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Yuuri On Ice Fans vs Killing Stalking Fans
  • <p> <b>Yuuri On Ice Fans:</b> I wanna meet Yuuri and Vitya and Yurio and Chris and Mila and ....<p/><b></b> Oh I wanna see Hasetsu too! And Barcelona and St. Petersburg!<p/><b>Killing Stalking Fans:</b> Yeah....Uhm I think I am just gonna stay right here.... Yeah.. I'm fine where I am...<p/></p>
Green Eyed Girl (1/?)

Blind dates have never been Nicole’s thing but when she meets her best friend, he’s got just the guy for her.

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Birthday: March 7

Gender: transman! So he/him please!

Relationship status: single af

Favourite colour: purple!

Pets: a fluffy cat named bolita

Wake-up time: 9am~10am

Love or lust: Love (but losing hope on that so slowing moving towards lust)

Favourite food: chicken curry!!!

Met a celebrity?: no… but I wanna meet Chris Evans!♡

Last song listened to: I don’t remember…

First kiss: yup o3o

Tall or short: I’m 5'9/5'10. I love em tall and short

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Guess I’ll share my pics here, though I’m a bit shy & didn’t like my smile in the pic with Seb & Chris haha. I’m so happy I decided to go to this con, meeting these guys was really a dream come true! They are some of the nicest & sweetest people ever & as a fan it’s reassuring to know that you support such genuine people.

It was all so surreal and happened so fast but I was able to get hugs from them :) & Seb just about killed me, as he hugged me he inhaled deeply then as he was exhaling he let out a “mmmhmm” & I could feel the vibration in his chest as I was pressed against him then after he let go he said see you later. Then the next morning I seen him briefly & he asked how I was doing T-T

Tom Hiddleston, let me just say omg what a sweetheart!!! He’s just so charming and has this aura around him. Hearing him talk & laugh in person melted my heart. At his autograph signing he was smiling, laughing, hugging and having conversations with just about everyone, you could tell he was enjoying himself. He was taking his time & I heard the staff say that they tried to tell him to speed it up but he just wasn’t use to just signing things & moving along haha bless him. I told him how much I admired him & his work & thanked him for all he does because he’s such a compassionate person. He thanked me & gave me a smile & wink :) Overall it was a great experience meeting my favorite actors because never would I have thought I’d get the opportunity to do just that!

can you imagine spending a day with chris evans, sebastian stan and anthony mackie?

Chrianna Short: Home

A/N: Tried my best. Hope you enjoy it!

“Robs, when we leaving?” Noella asked as she put a onesie on Majesty.

She had barely buttoned it up before Rihanna grabbed the baby out of her hands. Noella rolled her eyes, “you do know that’s my baby right?”

Rihanna gave her cousin a look and chuckled while moving to sit down on the couch, “Don’t we always have this conversation, Ella?”

“Yea and I’ma need yellow nigga to get your ass pregnant so I can have my daughter back.”

“I don’t know why y’all keep wishing those big headed babies on my pussy.”

“Because that’s your future husband and you know it”

Rihanna blushed and turned her attention to Majesty, who was attempting to pull on her necklace, “whatever.”

“You over there blushing for a reason, Robs.”

“I said whatever.”

Noella laughed as she pulled her hair up into a messy ballerina bun on top of her head, “he coming to the premiere?”

“He told me he was and I sent him the tickets but we’ll see what happens.”

“It’s a movie about aliens with you in it, I doubt Chris is gonna pass that up.”

Rihanna chuckled as she tickled Majesty’s belly, “we’ll see.”

Signaling for his nieces and nephew not to make a sound, Chris started to slowly walk up behind her. Just as he went to grab her waist, she whipped her head around with a smirk, “Really Christopher?”

MaLeah, Mylen and Dayci burst into uncontrollable giggles at the look on Chris’s face.

“How’d you know it was me?”

“How do I usually know it’s you? Chris, you cannot sneak up on me, I thought I told you that.”

Chris rolled his eyes and Rihanna laughed, “don’t be mad, Babe. You’ll be alright.”

“Hi Auntie Rih,” Mylen said with a wave, drawing her attention to the young child. Rihanna waved and held her arms out for a hug. Kneeling down to his level, Rihanna hugged him to her tightly, soon his little sister and cousin followed.

