i wanna punch some of my friends in the face

“Stay” - Jace Wayland

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REQUEST: Some teenage girls are being mean to Jace’s Korean female friend (who has a crush on him) in a racial way, and saying they don’t know how Jace can be with her, and how he would react.

(Y/N) had been transfered to the New York Institute a couple of months ago. With the return of Valentine, the Clave needed all the shadowhunters they could get in the city, and (Y/N) was one of the best.
Her first weeks at the Institute had been successful, (Y/N) got along with her new partners almost immediately. The girls had welcomed her the best way they could and the boys – who weren’t as excited to have a new member on their team, started to be friendly to her once (Y/N) had proven that she could be trusted and had shown them her very good hunting skills during her first mission. Even Alec – who was known for being grumpy to most stangers, was really nice to her. But what (Y/N) couldn’t stop thinking about was when Jace had complimented her on her shadowhunter skills. He had called her clever, brave and strong, and (Y/N) had tried so hard not to blush when she heard these words come out of the blonde’s mouth – even if it was obvious for everyone else that (Y/N) had a crush on Jace.

But these last few days hadn’t been as great as the first ones for the young Korean shadowhunter. A new group of shadowhunter girls had also been transfered to the New York Institute and, although the three girls had arrived only a week ago, (Y/N) could already tell that they were no near as nice as Clary and Isabelle. They were the kind of girls who would look at you the wrong way to make sure you knew they didn’t like you, and who would giggle everytime Jace was walking nearby to get the boy’s attention.
“He is so hot.” (Y/N) had heard then say about Jace a few times. But that’s not was pissed (Y/N) off, not the fact that those three were flirting with the boy she liked before he could have a chance to walk away. But their racist comments about her was the reason why (Y/N) had been feeling so down and angry lately.

One morning, Jace, Alec, Isabelle and Clary were sent on a mission to get informations about Valentine’s latest plan, and (Y/N) had been told to stay behind in the Institute in case a demon attack needed to be taken care of. So, while her friends were out, (Y/N) was keeping herself busy in the armory, sorting out the weapons and making sure they were in perfect conditions.
“Look who is here.” A voice echoed in the room. (Y/n) rolled her eyes and turned around to face the three girls. “Our little Korean friend.”
“Go find some demons to kill, will you?” (Y/N) spat.
She wanted the girls to stay away from her but they didn’t walk away, they just let out a ridiculous giggle.
“Where are your friends? Did they finally realised that you were nothing but a useless bitch?” One of the girls said, smirking.
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” (Y/N) clenched her jaw.
“Do what?”
“Call me a bitch in a room full of deadly weapons.” (Y/N) spat as she tried to control herself in vain.
“What are you gonna do? Cut your veins open?” The three girls giggled once more as if they were proud of their response.
(Y/N) wanted to tell the three teenage girls that it was their veins she might cut open, but when she opened her mouth to speak, one of the girls spoke first.
“Maybe you should, actually. That will be a brilliant idea. It’s not like anyone cares about you here, especially not Jace Wayland.” She declared.
(Y/n) gritted her teeth when she heard the girl mentioned Jace. And she didn’t have anything to say to the girls as she suddenly felt very self-conscious about Jace not caring about her.
“What? You really thought you had a chance with him?” The girl laughed. “Come on, he only hangs out with you because he pities you. Everybody knows it.”
“Shut up.” (Y/N) said through gritted teeth.
“No need to be so defensive. I’m just saying, who would want an ugly Korean bitch as a girlfriend? Or even as a friend for that matter.” The other girl stated. “Just go back to your country. We’ll all be so delighted to see you go, Jace included.” The second girl added.
“You’re a shame to the Clave.” The last girl declared.
“Enough!” An angry voice shouted.
The three girls jumped out of surprise and turned around to come face to face with Jace Wayland. (Y/N) didn’t say anything as she watched Jace’s hands turn into fists.
“Hey, Jace! My friends and I are gonna grab some breakfast, wanna come?” One of the girls said, moving closer to Jace to put her hand on his upper arm only for him to jerk her hand away.
“You three disgust me.” The blonde said, his voice filled with anger.
The new girls didn’t say anything after that and Jace led (Y/N) out of the armory and into his bedroom.

