i wanna punch u

michael clifford if you’re reading this

please be my friend. everything’s boring without you

louis the french / irish : says ily in french. talks in dubliner accent and wtf do u mean u r british 

damon the italian : italian english accent slips when he cares deeply about someone / reads books only in latin and italian 

alphaios the greek : is only comfy in his own skin when he talks greek 

me @ american movies : DIS IS EUROPE like HOW THE FUCK do all europeans talk in perfect american / british accent 

idk if any of y'all have siblings that are like 10 or so years younger than you but my brother is almost 8 and he’s been walking around dabbing and going like I AM THE ONE and only calls songs by most repeated phrase in the song (bad and boujee is “raindrop” for him) and sometimes i just sit there watching him walk around in damn crocs he’s too big for trying to dab and i’m just like……shut the fuck up???? ur a walking version of dead memes???? sometimes i just wanna punch u??????? also i love you but dEAR GOD WTF?????

deantulip  asked:

Holy shit dude I wanna punch both those nasty bitches in the face. Nobody is stalking anybody. Do people not realize how easy it is to stumble across wank in this fandom?? I do it every damn time I come here. Ooo I'm so fired up rn

right??? they’re calling me a stalker like you stupid bitches are doing the same fucking thing!!! like honestly i’m laughing so hard 😪