“Ugh…I wish my arms were longer so I could hug you all at the same time,” Rihanna said with a playful pout.”

“Then your arms would be big like Uncle Chris,” Leah interjected

“I think your Uncle Chris just might be a giant,” Rihanna replied with a poke to her belly, “what you think?”

“He is super tall.”


“But he’s not mean like giants.”

“Well Sweetie, all giants aren’t mean. You ever heard of a gentle giant?”

“No,” Leah replied with a shake of her head.”

“Really? You ever watch the Beauty and the Beast?”

“Uh huh.”

“Wasn’t the Beast really tall and big like a giant?”


“But he wasn’t mean, right?”


“So all giants aren’t mean.”

“Does that mean Uncle Chris is like the Beast?”

“In a way. People think he’s mean because he’s so big but he’s really like a big teddy bear.”

MaLeah giggled and nodded her head, “He gives the best hugs.”

“He really does, doesn’t he?”

“Auntie Rih?”

“Yes Sweetie?”

“Is Uncle Chris your boyfriend?”

“You know what Leah, I don’t know.”


“Yea. He never officially asked me out.”

Leah gasped playfully and Rihanna laughed, “That’s not nice.’

“I know right?“

“Uncle Chris!” MaLeah exclaimed. Chris jerked his head up from his current position on Rihanna’s bed. Mylen and Dayci were sitting close to him watching a video on his phone.

“What’s up Lil Mama?” He replied as he handed Mylen his phone and walked over to Rihanna and MaLeah. With one hand on her little hip, she used the other to wave Chris closer, “Uncle Chris, is Auntie Rih your girlfriend?”

“Yes. Why are you asking?”

“She say you never asked her out. That’s not nice.”

“What?” Chris glared at Rihanna, who was trying to laugh as quietly as possible, “MaLeah, me and Auntie Rih have been together for a long time. I didn’t know I had to.”

“Well Uncle Chris, you always have to ask her out. You can’t just atsume.”

“Atsume? You mean assume, Lil Mama?”

“Yup. You gotta ask her out, Uncle Chris.”


“Uh huh.”

Chris let go a dramatic sigh, “come here, Lil Mama.”

MaLeah moved into his arms and Chris hugged her to him tightly, “you just knew I’d do anything you ask, huh?”

MaLeah giggled and nodded her head. Chris reached his hand out to Rihanna, who grabbed it and moved to the other side of him, “Robyn Rihanna Fenty, would you go out with me?’

Rihanna playfully rolled her eyes and laughed, “Of course Babe.”

Chris turned to MaLeah and she gestured for them to move closer, “what else do you need Lil Mama?”

“You have to kiss like boyfriends and girlfriends do.”

Chris rolled his eyes and pecked Rihanna’s lips. MaLeah clapped, “Yay! Now it’s ‘fficial.”

Chris kissed MaLeah’s cheek sloppily and she giggled loudly. Chris let her go and she left over to her big brother and cousin.

Extending his hand, Chris stood up and helped Rihanna stand up as well. He brushed off her legs before entwining their hands together. They moved over to Rihanna’s balcony and Chris pulled her into his arms, “you excited?”

She nodded her head and Chris kissed the top of her shoulder, “what time you leaving to the theater?”

“When you leave. I’ll just follow you and take the kids through the back exit.”

“You aren’t gonna need any help with the three of them?”

“Nah. I’ve babysat all three at the same time before.”

“Ok, Daddy Christopher.”

Chris chuckled, “I’m a pro at this, you ain’t know?”


“Don’t worry, I’ll be this great with our little one too.”

Rihanna rolled her eyes, “what little one?”

“The one you carrying right now.”

“Chris, I’m not doing this with you.”

Chris laughed and kissed her cheek, “I’m just playing, no need to be so sensitive.”

“I am not being sensitive. I just-“ Rihanna paused as she heard a noise, “I think that’s Majesty waking up from her nap, I’ll be right back.”

Chris nodded his head and moved towards the bed as Rihanna left her bedroom. Settling between Mylen and MaLeah, Dayci climbed into his lap as he grabbed the remote and turned on some cartoons.

