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If Lizzie really knows Sebastian is a demon, then I really wanna see her equipped with a giant cross next time they meet, and her just running after him while screaming: "BE GONE DEMON, RETURN TO WHENCE YOU CAME!" And hitting him over the head ever so often and throwing holy water and salt balloons after him.

Lol! XD I want to see that, too. Poor Sebastian, though. XD


meet my shit archer oc matthias who may or may not be flirting with hanzo just to spite jesse (he french btw,,,,,,,,,,,he also need friends)

Yang: So… Sun too, huh?

Blake: Yang.

Yang: I’m just making sure! Is it cause we’re blondes?

Blake: Yang.

Yang: I mean, this whole black cat thing is cute but-

Blake: Don’t-

Yang: -statistically speaking that’s now two injured blondes and-

Blake: Why are you still talking-

Yang: -I kinda wanna know if my dad will lose a leg or something-

Blake: What.

Yang: when you finally meet him cause that would suck since


Yang: I kinda wanted to do the whole “walking down the isle” thing


Yang: for our wedding and it’d look silly if he had to hop to give me away



Blake: Did you just.. propose to me in a roundabout way?

Yang: Is that a yes or no

Blake: To the limb losing or the marriage proposal?

Yang: Yes

Kwon Hyuk

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as an astroblogger, his placements are: Scorpio Sun, Taurus Moon, Sagittarius Mercury, Sagittarius Venus, Cancer Mars
a/n: this was v hard for me bc i kept getting flustered; this is typed up for me personally and for the anon who suggested it, but if you wanna read it then that’s cool too.

Meeting him:

  • the small smirks and the shyness vibe he gives you
  • the constant glances 
  • his hands are always fidgeting
  • looking behind a door to see if you’re still there when he has to go do something
  • finding chances to be in the same room as you
  • unconsciously watches you walk across the room 

Dating him:

  • stable, can handle it when you throw a fit
  • writes his music with little memories of your relationship
  • creates your relationship as art
  • glances at you sing along to the radio with a smile, so he puts it in full volume, and sings along
  • lots of eskimo, forehead, and cheek kisses
  • hands you his coats when it’s cold outside
  • being weird together
  • constant deep conversations about beliefs and sharing each-other’s thoughts on everything
  • hands you his laptop to have you give your opinion on his new music
  • takes your opinions into consideration
  • cuddles, and cuddles
  • loves it when you give him options of where you both should eat, because it doesn’t matter to him as long as he’s with you
  • fills his instagram with you, lots of off-guard pictures with his artsy edits
  • conversations are like best-friends conversations
  • eager to introduce you to his family
  • sings to you in the most randomest times
  • wants you by his when he’s traveling, or on tour
  • let’s his guard down
  • lays his head on top of yours
  • aesthetic relationship af
Satisfied- hamiltots


“Eliza! Come on! You know parent night is important! Put on your dress and let’s goooo!” Angelica shouted, stomping her Mary-Jane clad foot on the wooden floor.
Eliza came huffing out of her room, blue pajama bottoms and a white t-shirt with a blue and yellow bear on the front. “I don’t wanna.”
“Eliza you gotta! Daddy said we had’ta go with him to meet everyone’s mommies and daddies! Even Peggy is ready!”
As if summoned, Peggy came barreling through the duo, her gold and pastel orange dress fluttering by. “‘Liza, help me with my shoes! Daddy said I had to be a big girl and ask!” She whined pointing down to her frilly white socks with gold and orange stitching.
“Not until she puts on her dress.” Angelica demanded.
Eliza huffed, pouted and mumbled, “fine, I’ll put on the stinking dress.” Before storming into her room.
“Peggy, meet Eliza downstairs so she can help with your shoes, ‘kay?” Angelica asked. Peggy nodded and practically flew down the stairs.
Eliza emerged from her room in a beautiful teal dress and creamy white sash, with a scowl plastered onto her face. “This is stupid,” she muttered.
Angelica gasped, “Eliza we don’t speak like that! That’s a bad word!” Eliza rolled her eyes and crossed her arms.
Angelica walked up to Eliza and placed her hands on Eliza’s shoulders. “What’s wrong? You were so excited for parents night!”
Eliza shuffled from one foot to another. “It’s just that… I wanted mommy to come too. Why’d she have to go to Paris for work?”
Angelica sighed. Eliza and their mother were very close, and this week their mom was in Paris for a conference, so their dad was home.
“Hey, mommy will be back on Friday, so we can tell her all about parents night, alrighty? It’ll be okay.” Angelica soothed her sister’s fears and she noticed Eliza smile a bit more, “okay. But I want to tell her first!”
Angelica nodded, “okie dokie! Let’s get our shoes on and let’s go!” She laughed as they raced down the stairs to help Peggy with her buckles.
Their dad came out from his office in a maroon “work shirt”, black pants and matching shoes. Angelica and Eliza grabbed their dad’s hands as Peggy went on his shoulders and he led them to the car.

