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what it would be like dating tom holland part 2

a few people requested a part 2 and as i’ve already done harrison osterfield’s one i wouldn’t to make this one! btw i won’t make imagines but i can make headcanons (waking up with tom, breakfast, afternoon walks, etc) if you want me to you just have to request it!

part 1 |  request | dating harrison osterfield

  • raspy, tired, deep morning voice (like this one)
  • having the joy of him saying “princess” in a higher voice to tessa
  • him making grabby hands at you when you leave the bed to get dressed
  • little smiles and smirks when he watches you getting dressed, you always blushing 
  • tom always wanting approval of an outfit he wears, whether or not it looks good on him 
  • him giving you his clothes because he already knows you love to wear them
  • him being shoOK when you wear his clothes, blushing like crazy, giggling and just staring at you in his clothes
  • seriously he’d practically die seeing you in his clothes
  • harry, sam and paddy love you to bits, you have a soft spot for each of them in your heart
  • tom’s super clingy and needy in the mornings, nights, when he hasn’t seen and especially when he’s drunk
  • “pay attention to meee” “don’t go” he gets super pouty
  • “you left i don’t wanna talk to you” “tom i had to pee i was gone 3 minutes” “and your point is?”
  • koala hugging you in the mornings so you don’t escape his grasp
  • he loves it when you sit on lap too
  • nothing sexual just sitting there, him holding you resting his head on your shoulder, running his hands up and down your thighs
  • him loving to visit your country (if you live overseas) see the place you grew up, your favourite hot spots, listening to every story that comes with each place, room, or building
  • just listening to music, laying in bed, not even having to talk to know things are okay
  • whenever you’re sad he’ll either let you be and let you handle yourself on your own or; come up to the bedroom and wrap his arms around you and just stay with you for a bit til you’re ready to talk
  • having a group chat between you, haz and tom sharing stupid memes of them and posting them on social media and having them blast you in the chat
  • tom loving to share posts of you on ever social media because he can’t get enough of you and needs everyone to know he loves you so much
  • tom loving it when you run your hands through his hair 
  • practically moaning when you do it, pulling on the ends of his hair a little
  • him rubbing his hand up and down your arm and you leaning into him 
  • him going stiff when you wrap your arms around his waist, because he gets butterflies every time you touch him
  • clingy drunk koala tom 
  • him loving the nicknames you give him “gorgeous, honey, sweetie, baby, babe, tommy” he blushes to each and everyone
  • forehead nudging you to wake you up, or kissing you all over
  • having the different times in different places of the world for wherever you live
  • you doing the same for whatever country he’s in now
  • he really likes to hold your face when you kiss, just caressing your cheek when you two kiss
  • loves to kiss you from your chin, both cheeks, forehead, nose then your lips because you get all flustered by it
  • Eskimo kisses
  • drawing patterns on each others skin in the mornings, nights and whenever you’re alone
  • you don’t need to talk all the time to know that everything between you two is okay
  • kisses down your chest towards your stomach when you’re sleeping
  • carrying you to bed if you fall asleep on the couch
  • little stares from across the room, pulling faces at him to make him laugh
  • having a secret (or already) fan account dedicated to him posting memes, talking and befriending other fans and just posting about how much you love him
  • sharing photos of him and people wondering where you got them ;))
  • wanting to match clothes almost everyday
  • “but love, if you wear baby blue so should i” “tom one day without us wearing match clothes is fine” “but, loooovee”
  • sending him photos of you and tessa bonding and him just reply with a sad face :(( because he doesn’t get to be there with you two

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Am I Dying?

Originally posted by marilynmay

Characters: Y/n, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Bobby

Pairing: Castiel x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Fluff, cute innocent Cas, kinda angst, scared Cas, teasing asshole Dean, cuteness!!

Word Count: 1100

Summary: Cas has problems adjusting to being human.

A/N: Ok, so this is some random ass fic that came about because of @bkwrm523​ and a cute ass little thing. Cas freaking out over random shit, it’s just too cute. Not sure how cute this came out, but I’m hoping you like it!!

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“Y/n! We found a hunt. Won’t be back for a few days. Look after Cas!”

Before you could run downstairs and object, the door slammed shut, followed by the sound of the car doors shutting.

You pulled the front door open, only to see the impala leaving a trail of dust and sand behind it, as they drove away from Bobby’s.

You groaned internally.

Cas was…a mess, to be honest.

Something happened.

Somehow, he managed to become human.

Well, human was giving him a bit too much credit.

He was a depowered angel who had the mind of a toddler, it seemed.

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Suga comes into the room at the exact moment Daichi seems to have realized strapping the baby into the carrier on his chest should have been his last step, not his first. Now he has Katsumi attached to him, a backpack in one hand, Emiko holding the other, and absolutely no way to get his own shoes on.

