up to his face again.

    His arms reached down, strong and powerful, and picked me up underneath my ass. He carried me toward my bed and I sighed into his mouth, knowing what was about to happen. I was ready. This was the man I loved, he loved me and fuck, did I want him.

    He lowered me to the ground, stripping his shirt over his head in one quick motion. I heard a gasp escape my throat absently, as my hands ran all over his skin. He closed his eyes, his hand covering one of mine before drawing it to his lips. He kissed the palm, then each finger carefully.

   Finally, his eyes opened again and he smiled as his hands reached for the bottom of my shirt. I lifted my arms and he slid it over me, the minute it was gone his mouth was on mine again. I could feel him smile against my lips as each kiss deepened.

    My hand went to the button and zipper of his pants and his roamed underneath my skirt, drawing it up over my hips. Then, he recanted, unzipping it from behind and letting it fall to my feet.

His jeans fell beside them shortly after and we stood in front of each other, clad only in our underwear.

“You’re even more fucking beautiful like this,” he groaned, his fingers slowly sliding my bra straps off my trembling shoulders.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I reached and unhooked it, dropping it beside me on the floor with my extended arm.

    His hands came up to roll my breasts with his calloused palms and I arched my back into them. They slid down my stomach, dipping softly into my panties. He glided his hand along the outside of my heat, which was already wet with my want for him.

“Don’t be so gentle,” I whispered, grabbing his dick through his underwear “I’m not breakable. I can take it.”

He laughed before forcefully ripping my underwear off my body. I smiled seductively as I sat down on the bed and watched as his underwear hit the floor.

He was bigger than I imagined…Incredibly turned on.

“Did I mention I love you?” he moaned, as he crawled up over me, pushing me back flat on the mattress.

“Once,” I purred, as his fingers danced along my pussy again “You can say it again.”

“I love you. So much,” his mouth sucked at my neck as I ran my fingers through his hair.

“Good,” I tugged his face toward me “Because I don’t let just anybody fuck me.”

    He growled, drawing my legs up and sliding further down the bed. His tongue crashed against my clit and I gasped in surprise. He licked me over and over, his tongue far more talented than I ever imagined. He sucked my clit into his mouth and my hands immediately went into his hair again.

I tugged his eyes up to look at me. His hand rested on the bottom of my pelvis, holding me in place while his mouth sucked on me tightly.

“Shit,” I mumbled, as the sensations grew and I saw him smile up at me.

“Just like that?” he raised up, just long enough to ask.

I nodded, breathless and dizzy.

A few more long, amazing seconds later…I came all over his tongue. He moaned just as loud as I did. His tongue lapping delicately at me, as he stared between my legs.

I raised him up, crashing my lips to his.

“Please,” I panted as we parted “Please fuck me.”

    He hiked my leg up around his hip and plunged deep into me without another word. His eyes did all the talking. They were dark and mixed with love and lust…Everything I wanted to see and I hoped was mimicked in my own.

He started off slow at first, rocking gently into me.

“Harder,” I whispered against his ear “I told you I won’t break…”

He picked up his speed and he started to grunt with each thrust.

“They’re right,” he finally growled, his hands sliding down my side.

“Who?” I gasped, my mind spinning again.

“When they say sex is better with someone you love,” he whispered, dropping his lips to mine quickly “So fucking better.”

I laughed, as I ran my nails down his back and he arched it with a mixture of pleasure and pain on his perfect face.

He started pounding harder into me and I felt myself losing my breath.

“Shit,” I bucked up against him and wrapped my other leg around him tightly.

He pushed even harder and slid across my g-spot.

“Right there?” he asked in a deep, sexy voice “Does that make you feel good?”

“Yes,” I managed to squeal, my eyes tightening as I felt ripples of an orgasm starting to form.

He brushed across it a few more times and I felt my body clench down around him. He grunted from the sensation.

“Oh god!” I gasped, as it flowed over me in waves.

He rode it out, licking at my neck and then my lips.

“Don’t, don’t pull out of me,” I whispered against his mouth “Please.”

He nodded, raising back up and starting to pound even harder into me. Eventually, his eyes closed shut and he groaned loudly. I felt him release inside me and a pleased smile formed on my lips.

He dropped down on top of me gently, his hands holding my face as he propped on his elbows. I laughed turning my face into his shoulder.

“What?” he echoed my laugh “What is it?”

“I just…I’ve never felt this way,” I looked up at him.

“Neither have I,” he gasped for breath, slowly sliding out of me and rolling to my side.

    There was a peaceful silence between us, the only sound being the soft ruling of sheets as I felt his strong, furnace like arms pull me to spoon against his body.

“Mhm, y’know, I’m gonna have to beat Bobby up if he looks at you like that again.” He sleepily purred into my neck, callused hands gently rubbing my sides, lulling me into my own exhaustion.