“Hello Mr. Schuyler, I’m Mr. Washington; it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Mr. Washington said as he shook Mr. Schuyler’s hand. Mr. Schuyler let out a hearty chuckle and said, “my girls have told me so much about you Mr. Washington, it’s nice to finally put a face to words.”
“Please, call me George.” Mr. Washington smiled. Mr. Schuyler grinned, “Philip.” The girls stood at the men’s ankles and looked around the classroom at the other families.
Lafayette was sitting on his grandmother’s lap, pointing at all the paintings he had made while speaking French a mile a minute. “Je déjà faite une peinture!” His grandmother was bouncing him gently, smiling fondly at her grandson’s enthusiasm.
Hercules and his parents were sitting with Alexander and his mom. The adults were conversing as the two boys played with dolls named Oak and Lin; the dolls were fighting a war.
“I’m so glad Hercules has found Alex! He’s never had someone to match his energy levels,” Mrs. Mulligan gushed as Alex’s mom laughed.
“I feel the same way, my little lion was so nervous when we first moved here, you know. He told me our boys instantly became friends,” she smiled.
“Well then it’s surely fate,” Mr. Mulligan joked as he bounced Hercules’s baby brother, Hugh Jr. on his lap.
“Rachel, you know we’d be happy to have Alex over. We understand how hard it must be working and raising a son.” Hugh Sr. whispered as he watched Hercules toss “Oak” into the air and shout “WE HAD A SPY ON THE INSIDE!”
“Hercules!” Mrs. Mulligan shushed him as Hugh Jr. squealed at the airborne doll.
“Thank you. Ever since his father went back to Nevis, Alex has been really quiet.” Rachel sighed.
Alex cried that whole week and begged his father to return. “Does he know why?” Mrs. Mulligan asked in a hushed tone, placing her hand over Rachel’s.
“Only partially; he thinks it’s for his father’s job. He doesn’t understand the whole concept of divorce.” The Mulligans nodded solemnly.
“Well we’d be happy to do anything- anything at all to help you with this rough patch.” Hugh Sr. said sincerely.
“Thank you so much. Usually his cousin Peter babysits him, but he hasn’t been feeling quite like himself lately.” She whispered. “He’s been diagnosed with depression, and my sister is nervous he’ll… You know.” The Mulligans shared a look with her and Hugh Jr. began to babble whole pulling at his father’s shirt.
“All right tough guy, go to mommy.” Alex’s mother smiled at the drooling infant and Hugh Jr. grabbed her slender finger into his chubby hand and began to coo.
The Burrs and the Lees had congregated in a back corner, the Lees gossiping about “what’s-his-face getting a raise” and “did you see how much weight she lost!” to the indifferent Burrs.
The Jeffersons and Madisons were leaning against one of the walls, talking about their next co-family vacation.
“We really should take a tour of Versailles, it’s supposed to be beautiful in the spring, with all the gardens in bloom and fountains. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.” Mrs. Jefferson gushed to Mrs. Madison as the husbands discussed the important French government officials they would meet at galas.
“Oh that sounds marvelous, but what about our boys allergies?” Mrs. Madison giggled as she spared a glance towards the boys. Thomas was playing with Sally and James was curled in his blanket watching with a smile.
Over by the "animal corner” John was showing his sisters his turtles- Rebel and her babies, Shellby and and Frances.
“Turns out Rebel was a girl!” John exclaimed as his siblings gathered to stare at the recently hatched turtles. John’s father had taken to sitting down and had chosen between watching his children and scoping out the classroom.
"Dad, can we play now?” She asked, thumb in her mouth and eyes as wide as a doe’s, tugging on her dad’s pant leg.
“Sure Pegster. You and your sisters may play.” Peggy gave his leg a chaste hug before skipping over to Thomas and James so she could play with Sally.