He looks up at Suga helplessly and Suga does his very best not to laugh, because since Katsumi joined the family they’ve only taken the kids out together, but today Daichi has offered to take them both on his own so Suga can work. Which is amazing. And something Suga is a little afraid of doing himself, because Emiko can run absurdly fast on her tiny chubby legs, and Katsumi cries….pretty much always.

He appreciates this so much, but oh God, Daichi looks so cute and desperate right now, Suga can hardly contain himself.

“I did this wrong,” Daichi says.

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Pairing: Fraxus (Freed x Laxus)

Basic Prompt: Freed comforting Laxus after he had time to focus on a certain part of his life.

Universe: Canon

Rating: K+/T

a/n: The second one of @damasath / @laxusthelightning‘s commissions. Thank you again neRD! This was nice to write and gave me feels, are the precious boos <3 Ilovethemsomuch.


Freed and Laxus’ lacrima tv was rarely in use. In the men’s opinion there were way better ways to spend their free time with. Some of the options they thought of differed from each other and some were exactly the same. Whenever they did use the lacrima tv though they seldom if ever managed to concentrate on it for all too long- not for a lack of concentration but because the temptation of concentrating on each other was too high. And a better option to choose anyway.

The one thing they tended to pay attention to were the news. Freed mostly read the newspapers in the morning but at times that wasn’t possible so every now and then they decided to catch up on some stuff by watching the news.

Just like right now.

Or at least Laxus did.

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I Have to Pee - C.H.

I just want you all to know, this is an actual thing and works wonders so….


“Babe. Stop moving,” Calum groaned gripping his girlfriend’s waist pulling her closer to his naked chest causing her to wiggle even more.

“I have to pee, Cal. Let me go,” she whined causing him to chuckle, only to pin her to the bed with him on top. “Calum Hood. I’m about to pee on your bed. Get off of me.”

“I want to try something,” he muttered bringing a hand down to her clothed crotch running his fingers over her clit.

“I have to pee and all you can think about is sex, seriously?” His finger slipped through her panties rubbing slowly trying to get a reaction out of her.

“I heard this thing where your orgasms can be stronger and feel better if you have to pee. I wanna see if it’s true.” He started pulling down the Lacey piece of fabric sliding down her body until it was removed and his head was positioned between her legs. He didn’t miss a beat, digging in as if her pussy was the last thing he’d eat. Her hands found a way to his hair tugging slightly as small moans escaped her lips as she tried to control her breathing knowing Ashton was only in the room right next door. He licked and sucked at her nub while easing a finger into her opening, slowly moving it in and out of her making sure to hit the right spots every time before adding a second finger.

“Fuck…Jesus Calum,” she moaned arching her back and raising her hips into his face move causing him to laugh against her. He loved watching her writhe underneath him while he ate her out. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Mm,” was his only response continuing his movements, replacing his fingers with his tongue living his hand for her to taste as he continued, feeling her lips wrapped around his fingers. Her legs started to shake around him as her hips bucked once again, her head rolled back as a pornographic moan escaped her lips. He continued as she rode her high pulling away slowly making sure to wipe the excess juices from his chin in the process. “How was that?”

“I hope to god you aren’t done yet, Hood,” she breathed still trying to catch her breath. He chuckled grabbing a condom from the night stand slipping off his boxers and the rubber on quickly as she removed his shirt from her body.

“Roll over for me, love,” he whispered, watching her every move as she stuck her as in the air for him, his hands running up and down her backside giving it a small slap before entering her slowly. Her face was buried in the sheets earning a loud groan from the initial feeling of him inside of her. He didn’t bother waiting for her to get used to him knowing it added to her pleasure as he started thrusting into her at a leisurely pace waiting for her to bark orders to him. “How’s this feel baby?”

“Fuck,Cal…right there,” she moaned shaking a bit from the feeling of him hitting her g-spot so early on, Calum taking that as a sign to go deeper and faster. Her moans got louder, completely forgetting Ashton was also in the shared apartment as she started to reach her high quickly once again from the mix of pleasure happening all at once. She couldn’t mention it, words being unable to flow from her mouth at the moment as moan after moan left her lips.

“Fuck baby. You gonna cum? I can feel you tightening around my cock baby. Cum for me,” Cal groaned reaching a hand around to rub at her clit causing an even louder moan to escape

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” she screamed out releasing around him, her body shaking violently once again from the orgasm as Calum held onto her hips continuing to thrust into her as he reached his own orgasm. He slowed down his pace as her body collapsed on the bed, pulling out of her as they both caught their breath. “We have got to do that again.”

“No, no, no. Are you fucking kidding me, Calum? It’s barely even seven am. I’m so fucking passed at you!” Ashton yelled opening the door glaring at the two naked bodies on the bed. “Can you two not wait for a normal hour of the day? Considering I couldn’t sleep until you stopped going at it at fucking two am last night. Just…fucking hell. Go away,” Ashton whined the last part slamming the door most likely head to his bedroom.