“How much of it did you hear?” (Y/N) finally spoke when the two of them were sat on the edge of the bed.
“Enough to want to punch them in the face.” Jace said.
The boy was seeking eye contact with his Korean friend, but she kept avoiding it.
“Hey. You know it’s not true, right? What they said about you, about me.” Jace declared.
“I guess.” (Y/N) mumbled, unsure.
“(Y/N).” Jace started. His voice was clamer now but he sounded deadly serious.
“It’s fine, Jace.” (Y/N) lied. “It’s not the first time people make racist comments towards me. It’s okay.”
“No, it’s not.” Jace paused. “(Y/N). Look at me.” He said as he placed his fingers on (Y/N)’s chin to lift her head up and finally meet her eyes.
“You are beautiful, inside and out. You are brave and caring. You have everything these girls back there wish to have.” The boy declared.
“I just wish people would stop hating on my origins to hurt me, because it works everytime.” (Y/N) confessed.
“They can think whatever they want, it’s their problem. It jujst makes them stupid and ignorant. Where you come from makes you who you are, and you should embrace that because you really are he most amazing girl I have ever met.” They boy declared, still staring into the girl’s eyes.
(Y/N) was really glad to hear Jace say those words, but she couldn’t stop thinking about what the girls had said to her about Jace not caring about (Y/N) and hanging out with her out of pity.
“Maybe I should just go back to my Institute. It looks like there are enough shadowhunters here anyway and I-”
(Y/N) couldn’t finish her sentence when Jace pressed his lips on hers. (Y/N) didn’t see that coming and her eyes widened in shock before her eyelids fell shut and she kissed him back.

Jace was the one to break the kiss and he looked into the depth of (Y/N)’s eyes, his hands still on her cheeks.
“God, I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” Jace murmured.
“You have?” (Y/N) asked, still a bit in shock.
“Yeah. And I should’ve done it a long time ago.”
“So, you do care about me?” (Y/N) asked quietly.
“I care about you so much it scares me. But I can’t let you go now, so please, stay.” The blonde male confessed.
(Y/N) had butterflies in her stomach by now and she couldn’t possibly use words to describe how she felt. Jace had kissed her and he had proved her that everything she heard from the girls today was no near the truth. Jace cared about her, he liked her for who she was and where she came from.
“(Y/N), stay.” Jace repeated as the young shadowhunter girl was lost in her thoughts.
Instead of speaking, she leaned in and kissed Jace, trying to put all the things she couldn’t say with words into the kiss.

She was going to stay. She was not gonna let a bunch of narrow-minded and mean-spirited people drive her away from her home, because this was her home. Home is not the place you’ve been in the longest, but home is where the people you love are. (Y/N) found friends here, a family even, but she had also found love, and nothing could make her leave that behind.
She chose to stay.

Secrets Fall Like Raindrops.

Plot (Requested): She wanted Draco and Reader dancing in the rain, that’s what it is.

Warnings: Very romantic, also kinda hot. In the dance, part, I suggest you guys to put on this song. I really love dancing it. :3

Word Count: 1.6K

Author’s Note: English is not my first language, so if there are mistakes I’m sorry. Message me and I’ll correct them. Also, thanks for all the support you guys are sending me, I feel so happy. You’re the best followers I could ask for! s2 

Elena’s POV

Draco was acting weirdly in the past few days. He always disappears after dinner and comes back to the dorm late. Of course, as his girlfriend, I tried to talk to him, but all he told me was that there was nothing to worry about, that he was just studying with some friends of his.

But he didn’t know how to lie to me.

So, in one of the nights, I decided to see with my very own eyes where he would go. I felt a little guilty for following him; I mean, isn’t trust the base of every relationship? I almost gave up the idea, until I saw him broke apart with the boys, going upstairs instead of down, to the Dungeons.

As Malfoy went through the halls, I followed him silently until the door of the Ravenclaw’s Dorms. That was weird. 

I looked at that, not wanting to believe my own eyes at the scene. A girl just came to meet him and then they went away, entering a class and closing the door.

My heart broke. Was he cheating on me? That couldn’t be real!

I run back to the Slytherin Dorm, entering the Common Room with tears falling down my face. One of my friends Melanie came in my direction, worried.

“Elena? What happened?”

“Mel I think… I think Draco’s cheating.”

“WHAT?” She screamed. “No way. I’m going slap the shit outta him if that’s true! Tell me everything.”

So I told her the whole story, every single detail of what I saw. She was shocked. 

“I’m gonna talk to him right now. You wait here.”

“No, I wanna take a walk. Maybe some fresh air helps me.”

“Okay, take care of yourself. I’ll punch an asshole for you.” She smiled and went away. I also made my way to the black lake, tired of all that fucking drama. I just needed to be alone…

Draco’s POV.

“You’re doing good. Soon you’ll no longer need me.” Said Camilla. She was a witch that came to London with her parents and an actually nice half-blood. Originally from Colombia, she was great at dancing. And that’s the main reason why I was there with her.

“Well, thanks. I gotta learn as fast as possible, since my girl’s birthday is coming, and I wanna surprise her and all.”