“Don’t get your feathers in a bunch,” I giggled through a yawn, glancing back into his big brown eyes as I leaned my head back against his chest, nuzzling comfortably

“Fine.” He gave a slight pout, but it broke with a smile, his lips pressing to my forehead. “But you’re my lady now, and I have to defend my peacock honor.” He chuckled, voice gruff.

“I think we both need some beauty rest.” I smiled, lacing my smaller hands with his. 

I fell asleep knowing that I’d finally be waking up next to my prince in bright peacock feathers and that he loved me too.

Sometimes, being clumsy pays off. 


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FIC: it’s pouring out here

With a phone, money, and keys in his pocket, Kirishima wandered around the city for an age. With his legs on auto-pilot his mind wandered too. To the new movie that peppered the streets in posters and trailers, a new move he wanted to practise for another basketball play, wondering about how the current arcs for his favourite manga would turn out in the next issue of Jump.

And, of course, he thought about how many of those things he could see and do with Bakugou.

AO3 | wc: 4.7k

As a regular high school student, Kirishima Eijirou led as typical of a life as one would expect of a regular high school student. Though his friends would say that being on part of the school’s nationals-ready basketball team, and the team captain to boot, was far from typical.

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12,17 w/ Mojo Rawley

12. “Seriously, good luck marrying me.”
17. “Hey, Baby, It’s me. Can you bail me out of jail?”

Prompt from THIS list


“Alright, one phone call make it quick.” The officer said opening the cell and letting you out. The only person you could call that you know would answer would be your fiancé. You took a deep breathe and dialed his number, not sure of what his reaction would be.”

“Hello?” his tired voice came through the phone.

Hey, Baby, It’s me. Can you bail me out of jail?”  You heard him mumble a series of sentences, “Yeah I’ll be there soon.” You sat back down on the bench and waited patiently for Mojo to arrive. After almost an hour, the officer returned.

“You’re free to go.” He said opening the cell and leading you to the front. You so Mojo sitting on a chair rubbing his temples as he waited for you. You slowly made your way to him and stopped a few feet away. “Hey.” you said blankly.

“Baby, hey,” He said standing up and pulling you into a hug.”What could you possibly do at a bachelorette party that results in your arrest?” He questioned helping you put on your jacket, he took your hand in his as you left the station.

“You’re gonna be mad because it’s really dumb.”

“I won’t be mad.” he promised as he stopped walking and stood in front of you.

“Well, the girls and I were having a great time at the bar, but there was also another group of girls there, one also celebrating her bacherlorette party and we’d all obviously been drinking and she started mouth about how she was the better bride. I don’t know what she said that caused me to punch her in the face, but I did. We all got kicked out and I got arrested.”

“Oh my god.” Mojo chuckled “You’re crazy.” he pulled you close and placed a kiss on your lips.

“I just wanna go home.” You huffed “I hope you’re ready to put up with me once we’re actually married.” You turned and started walking towards the car.

“I love you.” he laughed following behind you. You stopped and put your hand on his chest brining him to a halt.

“Seriously, good luck marrying me.” You sighed patting his arm.

24 Days of Christmas: Chris-Mas *Chris Evans x Reader*

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Day One

Summary: Ugly Christmas sweaters & Baking Cookies.

You grinned happily at your boyfriend, giggling at the sight; it was a truly wonderful sight to behold. Six-foot-one, over a hundred and eighty of pure muscle, freshly groomed beard that still didn’t hide the sulking pout. He was wearing one of the ugliest Christmas sweaters in the world. It was that deep green, the neck and sleeve cuffs lined with bright red, a picture over the broad chest of a tree. What made it ugly were the little different jingling bells, the hood it had for some reason that had a huge bell dangling, it also plays, ‘Have a holly-jolly Christmas’.

“If you take a photo-“he’s cut off by the camera shutter sound of your phone, your light giggles in your own equally, as terrible Christmas sweater. Only to him, you look cute, the snowman made from some itchy fluff like material, the protruding carrot nose. “If I knew dating you would lead to our first Christmas wearing ugly sweaters, I may have reconsidered getting your number!”  

You scoffed putting your phone away and skipped up to his side, he was still wearing the pout as he looked down at you. You leant up on your tippy toes, he instinctively leant down, and you grinned when you quickly snapped the thing onto his head causing him to jerk up into a straight standing position. You laughed at the sight, you had put reindeer antlers on his head and he looked positively adorable.

You clicked the button of his sweater and sang to him, “Have a holly jolly Christmas; it’s the best time of the year. I don’t know if there’ll be snow but have a cup of cheer. Have a holly-jolly Christmas; and when you walk down the street, say hello to friends you know and everyone you’ll meet.

“You’re way too into this.” Chris sighed teasingly and wrapped an arm around your waist pulling you to him; you chuckled as he dipped down, the light movement causing the bells to jingle softly between you both. He silenced you with a gentle kiss to your lips, beard tickling your cheeks and chin as he brushed a few strands of your hair behind your left ear.