“I completely forgot he was here,” she muttered blushing while Calum laughed

“He’s fine. He’s kept me up plenty of nights. ‘Ooh, right there, daddy’.” Cal giggled in response.

killerfangirl3  asked:

"I'm just saying a dog would help with Anxiety's depression and I would love to have one to pet too." Any ship

(Could be seen as Nightmare part 2)

Tw: dog, nervous Prince. Mentions dog abuse

(I wanted to make this fluff but idk how well I did.)

Morlaity woke up gruggedly and looked around. He was in the coms room laying on top of Romam.

He looked up to his boyfriend and smiled. Why was he so dang cute?! How was he ever so lucky to have him?

 Morliaty slowly turned so he could lean on his side and look up at his partner watching him sleep peacfully as he was drooling.

He was getting impatient and leaned up to kiss Prince on his nose. That made Roman groan sleepingly . Morlaity smiled before quickly putting his head by Romans head.

“Did you just kiss my nose?” Roman groaned.

“Yeah?” Morality suddenly felt nervous was this too far?

“Don’t worry, I loved it. It was just unexpected.” Roman said streaching.

“Well then, Morning handsome!” Morality giggled.

“Morning Second Most Handsomest Person!” Prince teased. Morality moved to give him a kiss.

“You know you drool in your sleep right?” Morality asked. Roman blushed.

“Shut up.” He said as he tried to get up.

“No, dont leave me! You’re too warm!” Morality whined putting his head on Romams chest and hugging him tighter.

“Morality, you’re on top, I can’t move unless you move first.” Roman pointed out.

“Oh then I wont move.” Morality said smiling as he put his head on Romans chest.

 Roman sighed but put his hand on Morlaitys head to play with his hair.

“I swear you’re like an energetic cat.”

“Except I’m not as energetic as a cat.” Morality started  thinking about dogs, knowing that he had to talk to Roman about it.

“No, you’re right. You’re more energetic.” Roman said. Morality lightly slapped Romans arm.

“How dare you. Now I definatley wont get up for a long time.”

“Hon, I love you, but I need to pee. I promise after I pee we can go right back to snuggling.”

“But I dont wanna move.” Morlaity complained.

“Do you wan’t me to pee on you?” Roman asked.

‘I’d rather a dog peed on me’ Morality thought.

“Nooooo.” He repied.

“Then you’re going to have to move.” Roman said.

Morlaity sighed, but had an idea.

“Fine, but only if you agree to consider getting a dog.” Morlaity said.

“Wha-” Roman was obviosuly surprised by this.

“I’m just saying, a dog would help with Anxiety’s depression and I would love to have one to pet too.” Morality said, he wanted to say more but he stayed quiet. The last time he asked about a dog was with Brianna and she got upset.

“Wait, are you serious?” Romam asked. Morality was getting nervous.

“Y-yeah. Is it too soon? I dont know how relationships are supost to work and I dont want kids just yet -not that I dont want kids, I do-but I don’t think we’re there yet-and I want a dog more than I want a kid at the moment does that make me a horrible person? Crap-I’m so sorry I-”

Morlaity was starting to shake as Roman moved to sit up.

“Hey, hey babe, its okay. Theres nothing wrong with wanting a dog or kids. I’m just surprised you brought it up. I can think of getting a dog. A dog would be a nice addition to the family.”

“So we should get one?” Morlaity asked excited.

“Well, this is Thomas’s house so-”

“I actually talked to him about it and hes cool with it! Only Logan seems to be agaisnt it, but he has said he is open to it if we can care for him-or her.”

“I think Its a  great idea.” Roman said hugging Morality closer.

They talked about it for a week, being sure to involve the others. Roman told Morality he found this a big step, but was ready to do it, he just wanted to talk to the others as well.

He also did studies with Logan on what kind of breed could work best and how to care for dogs. The night they planned to get the dog Roman was planning to stay up all night. He was watching vidoes on how to help if they were anxious dogs, alhough he saw it at least twelve times already.

“Roman you need sleep.” Morality had woken up from a dream he didnt remember. He didnt like that his partner was still up.

“But I need everything to go perfecrly Morlaity. What if they’re scared of me when we meet? I dont want them to fear me!” Roman was obviously distresses. Morality leaned towards his boyfriend and kissed his neck.

“I’m sure they will love you. You did more research than i did, and i did alot of it. Come on Roman, our new puppy wouldn’t want you to meet him while you were tired.”

“I know, but-”

“Its okay, I’m nervous too,” Morality admitted, putting his arm around Roman and rested his head on Romans shoulder. “but we need sleep. I’m going to have a hard time sleeping, can you snuggle with me?”

“Did you have another nightmare?” Roman asked frowning.

“I don’t know, I’m tired snd want a hug from my boyfriend.” Morality knew if he gave Roman a job like this it would help Roman sleep better. Roman looked hesitant.

“Just one more time-”

“Babe, you’ve watched it twenty times before I slept. I promise if you forget anything, I, Logan and Thomas will be there to remind you.”