Angelica was bored. She knew nobody besides Thomas, but she didn’t want to talk to him after he yelled at her for saying girls can’t play with action figures.
As she looked around, she noticed a thin little boy with black hair. He was smiling at a woman who looked like him. Angelica had never seen him before and her curiosity was getting the better of her.
When the boy turned in her direction and she saw his face- more importantly his eyes- Angelica placed a hand over her heart to try and slow its rapid pounding. Blush fanned out over her cheeks and she cautiously made her way to him.
Smoothing out the ruffles in her dress, she tapped his shoulder. He spun around alarmed, but smiled when he saw her face. “Hi!” His voice made Angelica smile wider and butterflies consume her stomach. “Hiya,” she said with a giggle.
“You look like you’ve never been satisfied.” He said abruptly.
Angelica’s jaw went slack. “I don’t know what you mean?”
“You’re like me. I’ve never been satisfied.” He said.
“Is that right?” Angelica asked curiously.
“I’ve never been satisfied.” He repeated.
“My name is Angelica Schuyler.” Angelica smiled.
“Alexander Hamilton,” he said with a nod.
Huh, Angelica had never heard of a Hamilton family before.“Where’s your family from?”
The boy seemed alarmed and quickly replied, “unimportant, there’s a million things I haven’t done. Just you wait. Just you wait.”
The two kept talking for around two minutes- maybe three minutes and everything they said in total agreement. It felt a dream to her. He was handsome and made her smile. Angelica looked over her shoulder and saw Eliza staring at Alex. The look on her face was one of helplessness. Angelica decided to introduce them. After all, what could go wrong?

As parents night came to a close, the Schuyler family returned to their home. Peggy babbling about how much fun she had, Eliza gushing over Alex and Angelica being awfully silent. It was during the car ride she realized 3 fundamental things at the exact same time.

“Oh! Follow me!” She said with a grin.
“Where are you taking me?” Alex asked curiously.
“I’m about to change your life,” Angelica replied slyly.
“Then by all means, lead the way,” Alex exclaimed.
NUMBER 1: she has a crush on Alex but has to like someone who is well known because she’s the big sister.
“Elizabeth Schuyler. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Eliza said with a curtsy.
“Schuyler?” Alex asked confused. Angelica nodded, “my sister.”
NUMBER 2: she’s a Schuyler sister so she is very popular- something Alex might like. So that is why she introduces him to Eliza, now that’s his girlfriend.
Angelica realized in her carseat that Alex was right, she will never be satisfied.
“Thank you for being so nice,” Eliza giggled.
“If it takes meeting your sister first, it will have been worth it.” Alex replied.
“I’ll leave you to it.” Angelica said.
NUMBER 3: Angelica knows her sister like she knows her own mind, you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind. If she tells her she likes him, Eliza would reside him. He’d be hers, she would says she’s fine- she’d be lying.
But that night when she thought of Alexander’s eyes, she romanticized what might’ve been if she hadn’t sized him up so quickly. Angelica whispered through tears, “at least my dear Eliza’s his wife… At least I keep his eyes in my life.”