“We got cookies to bake,” you mutter against his mouth and he just hums in agreement, making no effort to stop kissing you or allow you to pull away to breathe, not that you needed to yet! You exhaled softly through your nose, pushing him lightly off. “Christopher Robert Evans, we have to bake cookies for your nieces and nephews!”

He sighed with an eye roll, grinning at you. “Fine, let’s bake some cookies.” He stomped off to the kitchen with you skipping behind him, humming the godawful Christmas song.

The baking process was long and difficult, even more so, with the giant oaf known as Chris. He claimed to be an expert baker, you couldn’t see how since all he has done is complain and whine about not being able to eat the mixture. After much work, you were finally able to put the cookies into bake for fifteen minutes.

“Ugh, I got flour all over me!” You huff holding the sweater away from your body and showing Chris the white, powdery splotches. He chuckled at your little pouty face, “we’re meant to wear these on Christmas Eve at your parents!”

Chris widened his eyes, “Like fuck are we wearing these! Christmas photos, Y/N. Do you really want your first Christmas photos with my family to be in that?” he asked with a quirk of an eyebrow, you opened and closed your mouth a few times.

“Good point.” You murmur.

He nodded crossing his arms and leaning against the counter, knowing smirk on his handsome face, you often wondered if the line between punching or kissing him would be crossed one day.

“I just realised something, wanna know what?” You lean into his side and looks down at you, a small puff of air leaving him and blowing your hair lightly.


“This is my first Chris-mas, get it!?” The look of pain on Chris’s face lets you know he got it and didn’t exactly enjoy it. “Chris-mas presents and Chris-mas dinner!” Then Chris’s face flashes of amusement and you know he’s thought of at least, twenty inappropriate jokes. “Don’t even go there, Evans.”

He held his hands up in mock surrender, “I didn’t say anything, yet!” He was chuckling and you sighed, checking on the cookies. “Boston sausage is usually served on Chris-mas.” He mutters and snickers to himself, you turn around, trying to glare at the man-child.

“Not funny!” You slap his chest and he’s still laughing at his own joke, you sigh and slightly chuckle beside him with an eye roll. “You’re lucky I love you!”

Still laughing to himself he leans down and kisses your cheek softly, holding your hip with one hand and pulling back to goofily grin at you, you sighed and wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for an actual kiss.

(Day One, hope you’re excited for the nest 23 Days! Countdown to Christmas Eve with me, with various Christmas inspired One shots. - Rosalee)

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*Request: Happy imagine where you’re Abel’s nanny and in college and like in a sorority or something where you’re the opposite of happy but y'all fall for each other*

You were sitting on the couch of your boss’s house, trying to study when the little boy you were babysitting called your name. “What’s up sweety?” You said picking him up. “I want chocolate milk.” He said looking at you with his big eyes. “No sir, last time I did that you peed in the bed. Your mom said no liquids before bed.” You said firmly. Abel sighed and said, “Well, can you please sing me a song?” “Yes sweetheart.” You said smiling. You sung him your favorite song him your favorite song, “I’m carrying your love with me, West Virginia down to Tennessee. I’ll be movin’ with the good Lord’s speed, carrying your love with me.” He fell asleep somewhere after the second verse. You pulled the cover over his body and closed the door silently. “You sing pretty good.” You jumped because a man you didn’t know was in the living room. “Who the fuck are you? You said scared. You knew your boss was in a gang of some sort but you didn’t ask questions because the money was great and for a college student any type of money was good. For all you knew about this strange man in the living room, he could’ve been a killer from a rival of some sort.

“I’m Happy, I was sent here by Jax.” He said. The man looked painfully awkward, standing the way he was. “How do I know that for sure?” You said folding your arms. “He said that he sent you a text.” You walked to you phone and saw a message from Jax. “Oh, sorry my phone was on silent.” He nodded his head. “Do you want something to eat? I made some chicken with rice.”  You said trying to show Happy some hospitality. “Sure.” You nodded and walked to the kitchen to make his plate. You gave him his plate and he scarfed that food down like he hadn’t ate in months. Once he was done with that plate you fixed him another, “You didn’t have to make a second plate.” He said grabbing the plate. “Well I did.” You walked to the couch and started to study again. After about 5 minutes, Happy came in the room and sat on the couch and turned on the TV. “Do you mind?” You asked. He turned off the TV and laid there. “What you studying for?” He asked. “You closed the book, “ I was studying for my test over the play Macbeth.” “That play by William Shakespeare? Where, that duke or some shit kills the king with his wife?” He said and you were shocked. “What? You think I’m stupid right?” He said. “No, but not that many people are into plays, let alone remember them” You said. “Well I’m not them.” “Clearly.” You said.