Thomas and Logan had agreed to come. Anxiety didnt want to go for reasons unknown to them, but they respected it.

Roman was still hesitant but he put the laptop away. Deeming this a victory Morality laid down turning so his back was facing Romans.

“Can-can you hug me this time?” Roman sounded nervous. Morality turned to face Roman.

“Sure, you okay?” Morlaoty asked.

“Just nervous. I’m worried our dog wont like me.” Roman admitted.

“Dont worry we will get a dog that loves you! Its okay i can hug you, its been a while! Come here.” Morality beckoned Roman closer. Roman felt hesitant, not used to being the little spoon, but obeyed.

Morality out his arm around Roman.

“This good?” He asked.

“Can you- do you mind putting your leg around me?” Roman asked. Morality proceeded to put his leg over Romans hips.

“This good?” Morlaoty asked.

“You okay?” Roman asked, nervous he was making Morality do something he didnt want.

“Yup, this is great. I love being the big spoon, just wanted to be sure you were comfy before I fell asleep” Morality.

“Yeah, this is good .” Prince said.

“The snuggle is real!” Morlaoty let out a giggle as he said jt. Roman was quiet for a second.

“Did you just make a snuggling pun?”


They were at the pet store and Morality was too excited.

“Aww Roman look at them!” Morality was pointing at a couple Cocker Spaniels.

“Aww I wish I could adopt all of you!!” Morality cooed. Normally Roman would find his enthusiasm cute, but he was very nervous.

“They said they sometimes had puppies that out grew their spaces so they had to move them to the back. Do you want to-” Morality raced to the back before Logan could finish his sentence.

“Why wont Morality listen for once.” Logan sighed. Thomas followef Morality “to make sure he didnt play with any animals he shouldn’t.” Roman just nodded his head, looking around.

“Hey you okay?” Logan asked. Roman turned his attention to Logan.

“Yeah, why?” Roman flinched at his voice. It was cracking.

“You know, if you didnt want a dog Mortality would be okay with that right? He’d feel worse if he thought you felt forced to get a dog.” Logan said.

“No no, I love dogs, I’m just-I’m nervous, I want Morality to be happy, but I’m nervous the dog wont like me.” Roman murmured towards the end.

“Oh, well dogs are easy to please and love their owners for life.” Logan said.

“Or hate them for life.” Roman muttered.

“Do you not want a dog or-” Logan was very confused.

“I do, I’m just-I’m just nervous, this is a very big step for me. I wasn’t this nervous with Morality moving into my room because he was basically living there, but this is big for me. I’m happy about it though, i really am. Just, what if Morality finds someone better?”

“I dont see how the two correspond each other; Nevertheless-and I can’t foresee the future- however, I can tell Morality loves you a lot. You know how he felt for Brianna-”

“Exactly! What if he just saw me and liked me because I was the first guy in his sight?” Roman asked.

“If you had let me finished I would have said “how he felt for Brianna is nothing compared to how he feels for you.” Morality fell harder for you. Trust me. I was there.“ Logan turned to look at something and Roman looked in his direction. He see Morality excitedly waving the others over as Thomas smiled.

"He loves you, Roman. This is not platonic.” Logan walked towards Morality.

“You have to see her, she’s so cute I think shes the one! I want to see what you think though.” Morality was basically jumping as he dragged Roman to the end. He was surprised to see an enthusiastic Staffordshire Bull Terrier. He was trying to lick Moralitys hand through the kennel. He felt… something- an interest in her.

“Do you want to see her?” The worker asked smiling, leaning on the kennel. Morality looked up at Roman.

“Yeah, yes please.” Roman answered.

The worker took a key out and put it to the kennel, twisting it. The bull stayed in the kennel even after the door opened but still shook her tail.

“We call her Shadow. Her last owners called her nightmare. Its okay, you can come here Shadow.”

“Why did they call her that?” Thomas asked.

“They thought she was "too much of a sweetheart” and wanted a tough dog. So they just threw her back here, we call her shadow since we didnt want to connect her to her other name.“ The worker roller their eyes when she talked about the owners.

Morality winches a little but smiled sadly at Shadow.

"How old is she?” Roman asked softly putting his hand out for Shadow to sniff. She started licking Romans hand and went up to his leg and pressed against it.

“Wow she likes you already! It took us weeks before she was comfortable enough to come up to us! As for her age,” they took a hesitant breath in, “we can’t be sure but the vets put her around two to three years old.” The owner said.

“She’s so young!” Morality said putting his hand out. Thomas and Logan stayed back letting the couple get to know the dog.

Shadow sniffled Morlaity’s hand again and licked it before putting her head on his hand.

“What do you call a frozen dog?” Morality said smiling. The worker looked confused.

“He’s about to make a pun.” Roman explained.

The worker nodded their head and let out an “ah.”

“I don’t know what do you call them?” They asked curious.

“A pupsicle!” Morality grinned. The worker and Roman laughed. Shadow was still waging her tail in excitement.