A few minutes later, Rihanna returned with Majesty in tow, the baby rubbing her sleep-filled eyes. She barely sat down before Chris grabbed Majesty from her, “Well damn, Chris.”

Chris chuckled as Rihanna took Dayci and he sat Majesty in his lap. Majesty giggled as Chris poked her little belly before leaning over and giving him a wet kiss on the cheek, “Aww…she missed her Uncle Chris.”

“You gonna stop coming in here and stealing my baby from me.”

“I cannot help it if she likes me more than you.”

Rihanna scoffed and Chris chuckled, “you wish that was the case.”

Chris turned to Majesty, “you love me more than her, don’t you Majesty?”

Majesty giggled as Rihanna playfully pouted, “Uncle Chris is just a baby stealer. You love your Auntie, don’t you?”

“Not more than me.”

“Uncle Chris…” MaLeah whined. Chris looked down at her, “what’s the matter, Lil Mama?”

“I can’t hear the TV, you talking too much.”

Rihanna chuckled in her hand as she shifted to place Dayci into a more comfortable position. Chris glanced at Rihanna with a look of a disbelief. Did he really get told to be quiet by a five year old?

“I’m Sorry, Lil Mama.”

“It’s ok, Uncle Chris. You just gotta shh…” MaLeah placed her finger to her lips and Rihanna burst into full blown giggles causing Dayci to look back at her.

“I’m sorry Baby Girl,” she murmured softly to the toddler, who smiled and laid her head against her chest.

MaLeah patted her Uncle’s hand in reassurance as if he was a child before turning her attention back to the TV. Chris chuckled and shook his head in disbelief as he kissed Majesty’s temple. His niece was something else.

“Robs! You gotta start getting-“ Mel paused in her statement as she pushed open Rihanna’s door. Noella cooed softly at the image of Chris and Rihanna surrounded by the four children, “aww…they look so cute.”

The large group were cuddled up and thoroughly enchanted by the episode of Regular Show that was flashing across the screen. It was apparent they had no clue anyone else had stepped into the room. Melissa cleared her throat and knocked on the door, drawing Rihanna’s attention, “Uh Ms. Fenty, you have a movie premiere to attend.”

Rihanna pouted as she absentmindedly brushed back the edges of Dayci’s hair, “Do I have to?”

“Yes, you do. You already gonna be the last person on the carpet, as usual.”

Chris chuckled and Rihanna shoved his shoulder, “shut up Chris. Ugh… is the style team here already?”

“They’re getting set up at the hotel you were supposed to be meeting them at.”

“Oh, just give me a few minutes, I’m coming.”

Mel nodded her head and closed the door.

Rihanna turned to Chris and pouted, “what’s the matter, Baby Girl?”

“I don’t wanna go.”

Chris chuckled, “We’re gonna meet you at the theater in a little bit. It won’t be that bad.”

“Eh, I guess.”

“Go get ready so you can meet your style team and stuff.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes Robyn, you have to.”

Rihanna sighed and pecked his lips, “text me once you get to the theater so I can find you.”


“Come on Majesty, we gotta go get pretty.”

Rihanna reached her arms out for her niece and Chris handed her over after kissing her cheek.With a quick goodbye to MaLeah, Mylen and Dayci, Rihanna left.

“Uncle Chris. Uncle Chris,” Mylen said in a rush, “that girl sounds like Auntie Rih.”

The movie previews had begun as they searched for seats in the theater hosting the Home premiere.

Chris smiled, “that is her. She plays her in the movie, I told you that before.”

“I know but I didn’t think she’d really sound like her. You know how they change people voices in movies.”

Chris chuckled, “that’s true but nope they left her voice as it is.”

“That’s cool. I wanna do a movie like that one day.”

“You know you can do whatever you wanna do.”

“You know the girl Auntie Rih plays looks like me,” MaLeah interjected.

“She does. Especially with all that hair.”

“Like Dayci hair.”

“Yup, just like that.”

“She’s pretty.”

“Very pretty.”

“You think Auntie Rih is pretty?”

Chris smiled as he hugged MaLeah to his side, “I think your Auntie Rih is more than pretty.”

“You should have a baby. I bet the baby would be pretty too.”