You sat in your room and talked to your roommate. “Tiffany, he knew so much and helped me study with my test. We talked about so much and about his life and how he ended up in Charming. Happy was so fascinating.” You said in a daze. “Y/N aren’t you forgetting that he is fire and you are ice. They don’t mix sugar.” Tiffany said snapping you out of your daze. “I know we don’t mix okay, I just am happy to find someone different than the boys on campus or in the frats..” You said. “Girl what would your daddy say about that? Get the fantasy out of your head and get ready.” She said. With that you got up and started to curl your hair. You walked into the frat party with Tiffany and two other girlfriends. “Hey Y/N.” Your old boyfriend Justin said grabbing you. “Look, not tonight alright?” You said. “I just want one dance beautiful.” “We are done so dancing for us r even talking. Go dance with Chelsea. You know, the girl you fucked while being in a relationship with me?” You said with a smirk. “If I can’t have you, nobody at this party can have you.” He said to you. “Get the fuck Justin.” You said walking away from him. You checked your phone while walking to the restroom and noticed that you had 3 missed calls from Tara, Jax’s wife. “Hey Tara, what’s up?” You asked. “I’m sorry to bother you on your day off. Could you come over? I have to go help Jax out with one of his wounded friends.” She said sounding worried. “sure thing, I’ll be there in 20 minutes. 

You knocked on the door, which Happy opened. “Where’s Tara?” “She left, and I’m staying here with you and the kid tonight.” He said letting me in. “Aren’t you like the club’s pitbull?” He laughed at that comment. You had never seen his teeth, you liked it. “Well, you have a pretty smile you should smile more.” You said avoiding eye contact with him. “Thanks, so where you coming from?” He said eyeing you up and down. “I was at a party before I came and didn’t have time to change. I just got some clothes and came straight here.” You said. “Well, there sleep. We can watch a movie if you want?” He asked. “Yeah, let me change.” You said walking into the restroom… The two of you were watching “Queen of the Damned” n two separate couches. Every now and then you would glance at Happy but he was too focused on the movie to notice you. You were falling asleep but trying to fight it. Happy got up and pulled the blanket over you causing you to wake up, “I’m up, I’m up.” You said. He laughed and walked back over to his couch. “So, I talked about me. How did you ended up in California.” He asked. “I didn’t wanna be in Louisiana anymore so I decided to come to school out here…” You said which started an all night conversation. The two of you started playing cards and fell asleep on the floor.


You woke up to find Tara walking to the kitchen and Happy gone. “Sorry, did I wake you?” She said. “What time is it?” You asked. “Almost 10.” “Shit! I got an exam at 11. Do you need me later? I can come after my exam.” You said running tot he door. “Yeah, please. Go go! Come after your exam.” She said watching you leave… You raced to campus and barely made it to your exam, which you finished very quickly. Before you went back to Jax’s house, you went to your dorm room. You were done packing and made your way to your car. Tiffany stopped you dead in your tracks. “He’s here!” She said out of breath. “Who?!” You said confused. “Happy!” She said and you ran out the dorms. “How do I look?” You asked Tiffany. “Honestly, like shit.” She said laughing and you gave her a “Fuck you” face. “You walked up to Happy and saw him holding your book. “Does this belong to you?” He asked and you smiled like an idiot. “I was on my way to Tara’s house, you could’ve gave it to her.” “Maybe I wanted to see you.” He said with a sweet tone but a stern face. “You know you can smile with me.” You said looking him in the eye. He opened his mouth to respond but your ex Justin walked up. “Who the hell is this Y/N?” “Look man, back the fuck away or I will pepper spray your ass.” You said holding up your pepper spray bottle.He grabbed you and you pushed him Happy quickly moved you out the way and punched Justin in the gut then in the face.

“Oh shit.” You said smiling. “You wanna go out to eat with me?” Happy asked. “After you just defended my honor? You bet your ass I will, but only if you smile.” You said thinking you were fucked. He stood there for a moment and then he smiled. “When we gonna go out to eat beautiful?” He said. “Beautiful? I look so bad right now.” You said shyly, “Y/N, this is the most beautiful I’ve seen you. I don’t want you to change a thing.” He said seriously. “Who knew you were such a sweetheart Mr. Lowman?” You said smiling. “My mom.” With that comment the two of you busted out laughing. “Well, she was right and she raised a great man.” You said. “He put his arm around you neck and started walking, “Yeah yeah, lets go eat. Or you can make me food.”  He said. “Sure, and then I bake you brownies.” You said. “Sounds like a plan Y/N.” He said smiling.

So this is inspired by chats with @thatonedaydream and our mutual suffering over fictional characters.
It’s a bit all over the place but it was a lot of fun to write!


That fucker!
That absolute fucking-
How dare he?
Fuck him!

“You feeling a little thirsty there Darlin’?”

Cindy’s seemingly innocent inquiry cut off your rant and was followed by a positively filthy grin stretching across her face. The expression clearly stating that her question had nothing to do with the beercan she was offering you.

There was a moment where you froze, your train of thought stalling, before you let out a shriek of inarticulate rage that trailed off into a whimper as your face lit up like a brake light.

Cindy just passed you the drink with a laugh while you sprawled across the table you were both seated at..