“Your girlfriend is really lucky. The way you talk about her…”

She smiled and I blushed. Everyone tells me that. Whenever I talk about Elena, people say they can hear the love in my voice. She does bring that side of mine.

“But tell me, you’re planning to take her dancing?”

“Yes, she loves to…”

“I SEE IT’S TRUE.” The door busted open and Melanie stormed into the room. “Hear me out, you piece of shit, who you think you are to do this to my friend? A Latina? Really? Couldn’t you have been less clichê?!” She screamed at me.

“What the fuck are you talking about, Melanie?”

“Ah, Draco, I think she thinks you’re cheating on Elena.”

“WHAT?” It was my turn to scream. “Where did you took that from?” I asked her, blushing of anger.

“Elena herself told me she saw you two meeting here, and you always disappear after dinner ‘cause you come here to meet this bitch!" 

"Of course not! I mean, yes, I do come here to meet her, but it’s not to cheat on Elena! That’s absurd! I love her, I could never do that!”

“Well, you better pray she accepts that apology then because you made the girl you love so much cry!” She was about to slap me. Melanie never liked me, mudblood she was, but she was a good friend for Elena, and I knew that she was just defending someone she cared for too.

“Camilla, try to explain this crazy ass the truth. I gotta go after our lucky girl.”
“It’s ok. Go find her.”

I ran off the room, leaving the two girls alone and going after the one I couldn’t live without.

Elena’s POV.

I was sitting on a bench, trying to think clearly as I watched the rain falling slowly outside. I held back my tears, not wanting anyone to find me crying, not wanting to believe that really happened.

But of course, it did. That girl was so pretty, with all the right curves, that beautiful skin color… And I? I was just another skinny pale girl.

“Elena!” I heard someone calling me. Looking behind me I saw Draco, running in my direction. 

“Stay away from me Malfoy!” I said, standing up and walking away.

“No. I know what you’re thinking, but that’s not true!”

“Of course not.” I said, rolling my eyes. He came and took my arm, but I pulled it back, running away from him, into the rain that just got a stronger. 

“Elena, stop!” He screamed, coming after me and holding me by my waist. “Listen to me, I know you think I was cheating on you, but I swear to Merlin I was not." 

"Draco you’ve been distant from me, you haven’t spent the night with me anymore. You disappear after dinner and come back tired, what do you expect me to think? Especially after seeing you with that girl. I mean, I don’t blame you, she’s so pretty, but you should at least have told me you wanted to break up wh…”

I was cut by his lips smashing mine. He forced his tongue into my mouth, deepening the kiss. I allowed him, putting my arms around his neck as I tasted both things: my tears, the raindrops, and his saliva.

“Listen to me.” He said, pulling away and holding my face with his hands. “I was not cheating on you. The name of the girl you saw is Camilla and she was just teaching me how to dance, cause I know how much you love to do it. I was planning to take you out for our birthday, but I didn’t want to embarrass you in front of other people. I wanted to surprise you, and that’s why I haven’t told you. I’m sorry Princess.”

"Draco…” I said, wanting to believe him, but also being afraid he was lying. Loyalty was the most important thing for me, and he knew that.

“I swear, Princess. I love you, and only you. You might not believe me, but you’re the only one. I know we’re young, but trust me, I can’t live without you. You’re the prettiest, smartest, most loving person I have ever met. I trust you with my soul, please, trust me too.”

“I trust you Draco, but I’m afraid. I’m always afraid that one day you’ll realize I’m not good enough for you.” I said, sobbing.

“Elena, baby, you are perfect. I’ve seen and kissed every inch of your body and I live for doing it again. I wish I could decorate every single one of your curves with my lips, I pray every night for God or whoever’s up there to allow me to be the only man to touch you, cause I can’t stand the thought of someone else doing it. It doesn’t matter to me if you think you’re not enough, cause in my eyes you’ll always be so much more than I think I deserve. Not only on the outside but on the inside too. You’re wise, dedicated, loving, passionate about the things you enjoy. I know of so many boys who’d fight me to take you from me, and that maybe could make you happier, but I do my best, Elena. You bring out the best in me. Please, don’t let a misunderstood break us apart.”

“I believe you, Malfoy. And don’t ever think anyone could make me happier than you.”

“Then don’t ever think I’ll leave you.” I smiled and kissed him again, the rain around us getting more intense. I felt him smiling through the kiss and pulling away slowly.

“I know that face. What are you thinking about?” I asked, scared and excited.

“Well, since the surprise is already ruined, I guess I could turn one of your dreams true…” He said, taking a small box out of his back pocket and opening it. The rhythm of a reggaeton song came up, and I got really surprised. That was…

“Maluma? Draco you were learning my favorite Colombian singer? Muggle singer?" 