“Leah, they can’t have a baby yet,” Mylen said matter of factly, “they not old enough.”

“Well Mylen, we’re not that young,” Chris replied with a laugh. He shifted Dayci in his arms as they found seats in the back of the movie theater. Mylen plopped down next to him with MaLeah in the seat next to him. MaLeah popped a few popcorn pieces into her mouth before taking a sip of juice, “Uncle Chris, we should’ve gotten some candy.”

“Your Dad told you that you couldn’t have any candy that’s why I didn’t buy any.”

“But Daddy’s not here, Uncle Chris.”

Chris shook his head, “doesn’t mean I’m gonna give you candy that you aren’t supposed to have.”

“Please?” MaLeah pleaded with a pout as she fluttered her lashes. Chris chuckled and pecked her cheek, “Not gonna work, Lil Mama.”

MaLeah huffed as Mylen laughed at his little sister.

“Ah!” Rihanna exclaimed as she rushed to move over in the bed, “Babe, what the hell?”

Chris had plopped his 6’2” frame in the bed and narrowly missed falling directly on top of Rihanna.

“Ooh! Auntie Rih said a bad word,” Mylen said with a laugh. Rihanna narrowed her eyes at the young child and stuck her tongue out at him, “tattletale.”

Mylen playfully returned the gesture and Rihanna jumped towards him causing him to run around to the other side of the bed with a scream. She laughed as she settled back against the bed. MaLeah had climbed up and laid between Chris and Rihanna while Dayci was laying against Chris’s chest.

“Mylen, you better come on before there isn’t any more room.”

Mylen quickly climbed into the bed and settled right underneath Rihanna. She chuckled as he snuggled to her chest and put his arm around her.

“Aye! you better watch them hands little boy. you sleeping in my spot,” Chris said with a raised eyebrow.

“Leave my little boyfriend alone,” Rihanna replied.

Mylen stuck his tongue out at his uncle and Rihanna laughed, “it’s not nice to gloat, Mylen. Say sorry.”

“Sorry Uncle Chris.”

“Uh huh, just watch your hands. Don’t be getting all comfortable with my girlfriend.”

“Awww…Chris, don’t get jealous. I still love you.”

Chris twisted up his lips in suspicion and Rihanna laughed again, “Uh huh prove it.”

Carefully maneuvering her upper body around the giant gap filled with children, Rihanna grasped his chin and pecked his lips, “good?”

“It’ll work.”

Rihanna rolled her eyes before moving back behind Mylen. It wasn’t long before the children fell asleep.

Chris carefully moved Dayci into the bed before sliding out and pulling covers over the bottom half of the kids’ bodies. Rihanna carefully did the same with Mylen before following him out of the bedroom.

Rihanna sighed as she leaned into Chris’s embrace, “all this babysitting is not helping my baby fever,”

Chris chuckled, “we got time for our own little tribe.”

“Tribe? I hope you mean that as in two or three because I ain’t having more than that.”

Chris licked his lips, “we’ll see.”


TAYLOR!!!!!!! Ok so before we met in Texas, I met all these wonderful people from here and Instagram. I want to personally thank you for bringing them into my life. I was so afraid to get on the plane to come to Austin Texas because I suffer from an anxiety disorder and it’s pretty bad. I cried before I got on the plane, and I had a panic attack on the first plane and then I kept telling myself…I’m going to see Taylor swift, I’m gonna see her perform and I’m gonna meet all my wonderful friends. And somehow my fears just disappeared. Then when I got to Texas, we had a swiftie meetup and I didn’t wanna go because I got scared meeting new people but my friend Chris who came with me was like “you came all the way here, your gonna meet them.” And you know what..I AM SO HAPPY I DID. I had so much fun, everyone is so nice in person as they are online and even tho I didn’t get to meet everyone ( which I’m sad about) I had a great time. I feel so so so grateful for these people and I just want you to know that you are the reason why they are in my life, I feel like I really belong with them and in my life I never really felt that way because most of my life I have felt alone, ESP because of my love for your music because no one I know outside of my swifie friends likes your music, so you can imagine how happy I am to have these people. I just really needed you to know this, and if you see this….I hope it makes you smile. THANK YOU for meeting me, loving me, being my friend and accepting me always. I LOVE YOU.