“Honestly, this is dumb.” You were actually whimpering, this is what you were reduced to dammit “how is it possible for someone to be that attractive? Its not fair…”

“I’m sure he can’t help it.” Cindy sounded like she was trying to help but the upward twitch of her mouth demonstrated EXACTLY how much amusement she was getting for your trouble.

You were scowling at the cheerful mechanic but judging by her giggles your expression wasn’t nearly as fearsome as you would have liked.

With a groan you dropped your head to the table only to get the most condescending pat on the head from your best friend.

“Let it all out, just let it allll out.” Cindy crooned and despite knowing she was teasing you found yourself rambling, every aggravated thought spilling from your mouth on a flood.

“Seriously, his fucking FACE! Its awful, he has the prettiest fucking eyes and that mouth DESTROYS ME and that jawline, just, just fuuuuck.

Have you seen that thing he does? Where he rolls his shoulders back? His shirt is practically PLASTERED to his chest. YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING!

And he has these miles-fucking-long legs that look SO FUCKING GOOD in those leather pants HES ALWAYS WEARING! Who the hell even WEARS fucking leather pants out here?
People trying to KILL ME THATS WHO!

I swear, i was so distracted on that last hunt i actually ran into a Dualhorn. A DUALHORN!”

By this point Cindy was in hysterics in the face of your ranting and you started to grin too, this was turning out to be strangely therapeutic.

“And thats not even the worst part, forget the damn coin, you could bounce a bullet off his ass and whoever got hit by the ricochet would THANK HIM FOR IT!

And he’s so sweet and funny and the smartest fucker I’ve ever met and he’s SARCASTIC AS ALL HELL! I didn’t even know that was a thing for me till now!

Ignis goddamn Scientia is ruining my life!

I wanna punch him in the mouth …with my mouth…repeatedly

You trailed off quietly but there was a snort and you immediately pouted at Cindy who seemed to be laughing at something behind you?

“Ah, Miss Cindy. I was wondering if i could bother you for a towel?”

The cultured tones, as always, made you shiver but this time there was a tinge of fear.

How long had he been behind you?


Cindy couldn’t seem to decide what was funnier as she struggled to hold in her laughter, your expression or Ignis’ supposed state, and while part of you very much wanted to turn around another part thought that might be a very bad idea.

“What exactly are y'all up to that got you so soaked?” The mechanic managed to ask between giggles and your heart practically stopped at the imagery the question inspired.

Almost against your will you found yourself turning around and…oh.

Oh no.

Oh fuck.

Ignis was stood in the garage’s doorway, a somewhat sheepish expression on his face, absolutely dripping with water and bubbles.

“I’m afraid Prompto was a bit over-enthusiatic about rinsing off the Regalia.”

You couldnt tear your eyes from the sight, following one trail of water that ran from his hairline down the column of his throat over his collarbone and down to soak into his already sopping shirt. The white fabric had turned sheer and now clung to every dip and curve of his torso, literally nothing was left to your imagination…

“Are you okay Miss Y/N?”

You couldnt even answer outside of an incoherent squeak and blinked at him, transfixed by the way the wet material shifted with every breath, while he looked to you in concern.

“Don’t mind her,” Cindy snickered walking over to a nearby cupboard and pulling out a towel to throw to him. “she’s just dying of dehydration.”

Ignis took the explanation at face value and accepted the towel gratefully before turning back to you.

“You should rest, i would hate to lose such a lovely companion due to carelessness.”

There was a certain mischief in his smile as he left and you could feel yourself blushing all over again at the compliment.

Cindy was laughing at you again but you didn’t care, the sight of Ignis in his practically clear shirt was burning itself into your brain and you were thoroughly distracted.



Black Eye - Modern AU!Lafayette x Reader

Anon Request: “Hi! :) Could you maybe write #324 with Laf in a modern setting? Like the reader was defending Laf’s beliefs or something and ended up getting punched for it? Thanks!”
 *Prompt #324: “Who Gave you that black eye?!”

I had fun with this one! Enjoy Anon!


You watched the disgusting excuse of a man, Charles Lee, mock your friends from where you sat at the bar.

“I mean, come on! Alexander Hamilton should just give up! It’s incredibly difficult to get noticed these days, alone ‘make a difference’!” He said the last part in a mocking tone, which made you clench your fists.

“And that Lafayette guy? What’s he doing over here? In America! Shouldn’t he be where he belongs? In that dump they call France?” He laughed, but you growled. No one, you meant it. No one, made fun of your boyfriend that way.

You walked up to Charles, your (E/C) eyes full of rage. He turned his head to look at you, and he checked you out.

“Well hello there darling, you need something? Someone doing you wrong~?” He purred out sexually.

You slapped him across his smug little face.

Charles’ flirty expression turned to one of surprise and anger.

“What did you just do to me, bitch?” He stood up, he was notably taller than you.

“May I ask why you spoke about my friends, and my boyfriend, like that?” You clenched your fists again.