"Well, I always see you singing his song around… It’s not that bad.” I smiled and hugged him tightly. He laughed and pulled away, offering his hand to me. “May you give me the honor of dancing  in the rain with the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on?”

“Okay.  But you better don’t disappoint me.”

“I won’t Princess. Never.”

I smiled and he put his hand on my waist, while mine went to his shoulder. We started off slowly, following the beat of the music, and soon we were dancing upon the grass and under the rain. He spun me and pulled me back, this time with my back touching his chest. His lips approached my neck and I sighed.

“I love you.” He whispers, sending shivers all the way down my spine.

“I love you too.” I said, turning to face him and kissing him slowly, feeling the water run down on us.

“Let’s get inside before one of us catches a cold.”

“Why do I think you have something to warm us up in mind?”

“Cause I do.” He smirked and took my hand, getting the little box and running inside the Castle.

Let’s say that I was not just our clothes that got wet.

s-e-kwan  asked:

Do you think you can try doing internal monologues for the S & M brothers when they see Yui actually smiling and laughing when talking to a male classmate who shows an interest in her (cause she never usually smiles around the vampires due to how they treat her)?

:Shu:  What the hell is she laughing about? She should quiet it down…it’s almost as annoying as her whining…and who’s she even talking to?  Some human wimp it seems like…he seems more interested in her body than what she’s actually saying…his dick must be as small as his brain…Why am I getting so fed up?! They’re just some dumb humans…

Reiji: Hmm? Who’s that mortal talking to? A human boy? …that’s not a wise decision she’s making… How ignorant could she be? To choose to talk to some foolish dimwit like him! …Why am I fussing over this? She’s just some human girl… Just another sacrificial bride…

Ayato:  Ha! I can’t wait to pull this prank on chichinashi…Huh?  Who the hell is she talking to…she doesn’t even know anyone at this school other than us…HAH!? How dare she smile and laugh at another man other than me…Tch he isn’t even a man…more like a pathetic little pansy…His dick is probably tiny…he doesn’t have what it takes to please a woman

Kanato: Who is he? Is that a boy? A human boy? Why the hell is she talking to him!? She should only be talking to me!! …Was that a smile? Did she just laugh! How dare she! She never laughs in front of me!! I’M GONNA KILL THIS STUPID HUMAN!!! …what’s so great about him anyways? He’s not even cute… Why couldn’t he have bothered someone else!?! I WILL KILL HIM!!

Laito:  Eh, Bitch-chan is talking to another boy~? And  I thought she loved me~ What a naughty little Bitch-chan.  Six men can’t satisfy her~? So promiscuous~. I’ll make sure to give her hell for this nfu~.  She obviously hasn’t learned who she belongs to yet.  All human women are the same. They always want more and more but never give back~

Subaru: Tch, who the hell is that guy? I’ve seen him in a few of my classes… He’s not all that great, what does she see in him!? Okay, calm down, she probably doesn’t even like him… But she’s smiling, and laughing… Tch that fucker better step away from her… I don’t wanna have to punch him, it’ll kill the son of the bitch. He’s just a weak human! 

Ruki:  To think that she lives with 4 men yet she runs off and wastes her time with this mortal weakling… Her smile….it’s disgusting to think she’s smiling and laughing at another man.  That mortal is just as pathetic as she is.  It sickens me. I will make sure to punish her for talking to him.  She’s my Livestock and she needs to know her place…

Kou: Hmm? Is that M-neko-chan talking to another boy? …Interesting… Stupid, actually, that she’s fond of this mortal boy when I’m the idol. Who would choose some average boy over a popstar? Not to worry, though, she’ll learn her lesson sooner or later. I’ll get it through her mind that I don’t wanna see something like this again…

Yuma: Who the hell is that son of a bitch? Is he bothering her?? …No, she’s laughing… Tch does she like him?? He’s just some stupid human boy… Maybe I should walk up to him and punch him square in the face!! That’ll show him not to talk to my girl!! He doesn’t know who he’s messing with…

Azusa:  Has she…lost interest in me? How come…she’s showing him…her smile…and she’s laughing too…She never laughs for me…That’s unfair…I showed her my friends…and hurt her….Pain is good, right? I care for her more…than he ever will…I won’t let him get in the way….no one…will get in the way…

secretmoonanime  asked:

So here is my daily rant: I tripped on the auditorium bleachers today in school I lost a friend due to her lying to my face I pulled a leg muscle so I'm in severe pain at the moment Some chick called me a bitch (I hate her already though sooo) I ripped my favorite pants when I went out with friends But overall I'm still single Anyone wanna date a violent competitive yet lazy music and sport addicted blonde and blue haired midget like me? *casually pulls my shorts up a bit more*

Ayato: “Sport addicted?”