It had been a couple weeks since they took Shadow in when they decided it was time for a group movie. Morality and Roman were snuggling on the side of the couch (Thomas at the other end of it, ) while Anxiety was sitting on the floor. Logan sat is the single couch. Shadow had just entered the coms room.

Shadow had gotten used to Anxiety quickly and often snuggled with him if Roman and Morality wanted the space. Everybody thought she was heading for Anxiety, but they were surprised when she jumped on the couch, near where Roman was at.

“Hey shadow!” Roman said as she jumped inbetweeb Thomas and Roman (though right behind Anxity.) She turned around and around until she was happy and laid down. Her paw was on Anxietys head, her butt was touching Thomas leg, and she rested her head on Romans lap. Roman heart leapt.

“Hey don’t take my boyfriend away from me! You already have everyone in the house falling for you.” Morality teased petting her head.

“Don’t worry, she can’t take your place.” Roman said putting his arm around Morality before kissing him. Morality grinned.

This was the best day yet.

  • Trixie: Are you all right?
  • Stingy: I don’t know what happened!
  • Trixie: I…
  • Stingy: What the hell happened?!
  • Trixie: It was this damn-ass rock.
  • Stingy: Ow, my ass –
  • Trixie: Don’t you just –
  • Stingy: My left butt cheek is … silly.
  • Trixie: Your left ass cheek? (crying)
  • Stingy: I didn’t want to fall.
  • Trixie: Me neither.
  • Stingy: I didn’t break any bones, I –
  • Trixie: Goodie. Uh. That’s a good bail on film though. But you wanna know what happened is this damn ass rock. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Look, look, look. You got turn off your board. See the skid mark you made with the rock? And then here’s the damn-ass fucking gay damn-ass rock. You wanna keep it and pee on it?
  • Stingy: No! I wanna – I wanna live.
  • Trixie: You… can live. But do you wanna keep the rock and pee on it? *drops it* Oh wait, oh. Oh… oh. *finds it* It’s right here. Okay. Do you wanna do something gay to the rock like pee on it? Because that rock is… effing… ruined your line. But I got effing good bail on it, huh?
  • Stingy: Why would that…why would nature do that to me
  • Trixie: That’s, uh –
  • Stingy: Please stop videotaping me.
  • Trixie: Okay.
Seventeen going to a BBQ Restaurant

Episode Two: Where Seventeen goes to a BBQ Restaurant and all hell breaks loose

Scoups: “To celebrate our debut and also as a team bonding session, let’s go to a Korean bbq restaurant, it’s on me”

Vernon: “I want pizza, I’ll go book a table for us”

Scoups: “No more pizza Hansol, let’s go eat proper food”


The8: “Oh boy”

Waiter: “How many portions would you like?”

Scoups: “For thirteen people please”

Mingyu: “But I want more….”

Scoups: “We’ll order more when we finish eating what we’ve ordered Mingyu”

Mingyu: “But I usually eat five portions of meat”

Scoups: “What are you a hippo? How do you even finish that much food?”

The8: “Five portions? does the company even give us that much food?”

Mingyu: “I have my ways…” *smiles*

Wonwoo: “Wait… No wonder I felt like my meat was disappearing from my plate”

Jun: *glares at gyu*

Vernon: “Meat? No wait I thought we were at the pizza place down the street?”

Seungkwan: “Keep up Hansol Vernon Chwe, there’s a grill, there is an exhaust above our heads, where the heck do you think we’re at?”

Vernon: “But I already made a reservation…." 

Seungkwan: "Well isn’t that just too bad” *rolls eyes*

*meat arrives*

Scoups: “Time to grill the meat, who’s going to cook it?”

Mingyu: “Mingyu volunteers" 

The8: "No what the heck, you’re gonna secretly eat it all”

Scoups: “Okay so not Mingyu, who else wants to give it a go? Maknae do your job”

Dino: “The pain of being a maknae is real, I should’ve known… I should’ve listened when everyone warned me about it. I should’ve been born one year earlier! Why mum WHY?!!!" 

Seventeen: ….

Jeonghan: "Seungcheol, leave our baby alone you’re stressing him out, be a man and cook it”

Joshua: “You mean our baby”

Scoups: “Ugh I’m already paying and I still have to grill these for you all…”

Jeonghan: “Hmmmm… I think I should tie up my hair, if not it’s going to smell real bad after this”

Joshua: “Do not stare hong jisoo. DO. NOT. STARE. DAMMIT EYES”

DK: “Can I eat it yet?”

Scoups: “No”

DK: “How about now?”

Scoups: “No, Seokmin no”

DK: “What color does it need to be to know if its cooked?”

Scoups: “Brown”

DK: “It’s already brown tho, can I eat it?”

Scoups: “No its not brown enough”

DK: “Now?” 