“Hold up, that excuse of an American is your boyfriend?! He has terrible tastes…” He laughed again.

“He is! Now will you please, shut your fucking mouth before you do something you’ll regret?” You put a fist up to his face, anger burning like fire in your eyes.

“You wanna go? Please, ladies first!” He smirked, pulling you up by your shirt collar.

You tried throwing a punch, but your current position made it hard to pull off. Charles laughed at you, and he aimed his fist for your face.

“Man, ladies have always been the weak ones throughout history, haven’t they? Hold still, this will hurt.” His expression turned serious.

The next moment went by like a bullet, as he punched you in your face. He was about to throw another, but two men grabbed him back and threw him out the bar. One of them walked up to you.

“Miss, are you alright?” He asked politely.

“Yes, yes. I’m okay, what happened?” You asked, still confused of what had just occurred.

“You.. have a black eye, Miss.” He pointed it out using his front phone camera, you looked at the bruise beginning to form on your eye.

“Oh shit!” You exclaimed in surprise, you quickly grabbed your stuff and left for your apartment. You bumped into your boyfriend, Lafayette on your way.

“(Y/N)! Mon amour! How’s my lovely une fleur (flower) doing today?” He smiled, but frowned when he saw the black eye.

“(Y/N), Who Gave you that black eye?” He asked you, tucking the loose hair behind your ears.

“Charles Lee.. he was making fun of you, our friends, and your heritage. I wouldn’t stand for it.” You told him.

“Where’s the triste exuse d'un homme? (sad excuse of a man?) He deserves a good beating for hurting my beautiful une fleur! (flower)” He said in anger, clenching his fists like you did in the bar. You put your hands on his shoulders in comfort.

“No no, it’s okay! He was taken care of, I’ll be okay. It’s just a black eye.” You said, looking him in his brown eyes.

“Non! He will not get away with this.” He replied.

“Lafayette, amour, please.” You pleaded, he sighed.

“Alright, I’m okay. You’re okay. I love you, a lot. You’re my one and only.” He hugged you, and you melted in his embrace.

“I love you too, you’re my favorite fighting frenchman.” You replied, kissing him. He smiled.

“Now, how about we go back to your place, and maybe cuddle?” He looked at you with puppy eyes.

“Of course love, anything for you.” You took his hand in yours, and the two of you walked to your apartment.

Cherry Lips (Go Baby, Go)

anon asked: Destiel, genderfluid Cas, hs au. Please? *puppy dog eyes* nonny, you dont even know how much i love genderfluid cas, okay? i am so here for this shit. cas’ outfit is based on a photo of Elliott Alexzander with an absolutely gorgeous outfit.

I would also like to point out that when Dean and Cas finally talk, there is a bit of a conversation of gender and stuff. I thought that it would be best to put in, not only to maybe educate some people, but also because this is how conversations have gone when I try and talk about my genderfluidity (is that even a word? Fuck it, it is now). Please keep in mind that I am basing Castiel’s gender and experience on mine. No one person is the same, so don’t take my word as gospel. Title taken from the Garbage song of the same name.

((also pls ignore the abrupt switch in pronouns used))

Dean was so far gone. If Sammy were to see him right now, he’d never let Dean forget it. Ever.

He wasn’t really helping his situation with the whole ‘stumbling-over-your-own-legs’ and the ‘can’t-stop-drooling’ thing. Hell, both Charlie and Benny noticed. Then again, it you couldn’t really blame him, not when Cas was dressed like that.

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A/N: Well, tbh I’m not completely satisfied with this. I might write a part two of this anyway, bc I think it’s incomplete, but it would be really nice if you told me what you think about this one :3 
In other new, I GOT MY FIRST ACCEPTANCE LETTER FROM A UNIVERSITY THIS WEEK SO I’M PUMPED!! This also means I gotta save a lot of money though :(
Anyway, I enjoy!

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Swearing?

The hot sun of Georgia was burning on your back as you walked, tagging along behind the group. There was no destination of your journey; the only goal was to stay alive. You’d all found each other again after the downfall of the prison and the Terminus incident. You were relieved that you had a group again, but on the other hand you were also a bit worried. You’d been doing just fine on your own, and if you got to close to these people you knew you would just get hurt. Eventually all of them would die.

That was also the reason why you had no close ties to the people of your group. You’d been with them for over a year now, but whenever one of them had tried to bond with you, you had pushed them away. You just couldn’t afford to get too close. The only person you allowed near you was your best friend, Tina, who you’d known since your childhood.

That strategy had worked out for you so far, but after all the turmoil and betrayal you knew people were starting to doubt you. Especially Daryl had been throwing you suspicious glances lately. You knew he just wanted to protect his family, but you couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt at the mistrust he felt for you. Not that you couldn’t understand his motives.