Angelica snapped out of her haze and lifted her juice in the air- “TO THE GROOM!”
The boys repeated their chorus of “to the groom.”
“TO THE BRIDE!” The girls followed with their bride shouts.
“FROM YOUR SISTER!” She exclaimed. The kids shouted, “Angelica!” As she said “WHO IS ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDE!”
“TO YOUR UNION!” She sang loudly.
The kids shouted back, “TO THE UNION! TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!”
“AND THE HOPE THAT YOU PROVIDE!” Angelica said looking at everyone, as they shouted out their favorite snacks.
“MAY YOU ALWAYS!” Angelica drew in a deep breath and bellowed, “BE SATISFIED!” While looking at Alex. He blushed and looked pointedly at Eliza, causing Angelica’s heart to drop into her stomach.
While everyone else was celebrating, Angelica sat in a corner pouting. John came over and sat next to her. “Will Eliza be happy with Alex?” He whispered sadly.
“I know she’ll be happy as his bride.”
“Oh.” John whispered as he got up to go talk to Alex. Angelica could’ve sworn she saw him crying.
“And I know…. He will never be satisfied. I will never be satisfied.” She whispered as she began to cry quietly.

Dating Seth Rollins Would Include:

-meeting during one of his Crossfit workouts

-”So you like Crossfit too?”

-Him saying cheesy pickup lines

-”Are you from Tennessee, cause you’re the only ten I see.”

-”I hate you Seth.”

-You being a trainer for WWE

-Seth always trying to find reasons to train with you

-”I’m being honest Y/N, I can’t land the Frog Splash correctly. Do you wanna teach me?”

-Your first date with him was to his favorite band

-Him trying to get you to play with his hair

-”Please, you have magic fingers.”

-Him saying “I love you” first

-You guys being an adventurous couple

-Being envied by everyone backstage


You could hear his childish giggles echo through the training hall. Steve had warned you Bucky loved these types of games, and did anything to win. He’d beaten everyone on your team, including Natasha.

Now it was just down to you two.

You ducked behind the wall of mats, gripping the last of your water balloons in your hand. Bucky had had the advantage through the whole game until now. You’d Clint to meet you down here after a splash errupted through the floor.

“Come on y/n, I’ve already won the fight.” He chuckled. He moved silently behind him, Clint standing in the doorway, drawing back his arrow.

“Don’t get too confident Barnes.” You peaked over the mats, eyeing his movements. Bucky was down to his last balloon too, and at your mark Clint was to pop the ballooon.

“You’re cute when your naive y/n.”

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“Tord…” Tom reaches up and grabs a fistful of Tord’s sleeve, tugging on it to get him to let go of Matt, “Where th’ fuck’ve you been, mate?”

“Sorry, Tom, I was in a meeting and my phone was off. Are you okay?” Tord releases Matt, turning his full attention to the dragon on the couch, “Everything okay?”

“M’fine, just wanna take a nap until the meds wear off.” Tom shifts, scooting closer to Matt and making more room on the couch, “Get over here. You too, Edd. You fuckers woke me up, you have to lay here with me.”

Edd laughs and climbs up onto the couch as Tord flips himself over the back. It’s a little awkward, Tom laying across all their laps, but it’s familiar. Edd turns the television on and rubs a soothing hand on Tom’s back as the sound washes over all four of them. Tord fidgets occasionally whenever Matt and Tom trade murmured words back and forth, but for the most part, things are quiet, comfortable, and warm.

It’s not long before Tom falls asleep once again.

First Date

Imagine: Having a child with Kai, your daughter going on her first date, Kai meeting her boyfriend and almost losing his temper because he’s an overprotective father, it leads to you calming him down. (Requested ~smut~) We will say the daughter’s name is Evelyn, because I don’t wanna abbreviate anything haha. :)

It was the night, your beloved daughter of sixteen years of age was going out on her first date. You thought the young man was polite and the perfect suit for your daughter. They adored each other as far as you could tell about how they talked on the phone. Her father and your husband Kai, on the other hand, wasn’t too thrilled. You gave your daughter one last look, short shorts, a nice blouse and her purse around her shoulder hanging at her side. Her hair was done in little curls, makeup done to perfection all so she could impress her lover. 

You wiped your eyes and kissed her cheek softly. Kai sat in the corner of the living room, refusing to believe his daughter was going out with a boy. He could remember sitting her on his lap and playing peek-a-boo with her while she giggled and drooled all over him. Her eyes met his, making him realize he was definitely very proud of his beautiful daughter with the same blue/gray eyes and perfect white teeth. Sure he was paying attention to how she looked, not agreeing with the short shorts all that much. But she was very kind, very cheery and playful. She had a need to help people and could talk to people without murdering them, she definitely took after her mother in that department. 