Yuuma: “Midget”, pfff, what’s with you, you’re tough, little Sow.

Subaru: … punch that stupid chick in the face

[MTK: Subaru-kun, that’s no good =v=‘’]

Shin: “Violent?”

Kino: *playing games* Well, I guess you did impress someone

anonymous asked:

i got a question for mod bandit specifically: my friend is being harassed by some anti-Semitic, racist douchenozzle and i live a few states away from them, but i really want to punch the fucker in the face. i can't drive yet but i wanna fight ...what do i do

Trains and buses exist, but go if you feel like you can take that fascist down because they do try to fight back. There’s power in numbers too.

Hell, I’ll help pay for your ticket if it means another nazi if spilling red across the floor.

Make sure your friend has someone with them so they’re never alone and vulnerable. Just make sure they’re protected when youre not there with them

-mod bandit

X-ray and Vav (S.1) sentence starters
  • “I’d be soooo nervous if I were you.”
  • “So much pressure…”
  • “I think my spine is twisted.”
  • “Guess what, I was right, gasoline made the fire worse!”
  • “Old Betsy and I got a date with an xbox and a bag of chips.”
  • “Oh God, please don’t kill me!”
  • “Hold on, I wanna get a good angle for when you punch him in the face.”
  • “It may be hard to believe, but I didn’t have many friends as a kid.”
  • “We’ll be silent and swift, like ninjas.”
  • “I’ll have some new souvenirs for my dead people collection.”
  • “Look who’s back, it’s whats-her-face.”
  • “What is this Disney bullshit?”
  • “I be here to plunder your booty.”
  • “Stop bugging us Mom! This is why Dad left.”
  • “There’s trouble brewing, and I’m not talking about teatime!”
  • “Get it off, get it off! oooh! I don’t get paid enough for this.”
  • “Destroying is fun!”
  • “To hell with plans, let’s do something stupid.”
  • “Great, now I’m gonna die a virgin AND without a Dad.”
  • “Did my meds wear off?”
  • “If I had kids, I imagine this is what a proud parent would feel like.”

-I was reaching for a book on the high shelf in the library, and instead knock the entire row through into the next aisle and right onto your head.

-I just got new glasses/or my eyes dilated and when I got to the parking lot, I jumped in the passenger seat of your car and buckled before I realized you weren’t the person I had come with and I was in a completely different vehicle.

-We ended up being the only two in a room during a lock-down drill and now we’re talking and hey you’re kinda cute, can I have your number?

-The barista accidentally mixed up out orders and now I’m embarrassed as we switch back because I’ve already started chewing on your straw. 

-We are stuck at the same airline terminal because of cancellations due to the weather. It’s going to be at least one overnight stay so you turn to me with snacks and a deck of cards to pass time

-I glanced over at your phone screen and, hey! You’re the username that’s kicking my butt in Word Crack!

-We meet in the principal’s office. You’re here for some great student award and I’m here for punching someone in the jaw. Wanna be friends?

-Your standing on the sidewalk when I pull to a stop at a red light while cussing and screaming at a dumb driver, only to look over and see you’re staring because I forgot my window was down. I almost die from embarrassment when I come face to face with you at the grocery store the next day.

-We’re the only two in the theater for this really crappy movie. Wanna go make out in the back?

I was at in the smokers area of a straight club last night w some friends and these drunk guys kept annoying us and offering us gum in irritating ways like shoving it in our faces and throwing it at us. one of them crossed the line and from annoying to scum and threw a piece of gum directly into my drink and I was horrified. who the fuck does that??? I was pretty high and very angry so I yelled “what the fuck???” and went to punch him but last moment realised I was too high to throw it right and I didn’t wanna break my hand so I opened my fist and kind of smooshed his face w an open hand and pushed him as hard as I could away from me. I yelled at him for being disgusting and how throwing shit in people’s drinks is completely fucked up and then I threw my now undrinkable drink in his face/down his front and told him to get fucked and leave the area. the whole time he just stood like a stunned mullet and said nothing even when I threw the drink. I pushed at him and his mates, my friends pushed at them a bit too I think and they cleared out thankfully. a couple of dudes came up to me a moment later to like apologise for what the guy did saying shit like “he’s young, he didn’t know you’d get so upset, he didn’t mean it, it was a dumb joke” and I said “I don’t care, stop defending your piece of shit mate and leave me the fuck alone”. they both looked surprised and scared and kind of put up their hands like “don’t come for me u crazy b*tch I’m not gonna touch u” and left. I don’t think men are used to being screamed at in public when they do fucked up shit, but drunk/high me loves to call them out even if it causes a scene. you can’t just put shit in a stranger’s drink!! even tho I’m 99% sure it was just gum, it’s a really bad thing to do! who knows what was in/on the gum or where it’s been! all my group of friends agreed if it’d been their drink they wouldn’t have drunk it after that either, and they were all angry for me and proud of my reaction which was good to hear. I hate that I can’t even go out and try to have a good time without being reminded the world isn’t safe for me, I don’t get to take risks like drink some fucking water that just had a piece of gum thrown in it. it feels stupid to write down but it was such an awful moment, seeing that the drink I was thoroughly enjoying had been wasted just because some prick of an 18 year old thought it’d be funny.

