i wanna marry this girl


I drew my MU 20 million years after beating the game and then I drew her with Tharja and now my life has spiraled out of control?????? I got that Plegian fever tbh.

Also bonus with Nah because she is cutest tiny dragon imouto.


sometimes i think i might be a lesbian but who tf knows

Being around kids is sadly validating that heteronormativity is so hurtful to lgbt+ kids or all kids for that matter

A 4 year old girl I babysat told me about an adorable girl in her gymnastics class that she likes. She literally asked me “are girls allowed to marry other girls because I wanna marry Abby?”

-I couldn’t say anything bc I met her parents through church and I’d probably lose my babysitting job

Same girl told me she wished she was a boy so she could marry a girl. Like the poor little girl isn’t allowed to know she can marry a girl she likes bc why?

I remember when my cousin was younger we had a “girl” elf on the shelf and our elf one night showed up in a little christmas tree with an elsa barbie and my cousin was convinced that our elf and elsa were married. Like it was the cutest thing ever but our uncle literally told her they cant get married because thats illegal. She freaking comes back with “ They got married in the north pole so it’s not illegal.” like kids can make shit up just like adults can. He just kept arguing with her. A grown man fighting with a 7 year old because she has a healthy imagination? ok.

My cousin who’s 6 has been begging me since he could talk to paint his nails and do his makeup. He has adhd and is literally the most energetic child, will not sit through a movie but will watch me do my makeup for an hour, mesmerized.

I played pretend salon with him the other day and he was so happy but the actual saddest thing when he heard my door open he jumped scared that someone would come yell at him for being happy and doing something he likes. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT?

-I can’t let him actually paint his nails or put on makeup because when I do I get in trouble and so will he

Same little boy told me the other day he wishes he was a girl. He asked me if I ever wanted to be a boy. I answered honestly and told him yes.

-I tried not to elaborate much so he wouldn’t get in trouble for repeating it. Do you know how much I wanted to tell this child that he’s feeling such a common thing though? or that he doesnt even have to be a girl to wear makeup or paint his nails? or if he does want to be a girl then thats OK??

THE MOST FUCKED PART IS ITS ALL MADE UP. Gender roles/stereotypes are made up and they are hurting our children.

Like come on people! These kids have had only heterosexual media shoved down their throats their whole existence, yet they still have these questions and feelings!!! and I’m telling you the children i’m talking about are sheltered catholic kids who have no exposure to anything promoting positivity towards lgbt+ people. How are these feelings so unnatural if children who know NOTHING about gay people/culture have these questions.

Maybe parents don’t see this because they are so heavily clouded by their upbringings. or these kids trust me because i’m their babysitter/cousin and they know I won’t yell at them for asking valid fucking questions. Idk how parents are so blind that they can’t see they’re hurting their own children.

How does my mom still refer to my potential future life partner as he him your future husband man when I don’t even fucking know. Why can’t we let our kids discover these things themselves????

ps. I know gender identity is not the same as sexuality I’m not sure if I miss worded anything, if so I’ll change it.

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Do it bother u that Brit was once married to a man? I'm asking because I was once married to a guy too, and I wanna know if the girl I'm dating will have a problem with it when I tell her.

Not at all! If anything, it makes me happy to know that I’m the one who gets to show her what a happy marriage looks like. Everyone has a past. So long as they move on from it / leave it behind, it shouldn’t bother their future.

Hey girl- I think I wanna marry you!

Request: Hiya! Can you do a Reid/Reader fic where he proposes?! Something really cute, like kill me with cute.

Warnings: Cuteness ;)

Paring: Reid/Reader

Rating: PG

OKAY SO! Y/F/N- your full name And your best friend’s name is Rachel (: ~AdminAnna


You wrapped your hands around you morning cup of hot chocolate. The apartment seemed very quiet. It was day five without your boyfriend Spencer. You missed him, of course and it was around day 5 that it really started to seem quiet. You went to go turn on morning tv when there was a knock at the door.

You raised your eyebrows, surprised and went over to the door.

“Are you (Y/F/N)?” The delivery boy asked.

“Yes,” You said hesitantly.

He handed you a big box, bored, then retreated. You set it down on the counter, kicking the door closed behind you and opened the lid. There was a dozen red roses in there.

“Oh,” You exhaled, smiling.

There was a card laying on top.

Just to remind you that you’re the love of my life.


Tears came to your eyes. You reached out to touch the soft pedals. You picked up your phone and dialed his number. His phone was off. You exhaled with a twinge of disappointment. You picked up the Roses and put them in a vase. They were truly beautiful.

There was another knock.

“What is this grand central station?” You grumbled.

This time, when you opened the door, it was your best friend.

“Rachel!” You exclaimed, throwing your arms around her in a hug, “what are you doing here?”

She giggled, throwing herself on your couch dramatically, “Oh its so early.”

“Then why are you here?” You crossed your arms, looking down at her.

She sat up, “I’m here to give you a day of beauty!”

“Im sorry?”

“Spencer called me last night and told me he wanted to make you feel better.” She squeezed my arm, “He planned out exactly where I’m gunna take you.”

Worry started to bubble up in your stomach. You and Spencer had been doing great. Things were amazing. But this wasn’t the norm. You felt like there was something you had to worry about.

“Okay,” You bit your lip, “Are we suppose to go now?”

She nodded, “Our first appointment is in an hour so we have to get going.”


You were primped, pampered and scrubbed. Admittedly it did feel amazing. You tried to bring up to Rachel that you were confused. But she just brushed it off and changed the subject. That wasn’t like her at all, she was usually the best listener you knew.

By the time you guys were finished, it was dark outside and you parted ways. She gave you an extra big hug and smile.

Okay. She definitely knew something you didn’t.

You unlocked your apartment door.

You dropped your keys in surprise.

The room was filled with candles. Tall, short, different colors. It was beautiful. There were a trail of rose petals, leading out to your desk. You put your purse on the counter and slowly made your way out there. You took in your surroundings. This was amazing. Gorgeous.

You got outside into the warm night air. The rose trail stopped.

There was Spencer.

“Spence!” You gasped, beaming, “You’re back!”

You leaped into his arms. Immediately he wrapped them around your waist, gripping you to him.

“Hi sweetheart.” He breathed into your neck.

You grabbed his face in your hands, kissing his lips, eyes, cheeks.

“I’m so glad you’re back,” Tears caught in your throat.

He released all but your hands. He was nervous about something. You tilted your head to the side, studying him.

“Y/N,” He wiped a hair out of your face, “I adore you. I don’t know how someone as beautiful, funny and loving as you could fall for someone like me.”

“Oh Spence-“

“You’re my other half. The love of my life.”

“and you’re mine.” Tears were full on now.

Slowly, he sunk down onto one knee. You gasped, your hand flying to cover you mouth.

“Will you marry me?”

You put your hand over your heart, nodding vigorously.

“Yes,” You barely forced out, “Yes of course I will.”