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Kenma sighs again
  • Akaashi: *finally asks Kenma after his umpteenth sigh* Are you all right?
  • Kenma: ...it's-
  • Kuroo: *throws arm around Kenma's shoulder* It's fairly simple, Akaashi.
  • Bokuto: Kenma's been living under the staircase for a long time now.
  • Kuroo: Yeah. And I've met his aunt and uncle. You wouldn't wanna meet them. Especially his cousin.
  • Bokuto: *throws his arm around Kenma's shoulder too* They're pretty horrible people. Once, all these letters addressed to him came pouring in. All of them talking about this magical place and they didn't-
  • Kuroo: But there's something more horrible. There's this guy-
  • Bokuto: Every school year, he keeps going after Kenma, right, bro?
  • Kuroo: Right. That's why we're protecting Kenma-
  • Akaashi: They watched Harry Potter, didn't they?
  • Kenma: Yes.
  • Akaashi: Please tell me they didn't order robes and wands.
  • Kenma: ...
Brightness To A Rainy Day

This is when you’ve been dating Sebastian for over a year


You wake up on a rainy spring morning to the sound of your phone ringing. Looking at the caller ID, you see its Sebastian.

“Hey, babe, what’s up?” You ask in you usual cheerful tone.

You hear Sebastian chuckle, “Nothing much, but can you meet me at our usual spot by the lake sometime today? I wanna show you something,” he says, sounding a little nervous.

You pick up on his nervous tone, “Is everything ok, baby?” You ask, reading him like a book.

“Yea! Don’t worry everything is alright!” He answers, his voice more steady.

You giggle, “Ok well I’m going to get my chores done then I’ll meet you this afternoon ok?”

“Sounds good to me! Love you, hon!”

“I love you too!”

After hanging up, you get dressed and fix yourself some breakfast. Looking out the window at the rain, you smile, knowing that the rain has done half of your chores for you. All you need to do is take care of your animals.


Once you finish milking your cows and collecting the eggs from your chickens, you are drenched from the pouring rain. With how many times you have done this before, you shrug and enjoy the weather. You figure now that it’s early afternoon, now would be a good time to meet Sebastian. What is it he wants to show you, you wonder. You walk towards the lake, past Robin ’ s house and see Sebastian under a giant pine tree on a tiny island in the middle of the lake.

He pulls out his umbrella and meets you halfway across the wooden plank bridge and takes your hand, “I’m not letting you fall in this time,” he teases.

You nod as you hold onto his hand as he guides you across.

“Figured you’d be soaked,” he chuckles as he brings out a towel and wraps it around you.

“You know me too well, sweetie!” You giggle.

“Well who else is silly enough to go out in the rain without an umbrella?” He asks as you both sit under the pine tree, putting away his umbrella.

You just giggle and shrug. Sebastian then joins in and you both end up laughing. He puts an arm around you and pulls you close to him. You lay your head on his shoulder, lookup at him, his cheeks rosy red.

“You’re so beautiful,” he says softly.

“N-no I’m n-n-not!” You stutter, looking away as your face turns red.

Sebastian brings his hand around, cupping your cheek as he turns your gaze to meet his, “To me you are!”

You feel your face heat up more as he leans in and presses his lips to yours in a passionate kiss. You don’t notice his other going to his pocket. You feel something slip over your head as he breaks the kiss. You look down and notice you are now wearing a mermaid ’ s pendant. You feel your heart race as you try to steady your breathing.

“Baby, I can’t live without you in my life,” Sebastian says tenderly as he wraps his arms around you, pulling you in a tight embrace.

“Neither can I,” you whimper as you bury your face into his shoulder.

“Please marry me?” He asks as he rubs your back, still holding you close.

You nod frantically, struggling to find words. Tears stream down your cheeks as you hug him even tighter. Sebastian chuckles as he too has tears of joy in his eyes. This was the brightest rainy day of your life.

Sombra tries to get Jesse to hang out after school. But today there’s someone keeping him from goofing off.

