i wanna meet you people

Yoongi said

everyone who biased him is weird because he himself thinks hes ugly.
Well news for you Agust D you’re freaking handsome you’re smile can heal anything, your rap skills are fantastic, your eyes light up the dark and your skill to write those lyrics is amazing! Don’t drah yourself down like that, even for fun. You’re one of the most handsome people ever, I really wanna meet you someday and talk about music or stuff and I hope you will someday notice how precious you are, especially without all that makeup and behind the scenes.

no joke, who would camp with me 24 hours plus to see panic! the next time they come to london


Victor Frankenstein & Igor || A Love Story

alias + pronouns: vici (she + her)
age: 25
timezone: cst
favorite plots: all kinds of drama plots, but generally, my favourite things seem to stick closely to whatever involves close knit groups of bratty little shitkids. crime plots and unintentional pornstars are my bread and butter, so honestly, i’ll take all of your awful things and i will love them ok. 
possible character ideas: i don’t really have anything set in stone yet, but so far, i’ve got ideas for a bratty junkie with too much time and a lockpick, the absolute sweetest camboy you’ll ever meet in a dimly lit bathroom stall, the weird neighbour you never wanted who’s damn sure his unit is haunted, and a ridiculous amount of different types of fucked up family/twin plots, tbh
what are you most looking forward to: i just wanna meet new people and play, bro
what’s one suggestion you would like to give to us: events every now and then, maybe! \o/
freestyle time: it’s like 5:30am and im dead, omg send help 

Hello tumblr. I wanna meet people.

Hello. I really have a wide variety of interests and I wanna meet some people and find new ones. If you like some of the stuff below, message me.

-Steven Universe
-Marvel Cómics
-All anime in general
-Harry Potter
-woah Nelly Hetalia
-Percy Jackson and any Rick Riordan book
-Did I mention Steven Universe?

kylar , 18 , ftm (pre-everything) // i’ve been working super hard on my grades and even though i’ve been really stressed and sad lately i got a 96% on my astro exam today!! :-) also i’ve been sending out personalized trans care packages and the responses have been super positive so far so that’s always fun !! // as always feel free to hmu if you wanna chat i love meeting new people !! :-)

Hello, my name is Sarah. I’m 15 years old. I’m genderfluid (but a biological female) I really don’t care what pronouns you use. I’m pansexual. I’ve only ever dated guys, but I’m more than willing to date a girl. I love marching band. I’ve submitted to this a couple times, and I loved meeting new people, so. Uh. Contact me if you wanna get to know me.
Tumblr: amazing-phandom-isnotonfire
Snapchat&kik: twinkieozment
Instagram: woah_its_sarah_


in the last year i have unofficially changed my name, failed at getting important grades, gone through the darkest times i’ve ever faced, have had to decide whether to go hard or go home at college, said goodbye to someone that once meant so much to me, made new friendships that are so so incredible and here i am now. to sum it up, all that shit was ultra fucking terrifying at the time, and even in retrospect, i am still confused how the fuck i got through it but i got through it. i mean the last year has been a mix of scary, sad, determination, happiness, amazing, incredible, impressive and just overall not what i expected at all. but here i am, still strolling through the woods and slowly making it outta here with the help of some fantastic people and professionals.

i guess what i’m trying to say is that in the past year, i’ve gotten to a place i didn’t ever think i’d reach, not ever. i’ve found friends i wouldn’t have ever thought i’d be lucky enough to talk to, let alone talk to daily and see. i’ve been accepted in ways i thought only existed in the ‘it gets better’ section of the world. it’s been an terrifyingly incredible stroll, and who knows how it’ll continue, but here i am now, being someone i didn’t ever think i’d be able to be. i am noah sydney cato carter, and i am becoming the person i could only ever dream of being.