Especially now, that you were trudging through the wilderness, the tension rose with every step. Daryl didn’t even try to hide his angry looks anymore, and from time to time one of the others would turn around and glance at you questioningly. You shrugged their eyes off as if it didn’t bother you, but deep inside you knew it couldn’t go on like this.

It turned out you were right with that assumption. At nightfall the group had found a little clearing, where you’d set up camp. A fire was built and Carol and Rick started to set up everything for dinner. You and Tina set down a bit apart from everyone else, sharing the last bit of your water supply for the day.

“I ain’t gonna stay silent about this any longer!” Daryl suddenly piped up.

Everybody looked up, frowning at the outbreak of the usually silent hunter.

“I know I’m not the only one thinking this. (y/n), why are you such a bitch to everyone? You don’t seem to like anyone in this group, except for Tina, so why don’t the two of you fuck off and do your own thing? Would be better for everyone involved!”

You were a bit startled at this open confrontation, but you weren’t about to give in in front of the entire group.

“I’ve got my motives, Dixon! Now, what do you expect me to do, anyway? Do you want me to have a cuddle-fest with everyone in the group?” You stood up and opened your arms. “Go ahead, if you want a hug come and get it!”

Daryl scoffed, while Tina rolled her eyes and patted your back. Nervous chuckles echoed over the clearing, but you knew Daryl had struck a nerve.

“Fuck off.” The hunter retorted, flipping you off. “Nobody expects you to cuddle anyone. But would it really hurt you that much to talk to people?”

“He’s right!” Tina chimed in. “I mean, these are nice people, (y/n), but you only ever stay with me. What’s up with that?”

Surprised you turned towards your best friend, betrayal burning like acid through your stomach.

“You’re on his side?”

Guilt flashed over her face, but she bit her lip and nodded, avoiding your gaze.

You sighed and sat back down, wrapping your arms around your knees. Biting your lip you shook your head, trying to keep a clear head.

“To answer your question Daryl: Yes, it would hurt me to talk to any of you. I intend to survive this shitstorm, but we all know there will be many casualties before this is over. It’s better not to get too close…” You sighed, scanning the faces of the group with your eyes. When you found nothing but disbelief and shock you went on. “I mean, I’m sure y’all are amazing people…I just don’t wanna find out, you know? The more I know about any of you, the more it’ll hurt when you’re gone.”

For a while there was silence, until Michonne stood up, shuffling her feet awkwardly.

“I thought the same way as you a while ago. But… you can’t make it without people anymore, you know. You say you wanna survive, but do you want to give up living for that cause? You need people… We all need people to remind us of our own humanity.” She was silent for a while. “As someone once told me: “When you care about people, hurt is kinda part of the package.” But that shouldn’t stop anyone from caring, because once you stop … there is no going back.”

You frowned, thinking about her words.

“She’s right.” Daryl spoke up, surprising everyone. “I thought I could protect myself, survive on my own. But you just can’t anymore.” He shrugged. “Getting hurt is inevitable.”

You sighed, throwing a glance at Tina through the corners of your eyes. She nodded encouragingly, nudging you with her shoulder. You rolled your eyes and threw your hands up in defence.

“Alright, Alright. Y’all convinced me with your hippie-shit. I’ll stop being a bitch. Satisfied?”

“Barely.” Rick nodded, a smirk playing around his lips. “But for now it’ll be enough.”

The next morning, when you were up and walking again, you made an effort to be extra-nice to everyone. You talked to them, finding out a little bit about their backstory. As much as you hated to admit it, it felt good to joke around and laugh with everybody. The only one you didn’t dare talking to was Daryl, but you saw him glancing at you from time to time, amusement and satisfaction shimmering in his gaze.

Truth be told, he was exactly your type. He was lean and muscular, and clearly something you would’ve called a typical “Bad Boy” back when things had been normal. Back in the day, you probably would’ve been all over him. Not that you had had any interest in relationships – they had been way too complicated and painful in your experience. But you didn’t have anything against casual sex and Daryl would have been the perfect affair material for the old you. Of course, nowadays, an affair was not the first thing on your mind. You saw Daryl every single day. Even if you tried to keep things strictly physical, you wouldn’t be able to keep emotions out of the deal. 

“So how long do you wanna keep avoiding me?”

You startled and almost tripped over the root of a tree. Daryl watched you in amusement, while you mustered him with your best bitch-face, rolling your eyes.

“I wasn’t avoiding you.” You defended yourself, even though he was right. “I was just doing what you wanted me to: Playing best buddies with the rest of the group.”

“Except for me.”

“Well, you’re not exactly Mr. Social yourself, so stop criticising me!”

He rolled his eyes.

“Alright, alright. Stop being so defensive, I’m trying to play nice here.”

You let out a huff of air and shrugged.

“Okay. Thank you , I guess.”

He scoffed. For a while you trudged through the undergrowth in silence. You didn’t really know what to say. Daryl didn’t seem to be the type to joke around with, like you had done with the others. But you guessed that since he approached you, he had something to say and that eventually he would talk. For now you were content with walking and minding your own business.