Sombra: Don’t worry! I’m his math tutor; we meet every Monday.
Pharah: Nice try. I know that’s a lie.
Sombra: What? How?
Pharah: Because I’M his math tutor.

I think Pharah is older than Sombra by like two years?? And younger than Mccree by like… 5? I don’t worry too much about the age here, but I wanna make sure that everyone knows Mccree is getting pushed around by girls significantly younger than he is lol

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Nisha, I loooove your idea of Damon as a musician playing piano maybe late at night in some jazz club. I think it's perfect for him, even more if he owns the club. Same for Bonnie exploring her magic and I see her owning an antique store too hiding secrets of ancient magic there. It would be a great reunion if Bonnie meets Damon in that jazz club while he is playing when she came back ;)

Ohh!! Bonnie owning an antique store, I love that! Especially if she peppers the merchandise with occult stuff, just for special customers, you know? :) Awwww and with jazzy Damon, that would be so cute. 

tbh I almost kind of would love to see him working under some musical greats rather than owning the place himself, like I don’t wanna la-la land it up, you know what I mean? But how cool would that be? Given his lifespan, he by all means might have had a front row seat to the evolution of the genre! That would be a really cool spin on his life as a vampire, considering all the other flashbacks we got in canon were angst and torture lol. I would love if he had great respect for those black artmakers back then, and therefore wanted to support and promote their modern counterparts now that he’s mortal and better able to take part in the human world without a lot of questions and/or compelling.

So many people hate Jaehee and I’m so hurt?? Like she doesn’t like Zen in a romantic way, she just admires him, like ya know, how you would admire your fave actor, and when people call her a bitch it hurts ;—;
She’s so sweet and caring (suspicious at first but who wouldn’t be) and just wants to be happy??? Like wtf stop being mean to her it hurt my poor gay soul
I swear to god if you wanna say shit bout my wife I will meet yoU IN THE PIT FITE ME BITCHES I WILL NOT HESITATE BITCH

Meeting with all my rapper friends
  • Me: First of all I wanna thank Fetty Wap for bringing this nice bottle of 1738 for us to share.
  • Fetty Wap: Hey What's Up Hello
  • Me: Anyways, I called this meeting because--
  • *Drake walks in, dragging Meek Mill with a leash.*
  • Me: Um...
  • Tupac: That's messed up man.
  • Me: Tupac? I thought you were dead!
  • Tupac: Death is an illusion. So is life. I transcend all realms of existence.
  • Me: I think I drank too much 1738--
  • Meek Mill: *Barks*
  • Me: Shit, did he really just--
  • Drake: I trained him well.
  • Me: Jeez...
  • Frank Ocean: Drake, I think you have some serious psychological issues you need to--
  • Eminem: Did I mention I can rhyme words with orange?
  • Me: Yes Eminem, and we're all very proud of you, but there's something seriously wrong here we need to talk about.
  • Meek: *mouths "help me"*
  • Me: OK, will someone just call Nicki? This is out of control.
  • Childish Gambino: I like Asian women.
  • Everyone: We know, Donald.
  • Drake: Why are you guys being so hard on me? I mean, didn't Kendrick kill someone?
  • Kendrick: No, that symbolizes me blaming myself for the murder of my friend Dave, as well as the proverbial death of my childhood due to my experiences growing up in Compton.
  • Me: Wow I love you Kendrick. Thank you for making sense here while everyone--
  • Kendrick: THIS DICK AIN'T FREE
  • Me: Cmon man, I know that song symbolizes how you've been used by the rap industry but now's really not the time
  • Iggy: I'm so--
Oh how I wish I had my drivers license right now

Of course when finally after almost 6 years of singleness, I kinda sorta maybe have a boyfriend .. and he lives nearly 3 hours away. And he has too many responsibilities at his work to be able to come here for a few days. Fuck. I hate how much I like him already. No we’re not official yet, we’re not dumb we wanna meet and such first. But I’m already pretty cray about him and he seems to feel the exact same. we both want this to work but I don’t have my fuckin drivers license. And he lives in butt fuck nowhere so of course I can’t just take a greyhound bus there.