Hoshi: "I wanna pee”

Woozi: “No one’s stopping you soonyoung”

Hoshi: “But there’s someone in there….” *points and pouts*

Woozi: “Then wait for the person to come out?! jeez…”

Hoshi: “Then can you tell me if the person comes out?" 

Woozi: "Fine, as long as you stop talking" 

Hoshi: "Is he out yet?”

Woozi: “No”

Hoshi: “Is it empty yet?”

Woozi: “Duh, no”

DK: “Is it cooked yet?”

Scoups: “Oh my god Dokyeom NO”

Hoshi: “Now?”

Woozi: “No stop asking me about it”

DK: “hyung is it done?" 


DK: “Well someone has anger management issues”

Jeonghan: “Here you go my baby, you need more meat so you can grow up to be a healthy dino”

Dino: “I’m 18 hyung”

Jeonghan: “Sure you are”

Joshua: “How about me Hannie?”

Jeonghan: “Alright, this is for you Joshie”

Joshua: *blushes* “Best day ever”

Wonwoo: “where did my meat go?”

Jun: “Give Wonwoo back his meat Mingyu!" 

Mingyu: "What are you talking about?”

Jun: “You know what I’m talking about… i saw you taking it from his plate”

Mingyu: “Where’s the proof?”

Jun: “It’s all over your face Mingyu”

Mingyu: “Ugh fine, it’s too late I already ate it all anyways”

Jun: *throws lettuce*

Mingyu: “Two can play that game” *throws kimchi at Jun*

Wonwoo: “Erm”

Jun: “Kimchi?! You ruined my white shirt, I saved this for a special occasion!”

Mingyu: “Oops want some water to wash it away?” *throws water at jun*

Jun: “Ugh that’s it you tall thing, I’m taking you down" 

Woozi: "Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Scoups: “Don’t encourage them Woozi. Guys sit down!”

Mingyu: “Ow ow ow, get off me jun”

Vernon: “Oh shit the pizza place is calling me! What do I do?!”

Seungkwan: “Don’t answer it”

Vernon: “I can’t, they know my name, my number, they know where I liveeeee”

Seungkwan: “Why would you tell them where you live?" 

Vernon: "Pizza delivery?”

Seungkwan: “Just decline the call vernon!" 

Vernon: "Oh no they are calling again! Help me Seungkwan!”

Seungkwan: “Just give me the god damn phone” *snatches phone*

Jun: *yanks mingyu’s hair*

Mingyu: “Rawrrrr” *picks up the metal spoon to hit jun*


Mingyu & Jun:*silently sits back down*

Scoups: "I need a drink”

Joshua: “Drink water”

Joshua: “Not alcohol”

Scoups: “Soju is clear like water” *drinks a shot of soju*

Joshua: “Close enough”

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For People Who Hate Being Scared But Still Want To Watch Halloween Movies;

Here’s a list of Halloween-y movies to watch that don’t make you wanna pee yourself (and I don’t find that scary);

-The Nightmare Before Christmas
-Hocus Pocus
-Any of the Addams Family movies
-Sleepy Hollow (this has a few jumpy bits and some gore)
-Sweeney Todd (not really Halloween-y and a bit gory but I love this film)
-Any bad horror movies (which are the best cause they are super funny instead of scary)
-Black Swan (warning: this is a thriller and could be seen as scary and has a few jumpy and gory bits)
-Stardust (it’s pushing it a bit on the Halloween theme… But it has witches?)
-Rocky horror picture show

(Feel free to add any more!!!)

Lapidot: Physical Contact

Lapis Lazuli was someone who absolutely adored physical contact or loathed it. After so long in the mirror, her physical construct was sensitive from underuse. She’d get tickled way too easily, and there was some days where a slight touch would send her either giggling or into a jerking fit trying to get away because it actually kind of hurt.

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Luke Hemmings: Wrong Room (Smut)

