i wanna post hundreds of photos from today but no one is online

Preference 146: Selfies to annoy and destroy.

Harry: Twitter banter was something both you and Harry specialized in, which meant neither of you ever held back when teasing each other online. “@yourtwittername: guys, isn’t my hat today much better than all the weird ones @Harry_Styles wears all the time? #thehatwar” Embarrassing yourself was a risk you were always willing to take, as long as it gave Harry a laugh. “@Harry_Styles: Heeeey! No fair, your mirror selfies give you the advantage. Bet you took 1,000 pictures before posting that. It’s okay though, I still love you.” 

Liam: Ever since Liam had left for tour, you’d been doing a lot of the same things. One of those things was spending plenty of time with Ruth and Nicola, and the other was exchanging very teasing text messages with your boyfriend. Sometimes you even did both at once, like the day you three girls were spending the day at the beach. You’d taken a couple of pictures in your room before heading out, and made the spontaneous decision to send them to Liam while you sun tanned with his sisters on the sand. “spending time with your sisters again, but still missing you loads. too bad you couldn’t be around to come to the beach with us…“ Almost immediately, Liam shot back a perfectly predictable response, leaving you giggling lightly on your beach towel, antsy for the next time you’d be able to see him. ”oi, cover up! dont need any1 stealing u from me before i come back home, save tht one for me. love u babe.”

Louis: Louis had a tendency to make you late to everything. Whether it was procrastinating on getting ready or convincing you to fool around with him ten minutes before you needed to leave, he could always postpone things for something more important. You were beginning to sick of it, so you decided to fight fire with fire. He’d been craving Taco Bell for almost a week, so he insisted that the two of you go out on a laid back date to eat there. You waited for him to get completely ready that night after the concert to even get off your ass to put an outfit or any makeup on. It was already midnight, but you’d driven past a 24/7 Taco Bell on the way back to the hotel from the concert, so you knew needn’t worry about times. You took another 30 minutes to choose something to wear and get it on, and 20 to do your hair and makeup. After an hour, you still weren’t satisfied with the stalling job you’d done, so you planted yourself on your butt in the large bathroom you shared with Louis and began taking pictures of yourself in the full length mirror on the wall. “(Y/N), can you hurry the hell—” Louis turned the corner into the bathroom to see you, and you smiled deviously. “Hi, baby. Loving this selfie central.” After a few minutes of trying to get you out of the bathroom, Louis finally figured out what you were doing. “Please just come with me, (Y/N).” “I’ll come if you give me a piggy back ride.” “You’re killing me. Absolutely killing me.” Nevertheless, you exited the building on the love of your life’s back, just like you wanted.

Niall: ”Jesus, Horan. Did you know you have 1,963 photos on your phone?” Niall had been playing Fifa with the 5SOS boys for a while, and you’d decided to play around on his phone until they finished and everyone went out for dinner. When you asked him about the number of pictures in his camera roll, he simply shrugged. “Done lots of stuff tourin’, I like takin’ pictures.” “So what would you do if I took, like, a billion selfies right now on your phone?” He shrugged again. “Don’t really mind, especially if they’re all of you.” Knowing what you were planning to do, Calum inserted himself in the conversation. “Don’t let her do it, man.” Niall threw his younger friend a confused look, continuing his game with Michael and Luke. “She’s done it to me, it’s a deadly thing. Nearly three hundred random pictures, and she froze my phone.” You fought a laugh, waiting for Niall’s response that never came because of the drastic turn of events in the boys’ game. You struck then, beginning to take some normal selfies. Then, though, you started singing, still hitting the button a million times a second. Making sure to get Niall’s reaction in some of the pictures, you didn’t stop taking them until after Louis had joined you for a few, along with Ashton, Luke, and Michael. As soon as the game ended, your boyfriend dropped his remote and tackled you, the two of you wrestling for the phone for a few seconds. He eventually got it from you, discovering 428 more pictures and a soon enough frozen phone. Under his breath, Cal muttered an ‘I told you so’ as his friend complained. “I warned you, mate.”

Zayn: ”No way.” “Z, I’m pretty sure I can pop some selfies as cool as yours.” Zayn shook his head again, refusing to believe in your selfie game more than his own. “It’s not possible, beb. Have you seen some of the fans’ replies to the ones I’ve tweeted? They go insane.” “That says nothing. Last time I posted a selfie of just myself, we weren’t official yet. I bet they’d respond just as crazily for me as they do for you.” His eyebrows rose. “Wanna make that a bet?” You shook on it, and posted a tweet before the actual picture to let fans know why Zayn Malik and his girlfriend were simultaneously posting selfies while in the same room. “@yourtwittername: guys! Z thinks that he can get more retweets and favorites on his selfies than me, so we’re putting you to the test? who will have the ultimate selfie? #Team(Y/N)” “@zaynmalik: Whose selfie will be more popular, mine or (Y/N)’s ?! Whoever gets the most retweets/favorites from you guys wins! #TeamZayn” After deciding that whoever lost would buy dinner, the two of you posted sefies. Somehow, you defeated Zayn with a few more retweets than him, and he ended up owing you dinner with a kiss as a bonus prize.