i wanna meet these people

I wanna be unforgettable. I wanna leave my name in the heart of all the people I will meet. a weird feeling like when the sun is going down and there’s blue light everywhere and it’s about to rain and the wind’s going fast through the trees. it’s been four years and you still think about me sometimes

Yoongi said

everyone who biased him is weird because he himself thinks hes ugly.
Well news for you Agust D you’re freaking handsome you’re smile can heal anything, your rap skills are fantastic, your eyes light up the dark and your skill to write those lyrics is amazing! Don’t drah yourself down like that, even for fun. You’re one of the most handsome people ever, I really wanna meet you someday and talk about music or stuff and I hope you will someday notice how precious you are, especially without all that makeup and behind the scenes.



Posted in here before but I’m coming to NY and LA in two weeks for the first time and I wanna meet some cool people, so send me a message ✌️️

Studying to be a surgeon.
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I WANNA JOIN A GROUP CHAT! 😩 I want to meet more people from Black Tumblr

I’m ready to meet my husband, and I feel like he’s in a group chat right now and I’m missing out. lol jokes. But seriously though, someone get at me.

no joke, who would camp with me 24 hours plus to see panic! the next time they come to london


TAYLOR!!!!!!! Ok so before we met in Texas, I met all these wonderful people from here and Instagram. I want to personally thank you for bringing them into my life. I was so afraid to get on the plane to come to Austin Texas because I suffer from an anxiety disorder and it’s pretty bad. I cried before I got on the plane, and I had a panic attack on the first plane and then I kept telling myself…I’m going to see Taylor swift, I’m gonna see her perform and I’m gonna meet all my wonderful friends. And somehow my fears just disappeared. Then when I got to Texas, we had a swiftie meetup and I didn’t wanna go because I got scared meeting new people but my friend Chris who came with me was like “you came all the way here, your gonna meet them.” And you know what..I AM SO HAPPY I DID. I had so much fun, everyone is so nice in person as they are online and even tho I didn’t get to meet everyone ( which I’m sad about) I had a great time. I feel so so so grateful for these people and I just want you to know that you are the reason why they are in my life, I feel like I really belong with them and in my life I never really felt that way because most of my life I have felt alone, ESP because of my love for your music because no one I know outside of my swifie friends likes your music, so you can imagine how happy I am to have these people. I just really needed you to know this, and if you see this….I hope it makes you smile. THANK YOU for meeting me, loving me, being my friend and accepting me always. I LOVE YOU.


Hey! The Names Brodie|17 y/o | He/Him |Trans|Pre-everything| I wanna meet new people and some of my trans brothers and sisters ! Also If you just need a friend Message me, ask for my Snapchat or follow me on Instagram . See ya later beautiful peeps !
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