You and your best friend were having a sleep over at her new house, and you didn’t quite no your way around. Her brother, Luke was in town for a holiday and you always had this crush on him. Emma, your friend, were in her room, playing cards.
“Got a six?” You asked. She shook her head and you went for the pile.
“Gold fish,” she spoke.
Go fish,” you chuckled. She rolled her eyes and there was a knock on her door.
“It’s open!” She hollered. Her dad opened the door and said that he and her mom were going out to get the pizza. You both bid them a bye and Luke passed the door. “Hey, Luke! Wanna play some cards?”
He walked backwards to the room, looking in. “Uh, sure. What are you playing?”
“Go fish,” Emma answered. “Come on.” He sat on the floor, beside you and you dealt him seven cards. “Okay, Luke, go first.”
“Okay,” he sighed. “Y/N got any sixes?” You denied and he got another card. “Ooh, well the deck had a six.” He stuck out his tongue at you and Emma smacked his thigh. The game continued and you won.
“I call a rematch!” Luke ordered. 
“Well, you two can,” Emma spoke. “I gotta pee.” 
“Okay, wanna? In the dinning room?” Luke asked. You nodded and gathered the cards. 
You both sat on the table and you dealt the cards.
“No, let me do it,” he said. “I wanna play a different game.” He halved the deck between you both. “This is war.”
“You’re such a loser,” you rolled your eyes. 
You both played your cards continuously. You won most of them, but then there was war. You both put down an ace and he rose his brow.
“I do declare,” he smirked. You laid down three more cards and flipped over a ten. So did he… You dealt three more cards and he followed.
“You guys are so boring!” Emma exhaled. “Dad’s home.”
“Let’s eat,” Mrs. Hemmings exclaimed once she entered. 
You flipped over your card and played an ace. “I win.” He threw down his cards and threw his hands up. You stuck out your tongue and helped take out the cups for soda. There were two types of pizza. Plain old pepperoni and a garden chicken. You took the pepperoni and sat on the table. Emma sat across you and Luke sat beside you. 
“So what did you guys do?” Mr. Hemmings asked.
“Play cards,” Emma spoke with her mouthful.
They both nodded and Luke got a text. “Luke, no phone’s at the dinner table,” Liz shook her head.
“Yes, mum. I’ll be right back,” Luke left. He went out the back and started talking on the phone.
“So, Y/N,” Andy called your attention. “Do you like the new house?” You nodded as you swallowed down the bite of pizza.
“It’s very beautiful, I love the yard,” you complimented. Just then, Luke came back into the house.
“Nice of you to join us,” Liz bit. “Who was that?”
Luke sat down beside you and stuffed his phone into his pocket. “Just the boys…” 
After dinner, you and Emma went into her room. You heard Luke in his room, talking about something.
“These walls sure are thin,” you mumbled, brushing your hair. She laughed and hit the wall, yelling at him to shut up. “My God.” You shook your head and she threw a pillow at you.
“Hey, does Luke have your number?” Emma asked. You shook your head. “Well, good. Let’s prank call him. In my closet.” You shrugged and went with it. 
Emma dialed his number into your phone and you heard it ringing. On the third ring he picked up.
“Hello?” Luke answered.
Emma pinched her nose and let out a nasal voice. “Hello, Luke Hemmings?”
“Hi, I’m calling to ask if you’ve been to the dentist in awhile,” Emma followed.
You heard him scratch his hair through the phone. “Uh, not in within the month.”
You giggled, watching Emma. “Well, that explains the bad breath!” And with that she hung up. You both began to laugh and you head Luke’s door swing open. He busted into her room and you both covered your mouths.
“Mum! Where’s Emma?” Luke yelled. You bit your lip, feeling yourself vibrating. Emma was snickering, but trying to breathe, which made you loose it. Quickly, the closet door was pulled open. “You guys a such losers…”
You and Emma both sat up and continued to laugh. Luke crossed his arms and looked Emma dead in the eyes. “You suck.”
“And you stink, get out, pervert,” Emma snapped, pushing him out of the room.
After the house settled, everyone was showered and you and Emma hung out in her room. It started to storm outside. Neither of you minded, though. You enjoyed it. You both were starting to fall asleep. You couldn’t get comfortable because you had to pee. You crept down the hall to the bathroom and did your business.
You went back to the room and noticed that there were some boxes. You never noticed that earlier. You walked over to the bed. Emma’s body was taking up the bed, so you tapped her shoulder.
“Emma, scoot over, you fat ass,” you chuckled. Laying in the bed, you felt a bigger body beside you. It was Luke. You were in Luke’s room. “Shit.” He turned over and wrapped an arm around your waist. It didn’t take long for you to realize that he was half naked. 
“Luke,” you whispered, tapping his arm. “Luke, it’s Y/N.” He just pulled you closer. “Fuck, Luke.” You pushed your butt against him and earned a moan.
“Y/N,” he breathed into your ear. “Fucking shit.” You felt him harden against your backside. You bit your lip, holding back a moan. He started to grind against you.
You let a loud moan release, and Luke jolted. He looked at you in the dark, but he knew it was you.
“Y/N? What are you doing in here?” He asked panicked.
“I thought it was Emma’s room, but I was wrong,” you bit your lip. “Are you okay?” You asked in a teasing tone. “You were moaning a lot.”
“Shut up,” he grunted. “I guess I can’t hide it now.” He laid on his back, and looked up at the sky. “I can’t help the fact that I can’t get you out of my head. You’re just so fucking hot.” You couldn’t hold back a grin.
You took his position as an advantage and sat onto of him. He sat up and his nose brushed against yours.
“What are you doing?” Luke breathed out. You pushed your hips down onto him, letting out a moan. Just then, lightning stuck out the window, lighting the room for a brief second. Luke saw that you had your head thrown back as you ground against his hard on. His lips attached to your neck, catching you off guard. 
“Fuck, Luke,” you whispered. You gripped his hair, loving the sensation he gave you.
His hands started to pull up your tank top. He pulled it over your head and tossed it away. He eyed your breast, how you nipples got hard to the cold air. He took one in his mouth and massaged the other. You began to feel yourself get wet. Luke held your back as he flipped you two over. He was in control now.
“You have no fucking idea how many times I’ve dreamed of this,” Luke breathed. He brought his face down to yours and kissed your cheek. You pushed forward and connected your lips. His lips felt amazing against yours. He started to tug your shorts down. Once they were fully off, Luke delve two fingers inside you. You gasped against his lips.
“You’re so wet,” Luke chuckled. “And all for me?” Luke looked at you quizzically. 
You nodded. Grunting at how quickly he was pumping his fingers. Your hand went down to his crotch and started to palm his erection. You pulled the band down from his briefs to rest below his boner. You pumped him with one hand, getting him to moan along with you.
“Fuck this, Y/N,” Luke grunted. Pulling his fingers out of you. “I need to be in you.”
He positioned himself between your legs. He rubbed the tip between your folds, earning a moan. Without warning, he pushed himself into you. You gasped as your hands gripped his hips. It took him a minute to find a steady beat. It was slow, but hard. He brought his face down; his lips meeting yours which struggled to hold back moans. Once his soft lips were on yours, you moaned into his mouth. Your hands gripped his hair. He grunted and thrust deep into you. Leaving your lips, he trailed down you neck, sure to leave red marks. He nibbled on your collar bone. You bit your lip as you felt his hand move down to your clit.
“Fuck’s sake!” You gasped. You felt your stomach tighten. You didn’t want to cum, not yet. You wanted to absorb everything that was happening. Absorb the pleasure.
“It’s okay, angel,” He whispered into your ear. “You can let go.” You cupped his head as he turned to your shoulder. He left open mouth kisses, lightly biting the skin.
Your lips rolled into your mouth. You tried your hardest to fight. You didn’t want it to be over.Luke’s thrust became harsh and needy. He needed you to cum. They were begging you to cum.
“Oh, fuck,” You moaned into his ear as you finally gave in. Your fingers tightened around the softness on his head. You turned your face into his neck, trying to muffle your pleasure in him. You nibbled at the skin and he groaned. His thrust were sloppy. Once he knew he was done, he pulled out and rolled off you. He was catching his breath, and you did the same. You turned to look at him. You could see his chest rising quickly, then it slowed down. You felt your heart rate speed as you stared at him. You thought you were going to have a heart attack when he turned to look at you. He gave you a smile, a dimple filled smile. 
“I’ve always wanted to do that,” He smiled. He cupped your face. You knew you were hot, but your temperature sided when his cold hand touched you. He turned his smile into a mischievous smirk. “I’m glad you went to the wrong room.”


