i wanna punch u

Kylie: “thank u for being the most consistent & loyal friend in my life thus far. No one can replace this bond. Thanks for keeping me grounded & f❤️ckin sane to say the least. I wouldn’t still be myself today without u. As much as I wanna punch u when we cook together you’ll always be my #1. You got my back I got urs. Never leave my side bitch or I’ll hunt u down!”


140331 Super Junior -M Official Website Update - Donghae

i’ve never played ace attorney but this guy
he’s a villain
i can feel it
look at that smarmy bastard
he’s flipping the bird while fixing his sunglasses
efficient, u smart asshole
i wanna punch him in his tiny little fancy nose that’s probably insured for 6,000,000 dollars and break his dumb brand name sunglasses
also he’s obviously made a deal with the devil with that hair
smooth and soft-looking and not spikey at all???
how many people have u killed u sly-eyed bitch