Got7 as group chat texts
  • Junior: Merry Christmas! #ass
Jaebum: Honestly I'm such a baby please punch me in the face when you get here
  • Mark: gross...same
Youngjae: what is rock candy??????
Jackson: hey u guys wanna see some nudes
BamBam: I bought it on one of those "fuck it treat myself" nights so
  • Yugyeom: This is gonna be crazy I'll bring the apple juice
#58: Living Together


You sit on the floor and look around at all the unpacked boxes, smiling as Ashton brings in the last few. He sets them down at the door and walks around to take a seat beside you. “Can you believe this?” He says in a low voice, looking over at you with bright and shining eyes.

“It is pretty unreal, living with the love of my life,” you reach over and grab his hand. “Come on, I’ve gotta show you something.”

“What can it be?” He asks as you drag him to the balcony of the penthouse. “Holy shit,” he whispers as he stares over the beautiful LA house. “No wonder you chose this place.”

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

“Not as beautiful as you,” he can’t hide the blush that creeps on his cheeks as he turns to look down at you and pull you close, kissing you softly for the first time in your new home.


“Come to the gym with me,” he says, straddling your waist as you watch the television.

“Leave me alone!” You pout and he does the same, waiting for you to look into his eyes.

“You’re still moping over that damned break up.”

“And you’re really not being a comforting roommate about it,” you say, staring up at him, bringing your hand up to playfully punch him in the face. He rolls off to lay beside you.

“What’ll help?” He asks solemnly and you shrug. “Best friend date?” He asks.

“I don’t wanna leave the comfort of my bed.”

“How about I make you some breakfast?”

“PLEASE,” you say louder than you mean to and he chuckles, patting your head before making his way to the kitchen.


You sit on the counter beside the sink and watch Luke paint the cupboards black, humming to a tune you heard on the radio. He pauses and stops the music to stare at you. “Why aren’t you helping me?”

“Um, because you’re six foot four and can reach any fucking thing, duh.” You roll your eyes playfully and he smiles.

“I hate you so much, Y/N,” He swipes paint on your cheek and you gasp.

“Asshole!” You dab your small hand into the paint bucket and get it on his white wife beater.

“That’s it, we’re definitely fighting,” he drops the paint brush and begins to tickle you.


“So I wrote a new song,” he says as you scroll through multiple recipes on your laptop.

“Did you?” you turn in the spinning stool to smile at him. “Before you play the wonderful song, what sounds better stuffed baby potatoes or Cheddar-Mashed Potato Casserole?”

“Anything as long as you’re for dessert,” he smirks and you blush.

“We’ve gotta stop doing that Michael, you have a girlfriend now.” He sets his guitar down and walks up to you, setting his palms on your thighs and looking into your eyes.

“I only got her to make you jealous, and this jealousy thing is a hot look on you. Just tell me you want me.”

“I hate you,” you reply with a small smile. “You shouldn’t use girls, you know.”

“It’s my only strategy to get to the one I want.”

“Who do you want? What’s her name?” You look up at the clock and he rolls his eyes.

“Y/N, don’t play stupid,” he puts two fingers on your chin and brings your face back to his, kissing you softly 3 times and leaving you wanting more. “I know you want me too, roommate.”


A/N: Well, tbh I’m not completely satisfied with this. I might write a part two of this anyway, bc I think it’s incomplete, but it would be really nice if you told me what you think about this one :3 
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Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Swearing?

The hot sun of Georgia was burning on your back as you walked, tagging along behind the group. There was no destination of your journey; the only goal was to stay alive. You’d all found each other again after the downfall of the prison and the Terminus incident. You were relieved that you had a group again, but on the other hand you were also a bit worried. You’d been doing just fine on your own, and if you got to close to these people you knew you would just get hurt. Eventually all of them would die.