“You know I get why you were such a bitch.” Daryl finally muttered. “I really do. Hell, I used to be the same. But you’ll realise, over time, that closing off isn’t the solution. You’ll just end up hurting yourself.”

You raised your eyebrow, not really knowing what to say. You weren’t even sure if he wanted an answer or if he just needed to talk to someone. Daryl scoffed again and shrugged, his crossbow dangling against his back with the motion.

“I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about this. But when I saw you again… something about you told me. I knew you were the same as I was. And I couldn’t just watch while you were digging your own grave. Plus, the group can’t afford any ego-trips right now. We have to stick together, you know.”

You let out a sigh and nodded.

“Don’t worry. I get why you did this, I do. It’s just… I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing by listening to you.”

Daryl shrugged. “Can’t be sure of anything nowadays. You’ll just have to try. I can’t promise you it’ll all turn out okay, but I think I can say it’ll turn out better than if you keep to yourself.”


Again there was silence for a while, until Glenn proposed to stop for a while, eat a quick snack and relax for a minute. After the group had made sure the surrounding area was clear of walkers, you sat down and rummaged through your backpack for a can of beans. Your search was unsuccessful, and you were just about to turn to Tina to ask if she had packed your provisions, when a hand appeared in front of your face, holding your food. You looked up, only to see Daryl grinning down at you.

“See. You forgot to pack your lunch. Now imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t like you. I could’ve just eaten it myself.”

You snorted, grabbing the can out of his hands.

“Yeah. Right. And then I would ‘ve punched your stupid face.”

Daryl let out a huff and sat down beside you.

“No need to be that aggressive!”

He pulled some beef jerky out of his bag and took a bite, before offering some to you. You declined by shaking your head, opening the can of beans.

“Since you didn’t eat my food, I’m not gonna eat yours.”

“It’s all the group’s food anyway.” Daryl mumbled his mouth full of meat.

You shrugged, munching on your food.

“So how long exactly do you wanna pester me? Or did I just miss the memo that we’re best friends now?”

Daryl raised his hands in defence, before getting up.

“Alright, princess, I’ll leave you alone.”

You grabbed his hand and pulled him down again, shaking your head.

“I’m sorry. I still have to get used to this bonding crap. Stay.”

He sat down again, one of his rare smiles appearing on his face.

“Whatever you say. If it gets too much, just tell me, and I’ll leave. Seriously.”

You ate your lunch together in silence. Even though you had trouble to admit it even to yourself, it was nice to have someone to be quiet with. It wasn’t an awkward silence, or one you felt the need to fill with empty words. Whatever was blossoming between you and Daryl, whether it was friendship or more, you were looking forward to watch it bloom.

MOLOTOV SUBTLE || for the boy who makes a fist, not a plan.

              “Your body is full of rage. Every sinew. It is easy to read. You speak volumes with the way you clench your fists and tremble.“ 

01 VOODOO CHILD; brick + mortar [I stand up next to a mountain/ and I chop it down with the edge of my hand] 02 ALL OF YOU; riz mc [wanna smash that wall like a berlin youth/ wanna be the one you’re hooked on hurting you] 03 KNOT IN MY HEART; the zolas [I wake up some days/ with a knot in my heart] 04 PLACES TO GO; 50 cent [I got places to go/ I got people to see/ the penitentiary/ ain’t the place for me] 05 LIGHTS OUT; mindless self indulgence [punch your lights out/ hit the pavement/ that’s what I call/ entertainment] 06 WRECKING BALL; mother mother [it takes a dedicated hand to put it through the wall/ you gotta wanna break the hearts of all those pretty porcelain dolls] 07 BLACK EYES; radical face [my heart will be blacker than your eyes when I’m through with you] 08 SING FOR THE MOMENT; eminem [his house is a broken home/ he has no control/ he just lets his emotions go] 09 DAISY; brand new [I’m a mouth that doesn’t smile/ I’m a word that no one ever wants to say] 10 TROUBLED BOY; kid cudi [and I’ve learned/ no one wants a troubled boy/ show them you’re a stronger boy] 11 BEEKEEPER; keaton henson [well I’m just getting started, let me offend/ the devil’s got nothing on me, my friend] 12 HERO; family of the year [let me go/ I don’t want to be your hero/ I don’t want to be a big man/ just wanna fight with everyone else]

[ L I S T E N ]

Let's Play Minecraft Episode 18 - Mineball
  • Jack: This poor Axialmatt dude is like, "What is everyone doing? I just wanna playyy."
  • Gavin: Where's Axialmatt? I'm gonna fuggin' get him.
  • Michael: He's right next to you!
  • Gavin: Has he slept in a bed?
  • Michael: Don't fucking kill the guy who made the game.
  • Gavin: I'm just gonna go for intimidation.
  • Matt: *punches Gavin in the face with a diamond pickaxe*
  • Gavin: OH! He punched me in the mouth with a pickaxe!