One thing that makes me mad in The Maze Runner movie is

the way Minho’s character is completely destroyed

don’t get me wrong and jump into conclusions. hear me out

First thing’s first I adore Ki Hong Lee and my previous statement has absolutely nothing to do with him or his brilliant acting and also Minho is my second fav just fyi


what angers me is that Minho is supposed to be witty

He is supposed to intimidate you in that pleasant way, when you know you don’t want to get involved with him because whatever you say he’ll throw a twenty times better comeback at you 

what? WHAT?

“shove ya head into yo butt and stop actin’ like a damn dora the explorer cause you ain’t one, am i clear enough slinthead?” is what Book Minho would have said do not try to prove me the opposite

??? you seriously gonna wanna tell me Book Minho would have stood there like a frozen kebab and not do anything? No witty remark about Jeff’s “i got ma job the same way you did”, no comment on Newt asking whether Thomas recognizes the girl? really?

Book Minho would never do THAT ^

External image

Movie Minho: *frozen kebab mode activated*

Book Minho would have said something, smirked, thrown a sarcastic remark even in this hell of a serious situation THAT’S WHAT MAKES HIM MINHO AFTER ALL

External image

Look at how scared he looks (and sounds) in the new Scorch Trials trailer

Book Minho? Scared? -maybe

Book Minho? Openly showing that he’s scared in presence of someone else? -never

  • Where’s the sas?
  • Where’s the wittiness? 
  • Where’s the badass I-will-fucking-slay-you attitude?
  • Where’s the “Anybody else wanna pee their pants and cry for mommy?” 
  • Where’s The Leader that’s probably as scared and confused and lost as everyone but never NEVER shows it because he’s supposed to be the one others look up to? 
  • Where’s Book Minho goddamnit 

did I mention that Ki Hong Lee is my little ray of sunshine that makes me smile on a rainy day and also he is my son so if anyone dares to accuse him in the things I pointed out above i will personally stab ur left kidney 

also all gifs r mine

Not Eight Anymore Pt 2

After breaking away from the woods he’d settled to take her back to his house, deciding she’d need a fresh set of clothes given she was lacking, admiring the way his hoodie fit her from the driver’s seat. He hadn’t really given much thought to how much skin she’d revealed until now as he had to literally force himself to maintain his focus on the road, feeling like a total perv as she flashed him a kind smile.

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