That was also the reason why you had no close ties to the people of your group. You’d been with them for over a year now, but whenever one of them had tried to bond with you, you had pushed them away. You just couldn’t afford to get too close. The only person you allowed near you was your best friend, Tina, who you’d known since your childhood.

That strategy had worked out for you so far, but after all the turmoil and betrayal you knew people were starting to doubt you. Especially Daryl had been throwing you suspicious glances lately. You knew he just wanted to protect his family, but you couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt at the mistrust he felt for you. Not that you couldn’t understand his motives.

Especially now, that you were trudging through the wilderness, the tension rose with every step. Daryl didn’t even try to hide his angry looks anymore, and from time to time one of the others would turn around and glance at you questioningly. You shrugged their eyes off as if it didn’t bother you, but deep inside you knew it couldn’t go on like this.

It turned out you were right with that assumption. At nightfall the group had found a little clearing, where you’d set up camp. A fire was built and Carol and Rick started to set up everything for dinner. You and Tina set down a bit apart from everyone else, sharing the last bit of your water supply for the day.

“I ain’t gonna stay silent about this any longer!” Daryl suddenly piped up.

Everybody looked up, frowning at the outbreak of the usually silent hunter.

“I know I’m not the only one thinking this. (y/n), why are you such a bitch to everyone? You don’t seem to like anyone in this group, except for Tina, so why don’t the two of you fuck off and do your own thing? Would be better for everyone involved!”

You were a bit startled at this open confrontation, but you weren’t about to give in in front of the entire group.

“I’ve got my motives, Dixon! Now, what do you expect me to do, anyway? Do you want me to have a cuddle-fest with everyone in the group?” You stood up and opened your arms. “Go ahead, if you want a hug come and get it!”

Daryl scoffed, while Tina rolled her eyes and patted your back. Nervous chuckles echoed over the clearing, but you knew Daryl had struck a nerve.

“Fuck off.” The hunter retorted, flipping you off. “Nobody expects you to cuddle anyone. But would it really hurt you that much to talk to people?”

“He’s right!” Tina chimed in. “I mean, these are nice people, (y/n), but you only ever stay with me. What’s up with that?”

Surprised you turned towards your best friend, betrayal burning like acid through your stomach.

“You’re on his side?”

Guilt flashed over her face, but she bit her lip and nodded, avoiding your gaze.

You sighed and sat back down, wrapping your arms around your knees. Biting your lip you shook your head, trying to keep a clear head.

“To answer your question Daryl: Yes, it would hurt me to talk to any of you. I intend to survive this shitstorm, but we all know there will be many casualties before this is over. It’s better not to get too close…” You sighed, scanning the faces of the group with your eyes. When you found nothing but disbelief and shock you went on. “I mean, I’m sure y’all are amazing people…I just don’t wanna find out, you know? The more I know about any of you, the more it’ll hurt when you’re gone.”

For a while there was silence, until Michonne stood up, shuffling her feet awkwardly.

“I thought the same way as you a while ago. But… you can’t make it without people anymore, you know. You say you wanna survive, but do you want to give up living for that cause? You need people… We all need people to remind us of our own humanity.” She was silent for a while. “As someone once told me: “When you care about people, hurt is kinda part of the package.” But that shouldn’t stop anyone from caring, because once you stop … there is no going back.”

You frowned, thinking about her words.

“She’s right.” Daryl spoke up, surprising everyone. “I thought I could protect myself, survive on my own. But you just can’t anymore.” He shrugged. “Getting hurt is inevitable.”

You sighed, throwing a glance at Tina through the corners of your eyes. She nodded encouragingly, nudging you with her shoulder. You rolled your eyes and threw your hands up in defence.

“Alright, Alright. Y’all convinced me with your hippie-shit. I’ll stop being a bitch. Satisfied?”

“Barely.” Rick nodded, a smirk playing around his lips. “But for now it’ll be enough.”

The next morning, when you were up and walking again, you made an effort to be extra-nice to everyone. You talked to them, finding out a little bit about their backstory. As much as you hated to admit it, it felt good to joke around and laugh with everybody. The only one you didn’t dare talking to was Daryl, but you saw him glancing at you from time to time, amusement and satisfaction shimmering in his gaze.

Truth be told, he was exactly your type. He was lean and muscular, and clearly something you would’ve called a typical “Bad Boy” back when things had been normal. Back in the day, you probably would’ve been all over him. Not that you had had any interest in relationships – they had been way too complicated and painful in your experience. But you didn’t have anything against casual sex and Daryl would have been the perfect affair material for the old you. Of course, nowadays, an affair was not the first thing on your mind. You saw Daryl every single day. Even if you tried to keep things strictly physical, you wouldn’t be able to keep emotions out of the deal. 

