i wanna make keychains out of them


listen………..listen….ok…………they are all my childre


a paper cut out i did to see how the Sorey and Mikleo acrylic keychain-stand will look like later. These are the front and back sides of keychain and their base respectively. 

Hope it makes it in time for Animangaki 2016. 

..also hope the colours from printing machine turns out alright and the merchandise arrive in time 😂 Impromptu project. It’s all Sorey’s fault–he put his hand on Mikleo’s waist—

idk why i am getting flak for drawing a pairing i like, sigh. It’s not like i drew them in overly affectionate or obscene poses, or that they don’t look like the character design!  if anyone else wanna pick a fight, i will ignore you, yes you heard me right, i will ignore you. i have better things to do than be bothered by people who had too much free time going around being rude to people when i don’t even have enough time to sleep. so imma gonna enjoy myself drawing what i like in my precious limited free time, and sleep while you blabber on. 

Chibi pre-void Melkor by yours truly. The design(especially for Grond) is inspired mostly by phobs.

I wanna make keychains out of this and some of the other characters(the other Valar or some elves, etc) to sell for like… $3-$5-ish(I haven’t had a chance to calculate prices entirely yet) so if anyone would be interested please let me know!(I wanna know people will buy them before I just go making a bunch)

At the very least I’m doing Mel for myself. =w=