“So how long do you wanna keep avoiding me?”

You startled and almost tripped over the root of a tree. Daryl watched you in amusement, while you mustered him with your best bitch-face, rolling your eyes.

“I wasn’t avoiding you.” You defended yourself, even though he was right. “I was just doing what you wanted me to: Playing best buddies with the rest of the group.”

“Except for me.”

“Well, you’re not exactly Mr. Social yourself, so stop criticising me!”

He rolled his eyes.

“Alright, alright. Stop being so defensive, I’m trying to play nice here.”

You let out a huff of air and shrugged.

“Okay. Thank you , I guess.”

He scoffed. For a while you trudged through the undergrowth in silence. You didn’t really know what to say. Daryl didn’t seem to be the type to joke around with, like you had done with the others. But you guessed that since he approached you, he had something to say and that eventually he would talk. For now you were content with walking and minding your own business.

“You know I get why you were such a bitch.” Daryl finally muttered. “I really do. Hell, I used to be the same. But you’ll realise, over time, that closing off isn’t the solution. You’ll just end up hurting yourself.”

You raised your eyebrow, not really knowing what to say. You weren’t even sure if he wanted an answer or if he just needed to talk to someone. Daryl scoffed again and shrugged, his crossbow dangling against his back with the motion.

“I don’t even know why I’m talking to you about this. But when I saw you again… something about you told me. I knew you were the same as I was. And I couldn’t just watch while you were digging your own grave. Plus, the group can’t afford any ego-trips right now. We have to stick together, you know.”

You let out a sigh and nodded.

“Don’t worry. I get why you did this, I do. It’s just… I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing by listening to you.”

Daryl shrugged. “Can’t be sure of anything nowadays. You’ll just have to try. I can’t promise you it’ll all turn out okay, but I think I can say it’ll turn out better than if you keep to yourself.”


Again there was silence for a while, until Glenn proposed to stop for a while, eat a quick snack and relax for a minute. After the group had made sure the surrounding area was clear of walkers, you sat down and rummaged through your backpack for a can of beans. Your search was unsuccessful, and you were just about to turn to Tina to ask if she had packed your provisions, when a hand appeared in front of your face, holding your food. You looked up, only to see Daryl grinning down at you.

“See. You forgot to pack your lunch. Now imagine what would’ve happened if I didn’t like you. I could’ve just eaten it myself.”

You snorted, grabbing the can out of his hands.

“Yeah. Right. And then I would ‘ve punched your stupid face.”

Daryl let out a huff and sat down beside you.

“No need to be that aggressive!”

He pulled some beef jerky out of his bag and took a bite, before offering some to you. You declined by shaking your head, opening the can of beans.

“Since you didn’t eat my food, I’m not gonna eat yours.”

“It’s all the group’s food anyway.” Daryl mumbled his mouth full of meat.

You shrugged, munching on your food.

“So how long exactly do you wanna pester me? Or did I just miss the memo that we’re best friends now?”

Daryl raised his hands in defence, before getting up.

“Alright, princess, I’ll leave you alone.”

You grabbed his hand and pulled him down again, shaking your head.

“I’m sorry. I still have to get used to this bonding crap. Stay.”

He sat down again, one of his rare smiles appearing on his face.

“Whatever you say. If it gets too much, just tell me, and I’ll leave. Seriously.”

You ate your lunch together in silence. Even though you had trouble to admit it even to yourself, it was nice to have someone to be quiet with. It wasn’t an awkward silence, or one you felt the need to fill with empty words. Whatever was blossoming between you and Daryl, whether it was friendship or more, you were looking forward to watch it bloom.

Keep Smiling!! :)

im going to the gym… it’s been a hell of a day at work for me and it makes me realise that literally nothing is more important than our own happiness and real lives… sometimes we need to step back and gain some perspective… i know how hard it is when you have this feeling in your gut like you wanna vom… and you wanna just run away and scream and punch simon cowell in the face… i know that feeling SO well. but YOU are in control of that feeling… NOT simon cowell NOT anyone else… so please. take care of yourselves!!! nothing in this band needs to be the cause of that feeling and that kind of heartache for you.. it’s not real life.. it’s just pretend. and sometimes we need to remember that. 

i’ll always be here for you guys and my friends first and foremost because i know your feelings and your heartache.. i’ve lived through it with you. i will be here for the boys individually and together… i will be here because i like fics and reblogging cute boys and cats and rntm and asshole talk… i love it all. and at the end of the day… you’re all that matter to me!

the only way from here is up!! it’s gonna be okay.. love you all and please… keep smiling! :)